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Audi TT 2.0 TFSI


Image via WikipediaAudi TT 2.0 TFSIThe original Audi TT was something of a stunner, futuristic and curvy exterior and highly stylised, funky interior. Although heavily criticised by motoring journalists for its driving dynamics (Top Gear were particularly scathing damning the handling as dangerous) the Audi TT Coupe sat on top of the sales charts forover 9 years as the best selling coupe in the UK.for this latest incarceration Audi designers had a difficult brief, to evolve the stying while retaining the unmistakeable TT image while at the same time improve the chassis and drivetrain to make the TT drive as good as it looks!This 2 litre version of the TT uses the same engine as the Golg GTI and thats no bad thing, this engine produces 197bhp and more importantly offers plenty of torque all through the rev range for important overtaking muscle, with 207lb ft of torque from just 1800rpm you can put your foot down in any gear, at any speed and this car takes off. This low down muscle makes the TT a suprisingly easy car to drive, particularly in heavy traffic, it will crawl along in third gear at almost walking pace, almost like a turbodiesel, in city traffic. Once outside city limits though a prod on the accelerator will produce instant acceleration.The ride and handling of this latest TT is a revelation, agile and controlled, good body control, supple suspension, accurate steering and plenty of grip, dynamically the new TT now hows dynamic capabilities to match the dynamic looks!The interior of the latest TT if anything, is even better than the original, aliminium air vents, chrome ringed instruments and a flat bottomed sports sterring wheel, combined with typical Audi build quality, produce a sporty, understated high quality interior.There is plenty of room upfront for driver and passenger but rear seats are strictly for children only, in fact most TT owners will simply fold them flat to increase size of the already practical boot (from 290 litres to 700 litres) to make this sports coupe a suprisingly practical car.Demand for the new TT is intense, dont expect much - if anything -by the way of discounts from Audi dealers as cars are exchanging hands for a premium. The good news is that this will keep depreciation costs down reducing the real world costs of car ownership. With fuel consumption quoted at 36mpg on combined cycle, insurance group 17, and 3 years servicing costs of around #1300, this is not the cheapest coupe around, but a retained value of over 60% after 3 years ownership makes the Audi TT 2.0 TFSI one of the better propositions financially in terms of sports car ownership. As always when it comes to these types of cars if you are under 25 check out a cheap young driver insurance quote and make sure you dont overpay!Practical (if you dont have children), sporty, comfortable, entertaining, agile and incredibly good looking, in this price range their is no better sports coupe - buy one!Related articles by ZemantaAudi TT Speedster headed to limited-production for Middle East marketAudi TT Clubsport Quattro Interior Defies Meme, Made Mit Aluminum Und Orange?! [Audi TT Clubsport Quattro][...]