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Me, Myself and I

Trying To Keep It Together

Updated: 2018-03-06T15:58:22.030-05:00


Mario and Luigi Showed Up Today...


to celebrate the boys' half birthday!  The boys' birthday is January 4.  Their technical half birthday is July 4.  We celebrated on the Saturday after the end of school-June 12. So, we were a few weeks early, but close enough. We have a few "rules" about friends birthday parties 'round these parts.  Mainly, mommy will go insane if there is a friends' birthday party every year, so they get a friends birthday party every other year, starting in first grade.  They can invite whomever they choose.  They get to choose the theme and mommy goes to town.I was desperately hoping the boys would choose superheros for their theme.  While doing a quick google search, I found tonnes of ideas for that theme.  It was not to be, though.  The boys quickly decided that superheros was simply no longer cool for rising second graders!  Geez, mom...what do we look like?  Babies?  I don't think so!  Apparently, the 'cool' thing this year is Super Mario Bros.  Uh...hmmmm...what?  I remember Super Mario Bros. vaguely from my youth playing on the old school Nintendo video game system.  I sorta remembered flowers, crazy turtles and question mark boxes; but other than the two main characters, I knew nothing about this game.  Fabulous. to google!  Google is my friend.  I bow to the creators of google in my undying thanks because if it weren't for this nifty little search engine, this birthday party would have been a major bust.  Apparently my boys weren't the first kids on the planet to want a Super Mario Bros. party, so I was able to gleen a few good ideas on what to do for decor, games, food etc. The food was actually the easiest because we'd 'won' the use of school/church's parish hall at the school's gala event in February.  Included in that was a gift certificate for pizza.  YAY!  I ended up getting Capri Sun sip-ups to make my life easier than having to pour drinks.  Easy peasey and the kids were in heaven. The table decorations I kept really simple.  I got red plastic tablecloths at the party store and set the table with green paper products: cutlery, plates and napkins.  I lucked out and found some pinwheels that were shaped like flowers in red and I thought they looked a lot like the flowers in the Mario game. I put them in clay flower pots that I filled with stones and set them in the center of the table with some gold 'coins' strewn across the table.   Each place setting also had a Mario or Luigi foam visor, a Mario or Luigi blow-pop(I went to her website many times and never could find the templates, so I experimented and came up with my own.  I made sure each character had the correct mustache.  These were finicky,a little bit of a pain to make, but the look of sheer joy from the boys when they saw them, make it totally worth it!) and a Mario or Luigi style stick on mustache I found on Amazon.  Oh, the kids were so cute with those on!I made the happy birthday banner using multicolored cardstock cut into triangles to create a pennant style banner.  I printed off color pictures of the main characters of the game, hole-punched some holes in the two corners and wove some solid blue ribbon to attache them all together.  I used my cricut to cut out the letters for the banner in black.  I think it turned out really well!Other than that, we bought some streamers and hung them from the windows in the hall to diffuse the direct sunlight a bit and add some fun color to the room.  For activities we did a few things.  First up was "Pin the Moustache on Mario".  Many thanks to the Tip Junkie for her pdf for the game.  I got it printed at Costco at the biggest poster size they offer for this game.  It went really well.  One thing I did, though, was I cut out mustache's printed on white cardstock and wrote all the kids' names on them.  This made it a bunch easier to see who still needed to play and who "won" the [...]

My First 5K


and I think I'm hooked!

I found out about a 'learn to run' course offered by a local running store and I must have gotten a touch of the 'craycray' because I signed up, bought shoes, insoles and socks, took a deep breath and on March 28, I started running...kind of. 

The course culminated in a 5K run.

When I started training at the end of March and May 30 seemed very far away. Honestly, I just didn't think I'd actually make it to the end of the course, let alone actually participate in a 5K.

(image) Ten weeks later, not only did I sign up for the 5K, I actually completed it! And most importantly, I didn't die! ;)

The running bug has bitten...I'm already thinking of which race I'll do next!  Heaven help us all! ;D

Turning 9!


I've been away from the blogging world for a while. Not so sure anyone noticed, but I'm semi-back!Yesterday, my girly had her 9th birthday party with her friends. She invited 6 girls for a cupcake sleepover themed birthday party.Parties are not what I do well. In fact, it's something I have massive anxiety doing. I couldn't, however, disappoint her though. So, I took a breath and jumped in with both feet. I have to say, the internet is a fabulous resource for people like me...those who lack creativity or need a springboard to help unleash whatever minute amount of creativity may lurk within!A quick google search helped me gather my thoughts and figure out what I wanted to do for the party.I got the invites together; which I forgot to take a picture of. I used my fun cupcake stamps to make a "Hey Cupcake" invite to send out. They turned out really nice; I'm just sad I forgot to take a picture to share.Then I got busy looking for anything cupcake. It seems anytime M chooses a theme, all the forces in the universe unite and I find everything I need for the theme! Yay! For the goody bags, I used small, clear paint cans I found at Jo-Anns. I used several 40-50% off coupons to get them for a reasonable price and then went on my merry way filling them up!The first thing I found was this adorable cupcake mini-frame at Michaels. I managed to get it on sale for 40% off one week and went and bought the six I needed. I also found this cupcake container that feels like it was made of crêpe paper and this cupcake lipbalm for $1 each at Michaels' dollar bin. Score!During my internet browsing, I came across this site and found these. So I figured they couldn't be that hard and made some for all the girls. I also picked up some smaller gumballs and made a braclet for them as well. For the bubblegum necklace, I used ribbon. It was a pain to string the giant gumballs on the ribbon. I think it was because the ribbon was too wide. If I were to do it again, I'd choose a smaller width ribbon to string through. The gumball braclets, I used elastic and it worked out so much easier. Then, we went off to Target and found all these cool cupcake table stuff: plates, napkins, cups and a tablecloth. I also hit up Michaels and picked up some cupcake boxes to box up the cupcakes the girls ended up decorating. I seriously need to buy stock in Target and Michaels for all the money I spend there! I also made these cute (I think) cupcake pillows. I was inspired by this party here. Now, the owls pictured in that party are adorable. I certainly don't have the same level of skill and thankfully I didn't have too many to make, but I think they turned out really well. M chose the colors for each girl. I found a cupcake clipart/coloring page, enlarged it and cut out my template. Traced each part on the felt, cut it out and stitched 'em up. I used the same blanket stitch as the lady did on her owl pillows. I found this youtube video helpful in figuring out how to do it. It's really not that hard, thankfully!I made the decorations as well. There were minimal decorations, but they tied in well with the theme and colors of the party. I made this pompom after seeing several professional party planning blogs use them in their decor. To buy them premade was rather expensive. For about the cost of $2, I was able to make it with directions from Martha Stewart. Her's looks so much nicer than mine, but M was over the moon excited about it. I also used my cricut and scrap paper and ribbon to make her birthday banner. It turned out well, I think! To round out the cupcake theme, I happened across a cupcake t-shirt at The Children's Place. I was on that like white on rice! I kept it a secret until yesterday. I laid it over her birthday chair at the table for her to find. She loved it! I kept dinner super simple: pizza! But before I revealed we were having pizza, I told the girls that R had eaten the pizza I'd bought (by the way, Safeway makes the most awesome grocery store pizza I've ever had. Check 'em out! They're affora[...]



Almost a month ago; January 2, 2010 to be precise, I joined Weight Watchers. I also started exercising on average 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes. I haven't been perfect. I have had slip-ups. I haven't always gotten on the treadmill whether it was because of a late day driving kids here and there or just not feeling well/up to it.


As of today, I've lost 10.6 POUNDS! In.a.month!


TEN POUNDS?!!! TEN!!!????


I've Been Busy...


So I haven't really updated in about three weeks. Oooppppssss!

I had great intentions, but it just got crazy and I didn't.

Over the past three weeks there have been a number of fun and not so fun things happen.

Not so fun things:

1. Bathroom tiles need replacing. This turns into finding major mold behind the wall which leads to finding out how poorly Ryan Homes built our house. The assholes! Oh, and the other asshole who put in our gutters with no flashing...yeah, I hate him too. Our costs have about doubled at this point and I want to cry.

It's also taking 2.5 times longer to finish this wonderful project. The only upside is that when this is done, I should have a lovely bath area. No, not bathroom...just bath and shower area. We just don't have the funds right now to do the whole bathroom remodel. I'm hoping we can get that done before the year's out. We shall see. We've been hemorraging money for the past couple of weeks and I'm a little gun-shy about ripping stuff out now!

2. Robin is out of town at the beginning of this great remodel leaving me to haul kids to school and back, make decisions regarding the ridiculous bath situation and still work full-time. Can't wait 'til he's gone again in early February. My only consolation? He'll be missing the Superbowl as he leaves February 7th! Ha, Karma and all that. (OK, I'm not really happy he's missing the Superbowl; I'm just annoyed he has to travel again so soon).

3. Because of the great bathroom remodel fiasco, I was unable to exercise for a week and a half.

Good things:

1. My boys turned SIX on January 4! SIX! Where the heck did the time go? (I'll post pictures know, when I get them off my camera!)

2. I'll have a nice bath area soon! Can't wait to soak in that beautiful jacuzzi tub we got! It looks sooooo nice. I'm just waiting for the area to be tiled and then I'm in and I'm not coming out!

3. Even though I couldn't really exercise, I've lost 7.8 pounds in three weeks! Whoot! I can't believe it! I'm working the Weight Watchers, though. I'm proud to say I declined a chocolate milkshake this afternoon and didn't even feel deprived! Now, that's some progress!

4. I walked for 40 minutes and 1.52 miles today for the first time EVER at a pretty good clip for a lady my weight! Yippee!

I'm going to try and be more consistent in updating. Even if it's just for myself. I like to see how far I've come!

4. After exercising I.FEEL.GREAT! Scarey, no? I actually MISSED it when I couldn't exercise.

Oh, Happy Day!


Ok, official workout day number 3 and I've done my treadmill again.

Here're the stats:

  • treadmill
  • 34:24 minutes
  • 1.2 miles
  • 175 calories
  • 54.7 fat calories
  • Fastest speed: 2.5 miles/hour


A Journey Of A Thousand Miles...


begins with with a single step." ~Confucius

Today, I took the second step. Yesterday, I began the "exercise every day" goal. Today, I joined Weight Watchers. Yep. Again.

I think I like this group, though. From what I can gather, this is a pretty fun, talkative group. It'll be nice, I think to be able to listen to others, but also jump in and not feel like I'm the only one talking. The regualr leader wasn't there, but the substitute seemed nice; so that's good. I'm curious to see how it will go with the regular leader there next week. The reception staff/weighers were very nice. No flinching when I stepped on the scale at the number she saw. She was lovely when I told her I didn't want to know the number out loud.

It took me a bit to peek at it and maaaannnn...I'm not likin' it too much. More than I ever weighed...sigh...Oh well. It's a start.

Sooooo, right after the meeting, I went to Staples to pick up so I could pick up a binder that I'm going to decorate and organize to hold all the information I need and receive. That way, I have something I like that holds what I need and still be discrete about what I'm doing. I don't really need to keep it a secret, but I refuse to shout it from the rooftops just yet.

Anyway, I'm going to be sure to update daily with my exercise totals. So, without further ado...

  • Treadmill
  • Time: 33.17 minutes
  • Distance: 1.15 miles
  • Fastest speed: 2.4 miles/hour
  • Fat calories: 52.4
  • Total calories: 167

HAPPY 2010!


Welcome 2010! Here's hoping 2010 is a great year for you all. This year, I'm working on my exercise and weightloss goals. Ever since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I've discovered, much to my chagrin, that exercising actually does seem to make me feel less pain. Not a million times better; but better and right now, I'll take it. Obviously, weight loss would be a great side benefit!

So, today, I managed to exercise on the treadmill.

My goals for January are:

  • walk 1 mile per day, increasing 0.1 miles as often as possible; end the month walking 2-2.25 miles
  • join Weight Watchers and follow the program; weigh-in weekly

That's it. Nothing exciting or difficult. It's going to one foot in front of the other.

Today, I walked 1.1 miles in 30:46 minutes. Top speed: 2.3 miles/hour. Not fantastic, but a start!

Harry Potter Character Personality Test


Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Ha! See, I knew there was some Griffindor in me somewhere! ;)

Three Things:


First, I walked on the treadmill for 1 mile yesterday. It took me over 34 minutes to do. Man I'm slow! But, on a positive note; I didn't give up after my sons cut the "key" to start the treadmill. We looked for it and thankfully found it. I also didn't give up when the stupid thing wouldn't start even when it was plugged in and the key was in. Figured out where the reset button was and then we were off and running! Ok, well, walking actually, but you get the idea!

Now I just need to get my speed up so I can get the mile done in 30 minutes or less. Once I'm there, I'm aiming for 1.5 miles. I wonder how far I can make it in an hour over time? We'll see. There's at least a little progress for now. Focus on the positive.

Secondly, I woke up with pink eye. ARGH! Not a fun way to start the morning; but what can you do?

Thirdly, a contractor is coming out today to see about replacing the literally falling tiles from our shower. As much as I hate spending money on repairs, I can't wait to get rid of those fugly tiles in my bath/shower area. They're so ugly and I'm so ready for new tiles. I just wish we had the money to redo the entire bathroom. It's just not in the cards right now financially, but it will probably be one of the next things we do. I can't wait!

That is all for now. :D

And Away We Go....


The new year is upon us and as many other out there, I'm thinking about some changes I can make to my life in 2010. I always seem to fail. It stinks. I'm not sure why. Maybe I plan things that are too big to change in one fell swoop. Maybe I lack the follow-through that's needed. Maybe I get too excited about starting, I don't consider all the pitfalls that might be inherent in making the change. I don't know what, but I tend to fail pretty well at any resolutions made for the new year.

This year, as in years past, I'm going to lose weight. Maddy's First Communion is in May. I need to find a dress/outfit that I feel happy and comfortable in. I want to be in pictures and not be embarassed to be in and look at later. In all honesty, I just don't feel well. I know dropping the pounds will definitely help. It certainly can't hurt.

So, I'm going to go to Weight Watchers on Saturday and start again. I'm going to hit the treadmill and pull out the exercise videos.

As I said....and away we go...again...

Wish me luck.

I Did It!


Late October-early November last year, I was informed I needed to complete 21 graduate credits in order to renew my teaching license. To say it compared to having a bucket of ice-cold water being dumped over my head is an understatement.

Panic ensued. The kind of panic that leaves you frozen in your tracks, unable to do anything for a couple of months. Ya; that kind.

With the persistent, yet gentle prodding from my resident Staff Development teacher, I started perusing course catalogs and getting over my panic about completing that many credits in less than 12 months.

I chose my first class: Studying Skillful Teaching Part 2 being sponsored by our County. Great; six Saturdays gone "poof". They weren't even consectutive Saturdays so I could just get them over with. Noooooo, they were spaced out until early May! Gah! What a pain; but doable. And I did it.

At the same time, I took my first correspondance class through Seattle Pacific University via I was so freaked out about not being able to clarify points with an actual live person/instructor that even though I was done with the class by the end of February; it took me almost a month longer to actually submit it.

I passed both with A's. Yay, me!

Then came the realization I needed to get five more classes completed. Thankfully, one class was taken care of because I'd taken Studying Skillful Teaching 1 a few years earlier; it just had never made it into my file for some unknown reason. I then signed up for four more summer classes; worked my butt off and passed each and every one of them with an A!

I just got my grade for my very last class this week and it is an A as well.

I now have all the credits I need to recertify. Horray!

I now also have enough credits to change paylanes!!! How sweet is THAT?!

While I certainly wouldn't recommend anyone wait until the year before recertification to take 18 credits, I'm so happy they're done. And it really wasn't so bad.



WHERE are my posters?! Where are they? GRRRRR!

I ordered some stuff for my classroom as well as some manuals. Almost $100 worth and the 7-10 days for delivery is OVER and they're STILL NOT HERE!

I've called twice. No call back.

Robin called tonight.

Still no call back.

I'm so incredibly pissed right now!




Man, vacation does me in every single year. I just get in the groove of sleeping in late (if you call 7 a.m. late) and doing what I feel like doing when I feel like doing them and then BAM! Up at 5 a.m., hustle the kids out the door, hot tail it to work and go like crazy until 3 p.m.

My muscles are sore and I'm tired.

I may turn in early tonight. I'm definitely going to need it!

I Could Use Another Week


Well, it's just about that time again...Back To School.

While my kids are completely outfitted and supplied to go for the new school year, I'm not so ready.

Oh, I have all the "stuff" I need to start the year off. I've sent in dozens of sheets that need to get copied for the first few days (thank goodness for CopyPlus!), I've hauled stuff into my classroom, I've got posters and worksheets out the ying-yang. But I'm not quite ready.

This whole summer has been devoted to two things:

  1. Getting my graduate courses done before the start of the school year so I can recertify in January
  2. Figuring out what the heck is wrong with me that I always feel terrible and achy.

Thankfully, I've managed to do both. All my courses are complete. I have one left to submit. I didn't get it submitted in time before everyone went on vacation. So, Monday, I'll fax in the last class and hopefully receive my grades soon after.

I also know what my mysterious illness is. It gives me a little comfort to know what it's called at least. I don't feel fantastic, but at least it has a name.

I could have used at least another week to get my house more orderly and relax, but that is not to be. The most ironic thing is now that I have to go back, I have a creative itch to do some scrapping! Ha! I've been knitting since November and now I want to go back to paper for a little bit. I don't think I'll ever give up either craft, but I think I'll just switch often between them.

Starting Monday, I'll be living for the weekends! :S

And It Has A Name


I've been feeling like crapola for months and months and months now. Really, if I'm honest, it's been a couple of years of feeling like absolute crap. I'm tired. All the time. My muscles ache all over. Like I've got the flu, only I don't. I've gone to my doctor's to complain countless times. Each time getting a brush off; sent for blood tests that never show anything is wrong. Or, I get the weight lecture. Like I'm an idiot and don't know how large I am and am apparently so uneducated that I don't possibly know what that can do to my heart, my joints, my entire well-being.

Ya. So, after suffering all these long months, my pain finally has a name; and it's name is fibromyalgia.

I got the diagnosis on Tuesday. I cried when I heard it.

I'm not sure why I cried. I don't know if it was relief or fear.

Part of my tears were relief. I finally have a name to give my pain. I'm not imagining it. It's real. It's there. And it hurts. A lot. A lot of the time.

And there's the fear. Why do I have this? What can I do to treat it? Will it work? Will I continue to be in pain?

I also cried because the rheumatologist was an idiot. I just couldn't figure out if he was telling me I have fibro because he wanted an "easy out" and didn't really believe me, or what. I just felt so stupid in his office. He talked out of both sides of his mouth and he drove me nuts trying to figure it all out.

Oh, and I cried because my prescription for dealing with this pain? Exercise. Yep. No, no pills for me. Nope. HE doesn't believe in them for this. Ah...ok, jackass, but it's ME who is in pain--NOT you! Apparently I don't need to see him again. I can go to my PCM. Great. Maybe then I can get some pain meds. Oh, and the kicker! He wants me off Ambien. He thinks I'm addicted. Uh huh. Me. Addicted. Right--because filling my 'script for 30 pills 6 weeks ago with maybe 14 gone total makes me an addict. Whatever, asshole! Oh, but the fact that I sleep like crap doesn't matter. The fact I wake up more tense than when I went to bed doesn't matter. Nor the fact that the better sleep I get, the less pain I feel. But, apparently, I'm an addict so I need to be off it.

So, for two days now, I've been exercising. I must admit; I do feel pretty good after exercising. Maybe all the endorphins flooding my system are numbing my pain sensors. I'm cool with that. But after a whole day, I start to hurt again. Now it's the fibro pain mixed with the exercise pain. But, according to him, my PCM can figure out what to give me if I hurt. Again, whatever, jackass.

I'm going to try his way for a month. If after a month I still hurt, I'm going to see my PCM and get something. Thankfully, I never need to see him again...asshole!

Half-Blood Prince: A Review


I've been waiting for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to come to theatres since....well, forever. It was supposed to come out in November (if I'm not mistaken) of 2008 and Warner Brothers pushed it to July 2009. Man, was I ticked off. Eventually, I got over it, but anxiously awaited the summer release.Last night, Robin and I went to see it. Overall, I liked it just fine. I almost wish I hadn't re-read the book before I went. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I didn't know what they'd changed.The cast were great. Radcliffe, Grint and Watson have all come so far in their acting. They were great as were the senior members of the group. I have to say I was a little shocked to see how old Maggie Smith looks to me suddenly. She's great as McGonnagal, but she's looking a touch frail to me; as is Robbie Coltrane who plays Hagrid. It just seemed odd. I guess I just never pictured them looking older and in my head, they didn't. Tom Felton, however, who plays Daniel Radcliffe's/Harry's nemesis Draco Malfoy was super in this film. Seriously a great performance!Ok, so I now need to complain a little about the film. For as funny as it was tackling the teenage romantic side of it, there were some things I wish they'd done differently or stuck more closely to the book. Warning, spoilers ahead!In the scenes where Harry and Dumbledore go through the memories in the pensieve. I would have loved to see them there watching the memories like it's portrayed in the books. Not a big deal in terms of the plot, but I kinda wished they had. They left out, what in my opinion are, some major memories during the pensieve scenes. They left out the memory of Winky, the house elf. This is the memory that shows us the young adult Voldemort who eventually kills an elderly witch for her treasures she's foolishly shown him: the Slyverine locket and the Hufflepuff cup. I would have also liked them to show Voldemort returning to Hogwarts to ask Dumbledore for a teaching position because it would have lead to Dumbledore disclosing to Harry about the objects he suspects Voldemort has used to make horecruxes. Dumbledore never expands on what the remaining horecruxes might be. He doesn't give Harry a clue about what they'll need to look for after they get whatever is hidden in the cave like he does in the book. I think that will be a potential issue in the next film as Harry hunts for them. I'm wondering how they're going to handle that.When Harry uses the Sempra Sectum spell on Malfoy, Snape doesn't do ANYTHING to Harry. He doesn't yell or abuse him or anything we expect him to do. That's just not Snape and Harry's relationship at all. After he's used the awful curse/spell on Malfoy, he's supposed to hide his copy of his potions book in the Room of Requirement. Instead, in the film, he and Ginny go there to hide it and he closes his eyes as she hides it. This will be an issue next film or the last film when he needs to find the diadam of Ravenclaw...that just happens to be on the bust of a warlock that is sitting on the old potions book. This disappointed me a lot.I thought Harry should have been more on the ball with clueing in about the Vanishing Cabinet once Mr. Weasely told him about it at Christmas time. This wasn't in the book at all, but seriously, how stupid was it that he sees the cabinet in the Room of Requirement and then doesn't put it together? The Astronomy Tower scene was just anti-climatic to me and I still can't figure out why it was. I was bugged that Harry wasn't wearing his Invisibility Cloak like he does in the book and that Dumbledore tells him to hide instead of using the body-bin[...]

Apparently There's A Wand Quiz As Well


You know, for when I want to go to Ollivanders and get my magic wand...hehehe!

What Harry Potter Wand Are You?
Your Result: 11" Mahogany, Unicorn Hair

Your wand is of average length, with a sturdy, but not inflexible wood. Unicorn Hair is less common than most wand cores (owing to the high probability of being skewered), though easily found at Ollivander's. Your wand is ideal for a Healer.

12.5" Yew, Dragon Heartstring
9" Willow, Phoenix Feather
14" Holly, Veela Hair
10.5" Ash, Phoenix Feather
11.5" Yew, Unicorn Hair
8.5" Mahogany, Dragon Heartstring
11" Ash, Hippogriff Talon">What Harry Potter Wand Are You?">Quiz Created on GoToQuiz






I have so many things I still need to post about. Namely Maddy's 7th birthday extravaganza; but that will have to wait until I actually have the time and energy to write all about it.

In the meantime, I figured I'd show off some of the knitting I've been doing in the evenings when I'm so totally brain dead it's all I can do to remember my name.

I've been knitting for the boys next year. They'll be heading to Kindergarten in September and they'll need a blanket for "rest time". Now, most normal parents would go out and just buy a simple fleece blanket, pop it in a bag and be done with it. But me? Nope, that's not good enough. I have to knit mine up...ya. I know, I'm crazy.

Anyway, I've finished with William's. It's red (of course--red, it's been his color since the day they were born) and the pattern is a simple basket weave. It may look complicated, but seriously, so very, very easy.


The second is what I like to call a "swirly curly" scarf. It twists and turns on itself. Surprisingly, it's very, very easy to do. I did most of this sitting in the car at traffic lights. Many thanks to Miss Sharona who showed me this easy peasy pattern. It's lots of fun to make!

(image) These were also entered in the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup group I'm in at Ravelry. I'm such a geek (~blush~). I'm officially a Hufflepuff. Hopefully I'll be able to earn my "House" some points. The blanket was my assignment for Herbology (create something for a Mandrake--blanket to keep it warm) and the scarf was for Defence Against the Dark Arts (create something protective--scarf to protect the neck from the bitter cold).

Anyway, gotta go. My boys have their last Preschool Concert tonight and I fear I will be fighting back the tears.




Yes! Yes, we are!

I'm so very excited!!!!!!!

No more Home Equity Loan payments! No more car loan payments!


Yay! Yay! Yay!!

Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day to all of you! I hope you are having a wonderful day.My day started off rather early (not a surprise as my children get up at the crack of dawn!) and we headed out for breakfast. We had dinner out last night after mass and going out for breakfast was a great treat! Before we headed out for breakfast, though, there were cards to be read and presents to be opened. My cards were as sweet as the people who gave them to me. My gifts were simply fantastic. My lovely husband got me these:I love my hanging baskets. They add a beautiful splash of color to our front entrance. Last weekend he even dug out all my dead, yucky plants that we've had the past few years and put in two rose bushes and a rhodadendrum bush (ok, I know that's probably misspelled, but I'm too lazy to go verify the spelling right now!). Isn't he the best? My lovely daughter made me this in art class: Isn't it beautiful? I may use it as a planter. I'm not quite sure yet. Regardless, it will be given a place of honor in my house! My boys' gift completely made my day, though. At Preschool, their teachers asked them a bunch of questions about me and they made a booklet with their replies. Here's what they each replied to the questions: Q: My mother is__________William: FrancescaJohn: Mommy Q: She is about ______years old.William: 30John: 40 (ouch!) Q: The best thing my mother cooks is________William: macaroni and pot pieJohn: macaroni Q: I don't like it when she cooks me _______William: brussel sprouts and raw carrotsJohn: asparagus Q: She is funniest when she_______William: tickles meJohn: jokes Q: She is prettiest when she ______William: goes to churchJohn: had her wedding Q: The nicest thing my mother does for me is_____William: When she takes me for ice creamJohn: take us for ice cream Q: I know my mother lives me because______William: she reads a story at bedtime and let's us watch TV a littleJohn: she takes care of me. AWWWWWWW!!!!! Happy Mother's Day everyone! [...]

Careful What You Wish For...


because you just might get it. And boy, oh, boy did I ever!This whole weekend I kept wishing I had another day "off". Just to chill out and get laundry done and a few other odds and ends taken care of. As my alarm rang at 5 a.m. I got out of bed and started our morning routine. We even got out of the house in record time. I went to school, copied my test, went up to my classroom and even entered grades! Wow! Period 1 was even pretty productive: we reviewed the verb "Aller" (to go) in the present tense with a really fun folding paper game I created on the spot. I had just given the practice work from the text book when the secretary buzzed into the room:-Hello, Mrs. P?-Yes?-You have a phone call on line 79. It's St. Mary's School. They say it's important.-Uh. Ok. Can I get someone to cover my class so I can get to the phone. (nope, no direct lines into the classrooms; we need to go to the closest office to take any calls)Sub comes in and I rush to the phone thinking the worst: Swine Flu! Or worse! Who knows; I just know crytic messages like that don't help to calm a parent down, ya know?-Hello, This is Mrs. P...-Oh, hi! This is Mrs. E; the school nurse. It seems like your daughter has lice. -Really? Wow. -Yes. You're going to have to come pick her up. -Ok..I'll be there in 30 minutes or so. Need to get some lessons ready as I need to leave school.Then I rush around like a looney tunes to let administration know I have to leave pronto. Call in for a sub, beg (well, not really beg, but request nicely) my coworker to cover my Period 3 class as they're having a Unit Test and she actually speaks French and can do the listening section with them. Run out of the school and proceed to pick up my lice-infested daughter at her school.I make my way to Whole Foods to get something natural, non-chemical, to rid her of the nasty lice I now imagine to be laying eggs of all sorts and crawling around in her hair. Thank goodness the lady working in the "medicine" aisle actually knew something about the products to use and suggested some special shampoo, conditioner and some teatree oil. She was apparently the person at an elementary school who would be the nit-picker/spotter. She looked through Maddy's hair and declared she didn't see anything. Nor did I. But, to be on the safe side, we bought the above "remedies" and treated ourselves to some pasteries and juice and a cute little tote made of recycled materials and hit Target to pick up new brushes and combs for our entire family. After having Maddy shower and wash her hair with the special shampoo and conditioner, I combed through her hair. Now my problem is that I saw white stuff. It didn't blow away when I blew at it, but I swear it was scalp crap, not nits. I'm too big of a weeney to google the image of a nit to be sure so instead I lubed her hair up with mayo, wrapped it in saran wrap and plan to keep her in it for the day. I wash it out tonight and see if there's anything there.In the meantime, I've stripped her bed of her sheets, blankets, pillows etc. and put them through a hot wash. All stuffed animals have been banned to big garbage bags and will remain there for a couple of weeks--just in case. My only problem now is I can't help scratching my head--I'm totally paranoid I'll be next with lice! ACK![...]

Weekend Update


'cause we all know we need one, right?! ;)

  1. I have finally finished my "Studying Skillful Teaching Part 2" class as of yesterday. Whoohooo! I was so happy to submit my last two assignments. I'm only a little peeved at the instructor. One of my assignments was to watch an online video from a list of various teaching/teacher issues. He said to write a summary on an index card and that it shouldn't take longer than 15-20 minutes. Well, 41 minutes into the video I called B.S! I was not a happy camper, that's for sure. At least my last "experiment" is done and I'm hoping to hear I have passed the class in the next couple of weeks.
  2. I still haven't heard back about my correspondance class yet. I'm hoping to find out in the next couple of weeks seeing as the Spring submission deadline was May 1. I submitted late March..and they don't give grades until 4 ish weeks past the next submission deadline. ~sigh~ Oh well, it'll be here before I know it.
  3. I need to start my 2nd correspondance course. I'm hoping to have it in by the end of May even though I signed up for it in early April. I was going to start during Spring Break except the flake that I bought the textbook from on Amazon didn't send it until 2 weeks later. Not impressed. Then, life got nuts and poof! There went April. I am hoping to start thist week; we'll see how that goes!
  4. The planning for Madeleine's birthday party is going all "fast and furious". I have, thankfully, already purchased the stuff for the goody bags. I'm hoping next weekend I'll have a bit of time to actually work on a few crafty things for her party. My sister-in-law made the CUTEST Barbie dresses for the girls to decorate and also made them cute shawls to decorate. I swear I married into the best in-law family EVAH! Balloons have been ordered. We have a mish-mash of themes it seems. It's a Barbie Tea Party with a Hannah Montana twist. I'm just going with it even though it's not what I'd imagined. It's definitely what my almost-7 year old wants, and really, that's all that counts.
  5. We went to the May Crowning at school today. I swear I teared up seeing all the kids from the school process up the alter; especially the kids in their First Communion outfits. ~sniff~ My baby girl will be making her First Communion next year and I can't wait to go shopping for communion dresses! :D
  6. I have a ton of grading to do and I don't want to do it. Why? Mainly because I want to pull my hair out reading their stuff at this point in the year, but also because I have the Mt Everest of Laundry still not done and I want to KNIT! seeing as I signed up for...
  7. the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry. Yes. I'm insane. Oh, and look! There's also a blog! I've signed up for Defense Against the Dark Arts class and Herbology this month. I'm not quite ready for the OWL assignments. Yes, I'm a geek. I freely admit that! LOL!
  8. Only 30ish days of school left! YES!!!!! I can't wait for summer vacation. I'm so, so, soooo ready as I'm sure most of the students are. It'll be nice to not wake up at 5 a.m. and have time for other endeavors; at least for a couple of months.

That's all I can think of that's "new and exciting" happening in my world. Have a happy week!

Almost There!


I can see the finish line. I'm getting so close!

Nope. I'm not talking about the end of the school year (although that's only 37 school days away! ;P ). I'm talking about my Saturday Graduate class I'm taking.

I've been taking this class since late January. All day for six Saturdays. The Saturdays have, obviously, not been in a row. Do you know how much it sucks to miss your kid's basketball game because you have to be in class ALL.DAY? Yes, it sucks a lot. It sucks more when the weather is so nice, though. You just itch to get outside and relax, soak in the sun, play with the kids.

But, I'm almost there! May 2nd is my LAST class. And the best part of it all is that my final project is DONE! I have everything done, I just need to let it sit a couple of days and go back over it and revise/reword whatever needs revising/rewording. Other than that, I'm D.O.N.E.!!!!

Now I'm going to go start prepping dinner, go over my lesson plans for the week and do some knitting. If you hear a loud noise, don't worry. It's just me screaming for joy of being DONE! :D