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Preview: Memoirs of a mommy

Memoirs of a mommy

Happy memories. Precious moments. Savored and cherished. For life.

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And it's a new year! And it's my year! Year of the Rabbit! Yeah I know this is late, but allow me to greet you, "Happy New Year!" I hope your year is going great so far.We are all in the best of health. Praise God! My baby is a baby no more--meaning, she has discovered her mobility and is making the best use of it! Which also means the mommy-me is busy chasing her around the house, saving her

What Do You Really Want?


My five-year-old is one strong-willed boy. Meaning, he knows what he wants, and he always has to get what he wants. Hence, when he doesn't get his way, we often find ourselves in never-ending discussions. He's one who never gives up on his cause until he understands why he's not allowed to do something--he persists by asking over and over, and over again. Sometimes, he succeeds and gets us

Krabi: See Ya Again. Soon


Krabi is beautiful. Serene. Magical! The first time we saw the beach, it was like coming to an enchanted place--the day was new, the sky was cloudy, the water cool, and the whole place was enveloped in mist sprayed by the waves that crashed on the shore. I stood on the shore entranced, my entire being in total surrender to the Majestic Being who created the surreal beauty before me.A pristine

Now in Krabi


Our lil Annie was a darling throughout our whole travel to Krabi! In the taxi on our way to the airport, she had her hands folded daintily as she sat quietly with her daddy, observing our faces until she fell asleep. She woke up sometime when we were at the pre-departure lounge and was just her usual self, quiet but bright-eyed and carefully scrutinizing the unfamiliar new things around her.

Yipee Yay!


The search has come to a close. It took me a week but I'm happy and satisfied with my find. We've made bookings and it's final. We're going to Ao Nang Beach, the famed best all-round beach destination. We're staying at Sala Talay Resort & Spa, a boutique hotel right by the beach (actually at Ao Nang Beach, beach hotel means several meters from the beach because there's a beach road separating

Vacation: Krabi.


As usual, I'm hit by the travel bug. Yes, again. As if I have no baby, yeah? Ha ha ha! What can you expect from one who loves to travel but hasn't gone anywhere for already one year?! No, I cannot say I already know every crack and stain of our walls from being so confined for so long, but the itch to get out is there. And it's not getting any lesser. As my baby's sleep, and my sleep, is

Heart Disease Eh?


My little man loves to eat anything crunchy and crispy. So he always asks our helper to cook him fried stuff. And indulge him she did. She cooked fried fish, fried chicken, fried beef, fried vegetables. Anything she fried to keep him happy so he'll eat with gusto and finish his food faster than he usually does. So much so that we told Roo that if he keeps eating fried food like that he'll

On Dreams and Insecurities


I was on my way to school. I was supposed to catch a jeepney. I was with my friends and I remember telling them my stop. The next thing I can recall was the feeling of frustration as I suddenly found myself stuffing laundry into a bag full of hangers. The bag was already bursting at the seams, and I still had books to put in it. It's like the more I try to fit the books in, the more clothes

On My Princess


I remember daydreaming about my own little girl even before I got pregnant. I wondered if she would be as active and full of life like her kuya (big brother), or if she would be a totally different personality, quiet, prim and proper. In a previous post, I mentioned how nice it would probably be to have another child in the house who would just play quietly in a corner, a welcome change from

David Foster Tickets, Anyone?


Ever since we found out that David Foster is coming to town, we've been talking about buying tickets for his concert. But the past few weekends have been really busy, we've never had time to stop by the outlet to buy. We could have bought them online but there's a 10% discount if you bring the Bangkok Post newspaper to the outlet. So today that's what MY man did during his lunch break.Now what

Then Sings My Soul -- Gentle Saviour


When I wake up each morning, I ask God to come into my heart and lead me through the day. Still, many times during the day, I stray away from Him and do my own thing, say my own words. I forget. I fall. Yet He is faithful. He is ready to forgive. And He is gentle with me. My gentle Saviour, thank you for everything that You are to me and my family! Visit Amy for more songs that will make

Here's Why...


With Annie snoring quietly on her bouncer, and Roo off to play in the living room, I settle down on the bed thinking I should catch a quick snooze. I wonder how long I can do this--I'm sick and haven't really been feeling well for two days now, and now MY man is also sick himself and cannot help me with the night duties. Had very little sleep for the past 48 hours. I feel light-headed from

Down but not Out


One downside to my mommying job, I don't have sick leave. I get sick, I take care of myself and still have to take care of the little ones. The daddy tries his best to lighten my load but he has to go to work so I have no choice but to "report to work" myself and just pray really hard that my kids don't catch what I have. No success with Roo, he caught it the second day. Annie is still

Small Talk


Now what do I write about? Do I start with small talk and say something about the weather? Like, (clearing my throat, ahem!) "And now for the weather report..."Bangkok is currently enjoying rainy days (mostly nights, actually). Yup, we are so glad the rains have graced us with its refreshing presence. The extended summer season had brought so much heat and humidity that these daily downpours

Back for Good? We'll See...


Hellos! It's been ages! I'm hoping to make a comeback to blogging. I've been itching to write, so many stories to share, just no time to put everything down in words. Crossing my fingers I'd have enough quiet time to at least give an update.So, I am a new mommy! To the most adorable baby girl in the world! We call her Annie--her big brother, a.k.a. Kuya Roo insisted that Annie is her

Miracles Do Happen


What do you say to a child whose pet is clearly breathing its last few breaths? How do I explain it to my son that no, his fish has not learned to swim upside down, but that it is upside down because it is dying? His voice was full of pride and excitement when he told me that his Dorothy has finally learned to swim upside down like the janitor fish! With my heart jammed in my throat at his

Girl, Boy, Whatever.


Inspite of the practical side of me and the fact that I just love the way my boy adores me, I've been finding myself praying fervently that God answer my boys' prayers. They really want the baby to be a girl, and for their sakes, I've been wanting the baby to be a girl too. Maybe it won't be so bad to have a princess in our family--would sure teach my Roo to be more gentle. I know I would

Happy 2010


A blessed and happy new year everyone!We're safely back in the land of smiles--the trip was too short; too many family and friends we were not able to meet, still too many dishes we haven't tried (mainly because MY man specialized in eating bangus for almost every meal), and too much shopping money leftover (read: holiday crowd gave me the dizzies every time I attempted to do some shopping)--but

Selling or Begging?


I first noticed the boy as I was walking towards the taxi queue. He was a chubby one, between ten to twelve years old, dressed in an over-sized dirty tee shirt and short pants. In his hand was a bunch of stringed sampaguita flowers which he was trying to sell to a lady waiting in line. For a minute or two after that, my attention riveted to how long the queue was, and how long it would take

Wait and...


Have you ever sat in traffic for like an hour or two? Or at a doctor's office waiting to be seen? What do you usually do when you're 'stuck' in any of these situation? Well, if you're behind the wheel and you're in Bangkok, there's pretty much nothing you can do but wait. Maybe listen to music, yes. But what if you're just a passenger? Is there something you can do besides wait for the car

Eating, and Nothing Else but Eating.


More than a week has passed since I last had my face in the toilet and for that I'm most thankful. All the vomiting had my tongue numb and injured from all the acid, not to mention how sensitive my teeth became from it all. I can hardly wait to feel normal again, the nausea still comes and goes so I still go through my days in a daze.The good news is we finally decided to visit the Pinas in two

How Do I Give?




I wish I can say that I feel a lot better now. But no. As the days go on, my NVP gets even worse. No matter how small my food intake have been, or how frequent/infrequent, I just can't keep food in. Not even water. Even just a sip of water sends me back to the toilet. I've been subsisting on Gatorade for electrolytes. I'm relying on stored nutrients, and perhaps stored fats too, to nourish



I've never seen a happier boy. We were in Pattaya, and on our way to the pharmacy to buy the preg test, our son, ever-inquisitive, asked all the questions as to where, what, why we were making a special trip to the pharmacy. We explained everything, and so when he finally saw the two lines on the strip, joy filled his face. He was so happy, ecstatic that God had heard his prayers for a baby.Me

On Visas


The first time I applied for a visa to the U.S., I was naive and not prepared. Naive to state that I was going there to visit for a month, and not prepared with all the details of my finances. That time, a friend was granted a visa with money in her account not even enough to buy a ticket, so I thought, one bank account showing enough funds for airfare would suffice. I was refused a visa.From