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No Cupcake for You!

Dr. Phil once talked to Oprah on her show about weight loss. Oprah asked "Aren't some people just genetically prone to being thin?" "Yeah," he said, "but the thing is--THAT AIN'T YOU!" Well, that ain't us either, and this is a team-written bloggy suppo

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My personal accomplishments for 1-27-09


It has been much too long since I had been to Ballys. This morning my son said he was going to go lift weights and asked if I wanted to go exercise, "Exercise" "I don't think so!"It's 29 degrees and I would rather not go out and besides I don't want to find out how much I have gained. I have been carefully watching what I eat , because of my diabetes, but my portions have been out of control.I started to think I have a paid membership that I am not using, when was the last time I had gone. Thinking back, it was just before Thanksgiving.Why did I stop?I realized that the treadmill had triggered my asthma and I needed to take my albuterol In fact that day I ended up taking 2 more. But I think I'll be okay this time I am on a longer lasting medication that is not a steroid.I started taking SEREVENT DISKUS 50 mcg on January 1, 2009 and I cannot believe how fantastic I feel. I have not had to use my albuterol inhaler once in 27 days. So I said, "Okay, I'm going, but I want to take my scheduled puff before we leave. There are two Ballys in our area, North Providence and East Providence. We go to the Bally at50 Narragansett Park Dr., East Providence, RI 02916 (401) 434-1500. They have a newly renovated building with a pool that has steps to walk into and the distance is shorter 15 minutes.I felt I made the start, I signed in and went to the women's change area. First,thing I needed to do was find out my weight.Here goes, I gained. OMG My weight is now 172. My short term goal is now at least 15 pounds before my next physical in AprilI spent 20 minutes on one Lifecycle treadmill and then found out from Ron, who services the machines that there were newer ones that gave you your heart rate. I did another 20 minutes and found that my heart rate went from 96 to 120. According to the chart for age 60 it should not exceed128 . I was burning 68 calories with a speed of 2.5 Next time I will increase the speed to maybe 3.5I actually worked up a sweat but my breathing was perfect. No need for the Albuterol which I had in my pocket, just in case.I spent 30 minutes in the pool and 10 minutes in the Whirlpool the most enjoyable time. I love the whirlpool.Total time 2 hours. Not bad for getting back in the swing.Now when do I go back?[...]


2008-11-05T17:28:21.853-05:00 my workout plans haven't exactly been what you would call "great." I missed one day last week and havent been this week, yet. Hopefully Mel and Vic will go tomorrow so we can get some butt burning done!

For Christmas I asked for some cute workout gloves. It would help me grip the machines better, and if you've ever worked out, the machines will make your hands feel very grimy afterwards. So I also asked for a cute gym bag. Right now I'm bringing my stuff to work in a plastic grocery bag. I know its sad. So anywho..update later.



Yesterday was workout day. It was also weigh-in day. And........I LOST 3 POUNDS!! Yeah for me. I worked out pretty hard and felt really good afterwards. I'm also doing really good with my eating and watching my sodas. I've cut a lot of my sweets back, not completely out though, because I would have sweets regardless. I'm going back next week to work out some more, so wish me luck!

I'm still here!!!!!


I was on vacation.....and boy I didn't like what my scale "tried" to tell me last night!!!! UGLY! I think I am up about 8 pounds from my lowest a few months ago. I can't wait to get back in the gym!!!! KElly....we will have a blast! How about Thursday Evening?


Apparently, I am up nearly 10 pounds! I reset my ticker......ooohhhhh...I need to get back on the band wagon!

Not so wonderful, but I'll post anyway


Okay, Kelly, I'll post!!! Geez.

The thing is, I don't have much to say. I am not doing so great with either eating or exercising. There are just too many good foods out there! And besides, I'm kind of lazy.

One thing--Jordan, Suzi and I did go for a walk two days in a row this week. It was actually fun. We put Suzi in the stroller and took turns pushing her while we walked around the neighborhood for 20 minutes or so. We tried to walk briskly (Jordan does anyway), and it gave us a chance to just talk. There was no TV to distract us and we got some fresh air. I think we are going to try and make this a habit, at least 4-5 times a week, and work up to walking for longer and longer and eventually start running. Ha! It's been years since I've run anywhere. Well--except across the parking lot when I'm late for work.

Jordan has been talking about wanting to get in shape, so maybe if he gets motivated it'll rub off on me.

How is everyone else doing? Come on... tell us.

Since I'm the only one!


Since I'm the only one blogging on here, I'm thinking about calling it quits. I was so excited joining this blog but I feel as though it has been put on the back burner by everyone, including myself. I want it to be like the old times, everyone was blogging about their progress, etc. I'm being whiny, and that's OK. But for an update here goes...

I started the gym this past Tuesday. It wasn't so bad, the instructor just let me get a feel for the gym and some of the machines he wanted me to start working out on, at first. So I'm doing an elliptical machine, another machine (i can't remember the name) and then the treadmill, and a machine that sits on top of a table and you use your arms and hands to pedal. It's actually really cool. I guess I will keep you update, as long as "others" start blogging too!

The time has come...


Next week I go to meet the trainer at the gym. I'm scared more than you'll ever know. I have this picture in my head of a drill sergeant. But from what Melanie and Vicky are saying it will be ok. I hope so because now I'm in it and there's no backing down. I need to do this and I will. So wish me the way.."Where the hell is everybody?"

My last post....


Hey guys, I'm going to bow out of this site :-( I can hardly keep my normal blog updated. I will still read and comment though! :-)

My time is coming....


Since Vicky has been talking about her experience at LifeChoice Gym, I figured, I would talk a little about me starting. I haven't officially started yet, I'm suppose to meet with Travis next week (10/8/08) and we're suppose to start everything then. I'm really excited about starting. I can't wait to get in there and starting working on my weight issues and getting my body in shape. I know I have a long ways to go, but I think I can do it and I'm willing to try. So we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!

Details about workout


Upon Jenny's request....I am answering her question on what I did during my first workout session with Travis at Lifechoice. :)

Travis first set me at a desk and asked a bit about medical history and what goals I had in mind. Like how much weight I want to lose and why. Of Course...I have the upcoming kidney transplant hopefully. MUSC wants me to lose at least 15 pounds before the surgery. I also had to sign a paper stating that when he pushed me hard that I don't call him names or hit him! Poor guy...I wonder if that has happened to him? I told him that I was stubborn and need someone to push me!

We then did the dreaded weight check, took my resting heart rate, oxygen level, and blood pressure. He showed me where my chart was so I can help keep up with everything I do at each workout. I started by warming up walking 3 laps around the inside lap, then it was cardio time!

I did 4 min. on a stair-like climber, 4 min. on a bike, 6 min. on a treadmill, 4 min. on a arm-like bike wheel thingy, and then......the killer.....
2 1/2 min on this glider thing that makes it seem like you are cross country skiing. Then about 6 laps around the track again to cool down. It doesn't seem like much on paper, but it was! My legs ached bad yesterday. They have cups and an ice machine with water....which is nice. My heart rate after the exercise was 149....which Travis said was perfect. He knew it was a good workout for me! You also have to rate your workout on a scale of like 1-20 on how hard you worked.

I like the many Flat screen TVs...Travis puts it on comedies. We watched an Everybody Loves Raymond rerun. Melanie came along too. It was fun. I can't wait for Kelly to start. It is hard, but worth it! I wish Jenny and Beth could join too!

I want to do the yoga class, but I am going to have to wait until next time it comes around. I will miss 3 of the 8 classes if I take it this time. I just don't want to miss that many.

Is it possible the queen of hating to excercise will like it???? Tune in to find out!

Workout Update!


I started Lifechoice yesterday and my legs are aching a bit. I was put on the scale with full excersise garb on....I was up about 10 pounds according to their scales...this morning on mine I am up about 4 pounds. Needless to say I need to go the other way on the scale.



Yes.....I am finally doing it! I officially start Lifechoice tomorrow. I did take a beginner's yoga class yesterday and loved it! I don't think I will jump on the scales unless they make me tomorrow. I am still hovering around 18 pounds lost. When I get back from Rhode Island I will go full steam ahead on diet and excercise. Right now I will concentrate on working out.

Steady incline....No Yo-Yo present


Why does it seem everyone is going down on the scale and I'm going up? This makes me sad...but also frustrated. I joined the wellness program at work, so hopefully within a months time I will be on my way to a new self. I tried to think of reasons other than ridiculous ones, as to why I was wanting to lose weight. Here are some normal and weird ones.
1. So I can leave a longer life
2. When/If I have children I want to be at a healthy weight for them and me
3. I want to be able to look in the mirror and take a second glance, not a second blink
4. I want to be able to go to an amusement park and actually ride the rides. Not just stand there and say it makes me happy to see everyone else having fun.
5. I want to be able to cross my legs
6. I want to be able to go into a regular store and actually find something
7. I want to go to Victoria's Secret and not fill dirty or wrong for being in there. (Cuz what is a fat girl really doing in there anyways)
8. It would be nice to turn heads, for a good reason
9. Maybe I can laugh with everyone, not be laughed at
10. I can buy new underwear (maybe at Victoria's secret)

For all who were wondering..I now weigh 374.

Received my dress I bought on ebay.


It looks great on. I'll need a few minor adjustments. I may get Jenny to look at on me and see what she thinks....she has become the little crafty gal. I definitely will be getting it hemmed to tea-length. I have my eye on a vintage clutch purse now. :)

I was going to start the lifechoice gym, but I DON'T HAVE TENNIS SHOES!! I am serious. I'll have to get a pair this weekend after payday and start my work out next week. I need to pay particular attention to my upper arms....thanks to the dress I purchased. LOL

I guess I need to face the music and get on the scale again. I am praying that I am not up too much. If I had to guess.....probably 3 or 4 pounds up. I'll let you know!

Still truckin...


Hey! I'm still on the wagon...yay!! Well, I did slip a little Friday and Saturday....but got right back on :-) I'm down another 0.7 from the last time I posted. I was actually riding a few pounds lighter the entire end of the week...but I guess all the salt I had in my diet over the weekend didn't help :-O At least I still came out with a loss right?

I'm really trying to be good....I even made a super yummy chili for dinner tonight...and if I only break it up into 4 servings for the entire's still only 5 points a serving!! Now adding a little FF sour cream and cheese might bump it up a bit....but hey, it's worth it :-) I tweaked my recipe a bit so if it turns out good I may post it. It has soy crumbles instead of ground beef....which don't always work out in every recipe, but I think they'll be okay in chili....since they'll absorb some of the other flavor.

How's everyone else doing? (dieting or in life in general)

I bought a dress!



Ok...this is what I bought for the wedding I am going to in New Hampshire soon. I got it for $35.00 on ebay. Normally sells for $155.00!! (Imagine me doing a happy dance right now) It was worn for less than 2 hours for a previous wedding, non-smoking, pet-free, and no stains or rips! I am going to make it it is not so formal. I just hope my "girls" stay upright in that halter! I have a halter bra that should work. (fingers crossed) It is this same color...palm beach coral.....sounds summery, but when I went to David's Bridal to look at the can easily pass as a fall color too!

I am going to wear a pashmina scarf/shawl. There are a couple colors I have in mind. I have peachy-orange pearl earrings, bracelet, and ring. OH....and defintely Spanx! Yes....the spanx will be worn! LOL

Back on the Wagon


I know I've been MIA :-( Honestly we went to the beach, and then weren't home long before I left again to go to my parents for a week (and those who read my regular blog know how that one went!). Come to think of it, we got sick on each of the trips we went on! (or at least Elaina did)

But anyways....I "officially" restarted WW on my own 2 Sundays ago. I started at 162.6 on that Sunday morning and when I finally was able to weigh again this past Wednesday morning, I was down to 156.6. That's 6 whole pounds!! (however I realize part of that was having the stomach flu...but I'll take it) I have been up about 10 lbs all summer from my lowest weight.

The first goal I set for myself was to lose 10 lbs by the time I run my first 5K on September 27th. Looks like I'm on plan for that one if I keep things up. I only have 4 lbs left and over a month to do it.

That brings me to the running....originally I had wanted to do the Midnight Flight...however that is in one week. I haven't been able to run at all this week from being weak and sick....soooooo I don't think I'll make it. I COULD....but I'd be hurting by the time I was done. A good friend of mine is coming down to run the Race for the Cure with me in Greenville on September 27th. Anyone else interested??? Jenny? Vicky? Kelly? Kathleen? Anybody?

OK, I've run my mouth (or fingers as the case may be) enough for now :-) I guess I ought to update my weight bar...




Hardly any posts.....or comments....where the heck is Kathleen's posts? And how about Beth's? I am gearing up to post like a mad woman on here soon. You'll get tired of me! LOL I am excited to talk to a trainer and registered dietician soon!

I did find out that I had great cholestrol at 122! Woo-Hoo No meds or anything. At least I am doing something right.

Watching My Sweets


I didn't get to weigh myself this past week (I'm SO upset, can you tell) but I know I didn't gain, well I don't think I did. I've cut back on my sweets considerably, and have tried to start eating more meals during the day. That's the hard put because of my stomach problem, but maybe I'll find something that won't make me sick, and then I can eat that everyday! My mom's new insurance plan will reimburse you for going to weight watchers and attending some many meetings within a certain time period, and I think I might do WW again. It really does work, but I need to stay motivated. Plus i hope to get my wellness check next week and then in about 3 weeks start the Life Choice Gym. Well I guess I'll just have to weigh next week!





Weigh In Wednesday!!


I am exactly the same as what I was last week....I think my scale likes to play dirty tricks on me......then again I haven't committed weight loss whole-heartedly again. I did get my wellness check up at work. I get blood work done tomorrow for work and also for my nephrologist. The vampires and I are getting VERY close! I also get $100.00 for meeting goals in the wellness I don't smoke, great cholesterol and BP, and I got the flue shot last winter. I thought I fell short on the 10% weight loss that they set for me last year.....but they knew I was on steroids and in essence I lost more than 10% because I gained nearly 20 or so pounds from those nasty little boogers that taste like rat poison. (prednisone)

I am joining the hospital's lifechoice gym by September and look forward to meeting with the wellness coach to design a program for me. I need something that works with my schedule...and helps me become healthier for the kidney transplant. I know after the transplant I will be on autoimmune suppressant drugs and steriods. I am not looking forward to this part. Many are weight gaining. BUT....this gives me even more incentive to continue to have a more healthy lifestyle change.

Weigh In Wednesday!! a little late


Well, I decided to jump on that thing that sits in the corner of my bathroom floor. I am still up 1.6 pounds from my lowest a couple months ago. I plan on joining lifechoice gym here at work and at least get 2 or 3 hours of excercise in a week that I normally would not. I am also planning on talking to a registered dietician about a healthy weight loss plan for me. My insurance will cover this now because I am being referred to a kidney transplant list. If you wish, you can view more about those details in Sjogrens and Me.

I would like to lose a few more pounds before the actual transplant will happen. Most likely it will be early next year. I am at a point that I can be on a live transplant list and skip dialysis. We are waiting for a call from MUSC in the next week or so to get the ball rolling.

Here a few pictures of Charleston on the beach!

We made a new friend named Hermit!


Hubs being silly with my sun hat!


Up close shot of me!


Just checking in...


I have gained back a couple of pounds and am closer to a size 10 pants now--all because I honestly haven't been trying. There were donuts and things. I have picked up some of my bad eating habits again. However, on the bright side, I have started walking a bit. We've taken Suzi up to the University a couple of times to run around instead of staying home and watching TV, and I'd like to make that a habit. I would probably get out more often if it weren't quite so hot (I know, excuses, excuses). As it cools down I do think I'll do a little better though.

Still Here...


I'm just lurking lately....I've been hanging out around the 160's (give or take). I'll try to stick around here until vacations are over. Better to maintain than to gain right?

Vicky- glad to hear you've got some more energy! Joining the gym sounds like a good plan.

I hope everyone else is doing well...

Hello....anyone out there??


I am still here....lurking a bit. I have gotten slack on my diet. I am still at 21-22 lbs lost, but not moving forward. I am going to recommit to myself after I get back from MUSC next week. I am HOPING and crossing my fingers that I am not put on steroids or a weight gaining medicine. If I am then I will be fighting to keep my weight where it is.

The good news is that my yearly check-up at the hospital is coming up next month and I think I am going to join our hospital's lifechoice gym and try to go a couple times a week. The one thing that stinks is that it has limited hours and isn't open on weekends. I am hoping Hubs and I can work out a schedule where I go on Tues, & Thurs. when we gets home from work. On the weekend I can do a family event for exercise. My energy is back up (thanks to the procrit injections) and I feel I can handle it. I think Kelly is going to do it with me. :) There is a specialist and trainer that customizes each person's workout. I have heard they stay positive and really "cheer" you on.