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Preview: Shop n Save $$

Shop n Save $$

The purpose of Shop-n-$ave is to educate families on how to save hundreds of dollars a month simply by using coupons and being educated on the guidelines of the Grocery Game andgiving your surplus items back to the community. With GAS prices rising ever

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Free Movie tickets and more..


Get 2 free movie tickets when you buy $40 in qualifying Office Depot school supplies on-line, click here.

ShoeMall Get $15 off $80 plus free shipping with code SUMOFFER

Print out the form for the satisfaction guarantee on Spray & Wash with Resolve Power. Requires form, DCRTC, and UPC.

Print a SpeedStick 24/7 coupon.

Print off a $2 coupon on Albertson's brand diapers, click here. They go on sale for $5.99.

Print two different $1 coupons on Johnson's Buddies.

Print off a form for a free Olympic spirit pen for proofs of purchase from Stayfree or Carefree. Requires 2 UPCs and DCRTC.

New link: Citrucel SoftChews Satisfaction guarantee, up to $18.

For the third time, the Activia Challenge is back, "it works or it's free up to $12". This time it's good from 7/1/08 - 11/1/08. Limit one submission per family per given game period. It has a different box number and expiration date. So if you did the last one, it sounds like you can do this one.

Print off the form for free Gorton's Electronic Sudoku. Requires 3 UPCs and $1.99 p/h.

The form is slow to load. Print off a .75/2 coupon here.

Print out the money back guarantee on Dawn Direct Foam
Purchase 3 Hasbro games and get a $10 gas card via mail.

Print form here. Monopoly, Scrabble, Cosmic Catch, Connect 4, Trouble, The Game of Life are the ones that qualify. Try the new Noxzema Disposable Shavers for free. Go to this link to print out the TMF form.

Minimize Your Wardrobe


Today I cam across handprints on the wall, and she is hosting Minimizing Monday. This is indeed a good thing. For me I just moved in my first home. Yes i am finally a homeowner.... I was going thru the clothes I had boxed up with my mom and she was just saying we had alot of clothes. I looked around realized we really do have alot of clothes just between me and my 2 boys not including my husband.My husband JB has been telling me for the past year we have alot of clothes, but I guess i was in denial.I told him I only have my 6 years clothes and the ones that I kept for my 2 yr old and the one's that he is using but..... who knows, What is considered alot?

But I like to read biblicalwomanhoodonline and have been inspired by Crystal......I have been inspired to start to keeping things simple and after reading on how many articles of clothing she keeps per season for her and her family I decided while going through my boxed clothes that I will do just that. I will keep only 2 weeks worth of clothes for me and my family.I was going to do a weeks worth but my mom said do 2 weeks just in case i didn't do laundry one week i still have enough clothes.This for starters. I know it's going to be hard but worth it in the end. I have decided to do clothing items only.Maybe on day i can work up to going thru my shoes. This is a work in progress and will keep you posted on the my progress. What will you do to minimize your wardrobe?

Savings Alerts...Just in.....


Publix Kraft & Jc Penny Just saw this while trying to win the $50....... Starting 7-28 to 8-22 buy $50 worth of groceries with 4 of the listed Kraft products and get a $10 JC Penny gift card. Limit 3

Albertsons deal
Powerade is $1 on sale - $1 c/o in 7/13 paper = Free.
President foil wrapped cheese is BOGO

I am back


It has been a long time since Nov 2007. No I have not stopped Shopping and Saving but I have been busy with life and the things that come with being a new homeowner and unpacking. I have made a DENT in my storage area,Yeah for me.Now I can start concentrate back on blogging again.So i am back and with avengance. With gas prices soaring up to $4 I have to get back on game and inform families how they can save.

Holiday Shopping


How many people did the Black Friday thing."Not I,"said the cat. And "Not I neither". I was quite disappointed in this Black Fridays advertisement.Many people went and did not get what they wanted. I ask then was it worth seating outside the store for all those hours?????

Me personally , I only went to one store only. Can you guess what store I went to and they paid me to shop again in ExtraCare bucks? That's correct it was CVS my most favorite store(right now). I went and ventured out to CVS Thursday evening after we eat our Thanksgiving meal and I went on Friday and again on Saturday. You make ask "Why did you go so many times?"
Well on Thursday I went by myself and Friday I took my sister-n-laws Jasmine and Jalisa and my oldest 5-year-old son to show them how to shop at CVS and to get the free items for their mom(and the extra bucks they could use for other items they needed (i.e....lip gloss,toys) and on Saturday I went with my mom and sister for them to get all free ( after extra bucks)items.

Here is a picture of the Girls shopping trip.My sisters-n-laws Jalisa(on the left) andJasmine (on the right)

In this picture included is my son Javon who also got on the CVS deals and got some toys. (The toys Thursday-Saturday were B1g1F (Buy one Get one Free).

Where can you go to shop and they pay you $50 to do so.....


I love shopping at CVS. The other day my husband wanted some bread so i went to CVS used my Extra Bucks and got some free bread for his tuna fish. Since shopping the Shop-n-Save way I have saved over $3500 at CVS alone. The CVS on Watson is Awesome. The staff knows me by name and are amazed of that I save and spend.I never spend less than 2.00 oop (out of pocket) for all you non gamers.I can promise you You'll spend less than $2.00 oop with extra care buck, manu q's and CVS printables forever... :) if you shop the SHOP-N-SAVE WAY
I am of course going tonight to CVS and will post my adventure........

So I made it to CVStoday after work and got several items. I got
All of this for $1.14
All the items(image)
(image) Transaction #1 (image) transaction #2
(image) Transaction #3

Those are all the things I got at CVS. They include:
4 Cases of Coke
2 Cress Whiting rinse
1 Crest prohealth toothpaste
2 Children's Dimetapp
1 Gillete razors ( 1 venus and 1 Fusion Phantom)(which I will donate)
4 pencils
2 Doritos ( Cheddar BBQ which my husband loves)
1 trident gum
4 Cvs brand juices
4 packs of Candy(2 reese mini and 2 hershey kiss)
Shrek the third ( Christmas present for the Kids)
2 OceanSpray Cranberry sauce ( This is to eat with the dressing for Thanksgiving)
1 tylonel cold,
1 box of 100 count Motrin (Everyone uses these)
1 Pack of 16 AAA batteries
2 Garnier Face products
1 Pack if Orbit white Gum
For a total of 1.15 . Yes I did say One Dollar and fifteen cents. But here is the even better part I got $50 back in Extra Care Bucks.That means I can use those $50 in Extra Care bucks to buy just about anything I want in CVS (exculsion do apply). Does anyone know a store that you pays you to shop? Oh I do!!!!! CVS. Gotta love the grocery game.
After finishing my last transaction a lady came into buy some Huggie diapers and wipes. I gave her a 1.50 Manufacture coupon and 2 CVS coupon on for $3/15 and another $2/10 and she only paid 4.98. She was like my husband will not believe I only paid about $4 for diapers and Wipes. Well I told her that is the Shop-n-Save way of Shopping. THE NEXT FREE SHOP-N-SAVE WORKSHOP IS DECEMBER 1, 2007 @2:00 Email for me information.