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Braden is 8


This little man is getting baptized on Saturday.  Which is krazy. And exciting. I can't believe how old he is. Stop growing up Braden!!!I am so grateful to have this guy in our family. He has an energy and enthusiasm about him that makes me laugh and to which I don't fully understand. I love him all the more for it.  [...]



 Work your trunk, Avery.   That's right, girl. Avery was able to hang with both her speech therapist Sara and her occupational therapist Leslie today.  2 1/2 hours of being manhandled is not my idea of a good time (well, that's not true), but she handles it like a champ. The girl doesn't even cry. The cute little gipper. And Leslie is so patient and Zen with her. We love her. We have had the speech therapist coming to our house since birth, but Leslie has only been coming the last month or so. She comes once a week right now to help (and teach me how to help) her try to sit up, get into crawling position. [...]

Thank You


Ahhhh November, the month of Gratitude. Also the month where I have ZERO decorations. I literally don't own any. What's wrong with me? I always feel a little guilty every year because of that (not enough to buy any apparently). Hence today's post.  I decided to man up and combine a couple ideas I saw on Pinterest (bless its heart) to create The Wall o' Graitude. A place where my family can write what they are thankful for. I tried to place it close enough to the front door that anyone who comes over can write what they are grateful for as well, including friends, family, neighbors, Avery's therapists, your mom--you name it! It is a constant and important reminder for me and my family.  Also I just really enjoy reading what everyone is grateful for. Please come over and write on my wall. Gracias. The Give Thanks BannerThe Thankful Wall[...]

Unicorns and Rainbows


I would like to share my thoughts. On this blog. I have wanted to do so for some time now. Life has changed dramatically for our little family, and yet it seems like nothing has changed at all. It’s so strange. I am hesitant to share for many reasons. Mostly because my feelings are considerably close to my heart. And confessing them makes them both REAL and TANGIBLE.  Which is frightening because I live in Denial-land (much like Disneyland). And I try to be a relatively hopeful person. I’m not perfect (hard to believe, I am sure), but I enjoy seeing things through rose-colored glasses. Mostly my thoughts are filled with love and joy and rainbows and butterflies and unicorns.But sometimes my thoughts are not always so pretty or happy. Sometimes they are sad. Or troubled. I am trying to be ok with that. I’m trying not feel guiltyfor feeling feelings (other than happy) sometimes. Quite an undertaking for me: It’s ok to feel your feelings!!! No Guilt Required.So I guess my point to all of this is I am going to try to update my blog more often.  Even though it seems scary to me. Because I would like to not bottle everything in that is happening in my life. It is easy for me to feel isolated sometimes and I am not a fan o’ that. I will definitely over share (I do this!!!) and hopefully they are all nice feelings I have, but you never know…either way hopefully you won’t judge me too harshly. But it’s ok if you do.  Get ready for caring and sharing. It’s going to be awesome.[...]

Avery's Arrival


Trusting myself. With Avery’s sudden and exciting arrival, it has come to my attention that I do not trust myself as much as I should. For example, should I eat these M&M’s for breakfast? How long is too long to go without washing my hair? Am I in labor? When a person delivers a baby in a car, one must question if they trust their own judgment. My other three children were born while I was blessedly medicated and with a fully capable medical staff at my service, thank you, and I am not ashamed to admit I fully and completely prefer it this way. But on April 12, 2012, I did not trust myself. From about 3:30 in the afternoon on I was feeling contractions (oh yes, that’s how long I should have realized I was actually in labor). Not only that, I was tracking them on my phone and if you could see my phone (which is no longer in service, may it rest in child labor peace), you would see that approximately every 5, give or a take a minute; I was indeed having a contraction. I even recruited my friend, bless her heart, to go on a walk with me at 4:00 pm around the neighborhood for a mile or so to encourage these contractions and hopefully further labor. What? But see, I wasn’t actually convinced I was in labor. Even when I had to stop walking every 5 minutes to have a contraction. Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Now to defend myself a tiny bit here, I had seen my OB Dr. McIntyre (who is about the sweetest doctor on the face of this planet) the very day before and he had checked my cervix and it definitely had not opened for business. The windows and doors were completely boarded up—please come back another day. Meanwhile, Nolan arrived home from work and I expressed that I “could” be in labor, but I wasn’t sure even though I was still tracking these “contractions” approximately 5 minutes apart and I had to stop and have a contraction!!! Exclamation Point! However, we both sort of brushed it off.  Then I followed this with, “You know what, Kristi? This is the perfect time to clean your carpets! Just right after I finish having this contraction that makes me stop and hold my stomach and tap my toes…” SO I proceeded to whip out my Hoover Carpet Cleaner and clean my carpets…I wish I was kidding. At this point it’s about 8:00 pm or so and there I was going over and over my living room carpet while stopping every so often to have another contraction. As the night progressed, and so did the strength of my contractions, I found this the opportune time bathe. And not go to the hospital apparently. There I am taking a bath and having relatively painful, consistent contractions but not trusting that this was “real” labor because the contractions were not perfectly spaced apart or long enough. But as I lay there, I think deep down I knew that this was labor. That I would be having this baby sometime in the night. Did I realize in my car at this point? You better believe I didn’t. Because I like my labor served up with a nice side of meds. Still I am having more painful contractions. And it’s about 11:00 pm. So what do I do? I decide to take ANOTHER bath. I have no defense for myself.  And then I am crying in pain with each contraction. These puppies are that painful.  I have never done this before either: Cried through a contraction. Because I have always had epidurals and mama never got beyond dilating to a three without one. I called Nolan into the bathroom and he called his mom to stay with our kids and I FINALLY decided it was time to go the hospital. At 11:30 pm. It takes Nolan’s mom Wendy about 2 seconds to get to our house, thank the heavens, and all I remember at this point is I cannot walk from my bedroom to the kitchen (10 feet maybe?) without getting on my hands and knees and crying in pain because my contractions hurt this bad. And then again from the kitchen to the front door. Hands and knees contraction. I don’t pack. I try not to move. Or breathe. Or have contractions. It w[...]

There is a ...


Another Letter


Dear Creators of…

How can I express my gratitude to you for creating a duet to Kris Kross' "Jump," for me and my daughter to perform on a daily basis?
Words will do you no justice.
Thank you. For Being you.

Dearest Blog


Dear Blog,Hi.How are you?I have thought about you a lot. A. lot. And all very positive thoughts, mind you.Let's talk. So, my two older children are in school right now and even though I love them desperately, I also appreciate their absence that their minds are expanding at school. Brinley is very studious these days (she takes after her mutha).See how she makes plans in her school agenda?(Please Please Please notice Tuesday's assignment)I love her.One of my new-ish favorite activities is to volunteer in my children's classroom because it is hilarious giving service.Especially Braden's. His class is particularly great because Kindergartners are so gullible and they like to eat glue honest. For example, one of Braden's classmates Darren, a child not to be named, told me that I had 'Big Things' which made me laugh and I also found very creepy interesting. And also something of which dear Natalie reminds me of every so often (also endearing her to my heart thank you Natalie! Who doesn't want to be reminded that they have big things? Who, I ask you?) She knows every once in a while I need a little pick-me-up…Also, I have another child! Did you think I forgot? How could I forget Preston who is the naughtiest sweetest, toilet-lovin happiest, almost-2-year-old I know…bless his heart to tiny pieces. Although Blog, I have to admit I am a little heartbroken over his two front teeth. You see because I am the model of parental responsibility he fell off the bar stool and chipped his baby teeth on the countertop! Break my heart, why don't you? Or teeth, I guess. Anyway, now he has a face only a mother could love…I keed. He is still very, very handsome. (What? No he's not too close to the edge...he won't me.) What else? I leave for Idahizzle tomorrow!! Which pleases me endlessly. I love to be in Boize for Christmas. It is the happiest place on earth. However, I am already anticipating freezing my cajones off because it hits about 50 degrees here and I grab the SINGLE, solitary sweater I own and bundle up…Texas has turned me into THE biggest pansy. And Boise doesn't play around when it comes to cold weatha.Speaking of the weather, it reminded me ONCE AGAIN of my 80-year-old-ness. Because who talks about weather besides old hags the elderly?But see, now you know I am still me. Still 80. Still a perfect parent. Still have big things. And still wishing I blogged more. Oh and just for randomness sake: I am enjoying this chick's muzak Laura Marling very much, so maybe you will too? She is similar to Mumford & Sons so that could be why...[...]

Dora’s birthday


Do you ever realize when you're hormones are running wild? Like you're in the middle of being a normal person and then all of the sudden (literally out of NOWHERE!) you're crying?

Oh my Lanta, I had myself an episode out of the ordinary for me. And let me preface this by saying I am not a huge crier. It takes a lot to make me cry. So when I happen upon Dora's 10th birthday party on the TV and I start spilling big drops of tears down my cheeks, I know something is up. I mean who does that? Not me, my friends...(image)
However if I had to take a guess: it "might" be because my daughter is turning 8 in a month and I "may have" remembered when she was 2 and she liked ol' Dora the Explorer...and I "could have" thought about how she is getting baptized and starting the 2nd grade
and I swear its the hormones making me cry at Dora's birthday party...

the Ool



Is it just me (and it very well could be), or do you find it suspicious when you go to your neighborhood pool in the afternoon on a 100 degree weather day and find it empty? Like what happened is what I want to know? Because I'm thinking any bodily fluids "could" be the culprit, therefore how can I now swim in this pool?

Apparently, I have a lot of unanswered questions…

Judge Me If You Will…


...but Mama went to see Charlie St. Cloud last weekend, and I likey. Now feel free to mock as you please, but I felt the need to confess my possibly inappropriate crush on Zac Efron. I know he's like 12 and this "could" make me a Cougar, but I am keepin it real when I say I think he is very pretty. And let me be even more honest when I say I can't even remember how good the movie was because Zac is pretty...did I say that already?
I'm just sayin.

30 goals before I turn 30…


Oh dear. Wouldn't it have been nice? To actually accomplish all 30 goals before I turned 30? Whoops-a-Daisy! As per usual with Kristi, I had some very good intentions and accomplished some goals, butt not all. I mean, I look at some of those goals and think, "Was I hitting the crack-pipe when I thought I could go one day without sarcasm?" But some goals accomplished are better than none, right? So let us celebrate my good intentions with a short recap of some of these goals, shall we? .1. Half-Marathon baby! Accomplished at the ZOOMA race on March 27, 2010! Woohoo! And I will admit I liked it enough to run another one this fall. Because I like to prove that a Clydesdale can run too... (that's me in the middle!)3. Go to the Alligator Farm. December 2009. Let me just say EVERYONE should make a trip to the Gator Farm in Houston (which is actually called Brazos Bend State Park, but we're going to call it the Gator Farm just'n for fun). I mean, does it get scarier than that? 4. Learn to sew an Apron. Okay, um, technically I never sewed an actual "apron," but I did learn to sew pajama pants, children's skirts & baby blankets (all very, very special items, I assure you--pictures coming soon...) so for my own sake, I am going say close enough and count that sucker!5. Watch the sunrise. How amazing is watching the sunrise? I'm just sayin'6. Watch the sunset. Ditto #5.Ahem...Ummmmm... Why don't we just skip ahead to...26. Running on the beach. Wow. It looks like I missed a few in the middle...But there you have it. Not quite "30 before 30," (or even in the same ballpark) but I have decided I am not going to completely give up on myself. I mean, I have always been slow anyway, so I am going to give myself another year to finish this list because I really want to complete some of these goals, dadgummit. So the mission to improve myself continues...[...]

Rock You Like a Hurricane


There are many words or phrases you don't expect to hear come out of your child's mouth. But with Braden I have learned to expect just about anything. Like when I ask him to stop hitting his sister play nicely or don't pee on the bathroom floor use the bathroom properly or please for the love of all that is holy go to sleep, he always tells me how his brain won't let him or his brain doesn't want him to. I mean talk about a great argument. How do you argue with the fact that his brain doesn't want him to? I have yet to answer that.

However, even my little man can still surprise his mother. The other day Braden found his old guitar that plays "rock" music with the push of a button and he begged me to put new batteries in it. So as I was helping him with his guitar, Braden looks lovingly and oh so sincerely into my eyes and says, "Mom, this is going to be awesome….I am going to rock it like a Hurricane!"
The 80's live on in my son….

Happy Easter!


The Easter Bunny


This is the real treat...


I am not sure why this video would not embed,
but here is the treat I promised...

I’m Nothing if Not…


repetitive neurotic consistent. I realized today I have been averaging 1 post per month lately (crap--not good). However I also felt like maybe too much time has passed since I last dedicated a post to my one and only: Postum. And that just seems wrong. Now one might argue that I have TOO many posts (is there such a thing?) about Postum, but I insist on writing one more (and hopefully not the last). A lovely gal with the name of Melinda brought some over to me the other day as a birthday gift and you might be surprised to learn how much brighter the sun began to shine. I'm not kidding. And then how much bluer the sky became. How much greener the grass. And oh, how the colors of the rainbow cake was a day to remember my friends. An entire jar of Postum. Bless her heart. In other exciting news, I have just gotten back from Flo-Rida and I would like to post those lovely pictures. Along with pictures from my trip to Boize (holla). And even though I am sad that school starts next week (mixed with a tiny amount of relieved), I will be pumped to getting back to stalking you, I mean blogging. Oh and one more thing (hooray!) I did complete one of my 30 goals this last week. It was (drum roll, please):26. Go running on the beach.And yes, I must confess I did not run very long, or very far (because dang! it is hotter than Hades in Florida in August, people). Except that while running on said beach, I secretly thanked my June-self for not putting a time limit or distance on that goal. So completed goal either way!! Yee-haw. And here's a side note probably only interesting to me: I LOVE running. Call me crazy. With a capital K. But I do. But what is so retarded of me is I always forget that I love it. As in: I forget almost every morning when I wake up and remember I have to go running that day that I actually enjoy it (but I have to do it because I signed up for a freakin half-marathon. What. the. Crap.) But every the time I finish a run, I am grateful. Who knew? Also when I finish a tough run (ok, let's get real: they are ALL tough), I seriously consider giving myself a flippin Gold Medal or something equally glorious (a Trophy?). And yes a medal/trophy a day may seem a little much, but come on now. I think we could all use a gold medal once a day for completing something we actually didn't believe we could complete. It's an idea. Let us mull it over. And children?! Yes, I stll have them. And they live with me. And I can't help but want to eat this child's cheeks. On a daily basis. And wish he would stay little. And never grow up. Is that wrong? And lest we forget these crazy kids. [...]

This is Dee-lightful. Trust.


Okay, I needed to give a quick shout out to my friend Jen
(image) who makes food and whips up recipes that I honestly and truly have thought about that wrong? I wish I were kidding. Anyway, I have made her Chicken Poppy Bake (oh mamacita), her Pumpkin Drizzle Cookies (image) (that's what I'm talking about), the Pumpkin Waffles (apparently I really like pumpkin), the Ratatouille Soup, just to name a few and all so very, very good. So head over to Jen's delicious food blog if you want some good eats tonight because this girl knows what is up in the kitchen.

The End of an Era ... Almost


A couple of days ago was my 29th 22nd birthday. It was a day much celebrated by me and my small family ALL. I laughed. I cried. It was a day for the history books.It was also a day for being lazy much contemplation. My Twenties are coming to an end. Which means I am on the brink of death. And honestly I wouldn't say that I am fearful or saddened to turn Thirty in any way, although it can imply one should already be responsible, self-reliant, pay one's bills, wake before 10:00 am, and things of that nature. So yes it could potentially strike fear in my heart. It could also mean I only have one more year to blame my carelessness or inappropriateness (and by that I mean my juvenile sense of humor) on my age or youth. Because once I turn Thirty, I may not get away with my ol' standby excuses. Crap! Not that I won't use them, you see—just that they may be less socially acceptable.However, instead of focusing on who I will not be at a certain age (because let's face it…it may take awhile to fix this gal), I would like to focus on who I will be. Or who I want to be. So please indulge me as I make a list of the things I would like to accomplish by June 26, 2010 (Holy Mackerel, that date sounds so space-agey. Am I right?):In Random order: 1. Run a half-marathon.2. Learn to play "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter..." on the guitar (my husband swears this is an easier one. Let us cross our fingers that he is right).3. Go to the Alligator Farm.4. Learn to sew an apron.5. Watch the sunrise.6. Watch the sunset.7. Learn Calligraphy.8. Refurbish a piece of furniture. 9. Live a week without Television. 10. Go Fishing.11. Learn to eat with chopsticks.12. Go one day without using sarcasm.13. Learn to keep flowers in the garden alive.14. Learn to speak Spanish.15. Go through the Salt Lake Temple.16. Climb the Y.17. Take a vacation alone with my husband.18. Read The Princess Bride.19. Paint my Kitchen.20. Go to a Concert.21. Go to a Broadway play.22. Read To Kill a Mockingbird.23. Cook from scratch for a month (this is a doozy for me :)24. Watch the bats at Townlake.25. Read to my kids 30 minutes a day.26. Go Running on the beach.27. Send a message in a bottle.28. Go to bed by 10:30 pm for a month.29. Plant a vegetable garden.30. Read The Book of Mormon in 30 days.Whew! I'm glad I got that off my chest. And now that I've posted it on my blog, I will have to hold myself to it![...]

The Mange...


Oh, how fast my little guy is growing up. It scares the crap out of me how quickly we are hitting the milestones already. Preston is probably my first child where I feel like "Sloooowww down. Stay little. There's no rush." I am enjoying Preston every step of the way.

So this is why I have to admit what a wienie I am. I was so sad because we HAD to cut this poor child's hair. Break a mother's heart. And I mean HAD. To. This little boy was born with so much hair!!! Which was great because we loved it. It was gorgeous and flowing and he worked it.

and them it turned into this:

This hairdo we lovingly referred to as "The Mange." Can you see it? Feel free to avert your eyes if it is causing you actual physical pain. It is Home-ly.

Bless his heart.
Thus Preston's first haircut at 3 months!!! Gasp!
But SOOO much better than "The Mange" 'do he was rockin'.



We have a growing garden!

(image) Hooray!

This one is for Grandma & Grandpa!


This one goes out to my family in Boise!!

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She's a fish!


(image) this is brinley. I did backstroke and freestyle at my swim meet. I won my heats and I got 2 1st place ribbons. It was fun. I was fast And fast. It was fun and fun. It was raining and we went to the pool. It was warm and braden learned how to swim. and we had fun.

Thrush and 'the ladies'


Preston had gotten himself one serious case of Thrush that we couldn't seem to get rid of--something my other babies never had so it has been an exciting new experience for us! After admitting to some friends I had "let the Ladies air out" during the day since I, too, have thrush (if you know what I mean) my friend Kristen did me a solid by making me this:

The best part was when Braden found this shirt and was very curious about it and wanted to try it on--he put his arms through the "second arm holes." Nice.

I know they are a little old...


but I had to post them anyway. I was looking through my picture gallery today and found some old pictures from our trip to Boise last year. And being as on top of things as I normally am, I don't think I ever posted these bad boys on the blog but for some reason the pics of my sister's kids made me laugh (probably because I miss them!!), so here they are... (image) (image) (image)

(image) (image) (image)

Trying to Figure it Out


Hello?! Hi. How are you? It's me. Kristi. I am alive. And I MISS blogging with you. I feel so out of the loop here. I cannot figure out yet how to blog and have a baby in my arms (hmmm, picture me trying to blog's harder than it sounds) Then again, we all know I am slow so what might take one person a day to figure out takes me a couple o' months. No surprise there. And yeah I could let the dishes go and the laundry go...except I do that anyway, so where does that leave me? :) Not much left to slack on here. But I do miss it and wanted to quickly get some pics up of Preston and the gang for old times' sake. One day I am going to figure this baby/blogging business out. Any tips?

(image) (image)