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The tale of life in the middle...

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Crafty Tuesday - Shirts for Lindsey


One of my coworkers has a daughter that is mildly autistic. She loves orange, so I had made her some shirts in the fall with her name on them. It turned out that she loved them, and was still wearing them, even though pumpkin shirts tend not to be in fashion in the summer time (although anyone that has worked with three year olds knows, being stylish is not really a battle that is worth fighting). So I decided it was time for me give her a few that were updated.




The name in the last one is a little off center, but that's what happens when you are doing something as you rush out the door for work and want to take the thing you are sewing with you...

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Crafty Tuesday - Monthly Onesies


Like I have said before, I am always on the lookout for good ideas for baby gifts, since I know so many people having babies. I have found it to be a challenge to come up with some gifts when people don't share the name of their baby before the birth, or when they don't know what they are having. This is mostly tough for me because I do mostly personalized gifts, which are usually gender specific. Not to mention that a lot of my baby gifts go to coworkers, so I don't feel like I can give the same gift to people, I feel like I have to change things up a bit.

I have seen the monthy onesie stickers that you can purchase and stick on a onesie to document the first year and how a baby grows. I thought those were cute, but I was pretty sure that stitched onesies would be even cuter! I knew that this baby was a boy, but not his name. I tried to match the fabrics to the holidays that occur during that month (I knew when the baby would be born, because I knew she was scheduled for an induction), so I used orange for October, brown for November, etc.

I have to say, these onesies were quicker to do than I expected! Which was a very nice surprise indeed, since onesies are often a bear to stitch on due to the small size. And I was pleased with the final result. And more importantly, so was my coworker!

These are the first six months, because I didn't start making them until the afternoon of the shower, so it turned into a mad dash just to finish and I did not have time to take pictures of the last half of the group of onesies. But you get the idea anyway:








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Crafty Tuesday - Baby Karlee


Several months ago there was someone on a forum that I am a member of who was clearing out some of her stock of bags. I thought that they were super cute, so I snatched them up, completely unsure of what I was going to do with them.

They sat in my closet for quite a while, until one of my former coworkers had a baby girl. And, coupled with a set of burp cloths, it makes a nice gift!






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Crafty Tuesday - Baby Miles


My coworker had her second son, who surprised us all and showed up six weeks early! He was just as adorable as if he would have been fully cooked though, and he deserved a few things to make him stand out from the other babies in the nursery!





See what everyone else has to show for their crafty talents at Carrie's!

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Crafty Tuesday - Onesie Gowns, Collegiate Style


Along with the burp cloths from last week, the other part of the collegiate set was some onesie gowns. These gowns are quick and easy to make, and are my favorite gifts for baby girls.

I like to think that these are just girly enough, but will make a nice outfit for those fall football games!






See what other crafty goodness is at Carrie's!

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Crafty Tuesday - Class of 2035


Can you believe that babies born now are part of the college class of 2035?! It seems like that is so far away...although I am sure it will be here before we know it!

I am always on the lookout for ideas for baby gifts, since I know about eight million people having babies these days. And when I saw some college fabric, I knew exactly what use it for...burp cloths! They are quick and easy to make, and even boys shouldn't be too embarrassed about some collegiate themed gear!

I know that these are the same, other than the school, but they were for a friend who went to KU and has a husband that is a doe hard OSU fan. And I hated not to give each school an equal chance of this new baby girl dazzling them with her presence. You know, once she exits the womb. And does a little more growing after that...





To see what other crafty goodness is out there, see what is being shared at Carrie's!

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Crafty Tuesday - Polka Dot Tote


It's Crafty Tuesday again. And so I have...more totes to show!

I might have a small obsession with bags.



This one is not from Dollar Tree. And yes, those are my initials. I liked this one so much that I wanted to keep it for myself.

See what other crafty goodness is being shared at Carrie's!

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Birthday Girl


My best friend, after trying for years, had a second baby girl.

Who is now a year old. Okay, technically now she is almost 18 months. But who is counting?! And watching my best friend get what she has waited so long for? Is beyond fabulous.







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Bridal Shower


My sister is getting married, I just a couple weeks in fact. And we all know what comes with weddings.

Bridal showers. Lots of them. I think my sister had 7. Or maybe 8.

Luckily, as I am not particularly one to get super excited over weddings or anything wedding related, I was not asked to attend all seven, just two. One hosted by my cousin and aunts. Apparently it is "tradition" for your godmother to host your bridal shower...who knew? Also? If that's true, I am in trouble if I ever get married. My godmother is my aunt (ex-aunt?) who used to be arrived to my uncle (my dad's brother), who isn't anymore. She is sweet, but also...eclectic. And I can't imagine her attending a bridal shower, let alone hosting one.

But my sister's godmother is quite lovely (also, normal) and hosted a lovely shower for my sister. Complete with take home recipe books that she collected from guests prior to the shower (although not from me, I totally spaced out and forgot to send her anything...whoops). Luckily, my sister's other bridesmaids are much more into all things bride and wedding and put together a lovely shower for my sister.







Like I said, the wedding date is fast approaching, so there will be more wedding mania to come. Complete with photos of my dress. Which is taffeta. And fuschia. And has a flower on it.

And if the idea if me in that doesn't just make you beyond curious, then you clearly have no sense of humor.

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Crafty Tuesday - Totes


I have a new love in my life...

Dollar Tree.

And, wouldn't you know, everything in the entire store is $1.00 - and that's it! Including these bags:




Fifteen minutes with my machine and these Dollar Tree bags aren't too shabby, if I do say so myself. Which is a not a bad thing, since I have thirty more stored in the closet.

Just in case I need a last minute gift...

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It isn't Tuesday, but being a day late seems to be the story of my life some days...


And I since this was a holiday themed shirt, I couldn't let it get too far past the actual holiday. And I love the red sequined fabric!

For a wealth of creativity (and people who probably aren't several days behind) see what's being shared at Carrie's!

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I looked at the calendar. It's July.

And I have no idea how that happened.

I swear, it was April just the other day. Then I blinked. And now it's July.

Life has mostly been one of those things where the weeks fly by and the days drag on forever. Which, I suspect, is not all that uncommon. And not every day drags on -- in fact, even the days fly by for the most part. May was not my favorite month, and the days of May most certainly felt like they lasted a lifetime. Every day. And not in a good or enjoyable way. But now it's mostly a distant memory...with so much between then and now that the details are already fuzzy, washed from memory in that nice way that unpleasant things so often end up.

I have not had an overly exciting holiday. Or maybe I have, depending on your definition. I started out the holiday at work (oh, the glories of the night shift) and not long after midnight a patient walked in. And ten minutes later I had her two pound twin A in my hands, handing her off to the nursery team. And not long after that I did the same with twin B, another 2 lb girl...a matching set of tiny new humans.

Which, I suppose, made for a fairly exciting July 4th indeed. Admittedly, more for my patient than for me. But even still, there is something pretty amazing about blinking and then there is a brand new person there. Most people don't ever see it, other than their own babies. But as someone who has seen thousands of tiny humans blink into an existence, I assure you, it's pretty impressive. Every time.

But other than tiny humans, my fourth was blissfully uneventful. Not even any fireworks, since I slept right through them. I spent most of the day after I got home from work doing paperwork and organization type things. Which is apparently a tiring activity. Well that, or because I had been up for 36 hours.

But I am pretty sure it was the organizing.

That's exhausting.

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Crafty Tuesday -- Ruffle Pants and Flourish Shirt


I belong to a group, Appliqué Forum, which is full of some of the most creative and crafty ladies on the planet. There is seriously no end to their great ideas...or to their willingness to help answer anyone's questions.

A few weeks ago one of the ladies posted a picture of an outfit that she had created for her granddaughter...and it was so adorable I just had to seeing I could recreate it! I did the best I could -- and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!



The ruffle plants are from a pattern by Romeo and Mae, and the shirt is embroidered with designs from Embroidery Boutique.

See what everyone else has been creating at Carrie's!

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Crafty Tuesday - First Birthday Edition


I realize that technically it is no longer Tuesday. But these days being on time seems to be something that is a struggle. So, for this week, Crafty Thursday it is!

One of my coworkers saw something on etsy, and wondered if I might be able to recreate it, since she needed it sooner than the two weeks the seller had listed in her shop. And while I wasn't sure that I could do quite as good of a job, I told her I would give it my best shot. And I have to say...I was pretty happy with the final product!

It's a tie, a birthday hat, and a diaper cover....and a birthday shirt to match!



To see what everyone else has been crafting, see what is being shared at Carrie's!

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I will be the first to admit that, while stressful, my life is pretty awesome. Tough (and whose isn't?) but awesome.

One thing my life is not is luxurious.

Not that I am complaining. I don't think I would really know what to do with an abundance of luxuries if I did have them. And yes, I know that there are millions of people for whom food and clothing and shelter are luxuries. But this is not about them. It's about me.

I do have one little luxury that I have (somewhat) recently re-discovered...

Having my nails done!

There is nothing that I find more relaxing than sitting for an hour or two and having someone make me look better. It's a complete and total luxury, but it makes me feel so good!


And every time someone comments on how nice my nails look, I am re,indeed just how much I love them too. Which is highly ironic, given that until a few months ago I was a stress-induced nail biter and had absolutely horrendous looking hands!

So tell me, Internet....I am not the only one with a self-indulgent, luxury pastime, am I?

Surely not...

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Crafty Tuesday: Baby Lucas


I work on the busiest labor and delivery unit in the city, which means that I work with a large number of people.  Recently we have hired several new girls, and one of them was expecting.  Well November and December flew by, and before we knew it, baby Lucas's due date was quickly approaching.  So we decided to have a little baby shower one night at work.  And, because I completely lack the ability to say no, I was in charge of coordinating the shower...and of the group gift. 

I actually didn't mind -- since I am the one with the embroidery machine, I was quite happy to do a few personalized things.  I made a few burp cloths, and then decided that most of the things that I had purchased might be better with Lucas's name stitched on them.  A little name or monogram can turn a thirfty gift into something pretty neat, if I do say so myself!

I put a double monogram onto a market tote and then had the perfect container for all of our goodies!

I was pretty happy with the way everything turned out...but more importantly, so was Lucas's mom!

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Crafty Tuesday: Birthday Shirt


I swear, if it wasn't for my coworkers I would be SWIMMING in free time.  I'm not complaining...I work with some fabulous people that I really enjoy.  And when they ask me to make them things I am happy to oblige.  I just wish I had a little more's pretty routine for someone to ask me to make something for them -- and then mention that they need it in less than a week.  I'd probably be wise to start telling people that I need two weeks notice for anything that they want made, but I just can't bring myself to say no.

I'm such a sucker. 

Last year several of my coworkers had babies.  Which means that this year all those babies are having first birthdays!  Paxton was the first little man to have a birthday, and since his mom loves owls, he got an owl shirt.  Tori was the next one to have a birthday, and her mom wanted something pink and girly...just not too girly. 

Not a small request, because there are so many ways to interpret that.  But after several emails back and forth, a design was settled on.  And this was the finished product:

Overall, I was pretty happy with it.  It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but given that it's only for one day, I thought it would work just fine!

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Crafty Tuesday: Gifts for Lily


My cousin and his wife have a lovely little family, that recently grew by one adorable tiny human.  They had their second baby, a girl.  And one of the best things about new people?  The opportunity to make baby gifts, of course! These are the things that I made for Miss Lily. I did some burp cloths:An infant gown:This was before I added the ribbon in the middle.  At first I thought that I would just leave it like this.  But I really think that the ribbon makes it just a little cuter...(I don't know why it looks so stretched out in this picture - other than because it's just a quick snapshot with my iphone - in person it's a much more normal shape around the middle where the ribbon is...)And a set of sibling shirts:It had been a while since I had stitched a onesie, and I forgot how difficult they can be sometimes, due to their small size!  I also did this after I had spent many hours working on other things, so when the little mistakes happened on the butterfly I decided to keep going and just make it work.  I figured that tiny humans grow pretty fast, so I'm hoping that no one really notices my errors! See what everyone else has to share for Crafty Tuesday at Carrie's![...]

Crafty Tuesday: Burp Cloths


Now I realize that it's actually Wednesday.  But I didn't have time to upload photos yesterday, so crafty wednesday this week it is!

I took a break from sewing...not on purpose, but just because January and February were really hard months for me school/schedule wise.  I hardly had time to remember my own name, let alone get motivated to do anything else. 

But motivated or not, there were a few things that I just had to get finished for gifts.  And burp cloths are an absolutely PERFECT use for my new serger.  Which I picked because I remembered the lovely and amazing Carrie talking about how much she loved hers.  And anything that's good enough for Carrie is MORE than good enough for me...especially when it comes to crafting! 

So these are a few of the first burp cloths that I did with my new serger.  She is a great little machine...or at least she is once I figured out how to thread her -- which I will admit took me almost two hours, many attempts and even more four letter words.  But it was well worth the effort, because having a serger made these SO EASY!

These are so easy and quick to make....a perfect last-minute baby gift!

February Goals



Other than Feb 1st, it appears that leap day is the only other day in February that I am going to get anything posted. This is because February had only one goal. SURVIVAL.

And I do mean survival and not much else...I wanted to get through the days and on to the next one, over and over, until the month was over.

Needless to say, I was not totally in love with my February rotation. The hours were less than desirable, the work was minimal, and while the opportunities to learn were high, the experience of working with some of the residents left something to be desired.

I think that one of my biggest issues was simply that I was totally off on what I expected it to be like. Which is always a set up for disappointment, isn't it? Not to mention a set up for a monthlong case of the grouchies...

But it's leap year! A day that I always thought would be a perfect day to have as a birthday....even though my birthday is in December. And it only comes around every four years, so I feel today should have a little celebration involved. So I'm going to lounge in bed and read, do some sewing (hopefully) and then go for a manicure and pedicure...

Sounds like a pretty good bonus day to me!

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Every January I make a HUGE list of resolutions and goals for the year. probably has at least 50 things on it. It's mostly that I love the satisfaction of checking things off of a list. It's also that I feel like if my list is long enough, that I am bound to get at least a few of the things on it checked off before the end of the year.

Since we are now officially done with the first month of 2012 (and, by the way, how did that happen already?!) I figured it was time to check in and see if there was anything I could check off my list.

January Goals:
*Start training for a half marathon that I am running in mid-April.
Progress? I went to the gym. Twice. But I should get bonus points since both of those trips to the gym required getting up at 4 AM.

*Watch my netflix DVD and send it back to get the next one.'s still sitting on the coffee table. In the same place it was at the beginning of January. Okay, so in the same place it's been since June. Oops. Maybe I'll get it watched before February is done...although it's probably a good thing we have that extra day this year...

*Do a load of laundry a day to prevent a mountain of laundry from forming and threatening to topple over at any moment.
Well...I did do a load of laundry. One day. Maybe two. Needless to say, the size of my laundry pile currently leaves MUCH to be desired.

*Take down the Christmas tree.
I'm pleased to report that as of january 26th this goal has been accomplished. Even though I was considering leaving it up as a Valentine's Day decoration...

*Sign up for my board exam
Halfway done. I signed up for the testing portion, now I just need to enroll in the practical portion.

*Figure out my fourth year rotations
This I actually finished, although not until just last week. I have all of my requests submitted, and I have back up plans for most of the months in case things don't work out the way that I want. Although maybe this is really just 95% done...I do have a few more pieces of paperwork that I need to submit.

*Read at least one book per month.
Not even close. I wish that I could say that I had done this and more...but I sure have not. I have gotten a few more chapters read in the book I have been working on since the fall, but it's not even close to being finished yet. I like reading it and I think that it's super interesting...but by the time I have gotten to bed at night I have fallen asleep before there was any time at all for reading...

All in all, not the best in terms of goals met, but not the worst either. I got most of the important things done, which is definitely better than nothing.

Although I am really counting on that extra day in february to have a big contribution to my productivity...

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Crafty Tuesday: Placemats


It should be clear by now that I am a lover of ALL things personalized.  Seriously...if I had the time (and a big enough machine!) I would personalize EVERYTHING.  And because of that, I seem to feel the overwhelming need to personalize things for other people too.  Maybe they also love all things personalized and maybe they don't, but most people are gracious gift receivers, so if they don't want their name on things as a gift, they have been kind enough not to say so.  At least so far....

My sister is getting married and she (I hope think) is also a lover of all things personalized.  Which makes gift giving for her pretty least for now.  For Christmas I made her some placemats with her soon to be last name. 

I don't mind saying, I LOVE the way they turned out! 

They are all the same color...I'm not sure why they look like different shades here, other than the fact that I am using cell phone pictures.   Apparently it is just too difficult for me to pick up my camera and take some nice photos to share with you.  Forgive me.  Please  And in case anyone is wondering, the design I used can be found here.

For more things to get your creative juices flowing (or just make you wish you had more time to craft!) see what is being shared at Carrie's

Photo Thursday - Family Photos: Ashley


Just before Christmas, I did some family photos for my coworker Ashley and her trio of handsome men!  Ashley's first session was about 17 months ago -- and things have changed a little since then!

Crafty Tuesday: Hangers


As I mentioned last Thursday, my sister is getting married.  She is a teacher, so is planning on a July wedding before school starts again in August.  She made these adorable personalized hangers for all of the people that she asked to be in the bridal cute is this?!

See what other crafty fantastic things are being shared at Carrie's!

Photo Thursday -- Engagement Session


Just before Thanksgiving, my sister got engaged.  She and her lovely fiance Kevin asked me to do some engagement photos over Christmas.  They didn't turn out too badly, if I do say so myself!