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Preview: Valarie Lea From Tennessee, now in Alabama

Valarie Lea From Tennessee, now in Alabama

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Turn the page


As I am sitting here bored on a Saturday night jumping from Facebook, to blogs, to Twitter and trying to get my brain to spit out all the words running around in my head, I happened upon this.....Its like someone was just waiting on me to get there to read this.....

"Look, if you're tired of the same old story, whoa, turn some pages."

So If I'm tired of the same old story....I need to turn the page...Que Metallica or Bob Segar which ever your into....


So ok maybe I am not a star on the road with amplifiers ringing in my ears riding in a tour bus and not knowing what city or town I am in....but....

I am a mother, with a full time job, a part time Mary Kay gig, and a life....I'm definitely as busy as a Rock Star....Que NickleBack....actually please don't...I don’t care for them thank you very much

So where am I going with this....Oh heck if I know, I am just spitting out words on to a page...ummm computer screen. I guess what I am saying is we are all busy we all have lives that are hectic and sometimes we just want to screeeeaaaammm.

We need to take a moment, we need to breath, and sometimes we need to turn the page....

Am I making any sense to anyone but myself????? Hello....anybody....


Dont feed the bad wolf....



A friend showed this to me.....I needed it


An elderly Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life…

He said to them, “A fight is going on inside me, it is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One wolf is evil—he is fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, competition, superiority, and ego.

The other is good—he is joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.
This same fight is going on inside you, and inside every other person, too.”
They thought about it for a minute, and then one child asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win, Grandfather?”

The Elder simply replied, “The one you feed.”

Dont feed the bad wolf....

2000 Flushes


  So I have been sitting on my pity pot and now it is time to flush it!    Ahhh doesn't that feel better!  All Roses and Sunshine now!  (Not really but we're gonna pretend)  Denial people....its not just a river in Egypt but it will get you thru sometimes. Im going to take a moment now and catch you up on things going on around the house.  That way we are all up to speed.  :)   Jessie is 20!  She will be 21 in July! I am officially old....:(  She has a new boyfriend who is a giant.  No literally she comes up to his armpit.    They have given me a beautiful Grandbaby....Meet Abby :)   Isnt she precious.....:)   Yall didnt think I was talking about an actually baby did you??   Sydney is 16 and will be 17 in a May and yes again I feel old.  She is a spit fire of a girl and I would not get in her way if I were you.  She always has a boy somewhere not to far behind.  We wont mention any names because it might be different next week.  ;)     And then we have Little Logan :)  He is a 10 year old  Xbox & Nerf Gun enthusiast.  It wears me out listening to him talk about these things.  His pastimes are playing Xbox, modifying Nerf Guns, and pestering both of his sisters.   What about me you say???? Well I have started selling Mary Kay.  I decided it was high time I do something a little extra for me and my future and since my job doesn't have a retirement plan, this was going to be mine.  I just started it, but I can tell you now that I am going to love it.  I mean what girl doesn't love make-up.  :) I have also decided to do a half marathon in Nashville.  I think I had a moment of insanity when I registered for this.  I am committed now and am looking forward to actually completing it!  So look for more posts about that later. So until the next time....buh bye!!!                   [...]





What do you do when you have lost trust in someone?  That is the question. How do you move forward when you put yourself out there and you keep getting beat up.  One step forward, a hundred steps you keep moving forward or change directions.  What if that direction is big and scary and hard to go down and you feel you are going down it alone?

I guess I need to put my big girl panties on and suck it up....



Lets try this again


So its been awhile. Not really sure who all is still around. I might actually be talking to thin air, but maybe it will help me clear my head. Its been going on about 2 years since I consistently blogged. These last couple of years have been filled with laughs from new friends and old. Unfortunately it has also been filled with a lot of heartache for new friends and old. I have realized that it is not a nice world out there. Why didn't someone warn me about mean people??? Without going into details lets just say, I need you all more than I ever knew. I need this outlet as therapy for me.

So I will be trying to get on here more. Try to get my feelings from my head to the paper...err screen. Its not easy putting your feelings out on Face book...people can be a bit judgey there. Judgey...that's a new word I just made up use it if you need to.

So until later which will hopefully be tomorrow....:)


Just sayin...




So I am not one to brag about anything. So I am not gonna brag.  I am just stating a fact.

I went to the Dove Awards and got to sit 3 seats away from Ricky Skaggs!!!!!  He even said I could step on him if I needed to when I was leaving my seat. :)  Lets see who else did I see??? Oh yeah! Brian "Head" Welch former guitarist for Korn.  He is now a born again Christian and I must say being a child who grew up listening to Heavy Metal and Hair Bands...yeah I was totally siked to see him!!!!!!  He performed with "Red" and let me just say it was so awesome!  They totally rocked the place!

I also got to see......TOBYMAC!!!!!!!!!! Yeah he was right there like about 30 feet from me.  I thought I might loose it there for a second but I held it together.  They performed "Funky Jesus Music" and it was awesome!  This is apparently a video someone shot from the balcony at the Dove Awards.  So its a little shaky, but you will get the picture. 

(object) (embed)


At this point I am on the lower level in the middle.  You  never know you might actually see me if your looking hard enough when you watch on GMC Sunday  night at 8/7 central!!!  Come on you know you want to watch.  :)

To say that I am a little excited that I got to go to this is an understatement.  It was so much fun!

So go see if your cable of Satellite channel carries GMC so you can Tivo the Dove Awards.  If they don't carry it find someone who does and go watch it.  It was a great night with amazing performances.  You don't want to miss it.  By the way I am not getting paid to promote the show.  It was just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!






What do you want to be when you grow up???  I cant answer that because I am not thru growing up, and when I am thru growing up I will probably be dead.  So lets try it this way.......

What do you want to be....Now?

I will give you a quick run down of what I want to be NOW

Skinny - Who ever cursed me with the whole I'm rubber and your glue what bounces off of me and sticks to you thing is gonna get it when I find them....

Creative - I feel I have no time for this...thus it comes out in odd ways...and this is why people think I am crazy....

Computer nerd - I want to take some classes on web designs, graphics, Photoshop...I want to get my creativeness out this way....but alas I have NO TIME!

Rich - Ok who doesn't

Compassionate - I am going to be honest....mercy is not my gift.  Oh I want to be merciful, but sometimes it just doesn't happen.  Don't judge, I can give mercy, sometimes I am just so wrapped up in things that I miss the moments to be merciful.  Ok I will break it down to you in this nutshell   WHINING = VALARIE NOT MERCIFUL ...I'm working on it people

Giving - this is a whole different category....I will give you the shirt off my back.  I just want to be able to give more.....See also Rich

Yoga Instructor - this is just one of my off the wall things.  I have been to one class in about 3 years and now all the sudden I want to teach it.  Yeah comical I know, but I think I can do it.  :)


So just a glimpse at some of the things I want to be now.  In order to accomplish these things I think I need to join an army of Amazon women and become Wonder Woman!  That lasso of truth would really come in handy with the kids. :)




So what do you want to be now?  I know I will probably not get one answer to this, because of my long blogging absence.  So I am probably talking to only my spammers who send me comments....just blogging out into no mans land.....all alone in the cold darkness of the internets. 



Mic check 2 - 1 - this thing on???


Well I have been MIA since July 28, here it is 3 months later.....

I wonder if people will remember me, if they will even care. Did you take me off your blog roll????

Ya see I have this problem, its called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. What?? When did I get diagnosed with that?? Oh I haven't been, I sorta diagnosed myself. :) Ya see I tend to compulse over random things and then I don't finish them. This is my list.....

Cross Stitching....I have like 5 projects that have been trying to get completed since 1992. I wonder if my sister still wants those bears I was working on....

Exercising....Yeah that is an ongoing on again off again love affair...sigh

House Work....ok yeah so I never am compulsive about that

TuTus.....yes I now make tutus and I have a lot of Tulle and not a lot of tutus finished. Now I finished the ones that were ordered, but the ones in my head, yeah they are still there.... many to list. My craft room is now the crap room.

Cooking....Oh I was gonna cook a lot of stuff....I have the recipes does that count??

Redoing Furniture....My garage is running over with stuff I thought I would "re-do"

Twilight.......Still obsessed :)

Blogging....My sister said I would not keep it up....she was right. I did make it a year and then something happened. Stupid Facebook....:(

So this is my attempt to get back on the horse! I am want to blog again! I want to feel the wind on my fingertips as I type feverishly on the keyboard. So this is where you come in. If you are my friend on FB you my lucky one get to hold me accountable! You get to say, " I better see a post from you today, and I mean Stat!" So are ya gonna do it??? Are ya gonna help me????? Pretty Please with Sugar on top?????

Oh and just so you remember me and what I look like, this is me.....


Yeah more on that outfit later.....I need something to blog about. :)




  So I have not been around lately....   Sometimes I take things in spurts, I can never stick with anything to awful long.  It comes in cycles though.  I start thing, I dont finish them, or continue them, and then I pick them back up again.  So goes blogging.... Well I am trying to pick it back up again.  I miss you guys....:( I miss knowing whats going on, but my biggest problem right now is finding the time to read everybodys stuff.   It might help if I wasn't addicted to crackbook, but its so fun over there.... Well enough of me whining.  So how has everybody been, life treating you good? This is what has been going on with me (in no particular order)..... I have learned how to make tutus and become an Ellerina! Decided to take up selling ice cream...(not really I just hijacked the ice cream truck!  You should have seen the look on the guys face when I hoped in there.) Jessie turned 19! Went to Mission Fuge again, but this time I did not break my toe. Syd was in her first ever beauty pageant... Its been tractor pull time around here again.... Oh and did I mention, we almost got thrown out of Wally World.....   Yeah so that's been my life in a nutshell.  More to come soon, I promise!   [...]

~cough, cough~




Dang at the cobwebs and dust around here!  I really need to pay more attention to this place.......:)



Dream a little dream...


  There is a time of sleeping that seems to be a parallel universe.  Its a state of consciousness and unconsciousness, a state of vividness.  It seems to happen when that first alarm goes off in the morning and you hit snooze.  You roll back over and enter a very very strange world.  Every now and then when you wake up, you can remember everything.  Sometimes you probably wish you didn't remember.   The other morning I had such a dream.  It was a place where all me randomness converged into one major story..... I remember being in front of my Daddies house.  Syd and I were in a car.  I think I was teaching her how to drive. (I learned how to drive in front of my Daddies house) For some reason though, the car would only go in reverse (I learned how to drive in front of my Daddies house by driving in reverse, then putting it in drive and going back to the end of the road), and the breaks would not work and the accelerator was stuck.  The road however seemed to just keep going.  Then a car approached us quickly and then passed us.  It was a mail car.  (My Daddy was a mail man)  I was being driven by the Jonas brothers, they were wearing red jackets. (I have no idea what that means) Suddenly the end of the road was coming at us very fast!  I told Syd to hold on and then I reversed it into the ditch across the street hoping it would slow the car down.  The car continued on, only coming to a stop in the neighbors back yard.  Stopping like 20 feet from a bunch of children that were being babysat by one of Syds friends.  (Hi Taylor!) (I talk with my hands) Then Carl Winslow came out of the house (Must of watched Family Matters before I went to bed) and was the police officer working the wreck. Then as I was standing in the neighbors yard I noticed these bricks that were on his house.  They all had numbers on them.  He told me that they actually were there honoring his family who died in the holocaust.  They were the numbers that were given to them at the camps. Now can someone please tell me what in the world all of that would mean! It was really really weird.....   [...]

What's up!


    I know, I know I should just be whipped with a wet noodle, cause I have not been blogging.  Its been a bit crazy around here, things have been taking my time, like the gym, facebook, the kids, facebook, Church, facebook, work, facebook ya know the usually stuff. Some things that have happened while I have been gone: Jessie wrecked her car.  She is fine the car had some major boo boos, but will make a full recovery this week. Our neck of the woods got the swine flu.  WooHoo schools closed for two days and now we have to make them up at the end of the year and shorten our already very short summer! Syd got "attacked" at school.  She wants me to call it that, because she did not get a lick in.  She is fine, nothing stops that kid. Jess has sprouted wings and is attempting to jump out of the nest.  I am not taking this very well.  :(  God told me to let her go he had her, so I have.  Please pray with me that she will make wise decisions. I have a stye on my eye from crying so much. I know you wanted to see the stye, but this is just an illustration very similar to my eye.  Except I have brown eyes and much longer lashes.  :) And the big one........ Syd now has a learners permit.  We got it today.  She almost killed us like twice already.  Please pray for my sanity. And just for your viewing pleasure, some picture of Me, Mama, Lisa, and Robin yesterday after we took Mama to eat for Mothers day.   Ok hopefully it wont be so long between post this next time.  I might not be around long after posting these pictures anyway.  :)   [...]

Cause I'm Shameless



There is this awesome Etsy shop out there in Etsy land, that I think you need to know about! 


This place has some awesome items!  Just look at some of this awesome jewelry!




This would so go with what I have on right now!


Can you say goes with everything!


Moonshine Jewelry is run by an awesome girl named Amanda, and she just happens to be my niece!!!!!  So go now and check her out.  You never know if yall go over and order stuff, she might just give me a kickback on something. 

~cough cough "green with envy bracelet" cough cough~


Love you Mandy!!!!

(By the way don't call her that, it ruffles her feathers)


Amanda and the most awesomely awesome Aunt evah!



Oh Barbie the place you will go....




Ya know I have been sitting around thinking about what to blog.  I mean my creativity has been a little lacks lately and I just feel that I can't bore you with all my ball stuff.  Then on the way home the other night, a random blog post just fell into my lap.


As I was minding my own business, driving down the parkway I see the strangest sight.  So I pull out my trusty camera to document what my eyes are seeing....



Do you see it?????  This is not just an ordinary Harley!  This is a Harley with a pole dancing Barbie!


Oh Barbie the things you have seen.....


Dear Mr. Motorcycle Man, 

Thank you for letting me take your picture, even though you did not know it.  I have tried to keep your identity save.

kthanx :)






Ok so I just saw this status update from Mr. Archiemck himself.......



RT @helsinkiwinner: Can't stop laughing at <-- Awesome!


Oh sorry you don't know what a status is?  Bless your heart.....

Well its a crackbook thing.  Sorry, Facebook..:)


This website is awesome, I don't think I have laughed so hard in forever!!! 

Here are some examples:






Go on over have a laugh and if you see me on that website, let me know. K? K :)


Oh and by the way... The dog is at the neighbors again, this after Big Logan calls me wanting to know why there is a dog in his garage.  :)





The other day, Friday to be exact, we had some major storms come thru here. It left a path of destruction and debris in its path. It also left a dog at my house.....(Not actual dog, this is just a dog that looks like the dog)We now have a Miniature Collie, or Sheltie running around outside. You see I got this call right after the storms from Jessie telling me, "Oh mommy, we have a new little dog, he is oh so cute and precious, and well mannered, and pretty, and precious, and can we keep him? Huh Huh Huh Huh....... Me being the wonderful Mother that I am, I said that dog better be gone, by the time I get home! So they took it over to my sister Lisa's house to try to pawn it off on her. It was close and she almost caved, but in the end she held her ground.I told the girls, he probably just got lost during the storm, let him run around and he will eventually go home.Saturday, the dog is still here running around. Saturday evening the dog is gone. :) Then I find out that the dog is at the neighbors in the back yard. At this point I am thinking better you than me.Sunday still no sign of the dog running around, still must be at Josh's.Sunday evening, the dog is back at my house. (I did not tell the girls, I went in the house and never mentioned seeing a dog)Monday morning, the dog is walking with my Mother-in-Law... Ugh!Monday evening (tonight) , I just stopped Jessie as she was driving down our road, on my way back from the gym. She had the dog in her lap, in the car!Now to make this whole thing worse, other than the fact that Jessie does not want to actively seek the owner, she went and took the dog off the neighbors front porch this evening.My child is a dog stealer......Lord help her :(When I asked her what she had to say for herself, this was her response....."Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers"Please, If anyone has lost a Miniature Collie in the North Alabama area, please email me, I think he is at my house. Paaaaaaalllleeeeaaassseeeeee! I don't want another dog! :([...]

E.C. VS THE E.C.W :)



There are times when you see an opportunity and you just have to seize it.  Seize it I tell ya!




Pocket Edward woopin up on some wrestlers!


Logan put Pocket Edward down!!!




    Ok I was a bad bad photographer this weekend.  I guess the whole making sure 12 teenage girls get ready and get to where they have to go, did a number on me.  I kept leaving the house with out my camera.  So what you are about to experience is D-NOW on Saturday evening after we got back from the Church.  At this point we had all the girls and the 11th and 12th grade boys.  For a total of 16 teenagers. First It was about 11:00 at night and I hopped them up on sugar, cause I am brave that way.  I will look danger in the face and say bring it on in the form of a bunch of teenagers. *** Disclaimer - I will only stand in the face of danger in the form of a bunch of teenagers, if they are good teenagers.  These were good teenagers.  At least they were at that moment. ;) We made Smeeps!  What you have never heard of smeeps?? Well let me show you!   Smores with Peeps = SMeeps What, What!!!! Mmmmmm Sugary goodness! ________________________________ Jake, one of the guys, then took my camera and started taking random pictures.   See my Vacuum?  Yeah I heard Martha Stewart say one time that if your vacuum is out when company comes over, it makes it seem like you are all domesticated and stuff.  At least I think it was Martha Stewart?  Maybe it was Peg Bundy ...... Someone needs a haircut.... Ummm Yeah......... More to come....well more to come when I get more pictures from Melinda, since she took her camera.  :) [...]

My sister made me do this :)



Cause she is tired of reading my last post.  So I am now posting a post to replace the previous post. :)


Once I can get my pictures downloaded, I will show you my weekend for D-now.

Picture this 10 to 12 teenage girls in my house trying to get ready, and then when we would have down time most of the teenage boys were at my house also.  So at one point I had 18 teenagers and Little Logan in the house.  It was quite and experience.  :) 


More to come soon.......




I am losing followers :( I am a loser...


1. I guess that means I should post something. I am tired of giving you my reasons for being gone, because I sound like a broken record. Busy, Busy, Busy lets just put it that way._________________________________________2. So the other day as I was doing my elliptical trying to read, I realized that it was difficult to read and do an elliptical. Your head bounces all over the place and you can't stay focused on the words. ________________________________________3. Warning this is a random post_______________________________________ 4. Out my backdoor looking at a storm....____________________________________5. The story about the baby chicks is partially true. Lisa said Mama bought them though after Lisa picked them out of the front window at Koons Department store. We really did eat them, I asked my Daddy to be sure._____________________________________6. Koons Department store burned to the ground. The whole town sat on the square and watched. Including me, I think I was about 8.____________________________________7. I am not sure if thats how you spell Koons Department Store._____________________________________8. It was next door to Carters Drug store. Ya know that saying "Carters Little Pills", well they have a lot of little pills. _____________________________________9. The Municiple building now stands where Koons once stood._____________________________________10. One of my first jobs was working at the movie theater downtown. Its haunted :[11. I have about 500 unread post in my reader. :( I am sorry I have neglected you. Please forgive me. [...]

Wittle Baby Chicks!



My friend Brandi just finished with some photo sessions involving baby chicks.

It reminded me of when we were little and my Daddy brought us home some baby chicks. 

Not this kind... .


but this kind.....


It was awesome!  They were so so cute!  I can remember looking into the cage and picking mine out.  I really don't even remember what color I picked out.  I just remember the fascination and wonder of looking at those colored little chicks!

We watched them grow into gangly little "teenage" chicks, and by then they were getting a little too big for their cage.

One day I came home and noticed my chickens were gone!

"Daddy what happened to my chickens??"

I don't think he ever answered me....

Later that night we sat down to eat supper. 

We were having chicken and dumplins.

Coincidence?  I think not!


Valarie needs what???



So my dear Tammy over at Greek Grits had this meme that she didn't tag anyone on, and I am glad, I hate getting tagged.  That's why I stay away from playing tag.  I am slow. I always get caught. Then I have to chase people around and then because I am slow, I can't ever "tag" anyone else and then I start to pout and then it all goes down hill from there.

Anywhoo, I chose to do this little meme of my own accord, I thought it would be interesting.  Apparently you put your name in Google along with the word needs. Lets see what we come up with shall we?

Valarie needs a trust fund (Yes that would be nice, but this trust fund is for a little girl with Aicardi's Syndrome)

Valarie needs to be adopted (Nope I already have a family, but this girl does not, unless she has already been adopted, and I hope she has by a wonderful family.)

Valarie needs a life (Now that's just not nice!)

Valarie needs to go (Go where, I don't know?  Maybe to the beach. )

Valarie needs Real Estate Agents (Nope sorry have plenty of them here where I work)

Valarie needs to go to this restaurant (But not planning to go to Jersey anytime soon)

Valarie needs a challenge (Got any ideas?)

Valarie needs to lose the jacket to be one step up from whack (Well I never!)

Valarie needs to lay of those drugs ( I don't do that kind of thing!  I grew up with this image in my head people!  I don't want a fried brain!)


Valarie really needs a vacation (Yes, Yes I do! At last that one is right!)


So try it, let me know what you need.  You never know what it will say.


Don't have a life?? I know famous people, people!!!  Don't believe me??? Then look at this.....


No life my foot!


Where to start??


Warning long post with pictures!!!!! As you all may remember, I was heading out Friday to go to a Twilight DVD release party.  This is even though I already had my DVD, which thankfully arrived at work at 4:30.  (You are a lucky man Mr UPS driver, I thought I was gonna have to hunt you down!) With DVD in hand and Mini-E ready to go in my purse..... We headed home, to get Syd, Kim, Kelsey and Hunter.  Here we all are before going......   Yes we made Hunter go, Young love will make you do crazy things, like force your boyfriend to a Twilight DVD release party, and him agreeing to go. Where's Mini-E? Since it was still early, we went to get something to eat, and since Mini-E does not eat real food, he just watched. We finally made it to the oh so happening party! (catch any sarcasm there?) ~crickets~ I am sorry, I may be a big Twilight Fan, but this was just wrong! Edward's hair would never look like that.  I mean it does get a little crazy sometime, but that is just a little over the top.  Bella dear, you look like you are trying to channel Victoria. Soon after getting there, they started the Twilight trivia contest. Let me just say the Syd and I rocked the trivia contest! Oh it feels so good to woop up on some little 12 and 13 year olds. ________________ Now we had about an hour and a half full of nothing.  You can get pretty bored with time on your hands, but with Mini-E around things can get pretty interesting. He had not hunted in awhile and before I knew it he, had gotten him a grizzly, and a triceratops. Wolverine started to start something, but Mini-E put him down quickly! Judo Chop! Don't start nothing, wont be nothing!! Mini-E then went and hung out with some of the Superheros. Him and the Hulk are buds.  He read the directors notebook.  Watch out for that other Dinosaur! Here I asked him to pose with my new Twilight book.  I had the paperback, but wanted a hardback to complete my collection. While Mini-E and I had fun around the store, every one else just chilled. and played I-Spy.   When 12:00 hit, we were leaving, and I-spied someone I thought I knew. Low and behold it was my blog buddy Ashley! We know each other, but have never "met"  It was so awesome to meet her, and she got to help us explain to the Books-A-Million dude, about how Edward sparkles!   She also got to meet Mini-E! After that, we went home, and were to tired to watch the movie, but slept well knowing that we had it in our hands to watch whenever we wanted.    So the next day Kim and I watched it while the girls were at softball practice.  Then I watched it again yesterday, and I may watch it again tonight. Oh and because if I don't post this picture, Jessie will have a duck fit, here is Mini-E driving her car.  :) He does like to drive fast.  Just look at the scenery zooming by! [...]