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Works For Me

People tell me I'm a little anal and that there's more than one way to do things. Hmm...maybe so. But I just find there are certain things that "Work for Me"

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Kalen Workin' It on the Dance Floor


Kalen danced for 3 hours at Caron's wedding last weekend. Here's a few glimpses of what she was like.

The kid is not my daughter...


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Louie, Louie


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I Love My Job!


When I woke up this morning I never dreamed I would be doing some stunt driving with the driver of the General Lee. I just met Allan Wyatt Jr. who was the primary stunt driver for the Duke's of Hazard. He took me for a ride in our parking lot doing slides and 360's around obstacles. It was AWESOME! He was sliding around into parking spaces like it was nothing without hitting any cones. He works for a local company here in Virginia Beach, IFPDI Stunt Drivers and Instructors, and they're doing a class for people who want to learn how to be a stunt driver. If you have an extra $1,800 in your pocket, it's probably worth it.

Carpooling Benefits


I've started carpooling with a friend who lives down the street and works in the same building as I do. I've figured it saves me about $6-$7/day when she drives. We both signed up for this new program called nuride. We earn points for every ride and we can cash them in for Gift Cards for various things. (Old Navy, TGI Friday's, Starbucks, and more) It also keeps track of how much you're saving by carpooling, how many miles you're not putting on your car and how many pounds of emissions your saving. You can pick who you want to ride with or open it up for anyone going in your general direction. There's a rating system so you can rate your riders/drivers. In order to sign up you have to provide an email with an approved organization email address and reply to the confirmation email. I carpool more for the financial benefits but it's also good for the environment. It works for me...

Grocery Shopping...


As much as I don't want to admit it, Walmart works for me. Since I'm always looking for the best way to do things I decided to see which store was cheapest to shop at. I compared Walmart and Farm Fresh. Then to see if buying in bulk was worth it, I compared them both to Sams Club. Farm Fresh is kind of the middle class of grocery stores. In our area we basically have 4 stores (Listed in order from not so nice to nicest): Walmart, Food Lion, Farm Fresh and Harris Teeter. This spreadsheet lists the basic things our family usually buys and most times it's off brand name items. In almost every case Walmart was cheaper. Sams Club was cheaper in some items, mostly with frozen fruit, frozen chicken, cheese and hamburger. However, if you want to enjoy your shopping experience and you don't mind paying a little more money Farm Fresh of Harris Teeter are for you. These two stores always have the items stocked on their shelves, play nice music in the background, offer cookies to the kids and take your groceries out to your car for you. One disclaimer is that this list was compiled a few months ago, before gas went through the roof. So most of these prices have increased somewhat. Click on the picture to view it bigger.


It Pays to Know People


Thanks to a friend I got to see Billy Joel tonight right up front. Sometimes it pays to know the right people.

Second Hand Smoke?


If you live in South Eastern Virginia or North Eastern North Carolina you've noticed the smoke from the Great Dismal Swamp fires that have been burning over the past few weeks. When the wind blows the right (or wrong) way we get a thick smoke that settles in over our area. This morning was one of those mornings. I went outside to meet someone this morning at work and I saw two guys I knew smoking out back. We were talking about the wildfires and one of them said, "This smoke is killing me." I looked at him and laughingly said, "Are you sure that's what it is?"

Life's Little Ironies


Life is filled with little ironies. These ironies either amaze me or just make me chuckle to myself. Some days it's the smallest thing like singing a song to myself, then at the same time someone says the exact same phrase or word. So, I'm going to start posting them...feel free to chuckle at them as well.

The other day I was driving and Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio were talking about how the jockey for Big Brown pulled up at the end of the race. So I look up and the license plate in front of me says "Pull Up".

Kalen's a Signing Time Star!



Kalen's a signing time star! Click the link to see her video!

If I grew up in the 70's


We had a FAM Trip last week for a group of Association Executives from DC. Our theme was Boogie to the Beach, a 70's theme. It was fun, but my feet hurt from the shoes. I almost fell backwards when I took them off. We had some good fondue though.

How to Load a Dishwasher


I wasn't going to write about this one until someone requested it. I guess she'll think twice about making smart comments about my posts next time. If you're married or have a roommate I'm willing to bet you've had a "discussion" about how to load the dishwasher. As I see it there's basically two schools of thought, practicality or convenience. The convenient way is just to throw everything in the dishwasher and turn it(image) on(image) . The practical way is to make the best use of the space in the dishwasher to clean the most dishes per load. Two photographs are included, I think you'll be able to tell which one's which. So if you have a large bowl that takes up a lot of space, to me it makes more sense to fit in three smaller bowls instead of one large one. Keeping plates and bowls together also makes it easier to unload later on. Here are some other useful tips that I've found work for me.
  • Alternating plastic and glass cups when possible decreases the likelihood of glass banging together and breaking.
  • Don't put all spoons in one section or they'll stick together and not get clean.
  • Don't put plastic lids on the bottom rack. The heat from the element will warp them.

Well, that's just a little glimpse inside my head. I know what you're thinking, it's pretty scary in there. Well, I've had to live with myself for almost 32 years and my wife's been with me for 10 of those and we're still together, so it must not be too bad.

Gas Mileage...continued


I finished my test driving at 55 mph instead of 60 mph. According to my calculations it only saved me .2 of a mile per gallon. When I was at 60 mph I got 27.6 miles per gallon and this time I got 27.8 miles per gallon. There was a bigger drop when I went from 65 to 60. However, with that experiment I also started shifting up at 2K rpm's as well. So the bigger drop could be from that and not from lowering my speed. I'd have to go back to 65 again while shifting up at 2K rpm's to get an accurate measure. My next experiment is starting tomorrow when I get new tires put on my car. We'll see what difference that makes.

Gas Mileage


Since gas is getting so expensive lately and I drive about 20 miles to work each day I decided to do a little experiment. I usually set my cruise control to about 65 on the highway but for this experiment I decided to drop it to 60. I also drive a manual and started shifting up at 2,000 rpms. It took a little patience for me to do this but I kept saying to myself it will be worth it if it saves mo(image) ney. I drive a 2000 Subaru Outback and usually averaged about 23.5 miles per gallon and around 320 miles per tank. Under my new driving methods I averaged nearly 28 miles per gallon and around 370 miles per tank. So if you take 50 miles as the difference I'm saving about 2 gallons per tank, which depending on the price of gas is about $7/wk., $28/mo. and $336/yr. When I filled up my tank last time I decided to drop even lower to 55 mph. I'll let you know how that turns out. So there you have it, It does pay to drive slower and less aggressively, and that "Works for me".



Alright, here we go. There are certain things that just work for me and I plan to write about them here. The first one is something I never thought I'd do...Yoga. About two years ago my neck started hurting a lot. I play a lot of volleyball and I figured it was from that. Since then, I've gone the Chiropractor and the "real" doctor and both of them have had temporary improvements but nothing too great. So I decided to try yoga since my wife always did it and a friend at work started doing it. After a week of doing a half hour every night my pain mostly went away and I stopped getting headaches everyday. I'm also closer to being able to touch my toes than I ever have been in my life. Back in school the best I could ever do was -3 on the sit and reach. If I stop doing yoga, my headaches come back. I don't buy into all the spiritual stuff, I do it purely for the physical is something that "Works for me".