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Preview: Life Through My Glass

Life Through My Glass

My photo blog and digital anthology. This is my journey.

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new blog...


Thank you for visiting us here this past year. It's been great! However, I've got a new blog...I'm moving to Wordpress. It should allow for more features related to showcasing photography than this one.Please visit us here:

happy holidays!


Hanukkah has already begun, but wanting to send our wishes out to all. We got our cards out kind of late so I didn't want to post too early. These were our cards this year:Front of card: Inside Spread (think: top and bottom of a folded card): Backside:I can truly say that it was a labor of love. I designed them from some digital paper that I got for free from Three Peas. There were no tears



I can't believe how much my baby is now a little boy. In addition to his increadible imagination, he has begun to build things (boats) with his legos. He really loves his pirate ships!

h'mong doll


I'm a total dork, but I felt so proud to see this doll on the pages of Cookie Magazine so I had to look them online. I so want to get one, but for $105, that's kind of steep! Maybe I can justify it as a piece of art? Here is the link in case you want to check out the store. BTW...I love the store!

magical again


I had forgotten how much I loved Christmastime until this year. Having Roan has brought back much of the excitement I used to feel. I remember lying underneath the tree in the dark, except the lights from the tree and looking up into the branches, pretending to be a small Tinkerbell flying through it.He was so excited to see Santa (according to Roan, Santa is called Christmas) at the mall and



How can this sweet little face already be such a trouble-maker? I got notice that he had to be separated from another boy at school and the bus because they were fighting. I feel so conflicted over this. The bus driver told Mary, his daycare provider, that she thinks it's the bigger boy (not Roan). Roan doesn't have any issues with this anyone else, but the big one does. The little one (Roan) is

impromptu test shot


I like to think that one day I'll look back and think this is so silly, but I was so excited to see this on my blogroll this morning when I opened the link to the Parentdish blog. Roan's photo was chosen as the "Image of the Day"!I took a fun photo of Roan in his new hat--the one that Roan will be wearing in our holiday photos/card and just loved how sweet and happy it made me. He's actually

preview: 1st engagement


A couple weekends ago, I had my first engagement session. I have to say that I really enjoyed the session! B and J were so fun and open to doing whatever I asked and it was so refreshing to see a couple so genuinely in love.I also love it when clients come to the session with coordinating/complimentary and colorful clothing! It really helps to make the photos stand out.

v family preview


A few weeks ago, I finally got the chance to meet the V Family. M designed my beautiful logo for me and due to my inexperience, I bugged her over and over again for the file in several formats. I have so much to learn...and so much on my list of things to do before I can be successful at this photography thing.I loved this photo (below). They are such a cute family and this was such a fun shot!

golden autumn day


Roan learned about the candidates today at daycare. I asked him who he was going to vote for and he said, "Obama!" I thought that was hilarious! Seriously, no prompting from me at all.We went for a walk yesterday morning while Choua fixed lunch. Seeing Roan enjoy the unseasonably warm autumn day, made me nostalgic for the endless days of my youth, when my biggest worries involved my not letting

fun in the leaves


**EDITED** Please remember to vote tomorrow morning!I could tell that he would love playing and jumping into leaf piles when he instinctively ran through the small pile that had gathered, naturally behind our house. All the while, yelling "Whee!" with joy.On Saturday, Choua and Roan gathered up the leaves and called the neighbors over to have some fun.Jackson kept jumping into the pile every time

unfortunate x2


I lost my CF card with the photos from Halloween last night. :( It's somewhere at Millenium Park.I also missed my chance to vote early. :( We went Thursday night but I decided to eat first and then they were closed. So I planned to go on Friday afternoon, but the polls closed at 11:30a.

spider on my neck


I catch him singing that song all of the time. No more "Itsy, Bitsy, Spider". He's moved onto darker things. Since I was late this morning, I didn't get a costume shot of him, but last night he took this spider from the neighbors and started singing away...

strangers no more


I had a fun session with the H Family. J and K were my first "strangers" session last year. This is the third time I've met with them in one year. I feel so blessed to have seen their family grow.It's funny how things lined up. We had been trying to get together for another session for months and then we finally set it and it was almost exactly a year to the date. Last year, our session was



Finally...they are finally becoming friends. It's taken almost three years for Roan and his cousin, Gabe, to finally be chummy. I think Gabe is still a little afraid of Roan, since Roan tends to make himself at home anywhere he is...sometimes at the detriment to us and whomever's home we are in. But alas, I was able to capture one cute photo of the cousins.Yesterday, we spent the morning at the

practicing for picture day


I know...what's up with the multiple posts in one day after weeks of nothing? Well, I've been so busy with my day job, my family/personal life, and my serious hobby that I have not been able to be very good at handling any of them. I have to keep reminding myself **chanting in my mind** "Moderation, full life, moderation, full life..."I realized that I have not been paying attention to my most

[pretty] sisters preview


What would I do without mine? Look at how sweet they are together.We walked around their neighborhood and T said that that was her friend's house so we jumped up and used it as a backdrop.Above: Thank goodness the camera loves her. She was not into the photo session at all! I managed to get some lovely shots of her.Above: Roan's most favorite (next to me of course) person in the world. She just

v family


She was my first skill building subject. Here she is 18 months old now. She has such a personality...and what a cutie?I was able to do a quick mini-session while her father, who is working in Africa, was home visiting. We still need to get together to do the rest.I have to say, I have the most attractive friends!Above: An was too cute not to show. Totally unprompted!



I finally registered to vote last week. Roan and I have been going to the library a lot lately. I rediscovered it recently. I am horrible at getting materials back on time though.Anyways, I've been trying to watch the debates. It's kind of late news now, but I have a hard time taking the candidates seriously. I can't tell if they are giving facts or just throwing in numbers and trying to make the

spins a web


Is it Halloween yet? Is it wrong that I let him wear it just about everyday? Every morning, the first thing he says is, "I want to be Spiderman."It's funny because this is the first time that he's actually let me know what he wants to be for Halloween. I was sad that he didn't want to be a cute, fuzzy little animal like he's always been in the past. I guess he's grown up a bit.I've been a mean

seven days


Little A! She's the youngest I've ever photographed! What a good little baby?Funny story: when her mom sent her first photo to our group at work, several people remarked that Baby A looked like me. My boss, said that he knew that her mom and I were good friends, but how did that happen? I said that I would take her. Look at her...she's precious!I made the cocoon and hat...a little too small and



...that's the number of years we've been married. And this little, wooden box is how it all started. My gift from Choua? A weekend of quiet and solitude. He's taking Roan camping and fishing in WI. Honestly, it's exactly what I needed! Thank you, Love!So why is my wedding band not on my ring finger? Oddly enough, it's the first time in almost two years that I've been able to get it off of that

indian summer goofiness


Choua is in MN for the weekend so Roro and I spent the morning outdoors, doing yardwork and getting dirty...does it ever end? I realized that we haven't done a photoshoot in awhile. Nevermind that I have so much other stuff to do, but I had to do something to get out of my bitter mood so I chose the photoshoot.I am always amazed that our child also inherited our mannerisms. This is Roro's goofy

in love with autumn


Just a few more days until we are officially into Autumn. It has always been my favorite time of year. I love the life it brings in all of its colors and the coolness of the breeze. I also love cuddling up and putting on layers.In the past few weeks, our family has experienced quite a lot of changes. Choua started taking a college course at the local college and Roan started pre-school...or as he



A big congratulations to our friends, the S's! Welcome baby A! Can't wait to meet you!**EDITED**Cami was so done with me before I even started. Did I mention that two is a hard age to capture?