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Always On My Mind

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Moving the blog


I haven't actively blogged here in ages, but I am wanting to get back to blogging so I created a new space....head on over to and say hi!

California Dreaming


I've always been one to write out my thoughts as a way to process events.  So sorry that last post was kind of depressing. lol.  I actually feel a ton better and like I have some direction on how to handle things now that I processed it in writing.

So on a more positive note, I live in sunny AZ and my kids amaze me every day and I love my husband and I am part of a thriving Young Living business that is going to make it possible one day soon to be debt free and for my husband to stay home more.  My kids don't like daddy flying so much, and I like having him around too.
We just spent the weekend in San Diego which has my husband doing some California dreaming (his words)....I had my reoccurring nightmare of an elevator falling with me in it after he mentioned the word "moving"....but alas, he wasn't serious and I knew it but tell that to my need for security that seems to manifest in my dreams. We are though, for real thinking about what it would be like to rent somewhere for a month in the summer and just completely unplug and be on the beach.  Yes, please. I think by next summer, if we plan and save, that will be a reality. Anybody wanna come visit? :)  (now I am the one California dreaming)

I think I am going to get back into this blogging thing. I have spent the last 18 months working HARD on growing my Young Living business and while I am still working very hard, I am also trying to be #oola.  And if you don't know what that is, well, check out this website Oola Life.  

So on that note, I am kinda hungry and kinda tired. So see ya on the flip side cheekas! (if you are a dude and read my blog, now would be a good time to speak up so I don't call ya a cheeka again)



Had a bit of an unfortunate encounter with basically a stranger this week...someone who I don't know who decided they were offended by something I did even though I didn't do it, accused of wrong where there wasn't one. Some strange kind of online miscommunication where the other person came out swinging and I didn't know why. Not my favorite. Definitely reminded me of a few other times when I felt like I was attacked by someone who misunderstood me.  (why can't people kindly get to the real story instead of blasting someone first? The "sorry" usually sounds pretty hollow after those kind of attacks, if they even do apologize.) I let these kinds of things bother me way more than I should. I don't like the idea that someone would ever think I had ill intent. Because I don't...I rarely ever do and if I do I pray to God (literally) that I have wisdom and don't turn a feeling into an action that can't be taken back.  Or speak words that can't be unspoken....or untyped....or whatever.  I do think that the online world allows for a lot more of this type of thing, and that is very unfortunate. Drive by mean comments, not allowing for tone, reading things too fast and misunderstanding intent.  I love almost everything about social media, but definitely not this.  I try not to expose myself to toxic people who are the type to attack first and ask questions later, but you don't always have that luxury in certain settings.  I think I am going to scale back some of my online communications that are not necessary. I do love to go through groups on fb and find information and read what people are learning and talking about in regards to my business, but not at the expense of my peace of mind.  So that is where I am at tonight in my head space.  Having a misunderstanding with someone you know, there is a level of respect you can maintain and you can actually work through a conflict....but an internet stranger who doesn't remember they are talking to a real person....that's a whole other ball game and not a ball game I want to play.

So that is that.  I shall carry on.

Burke, are you the only one who reads my blog any more? lol.

it's been a long time


I haven't blogged in ages.  But you either knew that or forgot. haha :)

I live in AZ now.  It's so pretty here.  I love the mountain views, the wide open spaces, the gorgeous clouds and bright sunny skies.  I do not love the many scorpions in and out of my house or the one furry tarantula who came to visit our yard.  Thank God no snakes, yet....

Judah is in Kindergarten and loves to write....on anything he can find...which is interesting.  Hello sharpie marker all over the walls of his closet and other mystery places we find him practicing his letters.

Lucas is going to start a preschool program in January.  We visited it this week.  I can't wait.  He is going to love it. He keeps asking if he can go back.

Lance is either flying, or out in his shop working on stuff.  We don't see much of him otherwise. The boys sometimes spend time near him while he works at least.  He's done a couple markets and has a fun name and logo for what he does. WyldeByrd.  So that's good.

I spend a lot of my time working on my Young Living Essential Oils business.  It's been a crazy year with the business side of it....crazy as in good.  And the oils themselves have changed the health and wellness of my family drastically.  I can't tell you what a blessing they have been to us.

So that's the "christmas card" update of my life.  I haven't even decorated my house for Christmas yet muchness done a card this year.  Maybe it will still happen. We shall see. I make no promises.

Anyone out there? say hi if you are :)

Our "shellebration" for Jbyrd's 5th birthday!


Judah picks his theme every year, and for months now he's been asking for a turtle birthday! Lucky for me, since I waited till the last minute to party plan, there is a whole line of turtle party prime delivered ;) I can hardly believe he's 5!!!! My joy boy. Here's our "shellebration" in pictures:The night before! Getting the scene set.Giant turtle and some presents...including a pet turtle rock to paint later.Love their brotherly love!He was as excited as his brother ;)The many faces of my Jbyrd Watermelon turtles...I'm even more proud that I mastered the art of melon balling! Thanks YouTube. Piñata timeInstead of candy, we filled the eggs with a 100 piece puzzle...yeah, we never found 1 of the eggs...our puzzle may never be was fun though.The dads made sure we got all the piñata goodies out. We ended the night with a swim. Love my kissy faced love bug[...]

A paper chain...


I think I need to start one of those paper chain count down thingies for when we move out of this apartment...wait, that sounds negative...for when we move into our new home....there, that's better.

I am not sleeping well with all the apartment noises (yes, we have white noise going and humidifiers and I wear's just my sleep freak ways on overdrive.)

It took me a long time to sleep well when I moved to Nashville's just part of my adjustment. Which I will get to do again around roughly March 12 when we close on our new home. It will take a few more days to get moved in more like the weekend after March 12th...hopefully.

I am really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again (the apartment is furnished with 2 queen sized beds).

I guess I am realizing as I type this is all about my sleep...or lack thereof. So maybe instead of blogging I shall go and rest my weary head...upon my squeaky apartment bed in a room with my restless 2 yr old who is cozied up in a too small pack n play across the hall from my darling husband and my sweet 4yr old boy who have the privilege of using the diffuser (#essentialoilsrockmysocks) in their room. (why oh why have I not bought a second diffuser yet?! sigh...)

Yup. I need a paper chain.

bikes and moments and paths chosen


There was this moment last October when we were in AZ visiting...we'd already entertained the idea of living in AZ for about 24 hours and we were driving to a friend's house in Mesa, right about the time of day school gets out.
And there were kids on bikes.
Biking home from school.
Judah was watching from the back seat and all of a sudden I heard him say "they are riding their bikes...alone. There's no one with them, mommy." with awe in his voice.

For me, that was the moment I got excited to move to Mesa.

I spent hours upon hours as a kid, riding my bike through our neighborhood with friends. I want that for my boys when they are old enough to ride their bikes around like that.

This is not a reflection of what I didn't like about where I was living, I loved where I lived. We had friends in walking distance and neighbors we loved and it was wonderful.  Just very different.  Not a bad different, just a different different.

Last sleep at Nashrock


Judah is cozy in his warm bed. Lucas is dreaming in his teeny tiny toddler bed. Lance is snoring in our room. There are boxes everywhere. Anticipation is high.

The boys will probably all be up early. Like dark still early. The movers are coming. It's Judah's last day of school. It's a big day. So big. And I get to visit my dentist one last time...good stuff. Wish I could see my chiropractor too, but probably not likely.

I'm enjoying the last hum of our dishwasher, a great cup of tea and a grateful heart for my home. It will be someone else's home soon. It feels good that someone else will get the joy of finding rest in these walls like we did.

I think I'll be sad not to spend time in my blue nursery with my babies, but they are no longer babies anyways. Seasons change no matter where you are.

Tonight is the calm before the whirlwind that will wisk us off to new adventures. 

Soaking it all in. The past. The present. Our future. So much blessing. 

that time when...


that time when....

....I was about to pick the phone up and call my sister to tell her we were moving away from Nashville to Arizona and I checked my email first, only to find a letter from her saying she was moving to Nashville from Georgia the same time I was moving away.

that time when... sister moved to Nashville on my birthday, exactly a month before we close on our house and move away.

I guess the winds of change are blowing!  it's too bad they are blowing us away from each other, but I am glad to have her here in Nashville so we can come back and visit often :)

The most wonderful time of the year!


It really is a magical time of year.  I am so enjoying how Judah and Lucas are experiencing the magic and joy of the christmas season.  Every time we drive by a house with lights, Lucas's little voice in the back seat exclaiming "look! Judah!" is just the sweetest.  Judah's love of snow globes and christmas music and baby Jesus is just precious too.

I am soaking it all in.



I have had the privilege of being the Membership Vice President for our local MOMS Club International chapter.  It has been very fun to be on the board for our club and I particularly loved my job because it was a nice blend of working with people and getting to organize and administrate some things behind the scene (I heart organizing).
With our decision to move to Arizona, that meant I needed to hand the reins over before my 1 yr elected term was complete.  I put everything I did down on paper, streamlined as much of the processes used as possible and feel like I really left things better than I found them (a personal philosophy of mine that compels me to give things my all).
I met with the new MVP yesterday and trained her for the job, she is going to do great.  I felt a little sad as she walked out the door with the binder and po box key.  Ending something good can be a little sad. But I am glad I was able to do it as long as I did.

I've already checked the Phoenix area for other chapters, I will be joining a MOMS Club there to make friends and meet neighbors, I just hope it's as active a club as the one here is.  It's so nice to find a group of women who get what you are dealing with day to day, it's been a treasure to have here in Nashville.

Lucas today...


Lucas today:

Pulled all books off shelves into a mountain pile.

Dumped all stuffed animals out into a mountain pile.

Dumped all train tracks out into a mountain pile.

Found crayons I thought were packed up and "decorated".

Dumped all of the cogs and gears out of Judah's toy area and spread evenly around every inch of his brothers floor. 

Dumped every extra diaper and pull up out of their storage bin into a giant mountain pile.

Flung Cheerios with milk as far as his spoon would fling them.

Sigh....I'm tired. 

And let's not forget that Judah and Lucas broke the hinges on our nice coffee table toy box today.

Or that the boys got into a train crashing incident which resulted in Lucas falling into the edge of another cube storage table and getting a bruise/scrape roughly the full length of his face. 

This day can end now. 

Blog from the road


I'm driving to St. Louis today with my boys decided it might be fun to do talk to text blog while I'm driving since I'm a little bit bored

Haven't seen my brother Ira or his family in a really long time like over a year so I'm very excited to go see their beautiful faces

We did a little Christmas shopping last night at Goodwill thankfully there was a bazillion monster trucks for kids should be all set in the monster truck department

I was able to buy books for everybody else, it was a lot of fun shopping for hours upon hours with grandma Linda looking for the perfect books for everybody in the family

Judah just asked if we could drive to the north pole instead of St. Louis but honestly I think St. Louis will be just as much fun

Britt Britt will be our elf
Beck can be Rudolph
Evie Will be our Christmas butterfly at Judas request
Ira and Ashley will be Mr. and Mrs. clause of course

We just spotted a tiny bit of snow on the top of cars coming our way I wonder if we will see any snow while were in St. Louis

I hope it hasn't been too annoying to read a blog with no punctuation

Have a Merry Christmas if you're reading this I hope that you get a chance to spend time with all the people you love as well

Starting the season off right...


When I told Judah we were going to decorate on Thanksgiving day, he asked if we could wait for daddy (who is flying)...I told him we could do it with out daddy and surprise daddy with how beautiful it all is.  That seemed to satisfy him.  And then he asked if daddy wasn't there, who was going to lift him up so he could put the star on top of the tree?! Well, we have an angel and mommy is pretty strong.  So in the end, the kids had fun and I think they will enjoy showing daddy what they did.

I should add, that as picturesque as this photo is...I was pretty grumpy yesterday. I snapped at Judah a lot. I had to say I was sorry. He was over excited and acting crazy and my patience levels were low for a few reasons I won't go into here.  Thankfully we all love each other and we can forgive the not so picturesque times and move along to more fun things.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving this Saturday.  Just one of the many aspects of being a pilot's wife...we get to do things a little different depending on whatever his schedule is.  It's something we embrace and don't complain about. I think my boys and I will start a Thanksgiving tradition for the times we spend that day alone. It's a perfect day to decorate, watch the parade and maybe find a good christmas movie and a special meal. I definitely want it to still be a special day even if we don't do an actual Thanksgiving Turkey type celebration till daddy comes home.

So we did a bit of decorating.  The christmas tree with white lights and tinsel, some ball ornaments and an angel on top.  And two decorative trees, one made of bells and the other ceramic with little birds on it.  So just enough to add some magic.  We got out the kids Nativity scene for the boys to play with and watched some Frosty the Snowman.  It was a great day, even if it was pretty low key. I am thankful for my kids and it is really nice to have my mom here visiting as well.

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving wherever you are!

Our world right now.


So showing your house to be sold (with little kids).

Crazy town!

A few thoughts about it all.

1. Thank God for Little Bear...all 4 seasons. Can we say Marathon? Can we say closets packed? Can we say kitchen packed? Can we say walls painted? Oh Little Bear, thank you for being sweet...cause my kids are only getting sweetness from you right now...and a lot of impatience and shushing from the grownups.

2. Thank God for car seats.  You can lock your kids in them while you clean.  It's really only helpful for a quick clean while there's another grown up there to keep the heater running...but still. Trying to clean it all up while the kids are still there? not possible.  The backyard is also a great option, besides the car seats. Basically locking them somewhere away for go-time before a showing.

3.  When you pack the majority of your children's toys away...they find other things to play with.  Sounds really simple and sweet doesn't it? Until they pull the towels out of the drawers and throw them out the back door.  Or they move your living room furniture around.  Or they open every single dresser drawer and dig through them. Or they decide to "wash the windows".  Or they push your chairs around the house to climb on things they never bothered with before. Or they dig through your clothing closets and pull all your shoes out.  Or they find the lotion.  yeah. I could go on.

4.  It's weird to leave your house for an hour, know someone was there...but see absolutely zero evidence that there was anyone in the house.  Creepy.

5.  Storage unit places are interesting. I am intensely curious about why all these storage units are being used.  And a little scared of some of the people I've seen frequenting them.  And yes, I enjoy watching Storage Wars and I completely see the appeal of bidding on a storage unit to see what's inside!  In the meantime, our house looks a little bare, which is the point I suppose.

6. Now we get to see what it's like to keep our house "show ready" during a holiday weekend.  Someone else is cooking our meal, my out of town guests will get to sort of stay packed (or keep stuff in the closets we emptied out) while possibly getting a phone call that will require us to pack everyone up and drive around looking for something to do while someone peruses the house.

7.  Do I decorate for christmas or not?! I am going to do a very scaled down version of our usual I think.  The kids will love it, and a little bit of normal goes a long way.  Plus I think it will add to the charm of our lovely home when someone visits.

8.  Doing all of this when Lance and I are together, pretty easy even if it is complicated...doing it when he's gone? Straight up stressful. But I do it.  I am woman, hear me roar. (sometime my kids do...)

9.  Knowing that we are going in a direction as a family towards something so positive, makes it all worth it.  God is good and His grace is sufficient.  And His timing is perfect.

Lucas turns 2!!!


We had a blast celebrating Lucas turning 2.  We got together a handful of our little friends and went to gymnastics.  It was a rough and tumble time and fun was had by all!  Especially the daddy's. You'll see.I'll let the photo's do the talkin'!Party Favors: Water Bottles and streamers.  Big hit!Fruit Cake: not the yucky christmas kind.Puffy pop corn with little gymnastic boy picks. A lovely table, until the kids got ahold of it. lol.We started off with a little stretching!And hanging around.Daddy too.Slide on in and let the fun begin!Brave little guy!A very balanced pair.Smooch!Grandma found a nice perch to take lots of pictures!Cheesy foam pit. Did I mention the dad's were having the most fun? cause they were.checking out my cameraseriously, cutest!Getting ready to count down for a race.......a daddy race.....did I mention the dad's had fun? cause...nothing like a good swing from a rope!He's a pro at swinging.This is Lucas's stance before he jumps in! look out!Waiting patiently for someone to crawl out of the way so he can jump again.A full hour of fun and we end with stamps!Watching their boys have a blast!the little babies had a little fun tooshowing off his stampsstamps!Singing happy birthday...he was a little shy.awe shucks!Time for snacks!Everyone is a winner today!beware the streamers...aka weaponswing!swing!look...I was there too!the whole crazy family was![...]

My gluten journey


So after each of my children were born I had a crazy thing happen.  My hands would quit working when I first woke up...from a night of sleep or a nap.  I had to use my arms to scoop up my newborns and once I got them settled into nursing, I'd shake my hands and try to bend my fingers while they popped and cracked and eventually "warmed up" and would work. I asked my doctor about it, thinking maybe it was some crazy post-partum thing, but she had no idea.  It would sort of come and go and wouldn't be as bad after a few months.  So I didn't really investigate it too deeply, I was too busy taking care of babies.  And I should add, my whole life my hands have been really weak. Like "invite someone over for dinner cause it's all cooked and I can't get the pasta sauce open" weak.Another thing.  I have always had headaches. Often.  I thought it was normal.  Even up to a few months ago I thought it was normal.  Sometimes they were migraine like, most of the time just dull and constant.  So I saw a billboard a couple months ago that basically said "Headaches are not normal" and it was an adv for something...I don't even know what.  But it got me thinking.Add in that most of my life I have had to use dandruff shampoos, but not for dandruff...they were just the only shampoos that would help heal up these soars I used to get in my hair line.And of course...GI issues.  But I've already probably over shared.So multiple things, kind of unassociated and never super horrible.  I just never connected the dots.Until.My friend, Whitney.  She shared in our bible study why she was going Gluten Free (a doctors recommendation) and I am not kidding...she described me.Of course I am a slow study. I didn't do anything about it.  But I did kind of lose my mind regarding my inability to lose the baby weight and so I implored my sister (who is a food freak) to get me on a food plan that would help me reach my goals.  She didn't tell me to go Gluten Free, but the diet basically cut like 90% of gluteny items out of my eating.And my hands quit hurting.And my headaches were mostly gone.And my hair line healed and I didn't have to use chemical shampoo.And my stomach didn't hurt constantly.I connected the dots.  But I guess I am still a slow learner...and I wasn't totally convinced.  So once I lost weight. I went back to eating like I had before (smaller portions, I didn't gain back the weight!). And my hands hurt.And I had headaches.And the sores returned.And my reached a really low low when my hands were hurting so bad that I thought I had Arthritis. And they were visibly swollen and my whole body felt like an old woman when I'd get out of bed in the mornings. I couldn't do my kids car seat buckles.  I was hurting so much.And finally, I pushed past every excuse and bit of disbelief.This was only a couple weeks ago.  I have been off of gluten totally for a little over a week. I feel vulnerable.  I feel scared to eat.  I feel uneducated.  I feel mad at my body.  I feel relieved to know what is going on.  It is a mixed bag of emotions...on top of being a physical issue.I am giving away the gluten foods in my cupboards, I am cooking it up and serving it to people who don't have my problems, I donated crackers to a non-profit.  I have let the kids have loads of snacks.  Which I will not be replacing.  I think they will benefit from a low-zero gluten existence as well. And I just don't want gluten in my house cause A. self control and B. scared of accidentally grabbing something[...]



Today my cheek looks a bit like someone hit me in the face.  But the swelling has gone down...mostly. I guess I'll live.

I'm about to head to Pizza Club with my gluten free pillsbury pizza dough, sargento cheese, and gf pizza sauce.  I have no idea if it will taste good or be easy to work with.  I'll let ya know later.  But I am glad to be participating in Pizza Club again now that I found this pre-made dough.

Lucas turns 2 tomorrow. We are celebrating it on Sunday though so no special plans for tomorrow even though it's the official day.  If we can get his gift assembled, that might be the birthday fun.  Oh, and I guess since grandma Lynda is arriving tomorrow night, that can count as birthday fun too!  It's right before bedtime though so...just a little bit of fun :)

Trying to keep my house clean and ready for a showing to a potential buyer at all times makes celebrations and life a bit tricky.  But we are going with the flow and taking it in stride and all those other little catchy phrases that basically I tell myself so I don't get overly stressed out.

They are building some condo's at the end of our street. The little boys are loving it.

A resemblance


See how the red headed one has a big droopy cheek on one side?

That's what I look like right now.

Thanks to my dentist.

Who I would normally highly recommend.

I think he was having an "off" day on Monday.

He just happened to catch a nerve or something when 
he was doing the novacane for a simple procedure.

And cheek is still swollen and kinda bruised looking.

Made me want to watch Cinderella when I caught a glimpse of 
myself in the mirror a couple minutes ago.

Oh Vanity.

Since my last post...


Since my last post....Lucas has:

1. Fallen on his face on the hardwood floor running away from me to get his jammies on and now has a blood blister on his lip.

2. At open play gymnastics he hurt himself (someone jumped on him) and couldn't walk for a few minutes...I literally thought he broke his leg at first but I think he hurt his knee...which would be worse in my mind. We will see how he feels after his nap today before I really worry.

3. Fell off the swinging rope and hit his face, big bruise on his forehead now.

4. Jumped into the foam pit only he turned the stairs backwards and landed on the platform instead. He kept saying "my buns hurt"

I mean. Not even 24 hrs. 

This is our normal. 



Once upon a time when I scrapbooked, a wise person told me that you should always stay current...if you try to work backwards, you just get further behind and you feel guilty cause you will never ever be caught up and eventually you will realize it is no fun and you will quit.

So I guess I am going to apply that same principle to blogging. I have had one goal this last year. To keep Lucas alive. He is a daredevil. I have captured many of our moments via Instagram...but have not been able to blog much at all. And the few blogs I have written were basically because Lucas did something traumatic and I had to process it through writing...well, I am happy to say, he turns 2 on friday and I have successfully kept him alive and even (knock on wood) in one piece.

So this is my first blog as I jump back in to doing what I love, which is writing. I may or may not include as many photos as I had been doing before, it can be so time consuming to deal with photos on a least for me.

So a couple things you will soon hear more about.  1. I am gluten intolerant and 2. We are moving to Arizona.  I will leave you with those two teasers.  My world is being turned upside down but all for the good.

peace out people

The gray hair maker...


The reason I am going to have gray hair and the reason I don't have time to blog anymore...LUCAS!  This child. A couple weeks ago Judah shut our gate and I didn't notice that the latch hadn't caught just right..until..I couldn't find Lucas.  He had gone out the back gate into the alley, into the neighbors yard and climbed up their fire escape to the top floor apartment entrance. It was burning hot and he was up there going "hot hot hot" over and over and wouldn't come down...I had bare feet that I burned as I climbed quickly to the top to get him and bring him home safely.A couple days ago we were at SAM's Club getting lunch before we shopped, Judah was sitting across the table from me, Lance was getting ketchup for our hotdogs and Lucas was following him around.  I glanced at Judah right when he blew the paper off the straw and it beaned me right in the open eye ball.  As I was tearing up and rubbing my wound, I glanced over and saw Lucas sitting at a different table drinking out of a cup that I assumed was ours...but no. It wasn't ours.  It was some ladies, she sat it down while getting something from the condiment area and Lucas claimed it as his own.  We helped the lady get a new drink and locked Lucas into a cart. Yesterday we went to Monkey Joe's...only one exit and they don't let you out without a grownup who has a matching wrist band. It's bouncy houses and they sell food.  Seems pretty safe and a place I should be able to somewhat relax...ha. Some lady had left all her food garbage sitting on her table as well as some trinket toys, including a tiny bouncy ball...which I found in Lucas's mouth.  I dug it out and gave it back to the gal and she just laughed and continued to leave her stuff there and left.  I cleaned it up after Lucas went back for some old crust.Today.  The kicker.  I took the gate off of our porch because I was expecting some people to arrive within minutes. I closed the door and told the boys not to let anyone in with out me and I went to the bathroom. I came out and the house was quiet. Too quiet. I found Judah on the porch playing and asked him where Lucas was...he didn't know. I knew he was gone.  Just knew it.  The lady across the street yells out "he went that way" and motions down the street. I start scouring the street and people's yards and she yells out again "he turned the corner and went up the street"...I'm sorry, but could you not have stopped him lady?! or gotten me?! sigh...Off I ran.  I found him two blocks away in the arms of some guy who had pulled over when he saw Lucas in the street alone. (thank you kind lecturing stranger). Him and another guy were trying to find the police's non-emergency number to call.  I came running up the street yelling "he's mine!" like a crazy person.  Thanked them profusely for actually stopping and helping Lucas and keeping him safe. The guy who found him was all "you should really watch him closer"....if you only knew. sigh...This child.He waits like a ninja for a moment of weakness.  And then takes full advantage.He's lucky he's so darn cute ;)And these are only the recent "big" incidents.  It does not include the daily interactions of keeping him out of the toilet, and out of the sinks, and off of tables and from climbing rails, and bringing truck loads of dirt in the house, and finding every pen he can and unloading drawers and cupboards and and and...the list is long.And of course this is a [...]

The Swanky Speakeasy!


I was able to attend my second Moms Club Banquet and boy was it lovely.Here is a link to the first banquet I attended, which was also lovely.I think you can pretty much count on being surrounded by beauty at this yearly event. Beautiful moms, beautiful decor, amazing food. It's the bees knees. It was a treat to come and see how things were decorated.  The theme was the Speakeasy 20's.  Every single doll was dressed up and ready to enjoy the evening.Check out this juice joint. Glad I got my ticket!You will never leave this event hungry. The food is just amazing.  And since this was themed around drinks, oh the choices! It was truly impressive. I don't personally drink much alcohol, so I was trying out all of the sweet concoctions that were on the more tame side...and oh the Fizzy Fuzz or whatever I had...yum! The food was under wraps until most of the mama's had arrived.And a genuine record player playing the tunes of the 20's. It was really neat. Getting a little hooch while the night is young.And of course, some amazing Vegan treats...blueberry soup. I have to say, I could enjoy the vegan life if I had this regularly ;)And this fabulous doll was the homeowner who hosted this lovely event. I almost said "butt me" but then I remembered I don't smoke.Check out all of these lovely dames.  They were all dolled up.  Of course! These were all the recipes for the Giggle Water. Yes, I said Giggle Water...that is slang for intoxicating beverage. And boy were they ever!  Even the non-alcoholic ones were very intoxicating ;)I personally, couldn't get enough. My secret ticket. You know, since there wasn't a bar, no party here people. ahem...Capturing the moment!You didn't see anything. Setting the scene.A little moonlight croquet anyone?The gals who planned this banquet Hit on All Sixes. It was amazing and 100% a perfect event.Our current president took some time to recognize members who volunteered and the past years board.Here are several of the outgoing board members.  Gorgeous! Our new president was inducted. And so the new year begins, with these lovely ladies.  And I am going to be the membership VP. So I am excited and can't wait to get to know these ladies even better as we work for a common goal and purpose. Did you notice everyone is dressed for the 20's and is wearing black? And do you see how I'm wearing a beachy blue and yellow dress? yeah. I guess I didn't really understand people were dressing up.  And I don't own a LBD or anything similar, so I couldn't have anyhow. But I did get a chuckle out of it. At least I was behind the camera most of the night ;) Aren't these lights and balloons just the cat's meow?! and oh you should have seen the fireflies. Gorgeous.We ended the night with the Circle of Friendship.  Hearing how the Moms club has impacted many of these women's lives was a treat. I am glad to have been able to participate. I got the bum's rush (not really, just like using the slang) at the end of the night and had to take off and get back to being a mommy.  But boy oh boy, it was a dreamy night under the stars and lights. Can't wait until next year! [...]

Fly on over...


So while I am not giving up this blog, I am going to be maintaining the slow posting schedule I have fallen into in the last year. So really, not a whole lot different. ha.

But I wanted to let you know, that I started a different blog.  One that is specifically about what it's like to be an aviation family. I hope you follow and stop by to leave me some comment love!

Here's the link:

Let 'em Fly!

I knew it would be this child...


I knew it would be this child. He is a daredevil and into everything. He climbs, he jumps, he touches, he tastes, he doesn't stop even when you call out to him. And if you try to stop him? big fits. huge. epic. little boy is determined on top if it all.So it should have been no big surprise when he came and found me this morning and was gushing blood. I couldn't figure out from where at first. He had it all over his mouth and his hands...I figured it was a mouth injury at first.  But quickly realized it was his finger that was gushing blood.  I rushed to the kitchen sink to rinse him off so I could figure out where it was bleeding, only to realize it was his finger and it was sliced right on the crease.  I asked Judah some quick questions only to realize it was a soda can that Lucas had been holding and Judah had pulled out of his hands which resulted in the cut.Poor baby boy was crying and fighting me and I was frantically trying to stop the bleeding and think about what I should do if it was too bad to handle on my own.  I was on the floor cross legged holding Lucas's hand with a washcloth to soak up the blood when my phone rang and Lance called between flights.  I wasn't sure if I should even tell him, cause he was about to go flying and I didn't want him worrying or have his mind off of his job...but I was just too anxious and told him what I was doing.  He reminded me that we have friends in our neighborhood who could help and told me to call them. So I called my friend and she got me in touch with her husband who is a Physicians Assistant at the local ER.  He wasn't working, but was at home with his son who was napping...and since I couldn't get a good picture of the cut to send him, I just put the kids in the car (after I brushed my teeth, ha) and we just went to their house so he could see first hand what we were dealing with.It was such a relief to have someone look at it who knew what to do.  He had some glue for things like this that we applied, after taping a spoon to Lucas's finger to hold it straight (Edward scissor hands style!).  Lucas was really interested in what our friend was doing and didn't seem to be in a lot of pain any longer, he was actually really cooperative.  We tested his ability to move it and bend it and everything seems fine on that end.We decided to check back with our friend after naps to see how the glue was holding/working before making a final decision on stitches or no stitches.We stopped at Walgreens on our way home to pick up some pictures I had ordered and I shot this pic of my boys...sort of a capture of our day and how little they look in this big ole world.  My babies.We went home finally and I tell you what...I was wiped out. It was like an adrenaline hang over or something. I crashed. We did early naps and I slept too.I think the emotion of holding your crying, bleeding child and the fear that comes in those moments...well, let's just say it is not a great feeling. I didn't know in those moments that it was going to be okay, I just knew panic and responsibility and that I had to DO something...anything, to make it better and to get through the situation making good decisions. Calm your child down, sooth your child, freak out on the inside cause freaking out on the outside makes things worse. Internalize. Be strong.But once the kids were down for naps, I just shut all the way do[...]