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NPTA Talks to Chicago Tribune

Tue, 17 Apr 2007 20:00:00 GMT


The National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA) contributed to a healthcare employment feature published in the Sunday Edition (April 15, 2007) of the Chicago Tribune.
Pharmacy Technician:
Good First Job or Long-Term Career

- an excerpt -
With drug stores on every corner and a shortage of pharmacists, the need for pharmacy technicians has never been greater. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks pharmacy technicians as one of the highest growth careers through 2014.
"There is a great demand for pharmacy technicians in the United States," says Mike Johnston, chairman and CEO of the National Pharmacy Technician Association. The demand is driven by a national shortage of pharmacists combined with a growing number of prescriptions and an increase in retail chain pharmacies, he adds.
At the College of DuPage, the demand for its pharmacy technician course has grown, says Nancy Feuiner, health science coordinator.
Pharmacy technicians are found in retail stores, hospitals, long-term care facilities and home healthcare pharmacies. Pharmacy technicians assist the pharmacist in preparing and fulfilling prescriptions, Johnston says. They also handle the majority of routine patient interactions. Technicians interact with insurance companies to verify coverage and with doctor's offices for clarification and refill requests. Many technicians are also responsible for inventory management including ordering and stocking supplies.
In some cases the technicians pull the medications, count and label them for the pharmacist to review, Johnston says. This frees up the pharmacist to spend more time assisting patients, he adds.
"The help of a pharmacy technician enables the pharmacist to take a more patient care approach. There are so many new drugs coming through the pipelines, it's critical that patients have the opportunity to discuss their medications with pharmacists," Johnston says.....

17-Apr-07 3:00 PM