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Changing the world by communicating about childbirth

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Parent Education and fetal position


Spinning Babies® is sensitive to the fine line between informing and alarming when it comes to baby positions. Head down? Around 26-30 weeks gestation, pregnant parents are pleased to hear their breech or sideways-lying baby is now head down. Some parents aren't informed of baby's position until around 36 weeks.  During the last the provider wants to know whether a baby is breech and may need

Breech Tilt


The Breech Tilt is a widely-known inversion technique using gravity to help a breech baby flip to a head-down position. Before doing the Breech Tilt, I suggest doing the Forward-Leaning Inversion for 30 seconds first and then going ahead with the Breech Tilt. One daily Forward-leaning Inversion is recommended after 20 weeks gestation for any fetal position. As always, check with your doctor

Birth with an intact hymenal ring


I’d like to discuss birth over the intact hymenal ring. A doctor showed me how she avoids cutting the perineum. Midwives and doctors often miss recognizing an intact hymenal ring and instead see the following situation as in indication for episiotomy.  Notice when there has been a complete halt in descent after the baby has appeared at the perineum and is: * In a good

Spinning Babies before turning a breech (ECV)


Maíra, Gail, and Mariane Menezes  Midwife Maíra Liberdade and Dr. Marcos Nakamura work together in Rio de Janeiro to reduce cesareans due to breech presentation. They offer External Cephalic Versions for parents pregnant with a breech baby to turn the baby head down. Midwife Maíra has a unique suggestion. When an External Cephalic Version is scheduled, Maíra recommends doing The Three

Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner Story


Midwife Melody Morrow, a well known midwife and Spinning Babies enthusiast in Dallas, Texas shares the story of her own sister Harmony’s breech experience. An ECV was attempted by a trusted and breech-skilled doctor. The baby remained breech.  In this case, Melody’s little nephew’s arm got up behind his head. The doctor, skilled in vaginal breech birth, saw the risk of this arm getting stuck on

Turning Breech Babies and cesarean outcomes


Spinning Babies has said head down is half the story. And now it turns out that just how babies get head down is important. In recent years, the manual turning of the breech baby to head down has been poorly reviewed for adverse outcomes (Culver's review of the Cochrane data base, 2013, 2015).  This September new research compared the cesarean rate after successful External Cephalic

4 cm at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital


Ok, I'm out. I'm a Grey's Anatomy fan. Well, I can name only about 5 characters, I might not hold a candle to a true fan, but I do love the show. The new season really got my attention with it's portrayal of a stalled labor at 4 cm. The laboring woman has medical reasons not to use an epidural and declines a cesarean. Wait, is this a spoiler? Spoiler alert!  Don't read this further until after

What does Spinning Babies do?


Spinning Babies offers recommendations to prepare for childbirth in pregnancy. Increase range of motion Balance the body (not too tight, not too loose, not too twisty) Movement daily Rest Smart We do this with our Daily Essentials video (stream, download, or buy the DVD) We do this with myofascial releases (the main ones are on our Parent Class video) Providers may like the background

Oxytocin as a Safe Birth Activator


"...oxytocin functions rather like a system activator and often influences the release of other signaling substances such as opioids, serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline. Through these activations, different behavioural and physiological effects are facilitated and coordinated into adaptive patterns, which are influenced by the type of stimuli and environmental factors."  Uvnäs-MobergK

Emergency Birth


Some of the facebook community midwives are offering conversation during an emergency birth for Texans trapped by water and birthing under dire conditions. I thought I'd add some general tips here to share. Please find stable ground, and when baby comes, have a level floor or surface under you. Kneel on one knee and put the other foot flat on the ground as baby comes out. You can use your hands

Birth Positions and Desseauve 2017


I enjoyed reading David Desseauve's French review on positions for labor and birth. I especially enjoyed finding a tip included from Aspasia, a midwife/gynecologist from the second century (translated from the ancient Greek by Pascal Luccioni), If the difficulty comes from the curvature of the lumbar region ... put the parturient in a position with her knees flexed so that, with the vulva

Dr. Marshall Klaus, Champion of the Doula


Dr. Marshall Klaus, the world renown pediatrician, who with the late Dr. John Kennel, researched the power of a birth companion (doula) and followed other's research to discover the modeling that birthing women will sometimes even verbalize themselves! Link to see this in YouTube to see Spinning Babies 2001 video of Dr. Klaus talking about the doula with doula Malik Turley. Malik Turley:

Preparing strength with vulnerability


Lately I've been re-introduced to vulnerability. I don't mean I've been re-introduced to hurt. Actually I've been feeling stronger and more fluid than I have for a while within myself. I have more peace now with the process than I have had since the beginning of "my big learning curve" to give birth to Spinning Babies. And in the strength of this emergence, I add some thoughts about supporting

Resolving Shoulder Dystocia in Europe


I just got to teach Resolving Shoulder Dystocia in Italy and in Amsterdam. The wisdom and experience of these midwife "students" is immense, humble, and inclusive to my perspective. As midwives, we love to come together and learn from one another. Where else can midwives share insights and experiences unique to our experiences as midwives. This is particularly true about birth complications



I am expecting twins, can I use the same Spinning Babies techniques for my pregnancy and labor? Yes! Spinning Babies approach works well for multiples. If you can, start early. Otherwise, start today. You may need to add professional bodywork help to balance uterine ligaments. Ask your doctor or midwife if there is any medical reason not to do any of these activities (inversion, particularly

The Difference a Sidelying Release Makes


A happy doula, and Spinning Babies Workshop attendee, named Beatrice just emailed thirty minutes ago to rave about a VBAC birth. Many of us birth workers love to support a birthing family through a vaginal birth after a previous cesarean. The triumph of self-determination shines through the parent's eyes.  As providers, we know their life will never be the same. Here is a labor attempting to

Uterus in a twist


When seeking an answer about what to do to protect the normalcy of birth, Spinning Babies asks the question, Where is Baby? This is because the baby's position reflects the shape of the uterus. For instance, if the uterus is well positioned, the baby is well positioned. If the uterus has gotten into a twist, perhaps from a woman playing softball or golf, the baby may be angled above the twist.

Clarity in your birth


Many visitors to Spinning Babies Website are looking for effective help for an easier birth. We suggest using Spinning Babies Daily Activities as a part of preparation for birth. Daily movement and maternal positioning can be added to a great pregnancy diet, deep and full breathing, learning about birth and parenting, enjoying good communication and visits with your provider. Monitoring blood

Will Shoulder Dystocia occur?


A doula friend of mine, "J," asks how real the concern is that a mother with an estimated projected fetal weight of 11 pounds by the time of the due date will have a shoulder dystocia. "They had her see the OB and heard the reasons for perhaps choosing a repeat surgical birth. She was told that if gestational diabetes is back that they see these big babies with a weight

Not Afraid to Care


"The 2014 West African Ebola outbreak killed 11,310 people. Liberian nursing assistant Salome Karwah was not one of them." says Time Magazine. " soon as she recovered, she returned to the hospital where she had been treated — the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, or Doctors Without Boarders) Ebola treatment unit just outside of the capital, Monrovia — to help other patients. Not only did

Is there still time to flip my breech baby?


Spinning Babies helps flip a breech  The look that says, "I did it myself!" At 36 weeks the midwives were adamant there was a less than 3% chance of my baby turning from the frank breech position and had never heard of any exercises to do.  I was recommended to have ECV [external cephalic version is when a doctor (or occasionally a midwife) tries to turn the

Planned birth benefits and risks


Women today are sometimes encouraged to finish pregnancy and have their babies delivered. The suggestion can create a sense that induction or a cesarean is the route to safety. For many pregnant people the alternative of continuing the pregnancy until nature decides the birthday no longer feels natural or safe. But what are the actual risks? Here is an Australian study looking at the results

Doctor was surprised: Transverse baby went head down at term


Doctors schedule a cesarean when a baby is lying sideways in the womb and the due date is less than a month away. This may be because it is rare to have the transverse lying baby move on their own to a head down position.  The transverse baby lies sideways across the top of the pelvis and can't be born naturally. Transverse lie is normal in early pregnancy until about 26 weeks or so. By

Belly Mapping


Gail Tully is the developer and creator of Belly Mapping. Belly Mapping is a 3-step process to estimate your baby's position in the womb. Many pregnant people can estimate with fairly good accuracy in their last trimester of pregnancy. Step 1. Feel the contours of your baby with the pads of your fingers. In Step 1, you will draw a 4-piece pie and draw in the fruits - locations of

Three Levels to avoiding a cesarean


The pelvis has 2 distinct areas for birth, the area for getting in and the area for getting out. But there is also the middle. Three Levels of the Pelvis Inlet for Getting In Mid pelvis for turning Outlet for Getting Out Assessing progress in labor includes noting which of these three levels the baby is in. In medical terms, nurses talk about "pelvic stations" which, like train stations