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That Wedding: Hometown Reception


After a full week of absolute gluttony and decadence while on our Relaximoon, it was time for us to put on our wedding attire for the last time and pose as bride and groom. We had gone back and forth so many times about whether the hometown reception was a good idea, or even necessary, but now that it's over I'm really glad we took the time to spend some time with the community that helped raise me.I wish I had a camera in my hand as we drove up the road to the reception site. Our dear friends who hosted the party for us had sprinkled their property with lamps, torches, and twinkling lights. It looked magical. Guests were directed to park in a lot a few hundred yards from the house, and if they didn't feel like walking (it was a cold October night!), they were escorted up to the house on golf carts.I smiled as I walked into the tent. I was so happy that we had decided to create our centerpieces ourselves, because it meant we would be able to re-use them later. For very little money we had created a cozy and beautiful atmosphere for the evening.Of course my mom was walking around with camera in hand before the reception started. I don't think she can leave home without it.The food! Oh the food was amazing. We worked with Jeff and Michelle of Sage Catering out of Yakima, WA. They worked to create a completely personalized meal that had our guests raving. Their presentation was really got me, since I'm a detail person, and Jeff went out of his way to make all of the food look at delicious as it tasted. If you are a central Washington bride, get in contact with them! I'm really happy with what they did for us.When they asked what kind of menu we were interested in serving, I mentioned that we would love to have a fusion of foods that described the childhoods of both That Groom and myself. For the Polish dishes they made mini cabbage rolls, pierogi, potato pancakes, sernik (Polish cheesecake with chocolate glaze), and poppyseed cake. That Groom couldn't get enough of the poppyseed cake and said it was some of the best he has ever had! The American style dishes included beef satay, sliders, french fries, crudites, fruit and dip, mini apple pie bites, and chocolate decadence.I wasn't surprised when many of our guests went straight for the food line instead of coming to see us! Here are the pierogis, don't they look delicious?Guests were greeted by this frame as they entered the tent. It's a wedding gift from That Groom's aunt, and the pictures are of my cute little husband as a boy with his grandpa. The poem is in Polish, written by his grandfather about the time they spent together. We really wanted to find ways to make the decor and atmosphere very personal at this reception, and putting this poem on display really set the tone for the night.For the festivities, I did my favorite fancy hairdo. My sister wasn't there that evening, and when talking to her a few weeks later she said, "I heard your hair looked really great that night!" I also loved being able to put on my birdcage veil one last time.I love this picture of my new husband and my dad.Who would be crazy enough to have an outdoor tented reception in Washington state at the end of October? We would!My grandma knit me this very cozy, very soft shrug to keep me from turning into a popscicle that night. Now that the wedding is over, details like this shrug that I can use over and over in my everyday life are my very favorite.It got so cold that our fabulous hostess dug into their snowmobiling closet for some heat packs. Once the guests saw mine they started asking for their own set as well. I spent most of the evening holding them over my ears and nose.When I created the postcards for our guestbook at the Seattle wedding, I made sure they were general enough that we could use them for our hometown reception as well without anyone realizing that we made them pull double duty.The little ones stayed entertained with a free wedding themed coloring book I found on the blu sky designs blog.We had one of the images from our After Wedding Shoot with my[...]

After Wedding Shoot


I'm sure you thought the wedding posts were over by now. I've taken you through 28 posts, detailing everything from the moment I woke up to our Seattle skyline finale. But, I loved my wedding so much that I found a way to drag out it all the way until the next weekend, with an After Wedding Shoot and a Hometown Reception.The biggest reason for having a semi-TTD (I hesitate to call it such because there weren't any activities that even hinted at trashing since I had to wear it in front of family and friends the next day), was to capitalize on the chance to do a shoot with my mom, Denise Andersen. I didn't realize how much pride I would feel each time someone came over to my married apartment and said "I love this picture, who took it?" I've watched my mom practice her craft for years, and after years and years of taking pictures she can do some really fantastic stuff (as evidenced by my bridal portraits in Rome).That Groom made one last huge sacrifice, and took these pictures with me on our honeymoon. My advice to you if you are considering the same thing? Prepare to look a little puffy from the gastronomic indulgences you will be making while taking your ultimate vacation. One night we sat in our bed and ate a huge wedge of cheese with crackers and finished it off with an enormous piece of chocolate cake. No wonder our faces look puffy in most of these photos.If you remember, there are no photos taken inside the temple, and because of this I had no pictures of me wearing my mom's wedding dress and veil from the wedding day. After working so hard to lose 50 lbs over the last 3 years, I was happy to find I could even squeeze myself into the dress at all. My mom had something like a $400 wedding, and she hated her dress, but I'm in love with the meaning behind it.My mom would probably like me to point out that her sister is the one who added those 80's puffed sleeves to the dress. It was much simpler when she wore it.You'll notice that the neckline on the dress is pretty low. When I put it on in the temple I wore this turtleneck insert thing underneath. I didn't worry about how awful it looked though because there were no pictures, and it wasn't really about the dress anyways. :)The lace on the bottom is my very favorite part of the dress.After a few minutes posing in a dress so tight I could barely breathe, it was time to change into my lovely Evelyn once again.I hate this pose I am doing (I did it a lot on the wedding day too, what was I thinking?), but I think That Groom looks dashing and debonair.We took these photos at Cave B Inn at Sagecliffe, a winery/resort I worked at for a few Summers. I love this room just off of the tasting room, with huge unfinished stones for walls.Apparently That Groom didn't get the joke that I was laughing so enthusiastically at.We have this one hanging in our dining room. I look at it and smile every time I sit down to eat.I'm completely in love with this property (have your wedding here, it's gorgeous!), and I had a lot of fun dancing around in my wedding dress in the same places I used to carry room service trays loaded down with heavy plates and bottles of wine.I'm thinking about printing this photo on canvas for our living room, but I can't decide what version I like best.Version 1:Version 2:Version 3:Can you see why I am completely in love with this property? The view outside each of the cliffhouses are breathtaking.We gathered some of the wedding decor suitcases and used them as props. I thought they were a nice subtle addition that didn't take away from the sweeping views.Look how filthy my dress is! And look how cute my shoes are!I won't lie, I love having my picture taken.Then it was time to do a veil change, switching to a longer more dramatic veil that would blow in the wind nicely.It really tickles when kisses my ears.Quite possibly my very favorite. My mom's assitant almost threw herself off the cliff trying to get the veil to float for this shot.And one of the last shots of the day, and my mom's favorite from the session[...]

That Wedding: Seattle Skyline Finale


I don't write stories very often, but whenever I do I have a hard time coming up with an ending. My endings always end up sounding trite, or abrupt. I often put the story off to the side and end up forgetting about it because I can't find a way to write in the perfect ending. Telling the story of our wedding day is the one instance where I'm not left feeling this way.The original plan was to drive with our photographer out to a park with the Seattle skyline in the background and have one last photo shoot for the day. But by the end of dinner I was so tired. All I wanted was to be done with the day, and I told Kelli that we weren't going to go to the park and that after the exit she was done shooting.I assumed That Groom was feeling the same way I was, but when I told him about my decision he did one of the most thoughtful things he has ever done for me. He reminded me how much I loved the inspirational photos I had found, the shots that gave me the idea to do the skyline shoot. He put aside his own exhaustion and encouraged me to go through with the shoot. We only went up to the park for about 20 minutes, but the photographs we have are just stunning. We look tired, and our facial expressions in most of them aren't the best, but they so perfectly sum up the wedding for us. A classic storybook ending if I've ever seen one.I'm very excited to have this hanging on our wall sometime soon!I'm so happy we took a second to grab a shot with our photographer and friend, Kelli Nicole. She was such a huge part of our wedding day, it would be so sad to have her left out of the story completely.This is the very last photo taken on our wedding day. It says "Done done done! Off to the honeymoon suite!"The End (of the wedding day). We gave ourselves a whole week to relax and recover before our hometown reception the next weekend. Best. Honeymoon. Ever.Previously:That Wedding: Bridesmaid Party!That Wedding: Whole Foods (Rehearsal-ish) LuncheonThat Wedding: Harbor SailingThat Wedding: Putting My Face OnThat Wedding: The Gift ExchangeThat Wedding: Dressing That BrideThat Wedding: Bridal DetailsThat Wedding: The First LookThat Wedding: Into The WoodsThat Wedding: Woodsy Family PortraitsThat Wedding: To Wed! To Wed!That Wedding: Showered With Love, Coins, and HugsThat Wedding: Group Shots With a Little SpiceThat Wedding: Those GroomsmenThat Wedding: The Whole PartyThat Wedding: Me and My Maids (+Manmaid)That Wedding: Ring Ceremony PrepThat Wedding: The Ring CeremonyThat Wedding: Let Us Whet Your AppetiteThat Wedding: PhotoboothThat Wedding: We DanceThat Wedding: Dining DetailsThat Wedding: ToastingThat Wedding: Bridesmaid Cake PullThat Wedding: 8 Lovely CakesThat Wedding: Bedding DownThat Wedding: Grand Exit[...]

That Wedding: Grand Exit


I was one of those brides who had the unfortunate experience of switching event coordinators at the venue. Donna did an incredible job and the transition was very smooth, except for the agreements previously made about what Hotel 1000 would allow our guests to be thrown at us at the end of the night. I was frustrated, to put it mildly, when I was told that all of the ecofetti I had invested in was no longer allowed. I forwarded them back the email from the previous coordinator, packed up the ecofetti, and decided that I would instruct the DOC to hand out the packets no matter what.My rebellion against the system wasn't even necessary because Donna ended up telling me just before dinner that we could go ahead and do the exit with the ecofetti. I don't know that it will be so, but I hope that after seeing these photos Hotel 1000 will allow brides to have this environmentally friendly option at their own weddings.This was the second time that day that we were greeted by cheers, clapping, and whistles when we walked outside of a building. I absolutely loved it!In the next 5 photos I can be found smiling, laughing hysterically, ducking, batting ecofetti out of my way, etc. That Groom has the same look of relaxed excitement on his face the entire time. It says "I'm so happy this is finally over."As you can imagine, my dress was filled with ecofetti. The v in the front created a kind of pocket that gathered a whole handful!I love the warm colors in this guest photo.Has anyone else noticed that That Groom really hasn't been covered in much ecofetti yet? Don't worry, his time is coming.If you look closely at my right hand, you can see the custom ring from our cake topper.As I leaned forward to give That Mother a kiss goodbye, the groomsmen came out of nowhere and got my new husband right in the face! I love I'm experiencing this special moment with my mother, and he is in the middle of an ecofetti storm.Don't you just love the look on the face of GM Nate in the far right corner of his photograph?And it just keeps coming.That Groom couldn't get away without one last pat on the head by the Best Man to make sure the ecofetti was there to stay.I love me some in-camera motion blur. Let's get out of here husband!Kelli Nicole wound up covered in ecofetti after this experience as well.Previously:That Wedding: Bridesmaid Party!That Wedding: Whole Foods (Rehearsal-ish) LuncheonThat Wedding: Harbor SailingThat Wedding: Putting My Face OnThat Wedding: The Gift ExchangeThat Wedding: Dressing That BrideThat Wedding: Bridal DetailsThat Wedding: The First LookThat Wedding: Into The WoodsThat Wedding: Woodsy Family PortraitsThat Wedding: To Wed! To Wed!That Wedding: Showered With Love, Coins, and HugsThat Wedding: Group Shots With a Little SpiceThat Wedding: Those GroomsmenThat Wedding: The Whole PartyThat Wedding: Me and My Maids (+Manmaid)That Wedding: Ring Ceremony PrepThat Wedding: The Ring CeremonyThat Wedding: Let Us Whet Your AppetiteThat Wedding: PhotoboothThat Wedding: We DanceThat Wedding: Dining DetailsThat Wedding: ToastingThat Wedding: Bridesmaid Cake Pull[...]

That Wedding: Bedding Down


If you have been reading my posts throughout the planning process I apologize for regurgitating this information for the third time, but can you blame me for wanting to visit such a hilarious event one last time?Pokładziny-The Bedding DownIn ancient times, putting the bridal pair to bed was a normal and expected part of the marriage customs, and was down with much joking and hilarity. The young couple were directed by the entire wedding party to a room that had been specially prepared for them.The swat, still overseeing that all went according to custom, placed himself on the marriage bed to "warm it up". The womenfolk jumped up and down on the bed to make sure it could hold up and now break down. Rocks or sharp straw or thorns might have been placed underneath the sheets. The swat and swata then chased everyone out of the room and took the bride and groom to the bed and left them alone. The door was locked behind them and after serenading the bridal couple with some very warm and bawdy songs, along with vodka toasts and admonitions "not to be lazy," the couple were left alone.The next morning, musicians awake the couple and gave them kasza cooked in milk and vodka that had been dyed red as a sign of lost virginity. The sheets were inspected for the expected stain that meant the loss of virginity. This made everybody happy and was the cause of more singing and dancing.From "Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore" by Sophie Hodorowicz KnabSomehow Kelli Nicole our photographer, 4 of the groomsmen, and 7 members of the bridal party were able to sneak away for who knows how long to complete the Pokładziny for us. MOH Shay had been entrusted with a key so that all of our belongings could be moved up to our honeymoon suite for us. She had been reading my posts throughout the planning process and realized that this was the perfect opportunity to play a little prank on us.Looks like the groomsmen settled in rather quickly. The groomsmen lying in the middle even took off his shoes and got under the blanket!Boys will be boys, you know? Looks like they found another use for the Asian-influenced modern decor items found throughout the room.I've been emailing back and forth with my Hotel 1000 event coordinator, and when she saw these pictures she said "Don't tell management but these are my favorite shots from your wedding!"Hotel 1000 has very sturdy beds.I'm just glad this group didn't show up at our door the next door the next morning to "inspect for the expected stain."Kelli Nicole gets the credit for the brilliant photos, my sister Shaylene Rene' gets the credit for making it happen.Previously:That Wedding: Bridesmaid Party!That Wedding: Whole Foods (Rehearsal-ish) LuncheonThat Wedding: Harbor SailingThat Wedding: Putting My Face OnThat Wedding: The Gift ExchangeThat Wedding: Dressing That BrideThat Wedding: Bridal DetailsThat Wedding: The First LookThat Wedding: Into The WoodsThat Wedding: Woodsy Family PortraitsThat Wedding: To Wed! To Wed!That Wedding: Showered With Love, Coins, and HugsThat Wedding: Group Shots With a Little SpiceThat Wedding: Those GroomsmenThat Wedding: The Whole PartyThat Wedding: Me and My Maids (+Manmaid)That Wedding: Ring Ceremony PrepThat Wedding: The Ring CeremonyThat Wedding: Let Us Whet Your AppetiteThat Wedding: PhotoboothThat Wedding: We DanceThat Wedding: Dining DetailsThat Wedding: ToastingThat Wedding: Bridesmaid Cake Pull[...]

That Bride in Vegas


Recognize this adorable lady standing next to me?

I'm in Vegas this week at the largest gathering of wedding photographers in the entire world. WPPI is an annual convention where all of our favorite photographers go to learn how to get better at what they love doing. What they all don't know is that I am not only the daughter of a photographer attending the convention, I am also a blogger gathering information for a series I plan on writing to give you an inside look into the wedding photography industry.

I attended a mock wedding this weekend, shot by the worlds greatest wedding photographers (think fees of $100,000+/wedding!), and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will be spent in classes taught by the likes of Jim Garner, Jose Villa, Me Ra Koh, Elizabeth Messina, Jesh De Rox, and many, many others.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting up at 4 AM for my very first photo shoot (my very first behind the camera that is). I'll really only have my point-and-shoot Canon g9, but I'm excited to have the chance to shoot a model posing as a bride and see what I can come up with.

Check back to hear all about it next week!

That Wedding: 8 Lovely Cakes


Bittersweet HazelnutChocolate Raspberry RhapsodyChocolate TruffleChocolate Velvet TorteChocolate White ChocolateLemon CoconutLemon BlueberryStrawberry White ChocolateI cannot think of anything better than a cake buffet at a wedding.Go ahead, I dare you, name something better. These divine, magnificent, decadent, delicious cakes all came from Simply Desserts in Fremont, WA.Tiffany and the hotel did a wonderful job setting up this buffet. The only things provided by us were the cakes and the black chargers (found at Wal Mart for $2 each), and the only directions I gave were to turn milk crates upside down under some linens to give the table some height. Those gorgeous linens, the candles, the candles, and the puffy little plants were all a surprise to me and I loved it all.I wish they had taken the time to slide the cakes off the cardboard and have them sitting right on the platter, but I figure all of our guests were probably so busy focusing on that decadent looking cake they didn't even notice.In the middle of the room, across from the cake buffet sat our strawberry white chocolate cutting cake.I had considered several different topper options, and was close to restoring my grandma's topper from 1959 when That Mother told me she had talked to my aunt and asked if we would be able to borrow The Opera Singer for the evening. Created by artist Susan Lenart Kazmer, the piece is actually a jewelry holder covered in removable and wearable jewelry. The Opera Singer holds four rings, a woven thumb ring, two pairs hoop earrings, three fiber bangle bracelets, a stack of twelve sterling silver bangles and Letters to my Lover charm bracelet as her skirt. Susan is a phenomenal artist who has had her work displayed in the Smithsonian, and she has become a family friend after working with my aunt to publish her book and asking my mom to do much of the photography for it.I scrawled all over this photo so you can see how the jewlery sits on the holder. The bracelet that makes up her skirt blows my mind.The piece had nothing to do with our books and buttons theme, but I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to work this one of a kind piece into our wedding day. At the end of the night, my aunt revealed that the hat on top of the singer was actually a ring custom made for me! I love having that little keepsake from the evening.I should probably stop drooling over those cakes and show you a few photos of that iconic moment known as the cake cutting. Did you know the cake cutting tradition has root in a small wheat cake that was crumbled over the brides head by the Romans to encourage fertility? I hope it worked.We cut using an antique silver piece my grandma picked up for us at an antique store. It's quite possible that I am whispering "Careful not to cut the cake topper honey, it's worth several thousand dollars."My brand new husband looks at me with so much love in his eyes. I look at the cake.Many couples talk about how they wished they had practiced cutting the cake. Looking back on the pictures I'm left wishing we would have practiced the eating part of this ritual. Having your mouth open as wide as possible is never very attractive. Maybe we should have tried feeding each other one at a time?After the first bite most couples turn and smile at their family and friends, or shove cake in each others faces, or pose politely for the photographer. Not us. After the first bite I went right back for the second, and as soon as that was finished my thoughts immediately turned to the rest of the cakes sitting across the room. I believe I actually heard the Lemon Coconut calling my name.Kelli Nicole I hope you put the camera down long enough to get some cake!Previously:That Wedding: Bridesmaid Party!That Wedding: Whole Foods (Rehearsal-ish) LuncheonThat Wedding: Harbor SailingThat Wedding: Putting My Face OnThat Wedding: The Gift ExchangeThat Wedding: Dre[...]

That Wedding: Bridesmaid Cake Pull


Throughout my planning process I kept hearing of this thing called a cake pull. From what I understood it was a Southern wedding tradition, and it happened at the bridal shower. Charms were buried inside of a cake and pulled out by a ribbon, with each charm corresponding to a fortune. I loved this idea, but I wasn't having a bridal shower where all my favorite ladies would be present.My solution to this dilemma was to incorporate the tradition into the wedding day! Sounds like a great idea right? Well it was in theory, but it didn't quite work out as well as I would have hoped.Since we had a cake buffet (lots of yummy cake pictures to come!), I simply asked the catering staff to stuff my charms directly into the cake right before the event was to happen. I'm sure they were all standing around in the back talking about the crazy bride (that is the kind of thing I did when I used to cater weddings).I called each of my bridesmaids forward and told them to pull on a ribbon of their choice.I held in my hand 8 slips of paper with "fortunes" written on them.When enough of the cake was wiped off of the charm to be able to see what it was, I handed the corresponding fortune to each girl and had them read it out loud.Part of me still believes that this could have been really awesome (and as an amateur folklore buff I'm fascinated by the myriad of cultural wedding traditions to be found), but my execution wasn't quite what it should have been. I made up the fortunes myself, since all the fortunes I could find online were really cheesy, but like most of my wedding projects I did it at 3 am the week of the wedding and my fortunes just weren't funny enough.BM Nay looks at me and says "That Bride, why in the world are we doing this?"I don't know if I intended for the majority of the guests to gather around and watch this unfold, but that's what happened.BM Lova was married just three months before me, and I was really hoping she would get the fortune about having lots of babies, but that didn't happen.I bought the charms from Swedenberg's Gold Chest Jewelers on eBay. I wanted something inexpensive because I knew that most of the girls would lose or throw their charms away that night and the whole set of 9 from this seller was only $15.As with all of my crazy wedding decisions, my bridesmaids were good sports and played along with smiles on their faces. I would be very surprised if I ever saw this practice repeated again, I don't think anyone would rate it a big success.Fate was smiling upon me at the end of the Cake Pull, when the second youngest bridesmaid pulled the baby in a high chair charm, with a fortune that stated "You will be blessed with children. Lots of them."To which her mom cried out "Not anytime soon I hope!"Good thing I have funny relatives who are always ready with a good joke to get everyone laughing. My advice to other brides who have ever considered doing this would be to have the funniest person you know write these out for you.Kelli Nicole I wish you could have been a bridesmaid in a pretty black dress, but I needed you there to take my pictures!Previously:That Wedding: Bridesmaid Party!That Wedding: Whole Foods (Rehearsal-ish) LuncheonThat Wedding: Harbor SailingThat Wedding: Putting My Face OnThat Wedding: The Gift ExchangeThat Wedding: Dressing That BrideThat Wedding: Bridal DetailsThat Wedding: The First LookThat Wedding: Into The WoodsThat Wedding: Woodsy Family PortraitsThat Wedding: To Wed! To Wed!That Wedding: Showered With Love, Coins, and HugsThat Wedding: Group Shots With a Little SpiceThat Wedding: Those GroomsmenThat Wedding: The Whole PartyThat Wedding: Me and My Maids (+Manmaid)That Wedding: Ring Ceremony PrepThat Wedding: The Ring CeremonyThat Wedding: Let Us Whet Your AppetiteThat Wedding: PhotoboothThat Wedding: We DanceThat Wedding: Dining DetailsThat Wedding: Toasting[...]

That Wedding: Toasting


When I brought up the idea of doing toasts that included flutes of sparkling cider I expected my dad to say "No way." He can be a little bit on the conservative side at times (not like I'm not conservative myself), and although we drink sparkling cider ourselves at holidays sometimes I thought he might say no because of how it would look in the photos. I was pleasantly surprised to find out he was on board with the idea, and it was a good thing because we were well under our catering minimum before this point and I needed a way to beef up menu a little bit.I'm going to do what 99% of brides do at this point and say that our toasts were awesome. They include the story of how we came to be as related by the best man, some Polish from a real Pole, a little sister tattling on the bride, a teary eyed father, a bride that planned everything except her speech, and an introverted groom ending things on just the right note. But I think I'm getting ahead of myself.The Best Man's toast was a completely unexpected hit. If you have ever been curious how a farm girl from Washington and a Polish boy from, well, Poland met in the middle of Utah, all you have to do is listen to this speech. This is the point where it was revealed to all of our guests that I was only married at this point because of the "marriage powerpoint" I presented to convince my future husband it was important to try dating.Best Man Toast from Jenna on Vimeo.I made sure everyone knew that after I got up the nerve to tell That Groom I wanted to date him, he took 3 weeks to give me an answer!Was the toast really that funny? Let's look around and see.Yep, it was absolutely hilarious.I'm mostly laughing because I came out looking like the smart one after the toast was over. I am the one who decided we should date (and get married!) after all.That FIL stood up and had everyone laughing, and even did a little speaking in Polish! If you didn't know, people who have never heard Polish before are fascinated by it. It's very common for people to say to That Husband "Say something to me in Polish."FYI, don't do that to people. It's always annoying and they don't really have anything to say when you put them on the spot like that."Ha ha ha, funny FIL!"MOH Shay stood up and told everyone I used to beat on her when we were kids. Do I look like the kind of person who would beat on her little sister?This is the face that says "I'll beat on talk to you later about this little missy."I admit now that I had a rather selfish reason for wanting do have these toasts; I wanted to have our fathers stand up and say a few words. My dad's toast wasn't funny, but it was sweet and sincere. I think my new husband leaned over to me 3 or 4 times throughout and asked "Is this being taped? Are you sure it's being recorded?", because we both knew that it was something we would want to be able to remember and relive.Thanks dad.Then it was our turn.Bride and Groom Toast from Jenna on Vimeo.My toast was a little bit ho-hum.That Groom's however, was really wonderful! He was sincere, thoughtful, articulate and eloquent. I'm supposed to be the extroverted one in the relationship who does well in front of crowds, but now I'm thinking I'm really just the one who likes to talk.We saw lots of touched expressions like this throughout the room.The lady you see beaming up at my new husband in this photo deserves a lot of credit for making this all happen. Over a decade ago she received the bio for a Polish boy who wanted to be placed in California for the foreign exchange program. All of the California spots were taken, but she contacted him and asked if he would be interested in being placed with a family in Utah. This kind gesture of hers was the first of many of the events that brought he and I together in the end.That MIL. The love she feels for her son is so transp[...]

So Hard to Wait for Such Pretty Pictures


As soon as I saw this post on the blog of Ksenija Savic (who might just have a harder name to say than I do!), I commented and asked her if I could repost it here. I loved Anne Ruthmann's post on WB Pro that talked about this very subject (and in fact Ksenija's post was inspired by Anne's post), but Ksenija took things a step further and broke down in hours how long each step of the process takes.All the words and photos past this point are by Ksenija herself. I hope this helps you understand just a little bit better what it takes to process a wedding.---------------why does it take so long to receive my wedding/portrait images?(Heather & i decided to collaborate on the verbiage for this post!)while we've been lucky to not have anyone ask this question, at times maybe we wish you would! we wonder if you might be asking yourself this question, or just plain want to know more about the logistics of it all! however, just to make it easier, let's use a wedding for the example!here are the basic steps about the process we fine art photographers go through the minute your session or wedding is over.step one:we load all memory cards to the computer in order to properly back up your beloved photos.then spend what seems to be a NEVER ENDING process,burning dvd's of these files to make extra sure the images are safe, as well as backing them up to an external hard drive!!EXAMPLE: 3500 images = 8 - 10 hours (MINIMUM) step two:all thousands of images are reviewed (often times up to 4500 images... yes 4500)!!!one by one, we choose the best of the best images, to help make your life easier.the idea behind narrowing down images, is to make sure only the most perfect shots are edited and given to you.we take so many to make sure we can have a grand selection of every moment, as well as duplicates to insure the moment is captured!!!this process takes hours & hours looking at each individual image, deciding which to keep or not to keep.EXAMPLE: 2500 images = 2 - 4 hours step three:somewhere between 100 - 300 top favorite images are selected and then given the very special artistic effect that is custom by photographer's style and makes your wedding unique and special!!this is the process that takes the most time, energy & personal touch, as order to provide you with the beautiful, one of a kind, fine art you invested in, this process most definitely cannot be rushed.EXAMPLE: 75 images = 10 hours (MINIMUM) step four :a blog post is created so that you have a great sneak peek to be able to view, share & enjoy some of the top faves from your day!everyone does blogging a little differently, however for me, i really LOVE being able to make my blog posts as special & personal as possible because of how much i connect with my clients. i want your first look at your wedding to be moving & memorable. an average blog post from start to finish takes me on average about 24 hours & up (MINIMUM)! step five:color and density is corrected with each and every image. images are cropped if necessary.because your wedding was shot in a multitude of differ[...]

That Wedding: Dining Details


Walking into the Great Room for our first dance was my first glimpse of the room, and when we sat down after our dance I took a few seconds to soak everything in. Tiffany (my DOC), my wonderful Aunt Janelle, my mom (because I know she wouldn't be able to resist helping), and Donna (the hotel coordinator) set things up even better than I could have directed, and I didn't have to lift a finger to do any of it.I love the bright splash of color that the punch adds. This is where not having a color scheme comes in handy.Our little sweetheart table was just what we needed. We were very gushy throughout the entire meal, staring into teach others eyes and repeating over and over "We're married. Can you believe it?"Tables were named after locations found in our favorite novels. I have to admit that I was stumped concerning what the tables should be named and That Mother suggested they be named after our favorite novels. Why didn't I think of that? I decided it would be more fun to name them after the famous locations found in those books. It turned out to be a fun chance for guests to try to figure out what novels were being represented at each table.Our table was named Paradiso. Where else would the bride and groom sit? I liked Inferno much better, but it didn't seem very appropriate for a wedding.Our fluffy mini book centerpiece was topped off with an antique book That Mother found in France last summer.Our table name signs were rather flimsy and we needed a way to have them sitting high enough for guests to easily find where they were sitting. The solution was taking wire, wrapping double strands around a pencil to create loops that would hold the paper, and then creating two larger loops on the bottom to hold it up. That Mother's ability to dream up inexpensive solutions to the common problems encountered during wedding planning amazes me.Table signs were fashioned by ripping (gently) pages out of an old novel we found at antique and thrift stores. That Mother gently taped the book page to a sheet of printing paper and printed the table names directly on the novel's pages. If you look closely at some of the signs you will see that some of them have text from the novel on them! I think it was a fictional book about Cuba. I didn't really proofread the pages, I hope they were appropriate for the event!Below are all of the table names we used. Can you tell which novels these locations can be found in?Pretend that "a" is really an "e" to spell Hertfordshire. This is why wedding projects should not be done late at night.This table contained the only novel That Groom could think of as a favorite. He is more of a non-fiction business themed book kind of guy. He originally suggested Lord of the Rings as his favorite and I said "What location are we going to name the table after from LOTR, Mordor?" We decided to go with The Hobbit instead.This one was also a little bit of a stretch. I've never actually read Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz", but I do really love the play Wicked and I've read the novel that inspired it. That counts, right?I do realize that Anne didn't actually live in a town named Green Gables. If I can change the spelling of Hertfordshire I can certainly reinvent where Anne fell in love with Gilbert Blythe, right?Each centerpiece was resting on a stack of antique books. I think my favorite is the enormous yearbook from 1920, with record of women's sports teams playing croquet matches and such. I originally wanted to find books that would be relevant to us or the theme of love in some way, but when you live in a tiny town in central Washington you take what you can get.As guests sat down I admit they were a little bit overwhelmed with the information presented to them, but tucking things inside and under their napkin seemed li[...]

That Wedding: We Dance


My first dance post only has 5 photos, a paltry amount for me.Why?Because writing it makes me want to cry.The First Dance from Jenna on Vimeo.That is all I will ever see of the dance we took lessons for, the dance we left appetizer hour to practice. The dance my friend said was "like a fairy tale."That MotherMy wedding was lovely, and I enjoyed every moment. But sometimes I think we all need to voice our regrets, and admit that weddings aren't perfect. So here is my regret: I should have hired a videographer. I should have eliminated that visit to the spa on Thursday before the wedding and paid someone to capture every moment. My pedicure only lasted 2 weeks, but that video would have been with me for a lifetime.So this is my wedding, full of mistakes and happiness. Weddings are always Mary Poppins Perfect aren't they? Not quite perfect, but because of what we come away with, very very close.Oh Kelli Nicole, I wouldn't have anything without you!Previously:That Wedding: Bridesmaid Party!That Wedding: Whole Foods (Rehearsal-ish) LuncheonThat Wedding: Harbor SailingThat Wedding: Putting My Face OnThat Wedding: The Gift ExchangeThat Wedding: Dressing That BrideThat Wedding: Bridal DetailsThat Wedding: The First LookThat Wedding: Into The WoodsThat Wedding: Woodsy Family PortraitsThat Wedding: To Wed! To Wed!That Wedding: Showered With Love, Coins, and HugsThat Wedding: Group Shots With a Little SpiceThat Wedding: Those GroomsmenThat Wedding: The Whole PartyThat Wedding: Me and My Maids (+Manmaid)That Wedding: Ring Ceremony PrepThat Wedding: The Ring CeremonyThat Wedding: Let Us Whet Your AppetiteThat Wedding: Photobooth[...]

Mixers Gone Wild


Has anyone else seen these?

Is anyone else thinking "Wow Kitchenaid, you really missed the mark when you chose to feature grape vines over Damask."

Would you pay $600 for any of these patterns? If you could design your dream Kitchenaid mixer, what would it look like?

That Wedding: Photobooth


Usually when things become popular I tend to run in the opposite direction. I either want to be way ahead (doesn't everyone?) or so far behind that what I'm doing is considered "vintage", not trendy.The photobooth became the exception to that rule. With a photographer willing to supply the manpower, and a mom who already owned the equipment, I just couldn't pass it up. It was free after all.I collected wigs, gloves, hats, feather boa, and other accessories for people to dress up in. I started to wish my wedding was November 11 instead of October 11, because I would have been able to get all kinds of great Halloween stuff for really cheap! Most of the supplies actually came from the dress-up box of an 8-year old family friend.Jamie SmithThe mini whiteboard was a very last minute addition to the prop box, and ended up being the hit of the booth.Jamie SmithOn the floor we rented at Hotel 1000 we had 5 different rooms at our disposal. The atrium for the ring ceremony, the great room for the dinner, the library and lobby for appetizers, and a side room that we turned into a storage/photobooth area.The umbrellas you see below, and the darling girl behind the camera is Jaquilyn Shumate. She and her husband came and volunteered their time to run the photobooth for the evening.Guest photoOpposite the photobooth photographer was a blank sheet of white seamless background paper purchased from a photo supply store. It was clipped to a stand that my mom owns.Guests were instructed to stand in front of it and do things much more interesting than these three groomsmen are doing.Guest photoThat Groom and I were the first official visitors to the photobooth. I quickly scribbled a message on the white board and jumped in the frame with him.Jamie SmithAfterward I realized it was silly of me to think I would want to send out a thank you card featuring my chicken scratch so I photoshopped that out and put in something much prettier.We are in love, didn't you know?The photobooth pictures are without a doubt the funnest pictures from the entire weekend. The props helped people loosen up, and you saw people taking photos together who probably wouldn't have had/taken the chance otherwise!My dear photographer friend Kelli Nicole jumped in with me.And took a moment to show us all how crazy she is about photography. Yes, she carries both of those cameras around her neck all day long.All of my dad's brothers and sisters were present and took the opportunity to have their picture taken together. I'm sad I didn't encourage my mother's side of the family to do the same thing, since 6 of her 7 siblings were present that night.It gave That Groom's friend from Poland the chance to jump in a photo with 5 sexy ladies.The whiteboard gave our guests the chance to send us secret message that weren't revealed until we got our pictures back. Look at that hot action happening on the right side of this photo! I love these guys!Some of the messages were inside jokes that we understood. Thanks MOH Shay and BM Bree, I was so concerned about our little friend Pho!Some of our guests took the opportunity to showcase their dry wit and sarcasm.But most just sent us messages we don't understand.Apparently this is how my mom would write "We Love You" in Polish?The booth gave these two sisters a chance to show how they really feel about each other.And best of all, gave my Great-Grandma the chance to look sassier than I've ever seen her before.If you do decide to use some kind of a board, I would go with chalk if possible, some of the messages are hard to read because of the glare from the flash.Out of our 70 guests, 36 had their photo taken in the booth. I wish I had done a better job spreading the [...]

The Look of a Decade


This post by Becker has me thinking "Will my wedding day look stand the test of time?"

All of these brides are ridiculously beautiful but you can definitely tell some of them are brides of the 90's by looking at their photo.

Did you focus on a wedding day look that's classic, or did you embrace the 2000's and go with what you love? Do you have any predictions for what the look of a bride married in this decade will be? What will Becker be posting 10 years from now?

That Wedding: Let Us Whet Your Appetite


We exited through the sliding glass doors right into the library area thinking we were going to have to stand around and greet all of our guests receiving line style, as has been the case for every single LDS wedding I have ever attended. We were lucky and that didn't happen! Over the course of the weekend we gave our guests several opportunities to spend time with us so there was no need. Phew!That didn't stop my recently married best friend from charting a course in my direction to give me the Pre-Wedding Night Chat. "Are you nervous?" She asked me. "Don't lie to me, just tell me how you are doing." As a culture of virgins, this talk runs rampant throughout the celebration.I don't remember much about the hour of appetizers. I know we didn't spend all of it together, but we sure did laugh a lot. Although appetizer hours aren't practical for every budget we ended up having to expand our appetizer menu to meet our catering minimum because of the number of declines we had to our invitations.Jamie SmithThis joke was even funny enough for my 5 chins to come out and celebrate with me!I spent most of the time wandering around without my new husband (except that time when we snuck into the hallway to practice our first dance, which may have caused any guests watching us to raise an eyebrow at, since it may have looked like we snuck away for a little time alone).Most of my time was spent begging people to visit the photo booth. After I got the pictures back I realized not many people listened to me.Guest PhotoIt's so fun to sort through the wedding photos and get an idea of what others experienced while I was wandering around being a bride. Nothing makes all of the time and work put into the planning more worth it than seeing the laughter and smiles of friends and family throughout the day.Apparently two of my cousins decided to stay in the atrium after the ring ceremony to use button covered aisle as their own personal runway.Jamie SmithWork it darling!Jamie SmithSee those smiles I was talking about? So worth it.Jamie SmithI love this close up shot of the aisle runner, I didn't even notice the pretty pattern on the day of. And you know I love my buttons!Jamie SmithIt wasn't until the appetizer hour was about halfway over that I encountered my first tray of delicious food. Everyone else grabbed their food off of silver trays, but Donna, my hotel coordinator, had them arrange a beautiful tray specifically for the bride and groom.From left to right: Miniature baked brie with fruit compote, Poached lobster with avocado mousse on cucumber rounds, Rare beef crostini with caramelized onions, Grilled prawn skewers with coconut dipping sauce.There was something special about many of the dishes they served that night. Two days before the wedding my dad brought in several boxes of organic potatoes, shallots, cippolinis, and onions. Those onions you see in the shot below are my dad's! The chef customized the catering menu for our event and included the produce we provided in most of the dishes served throughout the night.Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, hypoglycemic MOH Shay Shay grabbed an apple to tide her over until dinner since she couldn't have any of the appetizers.Jamie SmithOrdering custom Gocco napkins from South Main Design with our wedding quote on them was a fun touch that didn't break the bank. I was very happy to receive a stack of these after the wedding, since it meant that the staff treated them well and realized the extras shouldn't just be tossed in the trash.I didn't give a single thought to the cocktail table decor. Or a single penny. The tea lights provided by Hotel 1000 worked just fine[...]

Getting Gallery Wrap Canvas For Cheap


I've recently been crying over the cost of gallery wrap canvas prints . I want to fill my house with them and create my own version of the oft cited Martha gallery wrap layout.

Unfortunately ordering them through the company my Mom uses for her own professional printing would run me $75 for an 8X10 (that's wholesale people!).

I was delighted when my photographer friend Chriselda sent me a coupon for 20% off of all orders from the website Picture It On Canvas until January 21st using the code "jan09".

I've never ordered through them so I don't have first hand experience, but you can read about someone elses on The Butterfly Has Landed.

Of course if you do have any problems you can always take advantage of their 100% satisfaction guarantee! According to their website you can receive a full refund or a free reprint if you contact them about your dissatisfaction within 3 days of receiving your order.

Now to start sorting through my photos to decide which ones I want to hang...

That Wedding: The Ring Ceremony


Our officiant stepped forward and everyone quieted down. He welcomed our guests, thanked them for coming, and introduced himself. We call him President Christensen because he is a member of the area priesthood in my hometown. He was also a close friend of my dad's in high school (and sources report he even dated my mom a little bit!). It was important to have someone that knew one of us well officiating, as well as someone with authority in the Church.President Christensen called my grandpa forward and we began with a word of prayer.When we asked President Christensen to officiate we also asked him to prepare a few words about temple marriage and why we chose to be married in the temple. We felt this was an important opportunity to share a fundamental part of our belief system with those close to us who may not understand it well.The message he shared was beautiful and tailored to us personally. He based his words on The Family: A Proclamation to the World, a document released by the LDS church which explains why we believe in marriage.President Christensen has a very warm and gentle tone and he knows when to be funny and what kind of humor is appropriate for the occasion. I love how many photos there are of That Groom, myself, our parents, or our guests smiling at something the said.I was glad I had decided to write my words down instead of memorizing them, otherwise I would have been so busy trying to remember everything I wouldn't have been able to really listen and soak all of it in.I think Kelli may have captured my dad taking a quick little cat nap. It was a long day for all of us!In the middle of his words on marriage President Christensen called us forward. I remember clearly his advice "People are going to begin asking you when you are going to have children, when you are going to start your family. It's important that you realize that the two of you became a family today."He encouraged us to "be quick to forgive and forget. Learn that love, like faith, is a verb, not a noun. Do something every day to lift and encourage each other. Put the interests of each other ahead of your own."He then presented us with a copy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World, and one to both of our parents as well.I thought it was really touching that he went out of his way to get a copy of the proclamation in Polish for my in-laws.Why marry in the temple? from Jenna on Vimeo.Our friend L was invited to come forward and read the quote we chose by C.S. Lewis:Being in love is a good thing, but it is not the best thing. There are many things below it, but there are also things above it. You cannot make it the basis of a whole life. It is a noble feeling, but it is still a feeling. Now no feeling can be relied on to last in its full intensity, or even to last at all. Knowledge can last, principles can last, habits can last; but feelings come and go.And in fact, whatever people say, the state called "being in love" usually does not last. If the old fairy-tale ending "They lived happily ever after" is taken to mean "They felt for the next fifty years exactly as they felt the day before they were married," then it says what probably never was nor ever could be true, and would be highly undesirable if it were. Who could bear to live in that excitement for even five years? What would become of your work, your appetite, your sleep, your friendships?But, of course, ceasing to be "in love" need not mean ceasing to love. Love in this second sense--love as distinct from "being in love"--is not merely a feeling. It is a deep unity, maintained by the will and del[...]

That Wedding: Ring Ceremony Prep


While the boys were golfing and us girls were gallivanting around taking photos, my DOC Tiffany, Hotel 1000 coordinator Donna, Aunt, and a few cousins were putting the finishing touches on all of the setup.Jamie SmithI felt really bad about asking my aunt to hang the chandelier for me, because I felt like I was asking her to work on a day of celebration. She'd already driven all the way out to Seattle for the weekend, taken time off of work, and now I wanted her to climb up on a ladder and hang things up. I tried to find a way to fit doing it myself into the schedule but it would have meant getting up at 4 am on my wedding day for setup, and I knew that was a bad idea.Now I realize that people were so willing to do things for me because they love me. It's wonderful to see the ways in which people gather to show how much they care about you on your wedding day. I love my family and friends for that.Jamie SmithWe didn't end up lighting the candles on the chandelier, and just let them hang in their Phantom-esque glory. My aunt and cousins then hung 12 hanging glass votives with battery powered tea lights and sparkly diamond chips inside. The decor was simple, cheap, and modern and I loved it.Jamie SmithI needed something to dress up the runner and the buttons I was incorporating throughout the wedding provided the perfect solution. I sorted through my huge supply purchased off of ebay and filtered out all of the black, cream, ivory, and gold buttons.I printed the reserved seating signs on sheets of cardstock two-by-two and cut them in half. I made sure to inform all of those who had reserved seats to look for them so we didn't have someone doing a reading sitting in the back row.Jamie SmithThe programs were a last minute project that I ended up being really happy with. I was just going to do little quarter sheets of paper set on every other chair, but then I realized that our quote was entirely too long for people to pay attention unless they could read it.So I emailed Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs and she whipped up a template for me in word. We went back and forth for a long time on how to bind the three pages together. The sewing machine wasn't working so I couldn't do that again, and I didn't want to just use staples.Photo by meUsing a hole punch and filling it with a diamond head tack turned out to be the perfect solution.Photo by meThe second page had the quote we used for our reading printed on vellum. I hope it helped people better understand how we feel about marriage, and what we think a succesful marriage is.Photo by meOn the last page I had the chance to reuse the compass I purchased off of iStockphoto.Photo by meWhen creating the schedule for the wedding I stressed a lot about the period of time between the temple and the ring ceremony. What would our guests do for so long? I felt like I needed to be entertaining them every moment of the day, and now I realize how ridiculous that was. The break gave family and friends a chance to relax.Jamie SmithThat Mother got a chance to touch up her hair and makeup.Jamie SmithIt was a time to kick off your shoes and relax...Jamie Smithand my grandma took that really seriously.Jamie SmithAround 4:00 pm the ushers started escorting their guests to their seats. You might have noticed that the cousin pictured here doing the ushering was also hanging up tealights earlier. He was really helpful that day, and it was so fun to look at the pictures and see how they took ushering the ladies to their seats very seriously.Photo by guestThat morning in the temple, That Groom an[...]

That Wedding: Me and My Maids (+ Manmaid)


Finally we had arrived at the photo shoot I was most looking forward to that day! My bridesmaids were looking hot in their non-matching dresses and mini veils, with their cocktail rings and black and gold shoes. The weather was cooperating and we only had to walk one block down to find a nice deserted street with all kinds of nooks and crannies with wonderful lighting.You would think that my Roman bridal shoot would have prepared me for photos with a crowd of people gathered around, but I did feel oddly self conscious. I love how the slightly pink tone of this wall really helps my dress pop.One of my favorite photography "tricks" is when the photog asks the subjects to all look in different directions. When repeated two or three times in a row it can lead to some great shots (plus it really helps people loosen up instead of staring straight into the camera and smiling). Click to enlarge the photo below to see what I mean.I wanted to get a photo with just my bridesmaids (no juniors or bridesman) and so my sister and I sat down on the big trunk together in front. I thought it seemed natural for us to hold hands like this...but holding hands isn't something we ever actually do together so she felt really silly. I love her!Want to see another one of my photo tips? Whenever I'm "posing", I move my head, eyes, and mouth around to different positions for each shot to help me relax and capture different angles. I tend to scrunch my eyes up and let my mouth get tight when I stare straight into the camera and smile for a long time. You will feel silly, and people will make fun of you, but I guarantee you'll start getting better shots because of it.While in Rome, my mom and I attended an antique fair and I fell in love with these gigantic and over the top cocktail rings. It was a fun surprise for them, and I did my best to try to match each girls personality with the ring she received.Mine now sits on the ring holder in my kitchen. It's so big I still haven't found an event fantastic enough for me to justify wearing it.Photo by meWe packed up our suitcases and walked down the street a little farther to see if we could spot another good location. I promise I didn't ask Bridesman Trevy to tag along just so he could schlep the bags for us, but it does look like that in this photo doesn't it?I wish you all could meet my bridesman. He is definitely the coolest person I have ever met and I'm so glad I asked him to fly all the way out and be in my bridal party (my traditional family got such a kick out of asking a guy to be in the bridal party instead of asking him to be a groomsmen).We settled on a set of stairs, arranged ourselves, and scattered the suitcases for this awesomely vogue shot. Unfortunately we didn't take into account that people would be walking up and down to get to and from Pikes Place market. It just meant we had to move over every once in awhile to let streams of families through. I had budgeted a lot of time for these photos so we were able to get all the pictures we wanted even with the extra accomodations we had to make.The three girls on the left in this photo are my double cousins! My parents got married, and then my mom's sister and my dad's brother decided to get married as well! Luckily all of their kids are our favorite cousins because we see them at every single family activity we attend, no matter which side of the family it is.These are my college roommates for the last 4 years. Three of us met our freshman year of college, the 4th joined a year later, and we haven't sp[...]

That Wedding: The Whole Party


When we pulled up to Hotel 1000 the valet station was crazy! Many of our guests were all arriving at the same time and since the hotel is located right in the middle of downtown Seattle they don't have the capacity to handle more than 3 or 4 cars pulling up at once. The valet started to wave us forward, as if to say "circle around the block and try again in a few minutes", but this bride knew what she was paying for so I hopped out right in the middle of traffic. As soon as they recognized me (for the past three days they had all been calling me by name, but the big ivory dress helped as well) they ran over and helped us both out of the car. Don't mess with the bride, boys.My bridesmaids came over with my emergency bridal backpack and started to spray me down. My hair was getting rather snarly by this point because every time I gave someone a hug they put their arm around my neck and tugged on my veil.I usually try to avoid hairspray at all costs, but I got a really good dose of it on the wedding day.With my hair sufficiently plastered down it was time for the birdcage aka "party veil".I bought the veil from Something Bold, and the flower from Easter Yu. The veil was a really funk, crazy shape when it arrived so my mom came up with the idea of pinning it to a roll of paper towels (a full roll) and steaming it into shape. It worked like a charm!Earlier that morning I had asked BM Princess Jess to find a way to sneak a snack into my day. I ate the biggest breakfast I could at about 5 am that morning, but appetizers weren't set to start until 5 pm and there was no time to sit down and eat in between. I meant to grab the food from her at the temple so I could eat it on the 15 minute drive between the temple and the hotel, but we both forget and I ended up standing in the hotel lobby stuffing my face while waiting for all the wedding party to gather."Yes That Groom, I'm listening to every word you are saying, not thinking about how delicious this sandwich is and how I'm practically making out with it right in front of you."Ivory dress+distracted bride+messy sandwich = potential disaster!Luckily my lovely Evelyn wasn't dirtied in the process. Thanks to BM Princess Jess for stopping in at Whole Foods and saving the day!We gathered in the cocktail lounge area of the hotel for a few shots of the entire wedding party together. I love this shot with all the guys relaxing and ready to go in back, every single bridesmaid chatting with another girl or checking to make sure they look good, and the two of us oblivious to everything.Kelli told us to kiss, so we did (gladly).Except I got a little bit carried away. Oops!That Groom finally broke things off for the sake of propriety.Yep, I think I'm pretty funny.Our wedding party traveled from New York, California, Texas, Utah, Las Vegas and Idaho to be with us. We lurve our friends!After only a few minutes of shooting it was time to send the guys downstairs for some virtual golf and "Caddy Shack" appetizers. That Husband and I agree that the virtual golf was a good idea, but the appetizers were unnecessary. From what I hear, most of the food wasn't eaten and once golf was over they had less than an hour until appetizers were served upstairs.I gathered up all my girls (and my favorite guy) and we headed outside to find the perfect spot for bridal party shots.Once upon a time I lived with a girl named Kelli Nicole. Then she took my wedding pictures. The beginning.Previously:That Wedding: Bridesmaid Party!That Wedding: Whole Foods[...]

Winner of Green Bride Guide Contest


Now that the holidays have passed and I have a little more time on my hands, I'm ready to announce the winner of the Green Bride Guide contest. I used a random number generator and the winner is commenter #8:

Which is Krista:

Her comment:
We're trying to be eco-friendly in our wedding, and in our lives! Re-usable items (the site owns their own candle holders we can use for the night), reducing waste (no favours people will just throw out), and recycling (everything we can!) will be our goals. I haven't decided about bm and gm clothing, but some above posters have had some great ideas to have them wear clothing they already own OR will actually wear again (not pretend to wear again!).
To that end in our lives, we have recently switched to bringing our own bags to the grocery store. No more plastic bags for us! We still forget sometimes, but not often. We grocery shop every week, so we might forget the bags once every six weeks.
I love when brides look past the wedding day with the changes and decisions they make. When my close friends are planning their weddings in the future I will definitely be turning to all of your comments for ways to help them be a little more green. Thanks to everyone who participated, I hope I get the chance to do another great giveaway like this in the future!

Krista I'll be trying to get in touch with you to get your address, but feel free to email me thatbride at gmail dot com, if you read this!

That Wedding: Those Groomsmen


Getting shots of the groomsmen should be easy, right? There's no "Does my hair look flat?", "Which pose will make me look the skinniest?", or "Wait, I need more lipgloss!" (I may or may not be guilty of that last one).And looking through the first few photos of the groomsmen shots, I believed that to be the case. They look great! (And unless you look really close you can't even tell that their suits don't match, their ties don't match, and one of them is wearing a rented tux because he didn't listen to the 3 very nice emails I sent him which plainly detailed what groomsmen were supposed to wear.)Kelli even managed to get them to stand in a nice line. Almost everyone is looking at the camera, and almost everyone has their hands in secret agent position.But then, she asked them to turn around and put their hands behind their back and chaos ensued!This is why only very nice people become photographers.Eventually all things were in order. Even the sun came out and said hello in this shot. The Best Man wants to know why Kelli took a photo that directly highlights his bum. The words "sun flare" have no meaning to him.When moving from one spot to another look what happened!Jamie SmithI have no words.Jamie SmithI admit, jumping pictures are becoming a bit cliche, but I love them because they help subjects loosen up a little bit. Usually jumping pictures full of a groom and groomsmen turn out really awesome (like the jumping shot in this post by Kelli Nicole), but the shot below is probably the worst jumping picture I have ever seen. And it was the best of the bunch!I just love these guys. :)I don't know how it happened, but I managed to secure a position for myself in the "Cheesy Wedding Shot Hall of Fame". I am definitely the type of bride who likes to laugh at girls who do this and in the middle of the wedding day I became one of them!I received an email from my SIL in Poland (who was unable to make it to the wedding) where she said "I love your pictures, especially the one of you on the hands of many men!" On the hands of many men, indeed.We never planned to have groomsmen shots happen like this (we were all supposed to meet up at the hotel and take a few groomsmen shots downtown, like the bridesmaid shots), but I realize now it doesn't matter that the two sets of photos don't match. The shoot was short (which I'm sure the groomsmen loved) and then it was time to pack up and head over to the hotel to meet up with the bridesmaids for wedding party shots!There was a girl named Kelli Nicole. She took my photos.Previously:That Wedding: Bridesmaid Party!That Wedding: Whole Foods (Rehearsal-ish) LuncheonThat Wedding: Harbor SailingThat Wedding: Putting My Face OnThat Wedding: The Gift ExchangeThat Wedding: Dressing That BrideThat Wedding: Bridal DetailsThat Wedding: The First LookThat Wedding: Into The WoodsThat Wedding: Woodsy Family PortraitsThat Wedding: To Wed! To Wed!That Wedding: Showered With Love, Coins, and HugsThat Wedding: Group Shots With a Little Spice[...]

That Wedding: Group Shots With a Little Spice


After all of those hugs we walked over to the lawn for the group shots. What is it about walking photos that makes brides love them so much? This shot even has some random car in the background and it is still one of my favorite wedding shots.Kelli NicoleOne thing I didn't do was get some shots of the back of my dress during portrait session. So sad when you think about how much I love my mom's veil and my bustle.Jamie SmithGroup shots are so boring. I realize they are an opportunity to catalogue who was present, but they're just boring. Luckily they didn't take very long because we only took 6. The full group, anyone related to either of us, my mom's side, my dad's side, me and my grandparents, and me and my grandmas. The only shot I regret not taking is one with just That Groom and his family/guests.Kelli NicoleThis is what group shots are like. The photographer attempting to get everyone in place, everyone talking to someone 5 people away from them, and the people in the back row blending in with the trees because the ladies in front can't be squatting in their dresses.Jamie SmithWhat is my sister doing? I have no idea. But at the time I found it to be absolutely hilarious!Jamie SmithIn my last post I mentioned that my bouquet was trashed, and this picture illustrates why. Anytime I needed to be putting my arms around someone for a photo I just tossed it on the ground in front of me. Bad bride.Kelli NicoleSorry dad, even your tender loving care can't save that bouquet from a sad and lonely death.Shaylene Rene' I saw MOH Shay walking around with the umbrellas I had stockpiled in case of rain. We obviously wouldn't be needing them for the guests, but I couldn't just let them be a complete waste and so I called her over for a little mini photo shoot.Jamie SmithThis turned out to be the only time we did something that involved just the two of us the entire day. I think it is one of her favorite memories as well.Jamie SmithAn attempt at some Rodney Smith style shots. This is what I like to think of as the "spice" we added to the group portrait time.Jamie SmithMy mom, sister, and I all happened to be waiting around together while some other shots were being taken so we capitalized on the chance to be our silly selves for just a moment.Jamie SmithOf course, being the busy bride the shots really did last just a moment.Jamie SmithJamie SmithThe last thing That Groom and I did on temple grounds was capture what I like to call the "iconic LDS wedding day portraits." I'm not joking, all LDS brides and grooms have pictures just like this on their wedding day. I really wish my shots didn't involve that big ugly scaffold on the steeple.Kelli NicoleI might try and photoshop the scaffold out, and I might not. It was part of my wedding day after all.Kelli NicoleWhat would you do? Would you take the scaffold out or leave it in?Previously:That Wedding: Bridesmaid Party!That Wedding: Whole Foods (Rehearsal-ish) LuncheonThat Wedding: Harbor SailingThat Wedding: Putting My Face OnThat Wedding: The Gift ExchangeThat Wedding: Dressing That BrideThat Wedding: Bridal DetailsThat Wedding: The First LookThat Wedding: Into The WoodsThat Wedding: Woodsy Family PortraitsThat Wedding: To Wed! To Wed!That Wedding: Showered With Love, Coins, and Hugs[...]