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To the left, To the left


The KozKoz is doing great and his lump/bump was not cancerous! We are so happy and so relievedHe had a big play day today with his buddies!The RaceIt was a beautiful morning!This and the rest of my pictures were snapped on the blackberry...I once again managed to leave the house without the camera. As I mentioned my plan was to just run, and I did...slowly. It was a small race and by far the prettiest race I have run this year. It was an out and back and most of the time the reservoir was on one side and the mountains were on the other. I was surprised how much I enjoyed not worrying about my watch or having the ipod in my ears. Before the race I wondered what I would think about the entire time. Then, before the race started, the race director told us that, at the split the 10k would go to the right and the 5K would go to the left....mmmm to the left to the left...and Beyonce stayed in my head the entire time. I only stopped three times for a short walk...but I like I said I was running pretty slow. Reason being the bottom (anterior) part of both of my knee caps hurt each time my foot hit the pavement. It was my slowest race by far, a little over 37 minutes.As usual I had my pit crew on hand. We ended up hanging out for a while because the race actually blocked the road down the mountain. But...we did not wait long enough. I ended up getting third in my age group! There were only three of us...but I still placed :)! We will have to wait and see if they send me the 3rd place trophy in the mail. And, you know me...had to get the pancakes. I told Scott to surprise me, as long as there were pancakes, and we went to Aretha Frankenstein's...Yum-O!Momo and Beer Over DirtAfter breakfast I went home and made Momo's banana bread WITH peanut butter chips. THE BEST banana bread. I am becoming a blogging baker...I recently made Kathleen's blueberry coffee cake too.Let's just say the co-workers have been living me lately. Then we went over to the Beerfest in town. My parent's had the boat at the dock and we hung out there for most of the evening.And as the morning started with a beautiful sunrise it ended with a beautiful sunset.Take Care,Molly You must not know 'bout meYou must not know 'bout me-Beyonce[...]

Everybody gets high, everybody gets low These are the days when anything goes


Catching Up The KozPoor Kozmo has had another issue. He went in to get some dental work done and I mentioned that I wanted the vet to take a look at a bump on his chest. Well, it turned out that she is worried it might be a tumor and they took it off and sent it off to get biopsied. Poor Koz...The DietDiet, what diet? The fact of the matter is that I know what I need to do...I just need to do it. I think that I was looking for a quick fix (aren't we all) and it was not happening fast enough for me. Then the lack of progress made me feel like a failure, which in turn made me make angry and frustrated (i.e. bad) food decisions. So the new plan is this...there is no plan. As I said, I know what I need to do and I just need to do it. Everything in moderation baby!The ExerciseMy knees have really been bothering me lately. I decided yesterday that one reason might be my shoes. I went today and got some new shoes and then headed to the gym. I immediately realized that the cushioning and stability of my old shoes was shot b/c the new shoes really felt zipped up. I have been doing a lot of elliptical and a lot of circuits on the treadmill...5 minute run, 5 minute walk on an incline for 40-50 minutes. My next goal...I need to get stretching back into the routine...I felt really tight the last two weeks. The RaceI have a race next Saturday. I had high hopes of finishing on or around 30 minutes but I think that I need to let that go. The last two weeks I have done very little running...only in intervals. That being said this race is paid for and I am actually really looking forward to it. The race is on Raccoon Mountain and should be a new and different experience.So, the new goal for the race is to go naked, electronically naked that is. I am not going to take the watch or (gasp) the ipod. I am going to go out there and just run, enjoy the view and have fun!The MedsOne of the reasons I have not posted a lot is that I am having a bit of a struggle off of the medications. The physical symptoms have returned and haunt me a good part of every day. I have been plugging along...and stopping to think about how I am doing or how I am feeling is dangerous. I have better days, today is a better day, and I hold those close. I have to allow myself to believe that in time most days will be better days. The Rest in PicturesEveryday is a winding roadI get a little bit closerEveryday is a faded signI get a little bit closer to feeling fine-Sheryl Crow[...]

Now every heart has a blind side, Where it learns how to improvise


Thanks to everyone for their words of support and understanding.

Part of my frustration with the whole weight loss thing was that I was, for those two weeks, tracking what I ate very carefully. I was counting crackers and washing measuring cups nightly. WW online has a points tracker and everything that went into my mouth went on the points tracker. I skipped dessert, did not have a glass of wine, was hungry and felt like I had NO energy and it got me no where!

I feel a little bit lost in that area at the moment. I am going to let me mind continue to work through it and figure out what I am going to do by Monday.

The beach was great. I had a fabulous time and I ate and drank wine and swam and ran and walked and caught up with family and read in the hammock (discovered a new author,
Daniel Silva...I read Secret Servant in three days (fast for me) and it was goooood!) and felt fine.

My cousins live in Nags Head, NC and own this great restaurant,
Tortuga's Lie. In addition to outfitting us in their awesome T Shirts they always bring me a sense of calm and a sense of purpose. I walked away wondering if I was simply wondering too much!

My big accomplishments of the trip were running twice (I thought Chattanooga was hot) and swimming a mile in the ocean. The ocean swim took another brick out of my mental wall...boy did I want to quit...but I didn't and I lived to tell about it.

Being without the meds is getting a little tough. I forgot what it is like to have my mind be on overdrive 24/7. I am not sleeping well b/c I can not stop thinking. But when I slow down and try to relax the bad thoughts creep in and I tend to rev back up again to avoid them. Oh, what a vicious cycle.

I got up and worked out this morning. I had not gone yet this week. early morning meetings and a lack of motivation kept me in bed. I am going to run/walk tomorrow (30minute run and 20 minute walk on an incline) and do elliptical and weights Saturday and run OUTSIDE Sunday.

Thanks for listening to me ramble!
Take Care,

Now all of these voices
And all of these noises
With all their illusions of choices
They've come to my door
With one dozen roses
The imitation of good faith
-The Wallflowers

I'm a loser baby so why don't you kill me


What do you do when you get on the scale after two weeks of healthy eating and early morning exercise and STILL see no weight loss...

I do not know what YOU do...

But I...

eat two tubs of weight watchers ice cream
three WW toffee bars
drink a big glass of cheap Pinot Gris
feel sorry for myself
and refuse to workout the next morning

I think I managed to eradicate every mentally and physically healthy aspect of my life in about 12 hours.

I really need an attitude adjustment...if the beach can't do it I fear I am a lost cause.

Take Care,

can't write if ya' can't relate,
trade the cash for the beef for the body for the hate,
and my time is a piece of wax, fallen on a termite,who's chokin' on the

I'm talking here to me alone


Monday was a BAD day! After Saturday's uplifting post I got on the scale Monday morning and I had lost NOTHING! YUCK! I had a real pity party most of the day. In hind sight the pity party (and maybe the lack of weight loss) was probably due to (monthly) circumstances out of my control, if you know what I mean.

Still managed another good week of workouts:

Monday: 40 minutes Elliptical

Tuesday: 3miles...building and then declining intervals
Mile 1: 12:13
Mile 2: 11:09
Mile 3: 12:06

Thursday: 30 minutes Elliptical and 20 minutes lifting (arms)

Friday: 30 minute run (2.5 miles) and 20 minutes walk on incline

I am especially proud of two things so far this week. How about that second mile on Tuesday..looking good...and I ran the entire three miles without stopping! And this morning I managed to get up and get to the gym at 5:15 (usually get there at 5:45) b/c I had an early meeting this morning.

In other news from last week:

Tuesday was a big day in our city. Volkswagen decided to locate their new US production plant in Chattanooga. This is a project that the hubby has had on his radar for a while. He works in Economic and Community Development for the State. I have spent most of the week really enjoying being a proud wife!


Meds, or lack there of, this week has been up and down. The beginning of this week was tough and I had thoughts of calling the head shrinker and yelling...PROZAC, PLEASE...NOW! Today, on the other hand, has been one of the best days in a while. I KNOW these up and downs will happen for a while and I need to ride the waves!

Food this week has been good too. I am starting to appreciate food as fuel and the taste as an added benefit...(that being said I did stuff myself at Carrabba's tonight so you can scratch that!).

Tomorrow I am going to a 9:30 spin class (if I can get in, I am on a (cheap) restricted membership at the gym which means I can not make a reservation) and Sunday I am planning on running and lifting.

Tomorrow is a pretty busy day...a brunch lingerie shower, dropping in on my sister and the boys at the park and a 50th birthday party for Scott's uncle. Sunday is Kate's 4th birthday party!


The little ones are growing up!

Probably post something Monday or Tuesday...hoping to be posting about a weight lost. I hope to leave for the beach Wednesday night with a good mindset about putting a bathing suit on Thursday morning!

Take Care,

Take your instinct by the reins
Your better best to rearrange
What we want and what we need
Has been confused, been confused

Oh, Feelin' maybe he'll see a little better, set a days, ooh yeah


This has been a LONG week. Just about EVERY night this week I had some sort of meeting or event or fundraiser to go to. For this reason I am especially proud of the fact that I stuck to my plan and I got all my workouts in! Especially since I have been tired and had a tingle in my throat all week... that feeling I was about to get sick...I am hoping the 10 hours of sleep I got last night, and 10 I plan tonight, might fight it off.


Monday: 40 minutes on the Elliptical

Tuesday: 3 miles...4 minute run (5.0) 1 minute walk (4.0)
Mile 1: 12:17
Mile 2: 12: 31
Mile 3: 12:14

Wednesday: 20 minute Elliptical and 15 minute swim

Thursday: 20 minute run...1.6 miles and 30 minutes weights

Saturday: 30 minute run...2.5 miles and 20 minutes Elliptical

The only day that did not go quite as well as planned was Wednesday. I forgot my goggles and Scott was in the pool while I was on the Elliptical so he was kinda goofing off by the time I got to the pool...these two things left me less focused than I usually am.

WW going well. Staying on point with my points this week.

I am VERY proud of my runs this week. On Wednesday I ran 20 minutes straight and today I ran 30 minutes straight. I am learning to push through that mental wall and that little voice that tells me to stop before my body actually does.

I have felt pretty balanced with my meds this week. I did find out that my new head shrinker, that I was just beginning to trust, is moving...we did not really talk about what happens next. I am not sure if I need to find someone else or if she will recommend someone.

In other happy news my parents have offered to fly me to the beach this year. This is an annual trip that I did not get to take last year b/c of the campaign. Scott will not be able to go with me, which makes me sad; but, I know I will have a great time!

Take Care,

Even flow, thoughts arrive like butterflies
Oh, he don't know, so he chases them away
Someday yet, he'll begin his life again, yeah
Oh, whispering hands, gently lead him away
-Pearl Jam

But the air outside so soft is saying everything


First things first...the promised Greenbrier pictures... The trip was wonderful...full of lost of food, family and fun. We had a great time at cooking school...Even when Dad got repeated lectures for taking his knife to the grill. My Dad surprised my Mom the night of her birthday dinner and arranged for her brother to drive down from DC to visit for a while! We rode horses...and went bowling...And Scott did falconry and shot little clay things. Finally we have to include the silly picture to close it down.It was a great trip...I could have stayed...This weeks workouts were pretty good!last Saturday: run/walk 40 minutesMonday: 50 minutes EllipticalTuesday: run/walk 40 minutesWednesday: 20 minute Elliptical and 20 minute swimFriday: 1 hour walkSaturday: 1 hour walkThis has been a pretty busy week.Monday Scott's brother and sister in law had their second child Mattie:Aunt Molly now has 2 nieces and 2 nephews!Thursday night we gathered on the Hall Ass II to grill out and watch fireworks...the Lookouts baseball team on one side of the river and the Pops in the Park n the other side of the river!Friday we went to Uncle Kit and Aunt Fran's for Kit's famous ribs. Scott only ate 19 ribs this year!Saturday I helped throw a baby shower for my friend Michelle (middle). And today I hosted a Mary Kay party. My sister's brother and sister in law are in town and her sister in law, Julie is a MK director. After the party we had dinner on the Hall Ass with my parents.Given everything that has gone on this week I am relatively proud of my eating habits. I have not followed my weight watchers points to a "T" but I did remain mindful of what I was eating and how much I was eating.This week was also a little touch and go with the meds. I had a few really tough days as I continued to lower my dose. As of Friday I am off of my Lamictal. I presume that there will be a couple more bumpy days to come.This weeks plan:Monday: 50 minute EllipticalTuesday: 40 minute runWednesday: 20 minute Elliptical/20 minute swimThursday: 20 minute run/20 minute weightsSaturday: 40 minute runSunday: Spinning***************************UPDATE*******************Weekly weigh in this (Monday) morning - 2 pounds lost. Finally on the right track!Take Care,MollyThough the air speaks of all well never beIt wont trouble me-Toad the Wet Sprocket[...]

My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps


Matt "the Bullet" tagged me forever ago so here we go!

1- How would you describe your running 10 years ago?

In 1997 I played on the Varsity Soccer team at UTC. I played the second half of the season with braces on both of my knees. My coach called me a running target. My Q Angle was so bad that there was nothing to do but put me in the braces. I had to be at PT at 6:00 every morning to get my IT bands stretched and the knots in my quads worked was a pain!!!!

After that season, in 1998, I quit and shortly there after I had surgery on both of my knees (bilateral release). Needless to say I was not running. I was 22 and my metabolism was such that I was still eating whatever I wanted with no side effects (in my lovely lady lumps) so the need to work out (and I deserved a break (by god), I had been working out since I was 8), did not seem that important.

2-What is your best and worst run/race experience?

Best: My first race
I had no idea what I was doing. I had no expectations. I had no goals. I just wanted to see what a race was like. And I did good!

Worst: not there yet
I say that because I truly believe that I am still learning what it means to race (or do you ever really stop?). I have done three 5Ks this year that have all been 5+ minutes slower than my first (and best) race. But in each of these races I learned pace myself, to prepare and how to work through pain. So, I can not say that I have had a worst race.

3. Why do you run?

What you gon' do with all that junk?
All that junk inside your trunk?

No really (well...yea, really) I run b/c I need to compete. Until 1998 my life consisted of soccer, swimming, basketball or rowing. Every sport has a event...something to work toward...and my mind is wired that way.

Should I be running...probably not...would I get up at 5:30 if there was not a race on the schedule August 23rd...probably not. THAT is why I run.

4- What is the best or worst piece of advice you've been given about running?

Best: Recently Bill reminded me how to get rid of my side stitches (to only exhale on the foot plant on the side of the stitch).

Worst: None...I love all the advice I get because it means so much to me.

5- Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know.

I like (gasp) the treadmill.

I tag...whomever would like to be tagged (I think I have read this on just about everyone's blog!)!

Take Care,

You don't want no drama,
No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama
-Black Eyes Peas

And in this moment it feels so right


SO....I am off of facebook for a moment....and the excitement is fading (or is this denial slipping into the 12 step program?).

My rehab took place in White Sulphur Springs West Virginia at a lovely little place called the Greenbrier. In actuality we visited this little slice of heaven for my Mom's birthday. It was an amazing trip and one that I will not soon forget.

We did cooking class, rode horses, swam in the indoor and outdoor pools, went to the spa, visited the bunker (cool story, check it out) and ate and ate and ate.

I will post pics soon but right now I need to submit myself for a reality check.

In the past two weeks I have forgotten about weight watchers, ignored my workout schedule and I have been completely and utterly self conscious.

The Greenbrier is an AWESOME place. I loved almost every second of it. The seconds I did not love were those when a skinny mother of two walked by in her short shorts, tank top and visor with a coffee in her hand, a tote bag over he shoulder and (in my eyes) the world at her feet.

Needless to say my own perception of myself versus this image was not good. Compounded by the fact that I have not been eating well, I have not been working out and I do not feel good in my clothes.

So, here we go (again). Tomorrow is another day. I am not sure how many times I will let myself get away with saying that...regardless, tomorrow is another day...5:30 workouts, weight watchers portion control and appreciation for the body that God gave me, that carries my crazy brain around all day, will all resume.

Now is time for the tangible. I will loose 15 pounds by the end of August. That is about 2 pounds a week and I KNOW that I can do that. I know that I WILL do that.

On the running front my next scheduled race is August 23rd. My goal...I will say it early and I will say it often... is 30 minutes. I have two months to do it and there is no reason that it can not be done.

So there...everything is on record...and now, let the games begin.

Take Care,

It's crazy I'm thinking
Just knowing that the world is round
And here I'm dancing on the ground
Am I right side up or upside down
And is this real or am I dreaming

6 Word Memoir


Addicted to Facebook
Going to Rehab

Take Care,

And heal and grow and recreate and raise and nurture


Riverbend 5K Race ReportThursday morning I laid in bed after the alarm went off and wondered if I should get up and run. I was worried what my frame of mind would be race day if I had another bad run. I decided to get up and find out. I did not take my watch, I did not want to worry about times...only running.I had a really good run. No side pain, good rhythm and I felt good.Thursday and Friday I drank water like it was running out. I was NOT going to be dehydrated. Friday night I got to Scott's Gramma's birthday party late so I could eat something at home.Saturday morning I got up at 5:45, had my coffee a Luna bar and a bottle of water.Around 7:00 Alan picked Scott and I up and we headed down to the race. I was pretty nervous at this point. I was not sure if I was prepared enough, not sure if my side stitches would come back and overall just not sure of myself.Getting to the race site always calms me. Seeing so many people there, so many ages, so many sizes...seeing all these people really puts me in my place.So, here us the pre-race shot:It was nice because it was not too hot and there was a little drizzle going. I thought about last year a lot...this was where I ran my first, and only, 10K. This year was not nearly as crowded as last year. Not sure if it was the weather (it has been really hot here) or maybe the gas prices kept would be travelers away. We got our T-Shirts, our chips and stretched out.Soon we were headed to the start.The first mile was good. I decided that I was going to stick to the 4 minute run/1 minute walk no matter how hard it was to stop at the beginning. 4 minutes blew by fast and we were still packed in like sardines, and I did not stop...deciding to stop and walk at 8, and I did. The first mile has the two hardest hills of the race and luckily the second hill fell in line with the second walk break.Mile 1 : 12:07I was a little disappointed, but this was still a minute plus faster than what I have been doing on the treadmill since we got back.Then it hit me..all the side stitches that I have had, to this point, started just past a mile...and there was no sign of a stitch in sight.The second mile went by really well. The run 4/walk 1 plan was going great and I was really feeling good.Mile 2: 11:04Then the trouble began. Right after I hit the second mile marker it hit...yep, the side stitch was back. I was PISSED at that damn thing. I was on track to go 34 minutes...that was all I wanted to do, take 1 minute off my previous time...and the damn thing was back.When the side stitches have hit in the past I have "tried" to run through them and I have eventually stopped. So, at this point I decided that my goal for the last mile was simply to stay with the 4/1 plan. No matter how slow I had to run I was not going to stop and walk. And that is what I did.Mile 3.2: 12.51Here is the finish So, in retrospect , there is the good and the bad.The good...a mental victory. When it comes to pain I am a quitter (for lack of a better word). Running through pain, or discomfort for that matter has not been a hurtle that I have overcome and I did yesterday. And the second mile was by far the best I have run this year.The bad...if I had stuck to my pace I would have come in at 34:41...not hitting 34:00 as I had hoped, but still a PR for the year.Alan did PR for the year...beating his pace of 41.22 in the Chicamauga ChaseThe interesting thing is the "official race results" have me coming in at 35:25 and Alan coming in at 40:03...who knows. I'll stick with my watch/and their clock time.I think we were both glad to be done......and having our post race pancakes.We did not get a pit crew picture this year...but, as always, lots of love to Momma and Scott who were there for me as always!******************************UPDATE********************After talki[...]

Made me sad to think it was dead


Well, I officially have a side stitch problem.Friday 30 minutes on the Elliptical20 minute swim. SaturdayoffSunday45 minute WALKMonday 50 minutes yogaTodayMile 1: 13:42 3 minute run/2 minute walk (4.8/3.8)30 minutes on the ellipticalSo Sunday I left the house at 7:30 AM to beat the heat and get a run in and the side cramps hit again. They literally make me bend over at the waist...I have NO idea what is going on! So, I walked...tried to pick up to running a couple of times with the same "symptoms" returning. I was REALLY frustrated Sunday.This morning...same thing. I was convinced that I was going to MAKE myself get through 3 miles...I got through one and had the man on the treadmill next to me checking on off the treadmill and hit the elliptical. I could feel the presence of the stitch on the elliptical (if that makes sense) but it was not cramping like it did when I ran.Help...please...race on Saturday!!!In other news..I joined Weight Watchers Online. I have to admit that I had a bit of a negative perception of WW. This is going to sound awful, but, I really thought of WW as something only people who had mega pounds to loose joined. Then Colleen entered the picture and showed me the light. I have been impressed with her success on the program and hope to have the same results.I want to loose 15 pounds...there were 10 to loose before the cruise and as I have mentioned many times there are now the 5 extra cruise pounds.I joined Saturday...but consider that I REALLY started yesterday (more below). As expected I am realizing that my portions were really out of whack! I have rediscovered the feeling of being hungry (in a good way) over the last two days. Last weekend was filled with a lot of fun on my parent's boat, The Hall Ass II (yes that is really the reference to my father's company Hall and Associates) at Riverbend. Friday night was the Black Crows, Saturday night was Anthony Hamilton and Sunday was America with our local orchestra. Lots of food and drink were enjoyed by all!It was really hot, but everyone had a really good time, even Koz:One final of our fellow bloggers is in Baghdad, Iraq on assignment. Please keep Bill in your thoughts and prayers. You might check his blog every now and again...he has updated once from Iraq and is still running! Take Care,MollyAfter two days in the desert sunMy skin began to turn redAfter three days in the desert funI was looking at a river bed-America[...]

Molly and Scott's Great Adventure Part 4


The final chapter...After Motor on our last night on the ship we were treated to a farewell dinner including (the traditional) Baked Alaska:We stayed up late, drank too much, danced with the Australians and had a great time!The next morning (tough due to the activities of the night before!) we got up and got off the ship (in Koper) and were greeted by Goran (who would lead us on our "land tour") and taken to our first hotel, in Portoroz. This hotel was VERY nice!We got there too early to check in so we checked emails and went and checked out the spa. Scott (who was getting his first massage EVER) and I both signed up for a massage later in the afternoon. I really wanted to do a mud wrap too but there was not an appointment in time to meet Goran later that evening. After we checked in our room, got our massages (very average) we met Goran and took a short trip to Piran. I really liked Piran. It was a small port town that had an Italian charm. Below is our guide, Goran and the two folks who traveled with us (also sat at our table on the trip). Goran grew up in Piran, so one of the coolest things was that every other person that we came upon stopped and said Hi to Goran. We walked up to a beautiful Catholic church that was being renovated after damage in the war. This church also gave us this beautiful view.Another great picture from Piran.After our trip to Piran we were treated to a "seafood feast". I had a caprice salad and pasta...not in the mood for seafood! Scott tried the Halibut and everyone else had prawns. Goran was a sailor/fisherman when he was younger and this restaurant was owned by a very good friend of his (who he scolded for not cooking the pasta correctly.)The next day our first stop was back in Koper. While we were in Piran Goran wanted to take us to a place that makes salt chocolate. Salt has a very rich history in Piran. Families would leave and go to harvest salt for 5 months a yeas. The place in Piran was closed and so we went back to Koper to go to a salt chocolate store. We picked up some salt chocolate but the neatest part of the store was that they literally had wine gas pumps...where anyone can purchase wine by the gallon!We then headed to the Postojna Caves. These caves were pretty cool, a lot of stalagmites and stalactites. It was also very cold. This is the only was against Slovinian law to take pictures inside the caves:We went around for about an hour in these caves and although they were pretty cool (literally and figuratively) I would have been fine with 30 minutes.Next we headed to the Predjama Castle. I was not very focused on this castle b/c I was very car sick. I was sandwiched in the back of the care, Goran was driving his stick aggressively and we were traveling up winding roads. The only thing that I absorbed was that the prince was killed by a bullet while sitting on the toilet.After being given the front seat, and subjecting Scott to the sandwich we headed to Ljubljana. This is where we got our first, clear view of the Julian Alps. Ljubljana was another beautiful, Italian style city. We did not spent a lot of time there. We ate another "small"lunch of giant pizzas and walked the city a little bit.In the back of this picture you can see one of the three bridges that come together at either side of the city. This is another example of the new, post war architecture.And then we were off to Bled. After we settled in, in another nice hotel, we went out to have our Austrian feast. Check out this "platter for two" that Scott and I shared. Under all the meat (2 pork chops, several Cevapcici, two hamburger and two veal kabobs) war fries for five and a few scattered veggies n the side. We also had a very good apple strudel for dessert.The firs[...]

Molly and Scott's Great Adventure Part 3


Our next stop was Kotor. We got up at 7:00 that morning, threw come clothes on and rushed up to the deck. (note picture below). Our plan was to watch the boat travel through the fjords of Kotor. For those of you, like me, who had no idea what a fjord is, it is a long narrow inlet with steep sides. A fjord is created by glaciers, which means that, despite the close proximity to land, the water is very deep. So, we were in this cruise ship surrounded by vistas that you would presume could only be seen in a smaller boat. These two island churches sat perched within the fjord. One tid bit we learned on the trip...when you see Cyprus trees near a church it indicates that there is a cemetery there. The trees protect the grave site and the Cyprus root is very "smelly" which keeps the rats from invading the graves. As we were arriving to Kotor we passed this little town. Notice the tall tower which is home of the church bells. As a ship goes by the tradition holds that the ship blows its horn three times. In response the patrons of the ship receive an enthusiastic ringing of the church bells.When we arrived in Kotor Scott notices theses barracks on the hill. As a lover of photography, and especially aerial pictures Scott decided that we were going up there. I must admit I was not too excited...he went wine tasting with me, I could climb a mountain with him! I was drizzling when we got into the city so we walked about for a little bit to see if it would let up...we thought it had and we headed up the mountain.The end result...we got soaked...all the way took my shoes three days to dry out!Because of the rain and the clouds we did not get many good pictures. This picture shows our climb from the city. Going up was not that bad. The hike is along a rock path...much more treacherous in the rain. It was going down, on the rocks, in the rain, with a bad knee that I was not too thrilled about! The good news is I probably would have gained 10 pounds if it was not for this hike!Our final full day on the ship was in Ploce. Ploce is a small port town that, in the words of our guide, did not have a lot to offer. This was one port where we were strongly encouraged to take the excursion. So, Scott and I headed with a large group to the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Mostar is an interesting city because of the presence or many different religions and cultures.In the picture below you will notice several mosques, as there is a heavy Muslim population. I visited inside a mosques, for the first time, on this trip...we also visited a Turkish house and a Catholic church. There is also a fairly large Catholic population in Mostar. These two faiths like together peacefully in this city.I mentioned earlier that while the region is peaceful there are visible signs of the unrest in the 90s. Most of the destruction was seen in Mostar...a small example below.Mostar is also where Scott found Cevapcici (Che-vap-chi-chi). Mostar is famous for this is "skinless" seasoned sausage that they serve with grilled flat bread and raw onions. We took the picture below later on in the trip...where it is served with a roll and other veggies. Scott said Mostar had, by far, the best offerings (although he tried it several times!) Stay tuned for the last installment of Molly and Scott's Great Adventure.___________________________________________________________Workout:Had a good run today...made me feel a lot better about Tuesday. Slowly but surely I should be ready next Saturday.Mile 1: 13:20 (3 minute run (4.8)/2 minute walk (3.8))Mile 2: 13:36 (3 minute run (4.8)/2 minute walk (3.8) )Mile 3: 12:57 (same as above for first 8 minutes...last 5 minutes: 3 minutes at 5.0 and 2 minutes at 5.2)T[...]

Snap back to reality


A break in the Great Adventure for a few announcements:Workouts:I went for a run/walk outside Saturday morning. I ran 3 walked 2, decided to ease myself in after a 2+ week sabbatical. I felt good, the knee was good and all seemed really good.Monday I did 45 minutes on the Elliptical.Yesterday I went to the gym to run. SUCKED! I could not get through 2 intervals. My side was cramping like it has not cramped since I started running forever ago. I could not recover enough during the walks and as SOON as I started running again it killed me. So, I gave up running and did walking incline intervals. I have been thinking about working on inclines b/c I have not done that...but I envisioned myself running.This morning I had early meetings and did not work out. SO, I loose my Friday off day. Here is the plan:Tomorrow: RUNFriday: 20 minute Elliptical 20-30 minute swimSaturday: Run 5K courseI am thankful that I signed myself up for the Riverbend 5K. I am not sure that I would be getting up and out this quickly if this race was not looming in a week and a half. I am also thankful because I stepped on the scale Monday morning to see that the extra weight I could feel in my clothes was actually there - 5 pounds!Anxietyhate, Hate, HATE this medicine I am on. Don't get me wrong, if I take it I am fine. But if I forget, or take it too late in the day...I am a queen BITCH. Poor Scott was the benefactor this morning when, out of the routine, I forgot to take it. I get antsy, jumpy and literally (I MEAN literally) want to punch something. Getting off of it ASAP. I need to do it with the Doc though b/c, obviously, just quiting it is not an option.Thinking of getting of everything for good, again.CroatiaWhy Croatia you ask. As I mentioned in the last post Scott loves Rick Steves who does a travel show on PBS. He saw a special on Slovenia and Croatia and fell in love. He showed it to me and I fell in love. We literally traveled from the beaches to the Alps...where else in the world can you do that. Another cool thing is that it is pretty well undiscovered (I say pretty well b/c that is changing...the French have descended) so it is not as busy as other parts of Europe. There are still people who think that this part of the world is in turmoil and are afraid to travel there. You will see, in later Great Adventure Posts, that there are definitely still remnants of the unrest in the 90s, but everything is resolved.And, there is this:The KozIs great. He enjoyed his time with his friends while we were gone; but, I think he is happy being top dog again!MommaHappy Birthday to my Momma...the best mother and the best friend a girl could have!QuestionDoes anyone know how to fix my sidebar? It has moved to the bottom of my screen and I can not figure out how to move it back! Take Care,MollyYou can do anything you set your mind to, man-Eminem[...]

Molly and Scott's Great Adventure Part 2


Our next stop was Split. It is the second largest city in Croatia. We spent the majority of our time just wandering and absorbing, as opposed to going to the sites, my favorite thing to do.We spent a lot of time at the Market in Split people watching. This picture does not even begin to describe the "hustle and bustle" of the market! Everything you would ever need was available at this market! They even had a several underwear stands...thought of you momo. This was my favorite booth...they sold the chicken and the eggs...guess we know which chickens were not doing so well in the laying of eggs department.This was our only day that was split (haha) in half. All the other days, except one that I will explain, we sailed at night and would wake up in our next destination. So, it was kind of cool to watch the ship leave from and arrive to a port. Our next stop was Kortula, the birth place of Marco Polo. The picture below was taken as we approached the city.If you look to the right of the picture (left of the ship) above you can see what looks like a small tower. This is actually a bar. After we walked this small city Scott and I retreated to this tower for drinks (don't order a margarita in Croatia). We ended up talking to two couples from California who are probably still riding their motorcycles through Europe. Cool folks. From the tower Scott took this great picture:Although our stay here was short we got two of my favorite "souvenirs". We purchased an amazing first edition painting of the harbor (which we thought was appropriate b/c we watched the boat arrive) and I got a coral, the stone of the Adriatic, bracelet.That night we were off to of my favorite places on the tour. The "feature" of this city, which is a must do, is to walk the city walls. These walls do a complete circle around Dubrovnik. One of the things that interested us the most about this trip is that we literally went from the beaches (as you see here) to the Alps (later in Bled). From the city walls the views were amazing...including the city itself and the beauty of the Adriatic. This picture (above) is the best example of the city and the ocean. Have to throw a Molly and Scott picture in there too! Around the right corner of this building is where Scott and I chilled for a while. Around the next corner was a swimming hole. When we got there we watched kids jumping off rocks and playing around. Later a man came strolling by in a causal work outfit, striped to his underwear and went swimming, about thirty minutes later he put his clothes back on and, I imagine, headed back to work.This is one of my favorite pictures. Notice the classic, beautiful, red clay roofs...with satellite dishes on top! While we usually had lunch on the boat we decided to spend the entire day in Dubrovnik without making the trip back to the boat. Scott is a big Rick Steves fan and we went to the pizza place he recommended. Check out our small pizzas (no wonder I gained 5 pounds!)!If you have to chose a place to go in Croatia, Dubrovnik would be my recommendation.Back to work...more tomorrow.Take Care,Molly[...]

Molly and Scott's Great Adventure Part 1


This was an amazing trip!I would recommend going to Croatia and Slovenia to ANYONE!Our boat was small by cruise ship standards, it help 330 passengers. We were about 3/4 of the way full and about 1/3 of the passengers were English speaking.Here is our room. Small, but that is what we expected. It was just big enough to be comfortable.There were not many English speaking tables on the ship. We were lucky to be seated with a great group. A couple from England and two friends from California (who ended up going on the excursion after the cruise with us!). Most days we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dinning room (seated, from a menu) above but some mornings we ate breakfast (buffet) on the deck. So, that is the basics. And after the safety drill... ...we were off.Our first stop was Pula. Most of Croatia has been under Italian, mostly Venetian, influence. Above are some ruins that are still used today as a concert hall.Pula is a small town, we did not spend a lot of time there. We chose to take an excursion to Medieval Istria.And part of the trip was a wine tasting...hmmm, wonder why I was so excited to go...Every night we were "entertained" by the unity orchestra. This brings up another point. We were called, "the aliens" by the crew because we were about 1/2 the age of most of the people on the ship...who I am sure enjoyed the unity orchestra...especially Natasha the Russian singer. Next stop was ZadarWe walked around Zadar in the morning. We found it quite charming and would have enjoyed the day there. Instead we went on another excursion to the Plitvice National Park.This Park was absolutely amazing. Every turn led to a waterfall or a lake. The water in Croatia, due to a lack of industry, is amazingly clear. It is possible to look down and see layers of fish and on to the bottom of the lake. The water is an amazing blue/green color that is impossible to catch on film. An absolutely amazing place!Off to get ready for Scott's birthday dinner. Another installment tomorrow...Take Care,Molly[...]

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go




Take Care

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that youll wait for me
Hold me like youll never let me go
cause Im leavin on a jet plane
Dont know when Ill be back again
-the late great John Denver

Don't get close, She'll warn you with her growl



Thursday: 40 minute Elliptical

Friday: 3 Miles 5 minute run (5.0) and 1 minute walk
Mile 1: 12:40
Mile 2: 12:24
Mile 3: 12:13 (ran through last walk)

Monday: 4o minute Elliptical

Great run Friday.

I am not sure what to say otherwise.

Saturday I spent at Pee Wee soccer games, shopping, cooking and celebrating Mother's Day with Scott's Momma. Sunday we had my parents, Katie, Tony and the boys over for brunch and we had a WONDERFUL time.

Did not work out either day. I really wish that I did not care.

The fact that I did not work out Saturday or Sunday was in the back of my mind all day both days and that actually pissed me off a little bit. I really wish I could have enjoyed the days...period.

Another fact about Molly that you might not know...I do not sleep well alone. Scott has been out of town this week and it has taken a toll on me. I have not slept well and I have not been physically able to get up at 5 am (that is my excuse anyway). Apparently Koz does not sleep well either b/c he has been waking up and barking once an hour every hour...just to add fuel to the not sleeping fire.


The last two nights I have done a lot of strength and core work at night. Plan on doing that again today.

I am disappointed in myself this week. I am about to go out of town for a long time and I am disappointed that I have not been gutting it out and getting it done. Especially when I read what others are going through. Not looking for sympathy...just stating the facts.

All of this is making me grump and irritable.

Anyway...a lot going on. Getting ready for our trip, been busy with a lot of work and trying to braid some loose ends so they are manageable when I get back.

I hope to post some garden pics b/4 I leave.

Take Care

Out there a redhead walkin'
Redhead walkin'
The redhead walkin'
Better listen keep your distance from the crimson crime warpath

The insurgency began and you missed it


Workouts:Sunday: nottaMonday: 3 mile run, 5 minute run (5.0)/1 minute walkMile 1: 12:19Mile 2: 12: 23Mile 3: 12:37 (walked 2 minutes during middle walk)Tuesday: nottaWednesday: nottaSunday we missed spinning. For about three months Scott and I have needed to go to Lowe's and return a lot of extra materials from our remodel. The people at Lowe's were very nice but it took them quite a while to get everything sorted out. I also needed to get some things in the garden center. At this point I knew I was going to miss spinning so we went on to the Fresh Market and got some meat to grill out for dinner. I played in the garden all afternoon and I am finally really happy with the way everything looks, I will post some pics soon!Monday's run felt good. As usual the first two miles were like butter and the third hit hard. I took an extra minute walk in the middle and was able to push through to the end. I needed my Halo I was dripping in sweat. I think the gym is having trouble with the fluctuating temps here b/c it seemed really hot in there,I started to feel bad Monday night and I felt really bad Tuesday morning. It was odd b/c I had mild cold symptoms and my biggest complaint was that I was achy and my temp was fluctuating. Knowing me these weird sypmtoms would have freaked me out if Scott had not had the exact same ailment last week. I must have caught whatever bug he had. Needless to say I did not get up Monday morning. I worked from home and actually ended up getting a lot done, between naps.I probably could have gotten up this morning but I decided to take it easy for another day. I also worked from home again (could get used to that) and Koz and I did get out for a little bit for a good walk,So, my plan for the week has changed a little bit:*************************UPDATED*****************(apparently I am not good with the days of the week)Thursday - 40 minute EllipticalFriday- 3 mile runSaturday - 20 minute Elliptical and strengthSunday - 40 minute run outsideI have not done a Molly Mental Health Update in a while...I am doing really well on the Lamictal. I feel much more balanced and my swings have been much less dramatic. AND I did not make the bed the entire weekend and it did not kill me.I also did some back reading on my blog and I definitely see a strong correlation between good mental health and staying active. I have to keep this WAY up front in my mind when we decide to add to the family and I am free of the meds in the future!Take CareMollyLife's rich demand creates supply in the handOf the powers, the only vote that mattersSilence means security silence means approvalOn Zenith, on the TV, tiger run around the treeFollow the leader, run and turn into butter-REM[...]

I've never been there but the brochure looks nice


Workouts:Monday:40 minutes EllipticalTuesday:40 minute run3.3 miles...5 minute run/1 minute walkFriday:40 minute EllipticalSaturday:20 minute Elliptical 20 minute strengthMy run Tuesday was really good. I felt good...trucked along at a slower speed (4.8)...but kept the 5/1 ratio up the entire 40 minutes and felt good.Tuesday also included some cross training in the woods chasing these two:Kozmo had his leash on but still managed to take off with Roxie Doxie. Mom and I trekked through woods and roads and, after an hour, found them. They were actually pretty close to Mom and Dad's...Koz had wrapped his leash around a poll and Roxie was hanging out. We are not sure if she was keeping him company or teasing him b/c she was free and he was caught!I planned on only taking Thursday off...but I made a game day decision to stay in bed Wednesday morning too. Happy Anniversary to me!The rest of the story: (Paul Harvey's wife died of cancer...this is my little tribute to the two of them.)Our anniversary was great. Scott brought me flowers to work. That sweet boy actually thought to get flowers in our wedding colors:(a little fuzzy...thanks to the camera phone!)We had a great dinner at the Bald Headed Bistro. It was GREAT! S told them it was our anniversary so they brought a special desert, wished us Happy Anniversary several times and called us Mrs. and Mr. Cooper all night...pretty cool!Overall..a GREAT day!Thursday afternoon I got home from work and planted our anniversary gift from Momma and Dad Man, a beautiful Lilac:Last night S and I went to J Alexander' of our favorite places. We decided to be cheep (a relative term at J's) and get soup and salad. When we ordered our waiter said, "Is that all?" and as you can imagine our service went downhill from there. I was really disappointed b/c they are usually on point there.We did decide to hit Bruster's afterward and if anyone is looking to be bad their new Key Lime Pie ice cream is to die for!Chillin' out tonight...if only I had a Miny Julup (my pinot will do!)!Plan for the week:Tomorrow: SpinningMonday: 40 minute runTuesday: 20 minute Elliptical/20 minute swimWednesday: 40 minute EllipticalThursday: 40 minute runTake CareMollyEveryday is a winding roadI get a little bit closerEveryday is a faded signI get a little bit closer to feeling fine-Sheryl Crow [...]

Mmmm, It's always better when we're together


April 30, 2008...3 Years Strong!There's no combination of wordsI could put on the back of a postcardNo song that I could singBut I can try for your heart, our dreams, and they are made out of real thingslike a shoebox of photographs with sepia-toned lovingLove is the answerat least for most of the questions in my heart, like Why are we here? And where do we go?And how come it's so hard?It's not always easy andsometimes life can be deceivingI'll tell you one thing, it's always better when we're together Mmmm, It's always better when we're togetherYeah we'll look at the stars and we're together Well, it's always better when we're togetherYeah it's always better when we're togetherAnd all of these momentsjust might find their way into my dreams tonight,But I know that they’ll be gonewhen the morning light singsand brings new things for tomorrow night you seethat they’ll be gone too, too many things I have to doBut if all of these dreams might find their wayinto my day to day sceneI'd be under the impressioni was somewhere in betweenWith only two,Just me and you,Not so many things we got to door places we got to beWe'll sit beneath the mango tree, now, Yeah It's always better when we're togetherMmmm, we're somewhere in between togetherWell, it's always better when we're togetherYeah, it's always better when we're togetherI believe in memories they look so, so pretty when I sleepHey now, and when I wake up,you look so pretty sleeping next to meBut there is not enough time,There is no, no song I could singand there is no combination of words I could saybut I will still tell you one thingWe're Better togetherBetter Together - Jack Johnson[...]

I'm not broke but you can see the cracks


Thank you all so much for your advice and suggestions.The first two miles of the race were perfect...the third mile, well...I stuck to the routine. Got up at 5:30 had my banana and Luna bar a little coffee and a lot of water.The entire pit crew cam along...Mom picked Scott and me up and we headed to Dalton.This was a very unique experience in that there were all types of people there. There was a 2K, an un timed 2K and the 5K. There were groups from all over the area competing for a participation award. There were businesses, schools, a group of Fire Fighters and a group of Marines. 5,935 people of all shapes and sizes participated. This year's Bill Gregory Health care Classic saw a record number of participants.We lined up for the 5k and after they changed the starting line 3 times we were off. The first mile went great. There was a huge hill and I charged up it. The second mile was equally good and my times in the first and second mile were almost identical.The day did not turn out as expected. It did not was a beautiful, but humid, day. I decided on the starting line that I was going to go the "run until I am tired" route. There were two more hills on the second mile and that was the only walking I did. Right after I passed the two mile marker I decided I would do a walk/run the third mile.All of this is to lead up to the fact that the third mile was THE WORST.Right after that there was the fourth hill, that just about killed me. At this point I really felt myself overheating and I started to feel a bit light headed. So, for the entire third mile I walked a minute and ran a minute...until the huge hill at the end that it took me two minutes to walk up and then I ran the last two minutes into the shoot. I have never seen so many people at the end of a race - it was amazing...every person was welcomed with a huge burst of support.Mile 1: 11:21Mile 2: 11:23Mile 3: 12:27Total time: 35:11I walked about 500 yards, caught my Mom's eye and sat down in the shade. I was not sure if I was going to throw up or pass out. Scott got me some water and some orange wedges and I sat there for about 10 minutes and regrouped. In addition to a rather normal T Shirt we did get a cool backpack bag:We hung out a little while longer and watched folks come in and then we headed out.Following the aftermath last weeks post race meal I decided to stick with ole' faithful and we headed to IHOP for pancakes! Those were the best pancakes I have ever had!I am SO happy that Momma and Scott were there with me. We ended up without a camera so I made sure that we got a picture of the crew back at the house.I have spent a lot of time reflecting on this race. I did not reach my goal, I did awful on the third mile and I felt sick at the end. I can see myself walking away from this one feeling sorry for myself.But with reflection I think I have put some things into perspective. Ironically, this race was one month to the day that I ran for the first time since last summer. So, with less than a month of preparation I ran two 5Ks with consistent times. While I did not reach my goal this race I think I would be shallow to think that reaching a goal was all this race was about. It was about Dr. Gregory and what he meant to my so many other peoples lives!I can honestly say...I am proud of myself!After a nice long nap we went to Aunt Jan's for a tailgate party before we all went to the Lookouts game. You all know how much I LOVE baseball:But...with this cre[...]

So stay with me and I'll have it made


I had a really good run on Wednesday:

Mile 1: 12:08
Mile 2: 12:28
Mile 3: 12:15

Today I did 40 minutes on the Elliptical and stretched.

Tomorrow is off...I never thought that sleeping until 7:00 would be such a luxury!

I was not going to post until after the race; but, I have two burning questions...

1. Would I do better in the race if I implemented the 4 minute run, 1 minute walk from the beginning? time on Wednesday was really consistent and I felt good the entire time. Knowing that I run faster in a race I wonder if this would get me closer to my 34 minute goal...or should I stick to the original plan of running as long as possible and THEN implementing the 4 minute run 1 minute walk?

2. Does anyone have a good swim shampoo that they use...I could smell the chlorine on my hair all day Tuesday! My Mom uses a Kiehls shampoo that she really likes...but it is a little pricey for me...I am wondering if there is a cheaper option?!?!

Thanks, in advance for your advice...looks like I might have my first race in the rain Saturday!

Take Care

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
I like watchin' the puddles gather rain
-Blind Melon

Hey now nellie with an anchor on your belly


TMI...but...For those of you have commented on how good the biscuit looks...I am not lovin' it anymore: += I am afraid Speedo Steve is rubbing off on me!And now back to our regularly scheduled program:SundayI went for a swim at the gym to work the race kinks out. I did a half mile in about 2o minutes. Then I spent 10 more minutes working on breathing on both sides. Right now I am alternating laps between free and breast strokes so that I get enough air. I know that if I could breath on both sides that would always, any suggestions welcome!Monday40 minutes on the Elliptical and 10 minutes arms and abs.Today20 minutes Elliptical and 20 minute swim. I did the same that, I did about 15 minutes of laps (lost count) and then 5 minutes of practicing breathing.The plan for the rest of the week is:Wednesday3.2 miles...4 minute walk and 1 minute run.Thursday20 minute Elliptical, 20 minute swimFridayRestSaturdayRACE I am going to STATE my goal this time! I would like to run the first two miles and then, if necessary, do the 4 minute run, 1 minute walk the third mile. I have a map of the course but I have no idea what the hill situation is...I have not practiced hills yet, so that might effect the result. I would like to finish in 34 minutes this race!I am excited about Sunday. We are going to Dogs on the Diamond at our local AA baseball team The Lookouts. My sister is going to bring her greyhound Carmella:My parent's dogs Percy and Roxie are coming:AND:THE KOZIt is very possible that the Dogs on the Diamond report might be more exciting than Saturday's race report!Take Care!MollyBiscuit head you got a double decker biscuit headIt's got you all laid up in bed -Spin Doctor's[...]