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Synchronicity's Sweet Tea Cafe

Come sit a spell and shoot the breeze. Sweeten the day with a little synchronicity...

Updated: 2018-04-24T06:37:52.278-05:00


Bloggy Awards


Hello out there! One of our fellow bloggers has just given me not one but three awards.  Teresa, who has a wonderful healing site called Willow Creek Studio has bestowed these awards to me.  I must say that I feel very undeserving as I have been pretty absent for the past several years or more.  But this is one fantastic inspiration to get back to some personal blog writing. Here are these

Two New Blogs


Well you know what they say about is just not enough. That is why I have two more about some specific topics near and dear to my heart.  Had a lot of fun with the designs and putting them I just have to write some posts! You can also find me on NotYourTypicalChild which is a collaborative site some friends and I are starting up.  Our mission is to provide support for

A Resurrection


Okay okay...I will blog again. All uh...four of you have twisted my arm.  lol Thanks to anyone who is still here to read this forgotten blog.  This blog has served many purposes and has been called many names.  It has been a writing blog.  It has been a health blog to discuss my Multiple Sclerosis.  But in a galaxy far far away it used to be... a bullshittin blog. And that is what it will be

The beginning or the end?


Hey out there! Yes I am alive.  It has been...well...years.  I am looking into consolidating blogs and figuring out which sites have run their course and which ones may have promise for a new beginning. What are your thoughts? I do love this blog...lots of history that is for sure. Give a holler if anyone is out there.... I have even forgotten what I call myself here.  LOL

A revival


Okay I know I keep saying this...But truly...I wish to revive this lifeless blog.I miss just...writing.I miss my bloggy friends.I want to write.Seriously...there are many places to find me. Just wrote about Sex Addiction on My Depression Connection. Would appreciate any comments.Once upon a time I was a blogger...I even wrote poetry. Bring me back to life. Tell me what is important. I have

It is June?


Like no way. really?It is June.Once upon a time I used to have a blog. I am not sure I remember how to blog. I like the idea of it and being free and saying whatever the fuck I want.Excuse my French. :>)Do people blog anymore or do they twitter or facebook or whatever is the newest greatest thing ever? I am getting an iPad. It really is inexcusable are sleek. And fast.

I need this...


I have been writing and writing...and...well...writing.I am a "writer".Parentheses because...I am just me. I happen to write. But now it is a thing. A paying thing. I am doing well. Really well for the likes of me. It is like telling a genie...hey...I wish to be...a writer. And then suddenly you are. But there are still holes. And you wonder...I am getting exactly what I wished

Yooo Hooo!


Anybody out there?

First Times


Well they say there is a first time for everything.I am trying to get some conversation going on Sexual Health Connection about people's first time of having sex. My goal is to show young folk, especially, that it is sometimes better to wait than to give in to the raging hormones. I do think many people regret their first time as they might not have been emotionally or physically ready.So

I am going to be speaking...


at a conference! yaaaah!I am nervous. I will need buckets under my arms for sweat! It is scary but also a great honor. I will talk all about it when I am done. I don't want to jinx myself. But I will be talking about things which are very important to me including the reason for why I write. My reason is a little son.I love blogging...I really do. I was "blogging" before blogging

The stuff in my mind...


Life seems...surreal lately.It is like this big motion are a part of it...but you are also watching it as the film moves along.What will happen next? Am I the main character or simply a bystander? Read a book recently about a CEO who had 100 days to live. He had the "perfect death" where he planned out everything. And also wrote a book. Useful to the very end. I have decided I

Come on over...


Hi guys and gals!Just going to throw this little news blurb out at ya. Today the FDA approved Gardasil for males. Gardasil is the vaccine for the HPV virus...and was being used for females only. Now males can get it...and what it does it helps to prevent HPV from being transmitted to your female partner also helps to prevent genital warts in males. The population who can receive this

Your question could be on The Washington Post!


Hi guys!Listen...we have a special thing going on over at My Depression Connection where you can pose a question about faith and healing and if your question is will be posted on The Washington Post site....and answered by the faith and healing bloggers over there. So what do you say?Come on over...join the discussion!Here is the link.I hope you all are well and...I am gonna try to

The UNfriendly skies


I am playing hooky from my regular writing job to blog here! Shhhh be vewy vewy quiet!Just went on a plane ride recently...haven't flown in several years. Sheesh. Now you can't even have a water bottle on the plane. AND they friggin charge you for each suitcase. They wanted sixty bucks for my baggage. So I put my purse in one...and just checked my big suitcase. I was also wanded during my

I am still alive!


Yes indeed...still alive and kicking!I hope to revitalize this blog thang soon. Really and truly. I am amazed anyone still comes here.One big change...I will no longer be writing about MS for Health Central. Waaah. Totally my decision....lots of reasons...but to the powers that be...I am praying and hoping that this change will make a big problem go away. BE GONE! PLEASE!Wouldn't it be cool

Please stop on by...


Hi guys!I need to get with the program and keep up this blog!Wanted to invite you all to a discussion I have begun on Health Central's MS site about Obama's proposed health care reform bill and...I want your opinions! You don't have to have MS to contribute. This is your chance to make your views heard as they may go all the way to Washington D.C.Just follow this link!We want to get as much

Still here...


Hi out there!I don't even want to know how long it has been. I am sorry for not being here. I miss my blog. I miss you guys. I am just busy. Same old same old. Trying to find a good way to maintain my blog here so...I think I am just gonna post my Health Central stuff here and links to find me there. I don't want to say that is my new home but it kinda is. My home away from home. I hope

It's a Man's World!


Hey out there!She speaks! She is alive!Ya and stuff. And its summer. Too hot to blog much. But never fear...I am back and blogging. (I hope)I did want to bring a very important matter to your attention. You want to know why I have Captain Crunch at the top of this post? Well I will tell you.IT IS A CONSPIRACY!Okay just listen to this list: Captain Crunch, Snap, Crackle, and Pop, King

My love of cheese


I do...I love me some cheese.I love swiss, cheddar, and string mozzarella. But...just recently I have found THE cheese of cheeses. It is called Robusto Gouda and it is to die has this nutty flavor which is intense...just a little bit of this stuff packs such a will begin to crave it. Found it in a health food store in the cheese aisle where they had samples. Just one taste

May is National Masturbation Month!


I bet you didn't know that.Sorry to be so late to inform you of this fact. You only have a few days left to catch up! :>)I do apologize for not being around so much. Just so much to do and only one of me. I miss my blog here and I miss you guys. I know things do get slow when we head into the summer months. I feel the need for a hammock. Actually I always fall out of those things. But the thought

Will write for donuts!


Or brownies.I bought the most lushious brownies yesterday...they were huge with gooey chocolate icing on top. Just to die for. There were four of those big suckers in the package and I only have one left. I will be extremely sad when my last brownie is gone. My precious! PMS and brownies go so well together. TMI? Okay enough of my hormonal indulgences. It is time for links!*****************

Change and a New Focus


Well...Change is sometimes wonderful and especially when you call the shots and decide for yourself what is best for you.Been writing about Multiple Sclerosis now since before my diagnosis. And I will continue to write about this topic for Health Central but I have decided that the extra responsibility of being the site's Community Leader was too much for me. I have multiple reasons for not

My Political Crush


Okay okay aside from our President...I think the hottest guy in politics has to be....Drum roll pleaseGeorge Stephanopoulos Come on...he is totally hot in that chipmunk cheeked kinda way doncha think?Who is your political crush? Do tell all!Got some links for ya. ---------------In an attempt to get some conversation going on Health Central's Sexual Health Connection I will be asking a question

Sex and other stuff!


Now here's something fun!Come and participate in my Sexual Health Connection question of the week which you can find right here!The question is..."What do you wish your parents had told you about sex that they never told you?"And for those of you who would like to present your writing to a wider audience, the theme I want to initiate on the sexual health site is....share your story about "the sex

Beyond Synchronicity


Been more aware of synchronicity lately. I have always promised to write about my personal experiences with it. But I fear that in the translation, I will lose the magic. Ya know?It is like this secret that I share with the universe. Let's just say that I am grateful. I am so damn thankful for so many many many opportunities. I will just relate one moment in time