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Redefining Paradise

One Day At A Time...

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Resolutions...the good, bad and the ugly


So, I've made resolutions in the past and I've come up with about a 50% success rate. I never did organize my closets or take up running a marathon but I have lost weight, read books and taken more time to spend with family and friends. So with this in mind I have relegated myself to the masses of other individuals making New Year's Resolutions.

For 2011 I Resolute To:
1. Kick the sugar habit
I have a serious problem.........SERIOUS.......I love sweets, and I mean all sweets, I'm not picky and I've been known to pick anything covered in chocolate up off the floor and stuff it into my mouth. I have come to the realization that the only way to kick this addiction is to go cold turkey. Yep, I have had no refined sugar, or really any sugar of any kind (Low-Carb Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet is keeping me in check) for 2 days now. I can tell I'm staring to go a little crazy as I eyeballed a lone M&M in my trail mix bag...who would know? Anyway, 2 weeks of no cakes, no brownies, the peanut butter bars and Rocky Road candy still in my fridge is off limits. Are you aware how difficult this is to do when there are 2 teenage boys that eat anything and everything...I mean really, DO YOU?? My daughter is joining me on this kick and she's doing a great job too......Praying and drug induced sleep may be the only way to get my own body to keep doing this for 12 more days though.

2. Write...more specifically, write for 30 minutes at least three times a week
Something, anything. Blogging, NaNoWriMo revisions, email prompts...I don't care but I can't lose the momentum I gained in November. My book needs help and I am hoping to join a writing group in February when they open up to new members. If that doesn't help me stay focused, well then......I'll just write shopping lists and notes to excuse my teenage boy's behavior in class.

3. Get Out.....of my house, that is. Once a week minimum
I have a tendency to be a homebody. I like my home, my couch, my A/C and heater and especially my television with surround sound. I have to get out of least once a week that is......not shopping or dentist appointments, or even school.......but do something fun. See a movie, visit Farmer's Market, Lunch with a friend or catch a local ballgame.....whatever it is, I'm doing it!

That's it.......I can't handle more than that....the whole Top 10 List that Letterman's is always taunting us with.......doesn't work with resolutions (I tried one year and failed in 10 different ways). My keys to making resolutions work.

Keys to Successful Resolutions
1. Keep it simple, don't make it so complicated or specific that achieving it becomes impossible. No "I'll exercise every day" or "I'll read"....too much pressure, and too vague. Make it specific, but doable. Start small and you can always do more, but if you do less you'll feel like a loser...and frankly you will be by definition, sorry I didn't make the rules

2. Short list it. Don't give yourself too many things to focus on, I think no more than three is a good number. More than that and you start juggling and nothing gets done.

3. Keep it rounded. Vary things so all your resolutions don't revolve around one thing. Yeah, we all wanna lose 30 pounds but if your resolutions are to follow a diet, exercise, keep a food journal and join a may find yourself giving up when one of your columns fall and the rest come tumbling after. Think Mind, Body, one thing that expands your mind, one your body and one your spirit...well balanced and doable.

So good luck with your 2011........Mine is starting off with a sugar cessation headache, one blog post and writing prompt down, and still in my pajamas after two days.......I say 2 out of 3 ain't bad for January 2nd.

When Your Son Makes You Cry


He came home around 7pm this evening, just a stopping off point before he continued with the night's festivities. He was pumped with energy and the sweat from his previous activity was still fresh on his shirt, dampening his back. I looked at my now grown son and I struggle between seeing him as still young and unformed, as naive and unprepared and moving toward manhood, a man with a drivers license and a car, a college student and registered voter.

But he surprises me.

His excitement has me intrigued, and I wonder about his night as he puts me off while he changes clothes. I urge him on to hurry and he is anxious as well to share of his news.

He is a dancer. Ballroom.

He helped out a friend that night, her senior project, a dancing performance at the local senior living home. The largest in our small, rural town. It stands erect, several stories tall among the pine trees swaying around its structure. It seems to strong and invincible against the forces of nature.

But inside, there is much frailness. The people inside are growing weary. Tired.


My son gives details of his dance, the set up and size of the dance floor. Too small he says, for a proper dance. He would know, he's becoming an expert now. But they make it work and go about dancing.

A small circle of minds who have seen more in their lifetime than my son will ever see in his. Wars and depressions, great presidents and frightening world leaders, the first space shuttle and a life before television.

He cannot identify with them, his life is cushioned with all the luxuries that our modern world supplies. Cell phones and electric razors, computers and video on demand.

What could they offer to him, them who have come so far and yet have so little time left to give? Those who are frail and weak, some know not even their own name.

What can he offer to them, a young boy...a young man. Who hasn't yet lived, who knows nothing of lives harsh realities or its miracles. Who is still protected by the shelter of his parents and is relishing in his youth. What does he have that they could want?

The music started.

They danced. The waltz, the tango, the 2-step or even a fox trot. They danced, and the people watched and in watching some of them were transported. Moved to a time where they were young, in love, full of hope for the future, who knows...but in those moments they were able to connect with two young people whose only goal was to dance.

My son offered up a chance to dance for anyone interested. A rhetorical question he thought. What do they know of frame and rhythm and balance? But an offer none the less.

A woman slowly rises to her feet. My son walks over to her.


100 years old last week.

He clasps her hand and her arm envelopes around his back and here an 18 year old boy and a 100 year old woman are partners. They find what many cannot. A piece of the past for her, a look into the future for him.

They dance a waltz, my son can feel the creak of her bones as her hand slides back and forth against his. His greatest fear that he hurts her or she somehow falls. A good boy, considerate of these things.

We don't know what Irene was thinking. Never will. But I like to think she was somehow in another place and in another time. Remembering the past, her sweetheart and the love they shared, a youthful step, so light and so effortless, she could dance for hours then.

She hums a tune, my son doesn't know what song it is. But he can see that it makes her happy and he is pleased with himself.

And pleased with him.

ToBeReMo for the Month of December


So yeah, its December 3rd, and you know what.......I won NaNoWriMo this year, that's right I did it.

Okay plug over.

I missed reading, so with finals coming up and then an entire 6 week break from school I am now tackling ToBeReMo for December.

You know what that is don't you? No? I didn't either, don't feel bad.

Here it is........its easy, I swear.

Now that NaNoWriMo is done for the year, we can start looking toward our neglected To Be Read piles.

So here’s the deal: because everyone has different reading speeds and different schedules, there are different levels to the challenge. Suzan has brilliantly designed a set of reading ranges for you to choose from. They are as follows:

* Easy - 1-4 books
* Moderate - 5-8 books
* Hard - 9-10 books
* Insane - 11-13 books
* Ludicrous - 13-15
* Sleep much? – 15+

Remember, you can set your goals anywhere you want. The ranges are just a guide.

My personal goal......Hard, maybe Insane if I'm really a reading machine, but considering I won't get really started until after the 15th when finals are over, I think Hard is more doable.........

My Books for December
1. Port Mortuary by Patricia Cornwell
2. Adam by Ted Dekker
3. The Probable Future by Alice Hoffman
4. The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant
5. Immanuel's Veins by Ted Dekker
6. Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
7. Seeking Him by Nancy DeMoss
8. The Hunger Games #1 by Suzanne Collins
9. Animal, Vegetable, Mineral by Barbara Kingsolver

If time allows...
10. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Marquez
11. On Writing by Stephen King
12. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith

Yeah its ambitious, but you know me..........think big. So here goes and we'll see where I get, I said that about NaNo and I ended up winning and am still continuing to write to finish my book......I can do it.

And so can you.

NaNoWriMo has me blogging once more


So, yeah..........hi there. Remember me?? You probably haven't been here in awhile, me either.

I still have a dream, a dream that one day I will blog on a regular basis.

Here I am trying to keep my dream alive and to pursue it to some unknown end. Hopefully you are giving me a try again too.

Most of you started reading my blog as I told tales of homeschooling my 3 teenagers, or maybe when I went to work in the ER and you listened to my untold number of stories of crazy people, or maybe you didn't even come until you heard I was trying to get into nursing school.

I don't care, I'm just glad you are here. I'm glad I'm here.

So the latest update: No longer homeschooling.........#1 son graduated, in college.........twins are Sophomores at the high school. I'm in 2nd Semester of Nursing School and doing great. I still work in the ER as time allows and when I'm out of school, and yes the crazy folks are still there.

Okay, you are updated...

So NaNoWriMo............heard of it? If not, you should. is the best thing to get your creative juices write 50,000 words in 30 days.......the 30 days of November to be exact.

Yes, I know we are in the middle of November already, but I am here to tell you that its not too too can be a NaNoWriMo-abite????

Anyway, I'm 20,000 words in and counting. In fact I should be writing there right now. But I'm here talking to you, because you are important to me......even if it is only one person reading my blog anymore.

So to motivate you, if only by showing you how you can do a better job than I, here is an excerpt from my book along with a synopsis. I hope you'll come and join, you can find me as livinglighthouse in the Writing Buddies list.......

Until next time, heads up and happy writing

A Break In The Action


Whew, its Spring Break.......7 weeks down, 9 weeks to go. I finally have come to the realization that I can do this......and not only that, but I was made to do this. Medicine is something I dreamt about as a child, pouring over medical school catalogs while in mere JrHigh. The path I followed didn't lead me there after all, but as in all things, everything happens for a reason. My 16 years as a SAHM will always be my greatest accomplishment no matter what life holds for me in the future. But, now is the time for me to once again follow that dream and become a part of a system I have great respect and admiration for.

So school.......its been a highly impacted 7 weeks full of labs, needles, medication orders and care plans.........all preparing us for what lies ahead.


Yep, after this week we are heading for the hospital to show off our new skills. Like baby birds that have only begun to realize that their wings do more than just keep us warm.......we will spread our wings to actually accomplish something worthwhile.....caring for those in need. We'll begin to fly.

Of course Momma Bird (or in my case Pappa Bird, sorry Jon, that's you) will be watching over us very carefully, making sure we don't make any crash landings or get too brave and think we can fly solo far too is security knowing they are there, watching out for you.

I'll miss the Lab of course......we've eaten tons of food, stuck things in every orifice of a dummy and I am even guilty of spooning Janet, our dummy, in order catch a 20 minute nap after potluck. Hey, its tiring in there........don't judge!

Of course the 6:30am starting time at the hospital has me less than enthusiastic, I have stocked up on the required Frappacinos and RockStars in anticipation. I'll have a new partner, one I was worried a little about at first. I'm a pretty strong personality, and she's a pretty stong personality. But after talking to her a little bit I'm kinda excited.......I think we'll be a pretty good duo. And like she said, if we don't get along we'll just "take it outside". Heck I haven't had that kind of offer since I was in high school. Bring It!

I'll try to continue to update, although I know with weeks inbetween I am missing so much.........I just can't seem to muster the time and energy to do it more often than that..

Til then.....

Penis Cakes......That's What She Said...and Lemon Drop Shots


So another two weeks have passed in Nursing School and I'm still alive to tell the story. I've survived my first major test, with a not too shabby score and have found that many things happen in nursing school that don't happen in real life...

Penis Cakes..........yes, we had a potluck and someone brought a penis shaped cake. It had frosting hair and a tip. I'm pretty sure only in nursing school and bachelorette parties would this be considered acceptable. I ate it.....I'm not proud.

I also found that Nursing School is filled to the brim with "That's what she said" moments.
"are you sure you stuck that in far enough"
"how long can this last"
"God, I'll be glad when this is over"
"Now its your turn to pull his pants down"

I digress...

Along with all the hard work, nursing school is filled with a lot of fun. We've stuck each other with needles this past week and inserted catheters while learning all the various sounds of the heart and how to maintain sterile fields. We've videotaped and ate and some of us even went out to celebrate our first test success.

Lemon Drop Shots are a dangerous thing. Or it may have been the fact that it was combined with a couple of Gin & Tonics, mexican food and 3 inch heels. That's another story for another time.

I'm now 25% done with my first semester and I've learned a few things......
1. I need to study more and not get cocky
2. There is a lot I don't know
3. Its not as bad as I thought
4. There are people I really like in my class, and people I really don't like
5. Teachers are tricksters
6. I'm really glad I'm doing this.....


First Two Weeks of Nursing School


The first week was such a whirlwind of activity that I hardly had time to breathe, let alone post so here I am after the second week with a bit more time on my hands.

The first week was not as overwhelming as I anticipated, which was great considering all the horrow stories I had been told by previous students. And I actually had time to spend with my family and even to sleep (another misconception after talking to previous students). Now, I'm sure it won't always be like this, and after the second week the work load is rising.....but all in all I find it manageable and even fun.

This is what I want to do. Now I wasn't thrilled about the day we checked on our "patients" in lab only to find a fake turd smeared all over the backside, and even under their fingernails, but it is part of this job and therefore I accept it as part of my work.

Of course on another day, cleaning out wounds and taking blood pressures and even learning about pressure ulcers I found immensely fascinating and looked forward to practicing taking care of them.

I now have a paper due and a first test coming up, but I'm up for the challenge and am even looking forward to being challenged.

Our teacher takes great photos during class so I will work at getting those posted here soon.

Been fighting a head cold this week, so hopefully I will be feeling better soon and will be back to normal soon. Catch you next week.......

Yes, its been 4 months since my last post...


I have neglected my blog entirely and I'm sorry that I have because much has changed in those 4 months. So a quick update f0llowed up by my plan for this blog in the upcoming months.

So, my last post was related to nursing school and how I did not get into the program for January, but was on the alternate list. Well September came and went, then October and November. Finally, in the beginning of December I received a call that a spot had opened up. To say that I was elated would be the understatement of the year.

Of course, once the excitement wore off, I realized I now had less than 2 months (even less considering most of the time the college was out of session for the holidays) to get myself ready for school, figure out my finances and prepare my family for the changes to come.

December and most of January has been a whirlwind of activity regarding getting immunizations, CPR recertification, filling out paperwork and in the meantime trying to find a way to not have to work during school.

At last I received a small amount of financial aid, and am worked my last regular shift this last Tuesday. I will now be working only 10 hours a week at the hospital ER in the middle of the night on the weekends so as not to interfere with time with my family nor school.

Over the last few weeks I have spent $800 on books, been treated like a pin cushion for immunization reasons and read every blog, message board and book about nursing school I could lay my hands on.

Yesterday I attended Orientation and am now fully ready to start classes on Monday. Well, maybe not completely ready.....

My mother suggested to me to resume writing on my blog in order to document my journey through Nursing School. So that is my intention over the next few months, and the next 2 years. I hope that in doing so, I will be able to look back on my time in school and remember all that I have learned and the journey that it has taken me on.

Most don't read this blog anymore, but for those that do, thank you for being loyal followers and not giving up on me. I hope to post once a week on the weekends and have put it into my schedule so as to stay on top of it.

For now I'm enjoying my last weekend as a free woman..........complete with my 40th is that for momentus. I'm having a wonderful party being planned by two of my best friends and will get to spend time with many that I love and who have encouraged me greatly in this journey.

Til next week...


Nursing School News


So, I have been quite busy this last month or so and haven't been able to post much lately.......okay, really not at all..

But, I did want to let everyone know that I got my letter back from the Nursing Program and it looks like I'm an Alternate for the Spring 2010 class. What that means is if someone doesn't take their spot.....I get it :)

I have to go through the whole process of background check, physical, orientation as if I'm going to be in......and up until the first week of classes I could still get in. If I don't, it guarantees me a spot in the August 2010 not the acceptance letter I wanted, but better than a flat out NO....I'll take it


Julie & Julia


Went to the movies yesterday with my daughter after church. I normally don't watch chick flicks......and I certainly don't pay to see them on the big screen. But, I needed a diversion and it seemed a nice, relaxing Sunday thing to do. So we went.

I'm glad we did as Julie & Julia was a delightful movie. I did not know much about Julia Child and this was a nice glimpse into her journey. While not a film I would watch over and over again, I certainly can recommend the film as a fun afternoon of girltime.

School again.......


It is that time of year around here. Tomorrow is the beginning of school for the twins. August 11th mind you. It isn't right???

How many of you remember starting school even 10 seconds before Labor Day?......Yeah, me neither.

They have shaved an entire month off of summer vacation. It isn't right I tell you.

You know its about the money........its always about the money. More ADA funds for more days of school......don't get me started.

Anyway, if you follow me on Facebook you know how sad I am over this day coming.

After so many years of homeschooling I now have my oldest graduating high school this year (still a homeschooler, but attends our local college for most of his classes at this point) but the twins have now been in regular school for 2 years and are starting high school this year.

It isn't a great school, it isn't even a good school.....but in this hick town it is all we've got and they've made it clear they want to go to school. I'm hoping they change their minds. Even with working and me hopefully starting nursing school soon, I still think I could do a better job at home.

But, for now, the high school is where they want to be so I told them we would try it. Key word being TRY.....if it doesn't work for us or I see bad attitudes or poor grades they lose their choice to go there and will go another direction.

In the meantime I should be looking forward to more free time and a quiet house.......but really I'm going to miss them. I like my kids, I like spending time with them...........most of the time. They get on each other's nerves and then on my last one........but in the end I really like being with them.

I never understood the parents that prayed for school to start, dreaded summer break and shoved their kid off as soon as possible on that first day of school. I just don't get it. I'll have plenty of time to myself when they are gone.......I only have a few years left and I want to enjoy them........I want them to enjoy them and enjoy being with me.

I want them to know that I like being with them and that I miss them when I'm not. What message do those other parents send?? Can't wait to get rid of you......whew, I'm glad that's over now get out? hmmmmmm........why have kids to begin with?

Anyway, I'm keeping a stiff upper lip and soldiering through and waiting to see what this year will bring. A new school, new schoolmates, new part of their life.......its exciting and scary all in one. I'm happy to be sharing it with them.


It's been awhile......


and I've missed you my friends, and my little blog on the web. I've neglected you all and while I refuse to feel guilty, I do want you to know I've missed you.

Life has been on high speed this last month getting ready for school to start combined with activities of the summer and just a general business.

Last I left you I was gettting ready to attend the American Idol concert........which of course was fantastic and I have pictures to prove it on Facebook :)

I've read lots of interesting books, including my current series of interest which I will tell you about in a later post.

I went to tubing to my own demise......returning battered and bruised........literally........bruised was terrible. I then took a trip just hanging by the river with some Mike's Hard Lemonade and that was a much better experience.

So, now I'm feeling nostalgic and sad as the kids start school next week. Summer has gone by all too quickly and I will miss my kids when they are gone all day. After so many years of homeschooling I still cannot get used to them being gone from me.

I believe I will be posting more as summer comes to a close and I have some more time so hopefully all have not deserted my little blog on the web.....


One Guess Where I'll Be Tonight....


That's right I got tickets for the concert for my daughter and I to go. It was a last minute thing but we are both really excited to go. Some friends of mine are going too, so we'll meet up with them at some point as well.

We are both Adam fans so that is the main reason we are going.........but I'm sure we will enjoy them all. It has been awhile since I've gone to a concert and this will be the first "megastar" concert my daughter has gone to.

Pictures to follow later fer sure.......

Some New Reads


I'm just gonna stop apologizing for not posting as often as I have in the past. I'm just gonna.

I love my blog, and the people here who read it and I think it is an important part of who I am.....but sometimes life gets in the way. And I think its meant to be that way.

When we let our electronic life get in the way of our real life, there's a problem. So, for me.....I'm going to post as I can......when it fits into my real life. Sometimes it will be daily and other times weekly......I doubt I can't find the time at least then to update my online life.

So for now.........there are a few things up, but we'll take them one at a time. For today I'll tell you about my new reads.

Shanghai Girls......this was a great book, but how could it not be after her book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. The author has such a grasp on Chinese culture and history and then interweaves it into the most human story. I recommend any of her books......

If they do it right, I do hope they make a movie out of at least one of these books.

I'm now reading The Alchemist. This was on my list of things to read eventually but I'm reading it now as my daughter just finished reading it for her Honors English class next year. Its in the house and is a quick read (finished half the book yesterday and will finish it today). My daughter found it boring but I, as an adult, see all the gems of wisdom throughout this book. It is a book of journies and of life. The answer to which is not to let it get by you, not to give up on dreams, and to never doubt your ability to achieve anything. There is a true spiritual component here.(image)

My reading has not been as full this year as last.....but I'm still plugging along and enjoying those books I choose to read.

Craziness in the World


So what do you say to the death of icons. It isn't like we knew these people...they didn't sit at the dinner table or sign our yearbooks. But yet they left something of themselves in our life. Their posters were on our walls and their music or their presence on TV helped shape our childhoods. So we have lost something....we lost some of our childhood and maybe even a bit of our immortality. If it can happen to then then can happen to anyone. We put them on a pedestal, thinking they'll always be there, even after we've discarded them or removed them from the mantel we put them on at one time.

Michael Jackson changed music and dancing forever. What more can you say. He was a lot of things........reclusive, strange, possibly criminal.........but he deserved some respect for his contribution to our world.

Farrah Fawcett brought us amusement of a different kind.....on the tele. Her poster graced many a boys bedroom and feathered bangs were cut in every SuperCut in the country. What she brought was more in the last 2 years than her short time on TV. Her bravery that she showed in the face of death, in the face of pain and suffering was a great gift to us all.

Ed McMahon brought us Johnny Carson........does it get any better than that. The world will truly be a sadder place without him. Here's Johnny.......will be remembered for all time and I was there the last time he uttered those words on the world of television. And let's consider for a moment the Star Search program he produced and hosted. The show that started long before American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.........he was the catalyst......the beginning.........the first. Without him many a star would still be living in obscurity......Beyonce, Brittany Spears, Drew Carrey....and the list goes on.

So while we may be sad for the moment and mourn the loss of what these people brought into our lives........remember, in the end that it is the people that share your life daily....on a personal level that are the true stars........the true icons. Appreciate them today in the face of mortality and know that they are the ones that truly shape you. Because in the end, these stars don't know you, don't even care about you.....they are just famous. Nothing more.


The One That Got Away....


This week..............has gotten away from me. And so, it has come with no update from moi'


But you know how summer getting off vacation 3 teenagers at home, every day gotta know at least one of those things.

And so its been.......

The twins will start their college connection class on Monday and for the next 3 weeks 4 times per week they will be at the local college all day taking classes, learning about what it takes to get into college and learning valuable study skills for high school next year.

In the meantime, older brother is busy with dance and trying to talk his younger bro into coming to the beginner's far its like pulling teeth......but I am making him go. He'll thank me later, right?

Weather is just now heating up so we can use the pool and throw some parties so up til now the summer has been kinda quiet and low key.

All that is about to change and before we know it summer will be over.........ahh to be young again.


The Yurt living color




Yep, here it are worth more than words so we'll leave it at that.......enjoy(image)

Back from distant pastures


We are back from our trip..........even got back a day early due to miserable weather. The yurt was cool and I would stay in one again......but the campground was too close to the highway and there was very little access to the river......disappointing.

My campstove wouldn't work, starting a campfire in the rain is not one of my strong suits and I was alone with 3 teenagers in a room smaller than my bedroom for 3 days in the rain.

One bottle of wine, was not enough.

We did have glimpses of true fun though. Playing games at night, throwing the football around during bouts of sunshine. I enjoyed spending the time with my children.......but would have liked more to do and better weather.

Next time.

We came back and saw a movie.........the next in the summer blockbusters.

Terminator Salvation.............amidst all the bad reviews I found the movie better than I expected but not as good as I hoped for.

If you are a true Terminator fan then you should at least enjoy the movie.........if you are just looking for action, stick to Star Trek or wait for the next batch of movies coming out.(image)

We're Off


Yes, you already knew that didn't you..........

No........we're off on our camping trip to Oregon. So I'm taking a hiatus until I get back Sunday. Hubby is home watching the doggies so its just me and the kids, but they aren't so much kids anymore are that two of them tower over me.

Anyway, we'll fill you in when we get back, but for now............have a great first weekend of the summer vacation.


We'll be here:

Staying in one of these:


The Beginning


So, the graduations are over, finals are completed and our trip is around the corner.

It is the beginning of summer.

I laid out by the pool for the first time this season and began looking for mindless, romance drenched books to read over the coming weeks.

I EVEN saw our first summer movie.(image)

Star Trek.........the reviews were correct and they hype is deserved, this was an excellent representation of the Star Trek franchise. It gave tribute to the old while making it all new again......not an easy feat. Definitely a great show.

Others on our list for this summer range from Harry Potter to Transformers to Terminator: Salvation. We did see X-Men Origins: Wolverine a couple of weeks ago, but that was techically still Spring and was a bit of a disappointment.

I'm happy to report that I have high hopes for a good summer. The twins have a College Connection program for 3 weeks in July, all the kids are now in the high school youth program, so no more bouncing back and forth between activities, and after our trip this week we will have a nice, quiet sabbatical filled with pool parties and bbq's, movie watching and drives to the river with friends.........just what a good summer should look like.




So we are preparing for graduations tomorrow........we are preparing for our first summer trip next week.....we are preparing for high school.

8th grade graduation........brings back good memories and a night of fun. It isn't a big milestone, but its a start. High School is the big going back now. After so many years of homeschooling, high school seems like the beginning of the end. Bittersweet even.

I will now be the mother to all high schoolers........that really puts a defining point on things. 4 where the heck did the last 14 years go anyway???

Time marches on, and things are new and different and exciting. The twins are taking a three week summer course at the local college to help prepare them for high school and even further onto college itself.

Forefront in my mind though is our trip to Oregon next week.

I need a really..........I........NEED.........a.....VACATION........really

So at first I was disappointed that there isn't a lot to do where we are amusement parks or expensive art museums........none of the usual stuff I look for in a vacation. Just the river and the forest.

Now I'm getting excited. I'm a little worried that three teenagers won't find it equally as relaxing.........but I'm hoping they will.

We'll see.

Repair Time


Personal time is A-Number 1 priority this weekend. I am recovering from being sick...AGAIN....I've been sick more times in the last 4 months than I have been in the last 4 years...

It's crazy.

I know I'm in the ER surrounded by sickos.......but for crying out loud.

So this weekend is going to be low some movies, do some shopping, bake something........and take my antibiotic............that should take care of things.

Take care of yourselves......don't take for granted being healthy, do what it takes to make yourself healthy.


Did You Know?


This is pretty fascinating. They showed this at church on Sunday and it is pretty amazing at how quickly our world is changing.........not to mention a little scary at how quickly the United States is falling behind. Our superpower status is in serious jeopardy and we don't even realize it. Or we are too apathetic to do anything about it. I'm not sure which.

Vote a part of the solution, not the problem.

Get involved, be aware, learn.........grow........lead

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Reading Update


SO I haven't posted much about my reading lately...........mostly because I have been lagging in my reading as life has gotten predictably busy during this "end of the school year" time.

I am reading two books though that I wanted to share with you....

Portrait of a Lady by Henry James(image)

Not for the casual reader for sure. This book is full of old English and descriptions that can last for pages.......I'm trucking through and actually enjoying the book, but it will definitely take me awhile. A great book in the thread of Jane Austen and Emily Bronte.

My second read was something a friend gave me that just upon reading the cover made me certain I would enjoy it.

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers(image)

What more can I really say about that........either you'll love it or you'll never pick it up, not a lot inbetween there. Part History, Part Comedy, Part Weirdly Interesting.....all together a good combination.

Whatcha reading out there.................something new, something interesting???


Coming to a Close


The graduation invitations are out, finals are coming and the kids are getting restless..........yes, it is the end of the school year. I'm anxious too.

After so many years of homeschooling it has taken a lot for me to get used to not being around my kids all week long.

I miss them.

But, they are growing and learning and happy......I can't ask for more than that.

I'm anxious for the school year to be over so we can have the summer months together. We are starting off with a trip to Oregon for several days just to decompress. Beyond that, I don't know what the summer will hold.

The pool needs cleaning, the patio furniture put out and the gazebo put up........then it will truly feel like summer.

I am looking forward to the more relaxed and commitment-free days.

I hope you are looking forward to a summer full of fun and rest.