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Preview: Does this felt make me look fat?

Does this felt make me look fat?

Mostly anything that stikes you like a cue ball hitting the eight ball and the sound of Winning dropping into the pocket. Similar to a light coming on in your head sort of thing.

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St. Patty's Day


Oh boy to me this means Spring is a'coming!



It 's been awhile scine I posted so soon I will get back at it. How is everyone?

McCain, you don't fool me


not for one second, you don't fool me. I'm so tired of the same of eight years of the poor misuse of power. The only reason you men like his vp choice is because she's nice to look at. What a slap in the face, it's so clear that you don't get it, and once again you are saying we aren't good enough to be equal and that we have to still sit in the back seat while you drive around staying lost and refusing to ask for directions. McCain your trying hard to wear the Emperor's clothes and we saw thru that curtain within the first few months in office. I 'm so disgusted with you and your minnons. owwee........

A perfect day 4 a walk


(image) Yesterday was just the type of day that I absolutely live for in every aspect. The wind was doable, and it wasn't too hot. The water temperature is still a bit chilly but soon people will be playing in the river. I didn't see that bird until after we took the picture and he noticed us, but instead of flying away we all shared the coolnest of the water.
Have a great day everyone.

Where has all the time gone?


It's been quite awhile since I sat down and wrote anything at all. There are many reasons why some dull and some not so boring. Mainly the job I was working at had me so very exhausted that it was all I could do just to walk home only to collapse onto the couch and recuperate . Let's see where I am today ; First and foremost on the personal level it's been "Ten Months of Clean and Sober". It hasn't been easy but so far so good. I could expound upon the barrage of commercials, (that I never really noticed before) that try to promote their product thrusting into my subconscious. Then there's my favorite morning news program that is always selecting the "Best Wine of the Day" , I try not to start out my day thinking of wine, and if I do have wine on my mind it's usually sounds like this; "I wanna go to Miami Beach". !!!!! ******I was going to buy a car with my "Uncle Bush" money then I changed my mind and I got a horse instead....********** Actually, I got a new computer and a little scooter. The computer goes faster than the computer.*********************************************************. . The cat is doing great! He's learned to cover his business which is a good thing , the reason that he came to live with us is because other people didn't have the time to work with him , instead they would toss him out into the cold snowy night. It didn't take long at all for Artemis to get it right. I came home from work early one night and he growled at me. He's become quite the watch cat. \\\\\\\His latest trick is to slap me a high five!\\\\////\\\\\////////////\\\\\\\\\\\////

Well that is about all that has been going on with me . I could mention Big Brown but why? Then again I could go on about Hillary but why? Maybe if Hillary had taken Big Brown's steriods she'd still be in the race and Big Brown could be Obama's running mate.

Just a thought


The other day while driving around town doing errands, I got a little attitude going because the car in front of me had her dog at the sterring wheel. I'm yelling at her;"If they wanted dogs to drive they would have issused 'em dog licsense!!! Then it hit me oh, they did!!!
I slipped and fell on the ice yesterday morning,man, did that hurt, I thought about putting ice on my bruised hip but then I remembered that I didn't need to I fell on the ice. I'm glad no one saw me esp. when the trash can lid took advantage of me and conked me on the head while I wasn't looking.
Last week it was really windy here, gust up to 65 mph. The day before that though I was out picking up trash in the work parking lot with my happy little yellow cart midget size over by the frozen Platte river when a gust of wind grabbed my cart and off into the river it went. Too bad there wasn't a video going caused I'm sure that would have been pretty funny watching me retrive that cart, what a battle that was.
Artemis woke me up this morning at my usually time to get up my bad, I forgot to tell him I wasn't going to work until later today. Good to know that my cat knows when I 'm suppose to be up, just in case the electricty goes out.

Super Bowl to Super Tuesday


Get out an Vote!

Alright now


Woo-Hoo! I got me some real thinnsulated gloves "Guarenteed" to handle EXTREME cold weather. My fingers were sooo cold the other morning, I still do not know how those guys played football in that fridged weather.

Where is the sleep?


My day off and we have a meeting at work... Where is the sleep when I need it most.....



North, South, East and West, being Clean and Sober for five months is the "Best" !!!

Off to a good start in 2008!


The Iowa Caucuses are finally over and to me it appears that we really are going to make a fantastic change in '08. I don't know about anyone else but I'm tried of the bs of the last 16 years. A different face and a different last name would be a welcomed victory.

So until Next Year!!!


I have to work tomorrow night and at a New Year Eve party at that! I'll have pleanty of time to rest on the 1st., Wishing everyone a healthy New Year. If you're going out to celebrate get ya a designated driver/ call a cab/or take public transportation. P.S. I love ya! Skye

" Merry Christmas"


(image) This has been quite a year, not just for me but for all of us. My Christmas wish is that we all take the time to enjoy our famlies and loved ones and the time we have to share with them.
This next week will be so busy for me I'll not even have time to think or even blink. I'm not wild about how commericalized this Season has becomed I just try to take a deep breath and stay out of the stores unless it's imperative that I go. (usually means being dragged there)!!!
I'm hoping I can find a real sleigh-ride here in Casper to go on I think it would be awesome.

Maxfield Parrish


is one of my favorites. What artist do you like? Today is Aids Awareness Day.(image)

14,11,9,10.27,32,41 Lottery Numbers????


Nope, they're the temperature forecast,hehehe. These are Elk at Jackson Hole.

No not Slinky


(image) Maybe it was Sat. when I briefly saw the news and I think I heard 'em say slinky was on the recall list. Umm if this keeps up then they might as well say Santa is a dirty old man playing with elves!!!!

I miss the Beach.


(image) Oh well, at least I have my pictures to take me to serinity-ville.

Black Friday, Tired Feet and Overstuffed


Thank you "God" for allowing me not to be caught up in the after Thanksgiving Day sales. I am grateful for my health, home and loved ones and my "Blog-Friends", and a job. I'd decided not to bother with a picture since it will be all over the news to night anyway. Besides this is the only time I get to sleep in so why would I willing give that up to stand in the cold and come home with 50% chance of a bad attitude? Oh, and if you didn't get your eight year old a Wii maybe they need to learn to play with other kids their age and not be isolated . Old school thinking I know and nope I don't have any children and if I did they would be involed in activities not video games or "MY SPACE".

Happy Thanksgiving



Changing of the season's


Finally I got my camera working, this wasn't the first snowfall but close enough. Who seize I ain't patrotic? Even my '86 Ford parks by an American flag!

Happy Halloween!



Prairie Dog


Good morning Mama.(image)
My camera is broken, so I found a picture of some Prairie Dogs, usually I just see one head of sticking out of the mound of soil looking around.

Bird is the word !!!!


This is a Sage Grouse, when I first saw this bird I didn't know what to think. My eye for fashion appealled to me quite abit though. I would never have though of wearing fur with feathers! It's times like this when I get hit with a 2x4 and realize that there is Power waay greater than me.(image)

Home home on the Range


Isn't he beautiful? Just don't leap out in front of me Buddy.(image)

No Real Anything


Sorry I've been terribly busy and this is the first time I've had to get near a computer. When I get a real chance to stop breathe I'll actually post something. The Summer is going by waaay too fast and I love Hot Summer Nights, (enter Sandy.). Ok, see ya later. Have a great Labor Day Weekend.