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Paint Colours That Are Taking Off In 2017

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 05:44:00 +0000

It can be surprising how fast things go in and out of fashion; whether it’s clothing, hairstyles or decorative fashion trends. In many ways, paint colour trends are no different and every year we see new colours come into vogue and start to become popular.Let’s take a look at some paint colours that you should keep in mind if you’re wanting to redecorate in 2017.Earthy Mauve Green Green has also been seen as a risky colour when it comes to home interiors and can clash with a lot of other colours. But, when used appropriately, earth green hues can help give a room a certain sophistication, while also create a relaxed, calm feel. More often than not, it will combine well with other natural-type colours; browns, taupes, and light creams are a good starting point. Pastel Pink By all accounts, pink bedrooms give off a bit of an old fashion vibe these days, but the look can certainly still be made to work with the right furniture and decorative features. Lending itself to something of a Victorian look, you’re best served by draping the room with various shades of pink and rose or red. Taupe and grey browns also make for interesting combinations. As well as creating a uniquely feminine atmosphere, pink is a great reflector of light that can keep a room bright and fun. Dusted Yellow It can be an effective decorative strategy to contrast bright colours with quiet, muted shades such as grey or light brown. Yellows can be a great option if you’re trying to create this kind of feel when used sparingly around the room. Painting the trim and windows dusted yellow can bring otherwise dull grey and even cream walls alive, giving the eyes somewhere to go. We’d also recommend splashing yellow around in other parts of the room to balance it out - cushions or a table for example. Mineral Grey  If you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to make a statement, mineral grey is a nice option. One thing we will say is that dark grey can be quite intense, so it’s important to choose the right room, furniture and even the right home for this kind of look. Combines well with maroon, but might be best tackled with the help of a colour consultant as it can be quite challenging to balance this one out. For more professional advice on current paint colour trends and how to best utilise them, speak to the team at Priority One Coatings - The Best Painting Services in Sydney today. We are a renowned painting company with many years experience working on residential homes. [...]

How To Confidently Choose Paint Colours For Your Living Room

Tue, 09 Aug 2016 06:12:00 +0000

Confused about choosing your living room colors all the time? Gets jealous when your friends or relatives have better room paintings? Well choosing room colors according to the exact characteristics of the room is easy.And with Priority One Coatings, it's DEFINITELY easy!!You may want to create a different mood of your room or your room may be placed in such an area where the paint colours don’t mix and match or you may say it doesn’t go with the flow.But if you can first completely understand the space characteristics of your each room; you can make a great combination for the home as a whole and yes this will be the time for your friends and relatives to get jealous of you! Lets have a visual look on how colors can be chosen for specific characteristic of a roomWhen You Feel Your Room Is Darker:  When Your Room Is Always Busy With Guests:   Want to get more coloring ideas? Don’t get dishearten; we have created an amazing painting infographic with different room characteristic ideas. The above two ideas are just part of our infographic. To see the full infographic click here.[...]

How Commercial Fitout Service is Provided at Priority One Coatings

Fri, 01 Jan 2016 08:28:00 +0000

Renovation/fit-outs are widely spread around in Australia. Every now and then industries & offices need a commercial fit out to decorate their space to make it more appealing. It also gives their interior spaces suitable for occupation. We gladly stating that Priority One Coating is giving the fit out services over decades to our clients.  Most importantly we are able to achieve this sky-high position for our client's support.Fit Out Plan: Usually, to wrap up a fit out work we do three steps:R&D: We carry out an adept analysis of the client’s property before doing any fit out. Research includes measuring the interior and exterior looks, supplies for fit out needs, time and cost management. Shell and Core: It mostly covers the workspace structure, base plant, outer wall, lobbies, staircase, main reception, basement, and external works, walls and ceilings, fixing the defaults and so on. Execution: This is the important part of our fit out. Execution is the final stage of a fit out. This part includes interior design, assemble all the furniture, painting the interior kinds of stuff includes walls, floors, roofs etc. Our only focus is that work must be done according to the client’s need and give their spaces a cosy look.   Progression:Nowadays commercial fit out has become a common trend among all the occupation services. With the revolution of time cities and suburbs in Australia are doing massive development. Respectively painting and construction companies are growing more in numbers. Furthermore, these companies are enhancing their machinery and accessories extensively. Likewise, Priority One Coatings is in the race too. Our work is highly appreciated by all of our clients. Presently we are providing the top notch service to our clients and companies.Choose Your Service wisely:To our clients and those who are reading, whenever you choose any company for painting or fit out make sure you do a good research on that particular company, secondly calculate your budget properly, thirdly ask them how long they are going to take to refurbish your occupation space, last but not least give your own design and choices before they start to do the fit out for you.  After piling up all these information, make up your mind and then choose the best commercial fit out service company which will provide you with the most experienced and professional painters.  About Priority One Coatings Fit out:With over 25 years of experience, Priority One Coatings has become one of the most trustworthy paintings and decorating companies operating in the greater Sydney area. Priority One Coating is ideal for both normal and custom fit outs. We are equipped with highly expert and experienced workers. Our workers are very professional with their own work and service. Moreover, we do fit-outs in quite a reasonable price which helps small business or office to do fit outs. We also follow the DIY process. Not only we encourage our clients to review our job after doing it but also an emphasis on our client’s feedback and according to it we always try to develop our reinforcement more day by day.[...]

House Painting/Repainting Chart for Houses and Apartments

Fri, 18 Dec 2015 10:26:00 +0000

How Painting/Repainting increases house value“Good Painting is like good cooking; it can be tasted, but not explained”- Maurice de Vlaminck It is a prodigious fact that now a days lot of commercial painting companies in Sydney are growing very fast.House Painting has become a prevalent topic among the Aussies. While there are a lot of stuffs that can add a good value to your house, painting is one of the easiest and low budget item. An elegant painting echoes our dwelling artistry deeply. A nice trendy paint can give a perfect look even to a crummy house. So, if your house has a perfect paint it will definitely increase the value if you consider selling it.  Cost ConcernPaint or repaint in both cases we usually get concerned about the quality and cost. But with the grace of technology it’s easy to research and nowadays taking a decision on painting is much easier than before. Sitting home you can calculate your house paintings, its cost and take a decision that suits you the best.Easy Calculation of paint Whether you are painting or repainting your house, with the help of paint calculator you can estimate the amount of paint that you need and can easily calculate the actual price for painting or your home. You don’t need to walk lengthy roads to find good and reasonable painting shops Browse online and get a perfect quote with the price with just one click. Time to clear your confusionAlmost all of us are aware of painting calculator but there are so many painting calculators in the web, some of which are quite complicated and packed with confusing characters. Our objective is to provide an easy and detailed information about painting usage, painting cost and evaluate whether it would be reasonable for you or not and help you take a better decision. Painting chart and its featuresBelow we attached a paint chart that will show an average paint needed for a standard size house.  N.B Paint costs $18 AUD per litre. Table: Approximate Paint Consumption Chart for a) Interior and b) Exterior Spaces.Relation with Priority One Coatings Based in New South Wales (NSW), Priority One Coatings is one of the biggest and most renowned painting companies with professional painters in Australia. We pride ourselves on the quality of our painting and in providing expert service. Our professional painters are experienced and skilled in their work.  We provide great customer support even after the work is done and highly appreciate our customers’ feedbacks, which helps us to remain in a good relationship with our customers. image source [...]

Why Should You Say No to Toxic Paint?

Tue, 24 Nov 2015 04:05:00 +0000

Detoxing is a word we keep hearing a lot lately and it gets tossed around way too lightly. In fact, some of the very common kinds of stuff at our home and in our lives are filling our body with toxins at extraordinary new levels. Today we will precisely focus on the paints that contain detrimental toxic materials namely volatile organic compounds (VOCs).VOCs And Their Harmful Effects  VOCs include a vast variety of chemicals that having a low boiling point, evaporates at ordinary room temperature. VOCs not only evaporate but sublimate with the surrounding air, causing adverse health effects including eye irritation, dizziness, memory impairment, visual disorders and severe headaches. Long exposure to such volatile organic compounds may even cause cancer. Why Should We Opt For Non-toxic Paint? Using VOC free paint makes a huge difference not only for your health but also the environment. Paints containing VOCs engender the indoor air to be three times more polluted than the outside air. Colouring a wall with normal paint actually keeps emitting those VOC toxins into the air for years, it keeps leaking those toxins even after the paint smell vanishes.Non-toxic paints have been developed due to new environmental regulations and customer demands. It contains low to Zero VOCs which are not harmful to human health. These new tech paints are cost-effective and have an everlasting durability. So, it's highly recommended that painting contractors in Sydney should start using non-toxic paints for their projects.Benefits Of Zero Or Low VOC Paints   •    Health – People with chemical sensitivity and allergies are greatly benefited from such new tech developed products. Besides, it also provides protection from other adverse health effects resulting from VOC containing paints as mentioned above.•    Effective – Low-VOC paints work well for scrubability and hide ability i.e. covering blemishes on past coats. It also has long-term durability and vast coverage capability.•    Environment – Lessens landfill, groundwater and ozone exhausting containments.•    Practically no hazardous fume – Painted areas can be covered at ease with no bad odour objections. Moreover, there is no off-gassing during or after application.•    Easy after paint Clean-up – once the painting job is done, disposal and cleaning up is greatly simplified resulting from the absence of hazardous wastes.These non-toxic paints are so eco-friendly that we could apply it on our face without having to worry about any kind of skin irritation or rashes. It can also be used to repaint bird cages and other pet houses. This is how we guarantee you about the superior care we can provide for our planet, our customers and all involved.Image: Free Source[...]

Winter is the Perfect Time for Interior Painting

Mon, 13 Jul 2015 09:40:00 +0000

Traditionally it has always been said that it is a bad idea to paint your house in the winter time, concerns over whether the paint will dry, how long the drying process will take and of course anxiety over any harmful fumes being trapped inside because of closed doors, windows and poor ventilation have made people wary of painting in winter.However modern paints and painting practices are now challenging these preconceived ideas, with higher quality paints containing fewer harmful chemicals and the affordability of de-humidifiers to rent or purchase, these worries are a thing of the past.Some may think that interior painting may not work during the cold season and are worried about complications due to the low temperature, but in reality the weather only really effects exterior painting because cold, wet weather makes exterior work almost impossible to complete. When it comes to the best season to paint, our past experience at Priority One Coatings says that clients usually chose winter season  for their interior painting projects. Temperature and humidity are the primary factors that effect how well your paint is going to adhere to the walls being painted. Compared to warmer months, the humidity is usually lower in winter which helps the paint to dry faster. If you can start your painting early enough in the cooler season, you will get your painting done very quickly. If you’re feeling the lack of daylight hours this winter and the shorter days are getting you down, you may want to brighten up your home by giving your place a fresh coat of paint. A little bit of effort can give you the lift you need to get through winter and make you happy throughout the rest of the year! Painting interiors in the winter can actually be a fun task if you want to tackle the job yourself, but many home-owners may find it too time consuming and too big a work load to deal with. If you’re thinking of a fresh coat of paint but don’t want to DIY, an experienced painting contractor can help to get the job done easily even in winter.You need not to wait for the summer to call us. Painting in autumn and winter can bring real and visible benefits to you. Save your time and money and give your home a fresh new look.[...]

Choosing the Right Paint Color for your Home

Mon, 22 Jun 2015 05:41:00 +0000

Choosing the right color to paint the interior or exterior of your house can often seem impossible, with so many colors, shades and brands on offer, picking the best fit for your home will be very important in both the long and short-term. There are several factors to take into account before making your final selection which is important to think about before moving forward with your color.The main fear that people have is picking the wrong color and having to repaint everything all over again. As residential and commercial painters Sydney, we have worked with many clients who have faced this problem and have found that by outlining some of the elements that will affect the way your paint looks can easily solve this problem. To help you avoid some of the biggest pitfalls of repainting, below is a list of key points to keep in mind : LightingThe different lighting you have in your home can vastly affect the way your paint looks on your walls. Bright red walls could look fantastic in natural sunlight but can feel claustrophobic with a dimmer lamp or ceiling light, conversely, a fantastic grey colour could end up too dark in an already dim room. To properly select the correct colour, bring a swatch into the room and see how it looks with the lighting there.  SurroundsIt’s important to have a coherent look and feel to your house, rather than feeling like one room after another has a completely different mood. Consider how your paint will work with the other rooms of your house - how will it integrate with the colour scheme you have already implemented in other rooms.FurnitureA big mistake people sometimes make is to not consider what kind and colour of furniture will be in your room. Furniture is a huge part of creating the feeling of a room. If you have big, dark pieces of furniture it’s often a good idea to opt for a light wall colour which will give the room more light and make it look more spacious.MoodEveryone knows that white walls will create a feeling of more space and darker colours will give you the feeling of being in a smaller, enclosed space, but it’s also important to think about how the various other colours will make your room feel. Reds and pinks will lend warmth to the room while blues will give a calm, cool feeling. Greens are said to give a feeling of tranquillity and health while purples are relaxing and yellows are energising.Regardless of the colour and shade, you end up settling on for your walls if you keep these factors in mind you are much more likely to end up with something that you love. It’s always a great idea to swatch a little bit of the colour on your wall and live with it for a time before you finally go ahead and paint the whole room, and when in doubt, you can, of course, hire a professional who will be glad to guide you through the color selection process.Image Sources:[...]

Safe Paint for Your Child at Home

Mon, 25 May 2015 04:41:00 +0000

Our family’s safety is always at the forefront of our minds, and when it comes to painting our homes their health and wellbeing can play a part in helping you decide how to paint your home and what to paint it with. It is important to be aware about some of the important factors that may be overlooked when planning to freshen up your home.Paint quality is a big concern if you have children in your house. Bad quality paints can be harmful and can prove to be allergenic. We have already discussed  about the dangers involved in lead painting in our August, 2013 blog post. However, the good news is you can find some really great premium paints that are safe, without sacrificing the look and colour of your home.This article have insane detail about safe painting.So keep reading.Eco Friendly Painting  In the past eco-friendly paints were a very small market, with only a couple of suppliers offering paints that could be comparable to conventional paints in their colour and quality. Luckily, many big brands opting to create more eco-friendly options now a days.Eco-friendly paints are many and varied at present, with companies like Farrow and Ball converting their whole paint range to a water based formula to reduce the solvents in their products. These paints contain many natural ingredients like clay and linseed oil along with natural pigments for colour.Low VOC  VOCs or ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’ are some of the most harmful chemicals found in paint. VOCs are carbon containing compounds that are unstable enough to readily vaporize into the air around you. These chemicals include toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, formaldehyde, methylene chloride and glycol. When combined with other elements in the air they produce ozone which causes air pollution and, when inhaled, severe health issues.Long term exposure to some VOCs have been linked to cancer, kidney and liver damage and have been known to effect eyes and lungs and cause headaches and nausea. VOCs have also been strongly linked to irritating respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies in children. The good news is paint companies are now producing low and zero VOC paints to eliminate these harmful compounds from the painting process.Lead Free  When painting your home you don’t just have to think about the new paint, you should also consider the paint that is already on your walls. If you have an old house or garage that hasn’t been painted recently, it is very possible that the last coat of paint it got contained lead. Removal of lead paint should be left to a professional who has all the right equipment and procedures in place.If you have any old peeling paint it could pose a significant health risk to your family and you should not ignore the need to deal with it. If you have small children who may ingest chips or if you are performing home improvement works which include scraping, sanding or burning you should be particularly wary of the dangers and call a professional to test for lead and remove any hazardous material.Because of these dangers, it can often be in your best interest to speak with a professional painter about any painting you are about to do. Priority One Coatings has a strong foundation in the industry and many years’ experience. We specialize in lead removal and offer a number of different paint formulation options. We are here to discuss how best to provide a safe environment for you and your family.Image Sources[...]

The Negative Effects of DIY Painting Projects

Tue, 05 May 2015 02:52:00 +0000

When you are your own artist; you know very well what is DIY Project. But when it comes to home painting and you are your own painting contractor then you better know all the possible negative effects as well.This article is a guideline for you before you are up to your first DIY ProjectWe all love to do a spot of DIY, it helps us turn a house into a home that the family has played a part in creating. DIY can help giving your home a personalized touch and make it a much more comfortable place to live in. We have already discussed house painting tips in one of our previous articles. Not only that we also have another one taking your painting needs into considerations about how you can maintain the safety of your home while painting or even repainting.Getting back to DIY, however, there are perils of decorating and some nasty substances to look out for. In most of these cases, only professional painters will know how to handle them, so keep your eye out for some of these nasty jobs that all DIY’s should avoid.Lead Paint RemovalIn many older homes, lead has been used in the construction to strengthen different parts of the houses. With the majority of lead found in roofing and piping, it is important that lead removal is done carefully and professionally as it can cause nasty side effects, even from just touching it.Lead poisoning is the lethal outcome of being exposed to large quantities of lead in and around the home. The lead was once used in certain paints so if you suspect the under layers of your walls to be painted with lead paint, always wear a mask and consult a professional painting company who can steer you in the right direction.Asbestos RemovalThankfully, the majority of people now know that asbestos can be a nasty substance that can cause all manner of horrible physical issues, if not handled with care. If you find that you have asbestos in your home, don’t just rip it out, call a professional who will be able to talk with you about its removal and replacement with a much safer substance. A professional will have all of the right safety gear to handle asbestos, as well as the correct training in handling and disposal of the substance. Preparing The Substrate For PaintingDepending on the material used as a substrate, you could do more damage than good if you do not fully prepare it for painting. Specialist paints are used for undercoats when painting over various different materials, so check which is the ideal paint before you start.Are you one of those right now who is feeling DIY project to be tougher? Seems like its impossible for you to do your job alone? If that is the case then Sydney has the best solution for you! Yes, it has! You can get the best and professional painting services in Sydney who is the experienced painters and decorators to fulfil any of your painting needs! Proper Preparation Of The WorkWhilst you may want to just cover those walls in your favourite hue of paint, if you don’t take the correct preparation work into account, you may end up wasting time as well as money. Preparation work starts the moment you plan on painting or decorating your room, from removing wallpaper and old paint, to layering undercoats and choosing the right type of paint.Call in a pro if you have any concerns or questions relating to preparation work, take everything into consideration and use your budget wisely to ensure that your new coat of paint lasts, protects the walls and most importantly, looks fabulous!Get Help Picking A ColourWhilst choosing a colour may seem like a personal touch only you can truly decide. It may be worth the effort to get help picking a colour scheme for your home’s exterior paint, as well as your interior designs. Choosing the right colour can make or break the room you are decorating.Many people choose the wrong shade of colour for their walls that can have [...]

Advanced House Painting Tips For A Pro-like Paint

Fri, 06 Mar 2015 03:42:00 +0000

Bringing a whole new look to a room is easier than ever these days, thanks to the many retail outlets offering a cornucopia of supplies for DIY fans. From building sofas and creating art installations from recovered materials, many people overlook the skills necessary and the results that can be achieved using pro techniques to paint a room and bring an entirely different aspect to your home’s ambience.To paint like a pro, one has to understand the varied techniques step by step and to understand the reasons behind why the professionals use a particular type of paint, a special painting method or even the way to judge how much paint will be needed. If you are a regular reader of our blog then you might be aware of one of our previous articles on interior house painting tips. In addition to that, today we will talk about some of the more advanced house painting tips which we bet that will be very helpful for your DIY house painting projects. At Priority One Coatings we are not only passionate about our painting job but also wish to help people who love to do the painting jobs themselves. Keep in mind that Inspiration is always the first step in DIY, so with a little research, you can be well on your way to advancing your DIY skills. Bright, Bold or Neutral Color Scheme?  An important aspect of painting is choosing the colours. Whilst colour choice is an individual preference, it should be noted that you should first take time to look at the overall ambience of your room. Judge how much light comes into the room, decide whether a darker room needs brightening, or a room with lots of light can be toned down to make it more comfortable. If you don’t have that idea about how to choose room colours then we have an awesome infographic on our site which can help you to choose room colours according to space characteristics.Choosing neutral colours is always a good idea if you plan to sell or rent your house because neutral colours tend to go very well with just about any type of furniture or interior decoration. Neutral colours are also a great choice if you and your loved one cannot make your mind up about the colours scheme!Now it is time to budget for your paint, based on how much paint you will need for your room. Choosing the type of paint is an important aspect in painting a room, not just for the colours, but also the type of finish and how that can have an impact on the longevity and quality of the finish.Interior Paint is Usually Placed in Several Different Categories Matte Paint The most common paint for use on interior walls is Matte paint. Matte paint gives a great clean finish with no shine or sheen which makes it a perfect paint to use on walls and ceilings or to cover a large surface area. Usually needing more than one coat to get a perfect finish for certain colours, it is easy to apply with a brush or roller and can hide small imperfections on walls.Matt Enamel Matt Enamel paint is very similar to Matte paint though it is a lot more durable in nature. This makes it perfect for applications in children’s bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms where it doesn’t succumb to damage such as hot environments and steam, unlike other paints.Gloss Paint Gloss paint is a popular type of paint finish that is used for many different applications and areas. It has a highly shiny finish, and because of that may show up more imperfections than regular matte finish paint would. There are also many other different types of paint like Satin, Eggshell, Semi-Gloss that house painters in Sydney are using for interior work. Each one of the paint has its own speciality and perfection.Use a Paint that is Designed for the Exact Surface...  Other types of paint may be of preferred use in applications such as on woodwork, metalwork or very delicate painting of small [...]

Step-by-Step Interior House Painting Tips from Priority One Coatings

Mon, 16 Feb 2015 04:25:00 +0000

Achieving the ownership of a house is never easy. Australian people are lucky in contrast with many developed countries because of a low house price to income ratio. Many young Australian have the good fortune to buy their dream home at a low rate. On the other hand, the size of the house is also increasing day by day.But, when it comes to the maintenance task landlords often hesitate to spend money. Sometimes they fail to realize that, the value of a property can fall dramatically if not maintained properly.So, how to do the maintenance task? Hiring a professional painting company is the best option. But for those who have enough time and energy to do it by themselves, we are going to suggest some step by step house painting tips. We hope that by following this steps you can save a fair amount of maintenance cost.Interior painting is a bit difficult then exterior painting because you have to plan properly beforehand. Below are some useful steps for a successful interior painting project :1.Calculate Total Space  Calculating the total area which you are going to paint is important because it will help you estimate the amount of paint and cost associated. This is simple. All you have to do is measure the width and height of the room with a tape measure and multiply them to calculate total area. There is various type of tape measure available to buy online.Take note of all the wall space separately because if you wish to use a different colour, this information will help you to buy the right volume of paint. 2.Securing Furniture’s and Floor Area While doing the paint job, there is a chance that you will mess up with paints all over the room. How do you save your valuable furniture from this? Best option: move all the furniture in the backyard if possible. If you don't have that option, then you have to cover all the undesired areas.Use a drop cloth to cover the floor area. Make sure to use painters tape to attach the edges of drop cloths to secure the floor. Alternatively, you can use plastic drop sheet. This will be useful to cover large and heavy furniture. All the portable things, wall hangings should be removed.3.Child Safety  It is a fact that there are toxic elements in paints which can be harmful to human health especially children. If you have children or pregnant mother at your home then it’s always a good idea to send them somewhere else. Do not compromise health issues while painting at home. Another important thing is to choose water-based paint products. We will talk more about this later in the post.4. Selecting the Paint Color and Brand Choice of colour varies person to person. Some people like deep colour some love light. Whatever colour you choose for your room, keep some basic points in mind. Those are:      Your Mood / Your Color ChoiceLighting of the RoomColor TermsSize of the RoomRoom DecorationColor Combination with other RoomFollow the Color WheelMonochromatic SchemesVariety of Paint FinishesAlthough there might be a debate about which brand is better but make sure you buy low or zero VOC’s paint because it’s much more health friendly. Some famous paint brands are:DuluxTaubmansWattylBrinleyNew Zealand ReseneZinsser5.Painting  This is the most interesting part. All your previous hard work will be paid off if you are a bit careful at this stage. Wear a protective mask and plastic gloves to cover head and hand. Follow the instruction written in the paint can for mix up. Use a large plastic bucket, paint brush and roller as per your need. Always follow a specific sequence. Painting from top to bottom is standard practice. Try to be consistent while rolling over the wall. Use paint application pads for cutting the edges. After the painting is done the fir[...]

5 Brilliant Christmas Decorating Idea Website With Pictures

Thu, 18 Dec 2014 05:46:00 +0000

Another Christmas is knocking at the door and like many happy Australians, you might be working hard to decorate your home, buying gifts for beloved ones or stirring up cooking ideas to startle your guests and yourself!It’s a fact that some of us might feel a bit stressed while choosing a particular home decoration plan even if it’s the best time of the year. Rather than suggesting some specific design, we feel that it’s better to refer a larger collection of design from online where you can easily choose your desired design. After doing some research we found 5 beautiful websites where you will get a large collection of Christmas Decorating Ideas. Southern Living We all know the famous adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Upon your first glance at this site, you’ll get a great impression for sure. If you click a particular image you will have a brief description explaining the decorating idea as well. There are 101 photos available so the chances are high that you’ll get the opportunity to pick the right one for yourself.Fresh home This is another wonderful home decorating website where you will get 30 Christmas decorating ideas. The beauty of this site is that all images are crisp and of high quality ensuring happy viewing! Although there aren’t any descriptions included, the images are large and plenty so you don’t have to worry about that too much.HGTV Throughout this holiday season, the Christmas tree contributes to bringing in the spark, which is what makes it worth decorating.  So decorate your Christmas tree with any of these amazing ideas.You will get a collection of 15 tree decoration ideas.Pinterest Being one of the leading image reservoirs, Pinterest provides a large collection of pictures. The fun part is anybody is allowed to share their ideas on this platform through images and short descriptions. This is done by creating boards on a specific subject. We found some nice Christmas Decorating Ideas on this site. Have a look here and you might find exactly what you are looking for. Pinterest never fails to surpass expectations! Country Living You will get a nice collection of Festive Christmas Decorating Ideas with high-quality images. Although some of them are best suited for Christmas in the winter with the snow and everything, you can still find some which would be perfect for the summer weather as well. Although this site doesn’t have a large stock of photos, it’s all quality here.It can be daunting to come up with your own painting and decorating ideas for your home. But still, you have an option to hire painting and decorating service provider to make your home look even better with a professional touch. If you’ve got a few strings to hold on to nudging your creativity in all the right directions, then it can be a really fun decorating your home, stunningly and beautifully!Image Source: countryliving, southernliving, freshome, hgtv, Pinterest[...]

5 Common Painting Problems Faced by Home Owners

Wed, 29 Oct 2014 04:58:00 +0000

There are a few common traits that can be found in a poorly executed paint job or a surface that is begging you for a repaint after many years. Whether it’s done by a professional or it’s a do-it-yourself job, rushing the work can be problematic and take years off the longevity of the work. Let’s take a look at the most common painting problems that can appear within a few months of a bad paint job.If you’re seeing these signs after using a professional Sydney painting contractor, get on the phone and give them a spray! If they’re a respectable company they’ll likely have some kind of warranty period that you need to take advantage of.1.    Running/Sagging Paint The first sign that the work has been done someone that isn’t all that experienced. Running paint can lead to wrinkling, dripping, patterns in the paint or a general uneven surface that is clear as day. It is common when a heavy paint has not been applied properly or the paint has been thinned excessively. It can also happen when the work has been done under unsuitable weather conditions including high humidity.This should never be accepted if the work has been done by a professional, period.2.    Blistering PaintPretty self-explanatory. Blistering paint refers to those bubbles and cracks that show up often within days of having the paint work completed.The main cause is excessive moisture being exposed to the paint. Often it gets trapped under the surface of the paint and as it evaporates it forms a bubble, lifting the paint off the wall and becoming very noticeable. How does moisture get under the paint? The most common way this happens is painting when the wood is still damp and house moisture coming out through the walls (note: this will be a side effect of a poorly insulated house).Professionals should be able to avoid this without any problems but if you’re painting yourself, try using acrylic paint. This actually allows some moisture to seeps through it without compromising the appearance of the work. It’s also a good idea to avoid painting in direct sunlight as this can cause the paint will dry too quickly and trap some of the vapour underneath.3.    Alligator PaintThis is more a long-term problem that happens with a paint job. It should be happening years after the surface has been painting and is a sign that it’s time to get the paint brush out again. The appearance of alligator paint is hideous to say the least and resembles the skin of a reptile, which is hardly how you want your wall to look.As oil-based paints age, they eventually crack (literally). This is most common on surfaces where the wood is expanding and contracting a lot, such as doors, windows, etc. If this is happening within years of the surface being painted, it’s time to invest in a higher quality paint.4.    Peeling PaintAnother good sign it’s time for a repaint. The cause of this can again be moisture but it is usually the first clue that the house needs a bit of attention and love from either you or your painter. As well as being compromised by excessive moisture under the surface, peeling paint can also by the result of too many coats of paint being stacked on top of each other over the years.5.   Chalking Paint Again, the most common cause of chalking paint is quite simply wear and tear. It’s not necessarily the fault of the painter, the quality of the paint or neglecting looking after the surface itself – it’s a part of the lifespan of the paint. When paint is exposed to the sun every day for 5+ years, the binder breaks away and the paint’s sheen disappears. This can result in a chalk-like, powdery substance on the paint that you’ll notice if you rub your [...]

6 Amazing Websites with Eye-catching Home Decorating Ideas

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Even for professional painters and decorators, design ideas in the home usually come from inspiration and research. We see other interiors we love the look of and borrow from a few of these and possibly add our own unique twist. That’s why doing your homework is important before you choose to renovate, whether it’s a DIY job or you’re getting a commercial painting company to take care of it for you.At Priority Coatings, we’re constantly researching and looking at new trends in interior style options – not just because we’re interested in the field, but because being in the know and developing fresh ideas helps us help our clients. Our excellent service has made our team of professionals the most trusted commercial painters in Sydney. Here are some of our favourite websites that we frequently visit for ideas and inspiration, we encourage you to take a look too!Houzz Houzz has to be at the top of the list; there’s no shortage of great ideas for the home’s interior here. This covers a wide range of style options from the type of furniture and general décor, too (you guessed it) paint colour ideas and how to match them to create the proper feel you’re after. Browse interiors according to the room, budget and styles from contemporary to Midcentury to Tropical and even converse with other aspiring decorators about the best options. With excellent advice for just about every decorative style you can imagine, you simply have to check out Houzz. We guarantee you’ll find something you love that can inspire you no matter what your tastes are! The Ferrari of home decorating websites. This particular website is the Pinterest (which is a great resource for home decorators within itself) of home decorating, with a similarly user-friendly layout that is optimised for quick, image-based browsing. This is a great site to skim over if you aren’t sure what style appeals to you yet. Quick and easy, the website is light on actual advice, but there are some really interesting and wonderful concepts that make it worth a look. House Beautiful A blog based website that neatly classifies relevant articles according to various categories including Organizing, Designer Tips, Makeovers, Cleaning Tips, Photo Galleries and more. This website can seem a little dense on the first visit but you’ll soon get your bearings and find what you’re looking for. Some really fun categories like Kitchen of the Month make this a winner and worthy of regular visits. Interior Dec There’s something uniquely magazine-like about this particular website. The homepage feels like the cover of a Home magazine, but with more alluring article topics and tips to click on. Covers everything from bed frames to tips on looking after your pet. Relevant to any homeowner not only those passionate about decorating. Hooked on Houses Another blog-based website with a slightly less-interactive layout than some of those aforementioned and more focused on a general interest that decoration. Although there some nice designer tips if you search hard enough. HGTV As well as having a huge amount of info on rooms and interior decorating, HGTV also has a pretty handy gardening section. As you can see, the resources available in this day and age are countless and we’re sure there are other hidden gems out there that we haven’t even discovered yet! There are plenty of home decorating forums discussions and the like that provide excellent information – it’s all there you’ve just got to find it!If there are other resources you like to use, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments as it’s likely we’ve missed some. Thanks for reading and good luck with [...]

All About Epoxy Floor Coatings

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Ultimately the purpose of flooring is to protect the lower surface of a dwelling. The type of covering that is used depends on the budget, purpose and practicality. Some examples of flooring material is carpet, wood covering, ceramic tiles, resilient flooring and chemical flooring.What Are Chemical Floor Coatings?Chemical flooring enables you to protect the floor surface by using some kind of paint. It is quite common in places that are exposed to harsh chemicals such as scientific laboratories, public toilet and others. It protects the surface from dampness and gives a shiny look. Although this solution is expensive compared to the alternatives, it is probably the best option and prevents the floor from corrosion for a longer period of time.  What Do Floor Coatings Consist Of? A few good examples of industrial floor coatings are inorganic zinc, phosphate, and Xylan coatings. But most common floor coatings used in the industry is epoxy floor coatings. This is an end product of epoxy resins sometimes called as two part epoxy coatings which has a nature of sticking things together. Because it dries up quickly, it protects the floor surface with an excellent hardness. Another important property of epoxy floor paint or coatings is its low volatility and water clean-up. They are super effective on open surfaces such as roofs which are exposed to sun and harsh climates. It also reduces exposure and flammability so it can be used on kitchen surfaces as well.Industrial and commercial premises now highly demand for epoxy floor coating system. Because they have had enough of their old sealed concrete floors. The existing floors can be re-coated with epoxy floor paint and can leave the durable and lasting effect for both commercial and industrial flooring. How Do You Choose A Particular Floor Coating?There are many brands available in the market. But what type of paint you buy depends on the need of client. If the surface where you want to paint is concrete floor then perhaps the best brand for that is Dulux. However always read the product description before you buy it. If you don’t understand which type of paint you need for your job then ask for a professional colour or paint specialist. Do You Need A Painter For Floor Coatings?Generally, if you don’t have much experience with floor coatings, it’s better, cheaper and healthier to get a professional painter to handle it for you. The most important thing to consider here is health. There are many toxic elements present in the paint and professional painters know how to deal with this. With years of experience and professionalism, painters know how to mix the paint in proper ratio. Usually floor coatings are quite expensive and having an expert apply adds only a marginal additional cost. It also gives you the peace of mind that the coatings are applied correctly, giving you much better value for money.There are lot of reputed painting companies in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. When it comes to floor coating service, Priority One Coatings comes as Sydney's top epoxy floor coating company, with long reputation of providing effective advice and high quality service. 25 years’ experience means they have seen it all and can help you no matter what your requirements are![...]

Battling the Age-Old Problem of Graffiti Vandalism

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Graffiti vandalism has been a common problem certain suburbs of Sydney and indeed all over the world. A hotspot of this type of crime is urban railway and transit systems, though it’s interesting to note the variations in graffiti in different cities. In New York, graffiti has been a major problem, yet it is not nearly as much of an issue in San Francisco for example. This is also true for Australian cities as well. The rate of graffiti in Melbourne and Sydney is much higher compared to Perth, Adelaide or Canberra.The Australian Institute of Criminology has conducted research into possible causes of graffiti vandalism. The study was actually funded by the New South Wales state rail way authority, which spends a huge amount every year to clean it up after graffiti vandals and other kinds of damage. For example, the cost of repairing damage due to vandalism and graffiti removal was $4.76 million in the year 1984-85. While it was many years ago, this demonstrates just how much of a negative effect it can have. Graffiti vandalism can also have the effect of causing delays in the train system, however the most tragic occurrence is injury or even death to those doing he graffiti; in 1986 4 young people were killed by trains while doing so. So why would people graffiti if it has these kinds of effects? Research has found that Sydney graffitists come from a wide range of age group and family types. But the majority of them are young adolescents. Most are divided into small groups and geographic areas. Another common characteristic is the tendency of traveling frequently from one place to another. These vandals have low level of education and come from relatively large families.A collector of Australian graffiti Rennie Ellis has described this as “The result of someone’s urge to say something, to comment, inform, entertain or simply confirm to his or her existence in this World.” Some other facts which is revealed by the Australian Institute of Criminology is:Sydney young people regard the removal of graffiti as relatively low priority compared with adults.Graffiti on trains is seen as a form of self-expression where graffitists believe they are creating public art. It is the fact that most people find graffiti to be offensive or even abhorrent that fuels the fire, so to speak. It is this that makes young people more determined to do it. It is also suggested that some policy formulation is needed to stop graffiti vandalism. This includes cleaning graffiti as quickly as possible and taking action against graffiti when it does happen. At Priority Coatings, we are doing everything we can to battle the problem. So if you require graffiti removal services, contact us immediately!Image Source:wikimedia,animalnewyork,longwood[...]

5 of The Most Distinctive Painting And Decorations Styles For Inspiration

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When painting and decorating your home one of the hardest parts in achieving your goal is finding the inspiration to create a stunning finish. There are wealth of styles to choose from in the world of interior décor, so finding a style that suits the room you wish to paint is vital to achieving the desired look. Let us take a look at some of the most distinctive painting and décor from around the world to inspire your renovation.The Traditional Classic LookIf you have an older home, look for the original features and architecture to inspire your interior décor. Many older home features stunning wood work finishing on doorways and windows, so take advantage of your home existing features to bring out its natural character.Choosing a traditional look for your interior painting and decorating doesn’t have to mean you will be bombarded with kitsch and tweed. Choose a subtle colour palate of richer hues and tones and the modern features of the average home will fit in nicely. Furnish your home with an eye for classic furniture pieces and you will be able to create a contemporary classic.  Modern Minimal ChicThe minimalist movement took over many household a few years back and it seems that there is no stopping it. This modern classic is a great choice for larger rooms in which traditional furniture pieces would seem a little out of place. The choice of colour doesn’t have to be white, as is most associated with a minimal interior, grey; beige and subtle blues and browns are becoming more and more popular.Minimal doesn’t have to mean bare, so choose your furniture and other interior furnishings accordingly. Creating a focal point in one part of the room is a great way to make larger spaces feel more cosy, so adding a splash of colour such as a deep red to a single wall can have the effect ofwarming the room and making it look less like a hospital.  Warm And Homely TexturesNothing makes a house feel more homely and lived in than painting rooms with warm colours. Perfect for a house with a large happy family, creating living spaces that bring out the personality of its inhabitants can actually help to create a nice atmosphere around the home.Use textures to bring out the best features in and around your home by pairing them with furniture pieces. Create a warm colour palate that suits the personality of your family and you will be able to create distinctive living quarters for parents and kids alike.  Exteriors And Outside DecorChoosing to paint the exterior of your home has its benefits. You can not only bring out the character of your home, be it traditional, modern or one in a row of many. Exterior painting can be done by yourself or with the help of a professional painting services team.Look for the traditional features of your home and allow them to stand out. Choose a two tone colour scheme that differs from other houses in your area to add a little more character to your property. With a professional painting service finish to your home, you may even be able to achieve a higher selling price in the future.  Get PersonalNothing says more about the inhabitants of your home by the way it is painted. Whether you hold dinner parties, reunions or have guests staying on a regular basis, creating the atmosphere you desire around you home can be achieved with a lick of paint.Your home is your castle and is, therefore, a reflection of you, so choose a colour palate that suits the type of property you have and doesn’t stand out too much from the surrounding houses in your neighbourhood. Making sure that you take the time to enlist the services of a local professional painte[...]

The Art Of Hiring The Perfect Sydney Painter

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Just a quick look in the yellow pages will tell you that Sydney is home to a plethora of painting contractors just waiting for your call. But in the midst of these thousands of skilled contractors lies a professional painting specialist that will be informative and kind, quite the expert as well as offer you a fair price for the work done. The question is, how are you going to narrow the thousands in the phone book and the bombardment of advertisements online for a quick simple job that needs to be done? Let’s look at the best ways to find the ideal Sydney painting contractor.Whilst the phone book is a good place to start to get an idea of the contractor’s locations and services that many painters in Sydney can offer, it sometimes is a case of random selection considering the similarity of services offered. It is always the wisest task to make sure that your phone around and ask for quotes for the specific task required. This way you can ask all the necessary questions to each business and collate their responses and quotations to work out the average costs.The second thing you must do is ask around. Ask family and friends if they have recently had any painting done on their property and see if you find any recommendations. A good recommendation is priceless when it comes to contractors who perform work on properties, especially by people you know. You should also ask neighbours for any recommendation if you see any work being done, and pick up any business cards you may find.The internet can seem daunting a place for some to find skilled contractors in their local area, but many newspaper websites and local and regional websites provide advertisement pages for local contractors. Search websites that offer reviews for contractors and look at some of the work that has been done by the contractor previously. If it is not up to standard, then move on, there are many more professional and highly talented painters that are ready to step in.Visit contractors’ websites directly and learn what services they have to offer. Not only is it often the case that pictures and videos of previous work can be found on their respective websites, but in many cases, there are quote forms you can fill in explaining your requirements to aid in your search and work out the best deal. Make use of any offers that the websites and advertisements offer, it may only take you a few minutes to search a coupon site to get a modest discount.In conclusion, do your homework. You may be surprised how large the prices may differ if you start to shop around. Include searching the internet and find out what other customers think of the contractors’ previous work. Call for quotes and work out the best deal, and ask the people you trust if they can recommend a skilled person for the job. One you find the perfect Sydney painter, you will have a skilled professional that you can further recommend, and take advantage of a professional contractor that is reasonably priced.[...]

Tips For Summer Maintenance Around The Home

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Taking good care of your home not only will help keep your house stay fresh and look great, but it will also help to save you time, money and effort in the long run. Making sure that you perform regular inspections of all aspects of your home can ensure that expensive repairs and problems will not creep up on you when you least expect it. So with a short checklist of things to check around the home, a quarterly inspection is all that is necessary to stay informed.Doors, Windows, and SecurityOne of the first things you should check around your home is to inspect and check the doors and windows around your property. Ensuring that no leaks are visible, no mould, mildew or damage has occurred to the window and door surrounds, and that is applicable, wood finishing is up to grade and that all seals are water tight and ready for what the weather can throw at it. Door and window inspection on a regular basis is a great way to ensure you keep tabs on security, too. Making sure that all windows and doors function properly, with working locking mechanisms is also important in a case of fire. Inspecting and checking the roof for any leaks and issues is another important aspect of a regular house inspection. Leaks and issues arising around the roof can be some of the most expensive repairs to make, especially if dampness has set in, so ensure that the roof is watertight and that a full internal inspection is carried out in the loft space or attic to make doubly sure. Loft or attic spaces should be regularly checked for pests as well as water damage. Make sure that the roof area is secure and that no birds or rodents can get into space, saving you plenty of hassle further down the road.Your air conditioning system will need to be inspected before any large duration where it hasn’t been used. This is the ideal time to ensure that your air conditioning system is up to working order, as not only will ensuring that refrigerant levels are safe and in tune, but also making sure that the system is cleaned and that the fan system is healthy operational order will also ensure that you won’t be paying extra on your electricity bill due to a faulty system.Outdoor living spaces and poolsPools and outdoor living spaces will need a good clean and check for any problems. Making sure that you maintain a healthy pool is a key to its longevity. Making regular checks on the cleaning chemicals used and properly balanced is a priority, and that your pool pumping system is up to scratch. The last thing you want is to be in the height of pool party season with a broken down pump and no pool to cool off in. Other items of maintenance around the home are important in this season, and by making sure that the exterior of your property is well kept will save you money in the long run. Keeping an eye on your paintwork is also a point of note, as weathering can have a huge effect on your exterior over the years. With a new lick of paint ensuring that your home is looking fresh and tidy, and by making sure that all of your systems around the home are in perfect working order, you can treat yourself to another six months of relaxation before the next inspection.[...]

The Psychology of Graffiti - Gang Signs to Street Art

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Graffiti has been around for thousands of years, since cavemen painted on walls to tell of tales of yesteryear. The majority of people have a natural dislike of graffiti, especially when it’s sprawled all over their neighbourhood. But it is also very popular and can be seen as street art, which is most likely intended to interest people in a similar way that a painting does, rather than to disgust and annoy like standard graffiti does.As a Part of Gang CultureGraffiti has come a long way since the days when it was a defining feature of a derelict or rundown part of the neighbourhood. With many young adults wishing to make their mark by tagging their territory, it became an inner city map of gang signs and a visual cue to other people of the neighbourhood that this was their territory. The gang culture of the 70s and 80s only heightened the use of graffiti, as part of a sub culture amongst teenagers and young adults.Many cities around the globe have tried to tackle the problem of graffiti by allowing dedicated walls to be left to the streets as a place to allow graffiti to be sprayed. This alternative method of controlling graffiti has only helped in a few instances, and overlooked the whole mind-set of why graffiti exists. In its original form, graffiti was a territorial thing; it is intended to mark a territory and allow those who enter it either a welcome or a warning sign.Street Art Those young adults who dabbled in graffiti are now part of the second generation of graffiti sprayers; the graffiti artists, who focus less on territories on more on art. With a distinct change in mind-set amongst many people in society, graffiti is now seen as part of an art culture of the streets, and one that can be celebrated. More places than ever have been dedicated to allowing graffiti artists to show their work, and with those young adults that have now grown into accomplished artists, an adult look on the culture and messages that can be conveyed through graffiti has exploded into a new wave of intelligent-thinking street artists.If anyone knows one thing about graffiti and the term graffiti artists, then the name Banksy will ring a bell. This celebrated artist who prefers to create thoughtful street art in graffiti form is leading a new wave of cultured graffiti artists into becoming the main stream. With his iconic stencilled designs, Banksy has toured the world looking for meaningful places to adorn his work. From occupied Palestine to New York and Sydney, Banksy has changed much about how we think about graffiti and what it means to be a graffiti artist.It seems that for now, graffiti is here to stay. With iconic symbols of street culture and inspirational artists such as Banksy, graffiti artists have just awoken to a world of partial acceptance in the art world, with the possibility of creating true pieces of art on the buildings and cities that they call home. But while there are a number of artist that are truly talented and deserve to be celebrated, a lot of graffiti has a single purpose - to vandalise people’s property. This is ultimately how graffiti artist can come to have a bad name, despite their undeniable artistic skills.[...]

How to Remove Graffiti

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One of the unfortunate things about owning an urban business or residential property is the common problem of graffiti. Being a completely different type of paint than commercial wall paint, graffiti is one of the most difficult types of paint to remove from a building. However, new and improved techniques allow us to remove graffiti in a few simple steps.Blast CleaningOne of the most efficient and ecologically friendly methods of removing graffiti comes in the form of blast cleaning. This process is also used for other uses included moss removal, sandstone polishing and brickwork/concrete cleaning. It utilises a highly pressurised jet of water that gradually removes the paint from the surface of a wall or building structure. This method is great for removing graffiti over a larger area, where entire wall surfaces are have been covered.Not only does blast cleaning offer a fast and reliable method of removing unwanted graffiti from wall surfaces, but it doesn’t involve the use of any harmful chemicals. Many blast cleaning operators can also treat a wall surface with chemicals to help with the removal, but in many instances, the high pressure of the water itself is powerful enough to remove the graffiti.Many of the high power blast cleaner guns are backed up by a water and solution mixer box. This combines the necessary detergent and cleaning fluid with the high-pressure water too. With this technique, you will notice a clear difference in the quality of the surface after the cleaning is complete. It is often the case that after the removal is complete; the property owner notices the cleaner surface and requests that the entire building’s surface is cleaned via the same method.Chemical SolutionsFor smaller quantities of graffiti where a fully professional graffiti removal services aren’t necessary, it may be the case that the graffiti can be removed simply with an all-purpose paint thinner and paint remover. In these cases, it is recommended that the best paint stripper or remover be used for the specific surface that needs to be stripped. For instance, a paint stripper made specifically for brick or concrete surfaces should not be used on woodwork or metal work.With a plaster knife or paint stripping tool, you can often peel back the layers of the paint surface and bring back the wall or building’s surface to its former glory. Most chemical solutions can be harsh and dangerous to your health, so it is recommended that all safety precautions be taken. It’s important to protect yourself with all of the appropriate gear.A professional graffiti removal service is likely to be able to perform the task, from initial inspection to remove and clean up very quickly. Many professional services can have the graffiti removed within 12-24 hours, depending on the severity.[...]

The Dangers of Lead Paint

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While renovating a house, redecorating or restoring a room to its former glory, have you ever wondered what lurks beneath your walls? Many traditional houses actually contain walls that were decorated with lead paint. But what are the dangers associated with this type of paint, and how can it be safely removed?Why Lead Paint Was Used? The first thing to do if you are in any doubt is to call a professional painter to inspect your property and ask about lead paint removal. Although lead paint was outlawed many years ago, most homeowners tend to paint over walls rather than strip the paint when they redecorate. But in instances where a wall has deteriorated or needs to be removed or replaced, the danger of lead paint can be quite significant.  Lead is added to the paint to speed up the drying process, which was actually quite effective. Whilst the properties of lead paint can benefit walls by repelling moisture, keeping the surface looking fresh as well as helping the walls to avoid corrosion, lead is regarded as a toxic substance dangerous to human health. It is highly recommended that lead-based jobs should be handled by experienced, knowledgeable and trained lead paint removal experts to ensure the safest environment before and after the work. Before 1965, the government allowed a level of 50% lead in all paints used in commercial and domestic applications. Realising the health risks, the government reduced the legal level of lead in paint to allow paint which only contains less than 1% to still be sold. Lead laws and regulations were established and the latest government recommendation on the levels of lead in paints was decided in 1997, then no more than 0.1% lead is to be used in paint.   The Real Dangers...  The biggest danger comes when people decide to renovate and decorate their houses. They may not even notice that they may be peeling back a layer of paint that contains lead when they are up to the painting and decorating. When using paint-stripping sanders, this can create a toxic level of lead dust that can cause serious damage to the body when inhaled. Dust from lead paint can remain in a home for months and even years after any renovation work has been carried out. Once the lead dust from a lead-based paint has been scattered throughout a house, it can lay in carpets, cracks and other areas around the house that makes for complete removal of this toxic substance extremely difficult - even for professionals who understand the lead removal process. The only true way to know if your house contains lead-based paint and what level of lead is being used is to perform a test on all of the walls and painted surfaces around your home. This way you can be ready to remove potentially multiple layers of paint without a worry of harm to you and your family. The lead paint test kits are available in the majority of the bigger hardware and DIY stores for between $10 and $18. The test kit includes a swab that is used to show a chemical reaction when it finds lead in a chip of paint and can give you peace of mind before calling the professionals. Lead paint removal can and should be performed by professionals. If you are in any doubt about the levels of lead contained in older layers of paint in your home, you should purchase a lead paint test kit. If the kit shows positive signs of lead, you should contact a professional painter and ask his advice and availability to remove the paint for you. With a professional service available for lea[...]

A One-Stop Shop for Painting and Decorating Your Building

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From excellent customer service to quality products, you want to do everything you can to get your business to stand out among the competition. One way to do that? Make sure your commercial building or facility looks its best, both inside and out. Therefore, finding a company that can paint and decorate your building should be a priority. Operating out of a facility that looks professional will go a long way toward finding, and retaining, customers.But if you’re looking for commercial painting contractors in Sydney for your business, you want the best: Priority One Coatings. You have customers and clients to take care of. Therefore, you don’t want to worry about things like quality painters and/or decorators, nor do you want your clients, customers or employees tripping over paint cans or for the job to drag out too long. In other words, you want the most bang for your buck when it comes to your business and painting.Priority One Coatings has many years’ worth of experience in painting and decorating. Think of them as a one-stop shop for commercial painting in Sydney. Instead of hiring several different companies or contractors for your painting, decorating and wallpapering needs, Priority One Coatings can take care of all of that at affordable rates.Their specialities include:• Wallpapering• Lead Removal• Floor Coating• Textured Wall Coating• Color CoordinationSafety ChecksRemember, all your employees and customers will be impacted by the painting and decorative work. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what’s going on your walls, too. You’ll be provided with a Material Safety Data Sheet so that you know everything about the paint and coatings on your walls or floors. This also helps ensure that nothing toxic or dangerous is used and that everyone inside your building is completely safe from harmful materials. This is especially important for daycares, schools and hospitals.But you also want to make sure that everyone in your building is kept safe while the painting and decorating work is being completed. Remember, whomever you hire will likely be inside (and outside) your building, potentially for a long time. That’s why it’s key that you hire a painting company that keeps careful tabs on its employees.The painting contractors you choose should also be licensed and accredited, so make sure you ask for all qualifications before hiring anyone. You can also ask for references. Much of your research for painting can be taken care by online.Standing Out From The CrowdFirst impressions are important in today’s struggling economy – especially when you’re doing everything in your power to separate yourself from your competition. That’s why having a business that looks professional, both inside and out, can go a long way toward obtaining new customers and retaining current clients. But you don’t have to hire someone for each individual job. Priority One Coatings can take care of all your painting and decorating needs, and their attention to details, professionalism and affordable rates will go a long way toward increasing your visibility.[...]

Unwanted Graffiti Can Actually Be Removed Without Much Fuss

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Long before the rise of more sophisticated means of advertising and public campaign, one of the fastest ways of public campaign was through graffiti. Graffiti involves writing or painting some images and letters on properties such as building, trains etc.For many building owners and private property owners, graffiti can be a very annoying thing that not only defaces and devalues properties but also serve as a type of imposed vandalism. They are now trying to hire professional painting service to get rid of this problem.Meanwhile, it even gets more bothersome to think of the amount of effort and time that needs to be expended trying to remove these unwanted paintings and drawings on one’s wall and building.Interestingly, not only has private building owners become more concerned about this nuisance value, government and regulators are now more vociferous against the defacing of public facilities and properties because such usually takes a toll on tourism as well as environmental planning.Graffiti removal technique has, therefore, become very important in recent times, especially when it takes little time and effort to do. There are various safe methods of removing graffiti that would leave the building or structure as good as before.Some of the best graffiti removal method includes sandblasting, pressure washing and some other safe chemical processes that will completely dissolve the spray paint that was used.In order to complete the process of graffiti removal, it is very imperative to use a protective coating that will allow an easier removal process if any other graffiti is done in the future. Fortunately, there are many graffiti removal specialists that offer to professionally remove graffiti at a very affordable price, so it shouldn't be much of a headache. [...]

Industrial Coating Can Offer More Protection, But How Can?

Wed, 03 Oct 2012 09:25:00 +0000

Commercial fit out coating is increasingly becoming more appreciated than it used to be, the money spent on broken down industrial equipment and other industrial installations can often have a tight choke on the expenses of large commercial and manufacturing organizations.Industrial equipment is usually subjected to several harsh conditions in the environment in which it is located. Often times this equipment are subjected to caustic processes which may cause corrosion and in turn damage the structural integrity as well as the physical condition of the equipment.Epoxy floor paint is therefore designed to provide industrial equipment with the required protection from the forces of nature and mechanical wear and tear process, it gives high strength coating which will help provide longevity for equipment and the facility in which they are located.Industrial floor coatings are often used on other components apart from industrial equipment, it is also used for corrosion controls on steel structures like bridges, offshore installations, underground pipelines among several others. Apart from corrosion control, epoxy coating is normally known for, it's intumescing coatings for fire resistance.A commercial coating is made of several chemical substances like Xylan dry film lubricants, Ethyl Acetate and reinforcing thermoses polyimide. Modern developments have now allowed these coatings to add aesthetic value to materials on which it is painted. For these works, you can only rely on the most trusted and experienced commercial fit out service providers and get the best job done.Interestingly, not only are equipment and steel materials protected from dangerous corrosion, workers in these industries or locations where corrosion may occur are also allowed the peace of mind knowing that they are safe from debris and corrosive accumulation that may endanger their lives.[...]