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Dangers of DIY Antenna Installation In Gold Coast

Mon, 30 Nov 2015 05:51:00 +0000

We are in a time where Australian commercial television is changing greatly. With the recent switch-off of all analogue signals, digital TV is the order of the day. For some, this has meant replacing old television sets and in some cases, roof antennas. This process can be straightforward for professionals, but DIY jobs can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.While most antennas that operated with analogue signals won’t have any problem providing you with good quality digital television, there are many that won’t. If you’re replacing your old antenna and wondering whether to do the work yourself, consider the potential dangers that come with a DIY job.Proximity to power linesThis is likely the greatest threat to your safety and has been responsible for many fatalities across the globe. Given that antennas are conductors of electricity, installing in the vicinity of power lines is extremely dangerous and quite frankly, should not be attempted by anyone without proper professional knowledge.Electrical precautionsMessing around with electrical wires on top of a roof is as dangerous as it sounds if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you have any doubts whatsoever about your abilities to get this done, it’s a smart move to call up a pro. Faulting or damaged wiring can be fatal and if the home is quite old, we might even suggest getting an assessment from your power company before going to work. It just takes one mistake for your safety to be compromised. Always take proper precautions - don’t work on a wet or windy day, wear rubber shows and gloves and don’t use a metal ladder if you can help it.Operating at a great heightNot all of us are as spry as we’d like to think we are. If you aren’t used to moving around on the roof of your home, it’s probably not something you want to do without having safety measures in place. It’s not uncommon at all to hear about people of all ages coming off their roofs and doing damage to themselves.Professionals have all the gear to keep themselves safe and know the terrain a lot better than you! Especially when you’re going to be on your roof for quite some time and fiddling around with wires, it might not be worth the risk.Requires technical knowledgeIt isn’t easy to dismantle an old antenna and install a new one. If you’re going to get it done without professional help, research properly and plan out how you’re going to go about it.The difference in quality of the signal between an antenna installed by a pro and an antenna installed DIY can be huge depending on the specific circumstances. - there are many things to consider including how much distance to and location of the television tower, large objects around the house including buildings and trees, etc. A professional antenna installer can ascertain the appropriate place on the roof to install the antenna and if amplifiers/boosters are required.As you can see there’s plenty of upside that comes with having a professional antenna installer do the work, but it is possible to dismantle and install digital TV antennas with the proper planning. For the most part, we’d recommend getting in touch with an antenna installer on the Gold Coast if you think your system needs to be replaced. Likely it will end up saving you time, money and peace of mind. Contact Local Bloke Antenna today to get more information.[...]

TV Antenna options for Gold Coast Viewers

Tue, 15 Sep 2015 05:23:00 +0000

If you have just moved to the Gold Coast or are finally upgrading your digital television or set top box, there are a few things of note when before you make your purchase. Maybe the house needs a new antenna and you are confused as to which one to choose? Worry not, as there are plenty of professionals ready to help! Choosing the type of antenna or set top box doesn’t have to be a daunting experience, as long as you follow these simple tips.If you are upgrading your television to a newer one, you won’t have to worry as nearly all televisions made for the living room are now digital ready. This means that the television sets have a single, or sometimes dual digital tuner, allowing you to watch all of the channels that Freeview offers down your Gold Coast TV antenna.Future-proof optionsIn some instances, the television may have a CAM or Conditional Access Module on the rear panel which allows you access to premium Pay TV services at a later date with the addition of a smart card via a subscription television service - in a similar way that satellite smart cards work to descramble the satellite TV signals you pay for.When shopping for a set top box, there is a multitude of options starting from the basic Freeview decoder which you can use on any new or old television to watch digital channels which are often very reasonably priced. The range of set top boxes also includes Freeview receivers that allow you to record the television programmes, much like an old VHS recorder.DVR recordingDigital Video Recorders are available to record the digital content onto a hard drive within the unit that gives you options to record many hours of programming at a click of the remote. These devices tend to have two digital tuners built into them to allow you to record one program whilst watching another, giving you added features and twice the capabilities.But the most important piece of kit you will need to watch your digital television on Freeview is your antenna. Your antenna should be checked every year or so, especially after periods of heavy storms. Knowing your antenna and its cabling are in good condition will mean that your TV signal will always be fantastic!When choosing to upgrade to a newer antenna, it is always good to know which antenna you actually need. Depending on your location, this could mean that you require a wide band antenna, a regular Yagi antenna, an indoor antenna or a high gain antenna. The requirement for each type of antenna depends on your particular location and surrounding area, as well as the quality of the broadcast signal.Choosing the right antennaIf you live in an area where the local transmitter is in line of sight with a strong signal without obstructions such as large buildings then you may only need an indoor antenna, though of good quality. If you live in an area that is obscured by mountains, hills or other topography, then a high gain antenna will suit your needs best with the possibility of using a mast head antenna if you are really out in the sticks!Wide-band or high-gain?Wide band antennas are used in areas where one or two transmitters (where your antenna is pointing toward) are being picked up, or that you have issues in tuning in channels on your setup screen. In these cases, you may have issues with channels appearing and disappearing from your menu, so a wide band antenna and use of a set top box or television which allows you to lock in certain frequency multiplexes is a bonus!If you are in any doubt about your skills in purchasing the right antenna depending on your location, testing the signal level in your area, installing an antenna safely and using high quality copper core coaxial cable and routing it properly, then call in a professional. They will be able to survey the possibilities and ensure that you get the perfect digital Freeview signal every time from your newly installed TV Antenna Gold Coast can be proud of![...]

Best TV Buying Guide form Antenna Gold Coast for 2015

Tue, 25 Aug 2015 05:26:00 +0000

It may seem daunting in the age of revolutionary technology innovations to purchase a modern television. Whether it is a matter of choosing the right size screen for your room, the technical jargon that can seem confusing or the price range of new televisions that has put you off, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With this helpful TV buying guide 2015 Australian online stores seem the best place to start with choosing the perfect television for you and your family.One of the first things you may be wishing to purchase a new television for is for the latest technology that goes into them. We’ve all heard of HD and HDMI and LCD, LED and Plasma screens by now, but there are a few other innovative technologies that have arrived on the market in recent years to give you the best picture quality possible.For the average size living room and the average budget, you can’t do any wrong with purchasing a 32 inch LCD HDTV from any number of manufacturers. LCD is a tried and tested technology that lasts a long time and offers stunning images from corner to corner. The price range for this size television is in the budget range as these types of televisions have been popular and mass produced.Best budget 32” HDTV in 2015One of the best televisions in this range has to be the Samsung UE32H6400. With its LED 1080P HD resolution you will be stunned by the quality of this tried and tested technology. LED brings improved brightness and contrast ratio over LCD and will offer you the cheaper side of the medium to small size televisions on the market.Featuring smart apps via Samsung’s app menu, quick access to digital content from Freeview broadcasters, as well as fast Netflix and Amazon Instant adds to the selling points of this fine television.Whilst 32” televisions are a great addition to many homes, even as second televisions when many more people are opting for something a little more cinematic. Larger screens have become hugely popular due to their improved contrast ratios and with up-scaling abilities; Samsung now says that their 55” televisions are their biggest sellers.The best value 55” OLED TelevisionAt the top-end of the range you have the stunning LG 55EC9300 which is a 55” OLED curved display that is nothing short of cinematic. The display itself will look better than any LCD or Plasma you will find at this price, and features a decent 1080P resolution screen for watching all of your favourite films and television shows. When it comes to our TV buying guide, this television is really at the heart of the latest technology. It is also one of the thinnest televisions ever produced at just 0.25 inches thick it will look stunning from just about any angle, and features 3D viewing with the addition of two sets of 3D glasses.Bleeding Edge 4K 3D TVsWith regards to the very latest bleeding edge technology, nothing does it quite as good as the monstrous Toshiba 65L9300U. This 65 inch 4K 3dTV sets the bar high in terms of features and image quality with its Ultra HD image resolution it beats a standard 1080P screen by miles.Featuring active 3D display with the addition of active shutter 3D glasses, the 3D performance is exceptional due to its 4K screen. As most 3D displays use 1080P, some of that resolution is lost as the active 3D removes some of those lines of resolution to add the 3D effect. With the Toshiba, all of those extra lines of detail in the 4K display remove any ghosting or artifacts you may have seen on lower resolution screens.Being in the high price range, this TV suits the real cinema buffs and television enthusiasts, you may have to save up a while for this one. But when you do, you will be able to enjoy all of your favourite films and TV shows with one of the most stunning displays on the market today.Future-proof technologies and innovationsWhatever your choice of television, make sure that it has a few features that have become standard over the past decade. HD 1080P is a standard you want to aim for to offer you the best picture quality and 4K[...]

Outdoor Digital Antenna Installation

Mon, 20 Jul 2015 09:00:00 +0000

When installing an antenna there are several things you need to consider before you begin. First you need to decide which type of antenna suits your situation, the exact placement for your antenna, your budget, skill level and so on.Picking up the appropriate antenna is the first step. There are different kinds of antennas for outdoors and indoors and you will need to choose which sort fits your purpose and environment.Indoor antennas are usually easily installed right out the box. Some indoor antenna’s reception is so good that they provide excellent service no matter where you place them in your home. But there are also some cheap antennas which may not provide the same kind of quality reception.Outdoor antennas are able to cover more area and can receive signal from all directions. Outdoor antennas give you a wider choice of shapes and sizes and most importantly, they can be installed in many different ways.If you are installing an outdoor antenna, chances are you will need a little bit more knowledge about where best to place the antenna for optimal reception, not to mention most likely having to climb up onto a roof to place it somewhere high to avoid any obstructions.Often if you are facing having to not only choose the perfect place for the antenna, but also having to perform the manual labour and probably scaling your roof, choosing to employ a professional can save both time, money and your sanity, not to mention guaranteeing your safety in the long run.Once you have mounted your antenna and it has been connected to the cable running from your TV, your digital turner or television should be ready to receive the antenna’s signals. The only step left is to set your TV set or set top box to scan for channels.If the antenna is perfectly installed, your digital TV will show the channels instantly, but if the signal is broken then it will be totally blank and you may need to check all your connections to see where you went wrong.If you get weaker signal, there are numerous issues that may affect your picture and sound. One of them could be having too long a cable run, as the shorter the cable run, the better the signal will be. You may also want to check all the other connections and make sure you look at the wires which may be loose, you may also experience interference from radio or television stations in which case you may need to move antenna slightly right or left can make your desired signal work.There are many more issues to consider while installing a television antenna. Installing an antenna successfully is only the beginning, you may run into other problems like weak signals, bad wire connections, bad weather interruptions, unsuitable or unstable mounting and many more. For this it is always better to call for a professional installer.If you are a local of Gold Coast, then you don’t have to worry about your digital antenna installation, Antenna Gold Coast are your local digital experts and will help you solve any of your digital antenna problems. [...]

Wireless and Portable speakers for Your Home Entertainment

Wed, 17 Jun 2015 10:10:00 +0000

Sound quality can make or break the way you experience your favourite music, and with so many different speakers and set ups to choose from it can seem impossible to choose between them all. We’ve rounded up a couple of our favourite speakers on the market today for you to consider.Death Star Bluetooth SpeakerAn incredible looking speaker modeled after the Death Star from the Star Wars movie franchise, this speaker will sure impress your friends. It is just 4.5 inches in diameter and sits on it’s own acrylic stand so it appears to be floating in space. This speaker features one-touch Bluetooth connectivity and has a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 8 hours. It lights up and can wirelessly stream music from up to 30 feet.The Death Star speaker retails for around $70 AUDOm One Magnetic Force Wireless Speaker Ever dreamed of having your very own hovering sound system? Now you can. Om Audio presents us with another spherical Bluetooth speaker though this one comes with a difference – the base of the speaker contains an electromagnet that allows the speaker to hover above it. The Om One is 3.6 inches in diameter and feature a 75mm audio driver and build in microphone. You can play your music via Bluetooth from up to 33 feet and has a battery that supports up to 12 hours of continuous play.Om One can be ordered online for $199 US and comes in Jet Black or Glacier White.Harman Infinity OneThe Infinity One has been getting great reviews for it’s sound quality and ease of use. It is built to be both portable and innovative without compromising sound quality. Along with Bluetooth connectivity it features and aux in port and can charge your mobile devices when you plug them in.The Infinity One is a great option for a real audiophile who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality for portability and offers all the ease of use and features you could need.The Harman Infinity One comes in at around $250 USCreative Sound Blaster Roar SR20The Roar is a feature packed Bluetooth speaker that has a compact design with a hardy exterior of aluminium which makes it particularly versatile without compromising sound quality. It features two amps that run the stereo and the subwoofer separately which means it produces clear HD sound.The Roar has a huge amount of inputs including power, aux in, micro SD and usb power output and input. It can also run hands free phone calls and be used as a recording device and even an alarm clock.The Creative Sound Blaster Roar SR20 retails online for $179.95 AUDBose SoundLink Color   This compact Bluetooth speaker is capable of playing 8 hours of music and comes in five different colours. It’s lightweight design and streamlined appearance makes it a very stylish addition to anyone’s audio accessory collection. Bose has made it very easy to pair with phones and computers and also features an aux in port and a micro USB port to so you can charge the device and plug in to your PC to update the software.The Bose SoundLink Colour comes in at $179 AUD and comes in black, blue, white, red and mint.The range of Bluetooth speakers available today is endless. The very best way to ensure you get one you love is to first to decide which features are most important to you. How portable you would like the speaker and how many different inputs and outputs it has, as well as how easy it is to charge and sync and how long you will need it to play without recharging, are all factors to consider before making your final purchase.At Local Bloke Antenna Services (Gold Coast) we constantly look for new product which helps our clients to enhance their home entertainment. Hopefully this post has helped shed some light on the kind of features and functionality you can expect from different products and how they compare with each other so you can pick your Bluetooth speaker with confidence.Image Sources :,,,,[...]

Hassle free and Wireless Method of Antenna Installation in your Home

Tue, 12 May 2015 06:11:00 +0000

Bad TV reception can drive you crazy, but it is also something that people learn to put up with. Getting a great picture and reception on your television is one of those things that many people put off for a long time because they don’t know how to fix it easily.Due to the way that digital television works, a bad signal means no signal at all. To overcome all of your reception issues the best thing to do is to upgrade to the latest high quality wide band antennas that offer you a greater range of channels and services that you may not be able to currently receive.Installing an antenna can be a lot of hassle if you aren’t quite sure that you are doing. Calling in a professional to take care of your antenna installation is often the best choice for many people and can save you a lot of time and money. Installation of digital antennas requires certain knowledge about the local area, the local transmitter and its power and signal capabilities.From Yagi-Uda to Wide Band UHFAntennas have come a long way since the very first inceptions and iterations. The most famous type of antenna used even today is the Yagi or yagi-uda antenna. This design has proved to be the perfect way to hone in on a signal, and uses the shape of the antenna itself to provide additional boosting capabilities and feature minimal ghosting and signal loss. This type of antenna was recently upgraded to provide digital television signals to many homes across the country, and in some areas where a strong digital terrestrial television signal is distributed, even an older analogue Yagi antenna is capable of holding a decent signal.A more Capable, Precise Antenna  In the modern age, multiple broadcast towers and signals have meant that a more precise antenna, capable of wide band came onto the market. These kind of antennas are perfect for those who wish to receive digital channels in areas where some services are split between broadcast antennas, and where multiplex doubling is an issue.Installing an Antenna with Wireless Capabilities  Installing an antenna requires you first to know where the broadcast signal is coming from to get the best picture. Many professionals use a signal detector to locate the precise direction of the antenna and then manually move the antenna into place for fine tuning.You can take a look at all of the antennas down your street to see which way they are facing to give you a rough estimate, but the use of a signal detector will boost your chances of securing a solid signal.Roof Installation  Fixing of the antenna to the roof or highest point is advised, with a line of sight not totally necessary, as antennas do not work in the same way as a satellite dish does. If you have a clear sight of the region in which your broadcast signal is coming from, you are less likely to suffer from interference, signal doubling or bouncing which causes multiple instances of the same channel at different frequencies on your receiver.Securely install your antenna and use high quality copper coaxial which has been shielded to ensure that a minimum of signal loss is provided along the length of the cable. Run your cables around your home at a level pace, ensuring that the cable isn’t secured along the floor or directly under water pipes of other areas that could damage the cable itself.Power Tools at the Ready!   A drill is needed to make a hole through a wall or window frame to allow the cable to come into the room you wish to feed with television signals. Use cable tacks to secure the cable in place and run the cable neatly along any walls towards your device.You can feed the cable through the wall and install a distribution box on the wall to create a neater cable feed system. In this case you will need another coaxial cable which then runs from the distribution box to your television or receiver.Final Connection  Fit the coaxial connector to the end of the c[...]

Why do you need a Professional Antenna Installer?

Tue, 31 Mar 2015 11:38:00 +0000

With the advent of digital television, the number of viewers of popular television series has never been greater. More and more Australians are tuning in to their favourite programs with crystal clear images and surround sound-capable systems that surpass the old analogue systems of the past. Figures show that more people are switching from satellite Pay TV to Free-to-view television, with the addition of just an antenna.Many people who make the switch from Satellite to Free-to-view digital television do so to save money on their monthly bills, and also for the simplicity, it seems of installing a new digital antenna. These antennas are just as troublesome as a satellite dish, and so many people have great issues in installing an antenna without professional help.Some of the issues that arise from a poorly installed or problematic antenna include:Reception Problems   Reception problems tend to be the biggest visual acknowledgement that there is an issue with the installation somewhere down the line. It could be an issue with the antenna itself, a cabling issue, a receiver issue or a simple mis-positioning of the antenna. Reception with digital television is unlike analogue television where interference is shown on the screen; DTTV displays a blank screen, leaving many amateurs scratching their heads.Equipment positioning is another issue that many amateur installers tend to overlook. It doesn’t just mean repositioning the antenna in a general direction until you see a signal. You may live in an area that is at the intersection of two distinct broadcasting areas, leading to signal bleeding and multiplex doubling on your receiver. A professional antenna installation engineer will be able to see these issues right away, and fix them.Safety ConcernsMany people take on the installation of their antenna on their own roof themselves, without a thought about the safety aspects involved. The dangers of using a poorly secured ladder around the home is known threat, and increasing your risk of falls is certainly one to avoid. In the US, 43 percent of fatal falls in the last decade have involved a ladder. A professional digital antenna installer will have all of the right equipment to perform an installation safely and securely.Another problem that may arise if you install an antenna yourself is that you may choose the wrong sort of antenna. There are many different types of antenna available on the market and each has its own purpose and setting. While initially it may be easy to just look at your neighbours and get the same shaped antenna as they have, it is important not overlook the necessity of a wide band antenna, a high gain antenna and the receiving equipment used.Signal QualityOne of the most important aspects about antenna installation is achieving the best signal quality so you can enjoy watching your television any time and without issue. Many people overlook the use of cables around their home and may not know about the right type of cabling to use indoors and outdoors. High quality copper core coaxial is preferred by the professionals and may not be available to buy at the local store in the correct lengths needed.Hire a Professional Antenna InstallerMany professionals take care in planning their cable route around the home to make sure that there is no signal drop outs, and that boosters and sockets are used in the correct way to ensure the best possible signal throughout the house. Cabling and distribution is where a smart professional antenna installer will be worth their weight in gold.However, how do you find a professional antenna installer in gold coast area? We published an article about this subject which was titled “Finding the Perfect Gold Coast antenna Installers”. In addition to that Antenna Gold Coast offers an expert service that can save you time and money in giving you the best antenna installation for your home. The pro[...]

Top 5 Inspiring Sites with Awesome Home Theatre Photos

Mon, 12 Jan 2015 03:29:00 +0000

Home theatre systems has always been an integral part of home entertainment. Surprisingly there is a lack of high quality design collection in the web where you can find your dream home theatre system decoration idea. At Local Bloke antenna service, we’re constantly researching and looking at new trends in interior style options for tv wall mount installation and home theatre installation. To make your life easier we’ve curated a list of awesome websites which presents some amazing home theatre systems decoration concept. We bet that you will find your dream home theatre system decoration idea from any of this websites for sure!Houzz Houzz has a collection of free high-resolution photos and they are arguably become the best source for free home theatre photos. You will be surprised to know that their home theatre photo gallery has 5, 755 phots which is huge comparing to any similar website. We have noticed that they are updating their collection frequently. This means that you will get the latest home theatre design idea from this site.Admitone Systems Admitonesystems is another wonderful website where you will find a large collection of high-resolution home theatre pictures. Their photo gallery is categorised in three section: Dedicated Theatres, Home Automation System Gallery, and Media Rooms. Brows the section of your interest and find your desired design.Overture   Overture is another nice home electronics website where you find some beautiful home theatre system photo. Their gallery presents how home electronics can be enhance your lifestyle.Connect Multi Media  This is probably the best site where you will get very high quality home theatre image. It has a variety of beautiful home theatre system decoration photo which is both eye catching and useful. Realestate    Realestate is basically a famous property site where people can share , rent or buy new home. The most attractive part of this website is that people can find new home design ideas by the form of videos, image gallery etc. This site has an astonishing number of 18.6 million monthly visitor. From the terms of use page we found that they permits the visitor to download copyright material for using private and non-commercial use only.ConclusionIf you are still reading this post then you might notice that there is some wonderful resources of free home theatre photo available in the web which is very helpful for the home designer, home decoration enthusiast and people who love digital entertainment at home. We highly recommend you to visit this websites to find the suitable home theatre concept for your home. If you feel that we miss any similar website then don’t forget to share it in the comments section.[...]

5 Modern TV Wall Mount System for Flat Panel TVs

Tue, 18 Nov 2014 09:44:00 +0000

We all have TV systems in our home. As the television evolves, the size and shape of modern day television has also changes significantly. It’s a fact that people have a tendency to upgrade their TV frequently nowadays. This is because of the amazing user experience that new TV systems offer.TV Wall mount system is an equipment commonly used to install Television inside a room. This equipment is an integral part of your TV if you want to hang your TV in the wall. There are many types of TV wall mount systems available in the market. However before buying a particular system one must decide which TV model they are going to go for.Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 32"-65" LED LCD Plasma TVs: VideoSecu Articulating This is a perfect wall mount system for medium sized LCD plasma TV manufactured from heavy steel, it has 25 inches of extended armpits that can easily contain TV screen weighted up to 165lbs.Because of having dual arm design it can be rotated up to 160 degrees. It also has a 15 degree forward and backward tilt. Manufacturers provide 10 ft A37 HDMI Cable as a bonus. Very easy to install and flexible to use it has a gorgeous black colour perfect for home entertainment.VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount for 22"-55" LED LCD Plasma Flat Screen This is another nice wall mount system for medium to large sized LCD TV. It can contain 22 to 37 inch TV nicely. It has 4 mount adapters which is easily removable. The maximum weight load capacity is 88lbs.Like VideoSecu Articulating it also has 15 degree forward and backward tilt. Its 180 degree flexible swivel and 20 inch extension for adjusting TV placement makes it very attractive. Its price range is also very affordable comparing to other wall mount system. Read on to know about the other options you have at hand. The important thing to keep in mind are the significant advantages of wall-mounting your television, which includes reduction of strain on the eyes.OmniMount Tria 2 Black Shelf Wall System  Unlike previously described wall mount systems Omni Mount wall system is made for small LCD plasma TVs. It has two glass stands, each of which can contain maximum 30lbs. Tria 2 is a portable two shelf which can be installed easily at home without taking help from anybody. Because of having a clever design all the external wires are hidden in spine shape covers. Its flexible design allows it to be used with or without the flat panel. Its user friendly and attractive size is easily distinguishable from any other wall mount system.Universal Super Flush Wall Mount: Omni Mount OMF Mounting System Compatible If you are looking for a wall mount system which is not only strong but also easy to hang in the wall then Universal Super Flush Wall Mount is the right match. This TV system allows maximum 42 inch flat screen TV on a typical wall.You have the flexibility to add or remove studs. Having three steps installation process you can mount anything you need for a flat screen TV with in the load limit. Cheetah Mounts Two Shelf TV Wall Mount This is probably the most beautiful wall mount system compared to the previously described systems. It has two 18 X 16 inch large shelf which can be used as an individual mounting system or joined with the other. You have the flexibility of installing plasma TV, Blue ray DVD players, game consoles, satellite receivers, cable boxes or anything similar having a maximum weight of 44lbs.The columns are built with aluminium which makes this system strong. Two shelves are manufactured with high quality steel which holds the TV components firmly. There are two 2.25 in. holes in the stands which allows to hide all the external cables and make the whole system look smart.As I mentioned earlier that there are a wide range of TV wall mount systems available in the market. Which product is suitable depends the configuration of your TV. So under[...]

8 Products That Will Enhance Your Home Theatre Gaming Experience

Mon, 29 Sep 2014 09:10:00 +0000

Interested in having the best Home Theatre Gaming Set Up Possible? We’re at a great time in gaming at the moment with billions of dollars in the industry and amazing things happening in terms of graphics, game play and creative ideas. In Australia, more than 95% of household have at least one video game device and the average age of gamers is increasing every year. With more money in the industry, there are also more products that can be used to ensure your gaming experience is the best it can be. Read on and find out our tips.DisplayImportance = 9/10 LCD, plasma or rear projector – which is the best option for your gaming needs? Often it’s the case that certain games need to be played on a quality screen or monitor in order to be enjoyed to their full potential, so make sure if you’re cutting back anywhere, it’s not on your display! A mounted plasma is an option that is pretty hard to beat. JVC’s line of HD-ILA Rear Projection Televisions are on-point when it comes to picture quality, features and size – all the important things when it comes to gaming. Utilising the micro-display technology, this product provides one of the crispest high resolution images on the market. And at 61 inches, you’re unlikely to miss any of the action playing games on this television. Sound SystemImportance = 7/10 The sound system you have installed can make the action that much more realistic so shouldn’t be underrated. In sporting games, a good surround system will make you feel as if you are sitting there in the stadium. It will also make action and first person shooters all the more thrilling and exciting. One of our personal favourites is the SBS A550 from Creative but there are plenty of sound system options for the gaming enthusiast. SeatingImportance = 6/10  You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your chair or couch, so you want to ensure you have something that provides comfort and most importantly doesn’t do damage to your back/neck. You also have to think about what is needed for multiplayer action if you have a few mates that want to join you for some gaming. A couch can be handy in this regard, but nothing beats specialised gaming chairs that are available these day. The X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 for instance has built in radio wireless receiver and even has 2 speakers and a sub-woofer built in. The design is sleek and it’s also great for non-gaming activities. HandsetImportance = 6/10  Trash talking is an important part of the game if you’re playing online, so a handset becomes a good addition. For single-play, unplugging the surround sound and getting those headphones out can be just as rewarding, depending on what kind of game you’re playing. The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 allows for just that, with a bunch of features including the ability to adjust chat and game volume separately and able to be connected to basically every console. CablesImportance = 5/10Clever cabling is crucial when it comes to setting up your gaming area. The cables you use need to support the equipment you have in place. Older cables may not be appropriate for use with your system – it may not support the level of surround sounds or graphics that you’re looking for.A good option is IBRA’s 1.5m Pro Gold HDM Cable, which can be used on a variety of consoles including PS4, Nintendo Wii U and various others. It provides Full HD 1080p resolution and 7.1 Digital Surround Sound, not to mention it supports all TV’s with 1000Hz rates and higher. Taking it a step further might mean getting a professional and there are a few home theatre installtion companies in gold coast. This ensures that it will not be visible and allows for a much cleaner home theatre gaming area.  IntercoolerImportance = 4/10Every avid gamer knows the horror of having a session cut sho[...]

Facts about Home Theatre Installation

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With the age of technology it has become so easy to bring the cinema experience to home. Any entertainment lover today aspires for a Home Theatre System for a larger than life experience of movies, sports and music. A Home Theatre is not just a TV or a TV that just comes with Speakers. It’s a perfectly ‘synched’ system where Audio and Visual comes alive through careful calibration and synchronization with each other.An enthusiast will probably be able to put together a Home Theatre System using different parts from different brands. Such ‘Hybrid’ systems, if put together perfectly, can give the best possible output. However, it would definitely need a lot of time and effort to learn the best possible combination of components and how to seamlessly sync all the components. That is why a lot of people depend on Retailers and Brands who sell a Complete Home Theatre System – a system complete with the TV, Speakers, Woofers, Equalizers and DVD Players. These systems can be depended on for perfect synchronization of each component. Actual performance however varies from brand to brand that are spread across the affordability spectrum. People should choose the brand based on the brand’s specialization area. Some brands have better Dolby and DTS capabilities while others excel in the build of the actual TV screen. One caveat regarding a ‘branded’ system is the flexibility of upgrading. You will need another complete set to upgrade from the existing system. Otherwise you go back to the original method of learning about each component and upgrading different parts from different vendors.Till now, it is the enthusiast that outnumbers the easy buyers. Most people choose not to buy from a single vendor. Most people put together their own system. Their main motivation? They get to choose components whose performance often outstrips that of a ‘complete’ set and if they can get every component to perfectly work together it becomes their bragging right and their bragging topic for years to come. However, whether you buy a complete home theatre system from a single vendor or put it together yourself by buying parts from different vendors, installing the system can get quite difficult. Unless you have prior experience, it’s a good idea to call a professional installer. The installation alone might put your system in the danger of damage or lack of synchronization. A professional installer knows the perfect height from floors and perfect distance from walls for speakers and woofers. They can help with the wiring in a way that does not create a mess of the room. Most importantly they take care of your equipment makes sure that the precious system is not damaged in the process of a cumbersome installation. There are professional companies such as Antenna Gold Coast who provides high quality home theatre installation in the Gold Coast area.[...]

The function of TV antenna for watching TV program

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Although the technology has changed a lot since the discovery of Television, antennas are still essential for the free terrestrial channels.What we use as Television to view programs is actually a processor of signals collected from the antenna. The job of a TV antenna is to receive a range of frequencies which it supports. The typical frequency which a TV antenna could receive is 41 to 250 MHZ, called a VHF band, and from 470 to 960 MZ, known as the UHF band.Is it necessary to change the TV antenna when a new technology is used for TV broadcasting? The answer is no! It is the television set which processes the signal from the antenna that need to change. People often get confused about this fact. The TV antenna which you are using for capturing analogue signal will work fine for digital signals if it remains in the same bandwidth. However, if the digital signal is broadcasted in a different range, then a change in the antenna might be required. Some antenna manufacturers often use the term “digital TV antenna” or “HD TV antenna”. This is purely a marketing gimmick. We should remember that the TV antenna works with frequency ranges and it has nothing to do with signal type or other technology.So what type of TV channels can be viewed through the TV antenna signal? Technically, an antenna can capture a supported range of bandwidth. So any channel which is on that bandwidth range can be viewed. However, the free OTA (over the air) channels that transmit within that range are restricted to only a few like ABC, Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10 and a few others. The antenna should be good enough to receive the digital or the HD version of the channels as well. Installing a TV antenna is easy. When you buy it just make sure you have the installation guide included. By following the few simple steps in the manufacturer guide you can easily install the antenna. There are two types of antennas usually available in the market. One is indoor type which you have to connect in the home with the TV set directly. Another one is outdoor antenna which is installed in roof top of home. This type of antenna installation can be a bit tricky though.If you are still not sure how to install the antenna then you can go to commercial companies like Antenna Gold Coast who have vast experience in antenna installation in the gold coast area. It’s important that you are spending your valuable money with the company who have the right experience. Image Source: Wikimedia, google[...]

The 5 Simple Benefits of a TV Wall Mount Installation

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Over the past 30 years, television screens have been getting bigger and bigger. With this immense growth of the average television set has also seen improvements in quality of picture and the technology used in making the sets themselves. Whilst television screen have become bigger, their overall bulk has gotten smaller, with less than 20cm needed at the rear of the screen to save on space. This has led to many people wishing to mount their televisions on their walls to save on the immense space a giant 60” screen can take up.Saving space of your living roomTV wall mount installation not only allows you to reclaim a huge section of your living room back from the television, but it also allows you to get a more cinematic sense in your own home. Raising your television off of a lower stand will help improve the way you enjoy your favourite films and allow you to get the best seat in the house, every time. Everyone gets the best seat in the houseThe optimal viewing angle of many flat-screen televisions has been known to be relatively narrow. Raiding your television set higher in your room will allow you to place it anywhere on any wall and allow the whole family to get the best seat. Due to the dot pitch of LCD screens, some colours, luminescence and even contrast can be affected by the angle you view it from, making for a huge distraction when watching a film.TV wall mount installation will cure this issue by being able to position and tilt your television set to many different angles around your room. These simple attachments are made possible with most modern flat-screen televisions that have the correct attachment screws on the back of the housing. Fixing to your wall can be done in a few simple sets, but many people prefer to hire the services of a professional television engineer to ensure that the television is secured and safe in its new position.Multiple fixing standards availableIf your flat screen television does not have the correct fixings on the rear of the housing, there are a number of other options you can choose from to mount your television on any wall. A professional television engineer will be able to talk you through the different options possible for your specific needs. Many popular alternatives include cradle type fixings that clasp your television securely and allow fixing of the cradle directly to the wall of your choice.Health benefitsOther than the benefit of being able to enjoy all of your television and films from an improved viewing angle, there are actually health benefits associated with viewing television at an optimum distance. A poorly positioned television will cause neck strain and cramp in circumstances where an extended period of viewing takes place.Safe, secure and strain-free!Eye strain also occurs when the television set is either too close or too far away to correctly view. The optimum viewing distance is determined by the fidelity of the image at any given distance. Ideally you should not be close enough to see the individual pixels on the television, as well as being too far away to not be able to detect the crispness of the image.Providing your tv wall mount installation is done professionally, you will be able to enjoy a safe and secure viewing experience, free of neck pain and eye strain. Not only will your flat screen television be enjoyed by all of the family from any angle, but knowing your expensive television is secured firmly to a wall will also help to deter burglars and thieves wishing to make off with it. Whether you choose a simple cradle, or a motorised locking unit, you can enjoy all of your entertainment with an improved view for those big sports events to come.Image Source: antennagoldcoast, 4dprime, 66us, weissertvmounts, linesearch, cr[...]

Finding the perfect Gold Coast antenna installers

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There is nothing more annoying than sitting down to watch your favourite television show only to find out that you have a poor signal. Back in the days of analogue television, you might have to grin and bear it through your favourite show with a snowy or fuzzy picture, but with the advent of digital television - you either have a signal or you don’t.Making sure that you have all the right equipment to receive a good picture is the first thing on your list when you want to start enjoying your shows again, so finding the right professional that can offer you all the advice you need, as well as help with any repairs or installation is a must. Antenna installers in the Gold Coast are there to help you find what you are looking for, and with many engineers being able to offer you great deals on a new installation, now is the time to get your signal in check.Seek professional adviceWhilst anyone with the right know-how can install a television aerial and set up your television with a set top box, it is a good idea to find a Gold Coast antenna installer who is fully qualified to do the job. Fully qualified antenna installers can offer a professional service, often with a range of warranties and guarantees on their work in case of future faults.It is a good idea to search through your local phone directories and local websites for antenna installers who are locally based. Whilst many antenna service companies may have national exposure in the media, finding antenna installers in the Gold Coast area will allow for quicker call outs and will also allow you to view previous work done by a particular engineer.A professional service will be able to offer you everything it takes to get a great signal. This can be from helping you choose the right kind of antenna you require for your local region, as well as the full installation of the antenna, routing cables neatly into your home and helping set up your television for the perfect signal.Choosing an upgrade or new installationMany professional installers will be able to offer you great advice on the type of equipment you will need to receive a digital terrestrial signal, as well as satellite reception for an all-round great service. Helping you choose the right set top box or integrated television set will also allow you to save money in the long run. Whether you need a new antenna or require replacement of your existing cables, a pro engineer will be able to create an installation plan before proceeding.Whilst in the age of analogue television, every television set in the home required a small antenna to pick up the signal, today with digital television it is much easier for an antenna installer to re-route the caballing in your home to provide coaxial cables to each room as required. Getting a professional to do this will mean that you will have a high quality finish on the work, with well-routed cables on the exterior of your house that feed into sturdy television antenna ports where you need them in each room.Before you choose the right Gold Coast antenna installer, make sure you do your homework. Ask friends and family about previous work they may have had done during an upgrade or a new installation. Ask for recommendations, and make use of the many review websites out that that can sometimes offer direct advice from a professional. Call around and get quotes on work and you will soon find a highly skilled and qualified professional that offers a great service and value for money.[...]

Finding the Best Solution to Wall Mount Your Television

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With many people investing in expensive home theatre installations, one of the most overlooked features of an all-encompassing audio visual experience is getting the optimal viewing position out of your system. Many popular television stands and mounts are available to choose from, but depending on how your room is arranged, some of these options are not at all useful for many people. With many options available, here are a few simple steps to choosing the perfect tv wall mount installation solution for your viewing pleasure.Wall mounts are a perfect choice when it comes to saving on space. Not only does it allow other items to be placed where a large and bulky television stand may have sat, but you can also mount your television higher up. Wall mounting a television above a fireplace is a popular addition to many households, creating a smart use of space inside even the cosiest of rooms. Mounting a television higher up also enables restriction-free viewing no matter where in a room you may be seated.Whilst older wall mounting solutions for larger CRT televisions often employed an articulated arm of sorts to allow repositioning once installed, the newer flat screen televisions allow for flat mounting on a wall. The better wall mounting solutions allow for accurate tilting for your viewing pleasure, meaning that you will have the optimum viewing experience with minimal effort. This is essential when purchasing large screen televisions, to minimise reflection across the screen.The better wall mounts you can purchase offer you a nifty solution to hide all of the connecting cables neatly away behind the unit. On cheaper systems you may have mounted your television perfectly on the wall of your choice, but still have the unsightly cables hanging down the wall. A professional TV wall mount installation engineer can fit a custom solution that will hide all of the necessary cables away, either by channelling a wall or with the use of a neater trunking to hide the cables.Wall mounting your television is also a wise choice when it comes to boosting your home theatre installation plans. Not only will you save a small fortune on purchasing an expensive television display stand that has to be made to fit your exact television, you will also have to find another solution to create the necessary space needed for it. All mounting your television takes away all of the extra items needed to house your home theatre system, leaving your room uncluttered.With many different wall mounts to choose from such as traditional stock mounts, tilting and angled mounts as well as remote controlled mounts that allow for full tilting and repositioning abilities, one of the most important factors is the type of wall you are wishing to mount it to. A professional TV wall mountinstallation engineer will be able to assess the types of walls in your house and offer you a choice of sturdy solutions to hang your television from. Whilst mounting your television yourself sounds simple, it is often best left to the professionals with years of experience to give you peace of mind.Entertainment blogs[...]

How the digital revolution has changed the way we watch television

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Before the advent of digital television the viewership for popular television programmes was astronomical. The days of season finales bringing in tens of thousands of people all huddled around their television sets were part of the fabric of the analogue generation. Television was geared towards global sporting events, one-off historic documentaries and newsflashes that got people talking about it the next day and the week to come.Satellite television brought us choices, programmes from around the world and many different films and sports that we could watch without cutting into the air time of regular programming. It was still analogue and didn’t improve picture quality or reception issues that also came with analogue terrestrial television, but with Pay TV came the ability to choose the channels we wanted, the sports we loved and the movies we had to see – at a premium.When digital television arrived, it revolutionised terrestrial television. For no extra cost to the viewer, multiple channels were available, with little upgrade costs required to purchase the receiver or digital television. Pay TV was an available option when it came to digital satellite television, and with services becoming available later that offered television via the internet or cable, the choice on offer in terms of programming matched the boost in quality of the picture, the signal and the audio.But as a boost in quality of the picture became quickly apparent with the introduction of digital high definition television on cable, satellite and terrestrial television, many people wondered where the quality went in programming. With more people tuning in than ever, the broadcasters with all of their newly found bandwidth to give us hundreds of channels decided to create a channel for nearly every possible niche imaginable.These niche channels and programming brought with them a whole host of reality television programming that changed the face of television almost overnight. With audiences wanting more true stories about real people and the lives that they live, broadcasters searched high and low for entertaining characters that audiences could relate to and create programmes that could convey alternative lifestyles.The characters that grew in popularity have grown into household names, and the programmes that these new form of celebrity found fame in have become an almost never-ending conveyor belt of ready-made television personalities. But this digital revolution in television has also put the power in control of the audience. With more and more ways to watch television; from series recording, time-shifted programming and television and movies on demand, the power is in the viewers’ fingertips, just as the power to vote off this weeks’ celebrity from the newest reality programme is afforded to viewers, the digital revolution in television has given audiences an evolution in control that cannot be reversed.About the Author:Ruth Hawtree is the owner of Local Bloke Antenna Services (Gold Coast), a govt approved digital tv and tv antenna specialist, an installer of Freeview and home theatre with years of Entertainment blogsBest Blogshttp://www.freesearchenginesubmission.infocliquez ici pour visiter [...]

Home Theatre Installation: Your Options

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With today’s high definition blue-ray movies, video games and the addition of giant 3D television sets, the digital experience available to you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home has never been better. So what a perfect time have a home theatre installed into your lounge or rumpus room!Establish Your BudgetTurning the room you have chosen into a home theatre can be relatively simple to achieve, with prices in technology falling all the time, you may be surprised with what you can achieve with even a little budget. For those wishing to create something extraordinarily special, the sky is the limit! Take advantage of fully animated controls, mini fridges and luxurious furniture to make it feel like you’re at the movies.For those on a more moderate budget, turning a spare room into a home theatre can come in many different forms. You can easily purchase a television system that can be hidden away from view when the room is being used for something else.Choosing a TelevisionIt goes without saying that a home theatre installation needs a screen to watch your movies on, so you must decide on which sort of viewing experience you want to achieve. Without delving into the technical lingo associated with the numerous types of screens available, there are a few basic things you need to know, not just for the achieving the viewing experience you desire, but also to make good use of space and keep your home theatre installation on budget.You will want to choose a screen that fits your room, not too overpowering and not too small. Choose a screen size that gives you the optimal viewing distance from your seating arrangements and you will always have a great experience. TVs come in many different forms, but by hanging your TV on the wall, you can achieve optimal viewing distance, as well as giving everyone in the room a clear view.A HD-experience is a must these days, and with many LCD televisions being available for amazing prices, this is the place to start for those on a budget. LED televisions are a step up in terms of quality, as well as power saving, but are harder to manufacture than LCD TVs and therefore the larger screens cost significantly more.Plasma screens seemed to have died off a few years ago, but are now making a comeback thanks to advancements in the technology. You may find that Plasma screens are cost-effective, but due to the nature of the system plasma screens use, their lifetime may stop shorter than their LCD and LED rivals.For a truly stunning experience, many home theatre installations opt for a projector to fill a wall with a stunning image. Projectors have come a long way since the old analogue variants. You can now find many LED projectors on the market for reasonable prices that give you stunning 1080p images and are as crisp and clear as any traditional television set.The full experienceTo get the best out of your home theatre, investing in a decent set of high definition digital surround sound speakers and amplifier will work wonders for that true theatre experience. With literally thousands of amplifiers and speakers on the market, you should choose a system that keeps you on budget, as well as attaining a certain level of audio quality to compliment your screen.[...]

TV Antenna Installer Gold Coast

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Local Bloke Antenna Services is a TV antenna installer in Gold Coast, Queensland. It's an established family-run business with a proven record in antenna services. Whether you're having reception problems, you’re planning an upgrade to your TV system or you’re looking to install digital TV in a new house or office, Local Bloke can take care of all your needs.

A lot of people assume they're getting a weak signal from the transmitter if their TV reception is bad. This might be true, but it might be due to other factors. Plenty other things can cause bad reception. Old or badly installed cabling between your TV and antenna can wreak havoc with the signal. The antenna itself might be badly sited, damaged or just knocked out of alignment. An electrical appliance in the area might be interfering with your signal, or tall buildings could be getting between you and the transmitter. If you're having any of those problems, and you spend money on an expensive signal amplifier, you're probably just going to make the problem worse. Call in one of the experts from Local Bloke Antenna Services and they'll be able to find out what the real problem is and work out the best solution for you. Digital signal strength tests are carried out on all jobs to guarantee you the best possible reception when the switchover to digital occurs.

If you need a new antenna installed, rest assured that Local Bloke will only use the highest quality parts on all their jobs. All antennas and cabling are fully digital ready, and reinforced fittings are used to fit the antenna to your house. Whether you want to replace an existing antenna or fit one to a new home, the job will be done properly and the team will clean up after themselves. Customers love the fact that Local Bloke doesn’t leave a mess behind. Fitting antennas for shared occupancy housing is also no problem; the company has plenty of experience at that and will come up with a solution to suit your needs. The same goes for commercial buildings.

But it's not all about antennas. Local Bloke can help you set up your entertainment gadgets, too. We can wall mount your plasma or flat screen, and we’re experts when it comes to home theatre setup. Every stage can be dealt with, from finding the ideal spots for your speakers, connecting it all up, balancing the sound and tuning in. Local Bloke will also explain how to work everything once it's set up, too. There's a reason why we’ve been voted by customers as the best TV antenna installers on the Gold Coast.

As well as good quality workmanship and top components, when you go with Local Bloke, you'll receive the confidence that comes with knowing you’ve got the best in the business.

Antenna Installation Services in the Gold Coast

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If you’re looking for antenna installation services in the Gold Coast you will be pleased to know that there are several reputable and longstanding businesses that have been in the game for many years. Local Bloke is one company that prides itself on delivering quality service every time. But you might be asking yourself why you should hire an antenna installation specialist instead of attempting to do it yourself? There are many reasons to go with a professional. If you think it just means having to climbing onto the roof and securing the antenna in place, you might need to rethink this. In this article, we go through some of the services we provide in a little more detail and provide you with some information about what to expect. Installing a new antennaThe very first step to installing a new antenna is to do a signal test to see how high the quality of the reception is. There are different aerial strengths according to your location. There are also other factors that may affect the strength of a signal for example if there are several high buildings surrounding you as these may intercept any signals that would otherwise be easily received. The signal test is crucial in order to provide the best recommendation on both the type of antenna you need and where on your roof it should be installed. Solving reception issuesIf you are faced with any antenna issues such as interference, lines or pixilation on your screen, chances are you may need an expert to have a look. He or she can diagnose the problem and advise you as to whether you need a new antenna. New antennas come ready with a complete digital system and the technician can ensure it is installed correctly.  However, it may be the case that a new antenna is not needed, in which case the cabling and wiring will need to be examined.  Installing digital set top boxesThese digital set top boxes enhance and improve the picture quality on your TV for both analogue and digital systems. But if you fail to install a digital set top box correctly no improvements in quality will be noticeable. The method used to connect a digital set top box is simple and straightforward for a professional. Satellite TV installationsThe benefit of having satellite TV allows is that you can access channels from other parts of the world. This greatly increases the number of programs you can watch and broadens your TV experience.Adding extra TV points for different roomsIf you are looking to install additional TV points in different rooms your best bet would be to call up an antenna professional to help solve the issue. After all, you really don’t want to be settling for that TV function allowing you to watch two different channels at the same time on the same TV.[...]

The Difference Between Analogue and Digital TV Antennas

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Wall mounted TVs look great and it sure clear up space in your home. But to wall mount a TV presents a bit of a challenge. Our advice? Hire a professional. Your TV is sophisticated piece of equipment that requires specialized knowledge to mount. To do it yourself, you’d need to tools and techniques, how to assess the strength of the walls, run cables, and choose the right mount. Professional wall mount TV installershave the knowledge and experience needed to complete the job. Unless you have done this before or happen to have a wall probe, a drill, and wire running tools lying around, you need to call an expert. Where do you want it?   Before you call a professional wall mount TV installer, you’ll want to have a sense of where you want to put the TV. You might not want the TV to be the first thing you notice in the room, so think about where it will complement your layout and design without stealing focus from other important things. Be sure to pick a comfortable height for the TV in comparison with your furniture. You’re going to spend a long time looking at it, so put it somewhere comfortable!You can talk to the wall mount TV installers while deciding on location so that you can take into account the strength of the wall and the location of the TV relative to other devices like speakers. If you work with installers who also do home theatre installations, like Local Bloke Antenna Services in Gold Coast, they’ll be conscientious about making sure that your TV can hook up to all of your other equipment. Try not to get too attached to one location, as it may turn out that your wall cannot hold the mounts or support the weight of the television. If you already know the measurements of the TV, this can help you find the right space. Whatever you do, do not put the TV over a fireplace. Getting a Wall MountReally excellent wall mount TV installerswill include the mounts in their installation package, allowing you to skip this step. If you already have the TV, or know which one you’re getting, you can look at the types of mounts the manufacturer sells. Some TVs will only attach to wall mounts made by the same manufacturer, so you’ll want to see what your options are. Think about whether you’ll want to tilt the TV or position it at an angle. Make sure that the mounts you purchase are the right size, and can handle the weight of your television. Finding a Wall Mount TV Installer on the Gold CoastLocal Bloke Antenna Services has been voted the best TV installers on the Gold Coast, and the government has accredited all of their installers. At Local Bloke, they bring the wall mount so you can be sure you have the perfect one. They’re known for their great customer service, and can help you with any questions you might still have. Their wall mount TV installation service includes digital signal testing, so you can be sure your TV works. They also help set up home theatre systems, so they will be able to make sure everything connects and beautifully conceal the cables. They specialize in mounting Flat Panel TVs and projectors, making them the perfect choice for either job. [...]

Antenna Installation Gold Coast

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So what’s wrong with the TV reception? It’s a nice new set, but the picture is terrible. Well, there are a few things that could be wrong. The set might be new, but how old is the cabling going up to the antenna? How old is the antenna itself? How well sited is it? Did your reception go downhill right after the neighbours built that big new extension?Most problems with bad reception can be sorted out, or at least improved. It’s not a job for amateurs, though. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, it’s easy to waste a lot of time and money without getting any results. You need an expert that can take care of the following:• Pick the best place for your antenna• Choose the right antenna – given a whole host of variables• Mount it properly so it won’t move around• Set up a good connection to your television.As part of the switch over to digital broadcasting, the government has set up the Antenna Installer Endorsement Scheme (AIES). To get accreditation under the scheme, the installer has to either pass an assessment of their technical knowledge or show certificates from a nationally recognized training program. Getting an AIES installer to set up your antenna is ideal. The program is not compulsory, so not all installers are covered by it. Make sure, though, that your installer is accredited.That’s where Local Bloke Antenna Services steps in with their highly trained, Government certified, consummate professionals. If you’re a Gold Coast resident and need a new antenna, Local Bloke can do it for you. All their technicians are AIEC accredited. With the switch to digital coming up, Local Bloke is making sure everyone is ready. All the antennas they install are digital-ready, as is their cabling. They also carry out digital signal strength testing on every job to help find the best solution for your TV reception problems.What can Local Bloke do for you? If your existing antenna installation needs repair, or you need a new one installed, they can do that for you. If you’re having trouble with reception, one of their experts will do a diagnostic survey, find out what the problem is and come up with a plan to improve it. They can also install all the required cabling in new houses or set up digital antennas for multi-occupancy buildings and commercial premises. It’s not all about antennas either; they can troubleshoot and install home theater systems, set you up for satellite TV and even install new TV sockets in your home.If you go with Local Bloke, there are other benefits apart from their qualified technicians. Before you commit to a job, you can call them for a free quote or advice about what you need. All their work comes with a five-year guarantee, giving you confidence in a job that will last. And another important thing is, like their name says, they’re local blokes. You’ll be dealing with a Queensland family business that you can trust.[...]

Choosing a Good TV Antenna Installer in Gold Coast

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Unlike what some people may think, TV antennas are still being used in several areas in Australia and other parts of the world. While many people may be using satellite systems, the higher costs involved in their subscription and maintenance, have discouraged several others from using them, thereby making digital antennas more popular in Australia and other parts of the world.In order to choose a good TV antenna in Gold Coast, it is important to know how much you desire to spend on installing an antenna for your home. However, TV antennas are among the cheapest and most useful equipment around, and most people can afford them.The positioning of TV antennas is also a very important factor that bears significant influence on how much you will enjoy quality television viewing. The installation of TV antennas must therefore be carried out by experienced people who are very skilled in the installation and repair of antennas. Bad positioning is very likely to cause bad reception, and awful audio and picture quality.There are many professional service providers that provide good installation services for TV antennas in Gold Coast. Checking the internet is a good way to get information on service providers that can carry out TV antenna installation and repair services in the area.If you have just moved into the area, you may be better off asking your neighbours about service providers that provide TV antenna installation services in Gold Coast; such services usually don’t cost too much. [...]

TV Antenna Installation in Gold Coast

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Over the years, Australians in and around Gold Coast have totally embraced the use of TV antennas as opposed to satellite installations which happen to be more expensive to maintain and service. TV antennas on the other hand, are cheaper and do not require scheduled servicing involving monthly subscription charges.

There are several professionals that specialize in TV antenna installation in Gold Coast as well as neighbouring towns and cities. The best service companies in the field often employ large teams of professionals that respond easily to any call as quickly as possible.

More often than not, theneed arises for emergency TV antenna installation and repair services in Gold Coast. The most common problems with antenna installation are those which emanate from the initial installation processthat was carried out; sometimes inexperienced people offering installation services fail to position TV antennas in a way that will ensure the best and most stable reception needed for quality viewing.

Asides problems associated with antenna positioning, other common problems include bad cables and out-of-date antennas. All these problems progress further into other minor or major problems that impede quality television viewing, thereby leaving consumers with reservations about using digital TV antennas.

In order to make sure you don’t experience any of these problems, it is advisable to look around for the best providers offering TV antenna installation in Gold Coast. The internet can also provide you with valuable information pertaining to companies that offer such services.

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Government Approved Antenna Installer Gold Coast

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Government Accredited Antenna Installers Gold Coast. Antenna Gold Coast by Local Bloke Antenna Services  offering quality Antennas and fittings with full service guarantee. Pay only if the problem is fixed.

Local Bloke Antenna Services uses only the highest quality antennas and materials, we use reinforced fittings to attach your Antenna firmly and securely to your roof. a Local Bloke Antenna is installed by an experienced team, and backed up by a 5 year workmanship guarantee.

In addition to antenna installs our team also have extensive experience installing and trouble shooting Home Theatre Systems, and Satellite Systems, and install new TV Points.

Local Bloke Antenna Services employs MATV system design and maitenance experts. We work for many body corporate  and also maintain contracts with multi-unit property management specialists. MATV specialists are ready to go so call us today for MATV quotes and enquiry.

Available Services:
  • Home theatre setup
  • Digital antenna installation
  • Reception problem solution
  • TV points installation
  • Additional outlet installation
  • Satellite dish services.

Call now on 1300 244 536 or Book Online.