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Preview: DJ Herbie James

DJ Herbie James

DJ Herbie James. Podcasting weekly from clubs and venues around South Florida and the world. Soulful house music, progressive and tribal, will make you get out of your seat and move with the music.

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2013 Reboot

Wed, 06 Mar 2013 07:07:04 PST

download sweat2013teaser.mp3
right click and save to download

Hello There, my big little beat bunny buddies,

I’ve been missing you. And, I Hope you’ve all been wundrin’ what’s happening with me. But, I’m here now. And, once again, I’m “On the List”; and quite the list it is. Of “The Hottest DJ’s on the Planet” (*their quote not mine). Which means I’m playing again for Miami’s Winter Party, presented by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. It’s most definitely one of the biggest, most Represented “Circuit” parties of the year, anywhere in the world. And, It’s Right here in our back yard, which means, that You....Should do your job to keep the fight going by supporting these events. So please, try to come out to help them, help us, help Me, make sure that their services to Our Community, Live on. Tickets for “Sweat” are Only $10. in advance, $15 at the door. It’s without doubt, one of the sexiest crowds to gather, So, gear UP and bring some Love to Shake and Rub. I promise.... I’m doing my part of the job to make it memorable.

Can you just imagine how excited I AM. I played this same party last year to a Very hot crowd. So, I know if you were There, at Bill’s Filling Station ,for “Sweat”, Last year, and I know, You know what I’m sayin’.... then I hope you will plan on making This years party, even better. Word of mouth you know. It’s a great time to be seen.
And, as I always say....”You have to be Seen, to be Had.”
See you at Sweat.!!

Music....As Always....There’s been So much good musics to fall in love with. All kinds of hotties out there ….vocals, and not vocals. Techy, noise tracks that are just to take their heads off.....and Sexy deep grooves, that grab you at the hips just to give you a good shaky shake.

So, Right now, I’m going to jump Head First, right back into 2013 with some of the big room, peak night, main stage bangers that I’ve been pumping.....just a taste to Wet your, um,....Whistle.

The Music: (*Yes, I’m Still using CDs...With, Only 2 sources....rrrrr.) This set puts us in the club, right about when the bus lets off around 12:30 / 1am. Peak night....Push ‘em till they Rub it off, Sexiness... to just see how much they can take. With a Twist. BTW.....They Did. !!

Here’s hoping that I’ll be seeing you all for a good night on the town (*slurp) Soon.
Love all around

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I AM....a Disc Jockey, I AM

Thu, 16 Aug 2012 19:23:19 PDT

download iamdiscjockeyiam3.mp3
right click and save to download

Ohhhh yes I AM.  I am also the Walrus...I am the Eggman....and, I have been assimilated...(they Did say you would be.)  I read some blogs.  I Am Big and I Am small.  My part is Big, and my part is small.  But it’s the Music that keeps me going.  Hey, hey, I’ve always been a dancer.  Learned my Realness on the sidewalks of the Mississippi delta...(grew up on Motown soul and funk).....danced Right On through to the Big clubs.  Loved me some Dj’s.  And, having Always loved music was just Kismet that I was enabled to spin for some Legendary clubs and parties.  Thank you everyday Universe, for giving me the drummer inside.  And the “ear”.  (...and my Pencil cactus...and my piANo....and my(on and on.) Really!

So, Turns Out, that This set does..make me dance.  See if it does it for you.  Of Course I hope it does.  Because, inside my DJ head, shaped that it is; I try to please everyone, within the boundaries of what’s in the bag at the moment. And depending on the Who’s in the room, where I’ve taken them Before, the Requests coming in (yesss, I have been known to play them, don’t hate.) 

Some HerbieHistory...Some of you might know me from the DJ Store days. (15 years as a buyer.  Wow, Those were some days, as there were a Lot of famous And infamous people through all that.) Which makes me a giver...(w).  So, sitting here listening to the set.  This song is playing; and working me.  By DC Rodriquez, called “Crazy Freakin’ Maniac’, on System recordings.  ‘Bin of Fierceness’ approved.  Eme if you want a chart.’s a short (i.e. edited) set...beCause....I took the “Podcasters Editorial Privilege; Provision 22; Act I, Verse two (with a chorus)” liberty...which states....”Podcaster, may feel free to edit some “Meat” out of said song, If he / she deems said song to be either...“too Much to endure the nastiness during a train crossing with the windows down.”....or “If it is So played Out that he / she feels you’ve already heard it enough to know the video moves and therefore don’t want / need to subject the driver Next to you, at a train endure it.”  So, yes,...I edited out a bit of “meat” of that Kiki song, and that Fucking song....for just Those moments.  Forgive me if I have overstepped.

Meantime....This is still; Only a Very small Shot of how we DOIT in the little Big city.  Hope you’re assimilated by the experience.  Maybe it will enable Us to dance Together soon.  Till the next time.  Keep your heads to the sky....Call your Mother....Eat your fruits and veggies....and Stay Tuned.

Love all around

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He Thinks he's Straight

Mon, 16 Jul 2012 17:45:56 PDT

download He Thinks he's Straight.mp3
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Yessssss My Children.  This, was “One of Those Nights”.  I love my Friday’s.  They are most Def one of the best nights in the club.  I can usually gauge that by close to midnight....there will be a Havin’ It crowd.  Some usual suspects....who I love....and always a few new faces....unsuspecting tourists and some locals who heard about our little scene, but just came by to see how we DO.  Love them all.  But, gets rowdy.  They yell at me....ok, and I yell stir it UP.  This, was one of those!  

Here’s a set of some big....Main stage....proggy Anthems....My Peak Night Sound of late.  I think that pretty much covers it.  I will suggest that if you are nearby sometime.....that you actually get out and come by the hear / watch it all Happen first the sound system is rockin’....the crowd is friendly and, like I said before, “Havin’ IT”.  Yes, I’m spoiled.  I Still use CD’s...(*no sync button Yet.)  I hope you get me.  I play a Lot of new musics...and test some that only get played once or’s hard to keep up, I know.  But, I lean towards playing more Melodic, UPlifting, Feel Good vocals and yes, some techy side of the big room.  I think you’ll Like.  So, press play....turn it up Loud....and have a “Kiki” for Me....With Me.

I sincerely do Hope that you will get to hear it Live on a floor near you soon.  Served up Herbicidal.....the way I DO!

Meantime....Keep your heads to the sky.....Your hands in the air.....your Voices Out and Proud...Eat your veggies....Call your Mom....and above all....Stay Tuned!  We ain’t done yet.

Love all around

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Bath House Part 2

Sun, 17 Jun 2012 02:00:01 PDT

Bath House Part 2.mp3
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Bath House part 1

Sat, 16 Jun 2012 14:04:36 PDT

Download Bath House 1.mp3
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You said a Mouthful, 

What Really happened was.... Me, minding my Own business....Doin’ my Own thing...when it All broke loose.  It was like, head down and speeding down the road toward the rail...and by that time, it was Out of my hands.  I had been warned ….that there were going to be famous people involved....and, that I had better keep my clothes on.  Well...That didn’t happen either.  Believe me when I tell you....I’m innocent.  But, then it happened.  Somebody had climbed up on the stage....and they started yelling.  Things started flying....some things were said that can Never be repeated.  There was a firetruck involved....and by close....well let’s just say....some good clothes were torn.... hearts had been broken....and I was Face down in the kiddie pool.  Electro house just Blaring away.  

Backing up a bit.  I get to play some Wild parties ….and so it happens every other Saturday night. The rules are No cameras....and No vocals.  Picture it.  Wild I tell you....and Yes....there’s a pool table involved....ask Billy.’s a mash of progressive electro....and tribal.  Yes....A Word slips out now and then....but No Divas...and No Dance Vocals.  !!  Tell me that That’s not a hard gig!  But, sometimes....the sets are Sexxxxxxy.  These are a couple of them.

So,  Forgive me the low 60hz hum under the whole mix....which you’ll probably never’s not’s them.  But the sexual tension is thick....and the beats are Hhhhhot.  Conjure up your own mix of the kiddie pool circumstances....and turn up the volume....and enjoy a truly Herbicidal Backroom Treatment....I call it Bath House music.

I really do wish that you ALL could get the Full “Treatment” and hear it All.  You’ll just need to get Out more to keep up.  I play it ALL....and I love all kinds of music.  Call me Inconsistent if you must.....but I play the’s a gift...and I’ll give it the Way it’s Given to Me.....with Love.  Can you Feel me.

Trust me....I have some Early sets to love you with soon....but it’s hard choosing which ones to lay on you first and when.  I’m Very distracted you must know.  So, Be Patient.

Meantime....enjoy this hardness for what it is.

Love all around

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The WMC 2012 Treatment pt 1

Tue, 03 Apr 2012 16:29:37 PDT

download WMC2012part1 mp3
right click and save to download

Winter Music Conference 2012

What can I possibly say about WMC that hasn’t already been printed, videoed, lived, survived; all of it Loved?  I have personally registered for 17 of them. (I still have the badge on lantern to prove it.  I was doing WMC when that badge made you a Club King.  When it had it’s start in Fort Lauderdale.  I have my picture (*eating breakfast at the Nervous Records “Denny’s” party, after coming back from a marathon party at Space, so ya know (w), in Mix Magazine.  I’ve even DJ’ed my fair share of WMC events....and have the flyers to prove it.  (not going to drop the names here.) Fun times. Lots and Lots of Great WMC stories to be told.  Feel free to send me some of yours. I’ll tell you some of Those stories next time we have lunch.

But, Musically.  The Thing....that I Love about WMC is.  No matter Where you go....What party you decide to endure. Or, which one you go to, to get you to the Next one.  There will Always be a DJ in charge....that is There because he/she Truly Loves the Music...the Process...the People....and he/she Will be intent on serving up something musical to connect the Creative, the Current, the Classic, and the Unique.  And he/she will Always try to make it so you walk away feeling like you have heard or experienced something that you will have not heard at any other event.  Something that you will want to say to others....”You Should’ve heard this set.”  And, they will Wish It.

That’s....what I try to bring to the weekend.  Hey, you Never know who could be listening.  So, I Test a Lot of new music during this time.  I play some Deep Classics to connect with times past.  Some styles that may not always be “Friday night”.  This is that set.  It’s live at the club....they are spoiled.  Fun times.

So, As My world spins....I hope our planets collide on a dancefloor near you soon.  Meantime, Stay tuned.  Call your mom....and spread some love all around.


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A Taste of Sweat 2012

Wed, 28 Mar 2012 17:22:56 PDT

download taste of sweat mp3

Time to catch up,

Heyyyyyy.  Well....Since the Last time you heard from me.  Yes, I played a fanTasticly Sexxxy party for this years Winter Party in Miami.  Other than the party being in Fort Bill’s Filling Station; the Energy was Still hot...Very.  I had originally said that I wanted to play them All my “currently Favorite” tracks.  Being more realistic....I turned Out that party with the perfect set of Herbicidal hotties.  

This set is about the middle of peak night.  So it’s full of that big synthy, progressive, vocal that I love.  Hey, there are Only so many tracks to play in a night....and This was That one.  They had fun.....So did I !!

I want to personally thank All the friends and fans (*You know who You are.) who came out that night.  Remember me telling you about the “List”...and Me being On It....the “The Hottest DJ’s the Planet Has to Offer”...(*list). And, who had to put up with (*again), my seemingly endless, and Shameless, self promotion.  But Hey, Obviously worked.  And, I’d Do It again....and Again.
(*note to self....”Do IT Again.”)

Some Great Songs in this set.....and, I do Really love them all.  Not all are brand new...but Just because it’s New....Doesn’t always make it better.  I hope you still “Get Me.”  Never stop listening.  As, Miles Davis said once, that he would listen to Everything as rhythm.  Think about it.  Never underestimate the connective Power of Music.

That in mind.....Keep your head to the sky....It’s listening too.

Love....All around.

PS. In case you’re wondering.  I AM Still a CD DJ.  If you’re listening for that sort of thing.

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Winter Party 2012 Sweat it Out

Thu, 01 Mar 2012 18:38:00 PST

download Pre Winter Fire Sweat.mp3right click and save (Windows & MAC)The headline reads “the Hottest DJs the Planet Has to Offer.”  Scroll down the page, and you’ll see....I’m On It.  Wow, and the some More Wow.  My tail has hardly stopped waggin’ since I got  “the call”.  Not totally sure how it all happened....but I know that the universe knew it was suppose to happen.  So I’ll take it.  And, I’ll do my Herbicidal Best to make it Really Hot. It’s been a few years now...but I’ve played for Winter Party twice before....(*the Mineshaft party, 2006 and Five Ring Circuit, 2009 ).  The Universe obviously knew I was due another. (*re- The Hottest DJs the Planet has to Offer...wagwagwagwag.)  So, here’s my invitation to all my favorite beat bunnies....Get Here!  To Winter Party in south Florida. There are a Lot of very Hot events to attend and support. Not all of them involve a lot of money or energy.  Me, I’ll be playing the Tres Sexy “Sweat” event.  It’s here, in my home town, Fort Lauderdale, at Bill’s Filling Station; on Saturday, March 3rd, from 9pm to 3am. The cost is Cheap...$10.00 at the door...and it’s Winter Party....worth Every Cent.The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force provides numerous services to assist in the support of OUR community.  Power in numbers!Yes, I’m “local” and you Know me....but Here’s a Pervfect opportunity to hear me Out of my comfort zone.  And, for ALL those people who don’t Ever get to hear me in my home-bar...and complain that you don’t want to infringe....Here’s Your chance to Support your Local “Scene”. I urge All of you to support My event....and if Not...then get out and show Powers in Numbers at some of their Other sexy events.Musically; I make no promises.  I've prepared to play these parties all my life....musically.  I'm just going to play a party with the music that's in my bag.  Which, is the music that I Love...and that makes My drummer beat.  I will try to be Herbicidal....which I Hope that you will, or have, come to expect from me.I look forward to a Vibin’ Sexy Sweaty Event this Saturday....and I hope to see All my fans and Music Lovers out for a “Gay Ol’ Time”.Love all around, Herbieps. Here’s a little Herbicidal Taste to wet your whistle....BoomTsst, BoomTsst, BoomTsst, x a Milllion.xoxohttp://www.herbiejames.com[...]

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Herbie James to Spin @ Winterparty 2012

Mon, 06 Feb 2012 03:00:03 PST

Download "Eye On The Groove Part 2 MP3"
Windows Right Click and Save the link
MAC Command Click and Save the link

Herbicidal News Flash.!!
     The word is now on the street....that I have again been chosen to spin the Leather event for Miami’s 2012 Winter Party.  The party is called “SWEAT”....and it’s going to be on Saturday, March 3rd, at Bill’s Filling Station in Fort Lauderdale.

     Winter Party is a Huge, world class, week long event, that is held in South Florida every year and benefits the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

     Needless to say, I’m very excited to represent them...and I look forward to serving a suitably Herbicidal music selection for this fabulous and sexy event.  So, Get your tickets early. (*$10.00 in advance, $15.00 at the door.)  As, my past experiences with Winter Party have all been legendary....I plan on making this one, as much fun...if not as scandalous.

Hope to see you all there.

Love all around

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Attentions Peoples of My Universe,

Sun, 05 Feb 2012 11:36:17 PST

Download " Eye On The Groove Part 1 MP3"
Windows Right Click and Save the link
MAC Command Click and Save the link

I have a drummer in beats to a Different beat.  Come, let me beat Yours....with Mine. attentions....and Thank you All for listening.  I know there is a LOT of music out there.....all kinds.  And, Dance music....well, the lines there have been so blurred in the last few years....that I’m not exactly sure What to call what I Play.  House, Techno, Tech-House, Nu-Disco, Progressive.  All of the above I’d say.  Yeah....Lucky Me....I get to play it ALL.  As, My drummer, the one on the Always seeking...and Has Always sought...the element in the music that it takes to move Me.  And That; I hope; moves You!!

I’ve said it before; that you really have to BE there to get the full “Effect” of the rubbin’, bumpin’, gropin’, lovin’, drinkin’, pumpin’ sound in the room.  As, this music is Made, in loud studios by loud professionals, to be played LOUD!!  The balance has to be right too.  Not Too loud, not too soft. And, it’s got to fit the space and the crowd.  The actual Sound And, the Music.  Play your Space and your Crowd. One will demand the other. And, when just listening, think of where and to whom it was played To.  That Room....That Crowd.  (*side point, please, know that I know, the differences of what it is to play a pool set, an after-hours, a peak night big room, give me Some credit.) (*sly Dudley Do-right snicker)

These sets, here and now....called “Eye On the Groove pt 1 and 2”.  Are two sets that were recorded early some recent Ramrod evening....and from there it went up some more.  Again, it was the night and The crowd to play to.  I Do try to Please there....but I also, Love to Teach them. You’ll hear in this journey, that I drop a few remixes of classics...some vocals...a few techno bombs....but connecting them all is My feel for the Groove.  My Drummer.

I always Love when someone comes in the room and tells me that,....even before they Knew who was playing....that they Knew it was Me.  Makes my tail wag....wagwagwagwagwag. People ask me what my “Style” is....and I have to tell them, I love all good music.  Positive lyric, uplifting, sexy and dirty, shake you by the hips, snaps your fingers, till you throw your pants in the corner Musics.  And, all connected with that groove thang.  That thang that gets between your ears and rocks your head....taps your toes....walks the runway...and makes you shout my name.

Know what I mean Vern?

All said and done....I’m blessed.  Blessed with the love of music.  Wide range OF IT too.  I get to share it with you at the club and here in Your Spaces.  It’s been a Fab year....and now 2012 is upon let’s all....Put these sets in the digital Victrola....Grab yourself a glass of what Ever it is that you enjoy drinking....and raise it up high, for Art...and to All the people out there who are sophisticated enough to “Dig It”.

To You...all the happiest of the years end holidays, and to the beginnings of the new one.  I wish you All the best of the best there IS.  LOVE!!

Enjoy the sets...let me hear-back from you sometimes.....Keep your heads to the sky....and...
Love all around,

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ManBearsDancing 9/11 Part 1

Mon, 19 Sep 2011 18:39:14 PDT

Download Man Bears Dancing 9/11 part 1right click and save (Windows)command click and save (MAC)This roller coaster called Life....How much fun is That!!Mandance 9/11Oogie Boogie...This past one....the manbeardancing thang.....It was a dark and moody type.  Ok, I know that listening to the whole night, start to finish...which I think should be the way to do it....trip that it a Job sometimes when you aren’t there and Caught UP in the whole “Rubbin’ ON IT, cocktail influenced, Moment of it all....(*slurp.)  Try to keep up, ok?  And, when you DO listen....once in a while, take a step back and just try to imagine a great night out at the Club....some Club....This club....and in all it’s groping hotness that is.One thing I noticed though....the “Sound” of the club, changes from early to late.  The “Subs” are more Balanced to the room. later.  And, don’t get me wrong...peak night we have Club Sound.  Decent and balanced loud.  And, These tracks, in That room....with That sexxxy crowd.  Taking it like pros. I only have This (.) many powers...and I Only use them for good.  (*w.) Cameras ready...prepare to Flash.And my musics tastes.  Well....they are what they are....and always, Always ….going there. Varied they Are. *va.  (*very active varied artists.)  And...this was Mandance 9/11.  It was dark....with an “After-moon’ effect.  Early crowd sexy.  Some even dressed. Out early FOR IT I’d say....(*there were a coupla I heard.P....after the fact.)You will come to Always expect me to throw down some Fierce new tracks....and I will Always talk to you, lyrically....and with grrrrroove....from the booth.  It’s has been getting a bit more “progressive.”’s that musical swings....from deep house / vocal progressive tribal tech.  The lines are again, very blurred between house and techno.  Think Herbicidally.So, yes, listen front to back....Queen Latifah to George Harrison.....don’t ask.  I’ll tell.  Thinking this time though, that I’ll give you the whole night.  Yes, I see them there, by the speaker app’ing Shazam....when all they had to do was to ask.  I can usually tell how the night is going, by “Who’s Dancing...and when.”  Hookers....!!!Love Them.I had a great time too,..M’d 9/11  (*always the 3rd Friday of the month.....Not to be missed.)  It takes Your vibe, to Make mine.  Werq!! Thank Was good for me.O’yes....I played a coupla songs twice....even a few the Early crowd also deserved to hear did the Very different Late crowd....but I expect that, You’ll want to hear them at different times; in order it is then!  Always expect some Fab lyric along the way...  StoryTime.  Talking to you.  And, there Will, eVentually come a Beat down.  Et...the Menz Dancing...and, the Journey.Thanks to the universe for bringing it all together for us.  It takes a Lot of energy to feel that, for as long as it takes.  Not sure I can stop....thanks again.Meantime, head up. Listen to Everything. Make smart choices. Call your mom. Get Herbicidal.Love all around,Herbiehttp://www.herbiejames.com[...]

Media Files:

Fridayland 8 2011 Part 1

Sun, 14 Aug 2011 11:50:44 PDT

Download Fridayland Part1.mp3
Right click and save (Windows)
Command Click and save (MAC)

Before I go out to work each time....I give thanks....and hand it all over to Love. Love pulls my records....and reads the night. I also Like to do a little musical meditation....Meaning that I will stop with dance music...and listen to something, usually classical. A short piece like a Rag Slow Drag. (*the Labeque Sisters) or one of my favorite Ravel or Lizst piano pieces....(*Pavane for a Dead Princess or or or something Like them.....Something to clear my head and slow down my suspend time briefly away from what is about to happen in the club. It gives me “Center”. Then....I just pick out a first song....and let the night develop from there. Granted most times....I walk in and the computer program is playing some dreadful Grunge or 1990’s Techno....which I try to blend out with a breakdown. Then it’s everybody for themselves. You get what you get depending on how I read my crowds.

This night....the “crowd”...even the Early crowd....(*which was a Herbicidal Virgin crowd. Which I overheard talking as I was setting up...”oh that’s Herbie James....he’s Suppose to be good.”)...(*sly) So...I found my break to break In...and set out to “Train” them....again.
Herbicidal Addicts. Club seems to be getting a new cross-over metro crowd since like I’ve said before....We Do serve up one of the hottest Big little parties that happen on the drive each week. You’ll see when you get there.

Listening back though to the set....I see that the night was a bit about big synths...but you know they’ve been asking to get beat lately. (*and the Room has been sounding Much more....Thick....since we put the Rane in.) So, I Let ‘em ‘ave IT. By the first few songs...which by the way I apologize for, as I cut off about the first 20 mins....but, Hey....More reason you have to BE there soon. For a few Herbicidal Anthems....a few new hotties....I hook Groove ‘em things you May not hear anywhere else....they say. On Friday’s, I usually have critical mass by midnight and they stay till lights up late, which here, happens around about fifteen minutes from the end of part Four.

So, get ‘em, and put ‘em on the player....the disclavier whatever.....light a candle....dress for a sexxxy night out....(*or an underwear party.)...and crank up the Big knob to high....hoist a tall one....and get there when you can for the real thing. (deep breath before the plunge.)

Till then....Keep your heads to the sky. Call your mom. Support your Local DJ’s. Stop and Breathe. Be nice. Yabba Dabba Do.

Hope to see you all on a floor near you soon.
Love all around

Media Files:

More, Now, Harder, Faster, Slower, Longer, Tighter!! part 1

Sun, 29 May 2011 10:50:52 PDT

play/download drummer2.mp3
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Hello my little beat bunnies.

One of my Fave One Hit Wonders was the delicious porn star actress / disco debutant....Andrea True Connection “More, More, More”. It was a bit sleazy, but it captures the essence of what seems to be the mantra of many of our lives in the club scene. More (fill in the blank) Please.
Well I Said it was one of MY faves. And I have met a few of you that even if you don’t know the know the words.

“More, More, More....How do you like IT, how do you Like it.” (*I’m jus’ sayin’)

Music over the years changes in style, tempo and beats. The production values have gone out of the roof, and vary to taste. I love a LOT of different types of musics. I like it All. I want You to hear it all. (*you Better get busy ‘cause I’m telling you it’s a full time job.) I’d Like it if you could hear All my sets....and how I work them beginning to end every time I hit the corner booth....but, have your “More” list to take care of too.

So, I’m only able to Give you a “Taste” of what is just a slice of the pie that is the program of the night as it progresses. These sets here are from two different Peak Night sets. I also realize that listening on headphones in the gym or in the car is a Far cry from what it actually sounds like in the club....when you have a room Full of ambient crowd noise and conversations going on around you. And after you’ve had a few choice cocktailed combinations and are UP for IT.
So, all I can offer is an invitation to come Out and Get There yourself to “Feel” the entire Trip.

I promise it doesn’t hurt ….too bad. Again, More, Now, Harder, Faster, Slower, Longer, Tighter, MORE. (*sly). Whew.....These two was from the ‘Drummer” party I played a few weeks ago. The second is from the last “Mandance” that happens every 3rd Friday of each month. They are both peak night, crazy screaming at me crowds of “Havin’ It” peoples....Just the way I Likes ‘em. So, hoist one, Crank up the Big knob to High....and shake it like no one is watching. There’s some fantastic new songs out, I hope you find one or two here to sweat you through the summer.

Keep your heads to the sky. Eat your veggies. Call your moms. Spread some house love and get yourself out to the club for the Real Thing.


It’s a great life.....Live it large.
Love all around
(*your friendly neighborhood taste maker)

Media Files:

Go Deeper!!

Sat, 07 May 2011 14:19:26 PDT

play/download NRGVocalManDance2.mp3
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Hello there Universe.

I’m here to report....that You can Get!!. You....Can Get!! Just ask it. Wish It. Think It. Feel It. Want It bad enough....yeah yeah...I know I know. I’ve been Taught this my whole life....and have listened to many people tell me the whole sales pitch. Over and Over. Again and Again. And If only I had listened a Long time ago.....we would be talking a whole new story in the “E True Hollywood Story” that is my life. NOW.

BE Blessed!! You already are.....Just accept it.
Listen to your Uncle Herbie.

Now, Listen to your Uncle he turns out yet anOther set of what has turned into a night of Wicked High NRG. The club that I have been Delt....(*the
Ramrod Bar in Fort Lauderdale, FL) Has turned into this Wild, feely touchy, hands in the air, screaming for the breakdown, Loving crowd on my Friday nights. Truly a gift horse.

This parTicular the second of the four sets that made up the last 3rd Friday of the Month MANDANCE. (*Not, to be missed) The crowd on this one....was just up for it. I just wish I had an open mic that could capture the “Live” vibe of the night. Hot.

This set is a little more on the Vocal tip than I might tend to play....but you know I Love It ALL. There are even a couple of “Requests” spattered in it. But, since I love to Play It All....and try to Mixxx it Up.....Here’s a different side of the Herbicidal.

Not to worry....there’s more MORE to come. I Think you should hear it all...but you Need to get to the club...and enjoy the full on....Volume Cranked up....Cocktailed, Groped, and Bumped madness that ensues just about every Friday now.

Feel some house love.....let the music lift you Up.....Turn it UP....Get on your best Sunday dancin’ shoes....and shake it up with me.

Hope you are all doing well....and living Life Large.
Love all around

(*yes, don’t forget to tune in for my weekly updated radio show on GIRL every Monday and Friday!!....Midnight to 2am.)

It’s some Dog Dayz Y’all,

Thu, 14 Apr 2011 18:08:24 PDT

play/download Dog Dayz2.mp3right click and save (Windows)command click and save (Mac)Yep....summer’s here in south Florida. Already....and it’s just April. I love the heat of it all. It brings down loads of tourists....and We get to show ‘em how We DO IT in the Big to speak. Course, I’m spoiled...I get some of the best of them.....the ones who can “Hang” with the best. The ways in that We serve them. The Best Sexy crowds....the Best cocktails (*not metered)...and of course...the Best Musics. Blend all that together...and you’ve got a Vibe that’s as thick as the midnight blue. These two podcasts, delivered here....represent Such a Night. (*play Dr. John’s “Such A Night” here.) This crowd came together out of such a midnight blue ….Not your “Usual” suspects I’d say. Very vocal too....Lots of hands in the air screaming during breakdowns and that. Just the way I like ‘em. So, since most of you couldn’t be there....(*and you Wish you were.) Here’s a coupla sets to wet your whistle. Just listen how I was Talking to them....subliminally.Part Two...starts in at around 11:30ish....and Part Four starts at around the end of the night. To a packed house!! Much like we DO IT (*Live) Every Friday night. Yes, the music changes..and part Four was on a little more “Alternative” tip than usual...but they were Taking it like pros...and since I had it...They got it!! And, the Epic Funk kept chugging them right along....holding it’s power on them till the lights come up. Ok, the ending of this night may seem a little abrupt, knowing that I usually like to “Come Down” a bit slower....but they just kept yelling for more, and just didn’t want to leave. There was Def something magical in the air.Keep in mind...that you will need to turn up the volume....and maybe pour a Stiff one to try to catch the Love. As this was some great peak night hotness. You know how I live to Mix It UP.I hope you Get Me.Just a reminder. This coming Friday night....being the 3rd Friday night of the month....Which BTW we Do Every 3rd Friday.....IS Mandance!! When they move walls and turn the bar into a dance club. For the bunnies among you. So, Please....If you are nearby....and out doin’ tha DO....(*sly). Stop in the Ramrod for a Herbicidal Shakedown. Become part of My Family.Looking forward to Having You there.Love all aroundHerbiehttp://www.herbiejames.com[...]

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Two Come UP's to 2011

Tue, 15 Feb 2011 19:06:15 PST

play/download Come Up Classics 1.mp3right click and save (Windows)Command Click and save MACHappy 2011 My little Beat bunnies,I certainly am holding up my end....what with all the madnesses that made up the party end of the year.....O...MG....Becky. I ended up having to spin Christmas Eve....AND New Years Eve.I’m not they were Both some of the best nights Ever in the club. Crowds that were Ready, and Willing, to GO there. They had Me going for sure. Raising their glasses and their voices. Must‘ve been the music. And, they Seemed to have “Started” earlier this year....not waiting to come late....but by 11pm....there was crowd mass. Now....on That Know, how I love to ‘Come UP”. Well....I enjoyed the end of the year So much....and 2011 already beginning with a “Bang”....I thought that I’d start this years podcasts....with a little “Taste” of how we “Began.’ Here’s TWO....”Come Up” sets actually....from Two different, Consecutive nights. So you can see how two nights....back to back....turn out just a bit different...according to how the crowd fills the room. The 2nd night filling got harder quicker.....boing.Don’t get me wrong....I love Love LOVE Peak night....when it’s shoulder to well....shoulder....and they are hollerin’ and carrying they Do. But, early night....when there are only a few “Fans” in the me a chance to get My groove On....before I have to Push them.So, here’s a taste....of two Different nights....and how they came UP. Stay tuned....and keep your panties on....cause next time....I’m thinking I’ll give you Two “Peak” night sets....different nights as contrast how They work the same....but different.Same bag of music as just keeps coming and coming out …..different....but at the same time.....Herbicidal.Hope these give you a look into the DJ mind of Herbie this Def gives you a look see into my “Bin of Fierceness.” it stands to Date.So, grab the cocktail that you missed since you obviously can’t always BE there week to week.....Turn up the Volume on your home surround sound.....powder your um....”Floor”....and shake a tail feather with me. Share the house love....and I hope that I get to hang with All of you sometime soon in 2011. Keep your heads to the’s the only way.Love All AroundHerbiehttp://www.herbiejames.com[...]

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Abundant Manly Dancing

Fri, 26 Nov 2010 12:50:53 PST

download mandancingabundantly.mp3right click and save (Windows)Command Click and save (MAC)Abundant Manly Dancing....Ok...they just call it Mandance. A bit too mundane for my taste as I like to take things a bit more over the edge...(*sly)...and I’m Still trying to get them to put a Bear “Furry” on the street with one of those big Arrow signs pointing to the bar for the night....but noooo. I mean fun would That be. Still happens...every third Friday of the month....this fanTastic big Little party they call Mandance. It happens at the Ramrod in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And it Does go Off too. No, it can’t compare to the big it’s a small room....with a big heart...and a Lot ,a LOT, of Soul.You can’t buy this creates itself. The people have to bring it with them to share. You have to leave the house with it. Bring enough to spill some they say. And they do....sometimes all over the place...but that’s the Ram for ya. They serve it UP. Just the way I like it. Here, I’m giving up just a taste of this Past month’s Mandance....during what was just about peak night. This is some of my fave Big Progressive Vocal tracks of the moment. Loving this sound right now. Hope you will too. So....until I get to “Feel” you in the room the next time....and you Really Do Need to come “Feel” this for yourself....because it Never sounds the same from an mp3 it does when you are There....BEing there....with a few cocktails and all that sexiness rubbing up against you....but go ahead....Turn it UP....Turn up the Bass....Put on your Sunday going to church shoes and bust a rug....(*snicker).....Here is Just a taste of what they got last time.Hope you are all having a Great holiday season....and I Hope that you take all that thankfulness and love with you over the New Year’s Eve...and throughout the new year. Keep your head to the sky...and share some house love with family and friends alike. Teach one, and send one to teach. And all those other down home sayings that your mom taught you when you were seeing this world through your eyes as a child. Don’t live in fear just because someone tells you that you might get hurt. Be part of the solution and not the problem....I could go on...(w).When you R in my room....always feel free to stop by and say hi. Love all aroundHerbiehttp://www.herbiejames.com[...]

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