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Thu, 11 Nov 2004 17:46:26 +0000

11/11: DC Protest Against Massive Voter Fraud and Mistaken Mandate - Noon 11/11 LaFayette Park11/11: Karl Rove is afraid of this growing movement - the proof is a quietly orchestrated set of attacks on "conspiracy theorists" from NPR, ABC News, etc.11/9: Statement from Cam Kerry11/9: A Petition to Congress requesting an investigation into the Presidential Election of 200411/7: Bev Harris' Freedom of Information requests at have unearthed two Ciber certification reports indicating that security and tamperability was NOT TESTED and that several state elections directors, a secretary of state, and computer consultant Dr. Britain Williams signed off on the report anyway, certifying it.11/6: DemocraticUnderground launches a nationwide investigation of election fraud.11/5: Ralph Nader is challenging electronic voting results in New Hampshire. DemocraticUnderground is celebrating.11/5: House Dems John Conyers, Jerry Nadler, and Robert Wexler sent a letter to the General Accounting Office requesting an investigation into irregularities with voting machines used in Tuesday's elections.11/5: Andrew Veal, 25, traveled from Georgia to Ground Zero and committed suicide, apparently despondent over the election.11/5: The November 2 Exit Poll Scam by Michael Keefer11/3: Thousands of San Francisco activists protested Bush and the Iraq War.Question #1: How did Bush get 9 million more votes than in 2000?Sam ParryAlex SatanovskyPrimary Research:Voting Fraud in the 2004 Presidential ElectionCompiled Articles:PissedOffVoters.net for American ProgressDiscussion threads:11/8 LiveJournal Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. In cursus felis non diam. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Vivamus eu mi. Nullam orci nunc, iaculis vel, posuere ac, tempor vitae, quam. In sem. Donec lacus felis, bibendum luctus, bibendum sit amet, elementum eget, ante. Nulla condimentum mauris eget arcu. Sed nunc ipsum, pharetra eget, euismod sed, nonummy et, eros. Ut lacinia massa sed massa. Suspendisse sagittis ornare nisl. Nulla consectetuer turpis vel magna. Suspendisse venenatis sollicitudin lorem. Quisque luctus scelerisque lorem. Pellentesque facilisis tincidunt sapien. Fusce non tellus tincidunt metus suscipit malesuada. Maecenas elit felis, dignissim at, blandit ac, malesuada nec, ipsum. Praesent mollis sem et est. Proin adipiscing vehicula libero. Nulla facilisi. Praesent eros nulla, sollicitudin et, ultricies et, ultricies id, pede. Etiam felis augue, commodo ut, posuere in, bibendum et, elit. Mauris aliquam, orci vel laoreet placerat, diam lorem vestibulum nibh, quis scelerisque felis massa nec dui. Sed dapibus ipsum in nibh posuere pulvinar. Curabitur velit. Etiam metus. Mauris consectetuer, nunc a blandit vestibulum, nibh sapien blandit leo, non luctus dui tortor eu magna. Maecenas in pede id nunc ullamcorper aliquam. Morbi condimentum urna eget sapien ultrices varius. Nunc ligula odio, faucibus pellentesque, volutpat eu, adipiscing scelerisque, metus. Pellentesque purus mi, molestie non, placerat eu, suscipit a, tortor. Sed tincidunt. Fusce id massa. Duis fermentum magna nec erat. Sed ac wisi. Phasellus eleifend. Sed in est ultricies wisi mattis ullamcorper. In elit. Cras dapibus laoreet purus. Aenean consectetuer turpis ut arcu. Nullam dolor. Vestibulum id mi. Ut sit amet lorem vitae augue auctor ultrices. Suspendisse ipsum tellus, interdum quis, aliquam ut, dignissim id, tortor. Fusce massa enim, gravida sed, luctus a, laoreet sed, ante. Phasellus varius sodales nulla. Nam eget justo nec enim rhoncus sollicitudin. Sed malesuada massa vitae dui. Proin tincidunt mollis lorem. Pellentesque faucibus lectus ac lacus. Phasellus vestibulum, ipsum in lobortis tempor, diam justo euismod justo, in faucibus libero justo eu orci. Fusce ipsum ante, interdum id, laoreet ac, lobortis vel, mauris. Donec tellus. Donec posuere. Mauris et mi vitae arcu tristique mattis. In hendrerit, dia[...]