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We rock!!! hohoho.




HoLiDaYs~ (part2--night cycling!!)


yuppie!! NIGHT CYCLING on 011207!! it was super fun but super tiring n yz went with our foc-programmers-3ers grp haha.. n we din reli planned b4hand.. a crazy crazy night.. sort of clashed with the standard chartered marathon which was supposed to start at 5am the next day and the people in charge and the volunteers all had to station at their stations the night before.. so, ya.. east coast park wasn't very quiet when we reached.. at ard 11pm.. and some of the roads were blocked for the marathon so it was actually to our advantage when we cycled out to the roads.. we cycled in the blocked area, v safe.. but when we cycled back, the marathon was about to begin le, so we couldnt use the blocked area anymore and actually had to cycled the long long way back to ecp.. and we actually cycled up a fLyOvEr!!! there was no car along the road till the flyover, so we just cycled in the middle of the flyover! it was super steep la.. n thus we shouted our jialat-ness out while attempting to conquer the flyover.. muahaha.. super shiok!!!haha.. kk presenting to u --- our 狂奔之夜!!!from ecp, we cycled pass kallang and went geylang to find food... and that's one of the most dangerous cycling we had done that night.. with so many cars racing past us.. everyone there practically looked at us like we were some aliens.. indeed, we were kind of crazy, choosing such place to cycle haha.. guess we had made quite a scene in geylang.. haha.. look at how we cycled.. it was even scarier when there were cars parked on the shoulder of the road.. we ended up being only a few cms away from the cars driving down the road.. woo~ but we were careful enough la.. hehe.. =)and we had 豆浆油条 and 臭豆腐 ! yum yum! the 油条 is so so long.. never see such a long 油条 before haha.. anyway one of us (wp) can't eat anything that contains 豆, so poor him had to eat other food sold in the shops while we savour the specialty of the shops.. =Pwe cycled to the other end of geylang for this.. 历尽千辛万苦啊~at kallang river! we took like forever to take these pics.. need to set timer, then need to freeze for dunno how many seconds.. need coordination from all.. really not easy desu..dun we look like some juvenile delinquents, vandalising the walls at some dark alley.. well, no we are not!! haha..somewhere near bugis if i din rmb front of raffles hotel!! can't see our faces, but nvm, the hotel is nice~ hee..the bikers in front of some museum with nice lightings.. haa..the bikers at the fountain at 'giraffe' (a restaurant)the bikers at orchard with the kept-away-christmas-deco.. haha..our final station--orchard!! we were dead beat when we reached orchard.. but it was REAL FUN cycling down the so very empty orchard road!! we just screamed out our lungs while racing down with our fullest speed!! 是爽的! 超爽!!WOOHOO~~~!!! ^^(see the flashing road sign behind us? it says: ORCHARD ROAD.. haha)yes it's orchard road! n we had to freeze for ard 13 seconds for this photo due to flashing n lighting n stuff.. dunno la forgot le haha.. and this is the result of not freezing good enough.. hahaha..then we headed right back to ecp to watch sunrise.. we din really watch it rised thou.. we ended up collapsing on the sand and zzz.. haha.. except for the cleanest yz and taima~ haha.. the hopeful bunch of us~ :P :)people running in while we walked out..=)[...]

holidays~ (part1)


yeah.. holidays for quite some time le.. but dunno why life still seem as busy as always.. just that we are busy with different things.. activities, meeting-ups, tidying-up-of -rm, ... basically everything that we did not have the time to do during sch sem. din know there are so many of them. i was actually having problems finding some private time for myself. so even though it's holidays, i am still not getting enough sleep. 是累的!but maybe is play till too tired also. hmm haha. =Pkk let the pics do the talking ba.. hehe.. After we (me, yz and yuanyi) finished our exams(1 wk before all the rest! heehee =P) --- Ksong!!! then we baked cookies at night!! which appeared to be abit weird cuz all our neighbours hadn't finished their papers yet, so we were like baking cookies in the midst of the exam period haha. somemore we even brought laptop over to the pantry to watch movie while waiting for the cookies to be baked. and we actually baked until 3+am.. bwahahaha.. yea.. that was how much we baked that night.. more than this in fact, considering that we ate some n also put some in another smaller tupperware.. they look more like 'hae bia' than cookies, ya, cuz we put too much butter haha, but ya, is nice one lo~ hahaha.. =P anyway we din really sleep that night bcuz of the cookies.. after we cleaned up and bathed and stuff, it was almost morning le, and so we just get ready to go home sleep haha. kk, this is the end of part1.. hehe.. part2 --> NigHt CycLinG coming up soon!! ^^[...]





简简单单, 一起吃一餐








Finally Me!!


Hi all..noe hardly been contacting u guys..maybe im lazy or just my loner character what u all said, i changed alot!! i guess im so diff from u guys that u all maybe cant recognise me..haha..maybe i cant fit into this ba xian thing..sorry i was really out of the world..last time dun have internet so hard keep updated..i super stressed nowadays..with sch mostly..i dunno what is going on with my fact i dunno what im typing nw..haha..i guess i was kinda scared of u guys cos so long nv meet & considering how much everybody changed..i dunno what to talk..i think im depressed..i need help!!haha..i hate the ppl ard in sch..hai..nvm..i dunno what's my content..anw,all of ur life seems fun & nice..
~Fei (the way ppl call me nw) and Ah Feng (the way u all call me last time) maybe tts y i think i have split personality..hahahahaha...



Last night I had a very weird dream. It is so vivid that even after i wake up it still stays in my mind. I don't remember the entire thing but I remember bits and pieces of it.
The setting was a house, which i was sharing with a few other people (whom i forgotten who they were). Then the event that happened was that some guy who was apparently my friend (i don't remember who but he has dyed hair) barged into the house with his whole bunch of friends and told me he like me or something along these lines. It was during examination period, i think, then he barged in and told me that he can't study at all 'cuz he was thinking of me blah blah blah (ok ok i know it sounds gross...but it was what the dream was about). Then......i think we got together? for one day? then he sent me A LOT A LOT OF CHOCOLATES!!! chocolates of different shapes and sizes .. i remember them piling up my entire living room and there were even chocolates in rose shapes...

then he disappeared.
I don't have his number so i couldn't call him. I remember myself waiting for his call but he never called. Den i only remember fractions of wud happened after that...
something to do with people checking my house .. and like his mom turning up and dunno do wud... and like weird weird things....den i forgot whether in de end he came n look for me....

so weird.

hmm.. it's either i am in need of love
or i am in need of chocolates.

=ahqin= *stunned*

Nice Songs.


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Fell in love with this song :)
Da nan ren xiao nu hai by Lin Jun Jie

=ah qin=

A very very very KAWAIi~ little boy whom I was playing with when i was doing my community service :D



after reading duaji's and chyn's struck me to leave some of my thoughts here too...

it has been really long since i blogged...kinda miss blogging ...anyway, tappin on the issue that we talked about...i really feel that all of us have grown so much and so much...our mindset, the way we look at things, the way we judge a person, the way we talk, the way we dress, the way we interact and the way we think of each other...things just change inevitably around us without us noticing it...we need changes to grow...dun we??

i have changed too...i dunno how, perhaps in a better way or perhaps i worsen( haha , never been good anyway) but i changed ...dunno...

as time passes by, i realise the things i want in life is no longer what i wanted a year ago... changes ...

looking at the pple ard me( those in my school), i get tired of them sometimes...realising how 'fake' can pple be,how bias a person can become, how u can be treated as transparent or being ignored in life ( at times), u started to wonder how realistic the world can be...people are not truthful to each other...we can say hi this sem cos u are my classmate but they could treat u as a stranger next sem when u are not in the same class anymore ( even though i said hi to them)...then i started wondering what friendship is...

and then i started realising how important u all are to me...what true friends are...we might not meet often or maybe once a year( we might not say hi), but we will never forget each other...we have been through so many things,so many years...
back in nanyang...we used to study n talk rubbish,we used to ge kiang wanted to save cats and how we used to row boats in our own rooms and most importantly how we used to look like with the nice haircut...haha...we were so cute, leading such a nice and easy life ( which we tot it was 'hard')...and there are so much more...

i am really blessed to have u all in my life...we might not meet that often but we are always who we are in front of each other...nothing to hide cos u noe me so well...hope we could spend many many years ahead together...luv u all...thank you for being with me all these years...



HO ho ho. Christmas is coming. well soon anyways :D
I shall follow dua ji's footsteps and attempt to comment on this very "philosophical" issue.
I guess ever since we stepped out of Nanyang and part our ways, things have been changing, well at least on my part. Our hormones (well most of us) no longer interact with each other and our minds no longer connect as well as how they used to. Our chemistry have been fading day by day especially between those who doesn't see each other often. It is quite amazing that I am now typing on a blog where everyone (presumably) takes the time to drop by and read, and try to catch up bit by bit with each other. Most of the time i sit here trying to imagine how you gurls spend your time and enjoy yourselves back in singapore together -- and honestly i envy that a lot. It feels as if I have left the circle, lost the connection, and drifted apart. It is, nevertheless, inevitable. We all look forward to meeting each other and revise the fun moments we shared back in the past, yet when we get together, we feel that there is something missing. The person sitting next to you may not be the one you used to share your happiness, sadness, anger and even secrets with. You have spent so much time together in the past, yet you no longer understand the person in the present. And you feel like strangers. When that feeling strikes -- both sides feel the urge to avoid each other, as you don't really know what to say to each other. And you become strangers.
I really hope this does not happen, that when I go back and visit all of you we can still go crazy like our oldern days (walao as if we v old lidat)and talk to each other without restraint. Reunions are probably the best times to see how a person has grown, matured and aged :P, and comment on how dumb/stupid/spastic/cute the person was in the past.
In the future, even if you turn into a brilliant but scheming business woman (MUAHAHAH --> DUA JI!), or marry a prime minister, or become a nun, or finally decided that washing toilets is best for you, I am hopeful that we can still sit together at the same table and feel the warmth that we have once felt in the past.

OMG ---> i am so long winded!! hahaha..anyways, are you all mugging hard for exams? IF YOU ARE READING THIS BLOG MEANS YOU ARE PROCRASTINATING!! NOW GO N DO YOUR WORK!!*Takes out whip and whacks!*

Update about my life --> I am now doing research in an ophthalmology hospital (Eye Hospital). UNfortunately, I have been wasting an enormous amount of time waiting for the microscope to be fixED! 've been waiting for 3 blardi months and they tell me that it will FINALLY come back next week. *keep your fingers crossed for me* Other than that...nothing special...just realizing that I am becoming this DUDE's free labour (he treats me like his maid at the hospital) and I am absolutely unhappy about that! *grrrr* see how i get back to him *hMmph* I have playing Wii? facebooking? Msn-ing? not studying? stoning? watching LOADs of drama? cooking? baking cake?

OH OH OH OH OH .. anyone has any cake they feel like eating? I can try to learn how to make so nxt time i see you gurls hopefully i can make some for u~ (of course depend on how u treat me la!)

jia you and ALL DE BEST for ALL EXAMS! do not be distracted bcuz de hunk sitting next to you is veyr leng chai ok!

sampat corner


long time no cum our sampat corner bcum so serious???? like discussing sum let mi discuss sum philosphy here oso.......hee :p
anw, time change, ppl change.....this is an inevitable for truthful to ourselves, i reali dunno.....take me as an example, i believe that after so much thing has happened to my family, i have definitely changed.... cant turn back the clock n bcum the jiayan u noe one yr ago......impossible......even til nw, still reminiscing my the past, when i was in ny, stay wif huiling, then if we r free, go zebra room chit chat, watch is juz simple n innocent...however, nw time has changed.....everyone has gone to uni....all of u chose ntu but i chose a different path........a totally diff environement will produce really very different values...juz to be frank, i m bcuming more n more like those bai4 jin1 nu3 aka i love money...haha......nw, i look at branded stuff and i haf the strong urge to buy them(in the past, i dun)....i m juz afraid, in future when i step out to society, i will be a scheming woman (sounds not nice , shrewd may be a better word) juz to climb up the social ladder, tts how the world works i think....... anw, dun b so afraid when u all saw this, no matter wad, i willl sta truthful to u all,n u all will always be my bez frenz!!! i swear....

dua ji

TARGET 2008!!!!!



REDANG HERE WE COMe!!!!!!!!!!!!

heeheee had a discussion with weayer and we concluded that we shall STRIP DOWN to BIKINIs NEXT YEAR MID YEAR because I AM COMING BACK for TWO MONTHS!!!!!!!!
Let's all go redang next year mid year KAYS? ok ok ok ok ok ? I'm dying to go on a tour with you gurls so MUZ COME KAYS!!!!!!

motivation to LOSE WEIGHT --> for me lar.. thin pple can remain thin hahahaha... dun need to do boob job kays...

some more goodies from our ghost walk.. muahaha..


like the ghosts make-ups? here u r.. wahaha..yz say shud put up our ah hua's & ah jiao's photos, so here they are.. haha.. 2 heads made out of 1.. li hai leh.. wonder how we got the head? from my hairdresser aunty la.. u know hairdressers need this for practice one ma.. then the skin of the face can be peeled (along with the hair), so we stuffed newspaper inside the skin to make one head, then created hair for the skull of the original head.. hoho..[...]

miss those times..


photos of our senior camp & orientation camp... It has been more than 1 month le... but better late than never ya.. haha.. cuz suddenly have the urge to put photos up here and these are already the most recent photos i have with me :Plet's start with 1st day of senior camp.. our show--ghost walk!!preparation..some of our 'ghosts'! the make-ups were very funny on that night, cuz it wasn't the actual night.. still play play only.. hehe.. anyway somebody very sexy that night.. :Pgreat effect ya~gd acting..大合照 of the ghost actors & actresses, programmers, watchers, logistics and main comm..2nd day at chinese gardenthe programmers! ^^having a stupid competition of seeing whose bandana can stand the longest while waiting for MRT.. lolz..3rd day at Sentosa!!having no station to standby YeT, we went around taking photos......仿佛在仙境里。。哈哈having our own fun while the others are testing out games hehe..having our own fun still, at the beachthe STATION master's job is to station at his station~things people love to do at the beach.. haha.. ei?!haiyo.. mana boleh shit on the beach??!hiding under the shades.. ha..after being thrown into the water!!aiyo.. wat r they doing in the dark?!!sw n her sp(secret pal/partner) playing 7wonders! wat a nice pose! wahaha..actual camp: (not so many photos, cuz they focus more on freshies ma haha)programmers being boliao on 3rd day at src(in sch).. (1st 2 days no photo haha)the actual night with actual make-ups!! haa..programmers shiok sendiri on day4 at Fort Canning Park..back to Sentosa on 5th day! :) [MSA'07]programmers having sad lunch at one corner of the attempt in MRT.. not v gd thou.. ha..our very sad supper..that's about it.. the 精华s.. heh.. haiya spent so much time on this.. that's i dun put up photos often.. v mafan desu.. haha..- zebra -[...]



my dear gals, long time no c....tis blog a bit inactive sia, so i try to make it lively....
anw, juz finish 3 camps,.....nw stil v busy wif my NUS biz sch stuff.....v stressed sia....
anw, i juz ended my orientation week....i wan an wad reali an experience....coz is like at first all quite united, after sum time, the morale was down...coz this camp is voluntary so they cn leave n come at anytime...v diff to bond..but those who stay bonded real well.....yup......i like my og.....haha....
anw, during this camo, i spot a new eye candy....i tink he wil win tis yr pageant..haha....nice face + gd figure......he got 6 packs lor........wa lau...
our teng mei mei going US soon.....hope she enjoy her trip dere n find an angmoh bf dere...haha...


stress during exams...


heEx! let me show u some funny photos that are taken during our exams study week in my household!!!!me and my overly stressed housemates....enjoy~[...]



eLLo babes~ FINALLY! I am once revived again!! MUAhahahaha.. i just finished my was a blardi 4 day marathon of 4 papers which pretty much drove me crazy.. @.@ HOWEVER i managed to pull through and HOPEFULLY my grades aren't as bad as predicted :(

oOoo i like the new skin!! but i need to find out how we're to recover the chat boxx.. supposed ter find the email again.. or we can juz re-subscribe another one...

wud've i been doing.. let's see... buying food and present for my roomie..spend de whole day coOking for her (it's her bday u see...) then i've been to ikea to look at the bed frame that i wanted .. and bought some random stuff along the way ... ---> SHUCKS!i sound SO MUCH like a house wife.. OK i shall once again CLARIFY that i am so NOT going to becum a houes wife!!!!! NOOOoo

juz came back frm a post exam party that our med fac planning to go sydney for a week but that's 2 wks away..hmm wad shall i do in the hols? .. no idea.. *Sighs* i shall relaxxx... gosh really hope i can be with u all lo...

recently har..lemme see whether there are any interesting news...
just the same old ones about friends being extra flirtatious and once again i am amazed at the extend/speed/way that she manage to make a guy "quite interested" in her...*shakes head*... other than that har, i was being SO DUMB! cuz i was planing asurprise dinner for my hsmate, and i smsed HER the msg that i was planning to send to another hsmate without knowing.. DAMN so i spoiled the surprise..haha dumb dumb me...><

to jia: happy bday dear!! and so poor thing for pK-ing in front of the bus :P (i heard from the lil blue bird) .. but u good girl din cry! *pats on head and gives a warm hug*

to others: wah u all so happening har! made me damn jealous man~ hahaha.. now im free tooo!!!!

= i feel like going home =



zebra's past life woh~~

Your past life diagnosis:
I don't know how you feel about it, but you were female in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern West Australia around the year 875. Your profession was that of a teacher, mathematician or geologist.
Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Inquisitive, inventive, you liked to get to the very bottom of things and to rummage in books. Talent for drama, natural born actor.
The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
There is an invisible connection between the material and the spiritual world. Your lesson is to search, find and use this magical bridge.
Do you remember now?

hehe.. go play ba:

new skin!


haiyo.. skins r hard to find.. esp skins that can be put on this new beta blogger.. all those that i like dun have the correct html code fit for this new beta blogger.. so in the end.. this is the nicest one that i can find among all those with the correct html code ones.. CHOCS leh!!! hahaha.. not bad la hor :P but will continue to be on the lookout for skins cuz i think this one is abit dark? haha.. anw.. ermm.. the tagboard is gone.. sorry!! mel just left a note there then i made the tagboard disappear le!! paiseh paiseh.. dunno how to get it back le.. oOpPsS.. :p

kk.. have done a whole day of project, left hall at 0910, came back at 2310, surviving only on a mcd meal n a kong bak bao.. tired+hungry+dirty.. but i cooked myself a packet of curry mee with an egg after i bathed.. hehe.. wun starve myself to sleep dun worry.. :D.. then spent the whole night looking for skin.. tired le.. blog again nx time.. tata~~ :)


PS: hey.. u all can change the posting time n date by clicking on the "post options" which is just under where u all type ur posts one, know.. if not always appear weird timing leh..



oops, what is this picture about?? wrongly...its ok la...错就错到底吧。。。
aiyoh..why the same pose de???( in library studying together)

嘿,大家好吗?唉哟,我要说说我们家的慧琳啦。。。邓慧琳,你很忙吗?不对,你是很忙,但是君子说话不能言而无信啊。。。口口声声说要写故事,故事勒?真是的,害我不能红。。。我的黑鸡粥奇遇记2 登不了场。。。 故事啊,故事,你就等等吧。。。难为你了。。。



dun worry ppl, the person who 失恋 is not me.... dua ji haven even got a bf yet.......
the person who 失恋 is actually one of my bez fren i jc...pity gal...... the guy juz say he dun love her anymore, then juz break like tt.....
ok, tis is other ppl private matter, so i shall not tok more abt this.....but anw, when i went out wif her today go k box, though she look ok, but when she sing song ar, the song called wo huai nian de by sun yan zi, she suddenly burst into cries..... haiya.... i c liao oso feel v xin tong for her........hurtful.......for her, n for me too....
mayb u all tink tt i m a bit too emotionful (erm, is tt such a word~~~) but is true....tis is the first time i'm experiencing tis.....when ur fren is hurt, u feel furt at the same time....TTS FRIENDS!!!! juz to say, my frenz out dere, if u r hurt by any men(erm, sound awkward) or any person or any event, friends r always dere to share (no matter is joy or sorrow). DUA JI is always here..... I noe how u all haf shared my burden in the past, here to thank u all.... hee :p
anw, dun b discouraged by my words......coz sound a bit sad..........




hey hey,

how is everyone??i am stuck in school cos i took up extra semester since i tot i wont be having any other thing....who noes...dun get cheated by the phrase " not applicable" in the examination column...initially i thot , wow, thats great since there is no exam for this subject, so i should take up the course...
so, i took it up and OMG there are quizzes every lesson...i nearly fainted and now comes the project...i feel like a fool cos i practically know nothing...everyone seems to know the world, of course except me!! i feel as if i were a complete fool...if i noe from the start that it will be like this...i wont have chosen it....~sob~sob~
oh ya, forgot to mention that we really enjoyed like hell after the exam...really...and things are happening well here....FLOWER is blossoming...wahahaha....wan the full story?!! wait patiently till i post a voice recording up....i promise, i will do that right after the submission of my project...:P

The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants


Hey gurls! Wassup~?

heard from Dua Ji that u gurls hv juz finished ur exams and a LONG 3 MONTHS holiday is COMING! or rather.. is already here~ so wud's up for the holidays? any EXCITING plans?
anyways i'm having a test tml and exams are coming in like 4 wks time so yup.. enjoy ur hols peeps while i squat in a corner busy mugging away... *sadness*

AnYwayS..i just finished watchin a movie called "The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants" (well, yes i know i'm supposed to be studying right now i mean like NOW but heeEx.. a lil procrastination wun do much diff to my already-pretty-screwed-up-test). Although being a chick flic and all (well my housemate-- a guy -- claims that it's one of the most chick flick films he's ever seen), i really liked the movie! Hmm let me give u gurls a lil short summary abt wud it is abt. It's abt this pair of pants that magically fits all 4 of them (obv they are of different sizes) and that different things happened to them over a summer break which brought them closer to each other after the break -- in other words, it's about friendship!!!! After watching the movie, guess wad, it made me think of u gurls. Perhaps this film may even appeal more to u gurls cuz u're like right next to each other most of the time and giving each other support whenever things happen, while i'm like stranded far away from all of u in some large island... nevertheless, it's really a nice nice movie and if any of u manage to get hold of it, WATCH IT TOGETHER!!!!

Really misses the times we spent together no matter wad happened in the past. The thought keeps me going at times.

ANYWAYS, i'll update u all about my bday celebrations in melbourne (if u're interested that is) after i finish my tests and get hold of a PROPER INTERNET CONNECTION (mine's like dead..). Just a preview.. i got thrown into the sea repeatedly and got burried under the sand...and i so did not see all these coming...


stay happy.
and miss me.




Hey yo~~
just wanna share a nice song with u's from the movie "musics and lyrics"
hope u all like it~~
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YO~~~I'm 20 alr!! Muahahaha~~


Yo yo yo everybody, it's me!! Ah Weay here!! today finally blog le coz have to dedicate this blog to all of you who had made my day!! Millions of hugss and kissess..muackz~~

I had my first ever WATERMELON CAKE!! haha..Ah-Bra got the idea of buying me a watermelon for me to cut!! Hee..then at nite we went to BUGIS n ate 重庆正宗老火锅王 n 记得吃 to eat steamboat n dessert to celebrate mine n ah yah's bday..YUMMY!!

Haha..had fun toking crap though it seems like we neva get any mature as the time passes..Buahaha..THX U ALL!!Will live my 20s life meaningfully!!