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One Wine Per Week

Wine in moderation: just one per week!

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Underground Cellar


I received an e-mail to my blog address from Brian at Underground Cellar asking if I'd be willing to share the latest news about his venture with my readers.   First of all I had to take a look at their web site to learn what they were about since I was not familiar with them. After doing some reading, as well as signing up on their site, I think it is a worthwhile site to write about. Note

power outage


The other day a planned power outage notification came in the mail from Southern California Edison.  Naturally the first thing I thought about was how this would affect the wines I keep in my three little wine coolers, especially given the hot summer we've had here in Southern California.  The outage was scheduled for tomorrow - September 17th, from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. Today when I got home

more on points


The other day I wrote about wine ratings and the point scale. Today I ran across a nice example of how subjective the whole thing is.  Here is what someone in Cellar Tracker had to say about the 2010 Tablas Creek Esprit de Beaucastel (I X'd out the person's moniker): 9/14/2014 - xxxxxx WROTE: 90 points Didn't seem to age well. OK, but nothing special So a wine that is merely "OK, but



Last night my brother in law brought a bottle of 2012 Melville Syrah, Verna's Vineyard to a family dinner.  Despite the less-than-ideal glasses, I thought it was a very good wine.  Giving it a slight swirl (as much as could be expected given the tiny glasses) and sniff, my nose was hit with the aromas of bacon fat. Lots of it.   I asked my wife what she thought it smelled like.   "It smells

changing direction, part three


In part two, I mentioned I had made a list of wineries to check out from ones mentioned in Jon Bonne's book, The New California Wine.  Some of the producers made wine available to purchase only to those on their mailing list, and many of those had wines available by allocation only, at certain times of the year.  I put my name in on several of these mailing lists; for some, I had no real clue

the point spread


Do you use some sort of rating system or scale to score the wines that you have tasted?  Like for example, a 100 point scale like Robert Parker and others use, or maybe a 10 point or 5 point scale, or letter grades or just something like Outstanding, Excellent, Very Good, etc.  Much has been written about the utility of a 100 point scale - such as, how can you really define a difference between

changing direction, part two


In my last post I mentioned how the gift of some very nice bottles of wine from my son and daughter in law influenced me to up my own wine budget.  Around that same time, I received an e-mail from Tablas Creek Vineyards announcing the they had recently inaugurated a couple of new wine club options, that of red only and white only.  Several years ago I belonged to their wine club but canceled.  

changing direction, part one


My son got married in June, and he and his bride honeymooned up in Napa Valley. They had an enjoyable as well as educational time which seems to have started them on the path of starting a small collection.   I saw them when they returned and they gave me three bottles purchased during their journey. I was familiar with two of the wineries but had never heard of the third one.  I thanked them

hawking wine at Costco


A short while ago I was perusing the wine section at the Costco in Westlake Village.  We were returning from a short and much appreciated vacation and I wanted to check out the wine selection since it was right off the freeway.  A wine rep approached me as I was looking at the various bottles and told me about how wonderful the Goyette 2011 Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon was.  A magnificent



Short post today.  I use Cellartracker for looking up consumer tasting notes for various wines and wineries. I've noticed that the word "salinity" seems to crop up quite frequently these days. I don't recall its usage being that prevalent before, but now, lots of folks are using it.  My observation is that certain terms or descriptors go viral in the world of tasting notes. Salinity is one of

Another New Arrival - Wine Enthusiast 24 Bottle Wine Cooler


Back on July 5, my post was about a 16 bottle Wine Enthusiast brand wine cooler (model 272-03-16A) I'd just purchased from Costco.  So far so good with that one - I have it set for 55 degrees and the separate thermometer I use for an independent measurement is pretty much always in the range of 54.1 - 54.5 degrees, with 54.3 being the most common reading.  Since then I've added my 3rd wine

Wowzer Pinot Noir from Toretti's Family Vineyard


During a short vacation up north we visited several Costcos along the way.  I spied the object of today's review at their Santa Maria location and thought about buying it but passed. After we left, even though I'd never heard of Toretti's Family Vineyard, I kept thinking I should have bought it because it seemed interesting.  Don't ask me why some wines look more interesting than others; they



In my last post I mentioned how some of the wine-related links on my blog were out of date. Just now I went and cleaned them up so what you saw in this blog yesterday ain't what you are seeing now. Over half of the links were deleted. A couple of them changed URL's so I updated those. I am glad to see that El Jefe of Twisted Oak is still writing his twisted blog posts albeit at a different web

more conscientious


As I have said before, and those of you who visit this blog regularly know, I tend to post sporadically. In bursts.  In the beginning I was on fire, posting left and right but then I ran out of ideas and got stale. Then I slacked off and didn't post for long periods of time, even over a year.  Just recently after another prolonged bout of apathy I started posting again and I'm gonna give it the

coffee filters for wine?


With my standard practice of splitting a 750 ml bottle of wine into four equal parts to drink on four successive days or evenings, I never take the time to decant anything. Some bottles throw a sediment, which I carefully try not to make a part of the liquid I pour into the three 187 ml bottles for later, or the wine glass for the day. I've wondered what the effect would be of using a coffee

some short stemware


Actually the title of this blog post is misleading but don't sue me.  It's really not stemware.  It's short, but there's no stem - which is the main reason why it is short. Normally I don't like to drink wine out of a glass that has no stem.  This latest trend towards stemless glasses is not popular with me. Nevertheless, I ended up buying a couple of stemless glasses recently.  I couldn't

really tall stemware


During a recent vacation, my wife and I stopped at a Ross Dress For Less store in Santa Barbara. I'm not big on clothes so while she perused the racks in the women's department, I did what I always do when at Ross - perused the home goods section. Every time we go, I have hopes of finding some nice wine glasses, and every time I am disappointed because all they have are Libby-like thick-walled

Vissani Wine Cooler - Update


Yesterday's blog was about a 16 bottle wine cooler under the Wine Enthusiast brand that I recently purchased. The blog title was, "Another wine cooler." That may have given the impression that I no longer have the Vissani unit that I wrote about a couple of years ago (click here for the review), but that's not the case. The new one is in addition to the Vissani.  By the way, my apologies for

New Arrival - Wine Enthusiast 16 Bottle Wine Cooler


A few weeks ago I purchased a small wine cooler, the Wine Enthusiast model 272-03-16-A.  Here's a picture of it: That's not my kitchen counter, that's the picture from the Costco product page. I taped aluminum foil over the door glass because I want no light at all shining on the juice inside. I was worried that perhaps the inside light might accidentally turn on but when the room is dark you



Well here I am, back again after another typical extended absence. When I first started this blog, I had all kinds of ideas about stuff and was eager to put them in writing and share. Then I started running out of ideas and got burned out and started forcing myself to come up with stuff which, in hindsight and even at the time I wrote it, wasn't all that good. I still think I came up with some

2011 Kirkland Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley


I paid $12.99 for this bottle of Kirkland Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley, 2011 vintage. Here's my impressions: Color-wise it was just a bit dark for the varietal.  Aroma-wise, it had a Pinot Noir character but it wasn't obvious.  That is, you wouldn't swirl and sniff and immediately know what grape was in the glass. On the palate the wine was nicely fruity with smooth tannins and

rieslings and grammar


I use Grammarly's plagiarism checker online because my memory is so bad I have to make sure I'm not repeating something I wrote in this blog even a few days ago! Okay, so you are wondering what's up with that first sentence and what does it have to do with wine. I'll tell you, but first I'll just tell you about a recent experience drinking a couple of Rieslings.  First one was from Navarro

2009 Villa Antinori Toscana


I'd see this wine in the bin at Costco every week and finally I decided to put one in my cart. It was $13.99. The Toscana was a nice dark purple color.  Aromas were initially pretty muted, of earthy berries. I took a sip and the first impression was of a rather thin wine, more earth and minerals and stingy with the fruit, with a tannic bite. I thought maybe it needs some air. It did need some

2011 Alexander Valley Vineyards Chardonnay, Sonoma County


Picked this one up at Costco not too long ago for $11.99.  They still have it in stock. It's a nice clear light yellow gold color.  Not much in the way of aromas, mainly a nutty charcter with some fruit underneath. In the mouth the first impression was of zingy acidity, the degree approaching that of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. That gave way to tastes of wood, lemon meringue, Squirt soda and

2012 Navarro Vineyards Rose - Mendocino


This coral-colored wine is 92% Grenache and 8% Carignan.  It retails for $16.50 and is available only via winery direct.  I received it as part of the pre-release program to which I subscribe.  Through the program I get two shipments of six bottles of assorted wines each June and November at a nice discount off the retail price. What I like about Navarro wines are their consistent quality and