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Test 1 2 3


Testing post lol

After School and 2NE1


lately i've been listening alot to korean music and these 2 girl groups have been driving me mad lol XD


After School - Diva
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2NE1 - Fire
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My Future... my present... my past...


I'll be graduating soon in July 09... what am I going to do after that? Stay on and work in the UK? go back to Malaysia? visit Japan? sigh... I don't feel like I wanna think about it... Why can't we stay young forever? lol

The plans I have after i graduate is to stay on in the UK till my student visa finishes in September. During that time I guess I'll move down to Manchester or Leeds and maybe work part-time while trying to secure a full time job. Looking at the fact that the world is suffering from credit crunch and economy downfall at the moment...what are my chances? I'll just have to keep on praying that things will turn out for the better :)

Right now, all that's left to do is to study, assignments, study, assignments, and the list goes on... Its hard to imagine that I arrived in the UK not long ago and I'm already at the end of my degree course! It's even harded to imagine that I've left highschool about 6 years ago... roflmao time passes so quickly it's scary!

I miss my family and friends back home so much I'm beginning to doubt my choice of coming to the UK. Anyway, putting regret aside, I'm really thankful on the other hand that I'm given this opportunity to study here. Ironic as it seems, I like and hate this place at the same time lol.

My time in UK has been filled with lots of drama and emotions. Staying with other housemates, working together as coursemates, stuff like that I can admit is not really something I'm good at. It's because we stay together and see each other everyday that we begin to take each other for granted. I'm not pointing fingers but here I admit that I for one, am like that. There are times I just want to stay in my room and isolate myself. Here I have also learned that it's not easy living alone far away from your family. In times like these, friends are really important. Again, it's not easy to please everybody, there are times I try my best to please people and in return I end up hurting and making others angry at me. I'll just like to apologise if I've pissed anyone off. XD

Ah...moving on to my past... I thought that leaving Malaysia and coming over to the UK to start anew would relieve me of the memories. I was wrong... they continue to haunt me even when I'm far away from where it all started and ended. Will I ever forget you? Will I ever be able to let you go?

Manchester 13th to 15th April 2009


Finally!FINALLY!yes... finally I'm about to visit Old Trafford, a place I've only see on the telly since I was a Man Utd fan. Come to think of it, I still pinch myself when I think about the fact that I've visited the Theater of Dreams! hmm okok enough about that, lol XDHaving Easter holidays at the moment for 3 weeks...argh...assignments and a final project write up thats dued on the 1st of of May! anyways, albeit the fact that I'm stressed up over work, I've managed to slot in a Manchester trip somewhere in between the holidays :DWell, thanks to a childhood friend of mine Nicholas, I've decided to take time off studying and visit him down in Manchester. Took the bus at 11.45pm and stopped by Leeds. Tried to look up Jason but he was busy and I guess it was because I called him really last minute lol. Anyways, arrived later in Manchester at about 4.30pm and met good ol' Nick at the bus terminal. He told me we were gonna have Korean dinner that night and coincidently, I've been really into K-pop music lately..hmm XDWalked abit around the city center, Manchester really is an awesome city... again I'm comparing it to little Sunderland *tsk tsk* Met up with 3 new friends at the Korean restaurant "Koreana" lol. Joyce, Wendy, and the last girl I can't quite recall what her name was... Wen Yi, Wen Yee sorry! XDDinner was awesome as I had a beef bimbim bab :D Got home to Nick's student apartment around 9 to 10pm. Gosh it's so different from my place, I wont post any picture just to respect his privacy lol. =D Spent the night chit-chatting, dota-ing, and reminiscing bout the good times. Seriously Nick has never changed since we left elementary school... same jolly ol' Nick lol.Woke up really early the next day to catch a bus to Old trafford... I woke up at like freakin' 7.30am! I've never gotten up earlier than 8am since like forever, anyways arrived in Old Trafford and I was left speechless in amazement and awe. The stadium is so majestic, it emits some kinda aura that leaves you rooted to your feet and only able to stare at it... okok I know thats alittle exaggerated but that's how I felt! XDWe got our little stadium tour tickets and moved on into the stadium museum to get ready for the 9.40am tour. The tour guide arrived not long after that and started taking us around the stadium grounds. The tour started at one of the stands and there he briefed us on Manchester United's early history and a little on how Old Trafford was built. We later moved on to places like the stands for the disabled, the dugout, player changing rooms, and to the side of the pitch. Everything felt like a dream as I was touring around the stadium... I mean like, Ronaldo, Rooney, Giggs, Scholes actually change in this room bla bla, had refreshments in the other bla bla, walked down this very same tunnel bla bla XDThe tour ended about an hour later and we were left with our own time at the megastore and the museum. Without wasting much time, I moved on to the museum and I was smiling to myself the whole time! Manchester United memorilibias! Boots, jerseys, trophies, you name them, they've got them all the way from when the club was formed to the present day. Awards and sections dedicated to outstanding players were all on display. It was like walking down a time tunnel as I went from floor to floor exploring and reliving Manchester United's glorious past and present.Lots of photos can be found in my facebook :DAfter Old Trafford, we went for lunch at a 2 michelin star restaurant, Michael Caines. The food was awesome as expected from a reknowned chef! I'm not really a food blogger so I'll just keep the taste to myself lol. Spent some time at the restaurant chit-chatting before going to Trafford Center, a shopping mall that looks really like KL's 1 Utama. Lots of crazy shit branded stuff here and I got myself an t-shirt here just to remind myself that I was in Manchester :pHad dinner at TGIF and it was hilarious... Nick ordered some drink and it was tasteless. He told the waitr[...]

Happy New Year 2009!


hmmm, its been very very very very long since i've posted anything in this blog...damn lazy already lol, anyways... ~HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009~ In a blink of an eye, another year has passed and I'm already in UK for 4 months. I'm beginning to doubt my decision for coming over to UK...everybody seems to be having fun back in Malaysia. Sigh, my first Xmas and New Year away from home. So how did I celebrate my Xmas 08? I went down to Leeds to celebrate it with Jason and Wan Ling! I always feel good to meet up with any highschool friend whenever I have the time. Chatting about nonsense or how much we miss our highschool days always makes me feel so much at home.20/12/08 -Woke up at 5.30am to catch a bus to Leeds with 3 other friends, Darrell, Kevin, and Zhen Hui. Our bus was scheduled at 7am. Arrived in Leeds about 3 hrs later. Spent the 1st day at Jason's place and looking around Leeds city center before heading off to the German Market to see Wan Ling and Wan Yee work :D (pictures can be found in my facebook). Thanks alot guys for the free meals lol. 21/12/08 -Went to London by bus at around 7am. I forgot what time we arrived in London's Victoria Station but it should be around 11am. We were amazed at London and comparing it to Sunderland, I wished I was studying in London instead. Beautiful buildings, and life lol. Took the tube to embankment station via circle line and later on arriving at our hostel in Waterloo. Quite a nice place to stay and well worth the price considering the fact that we have to share rooms with strangers. Breakfast too was provided. Later on we went to meet up with Zhen Hui's cousin in Chinatown and she treated us to dimsum! Thanks alot Zhen Hui's cousin! XD After the amazing lunch, she brought us to SOHO, a street/area that has lots and lots of sex shops lol. Anything genre can be found in the shops such as LGBT, fat chicks, etc etc, you name it, they have it. Took some kinky pictures and later on we moved on to have some Frech pastry. Again we were treated by his cousin. Thanks again :DAfter that tasty treat, ZH's cousin went off and left us to wander around London armed with nothing but a map and a daily tube pass which was more than enough to get around the busy capital. First off we headed to Trafalgar Square and the fact that its winter, we had to rush as dusk will fall by 4-5pm. Took lots of great pictures and later on rushed to Buckingham palace only to know that we can't see anything as it was too dark. Decided to return the next day instead to see those guards lol. After many photo sessions, we left for Picadilly Circus to witness London's night life. We went on to experience Ripley's Believe it or Not and to no regrets, it was fun. Saw many weird stuff that Mr. Ripley once travelled around the world in search for. After that, we went back to the hostel and retired for the day.22/12/08 -Tower of London!!! Finally it was time to visit London's great tourist attraction but before that we had many sights to see in the agenda. In 1 day, we went to Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace (again) but the change of guards was scheduled the next day so we decided to return for the 3rd time. Took a tube to Tower Hill where the Tower of London is located. Spent almost the whole day there as there were too many things to see and worst of all, we had to walk the entire time. Nonetheless, it was great to experience life in the middle ages, and how prisoners, kings, and people lived behind those great castle walls. Met up with my highschool junior Adrian for dinner at Holburn. Had Hainanese chicken rice for dinner. Thanks for the time Adrian! Keep in touch yea. 23/12/08 -Finally, the day which focused on nothing but shopping, and shopping alone =DBefore that, we checked out of our hostel and later on we visited Buckingham Palace 1 more time and this time we were a little late but we managed to catch a glimpse of the reknowned "Change of Guards" routine. Took many photos and late[...]

Tohoshinki - どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?


Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou lyrics

Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Koko ni iru to, omotteta no ni
Demo kimi ga eranda no wa chigau michi

Doushite kimi ni nani mo tsutaerarenakattan darou?
Mainichi maiban tsunotteku omoi
Afuredasu kotoba, wakatteta no ni (mou todokanai)

Hajimete deatta, sono hi kara
Kimi wo shitteita ki ga shitan da
Amari ni shizen ni tokende shimatta futari
Doko e iku no ni mo issho de
Kimi ga iru koto ga touzen de
Bokura wa futari otona ni natte kita
Demo kimi ga eranda no wa chigau michi

Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Koko ni iru to, omotteta no ni (mou kanawanai)

Tokubetsu na imi wo motsu kyou wo
Shiawase kao de tatsu kyou wo
Kirei na sugata de kami sama ni chikatteru, kimi wo

Boku ja nai hito no tonari de
Shukufuku sareteru sugata wo
Boku wa dou yatte miokureba ii no darou?

Mou doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Ano koro mo, bokura no koto, mou moderenai (kangaeta) modorenai (kangaeta)

Doushite kimi no te wo tsukami ubaenakattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Boku no yoko ni, iru hazu datta (sono mama nii)
Sore demo kimi ga boku no soba nara to itte mo

Eien ni kimi ga shiawase de iru koto
Tada negatteru
Tatoe sore ga donna ni sabishikutemo (setsunakutemo)


Why have I fallen for you?
No matter how much time passes,
I thought that you would always be here
But you chose a different road

Why wasn't I able to convey to you?
My feelings that were growing everyday and night
The words begin to overflow
But I know they won't reach you now

From the first day that I met you
I felt like I knew you
And the two of us melted together so naturally

Wherever we would go, it would be together
It was so natural for you to be with me
We became adults together
But you chose a different road

Why have I fallen for you?
No matter how much time passes,
I thought that you would always be here (but not anymore)

For the day that holds a special meaning
For the day where we can stand with happy faces
For you looking beautiful while praying to god

Next to the person who is not me
There is the figure of someone truly blessed
So how am I supposed to see you off?

So why have I fallen for you?
We can't go back to that time, or how we were (I've thought it through)

Why wasn't I able to take your hand?
No matter how much time passes
You were supposed to be at my side (just like that)

But, even though I say that I need you close to me
I just pray that you will be happy forever
No matter how lonely that makes me (or how sad)

Back in Action~ XD

2008-10-16T14:22:21.403+01:00's been so long since i've blogged hehe. In case you're all wondering, UK is great! But the only problem is the currency which I'm still not used to.

Life has been good to me over the weeks, through time I've learned how to cook, how to "really" take care of myself and stuff like that. Thanks alot to Choo and Suh Yi for "taking care" of me the first few weeks. Here, I've learned the meaning of true friendship and I'd like to thank my "brothers" for being there for me in times of need and trouble... cheers XD

Well, the place I'm staying is pretty nice...the only problem is the internet line which sucks so bad I've learned to live without the internet. (I'm actually blogging in the library now lol).

Lectures and lab sessions are pretty much the same as it was in Sedaya only that the lecturers here in Sunderland seem to know more than what they teach. This sem I'm taking 4 modules which are Biotechnology final project, Medical Microbiology, Immunology and *drumroll* Japanese language! Finally I have the chance to take my favorite language for free hehe. Btw, the Japanese language lecturer is pretty funny and cute lol.

Food? hmm... the first few days all we had to eat were pasta, pasta, pasta, and pasta. Over the next few days we progressed to eating bread and now finally, we have rice to eat. We had to go through some trouble buying the ingredients because normally our mothers were the ones doing it. Picking fresh vegetables, meat that were on sale, etc etc is pretty fun. When it comes to cooking, it's very much the same as preparing a science experiment. A little dose of this and that and there you have it, a cooked meal XD

Oh, I was in Newcastle about 2 weeks ago, and it's so much different from Sunderland. It's a very beautiful city and not to mention, St James Park was the first BPL stadium I've visited since I've arrived in the UK. Took lots of pictures and they can be seen in my facebook profile.

Hopefully during the 3 week Xmas holidays I'll be able to visit other major cities in England and not to mention, the awesome stadiums! Old Trafford, Anfield, Emirates, to name a few.

As I was saying earlier, life here is great. Looking forward to each coming day and being thankful for each day that has passed.

To all you people back home in Malaysia, I miss you guys! :D

Finally Arrived in England~


Arrived yesterday (20th Sept) in Newcastle Internation Airport about 12.15pm (local UK time) from Dubai.

The weather's great but the winds can get really chilly at times. Waited for the Uni of Sunderland bus to pick us up from the airport. The place looks great, vast landscapes, little shop-like looking houses along the roads, and lots of green trees. Arrived Sunderland about 3pm and then went on to collect our room keys. I'll post some pics after I've uploaded them and update this post to more detail. Met up with Jason and Wan Ling.

Jason is staying over at my place for 2 days, Wan Ling will be staying at her sis' place for a couple of days. Lots of stuff to catch up on with them hehe. Had dinner with everyone last night at a bar called Lambton's. It was so happening with em Brits drinking and celebrating Sunderland's victory over Middlesborough. Dinner was great, and the beer made me feel so relaxed after a very long journey on the plane.

Went back home about 10pm and then met some cool Irish peeps, a Greek, and a guy from Manchester. Really friendly people lol.

Well, gotta run off now...will update much later.


Back in KL (again)


Well, I'm back in KL again. Will be loitering here before I go to UK on the 20th of Sept (gosh, that's only like 2-3 days away o_o" )

Was worried that my luggage would be overweight but luckily it was only 22.6kg at KKIA. That means I still have plenty of space to add stuff before going to UK. Will also be doing some last minute shopping in KL to get stuff like extension wires/adaptors, a pair of formal leather shoes, some instant noodles, and some toiletries. Damn, I hate shopping...

Went out with JS, BP, LB, and ZH earlier just now to Asia Cafe and then chilled at ZH's place for sometime just to talk and play ps2. Never knew playing PES2008 with a group of friends would be so fun. Will really miss you guys when I go to UK but hey, that's what the internet is for~ Keep in touch guys!

Gensokyouku ~Eternal Silence~


Lately I've been really addicted to this song "Gensokyouku ~Eternal Silence~" by the Visual Kei band Phantasmagoria. The song is auto-played in my blog. However I will embed the video here for you all to enjoy :)

Lyrics (Translated)

Beyond that hill, a stone paved street rises up
like the sun and your favorite piano notes,
The common daily incidents are lodged in these notes forever
An umbrella weeps, the day is filled with the moon,
the reason of the day that we met by chance

You are alive, Let me hear your pulse and the flowing of your blood~


I wish heaven, I want to meet you
I'm eternally walking through thse ordinary days
I wish heaven, I want to meet you
Let me be the way I am at time's whereabouts~

Alone, I approached the moonlit road
where I recall you and the piano notes I heard.
I don't need anyone's voice.
I wonder if I will still get to heart those notes now.

Moving past memories, I see you as if its the day we first met.
You are alive. Let me hear your pulse and the flowing of your blood~

I wish heaven, I want to meet you
Its too cold, too quiet.
I wish heaven, I want to meet you
Time's door won't open, neither will your eyes.

Will there be silence for eternity? Can my wish be granted?
I won't say goodbye even if I can't meet you right away~

I wish heaven, because if the time comes... I can see you anytime
I wish heave, I came to meet you...

I will look at that flower

until that day comes...

(object) (embed)

F**k Motorcycles


Was on my way this morning to get Kelvin when some dumb ass motorcyclist rammed into my rear bumper causing a very bad dent. Not only that, the guy just took off after that after doing some gestures (as though he had a heart attack). Marcel was in the car when this happened and we were both stunned on the spot after what happened. I've never really liked motorcycles on the road especially during my last 3 years in KL. Now that this has happened to me in KK, I am officially anti-motorcycle mode now.

Repairs would cause me almost to RM400 just for an accident which I did not initiate. How could this happen? I was on the right lane signalling to cut into the middle lane and that bike was behind me. He was looking behind to see if there were any cars before accelerating and picking up momentum to go into the middle lane. There I was innocently in front of him and my car wasnt even moving nor did I do any emergancy brake but the fella rammed straight into my rear. I mean, how can you accelerate at a quick speed while looking only behind and not what's in front? Amazing...was my engine too quiet? was my car in stealth mode? how could he have not see me?

Right now I don't even feel like doing any driving anymore. What's the point if I'm being careful on the road while others are not? Well, to sum it up... I'll just blame my luck and the fact that my engine is too quiet.

F**king motorcycles



Versailles is a Japanese rock band formed in 2007. It is comprised of several notable figures in the visual kei scene.

Kamijo – vocals
Hizaki – guitar
Teru – guitar
Jasmine You – bass guitar
Yuki – drums


Vocalist - Kamijo


Guitarist - Hizaki


Guitarist - Teru


Bassist - Jasmine You


Drums - Yuki

(object) (embed)

yes...Hizaki, Teru, and Jasmine are all guys lol, crossdress ftw

Visual Kei J-rock Crossdress


we were surfing for some visual kei bands(Malice Mizer, GazettE, Alice Nine, Lolita23q, Ayabie, Dir En Grey, etc etc) when we stumbled onto this...

(object) (embed)

Death Race



went to watch this movie with Jeremy, Kelvin, and Mars at Cathay. Based on ratings on the net, we decided to watch this and hoping that it would not be a let-down such as The Mummy. Well, we got our money's worth! XD

This movie is simply amazing. The racing is realistic, the fighting/battle scenes are jaw-dropping, the girls are hot, and there are lots and lots of blood/violence. A really action-packed movie that can keep you glued to your seats for the entire length of the show. The plot proceeds at just the right pace and no unneccessary parts were seen at all in the movie.


A race/battle scene

But the thumbs up from me will be Jason Statham's amazing acting and of course...the hot (she's really hot) and beautiful Natalie Martinez. I'd personally rate this movie a 5/5.


Jason Statham as "Jensen Ames"


Natalie Martinez as "Case"


Natalie Martinez FTW :p

Our Journey


This song was introduced to me by Samantha, "Our Journey" performed by J-pop artist Melody. The lyrics really touched me and here I want to share with you all.

Our Journey

I've seen you before
In the back of my memory
I looked in your eyes
And felt the truth in me

You're finally here
Been waiting so long
You took my hand
And told me to believe

Now I know that you are the answers to my prayers and
You are my warmth and my strength, I'm not afraid now
Time will soon embrace our bound destiny
I'll spread my wings and fly to where I belong
This is our journey

You picked me up
From the shadows of pain
How was I to know
That I would love again

So I know that often our minds maybe misleading
But my heart is not willing to stop, I feel it burning
Time will soon embrace our bound destiny
I'll spread my wings and fly to where I belong

It hurts to be untrue
To what I've gained through you
I cannot live forever
I know that I belong to only you...

So I know that often our minds maybe misleading
But my heart is not willing to stop. I feel it burning
Time will soon embrace our bound destiny
Unfold my wings and I'm flying to you...

Now I know that you are the answers to my prayers and
You are my warmth and my strength, I'm not afraid now
Time will soon embrace our bound destiny
So spread my wings and I'm flying to you,
Cause I know that where I belong is with you,
And my heart will flourish on moments that I'm...
With you.

Guga Kell Ly


A random post about my good friend guga kell ly. I call her guga because that's the name of her "favorite" lecturer. She's a crazy, lame, and random person. Loves to tease and disturb me. She gets high when I do the =.= emoticon (god knows why). Was chatting with her just now and she was complaining about having dark circle/eye bags, bruised legs, and rashes on her skin. She blames the exams for these symptoms.

I shall now present to you a picture of guga kell ly drawn by me:


Momok Lady

She then drew a picture of me:



p/s: it's an inside joke but the reason i posted this is just to show how "wu liao" she can be.

Lunch + Shaolin Girl + Burger King


Finally got to go out today. Jeremy picked me up from my place around noon and we went over to Marcel's place to get him. But the lame ass was in his room and his phone wasn't on. We tried to spam phonecalls, the car horn, and the doorbell but there was no response. Jer decided to just have lunch without him while waiting for his call. Supposed to go to Lintas for Sang Nyuk Mien but Jer was on the wrong lane so at the end we had to eat at Foh Sang.Gay Mars called about an hour later so we went to get him and headed off to CPS. Spent some time at Fun Square. Jer was busy playing some DJ and drum game while Mars and I were setting eyes on this sniper game lol. We even tried this game that uses a camera. The idea is to snap a picture from a moving clip. Not as easy as it looks... Later on headed to Growball to watch Shaolin Girl. It's basically a Japanese film that's similar to Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle. Well, that was what we was different...way different. It sucked that we all gave it a 1/5 rating. The 1 is only for the fact that there were cute Japanese University girls haha. I'd personally give it 2/5 because one of my favorite Japanese actress is starring in it, Kou Shibasaki. No doubt there still were comedic scenes but the movie still sucked. Not only that, the Growball cinema seems worst than before. Weird odour, chairs that sink in, damn... Mars: "I'm gay"Watcha' doing Mars? Fu-yoh...Voyeur Jer in actionA closer view of what he was snappingLater on walked around CPS for awhile. Amazing, the whole mall is so hot and filled with 'fan chung's. Decided to evacuate the place asap and headed over to Damai's Burger King for dinner. Is it me or the prices in Burger King are f**kin expensive? Anyway Jer ordered this set that comes with a Soya Bean packet drink. What a weird combination... the thing was that he thought it was ice lemon tea lol. Talked cock as usual and then headed home.Burger + Soya Bean = absolute no-noMars' signature poseI'll just post some pics from one of other outings earlier this week. Went to KFC for dinner and watched The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Another disappointing movie tsk tsk. To end the day, we stayed up at Mars' place till 2.30am just to talk cock lol.Finger Lickin' Good (sounds naughty hmmm) Cheesy Wedges (don't get the wrong idea)Jer carefully going through his chicken Shot of the day: Mars' in action[...]

Happy For You~


After that yim cha session, I've really never seen you so happy before. You've made the right choice. It's exactly like what people say: "if you really love a person, you will be happy just by seeing that person happy."

I really feel happy for you.

I wish you all the best in the future.

Till we meet again...

1 more month to go...


I never thought that 4 months would be over so soon...but yes, its already August and I'm leaving for UK in September. Really looking forward to it but also beginning to feel heavy-hearted to leave my friends and family behind. Most importantly, I can't live without my car. I drive in KL too so I can say I'm pretty much of a car-person lol. But lately I haven't been seeing much or using much of my own car so I guess it's beginning to make me get used to living without a car.

Just bought a bag/luggage (whatever you call it) last night. It looks kinda big and being the person that does not travel so much, the size of the bag/luggage looks really like a burden. Have a few more clothes to buy, some toiletries, and whatever last minute stuff that pops up in my to-get-list.

I've yet to do my medical check-up yet, hopefully can get it done next week. Not looking forward to it at all. Well, I hope it all goes well.

Right now I have to live and enjoy my last month to the fullest!

Ryokiteki na Kanojo


Title: 猟奇的な彼女Title (romaji): Ryokiteki na KanojoGenre: Romance, comedyEpisodes: 11I just finished watching this j-dorama and decided to blog about it. This drama is based on the Korean hit movie, "My Sassy Girl". Although the characters and plot are different, but there are similiar key events in both the Korean movie and the Japanese drama such as the scene where the male protagonist plays Canon in D for the girl and also the part where they met in a train. A very funny, touching, and warm drama. I realised that this drama relates mostly to fate and destiny. It might feel a little too fake or dramatic but at the same time it made me think alot (this is what I hate most bout watching dramas, they make me relate alot to reality). XDThis story basically starts off with this guy, Saburo who was dumped by his girlfriend. He then meets a girl, Riko at a train station. Riko was drunk and this scene is very much like the same from the movie. She soon falls asleep at the destination station and being the nice guy Saburo is, he decides to carry her to the nearest hotel(in Japan its mostly a "rabu hoteru" lol). The story kick-starts here as the girl comes to his workplace to find Saburo the following day. She thinks that Saburo did something to her at the hotel. From this point on, the events start to unfold episode after episode. She starts to take authority in their "friendship" and it really annoys Saburo.What Saburo does not know is that Riko is currently suffering from a heartbreak after being dumped by her bf without any notice. When she woke up 1 day, her bf walked out of her life. Devastated, she tried to conceal her feelings but eventually Saburo finds out from the people who know Riko and at the end, from Riko herself.He decides to do her a favor by finding her bf. He did not want her to suffer anymore. I won't say what happened or why her bf left her, you can find out yourself if you decide to watch this :DAs the story goes on, Saburo falls for Riko. Many more obstacles stand in their way as they progress with their relationship. Riko's playful, sassy attitude and Saburo's guillable, kind character puts together a very funny yet adorable chemistry. Not to mention the colleagues in Saburo's workplace, Riko's whacky dad and bro, and a few love triangles here and there puts together a really enjoyable story. I personally rate this drama a 4/5.[...]

Reason why people think Catholics are crazy


Sunday joke, if you can’t take it then leave immediately. TYVM.We like to keep Mass interesting. We sit, stand and kneel, in no particular order. Probably just to keep the blood flowing.It’s not merlot or syrah they’re serving; it’s the Flesh and Blood of Jesus. No, really.Forget a big meal afterwards, just pick up some of the breakfast tacos they’re always selling after MassPurgatory.We all have 20 cousins. On each side of the family.Infant Baptism isn’t dumb; it’s after-life insurance.$5.00 in the collection basket is the epitome of generosity. Anything more than that, someone has hit the lottery.A missal is a book, not a weapon. However, it has been known to pull double duty.The signs we make aren’t just a mark of respect, they’re a lot of fun to do.Every Catholic Guy tries to sit next the really hot girl they like at Mass. This is because they really want to hug during “Peace Be With You” and hold hands for the “Our Father”We really like statues. A lot.After every confession, everyone hits themselves on the head. This is because they have realized that they forgot that really big sin, and they know that it’ll hang over their head til the next time.Contraceptives? Why?Altar boys continue well into their twenties.The 14 Stations has nothing to do with TV.“Peace Be With You” is just a way to meet pretty girls.We’ve always been taught that celibacy til marriage is the only way to go, forever and ever, amen. That being said…“Sin on Saturday. Pray on Sunday. Confess on Monday”.The Mass doesn’t start for a few minutes not because of tardy parisihioners. It’s because the priest is running late.The Virgin Mary is not a God and we don’t treat her as such. But she is without sin, gave birth to Jesus and did it without having sex. That warrants more than a little respect.11:00 a.m. Mass means 11:15.We actually get all the jokes in Dogma.There are two very different, irreconcilable factions in every single church in the world. They are known as the Saturday or Sunday Mass bunch.Bake Sales are a way of life.Your knees are more calloused than your feet.Priests have been giving us alcohol since we were little kids. No wonder any one of us can drink Protestants under the table.Mass is nearly unchanged after almost 2000 years. We’re a little stubborn.Catholic School Girls.Whatever you gave up for Lent, you have it in your hands at 11:59 p.m. Saturday night, counting the seconds til midnight.You either love or hate the Stations of the Cross. There is no middle ground.We all know Da Vinci code is bogus and inaccurate. Yet we’ll still read it if nothing else is goin on.We have Midnight Mass so there are no interruptions on Christmas morningYou’ve slipped out an Amen after the Pledge of Allegiance.Holy Water can kill just about anything. So Protestants are pretty much screwed if a vampire comes calling.There’s no way to explain it, but Catholic girls are just scorching hot.There’s no need for impromptu prayer; you can always fall back on the Rosary or the Our Father.It’s not uncommon for just one family to take up an entire pew or two.Confession. Enough said.When in doubt, say a Hail Mary.Whenever anyone in Star Wars saga says “May the Force Be With You”, we get the urge to say “And Also With You”If you see a guy leaning forward, looking half-dead with his head on the pew in front of him… he’s not praying. He’s hungover and was guilted into coming to Mass anyway.Even though you never met her or been to a country she’s been in, yo[...]

Red Cliff Part 1


Movie Poster of Red CliffWent to watch Red Cliff (赤壁) last night with Ivan. This movie is awesome. I mean, it has to being the highest budget Asian movie to date. Before this I never knew much about the Three Kingdoms or Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I did play a computer game about it many many many many years ago. Who would remember the names of the Warlords and Officers right? That time it was all about leading vast military attacks and planning political strategies to ensure that my kingdom was in tip-top condition.Zhang Fei, Liu Bei, and Guan Yu as they appear in Koei's Dynasty WarriorsMany years later, KC introduced the game Dynasty Warriors 3 to me on the PS2. I fell in love with the game as it reminded me of the previous games I played on the PC. Familiar names like Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhou Yu, and Zhuge Liang were re-lived in that action hack 'n' slash game.Movie Poster of Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the DragonA movie I watched before this was Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon which starred Andy Lau as Zhao ZiLong, or better known as Zhao Yun. I know it wasn't historically accurate but I found the movie so cool. Generals in armor, hadberds in hand, horses galloping to war, it was breathtaking. Ok enough about this movie, back to the post title lol. Zhao ZiLong at the Battle of ChangbanThis show focused on the pre-Battle of Red Cliff, the actual Battle of Red Cliff, and post-Battle. How are they gonna fit all these in a 2hr movie? Easy, they had to split it into 2 parts. I won't blog much about the story as you have to watch it for yourself. All I can say is that this movie is uber cool. There were even scenes of the generals/officers doing musou during the battle lol. The actors/actressed played their roles well and Zhao Wei as Sun Shang Xiang added some comedy into the serious plot. Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tony Leung both were fantastic as Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu respectively. Oh incase you're wondering, both of them are really important figures for both the Shu and Wu Kingdoms.Zhou Yu, Zhao ZiLong, Zhuge LiangErm I'd recommend this movie for those of you who are really interested in the history of the Three Kingdoms as the famous Battle of Red Cliff is brought to life and also to those of you who are just craving for some random action-packed hack 'n' slash movie. Personally, I feel that this movie is too much to Dynasty Warriors-like. Its just my own two cents but hey, at the end it's all up to you to rate it XDA battle scene involving a naval ship belonging to Cao CaoI'd give this movie a 4.5/5. The last 0.5 would be because I felt they should have introduced the characters in-film. Like when Liu Bei appears for the 1s time, they should put a label/legend/side quote or whatever you call it saying: "Liu Bei, Warlord of the Shu Empire" or something like that. It'll be good for those who don't know who's who in the Three Kingdoms.Lu Su and Zhuge LiangPart 2 fast come pls[...]

Proposal Daisakusen


Iwase Ken Yoshida ReiDrama Title: Proposal DaisakusenEpisodes: 11Synopsis:Iwase Ken and Yoshida Rei have been friends since elementary school. Ken, is obstinate and unskilled in love, but he fell in love long ago for the lively and cheerful, Rei. But Rei is about to get married to another man. While Ken and other friends from high-school attend the wedding ceremony, a fairy appears and sends Ken back in time, giving him a second chance to win the girl he loves.THIS POST CONTAINS minor SPOILERSI watched this drama last year and finally decided to blog about it. A very touching drama. The plot made me think alot about love and friendship. If I were to attend the-girl-I-love's wedding, how will I feel? Not only that, she is my first love and the only girl I've really ever loved. In this drama, the main staring, "Iwase Ken" failed to convey his feelings to the girl, "Yoshida Rei". People/books/television tell us that if we do not tell or express our feelings to others, they will not know what we are thinking about. We will also not know the results. For example, if you were angry with someone and never showed any signs of anger to that person, surely he/she won't know if you are angry right? I guess this also applies to love. We have to let the opposite party know that we like or love him/her. But how would we know when is the right time? How will we know the result? Will I face rejection? Will he/she hate me? Seriously I don't know and I too fear the result. Back to the drama, Ken is sent back to the past and is given a chance to express his love for Rei. This drama has 11 episodes so he has 10 chances which are explained in each episode. I bet there was a time when we would think, "If only I could go back in time...then I could bla bla". I for one am that kinda person. I would always think, "if I could back and patch things up, or if I could go back and changed that scenario/situation, I wouldn't be in regret now..." Many songs have lyrics that mention about being trapped in the past, unable to move on and stuff like that. So it seems that everybody is holding on to a part of their past. Why? I think maybe because it is important or special to them. Now I wonder to myself, "Do memories fade with time?" "Do new memories overwrite the old ones?" I'll just post whatever I'm feeling so I can look back and laugh. I know that I've moved on with my life, but seriously I feel that I've left a part of me somewhere in the past. I tried so hard over the years to erase them from my RAM, but they seem to be "protected". Unable to erase them, I had to move on and always reminisce about it. It's painful, it's sad, but it was a great memory. How would I put it, had a bittersweet taste to it, almost like chocolate.The years have gone by and I've seen you grow up. Moving on further into the future, I really feel that there will come a time when I can look back and tell myself, I'm glad that it was you. I'm thankful that it was you. I'm blessed that it was you. Seeing you everyday was painful and happy. People say that, "when you really love a person, it doesn't matter if you're not with them but as long as they're happy." I used to think this was bullshit. However in my life, I finally understood what this meant. Seeing you happy, I felt that happiness in me too. You were so near, yet so far beyond my reach. So back again to the drama, Ken was at the girl's wedding. He was also asked by Rei to give a testimony during the ceremony. I mean, wo[...]

First Love~


The last kiss tasted like tobacco, a bitter and sad smell...

Tomorrow at this time, where will you be? who will you be thinking about?

You are always gonna be my love... even if I were to fall in love with someone, once again i'll remember to hold on because you taught me how.

You are always gonna be the one. Now it's still a sad song until I can sing a new one.

The stalled time is about to start moving and there are many things that I don't want to forget about.

Tomorrow at this time, I will probably be crying and I will probably be thinking about you.

You will always be inside my heart. It is forever only for you and I hope that I have a place in your heart too. Now and forever you are still the's still a sad song now until I can sing a new one.

You are always gonna be my love, even if I fall in love with someone once again, I'll remember to hold on you because you taught me how.

You are always gonna be the one

now and forever...

My Stupiak Best Friend~


Looking through some old and new photos, I came to realise that I've been missing something over the months and years... my stupiak best friend~

She was somebody I could really talk to, somebody I could rely on, somebody who just smile and tell me that everything will be alright...

But because of my emotions, the fact that I fell in love with my stupiak best friend, I was blinded and decided that the only way to heal my pain was to forget her and to try not to get involved with her anymore...

I was wrong, it worked out fine over the months initially but right now I finally came to understand, that life would not be complete without this special person. If only I said the right words, if only I did the right things, if only I was stronger...

With this I hope we can start all over and rebuild that lost but not forgotten stupiak relationship...

"If this farewell is the beginning of a new journey, I'll smile as much as I can for you..."