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Updated: 2018-03-06T01:51:47.934+08:00


New Blog is up!!

2009-05-10T01:15:38.197+08:00 has got a new Blog...please visit ...thanks

New Blog is up!!

2009-05-10T01:14:00.493+08:00 has got a new Blog...please visit ...thanks

In the Process of Upgrading our Blog


Hi guys. I know I haven't been actively uploading stuff into my blog lately,well just to keep you all abreast with the latest, it's simply because we are in the midst of upgrading our blog to an even better one and image quality will definitely be far more better then what you currently see. So hang in there I'm hoping if I'm lucky insyaAllah it should be up before the weekend is here. So just bare with me for a while, I assure you you'll love the improved blog..

You've Gotta Try SPORE™


If you guys are into games, like me, then do give this game a try. Its really a 'breath of fres air' of a game. The game is driven by the 'Evolution' theory. So basically in this game you start out from the cell phase of life and you progress to different and more complex life forms as the game progresses. Graphics wise, its pretty good but it's really the gameplay that wins my approval. Anyway if you're into Sims™ , like I am, then this is definitely a game to pick up. At the moment during my free time this is the game I'm playing, Oh yeah you can also compete with people online, imagine that, a whole universe of online players!!!.

Somemore posed shots from Zura & Jo's Reception


Here's just a few more after the reception kinda shots I made.Hope you like em..

Scooby Snacks..


Ahhhhh..this is definitely a sweet break away from the usual post I provide for y' this post I'm revealing what we at love to gobble down during our hunger bingeing ;) .Well on top of the list has definitely got to be the all time favourite of mine, ohhh the 'Snickers' bar. It's simply excellent, I mean the outer shell is good as it is, but once you sink your teeth in deeper to the crust of this little flavorful beast then you'll be hooked, it goes from sweet chocolate-ty taste to shear crunchy and smooth caramel all at once!! not forgetting the Nougat..mmmmmm...

Anyway next on the list is Kinder Bueno, man you've got to try this chocolate, it so smooth. If you're into Nutella I assure you that you would simply fall in love with Kinder Bueno. Another favourite of mine is a slightly rarer chocolate, its the Cadbury's Flake. I used to buy these back in student days in London to bring back home every summer holidays, Thank God for globalization now you can get em here, although the version here is from Aussie. I have to admit I do find the Cadbury's Flake from UK slightly tastier as its not as sweet as it's Aussie version, and also the UK version has got a slightly bitter and crunchier taste to it. Oh well its still good. One that you also must try out is Maltesers, make sure its the Aussie version if you buy it here, cos I've tried the Indonesian version and its really not as nice,but if you have the choice between UK or Aussie of this, try opting for the UK version, call me bias but there's just something nice about UK 'chocchies' which I can't put my finger on, it's just nicer I guess and not as sweet tasting, so you can really appreciate the intense chocolate-ty flavors in your mouth. Anyway thats enough chocolate diaries for now, I'm gonna enjoy my Magnum ice-cream now...

Jo & Zura's Second Reception in Royale Chulan.


Took these shots yesterday,it was my first ever shoot in this hotel. In fact this hotel hasn't even been officially launched, anyway I don't have much time to elaborate as I'm gonna get ready to go out now. Here's a few I've managed to sift through so far.[...]

10% Discount on first 10 Customers !!


Hi Photography is offering a 10% discount for first 10 customers who book a Pre/Post Wedding shoot with us. So hurry get you and your partner to participate quick before the discount is over!!

We are on Facebook now..


Hi folks if you have Facebook accounts, then nows a good time to become fans of Photography. Just key in in the Facebook search, type '' and you should see the search results listed. Through this effort we hope to better communicate with y'all ...cheers

Fiza & Azni's SDCC Reception


Although this event happened first (before the previous post), I have only managed to blog this now. The reception was held in the Sime Darby Convention Centre Hall. Anyway without further a due these are just a few I've selected for this post.

A day with my little nieces


I was just messing around with 50mm because I thought the weather was just smashing.And as always it was always helpful once again to have my ever so willing stand in models to help me with experimenting. Anyway thought of posting these images just for fun, since I dont always want my blog to be filled with just working shots right..heheh..

Fiza & Azni's Reception


I can't believe that I'm still awake at 3 am just to post this blog.Hehe..I am definitely 100% knackered. It's been such a long weekend.I've had 2 shoots on Saturday and finally this a few hours ago.It was a great shoot in my opinion.Lots of color and structure to play with and Fiza & Azni are so relaxed in front of the camera that it just made things fall into place.Anyway enough said I need to sleep :) Here's my post for tonight.May you both live happily ever after[...]

Little Ryan's Birthday


It was a pretty hot day yesterday,and we were on our way to shoot our first birthday shoot for this year.It was definitely interesting to shoot something apart from weddings after a while. I was definitely keen to pump up the saturation big time. Most of the time I had to depend on available light from the windows in the house, although they were only but a few blast from my ever reliable flash gun I really tried not to use it that much because I had to conserve as much batteries for a wedding shoot the same night. Anyway here's just a sample of what I've shot that day..Little Ryan's on his favorite ride..[...]

Basic Photography Technique Lessons


Hi after careful consideration and after many requests via email I have finally decided to arrange a workshop for Basic Photography lessons,everything from exposure to ISO,AV,TV, Composition , Lighting etc..all the typical stuff you've always wanted to know about how to use the camera like a Professional.If I get enough response from this post, then, and only then will I truly finalize the syllabus and the location and activity for the class. I would see the response and I will come up with the figures once I get enough. So start sending me your emails etc if this post interests you.

Nadiya & Jalil's Reception at Kota Damansara


Here's a few shots I've managed to select out of the reception shoot yesterday. It was simply pouring and it proved to be rather challenging because my lens AF was acting up.Anyway if you do face such a scenario like that the easiest remedy to overcome the random locks in yer AF is a good nights stay of your camera and lenses in the drybox.It almost works like a charm (so to speak) all the time for me.Anyway here are some of the shots I've managed to post here.

Will be back InsyaAllah with more...


Hi guys and girls I will insyaAllah be shooting a wedding tomorrow. It will be an evening event. In the mean time here's just a shot I like from the last Post wedding shoot I did for Izrin and Marcus. Hang in there guys!! See ya..

Nadiya & Jalil's Reception


Hi been a while since I blogged anything. Anyway was real busy over the weekend shooting a wedding for a couple which took place on Saturday & Sunday.After the shoot I was really drained out and am still taking some time to rest. Anyway included in this post is just a gist of both events.Hope you like the pics. Anyway the pictures are not chronologically in order . By the way I've noticed the best browser to view my post would be Safari as the colors on Safari is far more vibrant. But I hope you do bare in mind for older post I used Firefox to upload so you may realize certain shots looking overly saturated especially around the red color channel, if you browse using Safari, just to let you guys know. Also for best results try viewing the blog with an LED screen. It's really good on LED's. ;)[...]

Franck & Yen Ling's Shoot


Took these pics a while back.Both Franck and Yen Ling are accountants working in Switzerland. I remember the first call I got from Yen Ling. It was late at night (if I remember correctly) and there was a massive delay in the phone line. It was definitely hard to make out the conversation on the phone at first because of the massive lag, but soon I got used to it and we finally managed to talk through her requirements for the coming shoot. She decided to have a wedding reception in Penang at the E&O Hotel. Before the dinner reception we managed to do a 'Walkabout' (heheh the expression reminds me so much of that movie 'Australia' when that kid decides to go for a 'walkabout' with his grand dad King George).Anyway here are a few I've decided to post.Franck gets a snip at the old barber's shop before the 'walkabout'.I must say I would have wished we could have done the shoots much later in the day as the sun was scorching and it had caused them to squint so much. But a lesson we all have to learn is that not all scenarios are always ideal with what we'd like,so we should really make the best of it.Hmmmm wonder whats she's talking about??Yen Ling's dad dances the night awayFranck & Yen Ling sharing a lighter moment[...]

More from Izrin & Marcus' Post Wedding Shoot.


I decided to post just a few more pics of the post wedding shoot of Izrin and Marcus. Enjoy!Shot by my wife..thanks Fara..Shot by my dear wife..nice trumpeting..This sign was really funny because we found it by accident and couldn't let it go by.[...]

Post Wedding Shoot for Izrin and Marcus..


Here are some of the shots we took yesterday for Izrin and Marcus' Post Wedding Session.We went around KL and managed to capture some rather interesting results.Anyway will try and post somemore these are just a few I've managed to edit since yesterday.Would like to hear from you guys and you think..[...]

Some shots from the Family Day in Kuantan.


Here are just some of the shots I've managed to select for this small post this time.It's some pictures from Kuantan I took over the weekend.Anyway I'm still editing the hundreds of pictures from thousands in total..anyway better then nothing heres some.

Just a quick post..


Hi guys and girls been a while since I posted anything..I have been rather busy the last weekend. I was in Kuantan over the weekend shooting a Family day event for a large corporation based in KL. Anyway I will try and post some stuff from that shoot once I finish with editing it.In the meantime this is just a random shot from my archives. Hope you like it.
I shot this elderly man in Johor off the coast of Kota Tinggi.He was fishing in the mid afternoon. He managed to catch quite a few fish, which he mentioned he would cook later on that night, perhaps for dinner I presume.

Brand New Website is up guys!!!


Hi guys..thats right my website has finally received a long overdue overhaul. Anyway now you can even book your dream dates online interactively.Once we receive the deposit you can see your special dates blocked out just for you. Just a quick note, whatever is orange on the calendar and doesn't have any names on it means that there are some tentative customers who have inquired, so book now to avoid any disappointments. Happy browsing.

A day in Carcosa..


I can still remember when Zuraifah's mom confirmed with us for her daughters' wedding day shoot, it was Friday and we were in the new uncompleted Royale Chulan Hotel. Never have I seen a hall that large in KL was really massive..the reception for the Akad Nikah (exchanging of vows ceremony) was however held in Carcosa Seri Negara.I have always been a fan of this venue because the shoot achieveable here is always goin to be different from most halls as the setting is entirely colonial. Before this 'do ' I had done many shoots from commercial to weddings here too. But I guess what made this different for me was the fact that for the first time I was shooting a Nikah in Carcosa during the day instead of the night. It was really blazing hot I have to admit, man I just couldn't stop sweating almost throughout the whole shoot.!! For me the shoot really got cracking after the guests had gone home. I decided to do a posed pre /post wedding kinda shoot since I really didn't want to waste this opportunity while I was there. Anyway here's a few I've selected in the post. Just to note the picture of the bride and groom with KLCC and KL Tower in the background isn't a composite. I used fill in flash and fired it with my radiopopper from in front of bride's best friend and maid of honourI went really mad with the bridal shoe this time..Shoes,shoes shoes, hey couldn't help it..was so tempted..and finally..the shoe..hehehBig Brother..Zuraifah communicates with family and friends from abroad that couldn't be there..[...]

I'm Wireless with ETTL...


Bought a few units of these radiopopper's to fire up my flashguns..It was definitely frustrating to say the least to work with my ST-E2 Transmitter from Canon..the minute your camera or flash isn't in the line of sight you'd lose connection with the flash..what made it worst is that when you go outdoors the problem even doubles as there are no surfaces where these infrared beams can bounce off from,arghhhh. All in all the ST-E2 was very much a wishful thinking kinda toy. Anyway that's the past now at last thank God that I have gotten a whole new lease of life for the ST-E2. Instead of it being a white elephant I now proudly crown it with a radio transmitter from I cant wait to use it this Sunday for a wedding I'm shooting in Carcosa..I'm so excited just thinking about it...InsyaAllah..right folks stay tuned..I'm loving it..anyway the little girl is my's always nice to have these free models laying about in the house hehehe,its just a test shot..