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bush ignores warnings again

Mon, 01 Nov 2004 08:36:11 +0000

The Kerry campaign has been willing to accuse Bush of misleading, being wrong, incompetent, etc., but I believe with all my heart (and whatever demographic instincts a non-pro can have) that Dems are missing a golden opportunity. With a day to go, the time has come to take off the gloves for REAL a la Carl Rove or Roger Ailes. The problem is this: The GOP polls better on character/values, but we poll better on issues. So our experienced consultants (risk-averse seasoned pro's) attack Bush on issues, policies and actions. We expect these arguments to be persuasive, since we find Bush's policies and actions so incredibly awful. And they are, in fact, effective. But swing voters do not get moved by these arguments. They may agree with everything we say, but their hearts and minds are not won. Because these non-ideologues vote from a gut impression, often at odds with both their own best interests and the best interests of the country. And their gut impression? The polls show a majority of people (hard as it is for die-hard Dems to believe) are comfortable with W., trust him, think he has strength of character and courage, and choose him over Kerry to best fight the war on terror. Bush puts on a show worthy of PT Barnum, but people have bought it. We've been dumbfounded by their ability to cloak W. in the mantle of integrity, but it has become the conventional wisdom. Accepted. Entrenched. Impossible to undo. The emperor's new clothes turned out to be Reagan's Teflon hand-me-downs. So the Kerry campaign and the 527s only attack him obliquely ("this administration is arrogant, incompetent..."), hoping an Achilles heel blow will make the Bush campaign limp a bit. They seem to have confused Teflon with kevlar. While it is true that the GOP skill at talking points dissemination has contributed to the Bush mythology, it has been aided immeasurably by the Dem's (and the media's) unwillingness to be disrespectful of a sitting president - especially this president post 9/11. This is the real source of Bush's apparent non-stick coating. The Kerry campaign and mainstream Dems have been fighting hard, with scathing criticisms of policies, positions, and actions. But unwilling to disrespect the Office of the President, they have not disrespected the President. They have not attacked the mythology of W. They have not gone after Bush, the man. The GOP has no similar restraints. The Bush campaign has been skewering Kerry, the man. Rove, et al have had no second thoughts about distorting, misquoting or lying to malign Kerry and this has been a major tactical disadvantage to us. A big part of it is Kerry's own fault ("I voted for it before I voted against", "global test"...), but the astounding thing is that they have hurt Kerry immensely by selling a false picture, while Bush’s undoing requires only selling the truth! The majority of Americans believe G. W. Bush is an honest man of the people with the leadership skills and courage to fight the best war on terrorism. The Kerry campaign counters with ads and stump quotes showing the administration's bad policies, mistakes and the resultant cost in lives, dollars, jobs, etc. But the public still believes Bush is a good man. This will not do. Wake up Kerry campaign, Bush's honeymoon is over. "The Daily Show" has shown that Bush can be not only disrespected, but ridiculed nightly. And, frankly, the public can smell disingenuousness a mile away. We really have no respect for this President, but if we are afraid to speak bluntly, they perceive that we are hiding something and they fill in the blanks, not us. To earn the public trust, we must speak out truthfully. The public does not want shrill anger. The public does not want righteous indignation. But now that the day is upon us, I believe they could accept an honest, calm, GENUINE outrage over the blatant lies and smears. And once that dammed up emotion is unleashed, we can launch a measured, carefully conceived refutation of conventional wisdom. Carl Rove beli[...]