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Updated: 2018-03-08T23:10:54.862+08:00


Hello Blog!!!


ahh..akan datang!!...tora-tora datang lagi, test pic dlu ye..

Quick update

2012-06-23T20:25:49.436+08:00 the title describe hehe..
-no longer a mechanic..back 2 my all time favourite job..rubber tapping..
-lost my hp recently..all friends n family no missing...sob..sob...
-last but not least...still enjoying my life..hahah...

Comeback lagi !


YaY..balik2 juga comeback ne.. :) anyway.. i got better internet service now.. thanks to digi broadband ..
 hidup digi !!! hehe..

for rm 100, i can go online for 100 days .. prepaid reload no internet, good bargain huh?

btw.. erm..the broadband line is still not stable here..still putus2. but better than few years back lah.. syukur la kan daripada takda langsung dapat juga la berface book and check the LIGS rubber price hehe..and also blogging untuk friends and family yg berada nun jauh di sebelah rumah ja..

anyway..thts all for this hour la..update will be coming shortly after i finish my 'sandar kelapa' heh..
peace babeh!!



hmm...(look around) kinda smelly here..berapa lama suda ne xda org..

take 5


rest dulu la from blogging, no new material to blog...hehe

retro...good old days..

2010-03-23T15:25:03.992+08:00 im browsing google images for some classics car (not porn ya,masi siang ne hehe), i stumble upon one pic in particular which bring back memories hhehe...

1980's Datsun Pulsar 1.4cc

my first car !! hheh...,it rewind my memories back in 1996, i was 18 then, and i just got my driving licence, and just starting earning my own income,well, boys would be boys, first thing i wanna buy is a car...(and its red,with bulky sport rims and roaring sound system)

and i still remember how crazy i've become, got own car,lots of friends,load of money,nothing to worry still..we drove around peninsular like the world is ours hheh..but thts all just good ol memories back then were just toys to me, nowdays i cant do tht anymore...well as i grew up...

too bad, back then theres no camera phone, even digital camera still pricey we only have the conventional film camera which is long gone by now hehhe together with the pictures...

so what do u do when u got ur 1st car?



Sa menari-nari suda semalam coz its been raining...but sadly, i cant use the rain I've collected coz it turn out to be so murky aiyah...well, wat to do, i know its from haze in the air, but nvm, as long as its raining, good for my rubber trees hheh..


emm..i think its too early to blog today, hopefully it'll be raining again later, i need to climb the tower first to check out my surrounding... yeah..morning exercise (10 storey building to be equivalent err..1ooft? )


bah..i go climb now, see ya, if i didnt fall down and die immediately..but if so, then tell Laura i love her so...(hhehhe)

its raining!!


hahhah...thanks god, well,its not cats and dogs rain but at least its raining....

just bad luck!


i've lost my brand new hp few days ago,thts why no update coz i've been using it as modem to access the internet .. (the only way i knew) hmm, it happen? dont ask..11-3 punya pasal :P hehhe..
nah.. yang ini macam punya phone ... (there goes my rm 500)

so frantically, coz i cant live without hp, though nobody really call me a lot these days (hheh) but im just like u la, addicted to i got myself brand err..2nd hand (no money lah) phone,its SE P1i, touch screen la pula, adei, but i found it soooo inconvenient since i hav to use both hand after all these years using normal keypad phone, ciss..salah beli.. now i cant sms while riding motorsikal or while driving (hehh) but its a hand phone anyway..can use as modem oso..

hoh... ganjil punya phone..

but anyway..since this is emergency relief hp, im planning to buy another mahal punya hp end this month..hopefully..

ini hari punya post..

2010-03-11T10:43:38.097+08:00 usual, i cant think of better title, anyway today is tamu day here at Telipok,(allaa...yg banyak pilaks tue..), and i stop by just now to buy some tamu goodies (beli2 santut orang bilang...and such :P ) yay..and i forgot to snap some picture...alaa, but of course u know how tamu day look like isn't?, banyak orang,byk brg2 lying there and here, sumandak oso bnyak, and especially here in Telipok, banyak pilak sana - sini .. jual sigup na.. (and of course they outnumber our local seller)o..this picture taken few years ago, tamu day at pekan Ranau - got nothing to do with my post :Pthe weather still hot and theres open fire occured here and there, im worried actually, since my workplace surrounded by all but bushes and there's some passers by who intently burnt the dried and fire catching grass..stupid!, (especially the pilaks) i knew they did it on purpose to clear their 'Jalan Tikus' because most of them who use this pathway is PTI - damn..see..see..damn punya olang...and this actually occured only few yards from my workplace (my beloved digi tower : p) i actually saw few people the other day doing this, but since im out numbered all i can do is to yell at them from afar like..'WHoiIIiiI apa kamu buat.sia telepon polis !!! ' (heheh.something like that la..sepa tidak takut kena pukul ramai2) and it actually work,they fled the scene like rat.. of course they were much afraid of the police than afraid of being burnt to death..stupid,ball-less ppl...'marila betumbuk klu kuat' hehh..(well i said that after they left la :P)nah..only few yard i told u..if the fire reach my 'hut' there,well i'll become nothing but a good BBQ..and as prevention i decided i need some kind of weapon..,well, being true blue kampung-man, i can think of shooting them with 'bakakuk' (homemade guns la..) but i dont want to end up behind bars too early hehh and i don't think its any right for person to take other ppl lives we shouldn't do tht folks (of course they're pyromaniac but let god decide their fate) i decided i need comes my home made slingshot..its not against the law to have them,some shop even sell them (i saw the factory version at Tamparuli the other day, it cost RM 50 hheh), and its likely wouldn't kill a person, but of course it can do serious injury if it falls into expert hand like me (ehem).. i grew up plying with it la.. u dont wanna know how good i am with this...i can easily knock a birds eye from 200 yards hhaha.. but of course i wouldnt use it against ppl, just for intimidation purpose hhehe..erm..enough of tht pyromaniac things..hopefully i don't have to use my slingshot today :Pmentioning the tamu day..err.. i think i'll escape my duty today for few hours..i met with few of my friend earlier today and guess what they're oredi whispering to each other..i heard one said 'psttt...mari, rukut-rukut bosan juga ini, 2-3 set ka' heehe... and i think i'll just join them la hhah.. panas baini, lama suda x 'noluyungan'..adios..jumpa lagi next post..[...]



i tried to edit my template but err.. soon i realize that i oredi forgot how to edit css facelift for this blogsite will be postpone until i get back my memory on css :P

by the way, its very2 hot now, its killing me, my open air 'office' doesn't help much, i hav to take off my shirt, wear short pant and selipar jepun (i wonder what my superior will say seeing me like this :P-he must be very happy) and gorging almost 5 liter of highly filtred water oredi (err..hheh)

when it'll be raining hmmm...


my only view here...sayup-sayup ku terdengar kalau2 hujan kan turun hhuhuh...(loneliness cause me wanna become a poet )

and when the roaring sound of the genset is my only music to the ear ... ( mengarut side taking over oredi)

hmm...i guess i oredi got heat stroke thts why i feel creepy, i better take a nap..and dreaming about the rain...



ayaya...its time to 'renovate' my blog..since i dun hav money to hire cindy to do that for me so i hav to do it with my 'very professional alike' programming skill hheh..

well..i dun have to worry about my blog being mulfunctioning, i got ony few reader include myself these days so be it...err..and to be honest i've already forgotten how to dot it...

good luck to me (hheh...)

complicated relationship of catdog (technical difficulties)

Back!!! ( again...)


Ntah la brpa lama suda xda post ne..hheeh..anyway ppl these days doesn't bother bout blog anymore since Facebook rules the Internet...and believe it or not..i don't really know how to use it..they say its easy as ABC but me? hheh being an "old skool kampung man" i find it kinda hard for me or rather confusing if i can say so miakka...well thts very me :Panyway..being away for so long (go masuk hutan,become komunis) hhe..i mean not writing in this blog for so long, i find it hard to make a comeback since i drain all my ideas about writing...furthermore in English,whoa...but i guess million steps always begin with 1st step huh..but i have an idea to overcome this problem...lets see pictures hhah...i know most ppl don't even bother to read what we wrote so lets see picture of me lah (or my fav..pets)...much better than reading my tunggang-terbalik engerish...whaha...muka kegutan..somewhere in Pekan Nabalu (latest pic la)..yeah..i edited the cigarette box with my special superimpose technique (hhahh) coz i dont want 2 promote smoking hhehhe, eh..bytheway i took it with my brand new SE c510 phone since i've lost my trusted old N70 during 'ramai-ramai' at my kampung hheh...quite decent ar..3.2 mp cybershot leh...ini suka2 ja amik ne hheh....i wonder if its a flower at all..If you're kinda wondering how i manage to get my internet connection,hhah..there it is, i break into DiGi transmitter tower and hack their system..meheh if u belive so la :P, well actually to be honest i am currently working as a part-timer watchman for DiGi tower somewhere in Telipok , coz at this time of the year is no good time for any dedicated rubber tapper, since its fall season for the trees and thus reducing our monthly income...well its decent pay here and whts more i can surf internet all day...without lacking of connectivity since its Digi Tower man!!! hhahha...(errr..and ican still rubbertap in the morning since its only 15 min from my house hheh)close up ...err..i got story to share with you ppl hheh..back then when i was just started working here, im surfing the net with my laptop inside my there's a passers by and ask me if i were the engineer doing some repairing there...i said " a watchman lah.." that man walk away smiling said "buli tahan...", what?? a watchman cannot have laptop and cars kah? and by the way im also a rubber tapper and a farmer lah...i can afford lah...hhehe..and if u know me...heh..i always got puppy pets..this one with attitude smoking my friend...look at your 'beer belly' hhehe i named it 'si Garut'..well i have another 2 puppy, 1 kitten here, but i haven't got their pic yet..nantila..they all cute and adorablemmm...i guess i better cook now, im starving oredi, but if possible i will always update this blog from now on..since, being a watchman i dun really have anything to do than to watch...err...i.e watching tv..passers by girls, hhehe...[...]



Salamz...the not so good in engerish blogger is back..better known as 'kampung-man' (superman rivals) hhehhe also known as 'si Guntut'...and sometimes ppl oso call me 'si Garut' hhahha...(tribute to my mums 'not-so-good' dog pet) hhe...

well...after a while, i manage to convince myself to blog again..although my finger are all numb and my engerish getting worst hhah...(i speak,write,drink-eat,and read in Kadasan-Dusun language on daily basis leh..its hard to find someone who talk English here..only engrish :P)

well-well-well,thats all for now,i guess...because,errr..u know sometimes (in the movie leh...) starring introduction need not to be long...jst enough la kan...

we will meet again soon...if they dont shot down my personal satellite (which i've been using now-if u belive lah kan heheh) and err...thts all again soon..da da...




Selamat Hari Raya Maaf zahir batin !!


To you all...hhehhe...its been a while since i visited my own blog hheh let alone other ppl blogs.. but anyway im still kicking sound and safe here..err..still alive lah..

hope everyone (those who still remember me lah) in good condition hheh.. last but not least once again selamat hari raya aidilfitri 2008 maaf zahir batin..

incase ya all forgot my happy face hehrhehrh...

back !!


Hhehh...i know what u thinking ... yes its been a while..but what to do..kampung-man got to do what a kampung-man got to do...

eh...i smell something rotten lah...i hope its not my blog la hhaha...

but not too fast...u know i never like to post from still waiting for WIMAX hhah..sampai mati la ni tunggu..

but im okay here..not yet becoming super rich ... okay la year i'll post something new for ur pleasure hhwhhwh

some quick update !


Happy Kaamatan !!! sober this ..dun think diffrently hheh...

but still no update this is quick one .. hpefully everyone ok .. me?? still breathing lah..cant say im will do :P

alaa..this is Kaamatan month la...'tadau poginuman err..tagayo do kaaamatan' org one quick invitation to our kg 'kaamatan celebration' everyone invited...

Venue : Kg Logkou Baru, Telipok (pandai² la cari hhahhha)
Date : 1st June 08
Time : anytime

so anyone intrested can call Massy kah ah kah..dun call me :P

k la fella...gtg...harap² ada urg datang la ni..klu teda sa moginum sorang² ja la hehhe...(and save all the foods hhehh)

Vote 4 me !!


Hhehh....undi la klu x malu .. klu menang sa bagi sikarap ja la :P

but place for voting is not here...sana peninsular hhahh...i forgot to update my record with ... SPR hheh... so dont bother talking about the election wit me coz i'll be busying rubber tapping hhahha..

ala...rainy day lah ntah la bila mo abis ni...anyway hope all of you go voting (crosss me hhah)

k pi kempen kedai kopi luk .. :P

hhehhe,....shuld i just quit :P


i've been very bz lately...i dun have time to go time to go to work oso hheh..all due to the rain .. yes! the deym mr Rain :P

but anyway..i do sneak into cc from time to time to practice my numb finger blog losing its touch oredi..yay..

bt nevermind..whats gooing down must come up .. err..betul ka tue? heh..who cares..

just that..lets not forget to VOTE! ya..i'll be very bz on this coming election .. bcos im YB Kampung-Man remember?? hhahha....VOTE PEMUTUNGAN!!! ceh..crap lah.. kg got 3G maybe next month i'll be here blogging for good ! (yes thanks god answer my pray hheh)

so thats all folks..its deym cloudy oredi and i have to get back quickly or else i'll have to walk still driving the Malaysian tin-can lah :P see u soon :P


2008-01-27T13:42:15.695+08:00 i am again muhahha...lowering my self dignity by blogging from cc .. (i've checked this pc spec and its pentium 2 334 Mhz .. 128Mb of memory..and i almost wonder i feel depressed using this cc punya pc)

but anyway..thanks dear friend for all the wishes .. and for ur fine here guntut oso fine tho he is sufering from skin desease rite now (kagalon) wakkak... and thnaks for visitig my blog even tho the person who suppose to manage this blog is nowhere to be found (until now!)

eh.. end of january oredi ka?? hhah..telampau lama x turun pi bandar :P so i'll continiue blog on february lah hhahha...

and oso i kenot reply all the msg but i justwan u all 2 know tht im reading em! just that i kenot bear my sad feeling of using this pc thts why im unable to reply those msg :P

arg..i beeter get out of this cc before im turning la.. but this pc bery slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww...i cant stand slow pc !! its killing me!!

well..we see again next month lah (hhahhhah) ....

p/s mind my language or spelleeng pls i havent type anything in english for a finger ar all numb !

whatever lah


im in a cc..posting hehhe..

so i dun hav any idea lah just wanna post ..

btw..i'll be bck next month ... happy holiday :P

Signing off


for a while :P let say..a month 'yellow fella' is having a do i ..

so we'll see next year !!

merry christmas and a happy new year from (early wish for u all :)

incase u wanna contact me (or just wanna say hello to 'si-guntut') feel free to email me - zainijimmy at gmail


2nd test video


yaa..this here is 'si-gitom' few weeks old hheh.. btw need quicktime plugin :P since i cant upload via google video, photobucket or youtube due to my super-narrowband connection :P , so as an alternative i uploaded it into my googlepages, which is much faster and stream it here :P


first test video

2007-11-28T23:14:13.437+08:00 first video here koh koh..after i squeezed the video to its smallest size so that i can upload it via gprs heheh worth 15min uploading hoih...


ermm..blurrrr...nvm la just enjoy the gong beating..Logkou style hehhe..taken during Kaamatan with my Lumix .. dan tidak ketinggalan Dato Louis dengan lagunya..bye-bye 'singgarung' eh..silap..bye-bye simpangan heheh