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MEtz team

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...xperience xcitement...


(image) ...xperience xcitement...
10.dec.09 to 13.dec.09
incovar dhamma camp 2009
register online @

MEtz Mothers Day Wishes


Mother's Day is celebrated to honor all mothers and express gratitude for the hardships they bear in bringing up a child. Most countries including US, Australia, Canada and India celebrate Mothers Day on the second Sunday of May. Mothers Day came into being due to the efforts made by Ms Julia Ward Howe and Ms Anna Jarvis. The Resolution for having a dedicated Mother's Day was signed by US President Woodrow Wilson on May 8, 1914. Since then people across the world have been celebrating Mothers Day with joy and devotion.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. 
She never existed before.
The woman existed, but the mother, never. 
A mother is something absolutely new.


MEtz Wesak


2009 is a year full of uncertainties. There are quite a number of events that is going on and the challenges that we outta face is immense. Despite the whole year of uncertainties, today is WESAK DAY! and it is a happy and joyous occasion.

Happy Wesak to all MEtzteam supporters and have a joyful and wonderful day. Take care.


MEtz facelift


Finally, MEtz team's blog has gotten a facelift. Changed the skin and added some bright colors to it. Curvy lines at the edge shows the dynamism of the team and marroon symbolises the strength and vitality of the team in facing the challenges up ahead. MEtz team is diversifying and conquering new market. Stay tune to see the changes. Its gonna be a great future ahead.



Happy Birthday MEtz team. exactly one year ago, we started off this team. Below is an excerpt written by Daniel on how it all began.
"MEtz was founded on 1st March 2008 when 3 guys when to a coffee shop around the MPSJ stadium neighbourhood for lunch. Brought together by The Bapak for lunch, we started sharing our past glory back in Penang. Memories flow slow and pleasant at the start but then became faster and deeper like a raging river urging to the river's end"

Reading back the blog brings so much memories on how we have come together as a team in the beginning, keeping on together is progress and us able to work together in so many projects is a success. One success stories after another and making things happen one after another. I for one am very proud of MEtz team and how much we have managed to achieved this one year. For MEtz team I am really proud to be a part of.
This is the story of how we began (here) and the blogs spells our journey together.

MEtz 30IDC video


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MEtz Birthday Wishes


...happy 21st birthday jack...

MEtz Birthday Wishes


...happy 21st birthday daniel...

MEtz Birthday Wishes


...happy birthday tza yeong...

MEtz in INCVOAR DnD 2008


MEtz team at INCOVAR first dinner and dance receiving an award for their outstanding teamwork in video production. i'd say they did helluva great job; special mention to the music preparation. awesome! we have a great team here. ideas thru illustration is what we do best.


MEtz Dinner & Dance Blast


another production by the MEtz team. from what happened in the past to the current happenings now and what to expect towards the future; that is what we want to portray in the video. bridging the old and the current transcending towards the future and beyond.
what is incovar all about; its about the people. the most memorable thing was the hug hug thing where incovar is famous for and that we do have the technology to organize camps of such quality and extent. of course, incovar is awesome, incovar is the changed of buddhism, perfect, incovar is the best, incovar makes all the difference.
and MEtz team will be there to capture every single inspiring ideas thru illustration.

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MEtz for those who matters


in life we are always very busy. boh-eng seems to be the word we overused most of the time. dont say boh eng. make time for those who matters. come and meet up for the incovar dnd. celebrating 22 years of inspirational friendship.

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MEtzing with Daniel



daniel ngan in action. calling the shots during the filming of the trailer for dnd.

MEtz DnD Trailer


...LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! action...action...action...MEtz team filming of the latest trailer for DnD. they did an excellent job. amazing! all scenes were shot at one single location. we managed to shoot all the 18 scenes all together the whole trailer talks about making time to those who matters. MEtz's were giving direction to the casts on what to do and how to do it and where to stand, which angle will look nice and briefing them on the theme of the shoot. 18 scenes. 10 cast members one location 5 hours. MEtz team BOLEH. all three of them have this amazing vibes, strong connection, excellent teamwork that is able to make things happen. congratulations MEtz. and you have been MEtzed!...

MEtz Message


Make time to those who matters. A message from the MEtz team. Below are the shots from the DnD trailer which MEtz team helped to conceptualised and materialised.


MEtz at Beauty and the Beast


(image) (image) Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Than somebody bends
Just a little change
Small, to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
Beauty and the Beast

MEtz team was spotted at the Beauty and the Beast Broadway Musical on 29 June 2008 in KL Convention Centre. All three dressed up handsomely, made their way to the convention centre and were greeted by Datuk. The team have got great seats. Show was amazing. Great actors and actresses. Belle looks astonishing and all the characters were so a-live.
An experience not to forget.

MEtz team establishment


(image) MEtz was founded on 1st March 2008 when 3 guys when to a coffee shop around the MPSJ stadium neighbourhood for lunch. Brought together by The Bapak for lunch, we started sharing our past glory back in Penang. Memories flow slow and pleasant at the start but then became faster and deeper like a raging river urging to the river's end. Sharing session when short circuit and hence bitching session took place. That session is kinda fun where we pour out what we when through for the past few years where the sky is the limit. Wacky ideas such as creating tshirts and making videos to illustrate our past came in mind.
That session when joyful till The Bapak cut in and bump us with this question:

"What don't u guys come out with a group to help the Buddhist community in multimedia presentation, since this is very new in our nation."

His ultimate question kills the excitement down to zero within a split second. The group was in silence contemplating on the question for a minute. The first word that came out from my mouth was "Why not?"

Thanks to The Bapak, we started to brainstorm for a name to brand our group. Google became our best friend where we start searching of words from buddhist,dhamma, sasana down to sound,video,graphic. It was a tough day through until finally Multimedia Enthusiast comes about. The first try out was the MEt, we weren't quite fascinated, as if there is something missing till The Bapak change it to be a little more catchy; Multimedia Enthusiastz team(MEtz team). Satisfaction revealed...

The 1st AGM meeting was held on the 2nd of March 2008 where the Tagline
..."Ideas Thru Illustrations"...
was proposed together with the purpose and objective of the team. The Bapak as an audience and witness of this memorial AGM supports the establishment with applause.

Voilla, MEtz team is on the move..!

MEtz team's 29th IDC Compilation


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MEtzTeam in ASEAN Inter-Cultural Buddhist Youth Exchange Program


(image) (image) On 4 May 2008, one of the MEtz team member embark on a journey to Ayuttaya, Thailand to attend the ASEAN Inter-cultural Buddhist Youth Exchange Program. Tza Yeong, was selected to join in this program.
ASEAN Inter-cultural Buddhist Youth Exchange Program was founded by the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth, the organization of “youth” and “people who work for the youth” focused on creating mutual understanding of the teaching of Buddha’s Dharma by creating unity in diversity for development of youth in the Buddhist way.
This program invites participants from the international level, expecting that the inspirations of individuals would create a stronghold network of Buddhist Youth, pulling together youths to learn and share their culture and experience to create a unique resource to our global community.
On the same day, two of the other MEtz team member joined the INCOVAR Graduate Camp held in Maha Karuna Subang 2.
All three of them have spread their wings and push forward to achieve greater heights. MEtz team; ideas thru illustration

MEtzTeam's Achievement in BGF: 22nd Effective Speaking Course


(image) 22nd effective speaking course was held in bgf on 26th april 2008...
...themed "Striving Towards a Better Tomorrow"... the emcee of the night, Jack emerged as Champion...
...and Daniel as the 1st Runner-Up...

...a great achievement for MEtzTeam!!!

MEtz with 29IDC trailer


(object) (embed)

The first project from MEtzTeam... enjoy!

for more info of 29IDC, visit INCOVAR

MEtz on 3rd IGC poster


(image) 3rd INCOVAR Graduate Camp
featuring Tza Yeong and Daniel
from MEtzTeam
...ideas thru illustrations...

MEn behind the Scenes



...Jack Tan Chun Sian...

  • 21 years old

  • currently pursuing Degree in Accounting and Finance, Oxford Brookes University.

  • a highly motivated individual in contributing to the Buddha Sasana.

  • actively involved in Buddhist activities.

...Daniel Ngan Ban Leong...

  • A 21 year old student that is currently in pursue of Degree in Chemical Engineering,University Tunku Abdul Rahman.

  • Origin from the northern boundary of Peninsular Malaysia (Pearl of the Orient).

  • Travelled down south to the Heart of the nation (Kuala Lumpur) to seek tertiary

  • Self-proclaimed Multimedia Enthusiast due to his undying passion to deliver ideas thru illustration.

  • His excellence in alteration and editing of multimedia made him the backbone of the MEtz in the editing division.

  • Guiding other MEtz team members in multimedia editing.

...Lee Tza Yeong...

  • 19 years old

  • Pursuing Diploma in Business Informatics Technology, Northumbria University

  • Young and energetic as well as enthusiastic in learning multimedia editing

  • Always seek to create opportunities for youth around the world
  • Ability to see beyond the normal perspective of any person.