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Tales of my life

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So it's been a while.. :)

Got to say I return home this time with a new breath of life, eager and expectant for what is to come. Looks like things are heading in the right direction. We'll see what happens in the next month or so. Slowly, I'm watching everything starting to unfold (EXCITING!)

Well New Zealand, it's been amazing to say the least. Yes, a big part of me still wants to stay and enjoy being there. Whenever I reflect on NZ, I just wanna go back and do lots of stuff. So much to do with so many cool people. I'm missing the tramps, road trips, fishing trips and most of all, all of the people to do them with (hint: come visit me in kuching!). But, that's ok. It's been crazy amazing but I have to close that chapter so that something even exceedingly more amazing could come into being..

Herm, I think I'll leave you with that for now. Better things are yet to come ;)

The Call to Greatness


It's been a while.. and it's been a hard few months.. BUT! today I saw the light :) it's like I've been wondering aimlessly in a maze of dark tunnel for some time and today i see the light and that's where I'm heading!! Will let you know personally as things develop :)

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

Time to ride the wave baby!!

After four years..


Just finished catching up with Ian not too long ago.. Probably the last time for a while.. As I look back the 4 years I've spent at uni, one thing that will remain with me forever would be the relationship that was built. Yeah, I've learn the basics of engineering, been in plenty of adventures all around New Zealand, meet plenty of different people and gained between 15-20kg along the way (=D i'm glad i did and i'm pretty sure a big chunk of it is muscle mass).. but above all that, I'll remember how there was someone who hold me up when I'm down, someone to listen when I needed to pour my heart out, someone to keep my rear end in line, someone that cries with me and also laughs with me. Lots of stuff happened during my last 4 years that I wouldn't have been able to live through if it were not for you guys, and for that you have my gratitude. Thank you. You know who you are, old and new, far and near.. =)


Actually, heck.. I might as well be soapy and name you guys.. (in no particular order..)

- Gloria for being a good friend for the last 2-3 years. Always there for me to disturb and also to talk to..
- Ben, YL, Calvin, Bernard.. It's been a joy leading the lifegroup and it's definitely one of my highlights of the year.. I've learn alot!
- Ian.. someone I can truly call a brother..Thanks for all the good advice and encouragement..
- Jerica.. somehow, through the 4 years, you were there when I needed someone to talk to..
- Paul.. for always challenging me and pulling me out of my comfort zone
- Nev, Andy and Andy..for allowing me to join in all the adventures and showing me what it's like to be a Kiwi mum is not going to be happy if she finds out the influence you guys had on me..
- Sam and Fraser.. uni would not have been the same without you guys.. i'll remember all the all nighters, not for the pain it caused, but because somehow, you guys made it fun..
- Celestine..haha, yes you made the list too.. very encouraged by how you've grown over the last year..and thanks also for listening to me when i needed to bounce my thoughts off someone.. :P

Thank you and I love you all heaps :)

This made me laugh :)


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Night of Stars


So I didn't actually said everything I wanted to say during the Night of Stars (someone must have sprayed some pepper spray coz my eyes started to itch and my voice broke apart) =) That kinda threw me off track and I forgot what I wanted to say. So here is the text of my speech and I hope it encourages you =)
Let me take you back 3.5 years ago. A fresh first year international student, very excited but not quite sure what to expect. Everything was foreign to me and the people were a lot whiter than what I'm used to back home. Finding a church that I could feel belong to was among the first few things that I set to do. Few weeks rolled by and I can't really say I found one. Somehow rather randomly I got connected with Claire. I remember that weekend, I experience my first hail storm the night before. That Sunday, I meet Claire for the first time and we walked to church, which that time was at Girl's High. It was a cold long walk with someone I've never meet before. I can truly say that, the moment I stepped into church, it felt right. I still remember the very first thing Pastor Bernhard said to me. He told me, "Welcome home".

And that's really what it has been. This has been a place I can call my home and each one of you, my family. It has been the best 4 years of my life, with so many memories that will stay with me forever. I'll remember all the camps and camping trips, fishing, the parties and gatherings, the late night talks and non stop laughter, but above all, the friendship and life we shared together.

I remember during one of our life group sessions last year, we were doing a study on wisdom. The ever so wise Ian said this, "The wisest and best decision I've ever made was to come to church". Of course that's where he found Aya, but I'm sure he'll agree with me that church isn't just a place to find the woman of your dreams (although it's a very good place to do that!) =). Being students away from home, each one of you has a choice to come to church or not. Nobody is here to make sure you attend church every Sunday. You might have another two or three years left at uni and it's totally up to you how you live it. For me, the best way to live it is by getting plugged in to the church and build good lasting relationship, not just attending church. God will then take you on an amazing journey. I can truly say that I've been blessed, more than I could ever imagine through the people I've meet here.

*I'll cut the thank you part =) All the best for exams guys

The End Of An Era..


=) ... Well, not quite the end considering exams is just around the corner.. It's been an amazing week to say the least.. There's so many stories to share and each one of it deserves a post on it's own. Maybe, now that it's study break, I might actually write bout each one of it.. Just maybe. For now, I'll let the pictures do the talking..

(image) (image)

(image) Project Day

(image) Night of Stars

(image) (image) And a nice dinner of Paua to end an eventful week.. =D

More pictures on facebook soon..



Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails...




For the night at least.. =) Time for a much needed break after just 4 hours sleep over the last 36 hours (that's including an hour nap in the car).. Quite happy with the end product of my Energy Audit report and the Management Science test was great!

For now, it's shower and then bed time!! Good night earth..

Liverpool 2 - Manchester United 1




By the way, read what this match winner have to say about his goal celebration here. :)

Spring is here!!


I love holidays :D

Just got back from Hanmer Springs yesterday. It was beautiful! Always wanted to be there when it snows and it did!! Thanks to all those who came along.. you made it fun! Come to think of it.. I'll miss times like this when uni is over. Darn, this is suppose to be a happy post. Haha, ok change tone..

And football today was awesome! Played in the Ansvar Cup. It's a 7 a side football tournament to end the football season before cricket season starts. So we lost in the quarterfinals (by penalties!!), but thats ok.. Being in the top 8 is still a good achievement. We manage to top our group during the preliminary rounds and not concede a single goal. Now, that's impressive!! Oh, and we won the Handicap Cup! No.. we're not disabled :) It's for the team that won the most point in the tournament added with handicap points due to tournament being participated by teams from Division 1,2 and 3. We also got presented with a trophy for being runners up in Div 3. So yeah, I'm happy :D

Now, I'm wasted. Did I mention that we came back from Hanmer at 5, then I went for a birthday thingy at 8, got home at midnight and woke up at 8 for football? And I played tennis after that as well. But this is exactly the thing that drives me, going out there doing stuff with people. Was supposed to go out and watch the rugby at Sol Square with some friends but I'm just a lil bit too tired for that. Considering I'm on band tomorrow and that means an 8am start, I think thats wise :)

Yea...the title has got nothing to do with the content of the post. Just didn't know what else to put.. Heheh



Some reflections over the past week
  • Already halfway through the its going by real quick
  • I'm now a certified first aider!!
  • There's some hurdles to go through with my final year project..Time to improvise and make things happen :) In the process of submitting a paper for a conference. Exciting!
  • More project work to be done this week. Can't wait for Hamner on Thursday!
  • Futsal tomorrow! Yeay!
  • Paul and Tanya coming back on Thursday!
  • Malam Malaysia last night was alot of fun.. Good work Gloria in making it happen! :)
  • Played tennis today. First time since end of summer! Welcome good weather!!
  • Life is exciting!! Loving every moment of it!! :D
  • MERDEKA!! Happy Birthday Malaysia. May you grow into a great nation..

Where's my bed?


Had a bbq on Friday to celebrate end of term 3. Always cool to have people around with the bbq going and the sun shining.

So I had to go for a practise at 4pm. Didn't want to chase the guys off so I told them to make themselves at home. When I came back, everyone has gone home. So I went to my room and I realised my bed was missing. Here is my thought sequence.
  1. Where is my bed??
  2. Oh no, the house got broken into.
  3. Wait..Why do they want my bed?
  4. Why is my duvet layed down so perfectly on where my bed was supposed to be..
  5. THOSE CLOWNS!!!!!
Haha..So I went looking around the house to look for it. Must say they did a pretty good job hiding my bed. I only realised where it was when I switched on my computer. My wallpaper was changed to this picture of Neville pointing to my bed.(image) (image)

Field Trip


Going to a field trip tomorrow. YEAY! Imagine this, 50 mechanical engineering students, in a cabin, in the middle of no where...hehe. Sounds fun :) Oh, also 5 guys traveling together in semi-posh university vehicle with a full tank.. hehehehe.. Already made plans to head out earlier and make a proper road trip out of it..

Sadly...I'm gonna miss church, futsal and the start of the PREMIER LEAGUE!!! Dang...It's ok, Liverpool will beat Sunderland..EASY!

Uni is definitely getting busier but it's ok, one more week to go to spring break. That also means good weather ahead! Currently in the process of designing an aerodynamic car and going to build a 1:20 scaled model to test in the wind tunnel next term. That's gonna be lotsa fun. Project is coming along really well as well. My main problem now is getting my hands on some load cells to do some testing. Where is my load cells!!!???

Alright..snooze time. Before I leave... just one more time... GO LIVERPOOL!! Looking forward to the good news after the field trip :D

i cant i reflect :)


it's nearly 3am and i'm still not sleepy...was lying in bed for 1 hour just now when i finally decide i'm not getting any sleepier..few shots of whiskey and here i am waiting for the effect to kick in..

so whats been happening and whats going to happen this week :
  • it's looking like the easy cruisy period is officially over..2 asgmts due this week and a field trip the weekend after...+ oth asgmts coming in soon..
  • full day at uni tomorrow + a project meeting with my sponsor and mentor..time to make up stuff to present :P at least i've got the parts i designed done and manufactured so i can show it to them tomorrow..i'm thinking project is going really well..very excited to see it slowly working prototype should be out soon! AND we might write a paper on it to present in an international mechatronic conference ;)
  • i'm excited about church camp! it's going to be alot of fun!! a whole weekend with a great bunch of ppl..can't wait!!
  • i'm not sure whats happening next year, but i sure am looking forward to go back home at the end of the year!
  • oh..i've been enjoying first three weeks of uni.. :)
  • dark knight was fantabulous.. 5 star!
  • i don't like rainy weather..spring come faster!
  • i'm thinking of a getaway for the spring break..time for a break from chch
  • i should really get some sleep...

Sunday reflections+thoughts


  • the last uni break was great! great time hanging out with people
  • final year project going really well...can see it stepping up a lil over the next few weeks but it's making great progress!!
  • should know on tuesday about a job offer for next year
  • its very encouraging seeing people grow..oh, what's even better is having a growing relationship with them!
  • check out this video..ever wondered what you would actually do if the doctors told you that you are going to die very soon? let's face it, we don't know when the time will come..but i wanna be prepared when it comes..
  • Premier League starting next month!! this is our year..yes you read that right!! time for Liverpool to shine!
  • looking forward to another great week!



Someone out there is willing to do whatever it takes to bring me joy and happiness beyond my wildest dream.. in ways I could never imagine!!

Now, that thought just totally blew my mind away!

Holiday, Church, Dance...


It's holiday time!! Just sat for my last exam yesterday. Got to say that this exam season has been the least stressful one ever and that's with working on project at the same time and having Jerica around for the whole study week (had the most fun time and I'm expecting you to come back here pretty soon!! ;) ). So big thanks to all those who took some time out to pray for me. YOU are the greatest!!

So right now, I'm experiencing sore arms and legs. Was dancing the night away last night choreographing a dance for GoldRush. Make sure you are at the Every Nation Community Centre, this Friday, 7.00-9.30 pm. Let's say for now there will be some spinning, flipping, dipping, kicking and a whole lot more. Had so much fun making the dance. It'll be amazing!! Alright, and i'm off for another round of practise. Remember people, Friday, be there..

By the way, church was awesome today!

My Dad & I


Was chatting to my dad on msn this morning..

Me: dad, i wanna ask you a question..what can i do to make you proud?
(after 15 minutes of silence)
Dad: who you are and what you've done is already enough to please me..all your achievements are great, but i ask for nothing more than a loving and obedient child

:) yes, I love my dad and I'm not ashame of it!! also a reminder to myself on what makes my parents happy.. :)

A step into the unknown..


So I just read this. These few lines screamed for my attention.

“Hey Ray, that’s what I want for you! I want to take you places you’ve never been. I want you to experience things you’ve never experienced. I want to make you aware of things that you have no idea that even existed. Follow me!”
Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."
Isaiah 30:21
Yes, I’m willing. Please make it easier for people around me… Alright, time to get back into the studying. First paper tomorrow! :)

It's Snowing!!


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ENME 456 Go-kart Race Day


A snippet from the Ensoc email promoting the event

Mechanical Engineering Go-Karts- Thursday
During Semester 1 ENME 456 have been building 4 sweet as go-karts as part of their course. The final part of there assessment they will race these Kart around a track in the central quad. Its free entertainment for your Thursday arvo and a ideal way of procrastinating about those 10 assignments due Friday or dragging you arts students amongst us away from the Foundry.
Details as follows
Location: Central Quad (where you signed up to ENSOC on clubs day)
When: Thursday 12:30 -1:30
What going on ?: Racing includes the ENME 456 teams as well as a celebrity race including university staff and James Park From IPENZ. ENSOC will provide sausages to spectators and DJ Carl will be scratching some sick beats on the music blasting machine.
Special thanks to IPENZ for their sponsorship of this event and to MOTOSOC for their time and expertise.


So we had a test drive today and the kart is looking mint! (yes, maybe I'm a lil bias).. Felt like we're part of an F1 crew, doing all those test run and tweaking the kart here and there. After all those sleepless night it is going to be put to the test this Thursday. Come along, it will be fun! The picture at the top is what I designed for the suspension system. Kinda cool designing something and sending the drawings to the workshop to be build.

What Keeps Me Going..


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Take my hand to the promise land
And on You I want to stand
‘Cause I cannot do it on my own
You're what I need and I need to be
Right by Your side ‘cause I cannot hide
Lord, I know that I need You

Na na na na na na na na na, I need You
Na na na na na na na na na, I need You

Without You I'm so alone
I am weak but You are strong
You pick me up when I'm falling down
And I am crying
Out to You inside of my heart
I need You, Lord, oh so, for the part
I want You to have my life, Jesus
I fall to my knees
And I'm begging You, please, oh, Lord
Won't You change me
Make me new from the inside out
I want to shout out Your name



Was emailing this guy and sharing with him whats happening in my life. Here's some interesting stuff that he mentioned.

  • Run towards something, not away from something.
  • Girls.. they all get old! Find someone that will love you and be faithful. Don't find one at all until you're ready to be faithful to her!!
Just some gold nuggets of wisdom to share :)

The Pursuit of Happiness II


Due to the number of response I get in my last post, I felt it's only right to write on what I've learn in my journey so far.

  • Get to know the girl first and ask the BIG question when you know its not just infatuation and you are prepared to take the relationship up another level
  • It comes down to a point where you just have to take the risk. Just a note for the girls out there, when a guy decides to pop the question, it takes tremendous courage. He is putting himself on the line..pride and dignity, something we value alot! (But obviously you are worth alot more than that, so we'll gladly take the risk ;) ) So even if the guy is rejected, kudos to him for taking that brave step.
  • The guy has to always be one step ahead of the girl in the relationship. Take the lead and make her feel special :)
  • Respect her as though you would respect a sister. Also, don't mess with her, she could be someone else wife in the future!
  • Have a group of man that would pray for you as pursue that special one. (I'm glad there are plenty of guys I can talk to and be vulnerable with in this matter. Thanks for the support buddies!!)
  • If she is uncomfortable with the whole thing and just wants to remain friends, respect that! Again.. RESPECT the girl!!
  • Make sure the lady shares the same values. Very important that both have their priorities right.
  • Pray, pray and pray more! Right now, I'm praying that that lady would grow closer to God and somehow thinks that I'm ridiculously good looking ;)

This post serves as a reminder to myself, to keep me in line with my belief and moral. You have total right to disagree. Post a comment and I would love to hear from you :) Thanks to those who responded to my last post. There are lots more points to consider in regarding to relationship, but these are just the few that I need to remind myself at this stage. So please don't take this as a blueprint on how to pursue a lady :)

The Pursuit of Happiness


Disclaimer: This post is just a current flow of thoughts. On another note, I feel the need to say that happiness doesn't come only from being in a boy-girl relationship.

So I was reading this post on How To Pursue A Young Lady. The question I have in mind is, when do you start pursuing? Is it when...
  • When you think the girl is hot?
  • When you know you want to be in a relationship with the girl?
  • When you just want to get to know her a little better?
  • When you feel that you enjoy spending time with her?
  • When you think that marriage is a possibility? (I guess if you know for sure you do not want to marry the girl, why get into a relationship in the first place? AND I'm definitely not saying that you should only go into a relationship knowing you want to marry her!)
I guess it depends alot on the culture you are in as well. Then there is the question, how do you ask a girl out (just to get to know her better) without misleading her?

So girls out there, help me out here. At what stage do you want to know what the guy is feeling? When he is slightly interested, when he "loves" you or somewhere in the middle.