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. : Changes in Life : .

To grow is to change, and change is inevitable in life!

Updated: 2018-03-06T21:54:39.640+13:00




It's still really nice to have some extra cash on hand and be able to do some online shopping, especially when you live in a hole. Kinda like a hole.............. NZ is so far from everywhere else that everything you buy here is a rip off. I got some stuffs cause I had extra Gcash I could use. Very happily accumulated over the 3 years I have shopped at Gmarket. I've still got another package waiting to arrive. That one, I paid. This time round I am quite disappointed with the shipping but nonetheless faster anyway. Bought two skirts for the cousin and they were really cheap. Round 6900 won and 8900 won? Cheaper than the ripped off price we get in NZ. A decent lacy skirt would costs 40 bucks. Now i can get it at 1/4 of it's price? Well... My small haul are earrings, earrings, earrings.... I keep losing mine. :( but a good excuse to get more! The package when arrived. I knew what I was ordering and when I picked it up at the post office (My house is really inaccessible to couriers. *HORRORS*), the lady came out with this slim envelope. I was puzzled. I knew I had a small package but THAT SMALL? LOL.Turned out it was a package that had a really similar tracking number to mine! Super big box with virtually 2 items in it. Super light too! My earrings. I was puzzled at first but when I looked closely, it was really nice touch with the handwritten things. Who doesn't like freebies? I ♥ her awesome note. Nuf said. This seller is a keeper! is the earring seller! [...]



at the moment... i'm blogging at tumblr. zzz...

caved into Helen's persistence about tumblers, tumbler and tumblr. LOL

:D Let's see how long i last.





you think you write romance novel is it?



SO tired always being the person behind everything, working to make it work. Anything.

and yet no one still would think on my behalf or know what I really want and need.

All they do is...

expect more and be all nonchalant when I'm not in my usual noisy self.

Mental exhaustion.

Any thanks?



It's great to find reasons to smile again.

Yesterday was a bearer of really smile-worthy news.

An old friend suddenly texted me telling me that he is back in NZ. What a surprise! Gotta meet him up soon.

Hoodies for youth are in NZ! YEAH!

Seeing Jin tomorrow. :)

My cousins from my dad's side decided to keep in touch and invite me over for dinner.. Ooohh... I'm looking forward.

Students were so cute yesterday... One of their good happy days.

Finally met Jessie and parents up and had a really good dinner...

I really hope I can find things every day to smile about...

Just been a bit down recently on things ever since camp...

What do you want me to do?



I guess a lot of people didn't realise this.

I'm pretty sad about my birthday this year.


My friends didn't really care...

I am turning 24 on the 24th of March which is technically, on the 4th day of the 4th week. Sigh.

I wanted a rabbit. JUST A RABBIT cz it's my YEAR!!!!!!!!!


and I'm posting almost a month later because I can't get over it.

irony of things


it's so weird how friendship fades.
I read somewhere about real friendship.
Something about no matter how long you've not seen each other or occassionally contact each other, you still are able to pick up where you left it.

Somehow, back to Kuching and KL this time, I felt that void. I felt shy. I didn't know how to act. It was weird.

This friend used to be so close. Man, our MSN conversations were havoc. They were mostly "crap" talk but then.... suddenly. I don't get conversations. Ah well, people are busy too. I just left it. Then comes Facebook. A friend who would comment on most things, just stopped. Ah well, maybe things aren't what they are supposed to be. I just felt it was a pity as it was still quite a good friendship.

Then comes the point where my friend just "select" things to tell me. Things she thinks I want to hear from her. I just want honesty. If you want to spend more time with your boyfriend, just say so. I might be single AND NEEDY but doesn't mean I won't be happy for you. Ah well, communication broken down. I just wish her happiness. I don't want to go into such a friendship where it actually felt like a chore for her.

Just thoughts voicing out. I know, I know. I need to hear the side of the story. I'm not that ridiculous. I just wanted to vent out that particular frustration!


But dinner at White in Hilton was amazingly delicious. Comparing the prices and services towards Sails and White. Man, I will go back to White any time.

little blessings


The darlings who couldn't leave the church.... and asked me to rescue them
Fell in love with HK.
First shot of me by dad. I look horrendous. Yup. Just got back from the trip!
"Esther 姨姨"
Little things that adds on that splash of colour onto a black and white life.

how can I keep from singing...


When I left Malaysia. I felt so depressed. I felt that everything is wrong.
Came back to NZ and molding myself that I would be the safest, laziest, most comfortable way.
There is no meaning to life. I don't even know why I'm doing this course. I love children but I find no meaning in learning any more. I find that through practical work, through a lot of reflection I managed to learn more things than just reading through theories.
So when bad news hit me, I find that what state am I in? Few years back I could say I'm staying strong but recently it's been so static. I don't want to read the Word, I don't want to improve my relationship with Him. I feel such a hypocrite sometimes.


How could I keep from singing. Reminded myself. That I should sing God's love not during hard times, when I'm walking through the valley of death (still feels like it) but even when I'm happy, smiling and everything goes well...

Let's see how my walk will dramatically change. I want it to change. I will make a change.

psst! JinHong. This is really for you~~ I feel so bad for everything but still, you knew how I feel, how depressed I am but still on the day you should have the best, I told you that I couldn't make it because my own selfish reasons and you still supported me.




nah, that doesn't feel any better.

the trip home made me feel a bit even more..... homesick??
I guess I like living away from home but not so far? How many more years do I have to stick it out in NZ??? I really want to go home. My comfort. My sanctuary.

I miss my parents a lot.

I miss I miss I miss... AirAsia. AHAHHAHA. For the sake of cheap tickets. But I also miss being able to eat.

i'm hungry as.... but I don't wanna go down and find food. It's not home



13 more days... and 5 more working days with my babies...

if only they will stop pulling my shirt down.

*sigh* Cutie bubbas....

I'm such a sucker for little cute blue eyed babies.

and dimples!!!!!



Sometimes as you get older, the less stuff you have to say...

The more you talk about, the more you want to talk to a real person.

This year... I got quite upset at things.

1. Still no bf.
2. Still no bf.
3. Still no bf.
4. It seems like the no boyfriend trend will continue...

I was asking myself. Would I want a guy that takes me as less as I am when I show him my real self? People say, just sometimes, tone down. But, it's me, and take me as I am? I will still act up even if when we just "tone" down and dated and then he realised, he found a person...

but then... they do have points.

I asked God. Why still no one? I don't think He realised that. LOL. Yeah, right. As if. He's our Almighty God, everything is in His hands. All I need to do is to turn my heart away from the lusts of this world and towards Him so I'm gearing myself.

I love reading romance. *shush* Everyone thinks they are crap fiction to read. Probably we all girls are secretly romantics... Whether we say we are or not but in us, there is this "romance" we have in mind. My only romance is when one day, I am able to talk comfortably with a guy and we can just sit there comfortably in each others presence without talking but then you glance at each other at times and just smile and go back to what you are doing. Am I able to even do that I don't know but... Getting desperate for a guy is not the answer. That's why sometimes, I can't take it when people starts dating straight away because I believe a strong friendship is needed first as a base, not just that attraction.

It just made me think of all the guys I used to have feelings for, whether it was being obvious but never mentioned or just the I-know-you-like-me-but-I-will-choose-to-ignore type... Somehow, I still manage to just be happy about it and move on~ not by much but they don't feel threatened by me... Or maybe I'm just a man... not a girly girl? I will always forgive... I probably always fall that guy that gives me the attention that I want and I feel connected to~~ *sigh*

One thing... I'm getting more and more~~~ sometimes childish, sometimes serious, sometimes moody but the more I know my good friends more, the more secure I feel...

I still can be quite insecure but now, I love it... I take it as it is and...

it's great to have God as your best friend and I will wish my partner will have Him as his best friend... and we, will have Him in our lives.



sometimes the feelings of helplessness, anger, frustration and exhaustion...

makes you wonder where can you go... who can you talk to.

finally you settled on that one person you think would understood...

and they let you down.

I've been let down twice.

By people who had no time for me....

sometimes I just wanna turn back time and make sure Mavis is still next to me....

she would somehow always make me feel better.

people just tell me why are you making such a big fuss but sometimes, to be in that position, you have to feel that frustration.

is there anyone with just a little more time for me i wonder...

God you sometimes, makes men so cruel

one thing you need to always have


is someone/something that makes you smile.

Really. If not what would happen to everyone on the days that they feel down. Down is nice. Depressed. Suicidal. ---> my vocab is damn limited.

One thing that makes me smile.

Lunch with a best friend who knows you inside out.
A random text suddenly asking you how are you.
Someone you can call when something shitty happened. Like, you lost 50 bucks because you left it at the ATM machine.
An idol group with a good variety show.
Or even the current hot dance. Maybe limited to Kpop.
Linking hands with your current hot crush. (Pfft, this one, in my dreams)
Drinking your favourite milk tea with certain fillings. (this one, need to drive faaarrrr....)
Someone to bully.
Maybe shopping does fill up that gap.

One thing though...

Facebook doesn't help. At all. Trust me. MSN or even Skype is better.

Maybe because I don't have enough friends. =P

Aahahahahhah... This is how I'm cheering myself up today.

I think i better organise my wardrobe, and room. To feel better?



one sentence hits bam straight.

why can you predict the compability of other people but never yours?

ah.... yeah. Good question.

Now, time to ponder.



Moving on you old lady................

God's timing!


Sometime I just really admire it.

Been doing nothing pretty much til the internet is restored! Family went to Gold Coast for a holiday and I could do nothing except watch and stay home as visa is still "processing" but...

If I had gone to Gold Coast, I would not be able to complain to Anna about not being able to go to Mayday's concert in Auckland as the ridiculously priced tickets are cheapest at 99 bucks. And CHAO WEI GOT FREE TICKETS.

If I did not go in to resign New World (more like they force me...)

I would not even bother opening up my emails. I have a goal now. =)




After weeks of being super... stressed and depressed but trying to smile throughout it... I finally found something that I can look forward to.


FREE!! Envy much?



I learnt patience.

I learnt the word: Wait

I learnt that jealousy still can't solve anything.

No matter how angry I am at things. Still, God has His plans.

Now I just need to let go.



maybe i was being a bit too happy saying to mum that "The school still calls me first over Jin."



I want to work.


I really regret sometimes my decisions at times. I knew she needed a job. She turned it down twice. Then slowly because she was desperate, then willing to take it.

but now. I really really am mad.

Online shopping madness...


Recently, due to... VISA slowness...

All I've been doing is going online. It also seems that God didn't want me to have any trouble so I didn't have much relieving work and the occasional New World.


All I did was to try and kill boredom at home.

So went online and HECK... My usual sites were calling me.

Sasa was horrible. I remembered I need lots of masks, LOTS! And then, realised my skincare was diminishing. So added a few more items. After looking here and there and minus-ing stuff so my shopping cart do not get so ridiculous, I managed to buy some.

Other one, gmarket is the worst!! My Korean madness!! OH GOSH! Shoes, clothes, accessories... All so tempting. Click of the button. I managed to dent another part of my account. =.=

However, shipping is really fast for gmarket! Usually get my stuff within a week or two. AMAZING. Sasa just sent me an email saying it would take more than 3-4 weeks. Die lah... Why can't they be as efficient as gmarket? Pfft.

I went out for 3 hours and came back with an email saying that my shoes were posted! I should have gotten more... Argh!



Today is the day I comtemplated whether I'm suitable to carry on as a leader with the youth. And to stay back as well.

I love them. But somehow, this year, I've met more obstacles than ever. And it hurts.

Jin talked about a Korean custom which they do it every new year. They featured some Bible verses and you picking up a random packet? I think so? And she talks about her Bible verse saying that she will face a lot of hard obstacles and she will need a lot of faith to walk down the path.

I think it's been like that for me. Thank God, my spiritual life has grown so much more these few years as well as me wanting to do more for Him.

Thank God for also friends that are constantly there to guide me and comfort me.

I've pretty much mellowed out. I don't know. These few weeks have been trying on me. I'm still stressed out but not in a bad way, meaning, I still sleep pretty well and hopefully, less taking out on people but more on berating myself.

I don't know... I don't know most of my friends anymore.

I want to have a person someone beside me that really can comfort me.

Jin has been a tad further these days because of her boyfriend and somehow, we have nothing in common anymore. =(

I really miss those days.................

Sometimes, thinking of having a bf makes me even depressed cz on most of the blogs I read, everyone is talking about their baby, BB, bubu... wadeva pet name they have for their bfs... and. I really wish I could share things with someone that special...

Argh. Just wistful thinkings and God's timing... is perfect. I believe that.

Complaints, Life and... Tolerance.


Guess living in NZ does have it's perks. I love the weather. Anything else? I love it getting colder and colder and then I freeze.


Been complaining and lot but still taking in all the good times I had so far. Kinda.

At least, I have the Gold Coast trip to look forward in May and hopefully, home at the end of the year along with HK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life still sucks.

But my birthday came and went.

Was a small thing this year and with close friends. =)

LOVE the thoughtful presents I had!!!

A new subway. Inside joke about how my last wallet looked like a hamburger.

lots of friends and cakes........

seriously I was so scared I would gain 50kgs at the amount my friends were feeding me.



I swore I will never get an ipod.

and I BROKE that pact.

MY FRIENDS GOT ME ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

an ipod touch 8G. Which I promptly filled up with applications.

My NDS is gonna cry while i pamper this toy for a while... =)

what's with age and match-making?


i really need to rant out.a really dear friend. REALLY dear... She's very close but... she irritates me at things as sometimes we don't see eye to eye but yet she still forces me to go along. I do. So long it doesn't cross the line..Recent years seen a huge influxes of relationships and marriages yet... I have yet to have one. People tell me to be less picky. I'll say, I haven't met the one that clicked yet.Or I've been to anti-social as mum says.She's been trying to fix me up with guys and sometimes I wonder, if the guys were to be that good, why aren't you hooking up with him? I'm perfectly content (WELL MOST OF THE TIMES) being single and having my own time. Plus, I'm pretty busy myself.She called me up in good terms to ask me if I would go badminton with her on monday night. I agreed to it first but then I remembered, I've got choir practise that runs til at least 9.45pm. This was a pact for me to serve God more and outside church this year. I had a feeling I will be busy but then when we make time for God, time seems more meaningful unlike last year where I rejected joining the choir because "Life was unsettled." I told myself, no matter what, I will join it this year and I never regretted it. I met new people, learnt how to socialise amongst other churches and also grow spiritually.She's a Christian friend and I do expect at least for her to understand my obligations to put God first. She told me to try and get out of choir. I told her no as we have a presentation in 5 weeks time. We need all the time to practise. She insists that I call in sick, or just not turn up at all. I said no to that. She said why can you call in sick for New World but not choir? It's the same. I told her my reasons but yet she still insists that choir isn't that great after all. She backed off after I started sounding a bit angry.One thing that stuck in my mind was her saying, why are you so busy all the time? When are you going to meet guys?I guess being 23 and working hard isn't going hand in hand or just our values don't match up. I love her dearly but, sometimes, my priorities are still my priorities. Meeting guys just to widen my social circle I don't mind but sometimes the way she introduces me to guys just makes me go on offense.On her birthday she tried asking another Christian friend who just so be there whether they have a lot of guys in their church. And the next thing she did was to point at me and say, "She's desperate," and states my degree as an education major. The girl just asked me if I majored in Early Childhood or Primary and I said Primary. So she got a little excited and said I could meet this guy who was doing the same course. I, in turned asked her if she had come from this church and I ACTUALLY GUESSED CORRECTLY. The guy spoken was my junior in uni and I actually helped him and coached him a little on his interview into getting the course.Well, by then the whole table was getting so overexcited that it just blew way out of proportion, making it such a big deal even with me insisting that it was my sister's church mate and I already knew him way back. Somehow, they just decided there and then that I SHOULD PROBABLY consider him. Far out. Just give me a break.She just practically embarasses me in front of every guy I met or seen with her. Except for church mates. Even if a guy was just plain nice and what's wrong with just friends, she would managed to twist it some other way that makes me go, NEVER TALKING TO THAT GUY AGAIN.R[...]

playing the waiting game...


I took the interview for the early childhood course...

and as always, I THINK I DID HORRIBLE.


The other two had quite a bit of experience with little kids and... I have... only from 5 years onwards.

Dad encouraged me with Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I'm gonna trust God in this and patiently wait for the answer. I remembered my interview at UoA 4 years ago. They told me straightaway after as they knew I was heading back to Malaysia after it.

4 years later, at the same spot but a longer waiting time.

All good. For God's plans were never to harm me but prosper me.

Now, I need to find someone for saturday shift.



With CNY coming up... Only thing that is still feeling CNY-ey is... The lantern festival... ON CHAP GOH MEI. Bleh...


2 months into it.

Things still uncertain.

(DAMN MSIAN embassy damn sloooooooowww.... So tempted to take a trip down to Welly so I can just get my police cert done. Or would it take more time?)

Started the school term with a week of relieving at the old school. Kids still recognise me and gives me biiiigggg hugs. Even my Year-6-turned-Year-7 kid looked so much older, mature. I guess, he's the BIG dude in the school. Intermediate. Man, I miss that class heaps. But then, the Year-4-turned-Year-5... Wow... Haven't seen them as they were in a separate block and I usually am in the junior section. One of them still gave me a hug.


I love kids. Even though they make me mad...


Argh. My diary has a line going. I hate Valentine's Day.

Duh. For a good reason. Everyone, EVERYONE is hooked up right and left and even the younger ones.

NOT THE DUDEs. Who cares bout Chao Wei and Jerry. (MWAHAHAHAHAHA... You are dudes after all.)

The girls.......................... Anna, Jess, Mavis, Jin, June.

Mum still nagging me bout looking at guys. All I told her, I'm not gonna babysit spoilt guys here. Seriously. SPOILT. Plus they don't love my Malaysian-ness with the kiasu must need to speak coherent english. Damn.


Ah well....

2PM. my life.