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Kim Gary Restaurant (香港金加利茶餐厅)


Before we proceed with our Italy trip, we would like to post food that we have eaten during our short Christmas break back to Malaysia. The Bukit Bintang area has always been one of our favourite places to shop around. Since we were shopping at Sungei Wang, we figured we would go for Kim Gary since we haven’t had them for ages.We went there early knowing that the restaurant would be easily crowded during dinner time.Even before dinner time, the restaurant is packed as usual.For RM16.90, ys’s Spanish seafood fried rice (西班牙海鲜炒饭) value set comes with a soup, a drink and a dessert. He had a tea with Hong Kong style (香岛奶茶) while I had a ‘ying yong’ in Hong Kong style (港式鸳鸯) for RM3. Their milk tea was as good as it used to be. The dessert was decent but not extraordinary.The borsch soup (罗宋汤) was good, although the serving was a little small.The Spanish seafood fried rice tasted better than we both expect. The serving was quite large, the ingredients served were generous, with mussels, squids, prawns and fish cakes. The fried rice was so delicious and fragrant, it was something that we might order again in the future.Priced at RM15.50, the supreme mix grill curry baked with Swiss cheese (瑞士芝士炬咖喱鸡扒). This has been one of my favourite orders since I’ve started dining in Kim Gary many years ago. It still tastes good as usual. Given three different types of curry to choose from, I went for the supreme curry (巴辣咖喱), even though pineapple curry (凤梨咖喱) and coconut milk curry (椰香咖喱) both sounded tempting. Served with a choice of white rice or spaghetti, the serving was rather big. The chicken, sausages, egg, ham and potatoes cooked in curry were simply delicious, cheesy and spicy at the same time, the combination was hardly imaginable but do try it if you have yet to do so.Service is fast and speedy. The serving of food is quite fast too despite the huge crowd in the restaurant. More information about the restaurant can be found on their well-designed website here.Restaurant InformationG083 & 84, Sungei Wang Plaza,Jalan Sultan Ismail,55100 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.Tel: 03-21448113[...]

Caffè Paranà


Ciao Rome! As soon as we arrived at Rome Ciampino Airport in the morning, we made our way to Roma Termini Railway station and checked in to our hotel which is located near the station. Excited and without wanting to waste our precious time in Italy, we went out to travel around Rome.We took the Rome Metro (an underground public transportation system that operates in Rome) from the Termini Station until Ottaviano Station. This is the nearest underground station to the Vatican City, which is also where the well-known St. Peter’s Basilica is located in. The basilica can be seen afar in this photo. More information and photos about Vatican City and the basilica will be posted soon.Having a good tourist map in our hands proved to be really handy. We followed the map to visit the most well-known places in Rome. After a short walk from the basilica, we arrived at Castel Sant’Angelo. The towering cylindrical building is the Mausoleum of Hadrian built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian. It was later used as a fortress and a castle, and now a museum for tourists.Along our way to the Mausoleum of Augustus, we captured photos of the breath-taking scenery along Tiber River, which is the third longest river in Italy.There are many bridges which crosses the Tiber River, one of them is the Ponte Cavour.The Trinità dei Monti, which was a Baroque church, can be seen from the Piazza di Spagna. The famous Spanish Steps is also visible from this photo. It is the longest and widest staircase in Europe.We also visited the Trevi Fountain, which is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome. Even though it was during winter and the weather was extremely cold, there were many tourists eating ice-creams while enjoying the view of the fountain.After that, we walked over to visit the Pantheon. It was built about two thousand years ago as a temple to all the gods of Ancient Rome and remained as the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome until today.Back to our main theme of our blog – food. We had a quick lunch at Caffè Paranà which is located near the Termini Station before exploring Rome. The exterior of the café with the tram tracks are visible from the photo.The café was warm and comfortable. Even though we have problems communicating in different languages, the staffs were very helpful and friendly.The displays of food were appealing too.We opted for a cotoletta di pollo sandwich. Priced at €5, the breaded chicken sandwich was delicious. It was toasted before served. Simple, juicy and warm, we love it!There are many different types of pizzas in Italy, many of them which we couldn’t recognise without looking at their names. Priced at €4, the pizza rossa that we had comprise of aubergine, mozzarella cheese and tomato enfold by bread. The pizza was tasty, the fillings were appetising and juicy while the bread was dense and nice.The visually appetising biscuit attracted my attention and we ordered it without hesitation. Although a little overpriced at €2.50, it was a delightful snack with generous chocolate fillings.It was an enjoyable lunch for the start of our journey in Rome.Café InformationPiazza Dei Cinquecento, 39,00185, Roma,Italy.Tel: 06-4883885[...]

La Nuova Grotta


After visiting the Ponte di Rialto, we made our way to the Piazza San Marco.The water level has risen significantly in Venice. The water rise in Venice suspended some ferry and water taxi services in the lagoon city. We often see boat drivers lowering their heads when passing through smaller bridges.A photo taken from Ponte dell'Accademia.We finally arrived at the Piazza San Marco aka Saint Mark’s Square. The Saint Mark’s Basilica can be seen from the photo.The Procuratie are three connected buildings on the St Mark's Square. The oldest of the buildings is the Procuratie Vecchie on the north side of the Square, which can be seen from the photo. Saint Mark’s Square is the lowest point in the city. In the morning, tourists and the locals have to walk on the elevated walkways to allow access across the Square.After a short walk from the Square, we arrived a Venice’s principal waterfront – Riva degli Schiavoni. The Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute can be seen across the Grand Canal.A photo taken near the infamous Ponte dei Sospiri. Unfortunately the Sospiri Bridge was closed for construction works during the time of our visit.The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore located in the island of San Giorgio Maggiore can be seen from the Riva degli Schiavoni waterfront.Along the streets in Venice, there are many shops and stalls selling Venetian masks. The masks are typically worn during the Carnival of Venice to hide the wearer’s identity and social status.Since we still have time to spare before dinner time, we explored the east side of the island and arrived at Via Guiseppe Garibaldi.There was a park in that area, known as Viale Guiseppe Garibaldi. It was rather serene and quiet.Finally it’s time for dinner, something that we always look forward to ever since we set foot in Italy. Italian food was simply irresistible, suffice for me to say that if you fancy bread, cheese and tomato, Italy would be a food heaven to you!There were displays of various seafood outside the restaurant.The interior of the restaurant was romantic and comfortable. It was rather quiet when we went there, a nice place to chill after a long day of walking and travelling.We were served with breads and breadsticks shortly after we placed our order. We were unaware that they actually charge for the bread. They were priced at €5.We ordered a capricciosa pizza priced at €10. The pizza was topped with tomato, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms and antichokes. Though it was topped with the simplest ingredients, the pizza tasted fantastic. The crust was thin and crispy, it was very juicy, cheesy and appetising. Every bite was sensational.Just when we thought we’ve had the best main, the spaghetti ai fruitti di mare proved us wrong. The seafood spaghetti was excellent, probably one of the best pastas we’ve ever had in our life. Though a little overpriced at €15, the spaghetti was generously served with large mussels, clams and squids. The fresh seafood taste combined with the strong sense of white wine was fantastic, we love it so much that we longed to return for more.After dinner, we walked back to the Saint Mark’s Square. The Procuratie were lighted up.The next morning, we travelled back to the Piazzale Roma bus station to take our flight to Rome. The photo above was taken in Fondamenta Delle Burchielle, somewhere near the bus station. We bid farewell to Venice and say hello to Rome!Restaurant InformationCalle delle Rasse, 358,Castello, 453830122 Venezia,Italy.Tel: 041-2775746[...]

Mister Sandwich


Happy new year everyone! Wish you all the best in this new year and stay happy always! Back to our post on our Italy trip, the next day, we woke up early and travelled towards Ponte di Rialto.The photo was taken in Fondamenta Venier. The water level has risen in Venice.After a short walk, we arrived at Ponte dell'Accademia. We were taking photos around the area when we were approached by a gondolier who asked if we want to take a gondola trip around the Grand Canal. After bargaining on the price of the boat trip, we hopped on to the gondola.A photo taken from the gondola. The Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, commonly known as the Salute, can be seen from the photo.The gondola is a traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat which was once the main transportation and most common watercraft within Venice. In modern times, the gondola is more commonly used to carry tourists. Our gondolier was very nice and friendly, he was striking different poses for us to capture photos. Throughout the gondola trip, he was singing Italian songs for us. Though a bit pricey, it was a pleasant trip!Though the weather was tremendously cold in Venice, there are still many tourists around taking gondola rides.Our half an hour boat trip ended and we continued our journey towards the Ponte di Rialto. The photo above was taken on the Ponte dell'Accademia, overlooking the Grand Canal.Traffic jam with gondolas?Finally we arrived at the well-known Ponte di Rialto. The Rialto Bridge is one of the four bridges which cross the Grand Canal. It is the oldest bridge across the canal.The view from the Rialto Bridge. Water buses, water taxis and gondolas can be taken from the Rialto stop.Another photo taken from the Rialto Bridge.The view on the Rialto looking southwest down the Grand Canal. There are quite a number of restaurants along the Grand Canal. We decided to look for a café in that area for a light snack.After walking around Riva del Ferro, we made up our mind to visit Mister Sandwich.The interior of the café.There are a number of sandwiches to choose from. Some of which we haven’t seen before in the UK before. They are all so delicious looking!We had a tiny prosciutto vova sandwich for €1.50. The generously filled ham and egg sandwich was a nice snack for a light bite. Simple and delicious, we love it.We also had a Nutella crepe for €3.50. Though a little overpriced, the crepe was intensely delicious. The crepe was served warm and filled with thick Nutella sauce topped with icing sugar. The crepe was irresistible, missing them so much right now.We will be posting on Piazza San Marco in our coming post with more scrumptious Italian food. Stay tune!Café InformationBar Mister Sandwich,San Marco 5120-5121,Venice, Italy.[...]

La Toletta


Merry Christmas everyone! Wish you all have a great day with friends and family! Finally winter holiday is here. Since we both have a few weeks free during Christmas break, we planned a trip to Italy last month.Thanks to Ryanair, we purchased reasonably cheap air tickets and flew from London Stansted Airport to Venice Treviso Airport. After about an hour bus ride from the airport, we arrived in the city of Venice. The photo above was taken from Ponte Accademia, one of the four bridges of the Grand Canal. The night view in Venice is simply breath taking.We took the water bus from the Venice Piazzale Roma and arrived at the Zettere station, one of the nearest stations to our hotel.Along the way to our hotel, we took photos of the small canals.After about 15 minutes walk, we arrived at our hotel. This photo is taken in Fondamenta Soranzo Detta Fornace, somewhere in front of our hotel.Tummies rumbling and it’s time for dinner. We were told by the receptionist that Trovaso is one of the areas where we can look for good food. So we travelled by foot to that area.Usually we would take our time to choose a restaurant which best fit our appetite. But we were extremely hungry at that moment and so we randomly chose a place to dine in. The café is small but nice and cozy. Though we had problems communicating, the staffs were very friendly and tried their best to assist us in ordering.Our risotto alla pescatora were served shortly after we placed our order. Priced at €8, the seafood risotto was simply delicious. Somehow not visible from the photo, the risotto was cooked with tiny mussels, little octopus, fish, prawns and tomatoes. It was simple and authentic, very nice when eaten together with the bread too.We can’t be in Italy without having a pizza. So here we go, we ordered a prosciutto crudo pizza for €9. The pizza was prepared with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, oregano and topped with thinly sliced raw ham. It was our first time trying out their raw ham, and it was delicious. The raw ham was rather salty but it blended well with the thick mozzarella cheese and the crunchy thin base of the pizza. A nice try for something new.The snack bar closes quite early and we went to a next door confectionery to get some dessert. After difficulties choosing from a large variety of desserts, we finally settled for the torrone. It was incredibly expensive priced at €7 per slice, but also incredibly delicious. We love the taste of the soft nougat contrast with the crunchy toasted almonds, occasionally biting into the bitter sweet chocolate. It was excellent.After dinner, we walked over to Chiesa di San Vidal to listen to a baroque music concert played by Interpreti Veneziani. Tickets for students under 25 years old is priced at €19 while normal tickets are priced at €24 each.The music played during the night was the well-known Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi (a baroque composer who was born and raised in Venice), Divertimento K.137 per archi by W.A. Mozart and Suite n.1 per violoncello e archi by J.S. Bach. Though not the best concerts I’ve been to, it was still an enjoyable concert. More information about the concert can be found here. The next day we visited Piazza San Marco and took a gondola trip. Stay tune for more posts on Venice!Café InformationSnack Bar,Dorsoduro, 1191,Venice, Italy.Tel: 041-5200196[...]

Henry’s Café Bar


Last October during ys’s birthday, we decided to visit Henry’s Café Bar for dinner. Henry’s has been one of the few places that we always wanted to visit since we arrived in Cardiff. For some reasons, the outlook of the restaurant appealed to us.The restaurant is situated near the New Theatre in Park Place, it is located right across Bellini's Italian Restaurant and the Parc Hotel.The interior of the restaurant is large, cozy and very relaxing.We placed our orders after we were seated in the restaurant. Disappointingly, it took them almost an hour just to serve us with our sharers. Also there weren’t enough people working in the restaurant, causing delays in serving customers. Our nachos was a bit of a letdown. Priced at £6.25, the warm tortilla chips topped with salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and jalapeño tasted ordinary. In our opinion, they did nothing more than just putting the ingredients together.Our mains were not good either. Initially, we ordered Lamb Henry and pork belly, but we were told that both mains were not available that day. We had no choice but to change our order to our second choice. We had a paprika chicken stroganoff for £9.45. The strips of chicken breast covered with paprika, onions and mushrooms were served with long grain rice and green beans. We hate to admit this, but it tasted awful. The sauce was bland but yet thick and filling. Tasteless chicken combined with white rice, how much worse things could get?Priced at £10.25, the salmon with crushed new potatoes tasted rather average. The presentation of the dish was not up to expectation. The grilled salmon fillet coated with caper and butter sauce was too buttery and oily. The broccolis were overcooked too. We did not manage to finish our mains.For their desserts, Henry's offers a free dessert on purchase of another dessert. Therefore we had two desserts (chocolate fondue and tangy lemon tart) for £3.95. The chocolate fondue was slightly below average. Pieces of chocolate brownies and waffle were served with strawberries, grapes, banana and a chocolate sauce to dip. The brownies, waffle and fruits were good, but there was too little chocolate sauce for dipping.The tangy lemon tart tasted quite alright. The citrus tang filling of the tart went well with the double cream. But again, we find the presentation a little messy.Surprisingly, we came across good feedback from other previous customers who visited Henry’s. But for our own experience in Henry’s, it is highly unlikely that we will revisit this restaurant in the future. More information of the café bar can be found on their website here.Restaurant InformationPark Chambers,Park Place,Cardiff CF10 3DN,United Kingdom.Tel: 02920224672[...]

Noble House (丽晶馆)


On ys’s day off, we had a dinner with ys’s friends. One of his friends suggested that Noble House is quite a place for good Chinese food. Since we haven’t been there before, we decided to give this place a try.Christmas is around the corner. On the way to the restaurant, we took photos of the Christmas decorations in the city centre.Although the weather can be depressing at times, the beautiful lightings made things up.A photo taken at St Mary Street.Dazzling Christmas light up in Cardiff.After a short walk, we arrived at the restaurant. Noble House is located across Cardiff Central Station. It is one of the few restaurants in Cardiff which serves both Chinese and Japanese food.The restaurant was nice and cozy with dimmed lightings. It was rather quiet during the night of our visit.We decided to go for their well-known Szechuan cuisine (四川菜) since it was highly recommended by our friend. Szechuan food is generally spicy, so be ready for a numbing sensation of Szechuan pepper. We ordered 5 main dishes and steamed white rice to go with the main dishes. We had a spicy deep fried chicken (辣子鸡) for £7.80. The chicken, moist and tender, was absolutely delicious and fragrant with the unique flavour of Szechuan peppercorn (花椒). Definitely something that one should order in this restaurant.Priced at £7.80, the stir-fried water spinach aka kang kong with garlic (蒜茸空心菜) were quite good too. Despite a tad oily, the vegetable was crunchy and aromatic.Recommended by our friend, we also ordered a sautéed pig’s kidney (火爆腰花) priced at £7.80. The dish might be a little uncommon for some people and to us too. We were quite careful when we took our initial bites, but fell in love with it instantly. The pig kidney’s taste was not too overwhelming and it was nicely suppressed by the chili oil and peppercorn. It was very well stir-fried as the pig’s kidney was moist and soft, every bite was sinfully delicious.Also priced at £7.80, we had a spicy pork trotters (香辣猪手). The pork trotters were quite good too. Aromatic, fatty and juicy, the pork trotters were rather spicy as evidenced from the photo.Priced at £14.80, we also ordered one of the most well-known dishes in Szechuan cuisine – shuizhu yu (水煮鱼). Shuizhu yu literally means water boiled fish. This way of cooking maintained the tenderness of the meat and the freshness of the vegetables. We enjoyed this dish thoroughly.Overall, food was good in this restaurant. But do bear in mind that some of the dishes might be over spicy for some people and they might be a little oily too. Service was average. Nevertheless, we would still recommend this place to anyone who would like to try out authentic Szechuan cuisine in Cardiff.Restaurant InformationSt. Davids House,9 - 11 Wood Street,Cardiff CF10 1ER,United Kingdom.Tel: 02920383317[...]

Zero Degrees


This post is dated back to last September when I came back from KL to the UK. We wanted to have a nice meal to start off another new academic year. Since we’ve heard a lot of positive reviews about this restaurant, we decided to give this place a try.Zero Degrees is strategically located near the Cardiff Central Station and also the Millennium Stadium, which makes the restaurant an ideal venue to go to before or after any events at the stadium.The interior of the restaurant is nice and interesting. The restaurant is aimed at providing customers with fresh, handcrafted beers brewed by microbreweries.The busy kitchen, working brewery and traditional wood fire pizza oven are open to view.Since the restaurant has a high reputation for its freshly brewed beer, we decided to give their beer a try. We ordered one pint of fruit beer priced at £2.90. The fruit beer was good, very refreshing and suitable for those who prefer lighter taste in beer.Beside the seasonal fruit beer, we also had a Zero Degrees pale ale priced at £2.80. The copper ale is somewhat similar to an English bitter. The beer was slightly bitter in taste than the fruit beer but it also has fruity flavours combined with rich malt taste. Quite a good drink we would say.The first thing which caught our attention when reading the menu is their mussels. Instinctively we knew this is something that we must order. Priced at £12.50, we decided to go for their marinière where mussels were steamed in garlic, onions, white wine and cream. The kilo pot of mussels was served with fries and mayo. It was superb, the mussels were undeniably fresh and the sauce was nice and creamy but not too overpowering at the same time. Definitely something that we would recommend you to try if when you visit this restaurant. But do note that on days where there are events held in the Millennium Stadium, the restaurant will have a special event menu where they will not be serving mussels. To avoid disappointment, do call in to ask beforehand.We also had a smoky Mexican pizza priced at £8.35. The pizza was generously topped with spicy Mexican sausage, roasted mixed peppers, red onions, sweet corns, jalapeños, smoked cheese, coriander, chili oil and tomato sauce. The pizza was tasty and flavourful, nice and cheesy complemented with rich tomato sauce.For our dessert, we had a chocolate orange torte for £4.75. The cake was served with a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice-cream and decorative strawberry. The torte was heavenly delicious. It was very rich in flavour. I love the contrasting taste between the bitter sweet chocolate and the slightly sour orange taste.Service was quite good but the restaurant might be very crowded on days where there are events in the stadium. Be sure to book your table before visiting the restaurant. Suffice for us to say that this would be a restaurant that we will certainly revisit in the future. For more information, please visit their website here.Restaurant Information27 Westgate Street,Cardiff CF10 1DD,United Kingdom.Tel: 02920229494[...]

Zi’s Café


After a few times of visiting Zi’s, we finally have the chance to post it. After lectures ended, we went to Zi’s for lunch.The restaurant was opened not too long ago, in July this year if I’m not mistaken. This place soon gained popularity among students as the food is good and the price was reasonable, plus the location was somewhat close to the university.The homely feel restaurant is owned by a friendly couple. Although not luxurious, the restaurant is nice and pleasant. The restaurant offers special lunch deal every afternoon, customers are free to choose from a selection of dishes which they prepared beforehand from the food heater. Prices can go as low as £3.50 depending on the number of dishes taken.We ordered an original pearl milk tea (珍珠奶茶) to share. Priced at £2.50, the drink was good, not too sweet and the pearl was rather nice and chewy. Would love to try out different flavours such as apple, strawberry, champagne and yam in our future visit.For starters, we ordered a sesame prawn toast (芝麻虾吐司) for £4.50. This is one of my favourite orders in Zi’s, one of the best prawn toasts I’ve had in Chinese restaurants in the UK. The toast was very well deep fried, crunchy, aromatic and heavenly delicious when dipped in the chili sauce.Priced at £4.50, the vegetarian ma po bean curd (斋麻婆豆腐) was very good as well. The bean curd was nicely stir fried with chopped preserved vegetables, mushrooms, bamboo shoots with chili paste. It was rather spicy and scrumptious, it will definitely go well with white rice.We also ordered a house special grilled noodles (招牌烘面). Priced at £5.50, we find this noodle rather authentic. The serving was generous, with large king prawns, chicken slices, roast pork and vegetables. The wok hei was sufficient, adding more flavour to the dish.We find the food here quite good generally, and service was excellent as the owners are really friendly and approachable. Students are able to get a 10% discount with a valid NUS card. Besides dining in, Zi's also offer home delivery for order over £10. If you have not been here yet, we would recommend you to give this place a try.Restaurant Information94, Woodville Road,Cathays,Cardiff CF24 4ED,United Kingdom.Tel: 02920216294[...]

Ikea Restaurant


Where would come to your mind when you’re thinking of getting furniture for your home or office? For us, Ikea is somewhere that is always nice to look around even if we’re not getting anything in particular. Walking around checking out for thoughtful ideas for home can be quite enjoyable. So here we are, when we recently moved into our new home in September, we decided to visit Cardiff’s Ikea for the first time.Ikea is located Grangetown where we have to take the number 9 or 9A bus from the city centre to Ikea.After a short bus ride, we arrived at Ikea.The interior for every Ikea is almost the same, the same goes for the restaurant.For our mains, we had fish and chips and organic pasta. Priced at £4.50, the oven baked breaded haddock served with chips and green peas were good. Not the best we’ve ever tasted, but it was nice and decent.However, the organic pasta was a bit of a let down. Priced at £1.90, the penne were a little watery, and the tomato sauce just wasn’t that good. The serving was rather small but we wouldn’t complain about it since the price was rather low.Couldn’t miss out something sweet to end our meal. We had an almond cake for 95p. It was nice and buttery, topped with almond flakes. Suitable for those with a sweet tooth.We wouldn’t rate the food in Ikea as fantastic, but it wasn’t bad either. The food was value for money and it’s convenient for people shopping in Ikea to sit back and rest. Ikea restaurant also offers Swedish dishes, for those who are interested in their menu, do check out their website here.Restaurant InformationIKEA Wales,Ferry Road,Grangetown,Cardiff CF11 0JR,United Kingdom.Tel: 08453552267[...]



About two months ago, we were browsing through offers from Student Beans and found a good deal from Nando’s. Since we haven’t had Nando’s for quite some time, we decided to visit the restaurant.The Nando's which we visited is located in the Old Brewery Quarter. It is located near Bali Restaurant and Chiquito.The counter where we placed our orders.We read from their website that they only use fresh and not frozen chicken and that it was marinated for 24 hours in their Portuguese peri-peri sauce. The chicken was grilled to order over an open flame so to reduce fat content. We like the open kitchen concept where we can see our food being prepared.The counter where we refill our drinks and get cutleries and peri-peri sauce.So here we go, we got ourselves an extra extra hot peri-peri sauce and a ketchup.With the printed voucher and a valid NUS student card, we are able to get a free half chicken subject to ordering a bottomless drink (£1.95) and a side dish (£1.85). Here’s ys’s free half chicken and coleslaw. For the level of spiciness of the chicken, we chose extra hot to satisfy our cravings for spicy food.I had a quarter chicken with two regular sides for £6.10. For the sides, we had chips and spicy rice. The chicken was good, very well-grilled, fresh and spicy. Complemented with the extra hot peri-peri sauce, it was fiery and perfect! The chips were nice and decent, nothing much to shout about. The spicy rice was good, albeit not spicy, it was quite nice and flavourful.The servings were a little small to our surprise. Not too sure about other Nando’s outlets in the UK, but the floor of the restaurant which we visited in St Mary Street was a little slippery. We have to pay extra caution when carrying our drinks from the counter. Other than that, service and food was excellent. Would absolutely go back for more fiery chicken!Restaurant InformationThe Old Brewery Quarter,St Mary Street,Cardiff, CF10 1FG,United Kingdom.Tel: 02920 341263[...]



This post is dated back to last summer when I decided to return to Malaysia to spend my summer break. We arrived early in Heathrow airport. After checking in my luggage and settled everything, we decided to have a light meal in the airport.

(image) After walking around and comparing the menu and ambiance of different restaurants, we decided to dine in Bite.

(image) Love the theme of their colour – green. It somehow signifies healthy food.

(image) For our drinks, we had a strawberry and papaya smoothie. Priced at £2.75, the smoothie was exceptionally good. It was rich in taste, smooth and very creamy too. We totally love this.

(image) Priced at £2.95, the cheese and tomato baguette was good too. A simple sandwich with cheese and tomato will never go wrong. The black pepper boosted the taste of the baguette, making it more flavourful.

(image) Besides the baguette, we also had a cheese, mayo and ham focaccia at £3.95. The oven baked Italian bread tasted fantastic. Served warm, the focaccia was delicious, juicy and cheesy on every bite. The ingredients served were generous, fresh and good.

Besides sandwiches, they also serve soups, jacket potatoes and hot snacks. The café was rather spacious and quiet compared to most of other restaurants in Terminal 3. Although the prices were slightly higher than average, we would highly recommend you to visit this restaurant for its fresh and good food.

Restaurant Information
Terminal 3, Arrivals,
Heathrow Airport,
234 Bath Road,
Middlesex UB3 5AP,
United Kingdom.
Tel: 020 8759 3607

Sri Nelayan, Berjaya Tioman Beach 2nd post


This is the last post on our Tioman trip, previous food and photos taken in Tioman Island can be found here.We love the sea a lot. And the beach too. Many were quite surprised and asked us if spending 7 days in Tioman would be a little bored. Our answer would be no. The sceneries were just too beautiful to get enough of them. And there are a lot to do on the island too, snorkeling, diving, cycling, jungle tracking, fishing and even reading a book makes me feel so good.We watched the sunset almost everyday.After sunset, we went to Sri Nelayan, Berjaya Tioman Beach’s coffee house, for dinner. In our previous post on Sri Nelayan, we mentioned that we had coupons which provided us with two dinner sets in Sri Nelayan. We dined in this place twice. This is a combination of the two dinners that we had in Sri Nelayan.For starters, we had a choice of fresh salad or a soup. We had fresh salad as they allowed us to mix and match our own salad at the buffet counter.For our mains, we had a Romano style braised lamb shank served with ratatouille and mashed potatoes. Though we were unsure how an authentic ratatouille would taste like, the mixed vegetables tasted quite good as an accompaniment with the lamb shank. The lamb shank was good, it was fleshy and juicy and the tomato sauce boosted our appetites.Ys had a grilled t-bone steak served with roasted potatoes, chef’s selected vegetables and mushroom sauce. The portion of the steak served was rather large. The steak was a little dry on its own, but complemented with the mushroom sauce, it was good.The quarter chicken briyani rice served with vegetable dhall curry, deep-fried egg, chicken pea crackers and assorted condiments tasted quite decent. It wasn’t extraordinary, but not too bad either.The fried tiger prawns served with potato wedges, trio dip which includes mustard, chili and curry dip and mixed fresh salad with house dressing. The tiger prawns were fresh and juicy on its own, however, it wasn’t well-fried and ended up a little soggy. The trio dip was good, it was nice having a few choices of dipping sauce.As for our desserts, we are free to choose from the assortment of desserts from the buffet counter. The little cakes and pastries were nicely arranged and presentation was good too. Suffice for us to say that their dessert tasted quite good generally.We had a great stay in Berjaya Tioman Beach. It was a good resort. More information about Berjaya Tioman Beach can be found on their official website here. And Tioman Island was fantastic! The last photo was taken after dinner. The sky was full of stars, something that we can hardly find in KL. We would definitely be revisiting again.Restaurant InformationSri Nelayan, Berjaya Tioman Beach,Golf & Spa Resort,Pulau Tioman, P.O. Box 4,86807 Mersing,Johor Darul Takzim,Malaysia.Tel : 09-4191000[...]

Sarang Seafood Restaurant (中西式海鲜楼)


We truly apologise for delaying this post. This post was taken during our 7 days trip to Tioman Island during February 2008. Other posts in Tioman Island can be found here.After having heard of the infamous ABC beach, which is also known as Air Batang Beach, we decided to ride our bicycles all the way from Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort to ABC. The road was quite rocky and there are also times when we need to carry our bikes up the stairs. Nevertheless, it was quite an adventure.Hard work does pay off. The scenery was spectacular.There are quite a number of chalets located in ABC beach, quite suitable for people who are planning for budget trips.A village house surrounded by greeneries. Many Malay styled houses can be seen along ABC beach.This is one of ys’s favourite photo, also my favourite. The sunset view was breath-taking.Words can’t describe the beauty of the sunset. I’ll leave it to the photo.A nice bistro in ABC beach overlooking the sea. We were quite surprise to find quite a number of foreigners staying in this area. Quite a number of restaurants in ABC offer Western food to suit their needs.We rode back to Kampung Tekek before sunset, where we had our dinner. We randomly chose a restaurant and dined in Sarang.We had an apple and watermelon juice priced at RM3 each.Wanting to try something special, we decided to try something recommended by the staff. Unsure about the name of this dish, this seafood is rather similar to mantis shrimp or more commonly known as lai liu ha (攋尿蝦). The staff referred to this as ha po (虾婆). Priced at RM30, this black pepper ha po was delicious! The prawns were large, juicy, succulent and sweet, the black pepper sauce was fragrant and added more flavour to it. It was so good that we almost wanted to order another plate.We also had a plate of Szechuan chicken (四川鸡) at RM10. The chicken was nice and soft, coupled with the spiciness of Szechuan flavoured gravy, it was fantastic.We also had a mixed vegetables soup (什菜汤) at RM12. Even though various types of vegetables were found in the soup, the soup tasted rather bland.Overall, it was a delightful dinner. Seafood was fresh and good and service was good. They even serve sandwiches, continental breakfast and Western food to cater the needs of foreign tourists. However, food can be overpriced in Tioman Island, especially for tourists. Guess the same applies to all tourist spots. Hope to return to Tioman Island soon, we really love this serene island.Restaurant InformationKampung Tekek,Pulau Tioman,86807 Pahang Darul Makmur,Malaysia.Tel: 013-7066484[...]

Uni Hall Bar


Uni Hall Bar is a bar located in University Hall. The post is dated back to June when we decided to pay them a visit before the bar's closed for summer.Among all the university accommodations, University Hall is the furthest away from the Cardiff University and the city centre. It takes about 45 minutes by foot and 15 minutes by bus to travel to the university. Fortunately we were provided with free bus service throughout the study term so it’s not too inconvenient after all. A photo captured last winter when it was snowing.We didn’t notice this park in University Hall before it snows, we were photo shooting in every corner of the accommodation when it was snowing.Didn’t even realise how pretty it is until it snows.This is the Uni Hall Bar, where it accommodates students' needs to have their meals or simply have a drink without having to walk a distance to other places.It was crowded with students on the day when we went.The interior of the bar.We had dinner with Isaac, one of our closest friends in University Hall. From the left, Isaac had a pint of lemonade (£1.40), I had a bottle of VK vodka (£1.80) while ys had a pint of Stella (£2.70). The VK vodka, which was a mixture of pineapple and grapefruit juice with vodka, tasted quite nice and refreshing.Other than the mains, we ordered some plates to share. Priced at £1.65, we find this nachos with cheese and salsa rather delicious. Ever since our pleasant experience in the Coal Grill and Bar, we fell in love with nachos. We enjoyed the crispiness of the warm-melted-cheese-topped nachos while the salsa sauce added a kick of excitement to it. We also had a portion of chips for £1.Isaac had a chicken burger and chips which was priced at £2.25. He claimed that the burger was a little dry, but other than that, it was fine.Ys had a brains and steak pie and chips at £2.30 which he commented that the black pepper gravy was rather fragrant and delicious and the chunks of beef were soft and nice.Priced at £2.25, I find this chicken wrap with chips and salsa quite a good order. Though the chicken strips were a little tiny, nevertheless it tasted quite good with cheese and salsa.Uni Hall Bar gave feeling of coziness to us, nice and warm. It would definitely be a great place to chill out with friends. Will be missing this place.Bar InformationUniversity Hall,Birchwood Road,Cardiff CF23 5YB,United Kingdom.Tel: 02920874444[...]

Bali Restaurant


For a year of staying in Cardiff, it was a shame on us of not knowing that there is an authentic Bali restaurant situated in the heart of Cardiff city centre. Despite visiting Thai Edge for a few times, I didn’t notice there is another restaurant located across it. So when ys finally had his day off, we went there to have our lunch.The restaurant caters a selection of Southeast Asian cuisine including Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai food.The interior of the restaurant was rather Balinese we would say. Quite small so we would suggest you to make reservations before visiting to avoid disappointment.The restaurant was quite quiet when we went there as there were only a few customers dining in.Nice table settings.For lunch, Bali offers a two course set lunch priced at £5.95 per person. For starters, we had pergedel. It was our first time trying this mashed potato cake. The lightly seasoned potato cake was delicious, very tasty but not overpowering. Also very appetising when dipped in the sweet chili sauce.By looking at the photo we are sure most of our readers are familiar with satay ayam – skewers of char grilled chicken served with peanut sauce. The chicken was moist, meaty and delicious. The peanut sauce, although not superb, was good too. Would have preferred them to serve more peanut sauce though.We had Singapore laksa for our main course. Served piping hot, the rice vermicelli were served with prawns, shrimps, fish cakes and bean sprouts. To our surprise, it was rather spicy, compared to other foods labeled in the UK which are usually not spicy at all. It has an intense coconut milk taste which I find slightly overwhelming but which ys seemed to enjoy a lot.The sambal ayam was the right order for me as I enjoyed it thoroughly. The sliced chicken served in the sambal chili sauce was flavourful, spicy and definitely authentic. We wiped the plate clean with the sambal gravy. A recommended order if you miss the taste of home.We also tried their nasi lemak and nasi goreng which we enjoyed a lot too. Service was good but do note that it can take up to 30 minutes for the chef to prepare your order. Nevertheless we can’t wait until our next visit to this restaurant.Restaurant Information30-32 Caroline Street,Cardiff City Centre,CF10 1FFTel: 02920374777[...]

Restoran Satay Celup Zao Jiuu


A post dated back to August 2008. We had a sudden urge to visit Malacca for its infamous satay celup since we were leaving to UK soon at that time and we have yet to try satay celup. Unprepared and without much hesitation, we departed to Malacca for a night trip.We were told that there are quite a few satay celup restaurants located in Jalan Ong Kim Wee. And here we found two satay celup restaurants located next to each other. Randomly, we choose Zao Jiuu (潮洲).As you can see, the restaurant is packed with customers. We had to wait for a table. Service was good and efficient. Despite the huge crowd, we were seated very quickly.The barley with lime (薏米桔子水) was priced at RM2 while the barley drink was priced at RM1.50 (薏米水). Both local drinks were nice and refreshing and provided a nice contrast with the spicy steamboat satay. The bread was priced at RM0.50. It was good for dipping in the dense and aromatic peanut sauce. It was heavenly delicious as we have ordered plates and plates of bread to soak up the delicious peanut sauce.Satay celup (串串锅), literally translated as steamboat satay, is where raw food, vegetables and seafood on skewers are cooked in a boiling pot of thick and spicy peanut sauce. In Zao Jiuu, the skewers are kept in the refrigerator and customers are free to choose from the wide selection of raw foods. The normal stick is price at RM0.50 each while the one with a blue end is priced at RM1. We have taken skewers of prawns, broccoli, Chinese leaf, mushrooms, bitter gourd, chili and dumplings.Second round, more prawns, mushrooms, cockles and vegetables. Other than these, they also have squid, quail eggs, crab sticks, fish balls etc.The peanut sauce was thick and spicy with a tinge of sweetness, it complemented so well with the fresh ingredients. It was sinfully delicious. Love it so much and we would definitely return to Malacca for more! Zao Jiuu is opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm to 12am. For more information about this restaurant, please visit their website here.After dinner, we drove to Jonker Street to visit their night market. There was a live cultural performance on stage during the night of our visit, adding to the liveliness of the historical city. Jonker Street has a lot to offer, varieties of souvenirs and local delicacies are available in the vibrant night market.Geographer Café is one of the landmarks in Malacca. It is a nice building which has won an architectural award.There are many heritage buildings located on this street.Even though we were quite full after dinner, we can’t resist having desserts before leaving the night market. Again, randomly, we chose a place to sit down and have something that we have craved for since our previous visit to Malacca – Cendol.The best thing about Malacca’s cendol is their gula Melaka aka palm sugar. The gula Melaka was so sweet and fragrant, combined with the icy cold shaved ice, coconut milk and starch noodles, the dessert was simply addictive.It was a very enjoyable trip. Hope to return to Malacca and Jonker Street again to discover different food and treasures in the city.Restaurant InformationNo. 45-G, Jalan Ong Kim Wee,75300 Melaka,Malaysia.Tel: 06-2865484[...]

Beard Papa’s


After a scrumptious meal at the Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, I suddenly craved for Beard Papa’s cream puffs and texted Ai Wei for the address and the telephone of the café. Thank you Ai Wei for the immediate reply across half the globe. The puffs were simply addictive, they got my best friend travelled to Pavilion for cream puffs the next day. With the information, we traveled quickly to Beard Papa’s since we need to catch our bus back to Cardiff.Beard Papa is located in Oxford Street, within walking distance either from Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court Road Underground Station.The café was quite small but bright, clean and pleasant.Beard Papa is a Japanese bakery chain founded in 1999. There are now 300 stores in 15 countries, selling 150 million cream puffs in 2007. One good thing about their products is that no additives and preservatives were used.Instead of purchasing one or two cream puffs, we bought a box of cream puffs and brought it back to Cardiff for supper. There are a few sets available, we bought set A which consists of 3 cream puffs, a cornet, a cookie crunch puff and an éclair cream puff. Set A was originally priced at £7.90, but an additional 10p was added to the bill since we ordered a flavour of the day cream puff.Our box of cream puffs getting ready to go home with us!Got a little hungry during the journey and ate a cream puff, so there’re 5 left in the photo which was taken at home. The original vanilla cream puff (bottom left) is simply my favourite, it tasted so heavenly delicious! The cream puff was so fresh and fluffy, complemented with the smooth but not too sweet vanilla cream filling, it was excellent! There are 3 types of flavours offered in UK’s Beard Papa’s, namely green tea, chocolate and strawberry. The flavour of the day when we went was chocolate. It was our first time trying it and it was very good, very nice and light. The cornet (middle of the photo) was quite good too! It was generously filled with delicious vanilla cream, so soft and smooth when eaten. The éclair cream puff (upper right corner) tasted quite unique with rich chocolate topping and vanilla filling, something worth giving a try! The cookie crunch puff (right) was good too. Six is just not enough to satisfy my cravings!Other than those introduced above, Beard Papa’s in London also offer chocolate fondant, cheesecake and tiramisu which we would love to try in the near future! Service was extremely good and friendly. More information about Beard Papa’s can be found on their UK website here.Café Information143 Oxford Street,London W1D 2JB,United Kingdom.Tel: 02074949020[...]

Far East Restaurant (新界奇华饼家)


This post is backdated to summer when we suddenly felt like visiting London for the sales. And so we had an impromptu trip to London.We arrived at London at about half past eight. We thought of having Chinese breakfast since we haven’t had them for ages. So we took the underground to Chinatown. A photo of the London Chinatown gate.Most restaurants are not open this early. Far East is one of the minority restaurants which open early. When we were looking at the menu outside, the staff politely invited us in and so we decided to give it a try.The interior of the restaurant.Unfortunately quite a lot of pastries were not ready as they were still in the process of preparing them. So we can only select from a limited number of choices. We had a red bean sesame ball (煎堆) for £1.50. It was nice and crispy on the outside but the red bean fillings were inadequate. Nevertheless, the taste was still good overall.Priced at £1.50, the pineapple bun (菠萝包) aka bo lo pao was a little below average. Despite being served warm, the bun was bland without any sense of fragrance and the bread was too dense too our liking, a feeling that too much flour was added. Would definitely avoid this next time.The wonton noodles in soup (云吞汤面) was also quite a letdown. Priced at £3.50, the serving was quite small, the broth was a rather bland and the noodles were a little soggy.Service was average and the price was quite reasonable. However, we didn’t really enjoy the food. One good thing about this place is that they open for very long hour. The bakery opens from 9.15am to 7pm while the restaurant opens from 6pm to 5am daily.Restaurant Information13 Gerrard Street,London W1D 5PS,United Kingdom.Tel: 02074376148[...]

Thai Edge


Sorry for the delay, this is the final post on our marathon summer trip to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester and our last destination, Leeds. Anyway, after about an hour bus journey from Manchester, we arrived in Leeds.After a night’s rest, we begin our journey in Leeds. A photo taken near the Leeds Railway Station.The Leeds Town Hall is one of the largest town halls in the UK.The Leeds Civic Hall is located in the Millennium Square, which was a few steps away from Thai Edge Restaurant.We took a short bus ride to the Kirkstall Abbey. The Abbey is one of the medieval Cistercian abbeys in the UK. This is the Western Elevation of the Abbey.A photo taken from the Cloister. This open square is where the Cistercian monks spent most of their time when they were not attending services in the church.This part of the building used to be the church, the most important building in the Abbey.Leeds Kirkgate Market is one of the interesting places to visit in Leeds. It has more than 800 stalls in the market and it offers a wide array of specialist units selling. Learn more from their official website here.The Victoria Quarter located in the Briggate features a variety of upmarket stores such as Kurt Geiger, Mulberry, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith etc.Back to food, we had our lunch in Thai Edge. The restaurant is quite easy to find, it is located near the Millennium Square and situated next to the NHS Infirmary Hospital.The interior of the restaurant is modern and nice.Very clean and pleasant. We noticed that the staffs constantly clean the tables.It was a Sunday when we visited and the restaurant offers a buffet lunch starting from 12 to 3pm. The buffet is priced at £8.95 per adult.Here are some of the foods which we managed to capture photos. The chicken satay was absolutely delicious. It was grilled to perfection and the meat was juicy and tender. There was peanut and chili sauce for dipping too. Perfect to go with the satay!The vegetable samosa was something that we enjoyed a lot too. It was nice and crunchy with juicy fillings and not too oily too!The dish on the left is the beef in coconut milk while the one on the right is the duck cooked in red curry. I did not try the beef in coconut milk as I do not take beef. The duck cooked in red curry was decent, not superb, but not too bad either.Couldn’t recall myself trying the char-grilled chicken and the stir-fried lamb in chili paste but ys tried them out and claimed that they tasted pretty good.They also have char-grilled pork with lemongrass and vermicelli that we have never tried before, it was quite delicious, and I assume quite healthy too!The stir-fried egg noodles were rather tasty, flavourful and not too oily, simple and nice. Other dishes which we didn’t manage to capture good photos are the Thai papaya salad, Thai spicy vegetable, Thai spicy squid salad, stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts, vegetables in yellow curry, stir-fried pork in sweet and sour sauce, stir-fried mussels in chili and galangal, stir-fried tofu with bean sprouts and deep fried fish with mango sauce. For £8.95 per person, we think the buffet is worth it!There is a separate counter where we can create our own Thai styled noodle. We were given a choice of vermicelli or flat rice noodles, chicken or beef soup, different types of meat, vegetables and seasonings. So this is our creation, a bowl of vermicelli noodles with chicken slices and chicken soup, garnished with scallions, crushed peanuts and chili flakes. It was simply delicious!As for desserts, we had steamed [...]

PASTA de GOHAN (和風スパゲッティーのお店)


Another post dated back to June 2008, after knowing Pasta de Gohan is finally here in Sunway Pyramid, we decided to pay them a visit. Pasta de Gohan is a Japanese pasta and café restaurant by Pasta de Waraku Singapore. We find Pasta de Gohan slightly similar to Pasta Zanmai, which is a wafu style restaurant offering Japanese pasta. The restaurant was clean, nice and comfortable. There were also showcases displaying various types of pasta offered by the restaurant. Take a good look at the plastic pasta models and you’ll probably get an idea of what you want eat for the night. For our drinks, we had a Calpis (カルピス) for RM3.80 and a macha float (抹茶フロート) for RM4.80.We had a Carbonara Waraku Style (カレボナーラ和楽風) for RM23.80. The creamy spaghetti was showered with bacon and yolk with carbonara sauce. It was delicious, the sauce was nice and creamy, coupled with the melted egg yolk, the spaghetti was made even smoother. Our only complain is that the bacon is a tad too salty.Priced at RM26.80, the scallop and chicken rice (ホタテとチキン) was a little disappointing. The presentation was rather messy and the dish was a little over baked, causing the wafu cream sauce to dry up. Similarly, the scallops and chicken were dry and lost its juiciness.Although the scallop and chicken rice was a little bit of a let down, we’ve read many positive reviews on this restaurant. And for the extensive range of pastas that they offer, we would still return to try out other food. Do check out their website for more information.Restaurant InformationUnit No LG2.126A,Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre,No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan,Malaysia.Tel: 03-56218166[...]

Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant (文兴酒家)


Sorry for not updating for quite some time, we have been quite busy these few weeks. Anyway, here's a post on our 1 day trip to London. After we done enough of shopping in London, we took the underground to Bayswater to the Four Seasons Restaurant – the restaurant known for its legendary delicious roast duck.Within minutes, we arrived at the Bayswater Underground Station.The restaurant is only a few steps away from the underground station, very visible and easy to look for. There are quite a number of souvenir shops located in this area, a nice place to buy or just take a look at gifts.It was only half past four when we arrived at the restaurant. We were early because we wanted to avoid the crowd and also simply because we were hungry after the rather unpleasant breakfast which we had in Chinatown, which we will post in the future. The restaurant was considerably small but clean and pleasant.The various types of chili which went perfectly with the roast duck!Priced at £10.50 for half a duck, the Cantonese style special roast duck (粤式烧鸭) was superb! It was simply one of the best roast ducks we have had so far, and it was quite hard to believe that London is the place we had it, instead of somewhere else in Malaysia. The skin was so nice and crispy while the meat was so sinfully delicious, very moist, flavourful and chewy. The sweet sauce complemented the duck so well, and the thick layer of fat beneath the skin of the duck was the hidden treasure. Every bite was sensational!Priced at £6.80, the hot and spicy bean curd with minced pork (麻婆豆腐) tasted very good too! It was originally served with minced beef but we changed it to pork since I don’t take beef. The dish was moderate spicy, but very delicious, flavourful and aromatic! Very nice to go with white rice, we wiped the plates clean as we did the same for the roast duck.Service was a little below average and it takes quite a long time for food to be served. Fortunately, food was excellent and authentic. If you really want to try good roast ducks, this would definitely be the place for it. Very highly recommended!Restaurant Information83 Queensway,Bayswater,London W2 3RL,United Kingdom.Tel: 02072294320[...]

The New Hong Kong Cantonese Restaurant (新香港大酒楼)


Back from Old Trafford, we took the tram until St Peter’s Square.The Manchester Central Library located in St Peter’s Square.We decided to walk up north to Manchester Arndale. On the way, we captured photos of the Manchester Town Hall which is located in Albert Square.About 10 minutes we arrived at Manchester Arndale, a large shopping centre with over 240 shops located in it.Located in front of the Arndale lies the Wheel of Manchester. The weather wasn’t perfect for travelling and photo shooting the other day, it even rained a little.Despite the gloomy weather, there was a huge crowd in the Exchange Square. The Triangle Shopping Centre can be seen from this photo.The Old Wellington Inn and the Sinclairs Oyster Bar was incredibly packed with lots of people.We decided to have an early dinner since our bus to Leeds will depart at 8pm. For some reasons, we happen to walk back to Chinatown naturally, to satisfy our cravings for more Chinese food! After much deliberation (every restaurant seemed so attractive!), we finally decided on The New Hong Kong Cantonese Restaurant, the reason being that they offer dim sum at half priced from 12 to 5pm daily.The interior of the restaurant was nice and cozy. We actually arrived at the restaurant at 4.55pm and the waiter took our order at about 5 minutes past 5pm, it was nice for him to allow us to have the dim sum at half price. Prices stated below are original prices before discount.We ordered a Shanghai mini dumplings (上海小笼包) more commonly known as xiu long bao at £3.60. Though not the best that we’ve had, the xiu long bao was decent and meaty and filled with naturally sweet soup.Priced at £3.60, the Cantonese barbecue pork buns aka char siew bao (蚝油叉烧包) was delicious and authentic. Our only minor complain is that the fillings were a little dry. Other than that, the bun was good.The preserved meat pot rice (腊味饭) was something that we enjoyed a lot. Priced at £4.80, the Chinese pork sausages aka lap cheong and char siew tasted very well with rice, they were distinctly sweet and salty, but not too overwhelming. The sauce infused into the rice made the rice fragrant and flavourful.Priced at £3.60, the Malaysian sponge roll or more commonly known as ma lai kou (全蛋马来卷) tasted fantastic! Served steaming hot, the steamed brown sugar cake was very soft, fluffy, loose and lightly sweet. It was very nice to eat, something that we definitely would reorder again!Other than steamed delicacies, we also ordered something from the deep fried menu. Priced at £3.60, the deep fried custard bun (酥炸奶皇包) was absolutely delightful! The bun was very well deep fried, fragrant, crunchy on the outside while the custard was not overly sweet. Simply love it!The coconut pudding (香滑椰汁糕) which we somehow ordered by mistake was served shortly after we placed our order. Since it appealed to us, we accepted it without much hesitation. It was taste at first sight, the coconut pudding was excellent! It was smooth, silky and fragrant with a sense of coconut milk but not too overwhelming at the same time. The red bean complemented well with the cold pudding too. I am already salivating when writing this post. Very highly recommended!It was a delightful dinner, we enjoyed the dim sum a lot. Dim sum served in this restaurant are generally flavourful but not too oily or overwhelming. Service was good too. We would definitely revisit this rest[...]

Red Café


The second morning in Manchester, we seek for directions from the reception and took a tram from St Peter’s Square to Old Trafford, the infamous football stadium which is the home to the Premier League club Manchester United.A tram at St Peter’s Square.After a short ride we arrived at the Old Trafford tram station. It takes about 10 minutes walk from the tram station and here we are, in front of the Old Trafford East Stand, where the United Trinity statue stood proudly in front of us.Tickets to visit the stadium and the museum are priced at £11.74 for an adult while tickets for students are priced at £7.83. The stadium tour lasted for about an hour, with a tour guide explaining each and every corner of the stadium and the history to us. Honestly, both of us are no football fans, but the tour was interesting.Up to 76,212 spectators can be seated in this stadium. Old Trafford has the second largest capacity in the English football stadium after the Wembley Stadium.After the tour at the stadium, we visited the museum where the history of the club and various trophies can be seen.A section displaying and introducing Christiano Ronaldo. Not a big fan of him though.Besides the museum tour, we also visited the Megastore, arguably the largest store devoted to football.We were quite surprised to find so many Malaysians in Old Trafford, in the store, in the museum and even in our tour, where there are only about 20 persons per tour.These counters will be opened during match days to avoid the long queue.Goodies that we bought from the store. Jerserys, t-shirts, key chains and a lucky bag.Feeling a little hungry, we went to the Red Café to grab a bite. The café is located at the third floor of the North Stand at Old Trafford, right across the entrance to the museum. There are televisions constantly showing non-stop Manchester United action and even the chairs are labeled with names and numbers of the football players. Guess it’s heaven for football fans!Not feeling hungry, we only got ourselves a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich (BLT) and a mineral water at the total of £5. The sandwich was fresh and good, generously filled with small strips of bacon. Instead of the food, it was the tissue which caught our attention. It was printed with the Manchester United logo and the tissue was so thick and nice. Besides sandwiches, the Red Café features a variety of light snacks, main courses, pastas, side dishes, desserts and beverages. More information about their menu and restaurant can be found here.On the way back to the tram station, we noticed a huge crowd queuing up in front of the Old Trafford Cricket Ground. It was when we came home and read that the Take That summer concert was held on that day. Fortunately we avoided the heavy traffic and went back to St Peter’s Square easily.Restaurant InformationManchester United Football Club,Old Trafford,Manchester M16 0RA,United Kingdom.Tel: 01618688303[...]