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Thank you for a lovely day out. =)Really meant a lot to me.



Whee!!~ It's that time of the year again.SUMMER holidays!!!



Who would have thought that a simple idea could mean so much?Hehe... I'm glad the surprise party went perfectly well. Thanks guys!!It took us a month to get together, discuss and plan for this very special day. Not only the birthday boy is ecstatic, everyone had loads of fun. Balloon fights, throwing water balloons, making a mess of the place, and screaming our lungs out in a karaoke session

After so long...


... I cried in the cinema! I've gotta say Marley & Me is one sad movie. Especially for dog lovers. I cried 3/4 through the movie, from where they showed Marley grew older and had problems walking up the stairs; till he died. *Sobs* Sad wei!!! I couldn't contain my tears and kept crying and sobbing. I should have finished reading the book first so I wouldn't have to cry my eyes out right in front

Will u be my valentine?


Love is in the air. Yeap, it's obvious and can be nauseating at times. Haha... you know what I'm talking about. Teeny bopper couples flocking the trendy malls. And I can't stop noticing this particular behaviour every valentines day. These couples tend to have the girl carrying her valentine's gift or gifts, practically everywhere they go the whole day. No matter how humongous the gift is! Is it

Short CNY Entry


I do admit that I am one hell of a lazy bum when it comes to blog maintanence. Either that or I'm too busy to update my blogs. Haha... That aside, Gong Xi Fa Chai! Happy Chinese New Year!The yearly mei wha (cherry blossom) tree.This year's CNY is really hectic for me and it's been the busiest of all these years. Major spring cleaning, shopping, decorating the house and baking loads of cookies...

Post Xmas Entry


Ho! Ho! Ho! Ok, that was lame. It has been 3 days after Xmas. This year, it feels like Xmas just stopped by to wave "Hello" and bid "Sayonara" immediately. And so will the year 2008. I bet I'll be writing something similar soon enough. Haha... It's rather late, but...Merry Christmas!!~Xmas... how shall I say... To me, xmas is all about twinkling xmas trees, presents, candy canes, truffles,

Buffet War


Mealtimes are sacred to us all. They rank right up there next to the durian season. However, nothing whets our appetite more than the buffet dinner. We adore the buffet for it is the epitome of our love for all things that are edible. To be confronted with several tables laden with food and then to hear those 4 magic words "All you can eat" is to trigger a primordial instinct in us to load up our

Chocolate Chip Cookies 2


I has been a long time since I last had chocolate chip cookies. And to play in the kitchen! Internship is over and I just had to get in touch with my beloved tools. It's so nice to sit down and relax, searching for recipes again. I was tempted by this recipe from Sunset Cookies. The pictures in the book was too seductive to resist. On this bright sunny morning, I just had to make them. *scurries

Mid Autumn Festival


Mid Autumn is here again and yea... finally celebrated it with my relatives after 2 whole years. I almost forgot the joy of carrying a lantern, walking around the housing estate under the moonlight with them. Sounds romantic eh?Celebrating all these get-together festivals yearly do get me thinking. What have I been doing all this while? Running here and there, study study study, play play play.

Renee's Wedding


Happiest day!! Today is my cousin Renee's wedding. Congratz to the lovely couple!! Everyone was happy, and so am I. =)I'm so happy that the wedding cake turned out GOOD!! The deco, cake, cupcakes and cake stand... all homemade. The couple loved it! The guest were awed by it! I'm sooo glad and happy! Whee~~ Words can't described how happy and proud I was at that time.I loved using that edible

First Day at Work


I've been busy working on the decorations for my cousin's wedding cake. Juggling between travels and the cake, hardly have time to touch my blog on the progress of the cake. Anyway, it's going fine and I think I really need to speed things up. The wedding's this Saturday and I'm only half way done. Eeek!On another note... Yippie! I've got an internship finally. I really thought I will be one of



Whee~ I'm so glad exams are over. Over and done with torture! Now I can have fun in the kitchen! Yippie! Finally I can try out those yummy recipes which I have encountered through out the semester!First off, I'll start with bruschetta. Something that mum came up with in the first half of my semester. My first encounter of Bruschetta was during dinner in a quaint little Italian restaurant at

Mummy Dearest


Dear Mum,We do not know how should we should say it, but "We love you, Mum". Somehow these simple words just cannot express how much we love you. Our gratitude towards you cannot be expressed through words alone. Your unconditional love that you have showered us with all these years have always been treasured by us.Happy Mother's Day Mum!Love,Your stubborn daughter and son. =)********************

Study Week ....Not


I can't believe I'm blogging in the middle of study week. Exams are way too near, 30th April to be exact. And I have tonnes, tonnes!!! I say, to absorb everything in just 3 days.The uni is a pretty conducive place for studying, only in the library for me. Because if I were to be 'studying' in the SA....I can't concentrate. It's a place where too much distractions occur the whole day. I can't

Fatman Steamboat


No, I'm not saying the guy is fat. Or the steamboat serves a fat man. Ok. Let's just get serious. It's the company name of the truck that transforms into a steamboat stall. It still puzzles me. How on earth do they manage to stuff everything onto the van. Food, ice blocks, equipment and all.Anyhow, spotting such a truck is a common sight. You see them in the morning, noon and even in the wee

A Camera, 2 Highlighters, and A Bunch of Students


A typical day at uni. A typical lecture scene when we're bored and restless. I don't know what is going on... is it just me alone? Each of us was on the verge to lala land, one after another. This only happens during a certain lecture. I tried to be attentive but every attempt is a failure. Why?A glance of the scene. The room is cold, slightly dim and is equipped with cozy seats. I'm still

Memory lane


It's about time I updated something here. Hee... Thank you for all your concern and e-mails guys. I am well, still the same old lazy me. I will still update this blog once in awhile. However, I doubt that this blog will be updated as frequent as it used to be. Currently, I'm tied up with my studies and hopefully this "study" enthusiasm lasts. Lots of things have happened throughout the past 3-4

October Spin


October 21st:A chocolate lover who steals Cadbury mini's at every house we visit during CNY. Another gamer I know who always ask me cds, tips and where to download. I stopped playing RO and Dota already la... Don't follow mi footsteps. Also, you're another fellow I knew since baby. My... how you've grown! Though I kinda miss pinching your chubby cheeks."Penang"... My cousin and friend. My bro's

Lantern Festival


2007 Lantern FestivalOk, I know the lantern festival was a waaaaaayy long ago event. I'm currently very busy with my studies and have not much time to blog. Plus, is it only me or what? I seem to have trouble login to blogger during noon hours. Hmm...Anyway, this year I didn't celebrate lantern festival with my family as we didn't organize any. So, off I went to MF's house. We had steamboat and

Turn Turtle


September 25th:Saw this on the way out during lunch break. I don't know how it happened. Luckily no one injured.

Strawberry and Vanilla Cups


There's something about strawberries that makes them special. It's fragrance and vibrant red color makes almost any dessert seductive. Most people like their berries plain, with chocolate or vanilla, be it in cakes or puddings. As for me, I personally prefer strawberries with chocolate.We had extra scoops of strawberry mousse, puree and bits and piece of strawberries. They were scraps of my

September Baby


September 11th:This day of the month holds precious memories for many people. But to me, this very day reminds me of: someone has turned OLDER. Hahaha... Don't kill me ya? Xin is one of my dearest, yet longest friend ever. She's my cousin in fact. A thought just came through my mind. We grew up together ever since you were born. We lived under the same roof for 5 years? We stayed just doors away

Bye Bye Summer


Alright. I've been gone long enough. Far too long this time. I finally found a lil time to do some updating. You might have guessed that my classes have begun. Really begun. Time to say goodbye to summer, and welcome autumn with a big "hello". To tell the truth, I'm not very keen on getting back to uni. Not that I hate uni that much, I do miss the companionship that my uni friends provide. It's



Whenever I have pizza, somehow I am reminded of Ninja Turtles. Yes. Especially when young Michelangelo went "Piiiiiiizaaaaaa"! (if I've not mistaken).Pizza Power!My favourite was of course, Mikey. A funny fellow that wears orange mask and bands. I grew up watching these cartoons: Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Aota man (UltraMan), My Little Pony, Care Bears, Masked Rider, the list goes on and on.