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A Moment of Life

A diary of my journey; a story of my life. One process of living; another process of learning.

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14th OCT


SHE is crazy and funny
SHE is a friend closer with time and despite distance
SHE is celebrating her birthday today



a SECRET to one might not be a SECRET to another
becomes an irony when people are asked to keep the SECRET
when it doesn't feels like a SECRET to begin with or worth telling



SHOULD is an instruction
WANT is a passion
WILL is an act



SHOULD do to improve your life
WANT to do to have a better life
WILL do to live the life you want

Things to do


1. ermmmm
2. hmphhhh
3. ..............
There's nothing to do



SLEEP is much needed by everyone
despite SLEEP being seen as a waste of time for some
for me, SLEEP is a pleasure and wonderful thing



DARK is not always evil and mean
DARK should be seen as beauty and unique
because DARK is me



Respect other PROFESSION regardless of what it is
Every PROFESSION has its own role in this world
Is difficult to live without these PROFESSION



LAUGHTER creates love and joy
The whole atmosphere is enlighten with LAUGHTER
LAUGHTER bonds people to be closer



Life is SIMPLE
Do not make it less SIMPLE than what it is
SIMPLE is good



CHANGES can be good and bad
Sudden CHANGES can leave you in bewilderment
Just learn to accept CHANGES



Can't do anything when SICK
Like a different person when SICK
It is awful being SICK



Is a nice sequence
of numbers



every WORK is given last minute
these WORKs won't produce good outcome
undesirable WORKing style



Despite of the environment, you can enjoy for YOURSELF
Despite of the people around you, you can still be YOURSELF
you are YOURSELF



E = emotionless
M = motionless
O = optionless



SHORT and simple is better than long and complex
feels love with a SHORT and sweet message
feels awesome with a SHORT and interesting conversation



ONE is enough to be happy
more than ONE isn't necessary good
stay with the figure ONE



The FIRST posting after a very very long time
on the FIRST day of the month
as the FIRST of this series.

Last day of the year


(image) 31 December. A year has come and gone. Is time to say good bye to 2008. Is the last day of the year. It symbolizes the ending of a life as a student. It marks the end of my 4 years stay in Australia. It is a whole brand new chapter waiting ahead next year. A chapter waiting to be written. To be filled with new stories and experiences, with hope to be better than previous ones. More challenges ahead, both new and old. I am not quite ready for it now, but when the time comes, I will. 2008. There have been many dissapointments and failures throughout the year particularly in academic, up to the end of it. Nevertheless, it did teach me some lesson of life. All the group discussions, assignments and presentations has been fun and memorable although it might not seem like it at that time. It has been an awesome year of travelling for me. The many road trips and vacations with many new experiences. New friends were made, old friends were reunited. The whole of New Zealand, Adelaide, outskirts of Queensland and Fiji. Adding to the list of other places I have been throughout my student life. Many more has happen and has its own significances. Hope that 2008 has been a good year for all and may 2009 be a better year.

My 23rd


I am indeed getting older. 16th Oct was not any different from the previous days. Anyway, it is still a day that worth blogging about :P I slept even before it turned midnight. No more suprised party like we used to. The days back in Campus Lodge was actually fun, turning up at the door steps during midnight with a cake. Although eventually it was turning into a routine but it was still nice. We could afford to do that back then as everyone was just staying above/below one another. Now we are hills apart. Haha. On the day itself, I was stuck at uni the whole day, having an Intergrated Case Design to complete. My housemate, Amy decided to bring me out for late night shopping as part of celebrating my birthday. The whole house went for shopping and dinner. Thanks guys. On Friday, JZ treated me dinner as he was unable to attend my birthday dinner on Sat. Free, unexpected dinner. Haha. Thanks. We take-away our dinners and join the rest of the geng at Sailo/Huey Wen's house. Then, there was all the ninja turtles fighting. Sien :P On Saturday night, I have organised a dinner at Han-woo-ri, Korean restaurant. It was a simple but good dinner. Nice food, nice place, most importantly nice people. Haha. Thank you all. It was awesome!! Thanks for all the presents and cards. Emily couldn't resist but to give me Bodyshop products with mango flavour. Haha. Too much of mango for Honours already. Mango will remind people of me :P [...]

Toowoomba Flowerfest


Trip to Toowoomba Flowerfest was a great way to end the week. Honours thesis was due on Monday, Intergrated Case Studies on Thurs and Fri and Multiprofessional (MPE) assignment due on Fri. The end of the horrible week, but also indicated the beggining on my one week semester break. So there were some flowers to brighten the week :P
(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

Not the same


Certain situations just won't be the same. As much as I try to be understanding, it still won't feel the same. The impact of an situation, especially a bad luck affecting the person will not be the same as to others who are trying to help or understand. I can try my best to help, offer sympathy and feel sorry, but I can still move forward soon after. I will not be thinking and worrying about it all the time. Now I realize how naive I was last year. Trying to make my problems into other people problems too. The way I handled things were not something I am proud off. But I guess, you do have to make mistakes to learn from it. 2007 was a tough year but it did teach me well indeed. Learnt when to hold on and when to let go. Learnt what it worth all the trouble and what is not. Learnt what is more important and what is not. Not only myself. I think most of us have grown throughout the years. Especially when studying overseas. Be it in physically, mentally or emotionally, we have grown in one way or another without a doubt. It is good to be able to grow and share the experiences with the close ones p/s: hopefully things will work out well for you, my friend. just breathe for the time being.

Officially over


Is finally over. I am finally done with my honours... at least for the writing part. There is still the presentation next time... but now is considered done. Yahooo

A series of misfortune and a good luck


Things were not going well for me for the past few weeks. It started off during the mid-year break where I had to repeat my experiment AGAIN and found out a month later that the results were not any better. It was such a waste of time and effort. Then, I fall sick during my last week of QUM where a report and presentation was due by the end of the week. So, there was no rest for me despite being sick. In addition, my preceptor was expecting much out of my project. Extra stress. And when I thought I was done with it, I found out that I was in the wrong track the day before it was due. I practically rewrite half of it and managed to finish on time. Phew When the schedule of our presentation was out, I just had to be the last person of my tutorial group to present. How much I yearn to get over and done with it asap. It just had to be my luck to be the last person this year when for honours' presentation, I was schedule to be last as well. My honours thesis was due in one month and I still haven't gotten my results. A week later, there it was, not any better, just making it more complicating to analyse. What frustrated me the most was how unhelpful my supervisor was. All she could think of was her future plans for the project. I didn't give a damn about the project. I was more concern on how to write my report. She was of no help when I faced difficulties nor offering to find a solution. I was left hanging, feeling lost. Two more weeks to go, I still do not have my main results. No results = no discussion. So the major part of my report is still yet to be done. Feeling stress but can't do anything because I am still stuck. It took 2 supervisors and 1 lecturer to figure out the many sets of data that I had. But a conclusion is still yet to be made. Seriously, hopefully they will come out with something soon. I need to write my discussion. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, my eye swell. 'Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga'. I have a recurring meibomian cyst on my eyelid. The doctor gave me a referral letter to RBH (Royal Brisbane Hospital) for a minor surgery to remove it. The cyst is not life-threatening but just annoying. Til now, I am considering when to go to the hospital. I have another assignment 3000 words assignment due 4 days after I have to hand in my honours thesis. But I have only 2 days to do that assignment as I have another group assessment in the other 2 days. I thought it would be the end of the world for me that week. However, behind every cloud, there is a silver lining. Having 30 different topics assigned to the students, it was like a jackpot if you could find someone with the same topic. Things couldn't get any better when I got a copy of a senior's report of the same topic. I was soooo happy. It was awesome. It just took a large burden of my shoulder. I couldn't stop smiling. There is still some light in life when everything else seems so dark. My luck had just got better. I also found out that recently, 2 of my friends got engaged; Abby and Nadia. Congrats girls. So happy for you guys. Hopefully, I can attend the weddings. Hehe. And another close friend got attached. Good on ya. Though there is no good news from my side of story, I am happy with the way I am right now =P. Life is just like a rollercoster. Once you are down there, you can't go any lower. It is time to climb back up to the peak. So all the best to all the final year students. Hangi[...]