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My Life Diary

a place where thoughts and recent happenings are shared

Updated: 2018-03-08T08:03:27.363+13:00


Aussie, here I come


Yay! Finally the time has come. Aussie, you are my next destination. I will be there from today till Jan 5th visiting 5 places - Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. It's going to be fun! Ja ne~

I am a happy man


Hehe. I am smiling. Why? It is because I am a happy man. What makes me happy? New stuff makes me happy. Hehe. I have pampered myself for my coming 23rd birthday, Christmas and the New Year. I have bought some interesting items except for one which my mum bought for my birthday present. Hehe. Check it out.1) A 2 in 1 Colorado jacket.2) Puma El Rey3) Nike Air Max Neuro4) Ipod Travel Charger5) Belkin Camera Bag6) SD Cards7) Panasonic Lumix TZ158) Ipod Touch (Courtesy of my mum)9) One more. Can't wait to open. Haha[...]

A question...


What is at the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end, and the end of every place?

Disheartening is short


It's disheartening to hear or read stories about how life is short and how we should truly appreciate the things around us before we lose them. It brought me to tears when I read an article on the New Zealand Herald website. It is so sad. Why must it happened to a newly-wed couple? Why? For the groom to lose his bride in a car accident after a wedding reception, it is just too hard, way too hard for him to hold it in and move on. I hope God will guide this man for the remaining of his life, keeping him strong and face further challenges in life. Let's share our prayers with him for this weekend.

The article can be found on the following link:

The List of Dreams


I came across a friend's blog where she had an entry on her list of 100 things that she has to do before she is no longer in this world. I find it very interesting. It sort of reflects back on myself on what I want to do and achieve in my life before I move on to the next world. It triggers me to write up a list as well. At the moment, I am "busy" preparing for exams, thus do not have the time to think about it. But for sure, one of these days (after exams), I will spend one day just to think of the things I want to do in years ahead. Hehe. It will be interesting, at least for me. : )

Signing off.



Sigh, the computer proved to be a big distraction when it comes to study break. What should i do? I think i should go to uni to study. There, i should be able to run away from the computer. Then again, I am lazy to walk to uni. Hmmm...what should i do? Any suggestions? Perhaps leave my computer off?

How do you know when your routine is screwed up?


Well, check out a really screwed up routine of mine. 


12am     Was doing my report

1pm       Completed my report. Didnt sleep at all and went to uni

6pm       Came back from uni

7pm       Knocked off to bed. Did not have dinner

2am       Woke up as if a new day has already begun. Felt hungry

3am       Ate my "dinner"

7am       Went back to sleep

11am     Woke up again. Haha!!

Recent pictures


Moon Cake Festival Gathering and Ah Bin's Bday


Final Year Project Display - Kai Ann  is on the deck we made with our composites(image)

The Scale Model made by Boon(image)

Mechanical/Mechatronics Class of 08 - Spot me!


New Found Friend - Lol(image)

End of final year project


We have come a long way, been through a lot, know the ups and downs and many more. Gosh, we have learned many things. I guess you can't have everything in the end. It would be a nice icing on the cake if we had won a prize for our project. We had people from industry reviewing our project and good feedbacks were given. Our project was shorlisted by the Composite Association of New Zealand as well as IPENZ (Institute of Professional Engineers in New Zealand). Perhaps, it was not meant to be. On the other hand, what pleased me most that a lot of people were very interested in our project. They liked the fact that we actually use wastes to make something useful that has the potential to replace wood. My supervisor gave us some kind words as he knew we were pretty disappointed with not getting away with a prize. Perhaps he was hoping as well due to the amount of attention it received.

It has finally come to an end for the final year project. And, yes, I am very proud of the project. Very indeed. I believe my project partner will also be very proud of it as well. Our supervisor also mentioned that Rex, a technician at CACM (where we run the project) said it was one the best project ever done in so many years. Not only that, our assessors for the project conference were also impressed and the "Well done" "Good project" s were indeed very pleasant to the ears. It feels good that our hardwork has been appreciated through the successful outcomes of the project.

On the other note, a librarian has asked for our permission to display the project at the engineering library. That was somewhat very unexpected but we gladly accepted it. So, it's all good in the end. Now, I am hoping that our work can get published in a journal. That will be very good. At least, I can say that I have a publication. Hehe.

Now, I would like to acknowledge the people who have made this project successful. First, will be my project partner, Boon. Thank you for being so patient with me. I realised I have pushed you a lot through my high expectations out of the project. Thanks also for listening and accepting my ideas. I was pretty strong headed as well. Thanks for compromising. Well done Boon!! Pats on the back.

The second person will be Dr. Krishnan Jayaraman who supervised our project with great care and professionalism. It was really a pleasure working with him. He was always there for us when we needed him. A great guy! Next up is Rex. Man, he just doesn't know how to stop. Haha. Glad we had him as part of team. He was very enthusiastic about the project and he helped us a lot in the machining of the setups for manufacturing high quality of wood plastic composites. Also, the others at CACM, Jos, Stephen and Callum who also assisted.

Last but not least, I want to thank you, Lord. I know that you have always been guiding us. Without you, our project might not have come this far. Thank you Lord!! I should end the post now. Once I have the pictures ready, I will post it up. : ). Have a good weekend everyone!!



I am feeling sad right now. Just when I thought we could win something this year, it turned out the opposite. We simply thrashed everyone during the group stage with scores like 22-6 and etc. When it came to the semi-finals, we played against the year three again whom we thrashed in group stage. The rotation of players in and out was not favourable to us. They were serving and three of our team's best players were off the court. Gosh, we simply lost on that. How sad!!!

I am talking about the mechanical department sports tourney (volleyball). Last semester, we went into the final for futsal. Again, we lost. The year before (Third year), we went into the final for futsal. We lost. Sigh, my time at uni is up. Approximately 2 more months left. Guess, I can't leave the uni claiming that I have won something during the mechanical department sports tourney. We had good players, but it was just not meant to be. Well, can only look on the brighter side.

On the other note, I am pleased with how things are going at the moment. Final year project report is due coming Tuesday, and I have already started writing it, which is pretty unusual for me. I am glad the project went well. We got some good results. Well done Boon (my project partner). We have put in so much effort together. After the project report, comes the presentation and display then we will be finally through with it. Hope everything will turn out well. Need God's guidance.

Also, I am back to sports now after 6 weeks out with rehab. The surgery was successful. I am happily jumping around during netball and volleyball. Played netball and touch rugby last Saturday against KAC. This time, they were much friendlier than before! Also, for the first time, I scored a try during touch rugby. I dont really play touch, so it's good to start with. I doubt I will be playing it. It is so tiring running up and down. I still prefer volleyball and netball. Soccer seems to be a bit slow on me nowadays. Have not been playing much. Will try and play this coming Saturday with my "family".

Well, it's time to get on with my report again. For all the final year students, good luck with the report writing. All the best!

Eight, eight and eight (8/8/08)


The eight, eight and eight is so rare, and the next time it will happen again is in the next millenium. Confirmed that I will not be able to live up to that day. Haha. Well, I think I should record down what I did on this particular day (in diary mode)12 am:    Continued with the writing of my last practical work report 4 am:      Decided to sleep and continue writing the report the next morning8 am:      Woke up and ate 4 muesli bars for breakfast (running out of time to write the report)8.30am:My new speakers (Logitech Z-5500) arrived!!! Super heavy, almost 25kg!!12 pm:    Finished writing the report (phew) and yet to set up my new speakers - so  itchy ad!!2 pm:      Submitted my practical work report and went for class (Building Services)3 pm:      Chit-chatting with Kai Ann, Xin Yi and Boon (some dodgy stuff came up)5 pm:      Finally started to set up my new speakers. Was waiting in anticipation 7 pm:      Finished the set up. Thrilled with the sound quality....8 pm:      Had dinner. Yam made "little pigs" - sausage wrapped with bacon and then baked, nice9pm :      Played three dota games with Yam - all victorious....hehehe....Hail Drow and Razor!!11pm:     Went to Celest's place together with the others to watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics Games 2008. Simply breathtaking. Well done China!! So proud of HER!12 am:    Still watching the opening ceremony la.....what a great day!Before and then, after ....[...]

Bersatu Games 08 and Road Trip


Cheers to my 4th Bersatu Games. Will complete one cycle soon. Hehe. Will be leaving tomorrow at 4.30pm to Wellington then a road trip follows up after the games. Will only be back in Auckland on the 9th of July. What a break that I have been looking for! Take care everyone!

Spending spree again...


Sigh, spending temptations overpowered me again, over and over again. This time, I bought a new CPU at the price of NZD 915 from trademe. It is an ex demo cpu and simply too good a bargain to resist. The specs are;

*Cpu: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 AS LGA775 2.4G 8MB
*Memory: 2Gb DDRII DDR667 Dual CH Channel
*Hard Drive: 500GB S-ATA hard drive 7 (7200 RPM)
*Optical: 16x Dual Layer DVD SATA Burner
*Digital Media Card Reader
*Graphics: ATIX2400 256MB
*Modem: 56Kbps internal fax modem
*Keyboard: Wireless KB and Mouse Combo
*Speakers: Black 2-piece desktop speakers
*Operating System: Vista Home Premium
*Warranty: 1 year return to base

(image) The CPU

It could have been cheaper if not for another bidder who was bidding against me. In the end, I think it is a good buy. I have started using it, and honestly I love the processing speed!!! Quad core all the way. 

On the other hand, I also bought a new Ferrari Enzo. Did I just catch you there? Haha, guess not. I am not so rich to buy one. So what I did was I bought a Radio Control model instead. Hehe. It was on 1-day, selling at NZD 29.99. The Enzo looked so tempting and with the price tag for a licensed product, I knew I just had to buy it. Below are the pics;

(image) Front rear view

(image) Rear view

(image) Front rear view

Siblings conference


22nd of June marks the first ever online conference for my siblings and I. Never once we had an online conference with everyone present, most of the time it was just one to one conversation. My mum then came online and joined the conversation. It was like a family reunion, except for my dad who was already asleep at that time. Haha.

Guess it is something that should be done often, at least once a fortnight, just to update each other on current happenings. I was so lost on my siblings' recent happenings until we were engaged in the conference. 

Not only it helps with the updating, it also allows us to share thoughts and experiences. My brother, being the eldest and already in the working world shared the most. Invaluable lessons that he learnt he shared it all. I was somehow like in the middle while my sister was the most naive one, not knowing how the real world actually is. Well, she is learning from her brothers. Haha.

We also shared our personal problems with one another. I wouldnt say all personal problems but problems that just need to be heard by another person in order to feel better. When friends fail you, your family won't fail you. Always keep that in mind. Siblings and parents are always there for you in times of need. 

I hope there will be more online conferences from now onwards. I miss my family! My bro who is Singapore, my sis who will be going to Sunderland soon, my parents back at home in Miri and I in Auckland, we are all so far apart from one another. We just need to constantly communicate to keep the ties as strong as ever. Distance makes the heart ponder? I agree in a different context. It makes ties even stronger where appreciation of one another when the other is not around over rules the distances apart. So, here is more to it! :)

New layout...


A new layout, a new beginning....they say. Haha. I have decided to change the layout and colours, and I think it looks so much cooler now. I will blog about "Siblings Conference" tomorrow...had a great time with my siblings tonight. See ya. Good night

Lord, it's you again....Thank you


Lord, it's you again......Thank you. You are always there in my times of need. Your presence has empowered me to think that everything is possible with you. From faint hopes, you have turned them to realisation. Thank you, Lord.

The past three weeks were horried times for me. Assignment's due dates and exams on the first two day of the examination period. How bad could it get? But, with you, Lord, I have bravely faced them, with high confidence that I did pretty alright. It was you, Lord! Thank you for being with me, giving me the courage to hold on. 

I couldnt believe that semester 1 has ended just like that, and at such early stage. The preparations for the two exams were terrible due to the short time and inconsistency throughout the semester. I have to admit that my preparations for the exams this time were insignificant compared to any past years. So, I had to face them with fear. But, Lord, you took that away the fear and replaced it with confidence. With that confidence, I have made it and survived!!

The preparations this time will never be forgotten. They should be a continuous alarm for me to work even harder and be more consistent in the future. I cant stop imagining myself reading 300 pages in less in 10 hours, covering 9 chapters for Technology Management. It was reading a book in 10 hours and trying to understand them. It was beyond my ability at all. I didnt grasp much of the content but I think I survived the exam ordeal.

With exams over now, I already have in mind what I need to do over the winter break. I have a long list of things to do, and yes, I must do them early to avoid the usual last minutes me. For those who still have exams, work hard and always believe in yourself. Pray hard and ask for guidance too! All the best.

P/S: Lord, I have another request. Can let my thumb heal quickly for Bersatu? I wanna play. It still hurts. :(

Thoughts ran wild


All my projects' and assignments' due dates are already over now. What a semester it has been! It has not come to an end yet. I have two exams waiting for me, on the very first two days of the exam period. How lucky!!!!

I am sitting in my room, alone as my housemates went out for a dinner. Lots of thoughts are running through my mind. All undesirable thoughts, not even one that is good. That shows how pathetic I can!

I am not sure even if I should blog about it especially when I am such a state. Nothing nice will come out for sure. Anyway, I think I just need to get it out of my system, I cant keep the frustration within me anymore.

Talking about luck, I have been badly deprived of it. Nothing is going right at the moment. Everything I did was a disgust to others. What did I do wrong? Have people changed? I don't know the answer. This year has been really weird with everyone around acting all weird, not their usual selves that I like.

Strange strange strange. Guess everyone is stressed out as I am. What I dont understand is why others do not understand the situation that I am. I was aware that I made a commitment. When something more important like a 50 percent project due the next day, will you forgo that commitment. Hell yeah, you will!!! 50 percent!!! Not just mere 10 percent or less. Call me useless or whatever for not completing it early. I am a last minute guy, it's just me. What can I do?

It's my last year at Uni, and I want to make the most of it. No way, I want to mess it up. I am sure no one else will. I have tried my best to fulfil any commitments I have made. It's only natural that I can't fulfil all of it due to the changing nature of life. Things just cropped up at the most unexpected times. All I needed was an understanding, and not some comments that were fired straight at me for not fulfiling that commitment. There was no mutual understanding simply because it was out of question at that time. 

Sigh sigh. This has been lingering over my mind for the past few days. I had never received such comments before in my entire life. It shocked me to the core. A few more days and I should fine. I should be concentrating on my study now. Exams are next Thursday and Friday. How soon!!!

I shall be nursing my injury at home ........Goodbye sports for now...I feel better....

p/s: I am sorry if anyone is offended....

A little update....


It has been awhile since I wrote on this blog of mine. Life has been really busy with so many things happening around me. Despite those busy and procrastination times, I have decided to take some time off to blog about recent additions to the list of gadgets that I owned. Hehe.I have to admit that I am a gadget freak. It is always tempting to invest in better high tech gadget to make my life easier and better. So yeah, I bought a new 1GB RAM for my desktop pc, so that I can do things faster. It was 512MB RAM all these while, pathetically survived. Hehe. But, it has yet to arrive, guess there were some problems with the courier. It should arrive in the next two days.Another gadget that I bought was the Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 7000. I saw the Microsoft's 30% cash back offer and immediately I wanted to get a new wireless desktop set. I have started using it. No regrets!! Some more with the cash back, even more worth it. Look below for the pictures of my new "baby". Haha.The keyboardThe wireless laser mouseApart from these gadgets, I also invested in a new pair of shoes, Adidas Megabounce. The shoes has cushioning effect with the specially designed soles that reduces the impact of the weight. It pretty much dampens any additional movements that might cause strains in the foot or knee. This is perfect for the current state of my knee. Hehe. The moment I put it on at the shop, I knew I was going to buy it. It was too good to deny it. Hehe. Below is the pic of the shoes.Adidas MegabounceAnother thing. A few days ago, I received a letter from ACC. Much to delight, they have decided to cover all the cost of my knee operation. Hehe. People have been asking me if I was afraid of the operation. To be honest, I have not put much thoughts into it. Perhaps when the time comes, I might freak out. Perhaps not, because it is only a 30 minutes operation, nothing major. Hehe. I only fear the after effect of the operation, especially for the 6 weeks of rehabilitation, where I will have reduced mobility... : (Okay, gotta go back to work now. All the best in these 2 weeks! Hang on there! Rewarding holidays will follow up after that....[...]

Played my heart out....


For the first time this year, I was involved in sports from 8 am till 4.30pm, from windmill courts, to IH court and finally the rec centre. Prior to this day, I was so adamant of playing sports for the whole day, forgetting whatever is on my mind and the workload that I have at the moment.

Gosh, I must say that I enjoyed today. I played all out even to the expense of annoying people with my "contact" style of playing in a non-contact sport, netball. I am sorry. I think I should never play defense again. I can't keep my hands to myself. I always want to block and shovel just to prevent opponents from getting the ball or scoring. To sum it all up, I am aggressive at girl's point of view. Guessed I learned all these from soccer, Men's game.

During the netball game, it was raining and the court was slippery. To my shame, I did a leap towards the hoop and guess what? I fell "graciously". Man, I just couldnt believe that I fell that way. Sia soi only, some more i was so confident in making that big leap. Haih. The game was good and the Bersatu team beat us. They are pretty good.

Later on, we moved to IH to play futsal. Rain stopped for quite awhile, and we got to play a bit of training match. The girls are improving, much to my delight. I am sure they will get even better. Rain then came and we had to stop. Terrible weather today, nothing but rain.

Moving on from there, we went to the rec centre. The guys were playing handball with a size 2 ball. That ball was so small. Poor the goal keeps for the day. Wei Loong had two shots at his abdomens. Hehe, toughen him up! I did not play because I wanted to reserve my energy for basketball. Also, from the netball game, I thought I had better avoid repetition as girls were playing handball too. Hehe, good move I think.

Then, the best moment came. Basketball!!! I don't know why I have passion for basketball although I cant play it that well. I wished I had continued playing since primary school, perhaps there would have been a different me. Hehe. But I enjoyed playing with the guys till 4.30pm!!! Improved a little bit. :)

Due to all the sports, it is only normal for me to have a long nap to recover. Hehe. It can be considered a sleep actually. Long hours, haha. Now, I am going to start doing my uni work. I hope the weather will be good tomorrow. And, congrats to all new graduates. All the best in your future!

We all need to learn to say, "Whatever will be, will be!"


Recently, I listened to a song by Vanessa Hudgens by the title of "Whatever will be". I find the lyrics very interesting. Indeed, we need to learn how to say "whatever will be, will". There is no point looking back at something that has long gone from the mind or even things that are causing some much thoughts and unhappiness. Check out the lyrics;

Sometimes I feel like I'm a bird with broken wings
At times I dread my now and envy where I've been
But that's when quiet wisdom takes control
At least I've got a story no one's told

I finally learned to say
Whatever will be will be
I've learned to take
The good, the bad and breathe
'Cause although we like
To know what life's got planned
No one knows if shooting stars will land

These days it feels naive to put your faith in hope
To imitate a child, fall backwards on the snow
'Cause that's when fears will usually lead you blind
But now I try to under-analyse


Is the rope I walk wearing thin?
Is the life I love caving in?
Is the weight on your mind
A heavy black bird caged inside?

Whatever will be will be
The good, the bad
Just breathe

'Cause although we like
To know what life's got planned
No one knows if shooting stars will land

Whatever will be will be
I learned to take
The good, the bad and breathe
'Cause although we like
To know what life's got planned
Thing like that are never in your hands
No one knows if shooting stars will land

It is out


Yes, the verdict is out. I need to undergo the knee surgery. But, the good news is that the surgeon assured me that it was not a serious injury, and could be easily fixed. However, it does mean i lose partially of my meniscus.

The surgery is scheduled to be on the 11th of July, during the semester break. It will take 6 weeks for full recovery. Hopefully it will be faster then, hehehe.

As for now, I have started playing netball. It feels just so good. I was also told that I could play sports but be more cautious although there is slight chance to further aggravate the injury. Hehe. I am so looking forward for volleyball this Saturday!! Just have a feeling it is in my day I might say volleyball for life ...and no longer soccer for life...hahaha!!! Will see how things go...

Till then, take care everyone!

The verdict


Yes, the verdict. The verdict on my knee surgery. Whether it is a yes or no, I will know tomorrow and I am patiently waiting....

What a day


What a day! A "wonderful" day made by myself. This is more like a diary, so I will write it in terms of time.

7.22am Woke up from bed
7.50am Attended the 8am mass at St Partrick's Cathedral
9.10am Went to uni to do some modelling on ProE
10am Went to rec centre to coach futsal, play handball and basketball
2pm Went to Food Alley for laksa meatball
3.40pm Went to Auckland Domain to watch the soccer and touch rugby team. Naughtily played
5.30pm Went to Foodtown with Shaun and Dallas to get groceries. As usual, bought as if there is no tomorrow.
6.30pm Arrived home. Cooked dinner, did the laundry and bathed
8.00pm Went back to uni to do more modelling, in short pants. My God, frost bites!!! I didnt
have any other long pants available and I didnt want to wear my jeans because the
weather was not very good - rainy.
12am Left the university for home. Super cold!! Shit man....and I saw a couple kissing in the
car. LOLZ!!!
12.30pm Typing this blog now. Will be sleeping soon already

What a day really! Considered productive la...hehehe

Sunset on April Fool


The sunset on April Fool's Day is simply breath taking. Yes, and I am not fooling anyone. Just look at the pictures below. The orange sun set.




Farewell is not a very nice word to appear on a piece of paper, blog, or anywhere else. Farewell is not fun. Farewell does not bring any sort of happiness and joy. Farewell can only have one meaning and that is sad. Farewell is sad.

My "brothers" and I had to bid a sad farewell to our "mum" and "aminah". It is totaly inevitable. Well, it could have if both of them had decided to stay on for another year, but they didnt and we respected their decisions. Guess it is part of life right.
Despite their farewells, I believe our times together was already more than enough that even a farewell would not have that much of an impact. A farewell is even worse when you don't get a chance to either say, "Take care, keep in touch, let's meet again!"or have had wonderful memories together. And, I am glad we had that chance, to the extent of exchanging hugs. Great!

Ever since they came to Auckland last year, we had many happy times together, from even the smallest of things to the biggest. Netball sessions, dance practices, yogo times, some ps2 and sing star actions, meal times, road trip and many more. They now remain a part of our life experiences. I am glad that our paths have at least crossed once, better than never. And now, I can only hope that our paths cross again.

Only time can tell what will happen in the future. Now, we must keep to our promises of keeping in touch. Till then, take care my two good KL friends.

Pei Lyn's antics...classics

(image) Pinky Van...that's her

(image) The "family" portrait lives on...