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Voice of my mind

Isaiah 40:31 But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

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(image) That's what will happen when you attempt to remote control the PC you're using.

This utility will allow you to remote control your home computer while you're away. Or even when you want to help someone with his/her computer problems (software-related mainly) without the hassle of traveling to his/her house(a.ka. online support).

Try It! I knew it from my colleague.

The Best Love Note


The Best Love Note is found in John 3:16

For God so loVed the world,
That He gAve
His onLy
That whoever
Believes In Him
Should Not perish,
But have Everlasting life.

I still remember John Lee said this is the most powerful verse for him.=) Happy VALENTINE!

Canadian Singing 童话


(object) (embed)

If I were to pay...


I would go for something like this. It was simple yet beautiful and splendid. Sometimes, frills are not really necessary. They are just....icing on the cake.

Photos Worth Thousand Words=)


Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Jan Yee would love this. Maybe not this one, this one too expensive.

Sungei Wang Plaza

My first Baskin and Robins ice cream.

My dad and me.

Storytelling session at Midvalley

Me and Shook Hwa

Me, Jan Yee and John Goh at KL Sentral.

Eh, I discovered something recently. If you tinker with the exposure, it changes the lighting. So, it's quite useful when taking photos inside shopping mall. Okay, now I sound very ulu. Whatever...

Hungry for Hope


I hadn't written a proper leave note huh. Anyway, I shall write more about this wonderful experience I recently had later. And this is the theme song of World Vision 30-hour Famine 2007.






The world we live in
Can do with giving
A child today
Is a child of our tomorrow

I’ve seen the children
Who have been broken
By wars and hunger and natural disaster
So broken

When tomorrow comes
We must have hope
We must reach out
To every single child

When Tomorrow comes
We spread our love
And make it a better day

We’ve gotta pray and do our best
To bring you a better tomorrow

When Tomorrow comes
We spread our love
And make it a better day/让你我都飞扬

When Tomorrow comes
We spread our love
And make it a better day




我买了...屈指一算,六本书:候文詠的《我的天才夢》、《白色巨塔》,郑丁贤的《举重》,曹雪芹的《红楼梦》,Mitch Albom的Tuesdays with Morrie, Jeffrey Archer的False Impression. 猜猜总共多少钱?120令吉。本以为标价上的已是折扣了的价钱,怎知付账时,竟然《我》、《白》、《举》还打了八折。哈!
最近,我在吉隆坡几乎每日都会看星洲..也因此认识了侯氏和郑氏、读过他们的摘文和评论。后者是星洲的副总编,每日在报章上都会读到他的时事评论。而《举重》、《若轻》是他往日评论的合集。其实要不是隔两天有生物学(二), 我应该会更早去这次的书展,并且能出席候文



噢,我不知道何时才能读完全六本,而考试间我只读完了《举重》。不过,最近我发现阅读带来的满足感远超过电视连续剧。啊,好迟的领悟!=P(虽然,我还是抵不过看完Prison Break Season 2。)




New sem


Our new semester(last semester, haha) officially starts this week. And my class starts quite late today.
JG captured this timetable(lasts only for 2 weeks=D) using his handphone. There you see, further evidence that we can't live without handphone.

By the way, Cambridge AS starts next week. Uurgh, and I have to go for quarantine session for Bio and Chem Practical.

Shall rant no more, or else be prepared to pay another RM700 again for resit.



Why Ms. Chong always absent without telling us? Nevermind, at least I can online until 10. Whee!

By the way, it looks like I can't online in my home now. The wireless network had been secured.

Lately, I found out that I'm really poor at writing summary. Maybe I'm just too used to writing GP essays.

Last Saturday, I'm sitting for the Malaysian University English Test(Reading Comprehension, Writing and Listening modules). I almost screwed up my writing module.

Well, we're allocated 1 hour and 30 mins, apparently 40 mins for summary and 50 mins for essay. You know how long I spent for the 100 word summary? About 1 hour and 10mins. Haha. And I scribbled my 250 word essay in 20 mins...badly.

GP is the subject I fare better. Not because I write good essays. I guess it's rather because I'm good at fudging. You know, talking crap so that the essays looks longer and better.

So, I think I fudged unconsciously in the summary. But then, you can't really deviate from the passage. It's just that I wrote unnecessary points which most probably not included in the marking scheme. End product results: I exceeded the word-limit and have to cut down about 100 words.

Anyway, speaking module is on the 9th. (Ah, I should stop fudging here.)

Thank you


Thank you mum for spending your Saturday with me.=) Our relationship improves a lot. Thank you so much. I love you.=)



Recently, I found out there's something I relied on very much. My watch. Haha.

About a month ago, my watch went dead. Then, when I was going to get the battery changed, my watch was nowhere to be found. Those days had been really difficult for me. (Handphone isn't the same, btw. It just doesn't serve the purpose well enough.) Hard to keep track of the time.

But, I noticed many people, especially guys, can do without a watch. Except me, of course.

Oh, I still miss my watch.

Anyway, I bought my watch at 1 Utama not long after that. It feels so good to have something strapped to my hand again.=)



I've got so many things to tell you, but I'm not feeling well right now. (No, I won't buy/take panadol. I bought an inhaler though, didn't help much. Hope I don't get fever) So...wait okay!=P

Mum is already in KL on Sunday for her 2 weeks hospital course. Will be seeing her this Saturday.

Selective mutism


Psychology is an interesting field, besides language. (I even thought of learning Español and Français. Haha)

Anyway, I came across this selective mutism thingy on Jas' blog recently. And Wikipedia got a quite concise(the case can be far more complicated, i think) article. know what, I suspect I used to be selectively mute. No joking.

Based on the usual traits, I was selectively mute till Form 3 or at least Standard 6, i think. I find it hard to maintain eye contact, blank expressions(haha, I still have it till today. No, it's different.), hard to say even give greetings. I was selectively mute towards teachers, friends' parents, doctors-people who are older than me. I can chatter freely in front of my friends though. It's not that I don't want to talk, it's just that I panicked easily when someone talked to me. Weird huh?

I still remember there was this case: the teacher was conducting check because someone's pens was missing. She was in the midst of ransacking my bag when she found a photo album. Apparently, I brought it to school to share with my friends. Then she flipped through the photos while asking me question(s). I turned my head away from her and responded only by nods. You perceived that as rude, don't you? But, it's one of the characteristics of selective mutism. The worse thing was, I cried. Haha, out of no reason at all. No, I didn't steal the pens. (In case you got the idea I did=P).I was extremely withdrawn when I was young.

But then, I'm okay now. Yeah, that's a good thing albeit I don't really how did I change. It just happened. No, I still don't like social events.

Anyway, there're also good things in selectively mute people. Yet, I don't have good powers of concentration nowadays. Last time maybe yes la. Hmm...consequences of being able to speak freely.=)

Book Fair



Fairly Smart=32% STUPID


(image) is making me a nincompoop. Anyway, I just downloaded a copy of The Times IQ book. Email me if u want. =D

Pretty Happy


You Are Pretty Happy

You generally have a happy, fulfilling life.
But things could be a little better, and deep down, you know it.
Maybe you need more supportive friends or a more challenging career.
Something is preventing you from being totally happy. You just need to figure out what it is!
How Happy Are You, Really?

Haha, surprisingly, though I chose some quite "depressing" answers. But yeah, I'm happy. Just now talked(debated...and gonna to continue at school tomorrow.) with JL on the phone for more than 22 mins. Hey, I'm enough with movies already la. If not, I'm gonna lose my nerves soon.



It's already 11.48 p.m. and I started to feel sleepy. So, I will whine as much as I can in this post. Oh, I'm using the "free internet" inside my house. Apparently, it's one of my housemates who left the network unsecured. Err, I'm feeling a bit guilty using the internet without paying, so I locked up myself in the room.(sheepish look)

Lately, I feel dreary and stuffed up sometimes. I don't know why—the pressure just piled up since the start of semester. And I try to figure it out during the last few days. I skipped school on Thursday and Friday after I arrived KL on Wednesday morning. No point doing otherwise, even the teacher also told us not to come, tacitly. Guess what, they spent the whole day keng gai only.

I started to watch HK serials and 24 Season 4, went out with JL to catch Cantonese movie and get lost in the city AGAIN.(His sense of direction is just as bad as mine) And I watched the Planet Shakers Evermore DVD. It is really meaningful to me and I was thoroughly edified.

And I almost failed my Bio test(AGAIN), 8 marks short of failing. This test again was a horrible one. But unexpectedly, I managed to maintain my GP grade after all.

Ah..sleepy mood. I guess I better stop now. I simply don't know what to write.

Here's the video


(object) (embed)

If you want to download it, enter the URL into this website and use this player to play it.

Student Appreciation Nite and Concert


Last week, our school had a prom* night, organised by Student Welfare Committee for SPUS students. No, I didn't go. Honestly, I don't really like social events.And so this were the two guys who went to the party.=P I found this picture in my computer, captured during watching James Bond in TGV KLCC.Actually, according to JG, it's more like a concert, with performances. It's pretty cool—Cleo magazine, Fly FM, Domino's Pizza...lots of freebies for 30 bucks(I think).Instead, I went to the Pin Guan's 音乐交流会in Utar with Zi Kai. No, I was just accompanying him(he was there to listen his songs nia). In fact, I was still skeptical before I got there. Guess where's the location? It's in a lecture hall, not some kind of amphitheatre. So, only UTAR Setapak and those who notice the "happenings" section in Chinese newspaper will notice about it, I guess. By the way, since it's only a branch campus, I never thought UTAR is that big until that day, but still, the lecture hall is still smaller than ours, haha! Eh, Zi Kai really looks like Pin Guan(I just got this pic, can't even remember what's the place already.) Don't you think so?I like his songs. And he performed quite a number of songs from his albums and those days with Guang Liang(another one of my favorite singers). Let me see if I can upload the video here.[Shayne Ward's songs are awesome. Haha]It's really distracting these few days. My housemate and the pirate(CD seller) near my house played the CNY songs again and this TIME of the year. And the decos in town centre too. Anyway, I bought my bus ticket. Ah, cost me RM35, 5 bucks more than usual. Heard that my school hols will be extended by to a week. Watched The Guardian(must-watch movie, really touching) and Night at The Museum alone in a week. I just like movies like these: The Day After Tomorrow, World Trade Centre, The Guardian...After watching The Guardian, it reflected to me what Jasmine had wrote: There is no way to battle against nature, only protect yourself and appreciate it. How true it is! Another DVD to anticipate, haha!Oh btw, I got into the wrong hall and watched part of Eragon. Instead of Hall 9, I went into Hall 10. It's so embarrasing. Realizing something amiss(cos I was thinking why there are subtitles on trailers/commercials), I walked away and noticed that the entrance of Hall 9 is at the side. Phew, I managed to get there before THe Guardian starts anyway!=PTalking about cinema, I noticed something very distracting. The laughter. You know, there are some scenes(and commercials too) not funny at all and you still get people laughing till the ceiling drops. Another thing is, whenever there are "interesting" words said on the screen, you would hear a commentator down there. And worst still, he repeated the same thing. I mean, duh, I still can hear la, why I need someone to repeat it again? And it doesn't do any good when they(or someone with both of these characteristics)sit at you side.Finished my GP paper yesterday, Part 1. I could tell I didn't write very well this time(and this post too), and I was facing writer's block towards the end of the essay. And I was hard-pressed for time. I still managed to finished off, anyway. So, the ending is like sec school essays, "We must do this, so that the industry will progress and the world will be more peaceful...blah, blah, blah. Hackneyed. If you're interested, my essay title was "To what extent that music is an international language?"*P/S: student dance: a formal dance for high-school or college students, usually held at the end of the school yearMicrosoft[...]



Well, the timetable for this sem looks good to me. And we got the the early Friday again, haha! We only have lessons until 12. Those who dropped Bio is even better, only need to study from 8 to 9. Erm, I'm not too sure this is good news for JL or not, as he has to drive all the way from Bukit Jalil only for the Chem lecture. And it's a good temptation to skipped it, JG said.

This sem will be exam-packed.
05.02.07-11.02.07: Test 4
26.03.07-01.04.07: Mid-course/Mock exam which will be used for forescast results.
21.05.07-15.06.07: Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary(AS) Levels. I think the AS is going to clash with the term hols. Oh, this is REAL bad.

Then, I'm going to register for the Malaysian University English Test(MUET) next week, which costs RM60. (Basically, it's an English competency test, like IELTS and TOEFL. Will be helpful for Msian students to enter Spore unis and compulsory for Msian unis, both public and private, if I'm not mistaken.)

Exams, loads of exams. So, I guess my new year resolution is STUDY hard. This time it has to be really SERIOUS, Wei Liang.

p/s: I'm not really into resolutions, anyway.=P


Spring Cleaning and Welcome 2007


You know what, I really really don't like spring cleaning!

That day, dragging a luggage(haha, I chose one with trolley this time) up the slope with a backpack, apparently very exhausted when I reached home, not expecting to see anything that's coming up that very moment. And I found this—my room was just like after being inundated by the Johor flood. Flowers, fungi and termites at my shelf and rust.(??!!) No, I don't know what exactly happened. The shelf isn't on the brink of collapse yet, anyway. But, it looks a bit ugly now larr.

Back then, I was extremely frustated. Why must this happen to me? I only been away for one month plus. I swept, mopped, swept and mopped again. Now, my room looks REALLY clean. Haha, it actually worth it huh?

Actually, the reason I dislike spring cleaning is that I prefer to arrange things nicely at the beginning and try to maintain it that way. Of course, there is once in a while of amendments. It's just that I don't like to move and rearrange all the things all over again.

To wrap up, Happy New Year 2007 to everyone!! 2007 is indeed a happening year an I hope it also will be a purposeful year for everyone! There are so many events this year:
1. It's VMY2007 and the 50th independent year of Malaysia.
2. The New 7 Wonders of the world will be announced this year. You can vote too!!
3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows( if I'm not mistaken, it is the new book title) will be released this year and also the movie version of harry potter 5.
4. It's my final year of long walk to DK( Dewan Kuliah/lecture hall)s.
And the list goes on...

Oh by the way, I noticed something new in kl when I was back that day, the hop on-hop off bus. Actually, those buses are part of the VMY 2007 programme. It looks trendy, but what's the point if it can't adhere to the schedule.'s just so typical of Malaysia.




(I got this from NST delievery yesterday. Quite touching— I decided to post it on my blog.)










p/s: I wonder why this ended up with a English newspaper delivery.=P Oh, I'm supposed to type in Chinese, aren't I?



(image) Oh..we also watched March of The Penguins yesterday. The penguins are really cute. Haha.
And Jasmine sent me this picture. =)

Bio blues


JL told me some time ago he dropped bio and take econs instead. Aihh...I should have done that.'s too late now.

In fact, we had started to use the sem 2 book for practical. And most of them is about slides. And what made things worse is, about plants. The transverse section, longitudinal section of Heliantus'(not sure about its commercial name) stem, root...blah, blah, blah. Btw, I'd grasped the way of focusing =), though there are times that I still frustrated. Oh..I simply can't remember where's parenchyma, collenchyma, schlerenchyma...(any "chyma"s left?) I think I'm going to screw up my bio practical in the AS next June if I'm not picking up.

[Physics practicals are always about oscillations. Till today, we have done more than 20 types of oscillations. Virtually, almost everything that can be oscillated is included and they can come out with the different formula for each experiment, Zi Kai said.]

We finished our Bio presentation yesterday. Our group(me, Hung Yew, Khoon Hau, Keane and Jan Yee) managed to do it in 5 mins. At least, all my effort for preparing the notes for five of us to present and the booklet were not wasted. And thanks a lot, hy, kh k and jy! You really have done a great job! I never expected this to be easy.Erm..just one thing, just want to sorry for preparing the booklet without discussing with you guys first. K, HY and KH are very good in acting(duh! I know it's pretty obvious. Miss Chong said it also.) And JY also, thanks for your sis' doll.=P

In fact, I'm rather thankful that I'm gaining confidence in public speaking. I still remember KH said that I looked fierce for the gp presentation. Haha. Enjoy public speaking to certain extent, really.

Anyway, no more presentations, I hope. It's more stressful than exam..uurgh.




I wasn't supposed to switch on the computer. Was I?

Never mind a consolation for just completing a chapter of biology!! Haha...let's see how i managed to finish all subjects before the exam starting with physics this Thursday.

Oh..I never would have done it tonight if not for JG's sms when I was trying to sleep. Well, I'm now listening to jazz music on Light & Easy(Yay!!). John, jazz music is nice(good when you can't sleep too=P), and I shall try to listen until 12. Whee.."Can't Take My Eyes of You" is nice. handphone radio is a bit blur, because of the reception, I think. Need to select the angle....precisely.

GOOD NIGHT. Sweet DreamZzzz *.*