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Updated: 2018-03-07T13:17:20.779+11:00


R.I.P my darling Soffy



This post is dedicated to my darling SOFFY, the dog who likes to bark.

Midnight, early morning... whenever - waking up Bryan for some attention.

Thank you for being such a wonderful playmate to both Bobby and Yukky. Learning bad things from Bobby, getting naughtier and naughtier each day.

Giving that look (I want to play more) whenever we put you to sleep and hiding behind me when Bryan asked you to go back to your play pan.

No matter what, WE really LOVE YOU and you will always hold a special place in our heart.
I miss your manja-ness badly.

Sorry for not being there during your last moment.

May you rest in peace.



I was all excited about black and white this saturday until I forgot it's clashing with the rural pharmacy Grampian trip that was booked early last week.

Well, of course I am all for the footy match this Saturday. That Grampian trip is no big deal. What's more important that spending quality time with your cousinssss on a saturday arvo at the MCG cheering and going fanatic over Collingwood team. Why Collingwood? I am supporting it because my cousins are their fans.

So yeah.. all fun fun fun fun this saturday in black and white!

M happy


Just came back from work.

Feeling contented with my life recently.

Everything's turning out great. Time are well spent for myself. Done a lot of thinking this year after years of putting other matters and people before me - found myself still searching for more and wasn't so happy with life. Then decided it was time for me to do things and dedicate more time to myself. This doesn't meant more time spent being alone but more time thinking and doing what I really wanted to do. In another word, having "more life".

I was glad with how I spent my holidays, how those catching up with friends that weren't in the common circle making me really happy, how I finally really went for those self-improving courses... etc etc. I have never felt so good since secondary school. Growing up and stepping into adulthood seems to eat our carefree life away.

Glad that I found new people that makes me realised what life's all about, giving mature opinion on life issues and helped me in finding my way. That just add more meaning to my life. Sometimes we just have to look beyond and take a bold step ahead to find long-searched answers.

So right now, I felt that I am really living life to the fullest. Not sure if this would last long, esp with placements starting then flooding uni work.

Ahhh.. nevermind. At least I know that for the next 3 weeks.. my planner has been filled with exciting stuffs. Live footy match this coming sat then nice catch up coffee with someone next sat, and work on sundays!

No fairy tale


Ahhh finally, finished reading "Once I was a Princess" by Jaqueline Pascarl today. Enjoyed reading her book - I likey loike her writing style. Not too much of bahasa bunga which means carefree reading. I would say good writing, good book and if you ask me bout the story line - of course it is good too cos it's real. So ALL GOOD. No rekaan, nothing is being made up. She writes from her heart after going through so much agony. I had a feeling I will read the book again one day.

Well, for the time being, I am for sure going to get her second book - Since I was a Princess. Sequel of stories after the "kidnap" leading to the day she finally got reunited with her children again. After painstaking 15 years. Kesian wehhhh...

Enough of that, starting this coming Monday, I will be doing my placement in St. Vincents Public Hospital for 3 weeks. Felt really glad and lucky. =) It is just across the road from where I am staying now. Good hospital, good PEP programme. Can't ask for more.

Bing's feeling positive energy surrounding her!

Just have to do this


Ok, now holiday's gone...What have I really been doing during the holiday? Didn't fly out for vacation and I can say I didn't even get out of melbourne city area except for picking up my couz at the airport and on last saturday had a superb dinner with my aunt family and wonderful cousins at aunt's in Lower Templestowe. Yes, I have many many relatives here, three 2nd aunts (makes 3 uncs) and 2nd cousins - 10 of them if I am counting correctly or could be more.Then another trip to Austin Health in Heidelberg on Sunday.In summary, my hols is -1. Seriously MOVIE MARATHON - some have been in my hard disc for ages, while some from my couz. The list of movies I watched for the past weeks is enormous! (ok, maybe not for you but yes for me)- Love Actually - Beauties of Drift- The Longest Yard (again)- Shooter- Forest Gump- American Pie 1- American Pie Beta House (just proves how ridiculous ams are)- Pride and Prejudice ( I watched it again right after I finished it! Intensely gooooood movie!)- Atonement- 27 Dresses- Gone baby Gone- Stomp the Yard- Hairsprayand some unfinished LAS VEGAS 4th season. Just can't get enough of that cutie!! and and YES, I haven't watch Sex and the city, Kungfu Panda & Hancock that everyone has been HOO HAAing about. Doesn't matter. Wait they go on DVDs then I can get to watch them over and over again! lol.2. READING - ahhhh, I don't read fast so still reading the same book since holiday started. I am just that kind who likes to take my time to read and slowly absorb the story line. The book - Once I was a Princess by Jaqueline Pascarl (well, more known to Malaysian as ex-spouse of Raja Bahrin). I realised that I have a lot of opinion about the whole "incident" and furore. 3. HOSTING - As mentioned in earlier post. My couz is here to study. Spent lots and lots of time with her doing the bonding thing. hehe. Showed her around melbourne to get her familiarised with the city, shopping!! (both of us are proven reinforcing factor on each other), baking, gossiping, watching movies (she taught me to switch off the lights which I never done when I am watchin alone) and ahhhh.. the late nights girl talk. I miss her already. She moved out to her Southbank apartment on Sunday. =( and yeah, I just have to mention this - fyi, she is one year older than me and taken. gg.4. SELF IMPROVEMENTS - Attended two courses during this hols. One being the Complementary medicines course by Blackmores held in Uni on the 3rd July. And the second one, I completed the Barista course!! Yeayness!! It was awesome experience with lots and lots of skill learnt. Espresso, mocha or latte, anyone? or you name it - flat white (proudly australian), macchiato, etc etc.. and guess what, there is such coffee serving called Babycino too. awww.. how cute is that?5. CATCH UPS with friends - Made a list of people I would like to see during my exam then completed the mission during holidays except for one. Fui, I will definitely have to catch you soon! To fellow Kemamanians in Melbourne (Jen, Ai jien & Yogi), thanks for making it to the dinner. Sat and chat all our way through for 3.5 hours in that restaurant recalling those high school moments and friends are just so heartwarming. Love to do so much more often! and to Kristle, finally!! Lastly, D, it is just so relaxing to have a cuppa with you.All in all, I am satisfied with how I spent my holiday. Simply lovely![...]

What's with 4th and 5th july?


4th July: Famous as The Independence Day of United States tapi tak ada kena mengena with me. So I tak kisah. Yang i kisah nye, apesal ramai orang beranak on 4th July 1985? It was FIVE of my friends birthday yesterday. 4 of them are 1985 babies. What a co-incidence. Amazing enough for me...

Guess what?

5th July: I don't know if any country independence day falls on this day. But... I almost fall off my chair when I found out that SEVEN of my friends are born on 5th July!!!!

What the bird!

So, I am posting this to wish all of you 4th (5 of you) and 5th (7 of you) and 6th (2 of you) and 7th July (1 of you) babies a very

This also goes specially out to the one who are always there for me- standing by me throughout this 6 years full of ups and downs. Thank you for never losing your faith in me. Thank you, thank you for everything. Happy Becoming 24 my deariest!!!! Lots of love from me to you 5th July baby!

Anyway, I am in a pretty good mood today cos my Sang Matahari tersayang decided to appear today! Yippie!

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I'm lovin' it


Hasn't update my blog for few days and somebody's already complaining.

What excuse do I have for not updating my blog? I am on hols anyway... haha. Nothing to blog about = no post lah.

Been enjoying the luxury of time I have. Late night movies and sleeping just before the sun rises... ahhh... I am having good times by myself. Relax, relax, and relax. =) lovin' it.

The weather's not getting any better. Colder indeed. Well, it was expected duh. Yesterday was supposed to rain. Slept at 4 till 10.30 but woke up with sunshine! Yeayness!! Anyhow, it doesn't last long. The rest of the arvo was gloomy... and I found out from my aunt that it actually rained cats and dogs early in morning around 6. heh heh... guess I was having sweet dreams then.

My couz arrived around 12 in the aftnoon. Went to airport to welcome her. That was when I had a quick taste of beau sunshine. Hope will get more of it in the coming week! Basically, the day passed by with gossips gossips gossips and updates from my cousin about most of them back home. Also went out for dinner with our aunt - finally got to eat char kuey teow that I craved for since 2 months ago! What's more better than being treated?
Forget to mention my cousin's here to complete her degree - transferred from Lim Kok Wing.

That's my updates for now. More catchings up to look forward to before the break ends. Teringin want to organise a reunion for those AUSMAT 15 comrades currently in Melby tapi right now, tak de motivation lah! Harap harap jadik la.

Aite, toodles for now!

Now, we the rakyat lah!


Ok.. this post was meant to follow up the "I am the rakyat lah!" post.

Well, I found out that many of my Malaysian buddies here still don't know its existence. But I have been doing my part by blue toothing this song and get them to listen to it. So far all of them find this song gempak!

Haha.. ohh well. I guess those who have seen the video should see "the making..." too.
So here you go peeps...

Watch it till the end and listen to what Pete says in there. If anyone ask why am I wanting to go home after my studies, I will just ask them to watch this and my answer is exactly the same as Pete's (05:00 Part 2).

Sorry the vid's too long so it was broken into 2 parts + 1 MV.

The Making Of Here In My Home Part 1
(object) (embed)

The Making Of Here In My Home Part 2
(object) (embed)

Now, I just wish I can be in it too. =P

My question: Did you cry? tak kan la a bit air mata also tak de? aisehhhh

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Exams no more - for now


I am done with exams!

I am so gonna relax now. My hols will kick of with waking up late tmr! bwaahahaha...

I am the rakyat lah!


I have no time to elaborate on this. But this is just too overwhelming for me... Watch it, listen to it and spread it peeps!!! ONE LOVE ONE LOVE ONE LOVE!!

(object) (embed)

Atm, this should speak for itself.

Just love the verse "no matter where I roam, this is home sweet home" ohhhhhh.. so true!

Current song: Duh! What else? of course lah Here in my home!
Today's Grand-cruz selection: Livanto

Hide and seek


Just checked the weather forecast for this week. So the looking forward for nice outing under some sun!

Dah almost 3 weeks terkurung inside this house. Got la keluar 3-5 times for exams and fresh air. I guess total of outdoor sunlight I have been getting does not even exceed 12 hours in this 3 weeks!

Oh, dear... I am half way getting Vit D deficiency.

My exams ending this monday... tengah tengah study pun ber-koya (trg word for daydreaming) lah what to do after exams. But most importantly the weather must be nice! last week... everyday sunny. so-the-beautiful lah the weather but I am stuck in here. selewe sungguh!

And now What?! For the week after my exams almost everyday going to rain rain rain rain...
Bestest day pun partly couldy. Is the sun playing hide and seek with me? =S
tak nakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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so low________


Feeling extra down today.

Few factors yang dikenal pasti:
Upset with something last night
Mood swing
Bad dream, woke up wrong side of bed
Post-clinical pharm exam stress effect?

How good if can just sit and stare at the wall- sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh till i puassss
or go for a nice nice walk in the park kat belakang tuh. Let the angin tiup all away.


Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... still need to study for next subject.

STUCK at home. benggang betol. 2 doses of caffeine today. period.

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Wake up! wake up!


This blog has been dead for so long. Last post was in 2005!!!!

Suddenly feel the urge to write again. Guess too much things to rant out during exam. Shall revamp it after exams then.

Will be simple and casual blog - for me to crap and vent.

Think nobody goin to read this entry anyway.



First of all, WARNING: THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT MAN OF MY LIFE. r.o.t.f.l.o.l..heh... mentioning Cherating in my previous post comment, it just provoked some nostalgia. Really missing those GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD times with my 3 bestest friends. So this post is specially dedicated to three of them.. ...YING being the longest and best friend of my lifetime. Ehehe... she's alr 20 yrs old n 12 days and that, till today, we have been friends for 20 YEARS n 12 DAYS. Such an amazing bond has been built and I cherish every single moment with her beside me. Sorry yea girl I used to steal ur food whenever I alr finished mine in those toddler years. ehehe... pai seh. She's now in Uni of Wisconcin, US. Sooo far away, yet I feel her soo close to my heart. YEE ler, she stays in the same neighbourhood as Ying. Been friends with her for more than 15 years, since kindergarten. Hehe... 3 of us, me, ying n yee used to sit together in the class back then. and owh yea, there was this another boy (i forgot his name) sat beside me who keep salivating all the time. I have the pix dated 20th Oct 1991 (three of us plus that lil' boy). Really can't recall his name. Hope he din come across this or else he will prolly bash me up when he sees me around Cukai in this few months. Touch wood! haha... and Yee is now in Uni of Nottingham, KL bounding for UK next year. Catching up with her very soon! Can't wait... Yee, I always have faith in you. ;). EN lived in my neighbourhood when I was around 3 to 4 years old and later moved away to another neighbourhood. I always remember her as a cute petit girl (with long hair) pedalling her small bike quickly around the taman. I have always admire her black luscious long mane. Till now, they are still as beautiful as before... She has her own secret regime to keep those hair shiny and naturally straight. I am just too lazy to follow. haha... Known her for about 13 years liao lu. En is currently in Uni of Nottingham, UK doing the same course as me, Pharmacy. Had a good long chat with her few days back... so warm n lovely. En, I am missing your warm peck on the cheek everytime before bidding goodbye.. Me, Ying, En n Yee was in the same primary n secondary school, proudly SKSI and SMKSI II. All in all, FOUR of us has been best of friends for more than a decade and still going strong! hehee... Our friendship is the most amazing gift of my lifetime. I MISS THEM SO SO SO MUCH! and I am very proud of each of them... We did it gals! Also would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for being with me through all my ups n downs (esp my darkest year in f4). I love you gals...Here, i post the lastest photo of all four of us which was taken last year before Ying left for US. Those pix was taken in Cherating around 8 something in the morning! mmmmmm... missing those moments..1. From left: Me, Yee, En and Ying with beau morning surrounds @ Cherating2. From left: Ying, Yee, Me and En @ Ratna Pippin yard3. Me and Yee4. Me and En[...]



Back to home on 29th.


I am soooooooooo boreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddddddddddd...

Can anyone tell me WHAT CAN I DO??????

I am missing all the fun and life in CS. :S

Post Exam Anxiety


On 7th Nov, I self-diagnosed myself as having Post-Exam Anxiety which is a weird thing cos I don't encounter that before neither do I suffered from Pre-Exam nor Exam Anxiety. Anyhow, I have alr recovered from that, thanks to my self-prescibed treatment..Nah, i wasn't on any medication although I learnt from my DIP (Drugs in Profile) tasks that Diazepam is used for anxiety management. LOL....The treatment is sooo effective that i just need a session of it to alleviate my anxiety. Ahaha... no Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics or Pharma-wat-so-ever are applied here. Girls are the best in this. The therapy? - SHOPPING. .Anyway, the terminology was then modified to better sounding, more professional and more accurate:. .................................................................. "RETAIL THERAPY"............................................................................................ (Joanne, 2005).I strongly recommend this mode of treatment to anyone who are also encountering such anxiety albeit I am just a first year pharm stud. I don't think I got it wrong this time, cause one good thing is, it doesn't cause any adverse effects although your cash will be flowing out. But it is way way better that you got new input to your wardrobe collections than using those $$$ to pay for the medication! Yet, not only its safe mode of action is an advantage, it even brings about positive side-effect- forge your ties with your other girlfriends + happiness. Here is the monograph of Retail Therapy:RETAIL THERAPYIndication................: Short-term treatment of Post Exam Anxiety.Adverse effect.........: Nil.................................. Aching feet (rare).*Side effects...........: Positive;...................................Happy, gay, forge ties with friends.Dosage................. : Take when necessary.Patient counselling : If notice a hole in your pocket, stop treatment immediately. It is a sign of ...................................overdosage..Cost .....................: Flexible [...]

it's O-V-E-R


Yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally finally finally.... exam over liaoooooooooooo!! gonna lepak till 22nd. Wooooohooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

... FAT? ...


Hmmm... I add this another pix for comparison...

Before : Pix taken on 13th March 2005


7 months later...


Somebody says I am FAT liao... DO i look really FAT alr? Prolly standing beside pretty Mel makes me look like a FLABBY ball. But then the fact remains that I DO grow fatter since I came.

Btw, that's the pix I took with Mel aft the Flare Dance Essemble last Friday. The show was AWESOMEeeeeeeeee!!! Definitely will be there again next year! Prolly in the show *wink wink*.

Flare flare flare flare... la la la la la...


brrrrrrrrrrrr... friday again. Yet another week has GONE. whops... I should be studying now, yea? wat am I doing here? ahaha... lazy lorrrrr.. wat else. Lil' excited now... goin for "Flare Dance Essemble" at Melbourne Uni Union Theatre tonight... 7.30pm... Wheeeeee!!!
Well well well, got a "mini mission" to be accomplished during the show tonite:
Spot Mel, and video-ed her! muahhahahaaa... the girl in yellow raincoat that covers her sexy outfit...*wink wink* she's gonna undo the raincoat! feeeeeee witttt!!!! You GO girl!
Gonna enjoy the production tonight~~~~ AND....
... ... ... ... I am signing up for flare dance next yearrrrrrr!!!

OUR first time...


... ... ... .Took place yesterday... It was around 2 something in the aftnoon. Was looking forward for the pleasure when it ends. mmmmm.... after months... finally the day came..... "Look, this is my first time and this is yours too. So, lets take it slowly, k?", he said. I* nodded..and it went on for THREE hours... .I was overwhelmed by the sense of relaxation when it finally ends. Everything went on well eventhough there are a lil' mess at times..The sequence of the events still remain fresh in my mind (as in until today)... and I have one thing to share with everyone... but before that I would like to ....MUAHHHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAAAHHAAAAAAAAA... (LOL + ROF).hmmm... wat r u guys thinking?? ok ok... whatever is it... I wanna share something that I came across during 'that' time yesterday..mmmmm... cocoa butter... and yea, we DID play with cocoa... it smells really gOOd and i was way way tempted to lick em' all. hahahaha alright alright, I wanna share this ."Cocoa butter is innocuous, bland, and non reactive and melts at body temperature. These desirable properties were widely used by pharmacist as a suppository base and are used by confectioners who make premium chocolate products.".......................................................................................................Capuano & Iskander, 2005.So, basically in short, the interesting fact of the day (yesterday) is:.........................."People use to stick cocoa butter up the butt with drug in it."...........................................................................................................Kye, 2005..That was what I learnt from that 'time' yesterday..Phewwww... no more Pharmaceutical Chem practical for the rest of the year. .and as a Summary, .Yesterday was the last day for Pharm Chem practical for this sem. And yesterday's prac was the longest of all. We melted the choc, moulded it, watch video, discuss n etc... it was a really long one. Plus, that prac used to be under Jo's (demonstrator) supervision. But she wasn't available in the aftnoon so Kye took over and he had no single idea how it is gonna be like. Anyway, **all of us went through the whole prac with loads and loads of patience. Bwahahahahaha! ..*It is supposed to be 'We'... We nodded..and oh ya, we were made to sign a declaration form....Here is how it went like:."I promise that I won't eat those chocholates- Those that are used during this session, here in this lab." Nah... it didn't sound that way. I rephrased it. blek! But it meant the same.....Glossary:Suppository = a solid dose form of medication for insertion into the rectum ..Current Song : Cinta di akhir garisan (NIng Baizura, Nora & Ziana Zain)Current Book : A bite of 'Lipstick Jungle' by Candace Bushnell[...]

3 MORE WEEKS!!!!!!!!


It's over... it's over... *sob* *sob*... IT'S OVErrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......aaaaaaaaaaa.... BREAK over dee!!!!!!.Damn... exams begining VERY soon. Starting with Pharmaceutical Chemistry practical test next Wednesday, followed by Pharmacy Practice practical test the following wednesday and then Physiology prac review on friday of that week. :S arggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! AND worst part... final exams is the week after physio prac review... which is NEXT NEXT NEXT week! OMG OMG OMG OMG... 3 more weeks... exactly! but came to think about the coming summer holiday... Whheeeeeeeee!!!!!!! hehe... .I WANT TO TAKE A BIG BIG BREAK FROM EVERYTHING!!! e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. food. excluded. I am just so so TIRED... so desparate to go back to the serene beach that captured thousands memories of childhood and adolescence. Miss those days with no worries, young and gay... Miss my bestest friends dearly... days with them are full of joy, endless gossips, jokes and pranks! now. all by own. UK. US. AUS. M'SIA. Counting on the dayS. reunite. 3 years more... :( At once I just wish to reverse the time... back to good-old-school days... but then I wish to speed up the time too... just want to get over these excruciating years of studies, studies, studies. exams. exams. exams. assignments. assignments. assignments. STRESS. STRESS. STRESSssssssssssssssss. .20years old... I totally agree with Chole. Her 'quater-life-crisis' theory is nothing but the truth... .haizzzzzzz... [...]

Almost OVER but not yet... :P


Friday. HOLIDAY almost over. Nothing much happen this break... not as fun n packed like winter break... was cooking, baking and eating non-stop during last winter break. What I did this break:1. Online online online online... da da da da da...2. Sunday outing: Visited the temple n shopping at Boxhill3. Lazing around at my apartment4. Too lazy to study (but i manage to do some... hehe) ;)5. Baked Cheesecake. mmmmmm.... I instruct more than I gone thru the process. 6. Went to campus library:Purpose - Borrow 'Statistics for Pharmacist by Li' from counter reserve. Read. Understandwhat the HYPOTHESIS TESTING is all about.Outcome- More confused. That book. booooo!.... ain't good. 7. Vacuumed my room! wakkakkaka...And amazingly my face begin to shrink again... I wonder, must my food consumption be as much as what I took during last winter break for me to put on a couple of kilos? arghhhh... I wanna go back home in a good shape. Input > Output : Gain weightOutput > Input : Lose weightInput = Output : MaintainI learnt that from my Physiology class.Owh yea, this is for those people who are so paranoid bout gaining weight:If next time you notice some increase in your weight when you are up on the bathroom scale, don't panic. The first thing that should come across ur mind is that have you done a "big investment" on that day. That contributes pretty much to your overall weight... enough to trigger you to go without proper meal for a week! So, just bare in mind that the additional weight does not meant you are getting FATter! Think healthy people! ;)And this one... from my Pharmacy Practice class by Dr. David Kong. muahhhahhahahaha...[...]



Wheeeeeee!!! HOLIDAE HOLIDAE HOLIDAE!!! One week mid sem break but can't enjoy myself too much... Haven't revise any chapther (i repeat ANY CHAPTER) for this sem physio! Die die... :( sooo much unfinished tasks to be completed. bla bla bla...

hmmm... still contemplating if I should join my friends to the Tulip Farm this Friday
(image) . It is in Zone 3!... admission is about $10 per head for a group of 9. And the ticket to get me there will cost me another 12 b
ucks. Taking into account the time and cost, will that worth the experience? Actually I don't mind paying if I really wanna go... but just don't feel the excitement. I lurrrvvveeee flowieesssss but... just don't know why that farm didn't tempt me. hehe... prolly cos I've been dreaming to go to a place much better than that.... in my dream! haha...

~~~~~~* mmmmmm......

(image) (image)

The Lay-Zieee Me...


Been sometime I didn't update my blog... I am just too lazy to do E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Didn't finish revising for the pharm chem tute this week. Solubility, Partition Behaviour, Liquid-Liquid System --->>> (image) aaaaaaa... they are DISSOLVING me!!! Sooo much to read!! But actually it isn't a problem if I started early... That is just an excuse. I AM LAZY. Again, my prac this week, I got that "B" demonstrator again. :S how unlucky my group was!! Anyway, this time she's more approachable although many of us still have the negative impression towards her. Actually she isn't that snobbish... prolly she pretended to be a lil' arrogant when we asked her questions and the steps cos' she wanted us to be more independent in carrying out the experiments ourself... ;)
Lappie oo lappie...
My lappie not feeling well. Been creating probs to me since last week (image) . Was quite sick early this week and better now. Lappie ar, do you know I missed my med chem lecture on Monday cos of you? You didn't want to wake up... so how am I supposed to go to Magdy's lecture without notes? Notty notty lappie... and amazingly you were healed by Mr.Bright's miraculous touch~~ (image)

SEXY, bay-beh!


Weeee!!! Don't know why I feel sooo good bout myself today. "I feel SEXY", bay-beh!!! wakkaakkaa... prolly a "gOooOd" hair day! Just lurrveee how my hair turns out to be today... a lil' side parting and the the hair ends are curling inwards.. yeahh.. nice. The way they settle around my face are almost purrrrfect (for me lah)... at least they dun make my face look like a ooOO))baLL((OOoo. gg. Aite, enough of my hair...

Hmmm.. lets see... owh yea, yesterday prac demonstrator was superb! A happy-go-lucky gal! Although the prac was long... but all of us were happily doing it. Was a total opposite from last week's!! hehe... and I don't even manage to spot a moment of her frowning! Thumbs up to her. ;-)

Current song : Hero, Enrique Iglesias
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