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seize the moment

Updated: 2018-03-05T08:24:34.708-08:00




extremely happy today. i think this is the only day of this semester that i'm this extremely happy. why? lol. i think i did pretty well for my stats exams!!!!!!!!! :) i'm hoping to get hd for this. :)

.everything just goes so smoothly today. :) went to west end to have vietnamese food with cindy, which is awesome :) miss the beef noodle soup in malacca,.. oh ODEON!! nice :) 

 anywayz, we had so many random topics during our conversation from masterchef australia to wat are our plans during the hols~ wee!! looking forward for the hols!! finishing exam this friday!!! can't wait! really!!! :D:D

n oo, tomorrow kfc is giving out free burgers at approximately 12pm!! :P so exciting. =-= so weird. but i like free stuffs so yeah. i'm sooo gonna get em!! :)

n um, i just got myself a bag :) which is very pretty~ quite pricey but i think it's worth cos my old bag, the one ivy bought for me is not usable already, some parts broken broken edi. T_T but i like tat bag so much. i think used it for almost everyday for the past 1 year and a half.  T_T the new bag has the similar size to the one vivi bought for me. nah here's the pic :)

3 down 4 more to go...


omg. this blog has been collecting dust. LOL just finished my 3rd assignment like finally. lift up my mood a lil after handing it in.. wee.. but thinking that i have another major assignment (50%) due next friday ....HAI!!!!!!! no words to describe bout this sem =-= so crap~ nothing good happen this sem at allz. everything is bad or maybe even worse. think is my downfall period of my life. never been so down. everything from personal probs to work probs... never ending. can die. so stress~ n i gained a few kilo now. sigh* when will all these unfortunate events end? hai~

i was so stressed that i tot of talking to my mum to destress a while.. n absurdly, she complained bout her life to me instead.+_+ during the conversation, i was listening her rant and all of the sudden, she started crying. OMG. n i started crying too~~ sigh* but it's good that i finally talked to mummy and understands what is happening in the family... +_+ family got some issue as well so hai~... 

so sad la this post.+_+ 

okla going to reward myself for finishing 3 assignments edi ~ going to play my ds :)

n omgod i just saw someone call me a bitch in my chatter box!!! +_+ lol ~ thanx :D 
going to delete the chatterbox ler ~ guess nobody reads my blog anyway. maybe just some random asshole passerby which i suspect is that whore. :D lol. ya whore. i like that. 

disappearance act~


haih. omg. didn't update my blog for such a long time already. not surprising lo.. cos like i mentioned in my previous post or the one before that, LOL, i have 4 assignments and 3 exams before my holidays on the 20th of june~ hurray!!! :D:D 

today is the 1st assignment that i hand up, so yeap, 1 down 3 more assignments to go!! can't wait to finish all of em off asap~ i hate assignments T_T

oo btw, just got to know a few days ago that my clincal placement is early jan next year.. hence.. i think i wont be going back end of this year.. cos i need to stay back to work to get some $$ for my placements.... cos i might be going to somewhere rural in Queensland for about 13 weeks.. if i damn sueh la....but  sounds damn fun right??!?wee~~~

haih ~ but the downside is that i will need to pay for the stay and other expenses myself. ., but really ...~ i'm really looking forward to it. but money issues... sigh. i dun think my father will be happy bout it T_T. haven't tell him yet cos i think i might be able to manage it myself.. i hope. finger crossed*

obsessed with master chef australia :) so awesome. i think i should really learn how to cook. really hate eating mc d already . +_+ okla so random

another random thing.. currently a huge fan of lady gaga with her latest songs " starstruck" and 
"love game" :D so nice okay.. ooo n i just downloaded  the Jai Ho song by pussycat dolls n some indian guy. i like!! +_+  wasn't expecting tat.. hesitated to download that song for weeks.. but after seeing it in the top ten charts. i figured it should be nice :P 

oo n one more thing, been watching a lot of movies lately, every sunday is movie watching day :) i've watched wolverine, star trek and yesterday, angels&demons~~~~~ omg ewan is soOOooo CUTE!! LOL i think if it wasn't for ewan, i dun think i will enjoy the movie that much :P

okla i go watch master chef now ~ tata~ +_+ 

buddha fest 2009:D


this is my 3rd time going for the buddha fest. meaning i've been here for 3 freaking years already. omg time really flies. but this year, time goes by really slowly.. sigh* oh well, looking at the bright side, i have 4 assignment to do by early next month, so slow is good :P haha. =-= so randomso anywayz, this year buddha fest is a lil different, as junior, his gf, sarah, agnes and betty came along as well. unlike last year, only me, cindy, bel and eldwin were there. i realized that every year i went with a different group of friends. i remembered that my during my 1st year here, i went with karen and carol. ah.. i dun really talk to them anymore.. but am looking forward to for karen's 21st birthday in holiday inn at the end of this month. :)so anywayz, junior, the very adventurous guy as well as the kayu one. we gurls call him bonta kun because he reminded us of the blur guy(sousuke) in the anime Fumofu. haha i still can vividly remember the part when Chidori and Sousuke were in a haunted hospital, and Sousuke wasn't afraid at all. saying ghost has no weapon at all. so no need to be afraid. wtf? ahhaha .. haha fun back to junior, the adventurous one asked us to use the citycat, the ferry, to go to the south bank instead of walking.. =-= it's just a 10 minute walk .. but he insisted. funny guy. we have to wait for like 20 minutes for citycat...+_+while waiting for the citycat, we.... CAMWHORED!jeng jeng~ pretty shoes~~~In the citycat~~~awwwwwwwww~less than 5 minutes later, we reached our destination!! +_+time to makan~~ so many different variety of vegetarian food :):)after eating... went to relax at the south bank man made beach~~the next day, i went to the buddha fest again to watch the fireworks.. went just after watching the new movie "Wolverine". :) not bad lar.. :)met up with belinda and cindy:) see!! belinda so pretty liao!!pretty fireworks:):)a final photo with the gurls :D:D[...]

hiatus again wa?


hai.wat's new? going to be superbly busy for the next couple of weeks. i have 3 assignments due this month, 18th, 25th and 29th. and another major assignment due on the 5th of june and let's not forget bout the final exams! 12th 15th and 19th of june. haiz. =-=' 

i know i'm suppose to post bout the buddha fest.. gah!!! haven't upload the pics yet so.. =-= prolly this weekend... oh wait!! i got one pic +_+... 

 oo i have a debate tomorrow.. part of the debate is the longest.. crap boy. if i see someone yawning....i dun think i can continue debating.. confidence just drop like tat... think i will just run away. hahahha =-=''  

um.. so.. since there's nothing to update on.. i'll just post up a dish that i've made a few days ago.. :)



this semester we, nutrition and dietetics students, will need to go for a few field trips, from hospitals to production sites.  something different for a change. :) and last wednesday, we went to RWBH (Royal Woman Brisbane Hospital). we actually have no idea wat we're suppose to do there but i remembered from the lecture she asked us to help her out with some assessment tool.

 i thought it might be cool. but i was so wrong. so so so wrong. i thought it would be interesting..and actually it could be interesting if they conduct the assessment in a different manner, eg. less briefing, be more organized and the need to respect us...asians. i feel my lecturer is very disrespectful towards us, asians. every group has the thermometer thing yet we didn't get any. and when we finally got it, it's the most lousy one. prolly she thought that we're stupid or something, which i really abhore such ppl. dun judge ppl just by its cover k. just because we dun talk, tat doesn't mean we're mentally retarded.. hmph!

so.. basically, in that assessment, we were like their guinea pigs. we're suppose to assess their assessment tool for the meals provided by the hospital. =-= complicated? so basically we're suppose to check the temperature, taste, appearance n etc of the meal. like what do we think bout the meals. is it appropriate n such. n yes! we got to taste the food as well.. free FOOD from the hospital.. =-= lol. sounds interesting? ya.. but like i mentioned earlier, the way they conduct it is...quite.... one word..... crap!

so anywayz, pictures below... everyone wore formal that day.... except for betty.. need to get formal clothes for her.. hehe :)

going to post bout buddha fest, asap~ :)

eh ?? no birthday cake??!?!


GOT GOT!!! bout 4-5 days late but, at least i have a cake!!!! n it's baked by cindy herself!! :) thanx gurl!!!!!appearance can be deceiving k!! very delicious that i finished the whole cake the next day. LOL. oh ya it's a sponge cake with blueberries in it!! yummy!! i love blueberries :):):):) next time, cindy, add more blueberries k? heheheme posing with the cake.. :) yummiezzzzzzbetty~~ sweet and blurry gurl~~sarah~~~ her face so smooth in this pic!! so envy!!cindy~~ the baker :)and agnes~~~ dunno wat is she looking at +_+me wishing.... took quite a while.. too many things to wish for... and finally!!! group pic~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.. i look like a muffin here.. +_+ my face is the most roundest among these beautiful ladies. :([...]

woohoo!! it's Sunday~~


my fave day of the week!! SUNDAY!!!!!!! :)

why? it's the only day i can relax. :( worse than working har?

i have classes almost every weekdays due to the field trips and i have work every Friday and Saturday. hence, i am only free on sunday!!+_+ but am happy yesterday, cos it was anzac day, which means PUBLIC HOLIDAY!!!! :) and i earned 200 dollars for working 5 hours that nite. :)

i'm telling myself that i will relax every sunday, like today, i will be going to south bank later to catch the "17 again" movie . not a fan of zac efron but the trailer looks quite interesting. :) and oh i sort of like matthew perry too :)

and next sunday, i will be going to the Buddha Fest to have a vegetarian feast and going to watch the fireworks display at nite. i hope my friends can come along too. they need to destress as well. :) need to ask em tomorrow!! :P:P

leftover pics from sydney


a few leftover pics from sydney~~ :)this is my birthday dress that bought for myself from Forever New. simple and just lovely :)in pizza hut.. yaya i know la.. why pizza hut?? apparently they have some pizza buffet so just try lor.. n it's cheap ma!!!! save save..went to visit the Apple store~damn kewl k,,,,i want an iphone!! but dun really know how to use it.. so.. haha forget it. *i know i look fat in all the photos la.. blame it on the Pork Ribs i had the nite before!!*i love the stairs..  :)dun really remember wat place is this.. i was lost in the city of sydney,  was feeling very down...but smiled again when i saw this place.. so pretty :) beautiful isn't it?*********today's presentation was okay.. not one of my best.. have some slight changes due to some complications in the slides.. so.. i sort of talk very fast ..X_x  well, it's just 5% .. just hope that i do better for my debate next time..crap..i have 4 assignments and 2 debates before my final exams.. sigh* everything due so close together!!!howhowhow?this semester is so busy!!.. i feel so lonely at times..sigh*going to work now.. tata~~[...]




dunno wat's with the title la. wateverrrrrrrrrrrrrr. LOL

y am i so crazy once again?

come come.. let me tell u why..

because i have a presentation tomorrow!! 


 as u all know i always whine bout presentations..


not a fan. seriously not a fan at allz.

n the worse part? it's only 5%.


but the good news is that it's only a mere 3 minutes.
well, it depends how fast i talk though.


although it's just 3 minutes...


well, i'm gonna whine again in the next couple of weeks as i'll be doing a debate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

n the topic is such a no-no for me!!! something i strongly believe in!! but i need to refute it!!

which is like freaking ... +_+ no words to describe!!! +_+

okla going to sleep now.


16th of April


so....... what's so great about 16th of april?what actually happened on that day?* omg i'm sick while doing this post.. sheesh*so let's sum it up, shall we?1) Had a comfortable sleep in Vulcan hotel. Located quite close to the City as well as Darling Harbour. :)2) Lovely sight seeing from the hotel , walking towards Darling Harbour*with my trusty map**too many photos!!!!!!*3) Had a hearty breakfast in Darling Harbour.4) Darling Harbour*saw that huge ship further on the right??? so kewl okay*5) Window shopping in Harbourside shopping centre6) Sydney Wildlife World *woot woot** i like this pic**dun ask me why i pose like that**dodgy toilet*7) Sydney Aquarium* stupid things that i always do*8) Sydney Ferry9) The city (huge!)10) Shopping in the city *AWESOME**bought this coat* :)*yum*11) Circular Quay12) Opera House*waa.. wedding photoshoot*13) Botanical Gardens*sat on the toot toot train that goes around thebotanical gardens :)14) Dinner at Hurricane's Grill.15) Sydney Monorail16) Arcade games in the city. *didn't win any cutie soft toys T_T*17) The premier of Fast and Furious. 18) Sleeping +_+ so tired. phew*[...]

inhale exhale...


ever since i was back in brissie, my stress level has mysteriously shot up beyond my expectation. way beyond.. that i really feel like couldn't handle anything at the moment. so stress that my period came twice this month. +_+ i really want to sleep on my comfy bed forever... n never want to wake up.. but in reality, i know i can't do that.. i need to be strong. i seriously want to open up my head, take out my brain, and wash it with detergent. a good wash to remove all the unnecessary stuffs that have been playing tricks with my mind. omg. i am freaking gonna explode if i dun do anything bout this. LOL.. i might need to see a psychologist.... rite. +_+

however, there are 2 things that are making me sane and sober for now.

1) the stuffs that i did in sydney on the 16th of april.





it's a freaking FAT wallaby sleeping in a corner.. :P so cute..... :)

* taken in the sydney wildlife world*

so fat like that.. LOL


made me smile again :P hehe :)

kayz back to study~ exam tomorrow :)



this video made my day...

i like her voice :) please click :)

sydney is awesome :)


will blog more bout it when i got the time!!!

thanx for all the birthday wishes via sms, facebook, friendster, calls, emails n etc. !! mwah mwah!!!!!!! *hugs hugs*

had a great bday this year :)

thanx everyone !! really appreciate it :) 



last saturday, my housemates and I went to The Press Club , Birdee and Mustang to party!!!!!!!!! why? it was Amy's birthday!!! mwah mwah!!! :):)

btw!!!! i'm heading to sydney tomorrow to celebrate my birthday :) hehe :)

the new ipod shuffle.


have u seen the new ipod shuffle? super kewl okay!!!  so blardy small!!! just look how small it is!! 

*that's my pinky finger!!*

hehe camwhoring with the shuffle while waiting for the bus~~~ lol

sadly, it wasn't mine!!

 i would have definitely bought the new shuffle if i did not get the sony mp3 last year. sigh. regret. :(



finally it's the EASTER HOLIDAYS!!


i'm really really glad it's the holidays. u have no idea how much i yearn for holidays. i tot those days will never come. omg. i'm so freaking happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so btw, let's recap what i did during the last few days of uni..well, actually, basically, i had this stupid food service management assignment to work on n it was really killing me. i am really struggling this semester. sigh* the weather in brissie is really bad at the moment, freezing cold and raining  every day and for god sake, it's autumn!! it's not even close to winter yet!!! lol it's so funny that almost every retail stores are selling winter stuffs now... lol.. super, due to the stupid weather, i caught a bad flu, n only started to feel better today. kind of. i guess. i need to be since i have 4 days of work consecutively.... well, dun be sorry for me. cos i will be paid X2.5 muhahahhahaha.... =-= yes!! money money :)so back to my stupid assignment. i've sacrificed so much for this assignment and i really hope that my hard work will pay off.  everyone in my group worked hard as well, so we deserve to get good marks. spent countless nights researching on menus n food related stuffs, n god knows how many V drinks i had during my assignment process. phewwww. the final outcome was pretty good and i'm proud with everything that we've done in such a short period :) finger crossed* that we'll get a good grade for it :)a day before the assignment was due, me and cindy and edward worked on our assignment for nearly 7 hours. since we were nearly done, we went for a dinner break in Cyber at the Valley. it's been a while since i had dine in cyber... i think the last time i ate there was probably when pei kei and alvin came to brissie. i guess. lol. wowww..CINDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the food that we ordered.. simply nice:) miss chinese food dearlyno pics of myself cos i looked like a sick nerd. next day, i did some minor changes for the assignment and printed everything off and it was pretty thick. =-= i bet the lecturer won't be pleased when she sees our assignment. lol.. and after handing it up, i decided to go to the city to relax and unwind for a while.. it's been weeks since i last went to city without the feeling of stress and guilt. it felt so awesomely good..although the weather was terrible and i was still having a minor flu, .. i wasn't really bothered by em...anywayz, after window shopping for a while i decided to meet up with ubi and we went to south bank to catch a movie...oh  yaaa , i did manage to get myself an easter egg!!!!! :) large chocolate easter egg covered with sparkling purple colour wrapper. :) so pretty isn't iti looked like crap.=-=' i was sick k?fast forward..we got the tickets early and we have some time to kill before the movie starts... so we decided to go for a drink in Batavia. i miss batavia soo much.. their chocolate drink is the BOMB! i had chocogatto..steps to make the perfect chocogatto :(1) left: hot chocolate right: 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream(2) pour the hot chocolate into the ice cream slowly.. (3) stir the mixture thoroughly..(4)taaaddaaa it's ready to drink~~~I looked like as though i'm drinking a bowl of soup LOLdrinks afterwards, we went to watch Aliens VS Monsters. IT WAS SUPER ENTERTAINING and FUNNY!!!!! i really like the jelly dude.. lol.. high recommended for anyone who wants some silly laughs lol.. :) oh did i mention that all of these happened yesterday and the day before yesterday? =-= [...]

what an extraordinary day


wanted to blog about this yesterday, but was extremely exhausted from work. sigh* hate work but need money. money money money!! $$$. back to my main topic, yesterday something extraordinary happened to me. it was fated i guess. lol . ok it started like this : Ubi and i were very bloated from having Mc donald's for lunch. so we decided to walk to Coles to do some grocery shopping. or just linger around the Newmarket area to burn some calories. it's all carol's fault! she gave us 2 large fries when we only asked for 1 medium fries +_+. so anywayz, while we were strolling down the lane just next to the main busy roads, two cute beagles ran towards us. so remarkable cute to the max!!!! one with red collar and another with blue collar. i already expected the one with the red collar is a female as she's very fat compared to the other. and my guess was right!! her name was cheryl.!!!  :) didn't know wat's the other dog name cos there wasn't any name writtien on his collar tag. sigh*have never seen the doggies around this area before. n they obviously don't look like stray dogs cos they are very well- groomed n fed... especially cheryl LOL. so we looked around  to find their owner. surprisingly, there was no one. i tot well, maybe the dogs were very well trained, like my sis's dogs, very independent, doesn't need his/her  owner to bring them for walks as they were trained  to avoid from walking on busy roads, and return home safely when it's time.  So we continued walking to coles, while having both doggies walking with us, in front of us. so adorable. sniffing around their surroundings, finding for the right spot to poo and pee. =-=''as we continued walking, an old lady passed our way and asked " are they your dogs?" while patting on the doggies. we told her that they weren't ours and pointed to her the place where we found em. she looked at their collars and told us that the collar tags have their address and phone numbers written on it. however, 3 of us didn't brought our hp along and we were clueless of wat to do. while we were contemplating of wat to do, the two doggies rushed into the main roads, and nearly god themselves killed!! thank god, the drivers in brissie were very considerate and understanding. they just waved at us and said " be careful next time". ubi and i got hold of the dogs by grabbing tightly to their collars. it can't be helped, they were so active. and not to mention, pretty heavy. wasn't able to carry them at allz. after the incident, i couldn't bear to let them wandering around the busy road, and decided to bring them home. the old lady was very kind, and told us that she will lead the way. so off we went. but there was a problem.. how on earth are we going to make the doggies follow us? we couldn't carry them. hence, we had to bend our backs forward to at least 150 degrees, grab on to their collars and RuN with them. YES RUN!! super active doggies!! at times, i couldn't grab on to cheryl, and she kept running to other ppl's houses. i have no idea why.. a few streets later, we were pretty tired, with sweats prominently showing on our foreheads. LOL. luckily,we saw 2 guys walking around the area, and we asked if they could borrow us their phones so that we could contact their owners. surprisingly, one of the guy told us that he has seen those doggies wandering his area before as well. and even complained to the owner. and told us that the owner doesn't give a shit about it. :( while we were having this conversation, the doggies ran into another person's house. =-= no idea wat r they doing. but i knew they were familiar with the surround[...]

feelin lazy


have a minor quiz  tomorrow n yet i'm feelin lazy. prolly cos i have tips for the quiz. lol. but hey, still need to study wat! =-=''

 the weather is making me lazy. blame it on the weather. sigh* rained throughout the day.  wait. i think it's still raining. yeap. it is. wat's with the weather man. it's been months since it last rained. and when it does, it rains like cats and dogs for the entire day. =-=' sheesh. 

i like the rain actually. but not when i'm outside. i like it when i'm on my bed, being wrapped in my comforter, like a sushi roll. :) didn't get to sleep at allz today since my housemates were super noisy. playing football in the house. wtf? 

this post is so random. =-=' i'm just bored from studying. okie. toodles!


oh btw,

can't wait for next week :)



so busy. bumped into kell today. i've not seen her for weeks. well actually i saw her yesterday, just for like 10 min. =-='' just imagine, we're studying in the same uni yet we just dun have time to actually sit down to talk. like omg. so shit. kell ly has always been telling me that i am very geng. the way i cope with my studies n work. n saying i am not fat although i eat mc donalds almost everyday. ok that was irrelevant. =-='  she was telling me how frustrated she is with studies. assignments keep pilling up and mid terms exams are next week. i patted on her back n said, " welcome to my world, kell ly" and sighed. i even introduced her to V, the energy drink. telling her that V is her best friend during periods of assignments and exams. lol. 

my life has been very tragic lately. my mind seems to drift away, far away from reality. been thinking bout something a lot. prolly i think too much. why am i thinking so many unnecessary things? no wonder sarah tagged me as the "very panicky one" in the facebook wallpost. which is true. i always panic for stupid reasons. and have i mentioned before that the word "cheeseburger" has been spinning in my head like a broken record?? it's been nearly 4 weeks now! n no!! i don't have the crave to eat CHEESEBURGER. there were times that i nearly utter the word cheeseburger in a few conversations with my friends. it's just that plain weird. i think i m really a weirdo. i can't believe i'm typing this for the world to c.. just how psycho i can be. =-=.. must be the V drink i had a few minutes ago. yes. V drink is good. make u hyper n cuckoo at the same time. :)

okay then. enough blabbing. going to relax my mind, soul and body for a while. heart racing like as if i'm going to have a heart attack! CHOI! lol *touch wood*. :) haha..=-=' 

posts without pics are boring. gonna end this post with one pic that i took in cairns. i bought a banana gelati.not nice at allz. =-=


this is Cairns



lol so forest like huh? 

not that terrible la...

but it;s damn hot and sunny. no wind at allz. =-=''

worse than msia...

busy atm


guess where's this?


will blog about Cairns asap.

very busy with assignments at the moment :)

what i got from Cairns.



it's fake-laaaaaaaa


freaking crazy semester


it's like week 4 of the semester, n it's literally killing me.. for the past few days, i actually had the feeling... the feeling to shoot myself in my head,,. bang*. lol. rite.. y am i laughing? gosh! am i turning to into psycho chic? lol. sigh. i laughed n i sighed... going insane.  this is ridiculous. the workload for this semester is way too overwhelming and i can't seem to finish everything on time. it's that hectic. absurd. totally absurd. need to get myself a diary. wait. that cost money. speaking of which, i only have a few dollars left. damn. i really hate being in this situation where i need juggle both work n study. it's just so frustrating. SIGH!  i just can't wait to for my mini getaway to Cairns this weekend. thank gawd. but disaster awaits after the weekends. sigh. but at least i get to rest my head for while. woot woot* +_+ y do i sound so unhappy? sigh*rant.i need to remind myself the happy things that i did in brissie too.. look how happy  n "prosperous"  i was before knowing bout the gazilion of assignments to work on's a gurl inside the box!!!n just a short note to my sis...I LOVE U!!!!!!*hug hug*:)[...]

Dearest Sarah,



                       Get well soon :) *hugs*

                            missed our shopping sessions. sigh*
                         n no one bullies my penyu lol