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Meng Keat

My life view through lens & foods....

Updated: 2018-03-06T16:34:30.040+08:00


Time to Change


It has been a while I update here. Just wait for a little while for something exciting coming!

New Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 24mm f/1.8 E-mount lens


The new Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 24mm f/1.8 E-mount lens has just arrived on the shores of Malaysia and I managed to loan a unit from our favorite Sony Alpha Pro-shop, Studio Zaloon for a quick test run with it.  Price at SRP RM3799 this beast is definitely going burn a big hole in your pocket! Nearly twice the price of a NEX-C3 with 18-55mm E-mount lens.Paring this with NEX-5N, the size and feel of this small beast is just quite right in the hands.  This len comes directly from Japan is solid metal built and matte metallic black finish.  It comes with a high quality plastic hood and lens pouch.  The front part of the lens has grove to hold the lens hood and the back element rather deep inside the lens.  The silent motor focusing on the lens is quick and good for movies recording.  Surprising the black beauty has no OSS or Optical Steady Shot, built into the lens. Why?  I also don’t have the answer.  As with most E-mount lens, this one uses 49mm filters also.Some product shot taken with NEX-5N and SAL35F18 with ambient light.Lets look at the pictures, all taken with NEX-5N on tripod, spot focus at ISO 100, 0 EV, AWB, JPEG Fine and Aperture priority and just resize in Lightroom.f/1.8 | 1/500s | ISO 100 | 0 EV | AWBCentre(Full resolution picture link here)Corner(Full resolution picture link here)f/2.8 | 1/200s | ISO 100 | 0 EV | AWBCentre(Full resolution picture link here)Corner(Full resolution picture link here)f/5.6 | 1/50s | ISO 100 | 0 EV | AWBCentre(Full resolution picture link here)Corner(Full resolution picture link here)At open wide f/1.8, the center sharpness look kind a bit soft with some smudges and purple fringing at the corner frame on high contrast area if view at pixel peep.  Stop down to f/2.8, the centre sharpness improved but there is slightly notable purple fringing but at f/5.6 this disappear completely.  Well at f/1.8 the lens is still holds a lot of details judging from this picture i.e. not all are lost (no pixel peeping ok!).A quick measure the minimum focusing distance is around 6.5” inch.  At f/1.8 is DOF of shallow giving me nice smooth blur from the centre to the side.  Bokeh at f/1.8 is smooth but sometimes exhibits ring around the highlights.Has some kind of weird barrel distortion, which looks more like pincushion, but appear vertically.Thanks to Uncle Chin from Studio Zaloon to allow me borrow the lens for a day for my limited opinion on it.  Although this new Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 24mm f1/8 is pricey with no OSS but it is small, light, pocket-able with great build quality.  It does produced superb image quality both resolution and contrast as expected from a Zeiss optics.       [...]

Asian Para Games 2010 (pt1)


Last year was busy year.  I was lucky to be selected as a volunteer to the first ever Asian Para Games in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China.  With the theme, We Cheer, We Share, We Win, it was gathering that show the mighty Chinese organisation skills, their commitment and their voluntarism spirits is unbelievable.  For me it was a wonderful experience and the best part we get paid a small allowances and everything is free plus first class treatment.It was this games that ignite back my photography passion and also meet-up with one of the professional, Steven Leong. His passion for photography is 100 millions times more than me. His has my utmost admiration. To kick my first post on photography, below are some of the opening ceremony shots on Dec 12, 2010 held Aoti Main Stadium which has full capacity of 80,000 people and it was a full house. [...]

King of Fruit Cake


Our group has this yearly event to feed the host which happen in last month. And last month was the King of Fruit season, so for my portion of feed the host, I prepared by durian ice-cream and roast pork lion. To make by durian, I went and bought some D24 and then separated the flesh from the nut. After making the ice-cream, there was still a lot of leftover durian plup. What should I do?

Then I remember my boss recommend me this cake shop in Petaling Street which sell tarts, cake, swiss roll made of durian flavour. With this in mind, try to make my own durian cake. I use a butter cake recipe and mix it with all my durian pulp.
Here I fold in my flour for the final phase of my durian cake
Bake it in the oven till it turn light brown or something like below.
My verdict, well the texture is soft however the cake feel a bit dry. So what when wrong?? No idea but to just keep on trying it with some modification or reference others people recipe till prefect. I thing I must confess is that baking is not as simple as cooking, as each steps taken will produce different results.

(image) So bake try number 0010 and.....

Har Mee Jalan Pudu


A quick one for the day. Looking for Har Mee around KL. Try this at Jalan Pudu very near the Pudu Pos Office & Bomba. I notice this store during my daily commute to my work and often visited by a lot of customer.

See the happy face of the store onwer (must be raking in good profits). Other than Har Mee, he also sell Pork Noodle (I think so).

This is my bowl of very tasty Prawn Noodle.


Curry Noodle Challenge Poll


Some of my friends are saying that Penang Curry Noodle are the best. Well this particular person is Tummy Thots since she got roots there. Of course, I will say Ipoh is the best (my roots is there). So here we go again like what our brainy Tourism Minister trying to declare certain food have roots in Malaysia and received fierce protest from our neighbours.

But here we are not going get into a serious argument but just to satisfy ones curiosity. I running a poll here untill the end of Nov 09. So please vote and have the cat kill.

play backgammon(image)
Anyway, I also include a third option, which is more liberal answer where you can vote for both.

Ipoh Curry Mee


Curry mee, a simple dish, but in difference places, the style and the way it is being serve varies for example in Ipoh, KL, Penang, or even JB. In KL, it is serve with vegetables, cockles, BBQ meat ('Char Siew') and always in soup. You can also have it dry with bit of curry soup added. However, there is this place in OUG and Pudu that served very thick curry mee that is quite similar to what is serve at my hometown. If I am not mistaken, the Pudu one is call May Keng (is the name spell correctly?) which is also famous for their Lam Mee. They have a branch here in Seri Kembangan, one of shoplots near South City Plaza, nicely decorated with air-cond. What is the other one in OUG??mmmm...can't seem to remember is name. I have go there check it out again. In Petaling Street itself, this store in market called Mardas Lane serve them with vegetables. I always goes there for lunch, not the curry mee but yong tau foo and chee cheong fun.Anyway, let steer back what I promise Tummy Thoz after an prelude conversation some many many months back. This is all about Ipoh Curry Mee and yes particular the dry favourite. First one, 'Chuan Fatt' is located along Jln Pasir Puteh, just after the Caltex Station and before the traffic lights.Ingredients: Roast Pork & Deep Fried Flavour Pork serve with think curry paste. Very spicy (spicy scale of 1-10) is 8.75, not so heavy on coconut milk. or serve with chicken curry, and add some side dish of fried chicken wings.Next up, located opposite of MGS (Methodist Girls School), at the tip of the aroundabout, 'Kedai Kopi Yee Fatt.' Some of my girl-friends (use to attend school at MGS) told me that this shop has been operating since during their school days (about 20 years ago OMG! I am that xxx...).Inside the shop you will notice a big signage that boast about their best curry mee which I absolutely agreed. More or less same ingredients and with prawns but a bit pricey. Spicy level 7. I also request for a bowl of curry soup, very nice, do you want to have a sip? Third on the list, is the famous 'Seng Kee' shop near the Police Station (somewhere near Loh Wong Tauge Chicken 'nga choy kai'), where everybody talks about it and some will even drive up from KL for it. Located inside Xin Quan Fang restaurant, along Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street). After looking at what other people had on their tables and the menu, I decide to go for the 'Specialist'. So what is 'Specialist' ? It means things come in three - separate sauce with curry oil mix with chopped garlic and chili sauce, a bowl of mixture of meat (BBQ Pork 'char siew', Roast Pork 'siew yuk' and Prawns 'har'), and the mee.Tada!, the 'Specialist' curry mee (if that is what the sign means??) You can also check KampungBoyCityGal views on this place. The fourth place is Kedai Kopi Keng Nam located at the end of Jalan Raja Ekram (Cowan Street). The shop also serve nice chee cheong fun Ipoh style, only with green chilli, chilli sauce and mushroom gravy.This fourth place, the serving is bit small and so do the pricing. It is serve with char siew and chicken slice. Spicy level - 6. Next on the list is Ma Jie Curry Mee, operating in Kedai Kopi Nam Kew along Jalan Raja Musa Aziz (Anderson Road). This is my regular place since young and you can said that grown up with this. The onwer of the place is husband and wife team which is running this place for ages. The last time I visited, I notice the young chap managing the store. My parents informed they have found a someone keen to learn and operate its business. So you can expect them to continue serving this delicious curry mee for more years to come. Its curry mee are serve with rich coconut milk. Spicy level - 6 Final place is well documented in TV show, Kedai Kopi Nam Chau opposite the famous Kwong Heng, in Jalan Bandar Timah. You can check out views by Bangsar Babe, Sunny and Sidney (my fav[...]

Satay Behrang


Fancy for Satay?? maybe Venison Satay. This place in Behrang town run by this Pakcik have the most delicious Venison and Chicken Satay as far as I know. Last time, during my younger days, where I still had my magnificent steel steed, always be there on Friday, have a full stomach then back to KL.I have not been there for quite a while since I let go off my steel steed. So miss Pakcik Satay.Just look at the mouth-watering satay,Pictures say more than words. How to go there?? Come out at Behrang toll and turn left heading towards Ipoh. About 100 - 200 meters, at the traffic lights (the landmark is the Police Station) turn left into Behrang town. Follow the road to climb a overhead bridge and on your way down turn right. When you are coming down the overhead bridge you will notice further in your right two rows of shophouse where this Pakcik operates, Jln Besar, Behrang.Check the google map included. width="640" height="480" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src=",101.458697&sspn=0.017001,0.01884&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Jalan+Besar,+35950+Behrang+Stesen,+Perak&ll=3.748296,101.451573&spn=0.020555,0.027466&z=15&iwloc=A&output=embed">View Larger Map[...]

Mushroom Soup me vs Cooking House


Sometime back I attended a cooking lesson at Cooking House, Desa Sri Hartamas. One of the many menu was the mushroom soup. And here is a recreation by myself using the recipe by the famous Chef de Cuisine Francis Lim. We need some mushroom here, I only use two types Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms as compare to Chef Lim.And here some vegetables to go with it, leeks, celery and onions.Firstly saute the onions, then mushroom and later the vegetables until it is fragrant. Add in the water and chicken cube to give you chicken soup. But of course the Chef Lim will have his own prepared chicken soup and more types of mushroom.Thereafter when you want to serve it, add salt and pepper for flavor and thicken the soup with cream. Decorate it with some cream before serve to make it look more presentable well not like this,This is how is being done by the Chef Lim as compare to this wanna be, I have to start somewhere, so in a not so distance future, you will have Chef Tan running the show.[...]

Stuff Chicken With Cashew Nut


This is something that I made with this borrow this recipe from the Gordon Ramsey when I was watching AFC. Some slight modification by replacing the pistachio nuts with cashew nuts. Firstly mixed the minced some meat and chopped some parsley, thyme and cashew nuts together. Then add a egg yolk to get these ingredients stick to together. Laid out the chicken breast and place this mixture in the center and warp it nice with the chicken breast and cover it with streaky bacon. Just look at the photos, OK!Poach this chicken parcel in the boiling water for 30 minutes. Remove and allow it to cool down then refrigerate for 30min until its set and will be like this,You can cut this and place in the oven or sauté until it is golden brown.You can serve it anyway you like, tomato sauce, wine sauce or etc... let your imagination run wild.[...]

Once a while...


Sometimes you need to treat yourself with some goodies to keep you alive from the drowning situation of work, home and world affairs (and probably female affairs ... he! he!) One of the best way I know is to have some ..he! he!). Only way I know is to have a porkie and few glasses of beer (or any liquor) to go with in. So this was once of those days where my friends and I went around town driving and we stop here at The Curve for this quick fix - The Bavarian Bierhaus. We order what the German is famous for; beer, sausages and pork knuckle.Mix SausagesBavarian Pork Knuckle Of course not forgetting the beer, Paulaner Beer... Anyway this quick fix was 2 years ago and I will never get to do this again with such depressing news coming no increment; no bonus (even though the company profits and we meets our budget??) and politician still fighting on whose the going to be the better government where the economy is not improving at all.[...]

Cakes Again?


I always have the tendency to over purchase stuff such as vegetables, butter, milk, apples, grapes and others food stuff then left in the refrigerator too long and totally forget about it. Nowadays most of supermarket packages the goods in multiples and very reasonable price which is so tempting. Do I sound like a houseman(wife)? After some days of specific memory loss, these supposedly good deals does not fill my stomach, it becomes a major source of food for my dustbin. I do not always forget about it, sometimes you got so much of work or appointment which by the time I reach home, it will be too late to cook anything.So when I decided to try a cheese cake, I bought a whole kg of Anchor Cream Cheese. After making the first mix strawberry and lemon cheese cake, I need to quickly make another cake before my dustbin get its bite on the other half kg of the cream cheese. So I look at my another cookbook, celebrity chef Su Chan (who is she? I never heard of her before, just got the book at discount at M’sia Book Fest for discount) to look for my next cake ideas.The American Cheesecake recipe looks like the easily to prepare and quick with those existing ingredients I have. I won’t list the recipe here, please get the cookbook and get your income tax deduction (this was what i was thinking).So here, I mix the cream cheese, egg yolks, sugar and lemon in a bowl and the egg whites and sugar in another bowl. Then combine the both items and pour into a grease springform pan (Hah! I remember to grease the pan).Thereafter bake till it become slight brown at the top and please to take my as standards, it is slight overburnt. After remove the oven leave to cool and refrigerate the cake overnight. After overnight in the fridge, you can serve it. Look at the beautifully cut cheese cakes. Want some? Look better than the earlier cheese cake.[...]

Cakes, cakes & cakes!!


Cakes are probably the most loveable food to every person in this planet earth. We celebrate our birthdays, weddings, engagement, anniversary and any other special events with it. Every people like to have one piece of it whenever they are not worrying about the calories. I myself also love and adore cakes. I used to buy a whole butter cake filled with delicious sugar icing during the holidays so that it can fill-up my holiday appetite and forget about calories for a while.Now with the pricing of goods has gone 10 folds, you can’t get my favourite butter cake for only RM28. Now, I think it will cost me around RM45 per kg. Then I thought to myself, why don’t try doing it myself and that means one less customers for Secret Recipe.Here are some of the beautiful creations by the experts in the FHM 2007 even though I know event the occurred closed to a year ago. We can still enjoy all this mouth watering creations in your imagination. Wouldn't you wish to take a bite at it ?...Yummmy!Look at those mini-cakes... and also this cakes... Then I started on the simple recipe from my cookbooks and change it bit to become a mix of strawberry and lemon cheese cakes. I used the Mc-Vities Digestives for the base and of course the cream cheese mixed with some strawberry jam for the strawberry favour and lemon juice. You can see from the tray before baking the two difference colours of the cheese cakes.This is the first time I baked cakes and I forget to grease the tray, look at the all the crunchy biscuit all stuck at the bottom of the tray. Just look at this picture and how messy the cutting becomes. On top of that, I did not reduce the sugar level and with the strawberry jam it becomes too sweet. Well, can we consider this is not a successful try. How much do you rate this (for some of you have try it)?This picture is taken by Teckiee, one of the many professional photographers in the flogger gang. See difference between the amateur and professional.[...]



Just to keep everyone inform, I have finally run out of reason not to write my blog. Upgraded my computer to C2D with 4GB memory to play with and running on Vista. I also have a new wireless keyboard and mouse. Now I can type anywhere at my comfort. Well we have to keep up with technological advances but it will burn a hole in your wallet (save for the income tax deduction). Hope you fellow bloggers can continue to provide me with your valuable comments or ........

Next weekend another big event and I will be in Singapore. It is the first Toy & Comic Convention in Asia brought to you by ANIMAX. Thanks to the 50 million viewers that tune-in to ANIMAX, and ASTRO to bring the channel to Malaysia (again we need paid for TV). Check the event here.

Keep watching for the on-coming posts.....

Restoran 52


This place is located somewhere in Semenyih town. It has been review by The Star before and been the talking subjects among my friends for quite sometimes. For FOOD, I pester them like mad to take me there, and here we are. Its look like some of the restaurants around my place, small kampung, own home, part become as a restuarant and part a home. How you wish to work from home? However, this is a full-time job! Morning preparation, lunch time business, afternoon preparation, dinner time business and night time, money counting...My friends have been to this place a few times, they knows what is good. I decided to layback and let them please me :). In the meantime, I was looking at their menu, it surprise me how organized their menu are. They properly separate each of the items accordingly to type of meat, fish, beancurd, vegetables and so on. They even have a special page that list customers favourites or specialty foods.Here comes the Specialty Item 1: Lighty Deep Fried Tilapia Specialty Item 2: Salt Baked Chicken Wings:Next Item (not favourites but I like this much so, very tender and juicy): Stewed Hakka Fried Pork BellyOf course must have a vegetable, fried kailan with gralic:Overall the food was delicious, must warn you a few things, always finish you chicken wing before its get cold else it will be to salty and waiting time is about 30min to a hour for the dishes to arrives even with 3 chefs, can't figure out why. In weekends the place is pack, so expect to wait longer. My LAF rating = 6.8/10.Restoran 52, SemenyihTelephone : 03-87238733H/P : 012-6439892Closed on MondayOperating Hours : Lunch - 11.30am to 3.00pm & Dinner - 6.00pm to 10.30pm[...]

Coming Soon!!!


Thanks for all your wishes and the gift PPea, WMW, Lyrical Lemongrass on such great event you organised and put effort @ Gajah. Got to give you gals 110% for such eventful night. I met so many others bloggers / floggers. Can't wait to meet you all on the next session of gathering.

Anyway, thousand of apologies for not keeping up with my updates, I promise for this new year, belows are some of my resolutions are :

1. Keep blogging as much as possible.
2. Try out the receipes in my cookbook collection.
3. Learn swimming and keep fit (probably lost some kg).
4. Go to Myammar, Laos and Hong Kong.
5. Get a bike (>1000 c.c.)

Here a sneak preview of what is coming......


Exam Fever


Exam! Exam! I already reach mid-life, still got to study for exam. I believe in the Lifelong Learning program by MCA but not exam. So stressful... want to read but attention can only last 15 minutes... Hopefully can get through this weekend then freedom!! Can you imagine sitting for 6 hours for an exam and I haven't use my hand for writing since 12 years ago, can imagine fingers cramping now. And because of the exam, no mood to cook anything at all.

Anyway, my warmest wishes to those celebrating their birthday this last two months of the year.....WMW, EFTL, PP, FFB, SID may all journey with your delicious, tasty, appetizing foods continue forever.... don't forget to invite me...he!he!



This is my recipe for ice-cream. It is plain and simple. Two most important things you need are a fridge and mixer (stand or handheld). The ingredients for the base flavour of the ice-cream, coffee-mate and full cream milk and sugar (fine). Then you have to get a nice measuring cup like this glass cup from Pyrex (cost me a few fingers after unsuccessfully searching for a few supermarket for a plastic one). The measurement are same amount for each coffee-mate and the full cream milk i.e. 1 cup (250ml) of coffee-mate, 1 cup (250ml) of full cream milk and sugar ¼ cup for every 1 cup of those two items. If you want it more sweet, you can more sugar. Mix them together in big bowl until the sugar are completely melt into the mixture. Then put the mixture into the freezer of your fridge and freeze the mixture until it is harden. Normally this take about a day, then put the harden mixture into a bowl and beat it with your mixer until it become creamy so that the air are beat into the mixture and it would become soft when you refreeze the mixture back. For the different flavour that you which to create, you add those flavour at the beginning or after beating the mixture. Now let your creative mind flow, create all your flavour you like. I have made mint flavour, chocolate & chocolate chip flavour, cookies & cream flavour and durian flavour. For the mint flavour, I added this mint syrup flavour I bought last time I visited FHM 2007, c & c flavour, add them on the half freeze of the base flavour. The King of Fruits, take out the meat of the durian add into the mixture and then filter out fruits veins that is not soluble in the mixture. Mint Flavour Ice-creamMint with Chocolate TopThere you have it the ice-cream formula for all of you to try it at home. [...]

Nyonya - Pongteh Meat


It was pot luck time and this time it is held at BBO (Sid & Sunny) at their place somewhere in Damansara. I thought what should be nice to make and doesn't take so much time. So this Nyonya dish come across my mind. My aunt once told me it quite simple just put the ingredients in a slow cook then you are ready to be served.Let get started, the are the ingredients are as follows : Pork or Chicken (cut about 4-5 cm cubes)1 tablespoon Preserved soy beans (Miso paste)1 tablespoon of Coriander powder1 1/2 dark soya sauce2-3 piece Star AnisePotato cut in cubesShallots & Garlic - ground or blendedSalt, sugar, pepper for tasteFirst stir-fry ground paste of shallots and garlic around 2 minutes and then add the miso paste, coriander powder and stir-fry until fragrant. Add the meat and dark soya sauce and continue to stir-fry. Afterwards add water till it cover the meat, add salt, sugar, pepper and star anise for taste. When it starts to boil adds the potatoes and then reduces the heat to simmer, stirring occasionally until the meat and potatoes is tender and the sauce thickens. You can also add hard boiled eggs about 5-10 minutes before it is ready to serve.Check out the beautiful dessert by Sid & Sunny and the others delicious stuff by others floggers at the night at KampungboyCitygal, Foodelicious, KL people KL food, Jason Ipoh Mali, Living in Food Heaven [...]

Stuff Mushroom & Foo Chow Fishball


Another quick recipe, you need some fish paste, mushroom, minced meat, salt, sugar, pepper, osyter sauce and etc.Stuff MushroomStuff Mushroom, first soak the dried mushroom and retained the water later for the sauce. Mixed the fish paste, minced meat and the seasoning together then spread it on the mushroom and steam it. For the sauce, use the mushroom water, a bit of osyter sauce and egg white.Foo Chow FishballFoo Chow Fishball, cook the minced meat first and leave it aside. Then warpped the minced meat with the fish paste and cook the fishball in a boil water. Look the completed fishball, it doesn't look like those smooth ones you bought from the market or at Esquire Kitchen. This is my first attempt to make fishball...not so successful :([...]

SK Food Haven? Part 2 - Restoran Hy Thian


Firstly I like to apologies to everybody who visit my site and found nothing new. I will try my best and discipline myself to update as much as often. Let me continue with my SK post.After reading Eat First Think Later post on this place in SK, remind me to contiune my update on this mysterious place call Seri Kembangan. This place Yap Yin & BKT has been around since my university days in UPM and been always famous for its BKT and pork knuckle. For the last two years it has become one of the spot to be. Located centrally in town, it is one of most diffculty place to find carparks. This next restaurant I am going to introduce to you all food lovers is also one of my favourite place during my uni’s days. It starts as small rented stall in a food court to one 3-storey shophouses and then 5 shophouses. With this type of business growth, you can expect nothing less than prefect for the dishes they served. So, I decided to go since my last visit was five years ago and it was a weeding dinner. Two Variety Prawns These are some of the delicious dishes we have, Two Variety Prawns, one cooked with butter and the others is salad. The best part of it, we requested to be de-shelled, no more mess.The another recommend by them is Fried pork with special sauce (Sheng Chao Hua Nan) taste a bit of sweet and hot and juicy. Fried Pork with Special SauceWe also have this special vegetable call Dragon Vegetable fried with garlic (Qing Chao Qing Long Cao). Just look at tiny strip of the vegetable. Dragon Vegetable fried with GarlicThis the fried bean curd cubes with pork in Sxichuan sauce (Shi Chuan dou Fu Li).Bean curd cubes with pork in Sxichuan SauceWe finish off with the dessert of the season, fried durian, crispy outside and soft and cold durian paste inside. After years have not been there and since it moves to this new place, the food is delicious as ever. Their business rest days are on Monday and Tuesday, with these business their can afford two rest days. My LAF rating 7.9/10, because of the big prawns (Without shell! Oh Yeah!) and fried pork. How much does all of these cost? Here it is.....So, where is the place, here the map to the resturant ....There are also others restaurant around SK such as Soon Lee Restaurant (famous for its grill fish, aluminium foil chicken wine, etc.), Restoran Chen Fatt, Starlight Restaurant (salt baked fish, salt egg crab, etc.), Yong To Fu & fried wrapped chicken, Yap Yin & BKT Restaurant and so on. I will tried post all these restaurant the next I visit them. [...]

KK's Specialty Fried Noodle


This is one of my favourite noodle dish. The following are some of the basic ingredients includes meat, prawns, vegetables, noodle (wanton noodle) and most important is dried shredded squid.

First pan fried the noodle a bit and the squid until it is fragrant then keep it aside. Afterwards start by cooking your meat and prawns then put the fried noodle add water, seasoning and etc till it taste to your prefection. Lastly add the fragrant squid into the noodle, give another quick stir then it is ready to be served.


GULLIN Seafood


This restaurant is somewhere in PJ which I personally don't know where. My uncle was leading the way to the restaurant. Apparently is located at Taman Megah and opposite old LimKokWeng University College. It is a corner shop and quite crowded with people.We waited for a while before we got our seat and of course my Uncle going decided on what we having tonight since he has been there before.This is the most order dish as I look around others table, everyone has one on their tables and also recommended by my uncle, Hotplate Curry Seafood which can be cook with only prawns, white squid, fish or mixture of them. Hotplate Curry SeafoodWe also have Fu Rong Dan (Scrambled Egg), Dong Bo Rou (Stewed Pork With Five Spices), Minced Pork Fired Beancurd and Garlic Fired Kalian.Fu Rong Dan (Scrambled Egg)Dong Bo Rou (Stewed Pork With Five Spices) Minced Pork Fired BeancurdGarlic Fired Kalian Quite a good mixture of food we order and very rich in flavour for the Hotplate Curry Seafood which and the gravey mix well with the scarmble egg. All the above cost around RM 70 together with drinks if I remember correctly. My LAF rating 5.6/10. Just to update you, my first food review post, SK Food Haven? Pt 1, Restoran Healthy Pot is no longer in business. As I was telling Tummythoz about this place, the next time I going to pass by it might not be around and I came true. So much of my first food review….ahh!!![...]

Honey Whisky Pork Bits


I have been thinking for a while on what should I do with this Johnnie Walker Black Label. It has been lying in my shelve for years, then an idea strike me. Why don't I try making some dishes with whisky like Whisky Pork Bits (thought of doing it at pork ribs, too lazy to debone during eating) similar like so many restaurants serving Guinness Stout Pork Ribs / Chicken Wing.At first, I try just using whisky to marinade the pork bits and for sauce. The whisky taste was too strong in the marinated pork (nearly got high after having it). Later, I added honey, the taste?..…well for me is OK (since I am the only taster around).Let get down to things that make it ticksPork cut in slices or cubesCorn FlourSoftly beaten Egg1 teaspoon of soya sauce1 teaspoon of oyster saucePinch of salt, sugar & pepperSauces:3 tablespoon of Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky1 tablespoon of honey20 ml waterPinch of salt & sugarMarinate the pork with soya sauce, oyster sauce, salt, sugar and pepper. Coat the pork bits with corn flour then eggs and deep-fry in hot oil until cooked and golden brown. Then drain the excess oil from the pork. For the sauces, heat a bit of oil in the saucepan, then put in the combined ingredients above and stir till boil until thick. Then mix the fry pork bits in the sauce then served. [...]

Fate / Stay Night


I am so excited for the past weekend. I have just increased my collections of anime figures by two. These figures are from two characters of one of my favourite animation Fate/Stay Night. These are perfectly sculpture masterpiece by Bome under the Mon-Sieur Bome Collections and manufactured by Kaiyodo. Just look at this beautiful masterpiece. Servant Saber Master Toshaka RinHave to find some more places in my apartment to keep this additional piece. Fate/Stay Night and Neon Genesis Evangelion are two of animation figures that I currently collect. Of course there is some other plastic models kit like Gundam Seed, Star Trek, Final Fantasy VII, Doraemon and some others small pieces of trading figures.I have just place order with the hobby shop to get me the second edition of the Pinky St models for Evangelion. Hopefully the onwer has good news for me when she is back from Japan. I should start working on some of my plastic model kits that are sitting on my shelve for years. [...]