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Preview: Little Barbie's Secret Garden

Little Barbie's Secret Garden

Updated: 2018-03-05T23:14:37.740-08:00


you see what i saw~


Hey SEE What have we found~!!See this~We found Giant Crops~Strawberry Season NOW~Giant size strawberry with little BarbieStrawberry PicnicWant some?Now you see how big is that monster~So So So pretty~My christmas strawberry chocolate drink~The new year eve fireworks in Melbie-                                             Goodbye 2008~Hello 2009~!Little Barbie welcome you.*bow bow*[...]



Dear diary,

Sorry for throwing you aside for such a long time.I have not been updating you a while.Now,i am back again.I still sayang you lah,ok?

PS:Happy 2009 year

You master

Big wind blow~! Blow the polo trend~


Even though i have finished my exam some times ago,i still find myself busy like a big head flies.Never thought that my holidays can be that busy until i have plan everything.Below are my lists to do: class
3.try to find a part time job
4.earn as much as i can for my Hong Kong trip
5.clean the house --DONE in HK in Sydney--coming weekend in M'sia during my CNY trip in Aussie too~~!

OK.OK.I know that is silly.But.BUT~~!
Shopping in 3 different countries in 3 months can be a totally exciting motivation for little barbie me to get my lazy ass back to work.See,i have been working so hard for the promo,shooting and hostress job.Plus, i am on my way to get another part time job for the more and more and more $$$ for you know what.

So,this few days i have been addicted with the polo trend which having a great deal in DFO.
Hello~every polo shirt for only 59$ only?that is freaking cheappppp~
Why the hack that M'sia sells Ralph Lauren polo for RM600 plus?? (the new one)
Screw you M'sia polo,i am so going to get my polo here in Aussie.

My new limited edition polo
Some polos for my darling barbie of course.

Anyone in M'sia need a polo??kekeke

In the bottom of my heart..


One year plus. That long. Time flies.

I have leaves my country,my family and beloved friends.

It were so hard to made decision.
To change the directions of life.
To start a totally new life which full of uncertainty.

I shall bare with the consequences of my decision.
Risk that i should faced.

Everything i though of missing out of every single moments that i could possibly accompany my family and friends...
i feel the distance.
So far

5th Feb 09
Is the date you should remember.
Barbie coming back to see you.
Ha ha ha.





  • Run out of jail due to the period of exams have finished
  • Continuous disturb others people who are still having exams
  • plan to escape to Malaysia for chinese new year crime commitment
  • plan to disturb every single individual she know

If you have any information concerning this person,
Please contact you local FBI office.

Let's get the SHOW started~


I have been attending a lot a lot of events recently...OK Lah...not a lot a lot lah.Just 2 events.But those events make my days,dude.Skip out all the rubbish and boring speech..Little Barbie show you her wonderful day in..."Royal Melbourne Show"*with clapping hand as background sound. Clap Clap!*At the entrance with the mapLook,what have i found,a "mobile stage"~Ok,Is a bicycle,,is a mobile stage bicycle.Ready to enter the world of animal farm.Oh,never know that hush poppy can be so cute in real life.and a very Hot Dog~Found a very weird-arrogant-looking pigeon here too.Now i know why this pigeon look so arrogant,because she just won a title "Miss Best Of Breed Pigeon".Don't need to be so arrogant,bird,you are not "Miss World"!Have you realize that they look alike? I mean the pet and the owner.hmm..So furry,can be the material of my bag~Beethoven the dog,so huge yet still a puppy.Again, why the dog and the owner are about the same size ah?Smart dog,i like i like...Grumpy dog~PomPom dog,look at his tie up pom-pom fur,he is a winner!so cute~~~~~Irritating dog,oo.....look familiar...especially the eyes,why look so alike with my Barbie alvin?Ok,then i turn into little evil Barbie while i have my ice-cream..Little barbie,Shuang shuang and Jin FongBarbie and little evil BarbieIntroducing the Alpaca,a mixture breed of camel and sheep (based on my own opinion)Alpaca are extremely shy to stranger,but definitely NOT this black one~A close-up of Alpaca.Look like camel + sheep,right?Pig pig and little BarbieLittle Lamb and little BarbieAll day long at the showground,Barbie and Little Evil Barbie are extremely tired. Time to take the last shot and go back home.THE ENDThanks peepz*Bowl*[...]

A smile on my face...


*SHAKEY SHAKEY ASS*"Winter winter go away,time for you to take a break,Spring spring come again,time for you to play with me."I love Spring.But that does't mean that i don't like winter.okla,i admit that i don't really like the freezing winter that make me shake my ass off everytime i go out.OK OK,go to the main point,it is the time of changing new season,therefore...everything in store must go ~here come all the fabulous warehouses and lovely factory outlet.My Barbie philosophy--shop smartly,wear nicely,sleep happily.OK stop talking crap,here are my shopping spree of spring.Got 2 comfy comfy bathrobe in baby pink and baby blue from Cotton on body at DFO.I love bathrobe,especially this type of material,so comfy when they touch on your skin,i will wear they everyday besides summer.So,now,the problem is,i got 3 bathrobe plus the old one i have been using.Gosh,i am greedy~Also,got myself 2 elegant Olga Berg designer evening bags for only 10 dollars for the red one and 5 dollars for the pink one.Plus,PEPE JEANS short denim from warehouse for only 50 dollars.*happy*and is PEPE JEANS.Just love the material and quality of it.PEPE JEANS is always PEPE JEANS.2$ slipper from Cotton on.Get ready for summer bah~5$ pinky silky pants also from Cotton On Body.1$ pink flowery scarf from Cotton On.Pink T for 5 dollars.Baby pink T for 5$.Pink transparent bag 2$.Black diomands dress for 2$.I never forget to pamper myself with all sort of roses.Rose conditioner,Jurlique rose water for face,Jurlique rose moisturizer,Tiffa rose body lotions.I like Jurlique,make me feel so rosey~~I am very happy and satisfy with my achievement in Barbie shopping philosophy.*peace peace***Still Drooling while sleeping due to overjoy of shopping**[...]



So sien....

So many assignments to do

So sien....

So many laundry to do

So sien...

So many recipe to cook until i am confused

So sien...

Cannot get a part time job here

So sien...




lovey dovie pink monster


Something flash into my mind.Strongly. Unavoidable.

Suddenly I have a very strong desire of making something sweet today.

i am trying to get this animal out of my mind....but failed ..

So i let the basic instinct guide me throughout the journey..

from grocery shopping until the finish point..

I made this while Remy hiding inside my brain instead of my hair..hahaha

For my Barbie Alvin,sayang, stewberry represent my love to you..


got a evil little wish that one day,i will turn you into my good Emile..


I still love you no matter how fat you are.

What a life~


Hey Peepz.....sorry for abandoning this blog for awhile, Little barbie have been very, very busy trying to be a good housewifetrying to be immortal and at 18 years old every year- feeding my skin with a lot of secret ingredientsworking my ass off trying to survivetrying to cope with my master programs so that mummy can stop nagging at me for a while trying to balance myself so that i won't fall down 5 times every 5 minutes during my very 1st skiing tripOk, so let's see some pictures to prove it...See, told u i am preparing myself to be a good housewife,little barbie cook tooIntroducing the sweet and sour chicken dishEgg with prawn,Paisei paisei,a bit overcooked (1st experiment)Sambal Basil fishStir fried VegeThen i present--Dessert of the day--"Barbie monster cream cup"Here are some of my hard work...Working at Crown for black tie dinner and i am paired with this lovely nice lady--NicoleAnd the snow skiing trip of my lifewaiting to conquer the mountain The bumble barbie flying in the snowTypical little barbie (me) and barbiePresenting the Ninja Turtle on snowboard~tang ~ tang ~ tang~~Wee~~Wee~~ WeeThere he goes-- poor turtle butt in the snow[...]

Some pics review of de M'sia trip


My 1st destination in kl once i arrive...LALA session in PJ with my old bird friend--Mr. Elton tiuThat's little barbie me and barbie AlvinBamboo@ We rocks~!catch up with ah hui hui and Simonehui hui met another hui huiChilling out with my dar darput your feet in the air~!in the air~dar dar and meMy sammy and meThe legandary Miss Nov and little barbieLast party night b4 leavingGary,Little Barbie and barbie alvin@PoppySis does't want me to go...The gengGoodbye M'sia...I will be back soon...[...]



What the MAMAMIAYA.....

Never felt so bad and guilty about myself before...

Here is how the story goes..

Happy go lucky me went for casting today for The Myer fashion show..

It took me quite an effort to make up and dress nicely with heels and stuff.....

Happy me walked to Myer alone for the casting..

Casting is at level 8 in the Myer building, so i catched the lift from G floor all the way up to level 8..

Then the Lift stopped at level 3. Some shopper came in while i sang some random song in my mind..

Lift stopped at level 5. One very tall and pretty angmo come in with a **book in their hand...
My confidence dropped to 70%.

Lift stopped at level 6 and bunch of TALL and PRETTY ANGMO came in with books in their hand...
By then, my confident dropped to 50%.

I knew that all these gorgeous, Tall ANGMO are models going for the same casting as I am.

Once i walked out from the lift to level 8, one big group of giant, tall Angmo model stood infront of me waiting for their turn to go in for casting.

*nervous* *panic*

My confidence dropped to -10%.

GOD DAMN my agent !@#$%^&*

That is a joke....

Finally, the little chicken in me decided to freak-out last minutes and go back home to sleep instead of fighting the height with those freaking tall giant ANGMO.

The term:
(**book --: a book with reference to a professional model's portfolio that contains most of their job profile in pictures format for the client to view. This term is widely use in Australia)

A random beautiful Sunday


Beautiful weather..

Beautiful city..

Beautiful mood..

A quiet beautiful Sunday .................................

Not much people walking around on the street..

Guess that most of the people were still half drunk or hungover from Saturday night's party..

So quiet and peaceful...

So my Barbie and I decided to explore the city...

(image) Princess theatre right behind me.
(image) Barbie and me @ The Parliament
(image) Lunch at Japanese restaurant nearby.

Last station:home sweet home. Gosh.....i am on the way gaining weight man.Fattyyyy me.

Unexpected Experience


I think it is very common for a guy to pick up girl in the public by giving a piece of paper with their mobile no. written it. (when i mean picking up girls,mean picking up in public with somebody who is totally a stranger) is very common in western countries......
like what we used to see in the movie.......(for example chix flix like "what happen in Vegas" where some hot chick leaves contact no. on the coffee cup to the lead actor.

It is kinda sweet right? You have choices to make. You can choose not to contact that person, play an interesting phone call game or go out dating with that person.

In Malaysia picking up a person through asking for their mobil no. is very common. In my opinion getting number thru handphone is really inconvenient and less of an excitement.

Caucasian on the other hand, picking up girls by leaving contact no. on a piece of paper,coffee cup or wherever he/she can write on it, is always full of excitement and romantic. Everything remain unknown until you discover the content of writing on the paper.

So,here it is...

I received..

my experience of receiving a small little piece folded paper from a caucasian gentleman in the airport a few weeks ago.

It is very sweet of you,Mr. Geoff...

Thanks for the surprise you have brought to me,Mr. Geoff....................but............................
Sorry for not contacting you too, Mr. Geoff
I am attached...............

Gigantic neh~


Human beings are greedy and selfish animals. How could they sacrifice another species' life for their own enjoyment and entertainment.


i am human..

you are human..

We are all human..

So,i spoil myself through the enjoyment of eating dead animals' corpses after my long exhausting exam period...

Mr. Crabbie
From your beloved eater

(image) Crabbie dinner@Claypot/St. Kilda
(image) huge,right?
(image) Cheryl and Zhi Yong.We miss you Zhi Yong~! Wish you all the best in Sg.Miss the fried ice-cream session with you.
(image) Me and Mr. Crabbie

Backie backie~


I am back in Melbourne again...

Finally, after a short holiday stint back to M'sia .. Yes...............I am back...

Tonnes of stories had happened here and there, regardless wether it is a good or bad ones.

i have move to a bigger and better house..


i officially got my internet connected for my new house TODAY...

some good news to share peepz..

1. i move to a bigger and better house which equipped with tennis courts, a swimming pool, spa, gym and sauna.

2. i officially started my master course 3 days ago.

3. i am moving into new house with my little precious barbie Alvin and geo my big bro.We are happy la la~!

pics coming up real soon next post.~muaks

A place called HOME


another 6 days,

another 144 hours,

another 8640 minutes,

another 518400 seconds,

I will be back to my bird nest. Home sweet home~!

It have been 1 year and another 9 days i left Malaysia,

To all --
My good friends,
bad friends,
small friends,
big friends,
lala friends,
sotong friends and 
whoever they thought should categories under the friends list above based in MALAYSIA only:

BARBIE me will be back in town from 27th june 08--12th july 08

Come~Come to welcome me with dragon dance and lion tiger ceremony. 

Muahaha~MAMAMIA~! kidding kidding la~hope to see you guys soon,really miss you all~sincerely from Barbie's heart.



Ouchhhhhhhhhsss~~~!!! OH MAMAMIYA...Painnnnnn~

Bang myself into my apartment's main entrance door today. I didn't notice that it was closed.....
fuck u stupid transparent glass door...

I curse you, I curse you, I curse you, damn glass door.....

I hope you meet a painter and a golfer one day..

smack you~ paint you~

My poor little precious hand.....Sayang~

Very pain leh you know....~My hand is all red and bleeding a bit. Fortunately it happened to the left hand, if not Barbie can't write well in the exam lehh~

barbie's wan-to-get toys


I always like toys......ever since i was a baby until a big Barbie, I love toys...Toys bring me joy..Toys bring me excitement...Toys bring me short-term "self-high syndrome" just like how drugs made junkies feel...Every summer Dior will come out with new collection for girls like me.This is my Dior summer toys collection...I like...I like...I likeeeee....get me this or i shall cry like a dinosaur or spin like a helicopter...Dior 2008 summer collection Golden Dior pandent with gold highlighter cream inside. Dior summer collection a few years back-Mail palletteDior summer collection 2008 for selected country only--love charm lip gloss ( can be bracelet or hang it on you bag)Dior summer collection toy 2007--lip gloss in a diamond dice.This is my own collection-the diamond dice which i hang it on my new bag.The lip gloss inside the diceMy Dior golden palette key charm with lip-gloss insideHang on my school bag...Barbie like niceeee..[...]

Melb Buddha Day--World Blessing Ceremony


It is quite fun to take part as one of the volunteers for buddha day at 17th & 18th of May.One of the programme for buddha day is world blessing ceremony for the purpose of world peace and also blessing for those victims of earthquarke in china and cyclone in Burma. Besides donation,the only thing i can contribute is to bless them by the sincere and kindness heart of buddha. In order to prepare for the ceremony,every volunteers have to dressed up into different national costume and represent different racer to bless and pray for world peace.


This is how a modern young lady...

turn into a ancient chinese lady..


(image)                                    Yeah,right...VERY FUNNY~!

    This is how i look like if i born in few thousand years ago in China.Gosh~!The wig is so heavy

Barbie advanture--Mornington Peninsula


After all those period of being slave for assignments and works,Barbie me have decided to spoilt myself with something i have never done before. Something that is full of excitement, something which need me to be brave,something which need me exercise up and down 'on-top' of a third party.....Furthermore, this is something that turn Barbie me into a princess charming ...And take me to the sleeping prince for the magical-wake-up kiss...but...this only last for 1 and a half hour only....ok....i did Mornington Peninsula...                            Barbie the Princess charming. Handsome me and horse.                     Horse selection  Let me introduce,this is...Oppsss...behave,Looque,don't face your back to everybody...                                 Sorry for Looque's manner, dear everybody,this is my horsie--Looque,he is a healthy and strong boy. Looque,meet everybody.After 1 and a half hour of day-dreaming that Barbie is a princess charming, I realized that princess charming and prince charming is not an easy job at all.Firstly, when Looque started to do a little bit of jogging to warm up,i feel so bad as 1000 people's hand is slapping my ass when i goes up and down on Looque. However, Looque seem to be very happy doing his morning jog while trying to catch up the ass of another horse infront to smile it.(Nah,i bet the horse infront is a female.Notti,notti, Looque)Secondly, Looque started to act grumpy when he got scold by trainer and keep on stopping down for grass a lot of time.So,i am more then happy to letting go looque to his master after the ride and start looking for the next excitement.Dang~ Dang~ Dang~ Dang~~!Mornington Peninsula Chocolates--authentic and non-commercialized chocolates,have bring me all the joys and forgetting of 1000 people slapping on my ass pain. Besides the taste, the packaging and the appearance of the chocolate have melted my heart once i enter to the shop.They are soooooooo lovely and adorable.......                                   The kitchen of MPchocolatesYee Ling and meThe packagingThe sweet temptation..Chocolate birdChocolates animalsAll sort of chocolatesChocolates tasting for usMPchocolates are all made without artificial flavors,preservatives or additives.So, MPchocolates can only store up to 4 to 6 weeks only. Moreover,the uniqueness and freshness of MPchocolates is nowhere you can find in the city or elsewhere. Love those fruity chocolates and liquor chocolates.Yummmm....~(PS:quality chocolates come with quality price too....i am broke ...Sobss)Find out more here-Mpchocolates[...]



Hey Today,I hate you.

You made me headache the whole day.
You made me walked all the way home coz tram is not working.
You made my documents that i wanted to print unprintable.
You made me walked all the way back from department to another department just because some department is under renovation at Uni.
You made my hair stuck inside the hair dryer when i dry my hair.
Finally, You MADE my period come.

I hate you,26/5/08~!!!arggggg~

My 1st print ad shoot in Melb


My 1st shoot for a property print ad in Melbourne.I received a call from my agency not long ago regarding the shoot i have selected. They are targeting Asian. Lucky lucky me. Print ad paid for talents is very good paid in Melb. Even though the production crew are unorganized,which lead to less time for lunch, only budget $10 for lunch,need to lap swim, last minutes borrowing branded bags for shoot and bla bla bla........but i am still pretty enjoying the process and journey thru out the whole shoot with Yan,my partner of shoot and Andie,my make up artist.

           Me, pretty Yan (she is Taiwanese and Hongky mix) and andie

                Me and Yan in the car,heading to next location for shoot

    Me, Yan and Andie
                 Me,love the curly,thanks Andie (after shoot at home)(image)

buz buz siiiiiiiiii~


super duper extremely very busy~~!

why are all the things come all together in the same time?

works, assignments and buddha day festival?

why? why? why?

Dear Buddha...pls don't punish me with my very tight schedule....i have promise you to help you on your big day on 17th and 18th may.I will made you day real big and make sure everything goes fine (i try my best, ok?). Thanks, Buddha.

Please bless me and my family.


Choco-Locho-Mocho cha cha~!


 ***Attention ladies,girls,women,female***New in town~! Chocolate cafe--San Churro open up the new branch in city located in QV.This is a barbie good news man..~Who said diamond is always women best friend only? Well,barbie me said "chocolate is every female best mate". Compare to Max Branner,San Churro is much more focusing in their Churro. All sort of Churro can be found here.                                    San Churro                                    Menu  Buddha Baci drink- Damn thick 'kao kao' chocolate plus additional spicy chili taste at you own choice"                                   Xi Qi and me                                   Chocolate, Sa-rang-hei~ we love you alot alot.                                   Xi Qi,me and Cheryl                                   yummy..~                                    Churro with choco+ice-cream                                     My baby said look like you?                                    End of churro's life.[...]