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Malaysia's New Currency Series (4th Series): RM20 Collection


This will be my 4th and last post of the Malaysia's New Currency Series, do check out the previous 3 post if you missed it. Here are the links:

Malaysia's New Currency Series (4th Series): RM1 & RM5 Collection
Malaysia's New Currency Series (4th Series): Full Set Collection
BNM Launches Malaysia's New Currency Series (4th Series)

Anyway here's the preview of the RM20 collection which was sold for RM30. Similar to the RM1 and RM5 collection, there are only 500,000 copies available nationwide.






As mentioned this is the last post on the Malaysia New Currency, 4th Series. Hope these 4 posts which I've made gave you a better inside of how the limited edition looks like. If you are a currency note collector, do share your knowledge with me.

Malaysia's New Currency Series (4th Series): RM1 & RM5 Collection


Unlike all my long winded post, I'm gonna let the photos do the talking this time, here's preview of the RM1 and RM5 collection which was sold in an album for a premium price of RM15 for face value worth RM6. This limited edition, hence there are only 500,000 copies nationwide. I've got 4 extra sets for sale at a premium of couse.

Front Cover


The new RM5 (front)

The new RM5 (back)

The new RM1 (front)

The new RM5 (back)

Malaysia's New Currency Series (4th Series): Full Set Collection


As promise in my previous post yesterday, here's a preview of the Malaysia's new Currency Series Full Set looks like:Basically the set comprise the full range of denomination starting from RM1, RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50 and RM100. There is only 50,000 sets available in the market which makes it limited edition thus the value could only goes up as time goes by. Anyway the I got bought the set for RM300, a slight premium compared to the actual face value.You'll realise that there is no changes in design for the RM50 note, that's because it was the first new design denomination of the fourth series which was issued to commemorate Malaysia's 50th Anniversary of Independence in December 2007. [...]

BNM Launches Malaysia's New Currency Series (4th Series)


Was at Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) @ Kuala Lumpur at about 2pm today to get my hands on the Malaysia's New Currency Series, 4th Series. The new currency was launched yesterday by Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Razak. it will be available to the general public starting from 2nd quarter of 2012.Anyway the queue was rather long when I arrived and it took me about an hour to get to the counter. According to the police on duty, there are crazy Malaysian who started to queue as early as 2am in the morning. BNM open its door since 9am in the morning. and by the time I leave at about 4.30pm, the queue is still getting longer.With long queue like this, people could easily mistaken this for the iPhone 4 launch.View of the Queue from another angle.New Currency banner.This is the queue and the counter. There is only 3 counter open to served the public, 2 for credit card purchase and 1 for cash purchase.They have 3 collection as follows:A collection of two banknotes (RM1 and RM5 denomination) - 500,000 sets priced at RM15.00 each.A collection of a single banknote (RM20 denomination) - 500,000 sets priced at RM30.00 each.A collection of six banknotes (RM1, RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50 and RM100 denominations) - 50,000 sets priced at RM300.00 each. For each set of this collection, all the banknote denominations will carry the same serial number.To ensure that opportunist doesn't take advantage of this limited edition Commemorative notes sales, each person is only allow to buy 5 sets of RM1 and RM5 collection, 5 sets of RM20 collection and 1 set of the full collection. All the collection are packed nicely in an individual album complete with explanation on the notes features and design.After queue for so long I decided to take up all allocated sets per person at RM525 and the crowd behind me follow suit. So yeah I have some extra for the single and 2 bank notes collection. Will be keep it till the right offer come by.Meanwhile, here's my full collection:The large one is the full set (only 50k sets), the bottom left (green) is the RM1 & RM5 set and the bottom right (brown) is the RM20 set.Watch out for my next 3 post tomorrow where I'll give you a preview of how each individual album looks like inside.[...]

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow


Living in a tropical country like Malaysia, we may never get to experience the excitement of snow falling down from the sky. Google being one of the most innovative dot com company of our time, has decided to grant us the ability to experience snow, not falling from the sky though. 


This Christmas, Google has added a new interactive features to its search engine. All you got to do is type "LET IT SNOW" in the search box and hit the Enter button and you will be brought to the result page. Just leave the page idle for a few second and you will see snowflakes falling down gently from the top of your screen.


If you leave the screen idle for a little longer, you will soon see that your screen start to freeze up, don't worry, its just a visual effect thus no real damage to your precious LCD / LED / CTR screen. You will not be able to click on anything on the screen except for your browsers button and buttons on the Windows Start bar.


In less than a minute, the entire screen will be freeze up and you will see the search button change into a blue colour Defrost button.


While you may not be able to click on anything on the result page, you can actually hold the left mouse button and move it around the screen to write or draw pictures. Similar to drawing on your car window panel when its all fogged up. I tried to write Merry Christmas on the screen and its looks awesome, take a look at the screen shot below. 


This Let it snow effect is just for fun. I hope that by sharing this, it will bring you some Christmas joy ahead of the Christmas celebration in less than a week.

Facebook introduces Timeline: A new way to express yourself


Facebook, a social networking site which begun rolling out its service in February 2004 has revolutionise the way people communicate and contributed in the surge of smartphone sales in recent years. Today, 7 years later, it is the world largest social networking site with more than 800,000,000 active user worldwide. Its success is due to its ability to understand what the user needs and continuous improvement, be it interface features or security.

During its developer conference back in September, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook introduces a new version of profile interface called the Timeline telling your story to your friends. Shall not waste time typing too much here, do video below will give you a better picture:

allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">

After much hesitation, I've finally switch my profile to the new Timeline, check out the screen shot here:

(image) Now you can put your favourite photo as cover photo just like my red little Mini. 

Notice the straight vertical line at the center? That's the timeline.

Basically everything is arrange along with the horizontal line you in the photo above, with the latest happening at the top and historical event below. Everything is arrange in sequence to let your friends and family have  better picture of what you have been up to since they last meet you. 

Over all, I would say that the layout is pretty neat and cool but this new layout also make stalking easier. So be sure to adjust your security setting to ensure that those stalkers wont be able to stalk your every move. 

If you would like to check out the timeline and have your profile updated with the new timeline, check out, and click on the APPS button below.

OverTime Pavilion KL


Was at OverTime @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur last night for a review. The outlet is located at Level 4, just beside Redbox Plus and 1 level below Golden Screen Cinemas. Anyway I ran a little late due to the rain and  the typical after work KL traffic.Nevertheless, I was just time when staff at OverTime was about to open the first barrel of Starker. If I'm not mistaken, OverTime is the first Bistro that introduces Starkers in Malaysia and its is still the only one offering those delicious German beers. Anyway back to the review, the session was hosted by OT Entertainment International Sdn Bhd the company behind this successfully franchise business that is the most successful as of today. We basically have free flow of food (just order anything we like from the menu) and free flow of Starkers So we the reviewers basically order and eat LIKE A BOSS.Andy Kho (far left) and Thomas Yap(far right) waiting eagerly for their drinks.You've got to be highly skilled in opening the barrel to avoid wastage.Sang Har Mee, it may not taste as good as what you get at those 5 Star Restaurant, but still acceptable. By the way, who would actually come for Sang Har Mee? Personally I usually go to OverTime for Starker and the band at 1 Mont Kiara.Here we have some sort of Mango Kerabu and Char Siew.While drinking and dining, Michelle Ching, the Head of Marketing for OverTime walk over to introduce herself and welcome everyone. She then introduces a special guest, the Master Brewer of Starker, Mr Tim O'Rourke was in town to meet all of us.Me and Mr TimTim posing for a photo with his photo on the menu.If you've been to any OverTime before, you will notice Tim photo printed on the menu just like that photo above. Basically Starkers come in 3 variety, Aromatic (medium bodied), Dunkel (dark beer) and Lager (full bodied).And this is Eric Yong trying to be Thor.Honestly due to its location at the corner, I almost forgotten that there is an OverTime @ Pavilion until I receive the invitation for this review. Its my first visit to this outlet and I totally love its setting and space within. If you happen to be around, do give this place a try, not for the food but for the German beers.OverTime PavilionLot C4-02-00, Level 4,Pavilion Shopping MallKuala LumpurPhone: 0108395095Website:[...]

BangsarBabe's Wedding Night


Just got back from an awesome wedding of a lovely couple, Sue Lynn (better known as Bangsarbabe and Wei Jien.)
A little history, I got to know this beautiful slim lady during a food review back in 2009. She was seated right beside me and I surprise that she could actually eat more than me. I just couldn't believe my eyes, after all she is so slim  it just doesn't make sense that she could eat more than me. Later I got to know that she is in fact a famous food blogger/critic with a magic tongue. If you even ever have chance to dine with her, you would know what I mean. 
Okay, back to the story, the Hollywood Glam theme wedding was held at Grand Dorsett Subang (formally known as Sheraton Subang). Attended the event with my girlfriend Michelle who seems to be more excited than I'm. It was indeed a grand night just like a Hollywood event with lots of professional photographer runner around minus the famous Hollywood celebrity. Guess were advise not to stand up and take photo but leave it to the pros to do their work. So this is in the photo I manage to take with my ipad2:
Congratulation Sue Lynn aka Bangsarbabe aka Mrs Low.
Will be waiting eagerly for Wei Jien and Sue Lynn junior next year. hehe.

Malaysia Starbucks Card Official Launch


Starbucks Malaysia finally launches its the long awaited Starbucks Card. It's basically a loyalty card which offer a range of rewards and conveniences to its customer.The Grand Launch was held earlier today at 5pm (11 November 2011), Starbucks @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.Besides giving out free Starbucks Card with RM20 preloaded to the first 100 guest, there were also lots of performance by local celebrity line up for the event. Sorry I didn't take much photo as I left my camera at home and only got these 3 photos taken with my iPad2.The Starbucks Card also works as a prepaid card, allow the user to reload any amount in to the card at any Starbucks Counter, either via cash or credit card. The prepaid amount in the card can then be use to purchase food & beverages, merchandises, or Starbucks coffee bean packs. All new card are sold at RM20 each (comes with RM20 credit), the card can be reloaded at any Starbucks counter in denomination of RM10 and can store up to RM500(maximum)So what's the benefit of having the card beside storing your hard earn ringgit?Upon registration of your card, you'll enjoy 1 complimentary Grande size handcrafted beverage of choice1 complimentary slice of cake with a purchase of any handcrafted beverage during your birthday monthBuy any 10 beverages of any size (EXCEPT any bottled beverages) and get 1 complimentary Grande size handcrafted beverage of choice.Purchase 1 tumbler of any size and receive 1 complimentary Grande size handcrafted beverage of choice.Buy any 8 packets of whole bean coffee and get 1 complimentary packet of choice *also applicable for VIA® Ready Brew 12-PackBuy 1 whole cake and get 1 complimentary Grande size beverage of choiceIf you would like to get one for yourself, head over to any Starbucks outlet and buy one. Don't just buy one, this card can also be use as gift, especially with the Christmas Season just around the corner.Got mine for FREE as I was among the first 20 in queue at the launch.The first 100 people who queue during the launch was given a free Starbucks card with RM20 preloaded credit.What are the terms and conditions?* Card will be valid fro 3 years from the last transaction date.* All complimentary items can be immediately redeemed or during the next visit* All complimentary items are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance except birthday privilege which is to be    redeemed within the birthday month* Registration benefits only apply to the first card registered in an account * Complimentary whole bean coffee or VIA® Ready Brew is based on non-promotional item only * Only valid for used within Malaysia.For more information of the card, Click Here[...]

PappaRich Express @ TARC


Local University and College students are definitely luckier these days compare to my time.  They are not only pampered by lecturer with spoon feed lecture notes and tips for exam. These days they even have their favourite chilled out place right at their finger tips. 

Was at Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC), Jalan Genting Klang Campus yesterday for an event. Since my event ended at about 6pm, my colleague and I decided to stay back a little the chill and avoid the jam back to PJ which is known to be horrible at these hour. So we chilled at PappaRich Express @ TARC which is located just outside the TARC Library (the Library is pretty impressive too, with more than a 100 units of Mac desktop, its also equip with more than 25Mbps of Internet connection powered by Unifi).

The business at PappaRich Express @ TARC is rather good. Not too sure about the profit, but I think this outlet has the best customer turnover rate. When we were there, the was a long queue at the entrance to the cafe. The concept of PappaRich Express is that you will have to queue up at the counter, orders your food and drinks, make payment and proceed to your assigned table. Your orders will be served in less than 10 minutes. 


The only drawback about PappaRich Express is that, if you are still hungry or thirsty and would like to make additional orders, you will have to get in the queue again and wait for your turn which a turnoff for me. However the price difference really made it worth while to queue if you are a student living on a shoe string budget. On average, the food and drinks on the menu is 30% to 50% off the price you find at the normal PappaRich outlet. Do 


Since this is an express outlet, do take note that the menu also has much less variety, but will will still find the famous Nasi Lemak, Curry Laksa and Roti Bakat with Butter and Kaya on the menu. Barley Lime is only RM1 which is a super cheap. 

It's also a nice hangout spot with free WiFi. Now I wish I'm a student again studying at TARC.

BlackBerry Playbook Exclusive Launch in Malaysia by Maxis


This is hot news coming right from the oven, few hours ago Maxis made history by being the first telco to launch the much anticipated BlackBerry Playbook at an exclusive event. Only 300 or so people were invited to the event which includes VIPs, local celebrities, Maxis exclusive dealers, and members of the press. The Launch was held at View, Level 29, Gtower KL.Jean Pascal Van Overbeke, Maxis COO playing with the Playbook while Dany Bolduc RIM Regional Director speaks to the press.Sorry forgot her name. If you happen to know the name of this singer, do email me her name so that I can update this here. Me & Ruby Mohamed, (ex-colleague) Senior Manager @ MaxisHenry Golding, Me and Julie WoonJulie was first lucky person to walk away with a new BlackBerry Torch in the lucky draw. Naz was the emcee of the night which he did very well. Kevin from RIM, YS Tam (Senior Country Manager of RIM) and Ruby Mohamed.The night was filled with glitz and glitter, free flow of beer, wines and food. The crowd was also entertained with performance by local celebrities and 20 lucky guests walk away with either a BlackBerry Playbook or a BlackBerry Torch. I didn't win but still have lots of fun catching up with friends and ex-colleagues who were involved in the launched.Shall not dive down to the plan details as it will be available on Maxis's website and there will be a launch for the public later today at KLCC Convention Centre as well. So if you are an avid fan of BlackBerry Devices, do make your way to KLCC early in the morning to beat the jam and crowd.[...]

MRCA CEO Night 2011


Earlier last week I attended yet another MRCA (Malaysia Retailer Chains Association) event. The CEO Night is an annual event hosted by MRCA to honour all the CEO's in the retail industry. This year, The Special Guest of Honour and Speaker is Dato' Sri Nazir Razak, the CEO of CIMB Group. Past speakers were Tun Dr Mahathir former Prime Minister of Malaysia and Dato's Sri Tony Fernandes, founder of Tune Group and AirAsia.


Dato gave a very captivating speech on the story of CIMB with a sense of humour, particularly when it comes to his good friend Dato' Sri Tony Fernandes, CEO of Airasia. Dinner was okay until the waiter spill a glass of red wine on me and no apology. If it was a casual function I would have made a big fuss about out but since its a big corporate event, even Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah the CEO of Sunway Group was at the main table. So I've to give face a bit la.

The team and I.

Over the weekend, my photo was featured on a write up by China Press.

Full page coverage on the CEO Night. That's my picture ant the bottom centre.

A blow up copy of my photo. Sharing a joke with Mr Lee Hwa Cheng, founder of Sinma

Over all its an interesting night of networking and learning from all these successful CEOs.

Charlie Chia's Tweet on Airasia's Travel 3Sixty


On 2nd of April 2011, Airasia X maiden flight landed in Christchurch and pledged a six figure worth of donation which prompted me to send a congratulatory tweet to Tony Fernandes, Airasia and Azran (CEO of Airasia X) for the noble action. Little did I know, the tweet was picked up by the Airasia's team and subsequently featured in the Airasia's in flight magazine known as Travel 3Sixty (May 2011 issue).

I didn't know about this until @vin_ann twitpic a snapshot of the magazine on 30th May 2011. Thanks @vin_ann.

PJLA: Kuah Jen Han First Show


Got a pair of free tickets to attended Kuah Jen Han first comedy today courtesy of Revive Isotonic @revupwithrevive. Thanks for the complimentary tickets, you guys really revive my day.

It's my first time at PJ Live Arts and enjoy the show very much. My friend David Lai was a guess performer at the show too and he put on a impressive show as well. Good job to the both of you.

Energizer Night Race 2011: Refund at last


The organiser of this year Energizer Night race makes the biggest blunder by organising the a Nightmare run of the year which made all 10,000 participant furious.The result? The organizer ran away and Energizer Malaysia has to take over and face the public.The situation became a National news after a senior CELCOM Executive started Boycott Energizer Night Race and I started(DiGi) started Energizer Night Race KL: We Want Justice. It was also rumoured Energizer incurred a loss of more than RM1.2 million in a bid to save its brand name from further destruction.It has been a long wait. More than a month since the race was held but its better late than never. I receive my cheque last week and a parcel today complete with finishing medal, finisher shirt, USB battery charger, shaver, eco bag, and tampon(errmm i wonder why are they giving out tampon to racer? are we suppose to shove it under your ass before we run?).The RM50 refundThe ParcelThese are in the parcelCertificate of participation.They should have printed our names on it since they are already sending personal parcel to all the participants.The finisher ShirtThe finisher medal with Sepang Formula 1 Race Track on the backgroundThe back of the MedalThe Headlamp, USB Charger,Shaver, tampon and eco bag on the background.With the refund and delivery of goody bag to all participants, lets end this chapter of nightmare to an end. Hopefully Energizer can engage a better organizer and have a better event for 2012.[...]

POCC Celebrate Life with your BFF Pink Party @ Zouk KL


Rush back from Malacca yesterday evening for the POCC's Celebrate Life with your Best Friend Forever Pink Party @ one of KL most happening club, Zouk KL. Jointly organised by the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) and Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC), the party is the finale of a series of event aim at raising awareness among women, their family and friends.Arrived 30 minutes before the event together with Michelle to party as well as to support one of my good friend SueLynn aka BangsarBabe, who has pledge her support as a blogger ambassadors of POCC.Sue Lynn's reserved table in front of the stageThe event started with Sarimah Ibrahim and Pietro introducing themselves as the emcees of the night followed by a little game to get the crowd warmed up. Then the opening speech by Dr. Saunthari Somasundaram, Medical Director of National Cancer Society of Malaysia.Later token of appreciation was given out to all sponsors who has supported the event.Group photo of the sponsors representativeThe event was sponsored and supported by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Reebok, Anna Sui, L'Oréal Pureology, Mell Basics, Nose, Cleo,  and Cosmopolitan Magazine.Up next, Genevieve Sambhi a Cervical Cancer Survival was invited to share her story before walking down the runway. Genevieve (Cervical Cancer Survival) doing the catwalkA group of selected celebrities and bloggers who has pledged their support also walked the runway with clothes and shoes by the sponsors.The Celebrity and Blogger AmbassadorsThere were more games and prizes throughout the night till 10pm.Me and PietroRight after the event, Michelle, Me, SueLynn, Rif, and 2 of SueLynn's friend went for supper at Changkat followed by chicken wings at Wong Ah Wah.[...]

Visa Signature by CIMB


If you have not notice, CIMB has been aggressively promoting the CIMB Visa Signature. Its not a totally new product but CIMB seems to have step up on its marketing effort lately. The marketing effort appear to have bear fruit as it has successfully convinced me to apply for one.

My card just arrived today, leas than 1 week since I submitted my application. Here's how the card looks like:


Here's some of the benefits:

  1. No Annual Fee (waived for life for principle and up to 3 supplementary card)

  2. 2X Bonus Point for oversea spending

  3. Instants Recognition with CIMB Premier Club Rewards

  4. Complimentary Airport Lounge Access (Plaza Premium Lounge)

  5. Complimentary Movie Tickets (enjoy complimentary ticket of the same class at GSC Cinemas)

  6. Dedicated CIMB Travel Desk

  7. CIMB Bank Smart Rewards

  8. 1 hour Card replacement

  9. CIMB Visa Signature HotelClub (enjoy up to 75% at 55,000 hotel worldwide)

  10. Visa Signature Exclusive Benefits

Personally i was attracted to 3 main benefit:

  • Complimentary Movie Tickets, this is extremely useful especially useful as my girlfriend and I loves to watch movie. With this benefit, I get to watch movie at all GSC Cinemas, be it Gold Class, Premiere Class or Normal Class together with my girlfriend for the price of ONE.

  • CIMB Visa Signature Hotel Club, while I'm not a travel addict, but I do travel and this offer could really help me save a lot when I go on holidays. For more info go to

  • CIMB Smart Reward, this would be the most important benefit of the 3 because CIMB cards offer pretty good discounts at over 500 dining, retail and lifestyle outlets.

My complimentary tickets for Plaza Premium Lounge

With the rising inflation rate and weak economy outlook, its certainly good to be able to enjoy some discount be it wen we dine out, go for movies or even when we go for a holiday.

If you would like to enjoy some great savings just like me, do check out on the CIMB Visa Signature. I've done some comparison with several Visa Signature offering from other local and overseas bank and still find CIMB's offering to be the best.

Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother's day to all mothers out there!!!My siblings and I would usually treat our mum to a nice dinner during Mother's Day. This year, we plan to do it differently. Yesterday we got up at 3am and was at Sunway Pyramid at 4am. No, the shops doesn't open until 10am and we were not there for freebies. We were there to queue up at Machines to get the much talk about iPad2. Yes we are getting an iPad2 for Mother's Day and we love our mum so much that we got up that early on a Saturday just to make sure that we get one.By 6am, there were more than 100 people in the queue and by 9am, there's more than 300 people. We were lucky to be the top 30 in the queue. God knows when the first guy in line started queuing up. These people would probably be getting one for Mother's Day too. Yes, its not cheap but the price is Malaysia is still among the cheapest in the world. Anyway decided to get the White(its a must to get white cause its the Apple official colour) 64GB iPad2 WiFi version. We decided not to get the 3G version because 3G service in Malaysia is still lacking in terms of speed and coverage, trust me after all I've been doing Enterprise Sales with the local telco for almost 4 years. The WiFi only version cost RM2099, RM400 cheaper than the 3G version. Love the minimalist and simplistic packaging.Right after we got our hands on the iPad2 with screen protector and casing of cause, we headed over to Lot 10, where YES flagship store is located. Yes, we decided to say YES to YTL's new communication service. We got a YES Huddle for RM1199, which comes with a FREE Huddle(Worth RM399), RM800 credit, RM400 rebate, Yes Life Account, and Yes email. Shall explain in details on why we decided to say YES in my next post. The YES HuddleEssentially the YES Huddle is a portable Broadband(Wimax) Modem with a WiFi hub build in that support up to 5 devices at any one time. We headed over to Lot 10's Hutong for brunch after getting our YES account registered.Setting up is a breeze just like any Apply ProductsMy brother did the setup before keeping it back in the box and presented to our beloved mum today. Our mum was beaming with joy when she saw the iPad2. I could tell that she was excited with her new toy as she can now check her emails, Facebook, recipes and her research while on the move. That's our little way of showing our love for you mummy. It may not be a million dollar house or car, but its gift worth getting and we hope it will help you in your everyday life. On behalf of my siblings, Mummy we would like to tell you that we are grateful that you brought us to this world and we LOVE you very much. Happy Mother's Day.[...]

World Bloggers & Social Media Summit 2011 - Soft Launch


Well I've been blogging for several years now ever since late 2007. Started out more as a diary to keep track of events that happen around me. Soon I was invited to events, parties, launches, reviews and so on. I must admit that I enjoy every single bit of attention and recognition given to me. yes I'm an attention seeker. While its not easy to find the free time to attend events, edit pictures and write while juggling with my busy schedule in the corporate world, I guess the 2 second of fame outweigh and rule. I may not be the top blogger in the country or as famous as Kennysia but I guess I've achieve some level of fame. If not, why on earth would I be invited to attend the Soft Launch of the World Bloggers & Social Media Summit. The event which was held at Luna Bar, Menara Pan Global is organised by MyEvents International, a subsidiary of Dawoo Holdings Sdn Bhd. It's essentially a preview of what to expect in the upcoming summit which will be held on the 15th & 16th of June 2011 @ PWTC(Putra World Trade Centre) Kuala Lumpur. The VVIP launching the event MrMr Shahul Hameed Dawood(CEO of My Events), Datuk Badlisham Ghazali(CEO of Multimedia Development Corporation(MDEC)) , Terence Fernandez, Senior Editor of The Sun. I bump into my friend Katherine and her boss, Azran the CEO of AirAsia X. Had a short chat with them and not forgetting a photo session for this blog post. Azran, me and Kathrine Interestingly I also met my long long distance cousin, Amber Chia. Okok I was just pulling your legs, she may have the same surname as mine but as far as I know we are totally not related Amber Chia & Charlie Chia [...]

Energizer Night Race 2011: Runners worse nightmare


Firstly I must confess that I'm just an amateur runner who join races like Energizer Night Race just to challenge myself. I'd fun during last year's Energizer Night Race at Cyberjaya. That prompted me to encourage all my friends to join this year's race. Beside the fun part, personally I think its really worth the money because I only pay around RM50 and I got a nice Adidas vest(RRP RM90), an Energizer Headlamp, goody bag and a fun time.Honestly the organiser did a pretty good job last year despite some minor complain. For some unexplained reason, this year Energizer decides to appoint a new event organiser called Expose Media. The result was a disastrous one. In case you may wonder how bad could a race go wrong?, read on.......Energizer Night Race 2011 Promotional poster.Held last Saturday, this year's night race was said to be rather special because it was held at the Sepang International Circuit, a prestigious venue reserved for world class event such as the Formula 1 race. When Energizer Night Race 2011 venue was announced on major press early December 2010, runners flock to the official website to register because being able to run on the circuit can only be a dream to most runners.Registration was closed upon achieving more than 10,000 runners on the 24th February 2011, way earlier than the closing date of 1 March 2011. Energizer and Expose Media intend to make history with 10k runners, double the number of participants compared to last year.On the race day, like any other runners, my friend and I carpooled together and drove some 60KM/way (Toll RM7.40/way) to the deserted town of Sepang. Based on my company's petrol allowance of RM0.70/km, the total cost of travelling will come to RM98.80(mileage plus toll) for both way.Just as we were approaching the Sepang International Circuit, we were stuck in a brief traffic jam due to the lack of signage and the alleged illegal parking collection by the Rela volunteers.A Rela volunteers caught in actionThe parking cost RM10 per entry and they even issue a receipt.No company name or logo was printed on the receiptThe worse part about this whole parking issue is Terms and Conditions printed which says the Organiser is not liable for damages caused to vehicle and parked at owners own risk. From the comment which was posted online, some unfortunate participant's car got broken into and their valuable were stolen. How could this have happen? Well from what I know, after collecting entrance fees from car owners, those Rela volunteers left the car park unattended. Come to think about it, they might be the culprits.From the car park, we need to walk quite a distance towards the Sepang International Circuit Entrance then walk past the Welcome Centre followed by the mall area and then follow the crowd walk down the stairs to the access tunnel toward the pit building. This is where the nightmare began, as the stairs area and tunnel were humid and not ventilated(probably the ventilation system and air con wasn't turned). To make matter worse, there was a terrible human traffic jam. Have a look yourself:The traffic was at a standstill that some can even use sometime to reply messagesWhat causes the bad traffic?The small door is one of the causeApart from the small door, the other reason was due to the understaffed and poor location of the headlight distribution point. The distribution point was manned by only 5 staffs who have to attend to more than 10k runners. On top of that it was located right after the stairs just as people come up from the tunnel, causing massive disruptio[...]

Complimentary Drink @ Starbucks with American Express


If you love to drink and hangout at Starbucks, its probably time for you to apply for an American Express Card issued by Maybank. Make no mistake, this is not an advertorial for American Express or Maybank.



It's because American Express Card is currently running a promotion with Starbucks which entitle you to a complimentary beverage of the same value or less when you purchase a drink with your American Express Card. This promotion will be valid till 31st October 2011.

The Terms & Conditions

So if you have not got an American Express card, maybe its time to get one. Heard there are lots of other benefits and privilege coming soon too.

BlackBerry Playbook Media Preview @ Kuala Lumpur


Early this week I receive an exclusive invite to the media preview for the BlackBerry Playbook. Held today at the luxurious Bridge Bar, Level 28 GTower, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur. Majority of those who attended the event are tech reviewers and top local bloggers. Bridge Bar on the backdrop3 lovely model posing with the mock Playbook.As this is a close & private event, only a handful of people attended this event. SmashPoP(Jason Goh), Daphne Iking, The BlackBerry Malaysia social media team, LiewCF are among those who were invited.Model, Me, Simon So, Simon Yap, Jason Goh, model and RamesJoe Lebosi and myselfDaphne IkingThe BlackBerry Playbook in my palm.. Fellow Bloggers and myself checking out the featuresThe technical guy from RIM giving us a brief on the deviceThe idea of this device is so that people can play with it, thus its called the Playbook. However when you pair it up with a BlackBerry, you can certainly do more than play. Once you've pair up the device, you can BBM on a Playbook, check your BES email and do the regular stuff which you normally do on a BlackBerry except making calls.and here's Daphne having fun with the Playbook's cameraDaphne giving the seductive lookLike the iPad 2, the Playbook came with 2 camera, one on the front and one behind. From the preview just now, the front camera appear to be sharper than the iPad 2 or any other tablet available in the market.Reading made easy when you connect the Playbook to your LCD screen via HDMI cableNeed for Speed on PlaybookIf you would like to have a feel of how its like play Need For Speed on Playbook, click here. More for update on the upcoming BlackBerry Launches & Events, join these 2 official Facebook pages:BlackBerry MalaysiaBlackBerry Malaysia Community[...]

Airasia X CEO Mr Azran Osman-Rani


Just came back from a wonderful talk at Intercontinental Hotel(Nikko Hotel) organised by Young Corporate Malaysians(YCM). This time around, the speaker is rather special, he is the CEO of AirAsia X, Mr Azran Osman-Rani who talks about his journey in the corporate world, how he ended up with the top job at AirAsia X and how he manages AirAsia X. I must say that I'm truly impressed with how down to earth he was during the whole session. Honestly did not know much about him(didn't even know that he is the CEO of AirAsia X) until today's talk.

Long story cut short, it was truly an inspiring session to hear him talk.

AirAsia X CEO Mr Azran Osman-Rani & myself

After spending more than an hour listen to the humble gentlemen, I find that he is truly an inspiring corporate leader that other local top guns should strive to emulate. He is someone that could inspire his colleague to think out of the box and work smart to achieve a common goal. Will definitely look forward to work for bosses like him.

3rd PutraJaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta


Attended the 3rd PurtaJaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta for the very first time this morning. This annual event is held for the 3rd time this year at the same old venue, PutraJaya. It was much of a disappointment I must say. I was expecting it to be an event of international standard, but it turns out to be otherwise with many stalls setup to monetize from the innocent crowd.

The skyline of PutraJaya being filled with balloons.

Doraemon, my favourite among the many balloons on display.


Me and Doraemon in the background

Doraemon being suck till death by its owner. jk jk..

Not too sure what when wrong there, but the sky was rather cloudy and wind were quite strong. Left the venue in less than an hour as the entire thing is just a waste of time. I will never come for this event again, unless they have a really attractive WAU factor to woo me.

St. Patrick's Festival 2011 @ Changkat Bukit Bintang


Guinness Malaysia hosted the St. Patrick's Festival last night Changkat Bukit Bintang. This is the first time the whole street is close from traffic and the public can literally sit, dine and drink along the street of Changkat. Anyway, had a quick dinner at Wong Ah Wah @ Jalan Alor with my girlfriend Michelle before taking a stroll to Changkat. It's been raining quite a bit lately, but the weather last night was just perfect for an outdoor event (guess Guinness must have hired a good bomoh).VVIP from Guinness posing for the mediaSome simple do's and dont'sI wonder what's the use of this important notice? Firstly it was stated that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly for non-muslim consumer and above the age of 21yo. However from my observation, there were lots of muslim consumers and those who are well below 21 having a jolly good time drinking all night long.Secondly it also mentioned that No cash transactions of alcoholic drinks on the streets, only in outlet, but the waitress were busy serving Guinness Stout in plastics cups for RM10 each.My point is why bother to put up such notice when the organizer clearly doesn't have the manpower and willpower to enforce it in the first place. Anyway, the main purpose was to have fun and that's exactly what I did all night long.Michelle and I with Mr GuinnessSuper bike seems to be the theme of the night and these are some of the super bike parked outside FangapaniI was glad to have went for the event as I meet many of my old friends that I've not seen for ages. One of them is my good old buddy Thompson who was my schoolmate back in high school. Apparently this chap is currently attached with Guinness Anchor Berhad.Thompson & MyselfI also meet his colleague who is my junior back in the Uni days when I was actively involved in AIESEC the International Student Organisation. Something which I still hold very close to my heart till today.Me & Julie KuanI definitely had fun meeting with tons of people familiar people on the street yesterday. Looking forward to more fun next year.Time to catch some sleep. Adios!![...]