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My Best Performers


My daughter Bela will be participating in their school’s year-end program. They are also encouraging parents to join the performance of their kids as well and as expected, I will say no for this, but not for hubby. As I’ve told you before, hubby can showcase his talents when it comes to singing and playing instruments. I think he is the one that my kids look up to that’s why they are very

10 Years and Still in Love


Yikes, I can't believe that in just 3 months, my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary. We actually have no plans yet on how we will celebrate it. My husband initially wanted to have a renewal of vows since our kids can now play a big part in the ceremony but I don't think it will be possible due to budget constraints. So maybe, we can just have a short getaway, so we can

Hello September


In the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas early and it begins as soon as we enter the “BER” months. That is why on September 1, you shouldn’t be surprised if you will already hear Christmas songs playing on the radio or if you can see Christmas decors being sold in stores. And as per our family, hubby and the kids are so excited that hubby already put out our Christmas tree from storage.

Proud of Team Gilas Pilipinas


It was a very memorable week for the Filipinos last week as we watch game per game of our team Gilas Pilipinas. We lost the first four games but in spite of that, the Filipinos are still very proud of what our team have accomplished. The Philippines was able to come back to FIBA after 36 years and when they did came back, our players showed the world what Philippine basketball is and gained

The Beauty of Music


Since there was no electricity and we don’t want to stress ourselves too much from worrying because of the flood, we just put out our musical instruments and we drown our fears in a song while we are all stranded in our house. My cousin started playing the guitar and we all sing along with him. We even played the name that tune song and even the kids participated and had fun.Even my daughter

For Bela's Room


Bela has been attending drum lessons at Academy of Rock for more than a year now. Her drum set is placed in her room which is just across our room. Now that Zaak has arrived, we know that we have to do something so Zaak will not be bothered if Bela would want to play with her drums. We are working on a limited budget but thankfully we discovered a cheaper way to sound proof Bela’s room and

Tagaytay again


For the nth time, we went to Tagaytay again last weekend as hubby wanted to unwind and I was making the most of my last two weekends before I go back to work. But to change things a little, we decided to visit Paradizoo this time. Paradizoo is a mini zoo and themed farm located in Cavite. We left Manila around 11 AM already so we just grabbed food for takeout along SLEX and we head straight to

Celebrating our 9th


Last January 29, we celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe time flies that fast. I can still remember when hubby and I were still preparing for our wedding and now here we are. We were able to stick with each other for 9 years. LOL. We did not have any big celebration. What is important for us is that we are together on that day and we have spent some quality time together

Celebrating my 36th


Last January 19 was my birthday and since it falls on a weekend, hubby convinced me that we celebrate it in Tagaytay. We left the house around 5:30 as we wanted to catch the first mass at Pink Sisters Church: After mass, we also dropped by Little Souls Church: Then we went straight to Sky Ranch and we are just in time for its opening at 10 AM. But we were surprised as the parking

Top 3 Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses


Along with wedding gowns, we see beautiful bridesmaid dresses in bridal catalogues and online stores. A lot of the designs for bridesmaid dresses are simple yet elegant but they are not supposed to be prettier than wedding gowns. Furthermore, some brides with a limited budget might cut their wedding's cost by sacrificing the gowns of the bridesmaids. Having said that, the online store Dress

Born to Entertain


I am glad that my kids take after their dad his love for music. My husband has a talent when it comes to singing and so he tries to instill the love for music to our kids that he surrounds them with all kinds of musical instruments from percussion, string, and more. In every party that our family hosted, our guests would always look forward to the song number of Bela and Howell. The two will

Arriving Soon: Tama Imperial Star


In just a few days, this will be arriving at our home:  My daughter has been taking drum lessons at Academy of Rock for months now and she is really enjoying it. We are also so amazed at how much she has improved. That is why we are buying her a drum set already so teacher can give her practice sheets so she can continue practicing at home. We reserved for the unit already and we will

Good News: 4 + 1 Makes 5


We were just chatting with hubby’s best friend last weekend and they are very busy checking out trailers at as they will be starting their trailer rental business soon. They are really excited as they moved to Texas from New York to start this business. They have been planning about this and we know how much time and effort they have spent so I am really hoping and praying

Birthday Party Entertainment


We know that we needed entertainment for the party of my mom and dad so it will not be quiet and boring and of course, the only answer to that is a videoke machine. We would have wanted to get a live band complete with their electric guitar, fender blues jr, bass guitar and more but we are working on a limited budget and there is not much space in our garage for this. My aunt was the

Hubby's Duties


Hubby is always the one in charge whenever there are things that need to be repaired or fixed in our house. Like for example, hubby is the one fixing all the electricity and internet cable wires at home so that it will be safer for everyone especially for our kids. But due to his busy schedule for the past months, my dad takes over of most of the minor works at home. In fact, last week when

Good News


Looks like I will be needing plus size sport bras after 9 months. Do you know why? We received another good news 3 weeks ago when we confirmed that I am pregnant with our third child. I am now on my 10th week, and as usual the first trimester is the hardest as I am experiencing major morning or shall I say all day sickness. I am dizzy almost the whole day with no energy to do anything,

Get Halloween Spiders Invites to Start your Halloween Party Preps


August is almost over and before we know it, it is already time to send your Halloween spiders invites for your Halloween party. Every kid is excited for Halloween as they get to dress up in their favorite costume, decorate their homes with their parents and go around the neighborhood for trick or treat. But Halloween is not just for the kids but for the young at heart as well. Adults

Another Weekend in Tagaytay


Last month, my family together with my parents, spent an overnight in Taal Vista Hotel. Thanks to Deal Grocer’s promo, I was able to avail it at a discounted price. Bela requested that we go swimming before his dad leaves for another out of the country trip and since it is the rainy season already, we don’t want to travel far to do that and our first best choice then would be Tagaytay.

Looking for Invites for Oktoberfest Party


It is just a few months away before Oktoberfest and so I am now looking for invites for Oktoberfest party. Just a few days ago, hubby was in Frankfurt, Germany to attend training. During that one week, he and his training mates were able to go around to explore Germany. One of the stories that hubby shared with me was the Oktoberfest which is an annual event held in Munich, Germany which last

Jives @ Cobi's 3rd Birthday Party


Just look at how kids had so much fun during Cobi’s 3rd birthday party: Well aside from the good food, fun games, overflowing of prices and the good sound system equipment that we got like apc40, what contributed to the fun of the party was the presence of Jives. Jives is the sing and dance group that we got to perform for Cobi’s party as per his request. What I like about them is they

Our Saturdays in Batia


Every first Saturday of the month, Project PEARLS hold their monthly feeding and brain booster program in Batia, Bulacan. This is the new home of the families from Ulingan who got relocated here. Unlike in Ulingan where it is really unsafe because of the toxic fumes being emitted by the charcoal factory, Batia is clean and pollution free. That is why every time we attend Project PEARLS'

Tips When Planning for a Euro Trip


A number of my friends are planning for their trip to Europe. They have been asking me about it and the only tip that I can tell them is that they should plan ahead as it is really complicated to plan for a Europe trip. Well for one, it is difficult to plan for the itinerary as Europe offers a vast of options. Each city is different so you would really like to visit each of the cities to

Cobi's Role Models


The men in Cobi’s life: This picture was taken during Cobi’s 3rd birthday party held at Shakey’s Bluewave Macapagal. I am so thankful that they took time from their busy schedule to celebrate with us. We really felt the love. Thanks again to all of Cobi’s Titos, Titas, Lolos, Lolas, cousins and friends who all came to his party, despite their busy Saturday schedule. You all really made

Aetas' Trail: Zoobic Safari


One of the unique experiences that we had when we went to Zoobic Safari was the Aetas’ Trail. In this attraction, we were treated with a presentation of the Aetas. They did several dance numbers like the Dragon fly dance, monkey dance and the warrior dance, which they do every time they send a warrior to battle. There was never a dull moment during the presentation as the dances that they

Zoobic Safari Experience


Hubby arrived at around 9 PM last Saturday from his tour of duty in Majuro and looks like he really missed us so much that he wanted to go on an out of town trip the very next day of his arrival. He really wanted to go to Zoobic Safari and so we just had breakfast and drove North to Subic. It was actually our first time here, except for hubby who had visited the place a few years ago. I was