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Preview: Makan Kings

Makan Kings

We call ourselves the Makan Kings because we are a bunch of people who just LOVE to eat! Join us in our culinary adventures across Malaysia, Asia and the World!!!

Updated: 2018-03-06T00:03:39.684+08:00


We're back!! Almost.....


Hi all. Its been a long long long long while. 5 years to be exact. Although we wouldnt say we are back and will be posting regularly again, please do like our Facebook page @ We will be posting more update there.

-BKT King-

Momotalo @ Desa Sri Hartamas


Hi guys! I'm back!! Absolutely sorry for the extreme hiatus but work has been a bitch. This review was done quite some time ago but I'm sure the restaurant is still there.First to arrive (apart from our iced green tea) was the soup. It's sort of a miso based soup with seafood (they have others like chicken as well). Generous amounts of salmon, squid, prawns, tofu and seaweed in this sweet and absolutely delicious soup which is served in a paper pot. Best part is that the staff will constantly refill the soup at no charge.Next the staff brought out a earthen bbq pot to start cooking our meats. We ordered a cheesy potato (in the foil) and that went on to start cooking first. Then they started cooking the lamb chops. Yes, the staff do the cooking and all you need to do is wait, enjoy friends and family company and eat once its done. Sorta like a japanese style korean bbq place.As for carbohydrates, we had plain rice. I especially appreciate the little touches like toasted black sesame seedson the rice.Next was the chicken. I should also say that just like a Korean bbq place, they will change the grill after each meats to ensure cleanliness. Another nice touch that I personally really appreciate.The chicken was great! Marinated in a miso (I think) paste it was sweet and extremely savoury which made for really good eating.Then came the seafood. The king crab. This was simply done with pepper and salt and was great way to cook the delicious crabs. Not cheap but worth every single cent.Next we had the veggies. Apart from the cheesy potatoes (sorry, didn't manage to get a picture of the foil parcel open we had green peppers and corn. Very simple vegetables that was a nice interlude to the meats.I love pork!! Doesn't matter how you cook it, I'll love it! Everyone knows and I'm not embarrassed to say that I regard the pig as the noblest of noble animals. They're cute when they're small, extremely smart and the meat makes for divine eating! The way it's done here is thinly sliced fatty pork simply marinated with soy sauce (again, not 100% sure). Excellent!!Something weird however is that pork is not on the menu and in our bill there was no sign of pork. Instead we got charged for "deer"!! I smell dodgy! :pThe pork was suppose to be the last dish but a last check into the menu and we found intestines. They took the longest to cook because instead of rubbery, the staff to extra care to heat and cook it till crispy deliciousness!!Momotalo although not a very fancy restaurant gets my two thumbs up for the excellent food and staff attentiveness. Each dish was delicious and the dipping sauce was great. Unfortunately no picture of the sauce but it's basically 3 different types that you mix.Makan King's ratings = 9 out of 10Cheers,-BKT King-[...]

Makan Thai: Somboon Seafood


The famous and cash only seafood restaurant in bangkok is always a favourite amongst the locals and tourists and often imitated by other seafood restaurants. Somboon only has 5 branches in Bangkok so BEWARE of scammers that uses "similar names". Taxi drivers usually get paid a huge sum of commission for driving you to a "fake somboon". We usually eat at the Surawong branch which we think is nearer to the city center. Somboon is famous for their seafood, even the Japanese royalty once dined at this famous restaurant. Even though the price is abit on the high side but the taste is exceptional that's why people keep on flocking back to this restaurant ever since they opened up their first restaurant back in 1969. Their most famous dish is the Curry Crab similar to the ones that you find in Singapore. The Curry Crab is NOT the reason that keeps the MakanKings for going back there to eat everytime that we are in Bangkok. To us, the Curry Crab is just well like any other curry crab but it's the other dishes in the menu that entices our tastebuds !Makan King's Favourite Dishes at SomBoon:(1) Roasted Crab with glass noodle(2) Tom Yum Goong(3) Thai Styled Steam Fish(4) Barbequed Roe Crabs(5) Fresh Oysters(6) Water Prawns stir fried in garlic and chillipadi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Photos that we've taken back in 2005 - during our FIRST visit to somboon ^_^ and when we first started MakanKing MakanKings Rating: 8/10 Somboon Surawong169,169/7-12 Surawong Rd.,Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500Tel. 02-233-3104Fax. 02-234-4499[...]

Makan Thai: Erawan Tea Room


Most Buddhists and tourists that visits bangkok will surely go offer prayers to the famous Brahma Shrine at Erawan (Phra Phrom). The next time when you're there, remember to pay a visit to the Erawan Tea Room in the building adjacent to the Erawan Shrine. Erawan Tea Room is owned by the Grand Hyatt Hotel and offers afternoon tea sets and snacks for tired shoppers to take a break.
Our tea set, loved their coconut themed kuihs(image) Tofu Delivery King's Pork Flat Noodles served with Bean sprouts and crispy Pork Skin yummy !
(image) My egg covered Phad Thai

MakanKings Rating: 7/10
A late night trip to swensen's at Thonglor

(image) Chocolate truffle sundae OMG heavenly !
Signing off,
Ketchup Queen

Makan Thai: 大戸屋 Ootoya


Ootoya is a japanese restaurant that has chain stores all over Japan and have recently opened up their stores in Bangkok at J avenue Thonglor, Emporium and Siam Paragon. I was kind of intrigued when I saw the "crazy queue" outside Ootoya and decided to go in for lunch.Ceaser Salad, I think that the grilled chicken that accompanied the salad is seasoned with honey, it tasted so good we actually thought of ordering the chicken as an ala carte item the next time we pop into Ootoya.Tonkatsu Set (one of their Must Eat items), the tonkatsu is super crispy and the tonkatsu sauce is amazing and they do give out mustard and fresh sesame seed for you to pound. The portion of this dish is quite big so sharing is recommended.My grilled mackerel set. The fish is very fresh and grilled to perfection but again the portion is too big and only at RM24 for the whole set.They have a selection of soy related desserts which is simply too deliciousMacha Ice cream served with red bean paste, dumpling and green tea jelly covered in soy milk.Soy Bean Milk Cream served with Red beansOverall, Ootoya is a nice place for a quick lunch or dinner at affordable prices and the portion is quite big so big eaters (like us at MakanKings) would be in paradise.MakanKings Rating: 7/10-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PS:This might not come as a surprise for many but for others, Japanese food in Bangkok is waaayy better (in terms of the taste and the quality of ingredients that they use) than the japanese restaurants back in Malaysia and not at cut-throat prices (for example RM40 for 5 pieces of sashimi at Sugimoto KL whereas RM13 for 5 pieces of sashimi at Fumi Bangkok), so remember to eat japanese food while you're in BKK.Signing off,Ketchup Queen[...]

Makan Thai: Spice Market at the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok


I think that the Spice Market at the Four Seasons (otherwise known as the Chap Fan Stall at Cut-Throat Prices) is a nice place for first timers that is visiting Bangkok to have a taste at Thai food because the Set dinners available at the restaurant has a very comprehensive set of Thai dishes commonly eaten by the locals, not forgetting the excellent "Four seasons service, i.e they ONLY PAY ATTENTION TO THE ANG MOH", food are not that spicy (WHICH IS A MAAAJORR turn off for south-east asian such as myself), nevertheless the taste is nice but not great. What i'm trying to say is that it's is not worth the RM350 (inclusive of a bottled mineral water, fruit punch and singha beer) that we paid. You can get to taste similar food at any Mixed Rice (Chap Fan) Stall in Bangkok and probably pay less than Rm5 for a full box of chap fan.MakanKings "We've been BOMBED"Rating: 4/10------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Sidenote*Going Bananas for BananasBanana fritters with maple syrup and mint chocolate chip ice cream from The Loft Central Chidlom, BangkokVery very crispy and sweet banana fritters bought from the market at PJ Old town (near KFC and Sunrise Duck Rice)I Heart Pisang Goreng,Ketchup Queen ; )[...]

Makan Thai: Antonio's


Antonio's is a quaint little Italian restaurant in Sukhumvit that serves great Italian food. Reservation is needed as the place is at capacity most of the time but is still able to provide intimacy for people on first dates on the upper level of the restaurant, its friendly and efficient staff and owner Antonio himself is always present to provide you with suggestions when ordering your food and attend to your culinary needs. The "Hot items" to order at Antonio's includes King fish carpaccio,Lamb Shank and Ravioli in truffle sauce. They also offer many types of pastas and rissotto, pan fried foie gras, fresh seafood platter and so on. Some focaccia cheese toasties with salsa to nibble on while waiting for our appetizerpssst: even they bread is nice :P Sauteed river prawns Lobster Bisque The "MUST EAT" item at Antonio's is their home made Ravioli filled with porcini mushroom served with cream truffle sauce. I don't know what they do or how they do it but I must say their ravioli is simply OUT OF THIS WORLD.. especially the truffle sauce, makes me salivate everytime I look at it *salivating now*. There's this magical explosion of taste in every single bite, the combination of the ingredients for this dish is too perfect for words. Seafood pasta was sensationalAnd for dessert, Chocolate Lava Cake.... MmMmMmMMmmm see the hot "lava" oozing out ? Overall, we had a jolly good time and dinner at Antonio's - a restaurant where the people are serious about their food.*I would like to apologize on the picture quality, had to use non-flash photography via a cell phone*Licking lips,Kechup Queen.Makan Kings Rating: 8/10 Antonio's - The Italian ExperienceAddress: 59/1 Soi Sawasdess, Sukhumvit 31 Rd., Klong Toey, Wattana, Bangkok, 10110.Tel: 0-2258-4247/4108 [...]

Makan Thai: Cream & Fudge !


Cream and Fudge is a sinfully addictive ice cream parlour available all over thailand.

Why "Factory" after the cream and fudge is that you get to "manufacture" your own creation. What is the difference between cream and fudge with other ice cream parlour is that they have all the TOPPINGS that you can ever think of (all the fruits and jellybeans and chocoloate chips and fresh fruit, sweets I could go on forever you just have to see it for yourself)to put in your ice cream. You get to pick your own ice cream toppings (as many as you want) and the lovely cream and fudge staff will mix the toppings all up "Teppanyaki" style for you and tadah your creation is complete.

Visit for further details.

Signing off,
Ketchup Queen.

Makan Thai: Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Author's Lounge


Arguably the best high tea in Bangkok and Ketchup Queen's favourite afternoon hang-out spot :P Hey they serve the best scones and clotted cream !! Besides the delightful scones they also serve very nice cakes and pastries, the author's lounge also provides a very relaxing ambience for you to just kick back and have a cuppa and read a little or simply catch up with some girl friends about all the latest fashion, restaurants, gossips hiak hiak hiak :P One thing nice about the hotels along the riverside is that they have free ferry via the river from the BTS station. Mandarin Oriental's dock Mandarin oriental's ferry On the ferry Lime sorbet Fruit cake for my mom Fresh fruit preserves - pomegranate & rose Raspberry sundae Lotus flower decor in the ladies room ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alternatively, if you don't want to travel all the way to saphanthaksin or no one to share that 3-tiers of cakes and sanwiches with you, you can get the scones at only RM14 compared to the entire tea set for 1 that costs RM99 at any Oriental Bakery (available at siam paragon/central chidlom/emporium)down town. L'Opera cake PS: LOOK WHAT I FOUND hahaha Beng-beng chocolate waffle bar, they should one strawberry flavoured waffle bar named "Lala" or "Lian-lian" hahaahaha *oh i'm so mean* Signing off, Ketchup Queenps: The dark knight was boring [...]

Level 2 of Our Villa at M.O Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai


Below are the pictures of our sleeping chamber at our hotel that consists of a private balcony, a seperate reading room, toilet, walk in closet, indoor jacuzzi, private shower oh my... Signing off,Ketchup Queen[...]

Level 1 of Our Villa at M.O Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai


Below are the pictures I've taken from level one of our villa, there's a plunge pool ( quite small though), a steam room instead of a sauna, a kitchenette, a spacious living room and dining table,our own sala, a piano (CAN YOU IMAGINE) lounging chairs etc etc and all the amenities that you could ever imagine and including insect repellent !Personal steam room is so cool :D Ketchup Queen, signing off (Can't wait to watch the DARK KNIGHT tonight arghh *squeals*)[...]

Live like the kings @ Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai


Heaven on Earth ? Close...The majestic $80 million USD and 60 acres mandarin oriental property is a site not to be missed in Chiang Mai in fact it was referred to by many 'a living museum' of Northern Thailand and has turned into an icon. We stayed at the Grand Deluxe Villa with Plunge Pool, it was undoubtedly the best 5 star hotel we've ever stayed, it was like living in palace that time has forgotten. It's a totally different experience, we felt like we've died and gone to Heaven or we've been transported back to the 15th century Thailand where every single corner of the property is thoughtfully decorated with antiques and artifacts from the Lanna era not to mention their lush greenery which makes the resort ever so mystical and romantic. In short ART was EVERYWHERE the tiles, the carved wood, the statues and at a spare no expense rate. Please click the following link to know more about Lanna culture: First of all we were at awe at the scale and architecture of this hotel this property is so huge that it has its own library which holds 5000 volumes, a spa,organic vegetable garden, temple, padi fields (with an ox and scarecrows),market place, cooking school and a thai village ! Oh did i mention this place is so huge you need horse drawn carriages (OMG) and golf carts to go from one place to the other or alternatively you can rent bicycles from the hotel. We couldn't find a flaw in this hotel, they had a very competent army of staff that greets you with your last name everywhere you go, impeccable service all the time, great food and even greater scenery and best of all you learn a new culture while you play. Dhara Dhevi ' means star goddess in Sanskrit' truly lives by the name that it is given, a resort that deserves to have a class of its own and we can't wait to go back. On the way to Fujian Restaurant for some Dim sum Khad Dhara shopping village Pada fields You can borrow any book, dvd you like in the library it's actually such a nice place to do some leisure reading and they serve you complimementary refreshment and candies : ) Horse drawn carriages The grand ballroom The majestic looking Naga The hotel Lobby Waiting area over at the Colonial Suites The Colonial Pool Lovely pink floor tiles Dinner and Culture Dance Show at The Grand Lanna Restaurant Moo paeng - Super juicy and tender Barbeque pork Duck curry Banana fritters Water chestnutFor more information high resolution pictures about Dhara Dhevi (sorry about the poor quality of pictures) please visit: Xoxo,Ketchup Queen[...]

Makan Thai: Love at First Sight Dessert Shop Chiang Mai


The makan king crew loves to travel to the Land of Smiles (Thailand) for obvious reasons such as: it is our neighbouring country, food and lodging are not at cut-throat prices, people are friendly, good customer service, bangkok is a huge bazaar by itself and you and most importantly delicious FOOD are found everywhere !This time we made a trip up towards the nothern part of Thailand to the mesmerizing ChiangMai Province. After we've freshened outselves up in hotel we headed straight to a famous bakery called Love At First Sight for a late lunch. We arrived there approximately around 2:30 in the afternoon and was surprised that the cafe was packed. Love at first sight is famous for their pastries and cakes among both locals and foreigners that lives in ChiangMai. Considering the fact that the cafe itself is quite small we were gobsmacked at the choice of desserts available at that petite cafe. Anyway, here are pictures that we've taken during our visit. Lemon Tart not as lemony as i thought it would be a definate must try Tiramisu - so so I still think the tiramisu from Alexis is still the best Strawberry trifle yum yumBeef stew Chicken Pot Pie After a satisfying our sweet tooth we went to the zoo and the tiger sanctuary to burn off those calories Restroom only for Bush animals? hahaha Hello PandaBy paying rm30 you get to touch baby tiger cubs Paying RM 2 for a piece of meat to feed the baby leopards we actually spent RM20 so i guess the cubs are bloated now ; ) After our trip to the zoo we went further north to the famous Wat Phra Doi Suthep temple Signing off,Ketchup Queen - Remember to eat your ketchup today[...]

Dinner at Yamatokan


Charcoal Grill Dinner at YamatokanWe were given a choice of kaiseki or charcoal grill dinner we opted for the latter because I don't really enjoy cold dishes and was really hungry that night and i need volume cause kaiseki's portion are usually quite small.To ensure that you can dine in privacy each room has their individual dining room "more like a large cubicle" I truly bow to the japanese and their thoughtfulness in everything. Appetizer - with an autumn flair notice the red leaves *too cute to eat* Seafood platter Our sushi platter Our dinner menu It's autumn so their cold oden is in the shape of red maple leaf so cute Peach and Pear sorbet to cleanse the palate Let's continueMinced meatball hotpotSigning off,Ketchup Queen[...]

Yamatokan - An Unforgettable Onsen Expenrience


Our quaint little tatami suite room with private onsen bath and a lovely japanese garden. I love it so much I felt like I was in a japanese doll house that I've never had and was playing "masak-masak" with everything that I can find in it and truly experience Japanese style of living but those that are more than five feet eight should mind their heads as Tofu Delivery King managed to knock his head on the doors several times.I attempted to join other fellow japanese girls at their ladies only onsen (public bath for ladies) but I initially backed out because I couldn't stop staring at other people's bodies and the old japanese ladies were persuading me to join them and not to be shy but I just don't feel confident to go au natural infont of everybody hahaha and trust me it's a different kind of feeling compared to a topless beach because you are required to bath before you go into the public pool and I don't really like to bath infront of everybody... Bottom line is : I couldn't stop staring I felt bad and I left because I've embarrassed myself because to the japanese staring at others is considered very rude therefore I feel so lucky to have my own onsen bath in my own suite tee hee You get to adjust the amount of hot or cold water and the amount of mineral water you want in your tub how considerate Japanese style dressing table Lazy kitty taking a napMy room isn't that small afterall ^_^ Loved the embroidery on the cushion cover Free japanese titbits I sooooooo wanted to steal this needle box back home but was too chickened out to do it Around 5pm the housekeeper will send our yukatas and amenities for us to freshen up and get ready dinner (more like a feast as you shall see) Enjoying cuppa green tea during mid afternoon Mini bar Our Bathroom Ketchup Queen Loves Onsen !!!Makankings Rating: 10/10[...]

Eating Out in Japan: Ito Shizuoka


We've chosen to go to Ito for onsen instead of Hakone due to the fact that the onsen we wanted was at full capacity but with no regrets after we've experienced the tranquil town Ito just what we needed - getting away from the hustles and bustles of Tokyo town.We had Sushi for lunch - seafood in ITO is excellent because they are incredibly FRESH ohh lala! Toro*actually we had an ebi head miso soup which I forgot to take picture :( " Guess what ? The Japanese TV Crew has visited this little sushi shop before that's why the shop is constantly pack the two days when we were there.Dried seafood produce everywhere Cute little monkey god.Sweet Shop - Ito is famous for their "mantou" so we visited one of their mantou shops We loved the FOC Green tea so much that we bought a packet of the tea leaves Daifuku - red bean flavour The streets of Ito Pancakes yummy : ) [...]

Eating Out in Tokyo: Roppongi Hills 六本木ヒルズ,


Roppongi Hills - L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon Tokyo Tower in sight Bellini to start off with Their very professional open kitchenThe appetizers all taste somewhat normal nothing to shout about but the presentation of the food is really good Loved the foie gras risotto Ramen for supper A bowl of perfection loved the eggs it's hard boiled but with a slightly runny yolk and the juice from the pork belly makes the soup so much sweeterSigning off,Ketchup Queen[...]

Eating Out in Tokyo: Park Hyatt Tokyo


Romantic Dinner at The New York Grill, Park HyattI would like to apologize for the poor quality of the photos or the lack of them, I was too shy to whip out our slr kekeek The library ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------After Tofu Delivery King and I finish up a bottle of Moet we became hungry again so we stopped at a road side noodle stall for supper Videos below are the night sceneries taken from the New York Grill allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' /> allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' /> [...]

Eating Out in Tokyo: Ginza銀座


Kaen Yakiniku - Ginza BranchYakiniku is a style of japanese cooking of bite sized meat and vegetables or seafood on griddles over flame wood of carbonized by dry distillation 炭火. Kaen is one of the best meals during our trip in tokyo.Spring onions and tare sauce Their signature tofu potOur yakiniku set - that consists of butter fish, abalone, scallops, pork, lobster, sea urchin, alaskan crab claws, tuna in skewers and assorted vegetables Crab claws attack ! Scallop with melted butter and spring onions Lobster and fresh abalone The marinated pork is superb it's the japanese 'black pig' meat But the sauce caused a minor fire hehe Lobster head miso soup Hotpot riceKaen has many branches but the queue is insane therefore reservation is strongly suggested.The End.Signing off,Ketchup Queen[...]

Eating Out in Tokyo: Shimbashi新橋


Hokkaido Seafood Izayaka - Shimbashi Branch北海道 新橋四丁目店 - 海鮮居酒屋If you're not going to to Hokkaido then let hokkaido come to you. I'm a die-hard fan of the Alaskan King Crab so obviously I won't pass up the chance to dine in a restaurant that specializes in alaskan crabs. I found this restaurant from and I couldn't stop salivating when I saw this from their website:特大たらば蟹炙りXL size Crab legs !!That night we had a whole crab shabu-shabu The crab legs have been conveniently separated by the kitchen staff Tadah my favourite way of eating the alaskan crab - baked with sea salt OMG.... I want it i want it now The roe inside our enormous crab ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Conrad Tokyo's Executive Lounge After our scrumptious crab feast we went to our hotel's executive lounge to have a couple of drinks and to enjoy the night viewTofu Delivery King had his oden and juiceI had my after meal chocolates and champersWhat a luscious evening it was.Signing off,Ketchup Queen[...]

Eating Out Tokyo: Ikebukuro 池袋


俺たちのとりとん IzakayaThe streets of ikebukuro are teaming with izakayas and pachinko parlours and KTVs and game arcades as ikebukuro hosts as a favourite hangout area for university students - they are everywhere in that area ~ the izakaya that we went to specializes in pork and chicken meat in fact you can any part of the pork or chicken that you want but they serve mostly skewered dishes ( yakitori )being a izakaya that is a must have and they are also famous for their oden, I shall elaborate further below:Their oden is the best that I've eaten in Tokyo I've eaten some from the roadside stalls on the streets but none of them beats the ones they serve in this izakaya the daikon and the sausage was superb I don't know how they can make such a simple dish so delicious and not to mention at very affordable prices, i think it is the magic in the seasoning ; ) Oden*is a Japanese winter dish consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon radish, konnyaku, and processed fish cakes stewed in a light, soy-flavoured dashi broth* I don't collect matches but these are too adorable to pass up Pickled vegetables as appetizers We were worried that we wouldn't know what or how to order owing to the fact that we do have a language barrier but when we opened up the menu we found out that there are detailed illustrations on the parts of the chicken or pork in the menu plus we do read chinese so it made ordering easier Beverage Menu My orange flavoured sake cocktail, I had two and start to feel abit tipsy This is the minced meat hamburg with poached egg yummy Pork cutlet Our tsukuneUnfortunately we were too hungry and too busy chowing down our dinner we stopped taking pictures from then but overall this is a very cozy and friendly restaurant and i think it would be a perfect place for friends to catch up with each other and reminisce about the good old days not to mention they make really STRONG sake cocktails ^_^Signing Off,Ketchup Queen [...]

Eating Out in Tokyo: Shinjuku 新宿


Tasty Delights At Odakyu and Takashimaya's Food HallIf you are looking for a light meal or a light lunch or the fact that you like to sample a little bit of everything the Japanese food hall is the place to go and I love to scour for food in food halls because it is full of surprises and you'll never know what you might find and below are some of the food that we've bought from Odakyu and Taka's foodhall. My chocolate fudge sundae i couldn't wait another second to dig in ! I want more more more ! Tofu Delivery King's Waffles with raspberry sorbet and assorted fruits Look at that XL size bunch of grapes I had to buy it A cute Henri Charpentier Cookie Bag Half priced sushi platter only RM18 By the way the beautiful bunch of grapes are really juicy and sweet ; ) Macarons - Honestly i prefer their fillings than the Laduree's macarons because the Henri Charpentier ones are more moist and chewyYes, I made Tofu Delivery King to buy me the heart shape cookie :D Ekiben is something that I've always wanted to buy not because of the food inside BUT THE BOX, I know I'm so shallow hahaha but i just can't resist their ever so pretty packaging This is my first Ekiben*Ekibento - Bentos sold at railway stations (Eki) Extra Large Ebi tempura nigiri style but by the time it reaches our hotel room it got all soggy : ( Tori Katsu Don - The old lady at the stall makes great katsudon sauceTsukune - chicken meatballs Shinjuku at nightNow this is something that we don't usually see, the japanese are Gods of Vending Machines you can even get rice vending machines there but I have no idea that even restaurants uses vending machines to take food orders how smart and convenient ! These coupon selling restaurants are usually found in railway stationsps we've tried one of these coupon restaurant at the Roppongi Eki and it was goodTeddy christmas tree at Takashimaya, and yes these pictures actually dates back to december *shy* and that shows that i'm such a procrastinator. Next up..... Ikebukuro ! Stay Tuned. Signing off,Ketchup Queen *_*[...]

Eating Out in Tokyo: Ginza銀座&Shimbashi新橋


Lunch @ Shimbashi Apple Tart and Apple Crumble, by the way the mini apples are real Oyakodon----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our room @ Conrad Tokyo Room service - a very bad habit of ketchup queen ; ) Our view from the room - the business district of shimbashi Complimentary chocolates Chaxiu instant noodlesConrad Ducky Conrad Tokyo Teddy KeychainsThey have automatic electric toilets everywhere The showerLounging couch The wires we bring everywhere we goThe toilet Mini bar Liquor anyone ?Ginza Chuo DoriWhile i was happily conquering the never ending shops and departmental stores of ginza, tofu delivery king took the time to walk the streets of ginza, therefore these pictures are from his courtesy.The Chanel building ah... my favourite we promise ourselves we shall get a table in their own fine dining restaurant Beige by Alan Ducasse on our next visit The End.I do admit that i'm getting abit rusty on blogging since i've been on a never ending hiatus but I promise the next pose here there will be improvement on the descriptions and getting the pictures in order ! At the mean time please bear with my incompetence on blogging heeGood Night Peeps Signing Off,Ketchup Queen [...]

Lunch at Teck Seng, Penang


Hi all. Firstly I would like to apologize about the lack of postings. Been really busy with work lately. Thanks to -Wasabi King- who posted about the mee goreng to keep this blog alive! This particular post has been back dated for a while now.On my last trip to Penang, which was for -Tofu Delivery King-'s wedding. The day after the wedding reception, -Tofu Delivery King- treated all the "heng tai"s to a scrumptious lunch at Restorant Teck Seng. This restaurant is off Chulia Street (thanks to -Wasabi King- for the info).First dish to arrive was the salted vege with duck soup. This soup was really good especially after a night of boozing. Salty, sour and very savoury. It had salted cabbage, salted plums, tomatoes, duck and pork. Delish!!Next to arrive was the clams stir fried with preserved bean paste. Not too bad but I personally thought the clams to be slightly on the small side. But nevertheless it was nice to slurp up the little clams and the delicious sauce from the shells.The highlight of the lunch must have been this next dish to arrive. It may seem like a normal plate of fried roasted pork (siew yoke) but this has got to be the best I've ever tasted!! Unlike the ones we get in KL, this tasted really fresh and had a nice amount of bird's eye chilli (cili padi) to give it some heat. This dish was so good in fact we ordered another!The next dish was a dish of chicken cooked in preserved bean paste. Tasted quite similar to the clams only the sauce was stronger. Great to go with some white rice.More food??! I think -Tofu Delivery King- must have gone bonkers with the ordering. This next dish was a Taiwanese favourite, the 3 cup chicken. It came served in a claypot. It had a nice aroma of curry leaves and the really good sticky sauce was lapped up with more white rice.The next dish to arrive was the obligatory vegetable dish. It was kangkung fried with sambal belacan. Nice simple dish with great taste of "wok hei". I really liked the fresh plump shrimp they tossed in with the dish.Just when we thought we couldn't eat no more here comes the last dish of the meal. A huge bowl of gulai stingray. It came with generous pieces of stingray meat. It was nice, hot and slightly sour. Another GREAT dish to go with steamed white rice. Even though we were full, we just had to order another round of white rice to eat with the addictive sauce which was also chocked full of ladies fingers, tomatoes and chunks of sweet onions.Overall, this was a great lunch. The restaurant itself is a really simple restaurant but it was FULL when we were there. Goes to show that all Penangites really do know their food!Makan King's ratings = 8.5 out of 10.Cheers,-BKT King-[...]