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What DIabetes Is All About


Diabetes is like a crossword puzzle that never ever has an answer.
Diabetes is like a Lover who promises you the Rainbow, but keeps you waiting,
Diabetes is like many Endocrinologist who understand a partial glimmer of the Disease and remain content after looking at their
15 min. watches.
Diabetes has brought Grant Monies for Research that has nothing to do with T1DM, but a new desk instead.
Diabetes has brought more women into the fold so that they too, can be manipulated while given new pens.
All these meetings in Texas speaks volumes to the thirst that is needed to put a dent into this this Disease by start calling it by
its correct nomenclature and cease giving out T-shirts and expecting those that Represent us to give a damn.

Type 1 Diabetes


Type 1 Diabetes is like being on a Time Line with how this Disease becomes a part of your Life and how you in-turn react to it.
This can involve Complications and everything in-between such
as Relationships, Food, Exercise, Employment.
For those of us who have had this Disease for a Long Time and for
those who have been recently diagnosed with various reading material
and told how we can "Live Normal Lives"..............that is Bull Sh*t.
Of course by being politically correct we can then offer various untruths that the person with Diabetes(Type 1) has yet to experience.

I will give you one politically Correct BIG LIE that is told,
'if you maintain normal blood glucose levels, you will not get Complications from this Disease.'
The truth of the matter is, that if "normal" blood glucose levels were maintained, the person would not have Diabetes. In addition, you can have great "numbers" and still succumb to Complications.
It just takes longer for its havoc on the Body to begin.

Life is unfair.
Sometimes Dreams do not come true.
Sometimes you are not the hero in the story of your Life and sometimes people die before they are supposed to.
Life is not fair.
But fair has nothing to do with who you are inside, what you dream about, who you love and what you stand for.
Life cannot touch that.....
War cannot touch that....
Doctors cannot touch that....

Other People


Illness be it Diabetes or any other chronic condition makes
other people feel vulnerable..........a reminder of their own
morbidity and mortality.
Thus creating a self-imposed distance between themselves
and those who are ill.

New Breakthrough In Diabetes Treatment


By following the procedures and amounts outlined below, each
of you with T1DM should derive much benefit.
The recipe is as follows:

1. 80% Love

2. 10% Insulin

3. 5% Good Nutrition w/Supplements

4. 5% Exercise

Mix all of the above thoroughly and enjoy Life.

I Meet Moses


Last Thursday, the weather was brisk but warm for this time of year.
It reminded me of Spring that always offered the promise and expectation of "new things" to come my way.
An appointment with my Physician meant taking the subway on time so as not to be late. Little did I know at the time, that I would be more than just late.

As I swiped my Metrocard into the turn-style, I heard the oncoming train. The ten feet to the stairs while on the platform turned into a "Dance with Death."
I immediately fell to the cement floor of the platform and began to seize. Punching and wobbling about while trying to keep any semblance of consciousness and control alive. This gave way, to the punching of the iron beams with my fists before falling to the ground again.
Some Good Samaritans called 911 as I kept punching and wiggling about on the cement floor of the platform.
It was as if, "another part of me was and wanted to be in control."
Another Good Samaritan gave me a pint of orange juice to drink, while his friend ripped a piece of heavy cardboard box in half to use as a fan for me as he waved it back and forth.
I asked the person who brought me the orange juice what his name was? He replied, "it is Moses."
The EMS finally arrived while I was still in a half conscious state of cognition and 'asked me for ID.'
I showed them my Driver's License and Hypoglycemia Card that stated my having Diabetes. All this while slipping in and out of consciousness.
In the ambulance they had me restrained on the stretcher since I was trying to get up and even managed to do so in a semi-verticle position.
The EMS person (Mr. Velez) then gave me an O2 cannula. I tore off the O2 cannula and told them that what I needed was GLUCOSE and not Oxygen.
Thereupon he squirted a glucose gel into my mouth, since I was tied down.
When we arrived to the ER, my blood glucose was 50mg/dl.
The persons that were truly helpful were the Good Samaritans (Moses and his Friend)
They were the ones who despite their Poverty, saved my Life.........and not the EMS WHO SHOULD BE BETTER TRAINED IN RECOGNIZING AND TREATING SEVERE HYPOGLYCEMIA.
Thank you Moses & your Friend.
In retrospect, during the past when because Of Hypoglycemia Unawareness and falling to the ground there have been better trained, more intelligent and caring EMS, EMT Personnel who because they gave me Glucose IV, did save my Life.
Yes Virginia,.............there is a Moses.
Since my Life has been a series of Rhythm & Blues, what better way to celebrate Awakening (again) then this fine piece of music. Play it on the loud side and catch the great movements on stage:
(object) (embed)



Usually after a Summer rain in the evening, the Earth begins to release all the
aromatic smells of bark, grass, leaves, soil and more.
I decided to wait till the end of the rain which was about forty minutes until I trotted off to the Post Office to mail a utility bill, so as to "be on time."

The Post Office is a quick 7 minute walk from my home. As I crossed the second block, I felt the rush of my legs collapsing underneath me and with quick responses learned from past experiences I opened a pack of Glucose Gel, but fell onto the waiting earth and grass whose sweet smells provided sanctuary for me till I would be able to stand.
As I continued to lay on the ground the sound of a car passed and stopped with the Driver asking, "are you alright?" I told him that I have T1DM and my blood sugar is very low.
He said that he worked in a hospital and understood, but also inquired whether I took something for the low blood sugar?
Both he and his young son were very kind to me as they helped me to my feet and offered to drive me home(2 blocks).
They even waited until I was able to reach the building door before they left.
Thank you whoever and wherever you are..........................



The company Generex has been involved for some time now in a new Insulin delivery system, which is an oral spray into the mucosa of the mouth thereby avoiding any Respiratory Complications or problems that may arise.
I will paste the article here for all to read and to rejoice.
No cure yet!!

Generex Biotechnology Announces Successful
Phase III Study Data for Generex Oral-lyn™

WORCESTER, MA, March 10, 2009 (GlobeNewswire) – Generex Biotechnology Corporation (NasdaqCM: GNBT ) (, the leader in drug delivery for metabolic diseases through the inner lining of the mouth, today announced positive results following the review of the Phase III data for the Company’s flagship product, Generex Oral-lyn, a proprietary oral insulin spray product designed to replace prandial injections of insulin.

Generex, together with the Company’s independent third party statistical and data monitoring consultants, will continue to monitor the ongoing pivotal Phase III Generex Oral-lyn study according to protocol and national/international ICH-GCPs. To date, more than 300 subjects have been enrolled in the study (with 60 subjects having achieving the requisite six month treatment milestone) and the product’s non-inferiority to injectable meal-time (prandial) insulin appears to be maintained. If the current positive trend is maintained, then a large reduction of required enrollment will suffice for formal verification of the non-inferiority hypothesis.

The current data also demonstrates that no significant Generex Oral-lyn drug-related “Adverse Events” or “Serious Adverse Events” have been reported, which also supports the current initiatives of the study.

“The current data and trends represent a critical milestone for the Company,” said Anna Gluskin , Generex’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “These results are consistent with the results of our previous studies. This will allow us greater flexibility in our strategies for filing submissions with regulatory authorities in major global markets and other jurisdictions where applications are already in progress.”

The Company believes that Generex Oral-lyn will offer a safe, simple, fast, effective and pain-free alternative to prandial insulin injections which will improve patient compliance with therapeutic regimes thereby delaying the progress of diabetes and the onset of its myriad complications.




The light of a late summer afternoon shines through her blue eyes offering a profound Beauty within the forces of Life to behold.
She is looking for the Light........But I am able to see it within her. It is not to be found outside of Self but many times hiding inside waiting to be tapped and released.
There are many women with Blue Eyes but very few that are able to capture the spirit of the Earth and provide a soft blanket covered in silk that lays upon the Body when Wind approaches.
My eyes portray the Earth which gives growth to the elements of the blue sky in the middle afternoon of a late Summer day.
Our Eyes kiss as we depart in the knowledge of seeing each other once again within the depths of our travels.
Our Japanese farewell are understood by both.
Many paths to the circle exist.




I have lost my sense of Awe
It’s much worse than before.
When Diabetes came with all its glory
It created an intercellular fury.
The inflammation causes the fires to reign
with many Doctors still unable to explain.
For thousands of years the question remains
Can anyone free us from all these pains?



Diabetes is like a scorned vengeful woman,
whose need for attention
is constant.
Fail to fulfill, and you will pay the consequencences
of a hurt woman in need.



I decided for my Dinner that a few fresh plum tomatoes with garlic and Lamb would make an excellent sauce over cooked noodles. A good mix of protein and carbs.
I always score the tomato skins so I can peel them more easily after they are blanched.
However what I found myself doing was not only making the cuts into the tomatoes, but my thumb as well......deep ones where the bleeding did not stop.
Since I was experiencing another episode of Hypoglycemia Unawareness and my Hands with the rest of my Body were seizing and spastic, I could not hold anything .
I managed to open a jar of honey and put my hands inside to scoop out anything that rested on my palm or fingers, which I fed to my mouth.
A great deal of blood was dropping into the saucepan and on top of the noodles as well.
My first concern was not with my Dinner, but with the Saving/Healing of my Self.
The effects of the Honey finally kicked in and I was now able to regain my balance without falling on the floor.
So for those of you who are not taken aback by your own blood(think of all the finger-sticks you have done throughout the YEARS). Here is the recipe that provided nourishment while being prepared in a state of spasticity and semi-consciousness:
It tasted great!!

4 cloves fresh garlic (pounded or smashed)-skin off.
4 plum tomatoes that you will score on the back with a sharp knife.
1/4 lb. chopped Lamb.
Choice of your favorite cooked noodle.
Olive Oil
2T of Thumb Blood.(optional)
Salt to taste

Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water for 30 sec. then put into an ice bath, where you will peel the skin off.
Cut the tomatoes very fine since these will be in a saucepan where you have place the Olive oil, chopped Lamb, garlic under medium heat. Add chopped Tomatoes and salt. At this point the 2T Thumb blood(optional) can be added as well.
Lower flame and cook about 15 minutes adding any basil or/and oregano at the end.
Pour over a bowl of your favorite noodles with fresh chopped parsley on top.
Red wine would be a good accompaniment.



I am four as I look out of my window onto the world
that shows a limping sparrow.
I prepare a cotton filled box that will provide softness
for its pain with a small bowl of water nearby and some bird seeds as well.
In the morning as both the sun and I rise, I look at the soft cotton box
with the sparrow inside. It does not move.
I now have its pain and no comfort follows.

(object) (embed)



I unlock my door to rush out into the cool Wind of Autumn.
It blows against my cheeks as I play a game with the forces of Nature.
The faster I walk up to the Wind, the stronger its voice makes
its presence known to me.
I use the power of my legs and the Breathe of my Lungs/Heart to rush me forward................and the Wind stays with me to remind me of the Beauty of Life.
The rushing of the Wind against my face are but subtle messages within Nature if we care to hear them at all.
I care.



It is unfortunate that at times many Physicians, CDE'S and other Health-care Providers do not give their patients who have Diabetes and may be overweight enough information about sensible nutrition.
Here then is a clip that will offer informative suggestions in eating correctly.
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

(object) (embed)



Those of us with T1DM(Type 1 Diabetes) know or will eventually know that despite all the correct things that we are doing for ourselves and all the gadgets provided for good Glucose control we will develop Complications associated with this complex Disease.
We can be the best athletes with great Bodies and excellent HgbA1C's who eat and consume fresh vegetables and lean proteins and lower our CHO Intake, but despite all these great and honorable efforts, WE will NOT succeed at preventing the horrors of COMPLICATIONS that are a part of this Disease called Type 1 Diabetes.
So, I think I will drink some red wine today which will give me the beneficial effects of Resveretrol as well as a space within time(intoxication) to put my anxiety and pain that is a part of my Diabetes and its consequences at rest.
I have also given my cats catnip so they as well can have the pleasure and time to rest over their rescue attempts for me as well as their concern.



I could not say it better than what is said in an amusing way on this clip. Even-though it really is addressing the issue of Insulin Resistant Disease(aka Type 2 Diabetes), it is still interesting to see how Bill's Physician has resigned himself to the feeling that he(Bill) will not modify his Life and thus be subjected to all the Horrors that can ensue.
Click with your mouse to play:
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

(object) (embed)



My subway ride down to Farmer's Market this afternoon recorded a bs reading of 170mg/dl.
I figured that that number would provide safety while in the Market since it was also post lunch.
At the Market I began to feel those familar symptoms of just before unconsciousness begins with the 1-2 second intervals of blackout while still upright.
Immediately I rushed across the street not cognizant of green yellow or red light. My main goal was to reach the Starbucks on the near corner where I knew SUGAR would be available.
The canisters of white granulated sugar were no-where to be found. I saw an employee and told her that I have Diabetes and am on the verge of losing consciousness in their store and was unable to find any sugar to treat my Hypoglycemia. She told me that they were "out of sugar" and asked if I would like sugar syrup instead. I said yes, and the manager asked me how many pumps of the syrup would I like?
I said, "5 pumps."
He quickly brought over a container of hot water which was filled with the 5 pumps of the sweet syrup.
After I quickly drank the sweet mixture, I checked my bs and got a reading of 40mg/dl.
Waiting 20 minutes for the effects to work, I rechecked and got a 77mg/dl.
Another day in the adventures of having T1DM and being on Insulin Analogues that are missing C-peptide(found in Porcine and Bovine Derived Insulin) which always gave me much earlier warnings of impending Hypoglycemia.



My dreams are usually very intense and meaningful, last night was no exception.I dreamt that I was instrumental in creating a Research Facility ONLY geared to treating, improving the Lives of and even curing those with Type 1 Diabetes.This *complex* Disease has existed for thousands of years with the continuation of all the "side-effects" associated. We all know them, for those that do not here is a list:1. Amputation2. Heart Disease3. Blindness/Retinopathy4. Sexual Problems5. Fertility Problems6. Kidney/Bladder Damage7. Premature Cataract Formation(Diabetic Cataract)8. Stress9. Depression10. Micro and Macro Vascular damage.11. Peripheral Neuropathy12. Autonomic Neuropathy13. Increase in Candida and Skin Infections14. Conception & Delivery problems15. Dental problems(there is a loss of dental bone in those w/T1DM) and cavity exposure from "correcting" Hypoglycemia in having the sweet residue remain on tooth surfaces for too long of time.16. Defective counter-regulatory mechanisms to help correct Hypoglycemia.All these can (and sometimes do) occur in people with T1DM despite having good Glucose/HgA1C Numbers. No one wants to hear "bad news," but those of us w/T1DM should still be aware of how complex and awful this Disease is. The reason why it still does not gain Media Exposure compared to HIV or Type 2 Diabetes, is that it is not as "sexy" to write about this 10-15% Disease.Those organizations that are suppose to "represent us," should be more vocal(shouting instead of speaking with political correctness).My initial exposure to Type 1 Diabetes came after I was diagnosed at six and later would meet with an Endocrinologist while waiting to be called in a large room within a hospital filled with other people with Diabetes. Many of these other people had only one leg and those with two legs were not able to see.Some of you will say that, 'we now have many tools available to us to make our Lives easier and better.' The reality is that despite all these "tools," WE still have a serious and complex Disease that not too many Researchers, Physicians and others in Healthcare have a good enough grasp on to prevent all of the potential damage that this Disease is capable of creating.I do not want to present a fatalistic and totally despairing outlook for those of us with T1DM in spite of the seriousness of this Disease.So, what are the things that we may do to alter/modify and influence the direction of T1DM upon our bodies?1. Learn everything about T1DM. That includes reading, and asking many questions.2. Be Proactive about T1DM. This is your Body!! You are in control 24/7......Respect your Body and listen to its needs.3. Have a Physician who will both listen to your concerns and be able to communicate with you. Do not sit in the "backseat" while your Physician drives the car. You should be in the front seat along w/your Physician.4. Exercise everyday instead of very other day or 5 days a week. Exercise anerobic or/and aerobic will reduce your glucose levels and make your Body more Insulin sensitive.5. Learn how to Meditate to relieve Stress that any Chronic Disease(T1DM) will bring.6. Eat FRESH foods rather than can/frozen. There is more of the nutrition value obtained from fresh foods that your Body needs and wants.7. Decrease your carbohydrate intake. Remember you have T1DM so your Body cannot "automatically" supply the additional Insulin needed for the conversion of carbs to glucose that will occur.8. If you are overweight......lose wight. Most, if not all of people w/T1DM do not have a weight problem. Remember T1DM as a group are 2-5X more vul[...]



Recently contained in the Annals of Family Medicine a distress screening instrument was created for Primary Care Physicians and other Healthcare Providers who interface with people with IRD(aka type 2 Diabetes).The problems listed can readily apply to those of us with T1DM as well, which is why I will list them here.This is another example of T1DM getting *short shrift* when it comes to Diabetes. In spite of that, we can still use this tool and yes, you may copy and use it(answer it as well), provide it to your PCP, Endocrinologist or/and CDE so that they might know "how you have been feeling w/Diabetes 24/7."...........and think of how much time you will save during that 15min interlude that your Physician only has with you.lolYou can even share it with your Spouse or Significant Other so that they will know, *how you really feel.*Directions Living with diabetes can sometimes be tough. There may be many problems and hassles concerning diabetes and they can vary greatly in severity. Problems may range from minor hassles to major life difficulties. Listed below are 17 potential problems that people with diabetes may experience. Consider the degree to which each of the items may have distressed or bothered you DURING THE PAST MONTH and circle the appropriate number.Please note that we are asking you to indicate the degree to which each item may be bothering you in your life, NOT whether the item is merely true for you. If you feel that a particular item is not a bother or a problem for you, you would circle "1." If it is very bothersome to you, you might circle "6."1. Feeling that diabetes is taking up too much of my mental and physical energy every day.1234562. Feeling that my doctor doesn't know enough about diabetes and diabetes care.1234563. Feeling angry, scared and/or depressed when I think about living with diabetes.1234564. Feeling that my doctor doesn't give me clear enough directions on how to manage my diabetes.1234565. Feeling that I am not testing my blood sugars frequently enough.1234566. Feeling that I am often failing with my diabetes regimen.1234567. Feeling that friends or family are not supportive enough of my self-care efforts (eg planning activities that conflict with my schedule, encouraging me to eat the "wrong" foods).1234568. Feeling that diabetes controls my life.1234569. Feeling that my doctor doesn't take my concerns seriously enough.12345610. Not feeling confident in my day-to-day ability to manage diabetes.12345611. Feeling that I will end up with serious long-term complications, no matter what I do.12345612. Feeling that I am not sticking closely enough to a good meal plan.12345613. Feeling that friends or family don't appreciate how difficult living with diabetes can be.12345614. Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of living with diabetes.12345615. Feeling that I don't have a doctor who I can see regularly about my diabetes.12345616. Not feeling motivated to keep up my diabetes self-management.12345617. Feeling that friends or family don't give me the emotional support that I would like.123456ANNALS OF FAMILY MEDICINE ♦ WWW.ANNFAMMED.ORG ♦ VOL. 6, NO. 6, ♦ MAY/JUNE 2008Copyright © 2008 The Annals of Family Medicine, Inc[...]



Scott Strumello has tagged me for *5 Things You Won't Find In A Book*
Thanks Scott.

Some of these items that I will list, you might find in a book. But all come from a personal relationship that I have had with Diabetes(T1DM) for a long time.
1. If you are newly diagnosed w/T1DM or you are the Mother of a child with Diabetes, then learn as much as you can retain about this complex disease.......and keep learning.

2. Always have some sort of ID on your person that says, that you have Diabetes and are on Insulin.

3. Treat signs/symptoms of Hypoglycemia IMMEDIATELY w/o first using your meter to check your blood sugar level. The time wasted, even in seconds can be dangerous where a rapidly declining glucose is occurring. If later upon checking your glucose value, you can always correct "mistakes," with additional Insulin. Remember, you do not "have to pass Go" in order to treat a possible Hypoglycemia crisis.

4. Keep an Opened Mind regarding T1DM and Treatment. The Body is under a constant state of stress because of the presence of this chronic Disease.
Anything that will help your Body/Mind/Spirit is worth developing and using. This might mean food modification where you will avoid certain foods and utilize others, the use of Meditation to lower stress levels, the use of exercise to help balance and reduce Glucose levels, the use of certain herbs that have been used for thousands of years in the treatment of Diabetes,
the performance of Martial Arts where your Body/Mind/Spirit become one and unified. This is helpful against any Disease.
Basically, you have to find what *works* for your own Body so that you are creating a "better playing field" than before.

5. Don't be a "Passenger" in your Doctor's office. You have to be proactive and involved in all treatments and decision making regarding your health.
It is your Body, not your Physicians.........respect it. Thus, both you and your Physician can both be "Partners" and sit together in the front of the car.

There is of course much more that I can offer, but like advice from anyone and anywhere, you take what applies to you and what you can use.

I pass this chain now to Kathy at



Most of you who are fans of the Simpsons know how overweight Homer is and how awful of a diet he has, with a fondness for doughnuts and other tasty treats. This history along with a lack of exercise
makes Homer a *ripe candidate* for the development of Diabetes(Type 2).
There is a message to be learned as well, and that is, what is perceived by
Marge as an addiction is really not but an attempt to inject Insulin.
Unfortunately, it looks as if Homer is doing it via IV rather than Subcutaneous.
Still funny.

Here is a visual development as to how it really took place:
↓ ↓
(object) (embed)
That's Marge in the opening scene feeding Homer nutritious hot Oatmeal so he will feel better.



I just came across a story published in the Edmonton Journal(Canadian newspaper) by Jim Farell.
I and many others in the T1DM Community can relate to these events since it covers the horrible consequence of Hypoglycemia Unawareness that has again occurred to "One of Us."

Shaughn Butts/Canwest News Service: A semi truck and trailer lie in wreckage after crashing. The driver was killed after smashing into a guard rail on the overpass and crashing onto the railway tracks below.

EDMONTON -- Friends and relatives of the truck driver who died Monday in a fiery crash after a 20-kilometer, wrong-way drive down Yellowhead Trail believe his bizarre behavior was caused by diabetes, not anger or suicidal impulses.

"He has had Type 1 diabetes since he was young, and he has medically crashed many times after going into hypoglycemia," said Bill, a family friend of the 25-year-old driver. Bill is the uncle of the driver's girlfriend, whom he intended to marry.

Dr. James Shapiro, a prominent diabetes researcher from the University of Alberta, refused to comment about the specific aspects of the driver's death since he had never treated him, but he said that when a diabetic's blood sugar plunges below a certain point, bizarre behavior can result.
When blood sugar drops below a certain point, the brains of some people with diabetes can no longer function properly, Dr. Shapiro said. Results can range from sleepiness to unawareness and a mental disconnect with a person's surroundings. "It's certainly possible that a diabetes patient can be in a prolonged hypoglycemic state for minutes and hours," Dr. Shapiro said.

People tend to forget how complex of a Disease T1DM is. In spite of having "good numbers," there are hosts of other factors within the Body that can go awry because of the Diabetes.

Six Word Meme


Thank you for the Tag Minnesota Nice.............and that you are.
Here then w/o further delay is my Six Word Meme:

Still looking around Corners
for Cure..........

I, in-turn pass the Six Word Meme to:
Seonaid @

Scott @Scott's Web Log



As reported in the Boston Globe 2/25/08/
Eating Oats(Whole Oats) is good for you!!
The reason being, is that they contain an ample supply of beta-glucan, a natural anti-inflammatory agent that suppresses the body's production of certain cytokines.
Cytokines are Inflammatory Agents that produce elevated levels of Inflammation within the Body. This Inflammation can be found in Diabetes, Heart Disease, MS, Arthritis, Allergies, Asthma and many other Auto-Immune Illnesses. Often with this Inflammation comes further harmful effects within the cells, tissues, organs and vasculature leading to other Diseases or a further breakdown that has already begun.
So, here is something that is Natural and without side-effects that would be useful to all those with Diabetes and other Illnesses.
Oats have been available for a long time, are in abundance, are easy to prepare and digest; and have many healthful benefits to offer. They also lower LDL(bad cholesterol) levels. For those of us w/T1DM that is important because the risk of Coronary Disease is elevated in those with Diabetes.
Part of the treatment for T1DM is to be actively involved with taking care of your Body in a positive way.

You have to be willing to accept responsibility and modification for your own Body.
Remember, what you want are whole oats, not the 30 second kind.
In this case, a little cooking effort goes a long way. Have it with slices of fresh fruit or berries on top, sitting across the table from the person you love. If there isn't a person you love sitting across from you, have it anyway.