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Mayren Abashed

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Yes I still Soap just not as a business.
Yes I have been hella busy and no longer post.
Yes I still make my Sugar Scrubs from Cold Process Soap and they are awesome.

(huggles you all)

Dandelion Swirl - Soap Challenge


Greetings Friends   :)

I am back with another Soap Challenge from Greatcakes Soapworks : Soap Challenge hosted by
the fantabulous Amy Warden. 

This was a pretty fun Challenge. The Dandelion or "Zebra" Swirl was created by Vinvela Ebony on her blog Dandelion Seifee.   It's in German but if you have Google Translate it helps.

This recipe needed to be slow moving to give enough time to swirl so I used a lot of Olive oil.

I will admit I made two attempts and the first one went fine, but my color combo just didn't look cohesive enough for me.   It will be great for a Mardi-Gras twist but I wanted to put in one more really strong attempt for the official challenge entry.

Here are my photos for this Month's Soap Challenge:

Scented with Yuzu for a bright and inviting bath-time and the coloring technique makes it look great on any Bathroom counter or on the Shower's shelf.




We have just listed new Seasonal Soaps so check out the Shop for scents like Pumpkin Pie, Frankincense and Myrrh, and Sugar Plum !

September Happiness Challenge!


It's going around the Blogosphere and I believe I participated in something similar years ago with Linus (the Black Pope?) & crazy crew who produced an online comic with Flynn, but I digress.
This time I am directly inspired by a fellow Soaper who is delightful, funny, and a genuine  treat to be acquainted with.

I am committing myself to the "September Happiness Challenge"

For 30 days in September do these 5 small steps:
1: Meditate
2: Identify 3 new things you’re grateful for
3: One random act of kindness
4: Journal about one good thing that happened
5: Exercise
The power to change your point of view and change your life in degrees is often over-looked
and should never be underestimated.   The more you understand about yourself, the more you
can know about how you interact with others and the world.  It is invaluable to be able to simply
know how you view things and what you like and don't like about your current views and attitude.

This is where that old "Knowledge is Power" thing can come into play right?  The power to make
yourself happy is within your reach and with happiness comes the natural stress-free mind set that
we all use to balance our lives.

I am pledging myself to this journey for the next 30 days and I hope others will join in.
The journal entries will probably be private, but know I will be striving for happiness and
a renewal of spirit.

I wonder what kind of Soaps & Stuffs project will emerge out of this journey?
Till next time friends :)

August 2013 Soap Challenge Club


Hello Everyone!

I have recently started to take part of The Soap Challenge Club headed up by Amy Warden of  Great Cakes Soapworks. The challenge I started with was for August 2013 the "Holly Swirl" also known as a Swirl within a swirl named after creator Holly Bailey of Missouri River Soap Co.

Here is my Entry to this month's Soap Challenge:  Blackberry Sage Soap with Holly Swirl.
My photo is not quite good enough to see the speckles in the baby blue part which is powdered Vanilla Bean.  I will probably use the vanilla bean in other soap with the light blue another time. I do wish i had mixed the blue a little closer to purple but my God-sons love it for their fave colors so yay!.

I had a blast and can't wait to see everyone's creations. (big huggles to all)


Extra photos of the top - before cutting


Recent Swap - Sniffie Scent Swap 2013


Hey Guys,

I've been up to a ton of projects including a Sniffie Scent Swap with some friends who also make Soaps & Stuffs.  It was a fun way to swap smells we like with each other and see what other awesome scents could be out there for us without having to take the plunge with $$.

Sniffies are just a tiny teensy sample of scent wrapped up in foil and plastic that we labeled with our name, and the name of the scent and where to find it if we like it.
We each sent 9 samples of 3 different scents all wrapped up and labeled to a Hostess who sorts it all out and organizes them, then mails the sets back out to the swappers.

Here's a few photos of my packets that I sent.



Today is the day.  I 've finally published my Online store for Mayren's Soaps & Stuffs.

I will be starting out with the basics of Handmade Soap, Lip Butters, & Laundry Soap.
My next step is to add my travel Size Solid Shampoos & Conditioners, Solid Sugar scrubs, Bath Fizzies, and maybe even some Lotion Bars.

There is a link now from this Blog over to the shoppe so if you are curious, please check it out.

I also have a Gallery with more pictures of the products.

Cheers and here's to the next step of the journey!


Let's play catchup


Soon we will be playing catchup with the blog to share the various swaps and news that happened as well as importing old posts from the previous blog showing some older projects like when I made my own silicone mold for soap.  It has been a very bumpy but fun journey since I started soapmaking 4 years ago and It's going to be interesting for the years go come i'm sure.

On-Hand Potato Soup


On hand potato soupSome of the ingredients i had to eyeball and make up as I went alongIngredients:8 medium to small potatoes (i'd say roughly 4 or 5 cups) well scrubbed and rough chopped1 whole large onion diced2 cups diced ham (mine was leftover sliced ham from Thanksgiving)7 cups of water (part of this can be subbed for chicken stock please see directions)1 can cream of mushroom soup5 TBSP butter5 TBSP Flour1 small can evaporated milk ( or 2 cups of milk and minus one of the cups of water above)1/2 tsp kosher salt or to taste1 TBsP black pepper or to taste1 TBSP powdered Garlic or to taste1. prep 2 Cups Hot water with 1 chicken boullion cube or sub low sodium chicken stock.2. prep 2 Cups Hot water with 1 beef boullion cube or sub low sodium chicken stock.3. Combine the potatoes, onion, ham, 4 cups of boullion and 2 cups more of Hot water to stockpot. Bring to a boil, then cook over medium heat until potatoes are tender about 15 mins. (more time if potatoes are larger cut). Stir in salt, pepper, and garlic4. In a seperate saucepan we make the roux. Melt butter over a medium-low heat. Whisk in the flour using a whisk, fork, or smaller wooden spooon stirring constantly until thick, about 1 minute. On the side I added the last cup of water to the small can of evaporated milk and then slowly stirred in a little at a time to this butter/flour mixture so that i did not get lumps. Continue stirring over medium-low heat about 4 to 5 minutes. It should be a thickened white creamy base with no lumps YAY.5. On the side I put the can of mushroom soup with some hot water and stirred vigorously to smooth the conistancy then added this into my Roux sauce and let it heat through. It looked like a soup all on it's own.6. Stir the new creamy mixture into the stockpot, and cook soup until heated through. Serve right away.Notes: I only had honey baked ham leftovers and ended with a slightly sweet aftertaste - I recommend a Smoked ham for this if you have a choice.Add-in ideas: many people like to add 1/2 to 1 Cup diced celery but i didn't have any on hand. It does make a nice soup. Some people like to peel the potatoes and i don't bother because i like the rustic taste.NEW DISH possibility : I have used this guidline and added 2 cans well washed clams swapping all the beef to chicken boullion and reduce water by 1 cup for a spinoff on Clam chowder. Add 2 cups thawed corn and swap all beef to chicken boullion and reduce water by 1 Cup for a spinoff of Corn Chowder. Garnish Ideas: chives, crispy crubled bacon, shredded melty cheese, home-made rustic croutons, or serve in a bread bowl.[...]



Welcome to Blog !
Mayren's Soaps & Stuffs Store and main website will be up and running very soon.  I will be trying to keep up with this blog to show current projects and various tidbits.
Hope to see you again Soon     :)

Mayren's Sugar Scrub Cubes - using CP/HP soap Shreds


Mayren's Sugar Scrub Cubes using

CP or HP Soap shreds the 1-2-3 Method


Copyright to Mayren 2010 - 2012. All Rights Reserved


The 1-2-3's are measured in parts. This way you can resize the recipe

as you need. (please use a scale for best results weigh one part and use

that as your scale)

1 Part - Oils/Butters total

2 Part - CP/HP Soap Shreds (chopped fine)

3 Part - Sugars (I mix white and raw sugars for texture)


- In a microwave safe container, combine Oils with Soap (and colorant)

and heat in short bursts. Stir in-between bursts until the mix is

smooth but not burnt.

(you can add a little of the sugar in this to make the base more

compliant in the next step)

- To your hot base add the Sugar.

3 Parts if half your oils are hard butters

4 Parts if your oils are all liquid

5 Parts if your oils are all Thin liquids or if you want a super crumbly cube.

- Quickly add the FO/EO after the sugar is starting to incorporate and

cool down the mix

- Mix until the batch looks like a dough ball of sorts. If it's not a

dough ball then your bars may not firm up as well.

(- Please note that if you added mostly hard butters the batch

should still look like a dough ball but softer and less firm

until completely cooled. -)

- Put the mix into your mold. (i like silicone molds and use a stainless

spoon for smoothing the tops of my cubes while in the mold)

- Put the mold into the freezer for about 5 to 10 minutes then pop

out and let air dry for a day or so before storing in a dry and

preferably airtight container.

((( Preservative may be added if you personally feel you want to but

it is not usually necessary in this anhydrous formula. I do

use OptiphenND or Liquid Germall Plus preservative with these cubes)))


I take between a half to a full cube (based on the Wilton brownie pan)

to the shower with me. I wet the cube then make a paste from it in my

hands and apply it to my skin. Using more water I rub and scrub it over

my skin and it forms a very light lather then rinses off pretty well

(for me at least)

As with most sugar scrubs - the tub/shower will be a little slick from

the oils so beware.

I hope you enjoy your Solid sugar scrub cubes made with

soap shreds vs MP or Melt & Pour. I like the feel of regular

soap shreds much better.

Please share your experiences of your batches! :)

Making Silicone Soap Molds


I made some Silicone soap molds by hand and had a blast. Here are some moments from that adventure.The clay design of cherries that I use as for my new logo to be cute. The finished Cherry Mold and Blue Cherry Melt & Pour soap scented with Apple Jack & Peel which smells very crisp and bright.   The prepped frame box being used to make the new loaf mold is done in mostly Acrylic Sheeting and hot glue. This means that the Acrylic is reusable. Nice!      I used OOMOO30 Silicone which is pretty easy to use. This is the silicone mixed and poured.   I didn't use enough mix the first time so I hurried to mix up more and didn't mix it quite enough so there is variance of color but surprisingly came out wonderful.This is after the cure and out of the frame - you notice I took the box I used to create the inside of the mold out after the cure as well. Here's an action shot of freshly made soap in this new soap Mold            [...]