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Cooking Momster Corner

My blog about my interest in cooking, baking and gardening, my family - my 2 lovely kids and my caring hubby and my job.

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Online Shopping For Christmas Present


Time really flies and in just a wink of eyes, December month is approaching again. Its time of the year to take out the Christmas tree in the store room and to set it up at the living hall with my two kids. Both of them are pretty excited when I mentioned I am going to take out the tree. It is also the time of they year I am getting geared up to shop for Christmas present for the kids, my loving hubby and also my fellow cousin.

The list of presents in their wishing list is pretty long. I wonder whether I have the time to do all the shopping during the weekend and looking at my work schedule it is hardly for me to find time to shop again. My next option is to choose to shop online at Shopwiki. A one stop online shop that you could find anything and everything you want to get.

I am planning to get Dearie Suki a nice and stylish cuff links for this Christmas. I couldn't resist to get more than one cuff links for him because he really looks very professional by wearing it. I think he will be really surprised if I get the cuff links for him instead of the sporty watch he asked for.

Weather Oh Weather


The weather these few days is crazy. Everyday without miss, the weather is hot in the afternoon and the rain heavily in the evening. The thing I hate most is when it rains in the evening which is just right after office hours. It created bad traffic and it took me 1 hour to reach home instead of 30 minutes. My cousin told me we are lucky here because we still get rain but the weather in Arizona is as hot as 80 degress. Wow, this is crazy and it is extremely hot. With such hot weather,the Arizona relocation services is able to helps those who stay there to relocate their home to another place based on their requirement and budget. Gosh, who would want to live in Arizone?

Have Fun With Photofunia


What a boring day. I found this fun website from one of the blogger and though of giving it a try to upload some of Ee-Thern's pictures and see what is the outcome. Hahaha... See how cute he is from the two pictures below. Looks like real painting ya? Have fun with the Photofunia website when you have nothing to do.

Moving Home Services


I remembered during my studies year in University, me and Dearie Suki dream is to buy a new house. We wouldn't want to stay with our parents after we get married because there will always no privacy in our life. We really worked very hard to save enough money to pay for our new house and I still remembered we bought our new house at the age of 24 years old. Though it is a bit small but we are happy with what we have now. After the renovation of our house, we really had a big headache of moving our old furnitures to our new home. Not only that we had so many boxes of things to be shifted over. There are so many things to be packed and transport over to the new house and with our 2 pairs of hands and no one to help, how much can we do?

Moving to our new home makes easy when we engaged those moving home services. Such agency makes moving rather simple and you wouldn't get a big headache out of it. Just pack your stuffs and the moving agency will come over and transport your stuffs to your new home. No headache, no hassle and you can move into your new home just in time. I have a new neighbour who shifted into their new house last week and they engaged the moving home agency to do the job.

There are few options you can plan for your move and it is either you hire a van and move your won or you hire a man and van to move it for you. Second option may save up most of your time and energy when you make a move and for me I rather pay that kind of services available. There are many professional removal company services available and at any time you can get your free quotes from them. At, you can get your free removal quotes from their professional staffs. A quick guide of removal services also available at their website and do check it out now.

Chinese New Year Goodies


Here are the CNY cupcakes I did on the eve of CNY. The kids and cousins at home loves cupcakes. I am trying to used up the fondant at home and wouldn't want to keep it anymore. Trying to do something simple and used the fondant to do the small mini tangerine, the gold and also the cow. Anyway, no one eat the fondant and too bad they scrap it off and threw it away. Sigh :(


Dearie Suki loves pineapple tarts and my CNY will not be complete without the pineapple tarts. This is my only baking for this year, didn't do much because I am rather busy in cooking. Love the texture of the tarts pastry. It is really melt in the mouth type. So yummy!

7 Natural Skin Treatment


Beautify your skin with 7 Cream with Manuka Honey. This cream act as an excellent moisturizer, a protective barrier cream and also act as an infection preventer. The cream was designed to be a promoter of healing for damaged skin. It is also useful for injuries, burn and also eczema and dermatitis. Give 7 cream a try now.

Huge Hamburger For Lunch


I had a huge juicy and tender beef burger with beef bacon plus loads of french fries at TGIF. Die ! I am gaining more and more weight now. At times I really confused with myself. Happy I eat, sad also I eat. What is wrong with me? Anyway, whether I go to TGIF, Uncle Chilli's, Tony Roma or any cafe or restaurant for lunch, I tend to order burger. I love burger especially beef burger.
I have been trying to make my own beef burger patties but then it is quite hard to do it at home. Dearie Suki won't allowed any beef at home because we had a Kwan Yin Goddess at home. Maybe I should try with minced pork because my kids love burgers too. This week my schedule is full, maybe after CNY la, I will try to make some meat patties. Hahaha...

Jewellery Care


I was cleaning my drawer yesterday night with Le-Ann and found my big box of those costume jewellery in it. I totally forgot about it. Some of it are bought in Chiangmai and some are from China. I was thinking to send it out to the jewellery shop to clean it but then I doubt it will cost me a bomb. Is anyone out there know how to do your own home made jewelry cleaner ?

The Mahjong Season Is Here


The mahjong season is here. Last Saturday after the pre-CNY reunion dinner, the kids wanted to go back to their Tai Mah's house to play. Since everyone will be there, I drove the kids there. Once reached home, wah my sis and Leen started to play mahjong. Me and Joe watching from the side cos I never understand how to play.

My 2 kids seems interested in it. Ee-Thern sit on Leen's lap and watching her quietly while Le-Ann KPC at the side playing with her coin chips. Aiyor .... Sis said have to buy another mahjong table cos one is not enough. My BIL is not playing, Dearie Suki is not playing and my Dad is not playing because tak cukup table. Aiyor ....

I Need More Mini Storage


Last Sunday I was cleaning their toys and ended up giving away 3 big bags of toys to my cousin and I have another 2 big bags of toys which the kids wanted to play on. I took the toys out to the car porch and washed it and dried it. I really need to re-organize their toys. I think I really need to get more of the mini storage boxes to keep their toys. Really eye sore when I see their toys lying all over the house.

Fruits Overloaded


This is what happen to me when I was at the night market last Tuesday. I passed by a fruit stall and ended up buying too much fruits and we can't even finish after few days. So you see how greedy am I when everything is cheap I just buy without thinking that it is actually too much at home. After few days, I took all the fruits out and started to cut it and packed into the bento boxes and let the kids eat it.
So do you agree with me that, we spend more money at the night market as compared to the supermarket or hypermarket?

Follow Me On Twitter


Have you registered yourself in twitter? I have my own twitter account and you can follow me on twitter in my main blog. Even Ted Murphy, the CEO and founder of PPP also have a twitter. You can check ted on twitter too.

Father & Son... So Funny


We had a family reunion dinner last Saturday with Uncle HH and family. After the dinner we went back to Ah Mah's house. My sis and my cousins are playing mahjong and me sitting next to them watching them playing. Me, after so many years, I never understand how to play mahjong till today.
Me and Joe were testing the flash on my camera phone and we tried snapping some pictures. My BIL and my nephew refuse to let us snap their picture and ended up this is what we get. Hahaha... so funny and both looks like a criminal for not letting us to snap their pictures.

New Social Network Site


I was surfing the internet this morning and found one interesting website again. It is an interesting innovative networking site that you can share your interest in it. Many bloggers get connected in this networking by sharing their interest in anything and get connected with the people who have the same interest. You can even promote your blog there to gain some traffic. Check it out right away now!

A Day Out At IKEA



It is another day out at IKEA with me and my 2 kids only. After I drop Sis in Taman Tun, I head on to IKEA with the kids. It is still early and there are not much cars at the carpark. I managed to get a nice parking right infront of the entrance in just minute. Phewwww... what a relief. Both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern are hungry and I brough them to the cafe for an early lunch. Ordered spaghetti bolognaise for Le-Ann and Ee-Thern had a fish burger with some fries plus each of them had a packet of apple juice.

Both of them are pretty happy and behaved very well. Well, that is the beauty of your kids when they are grown up. No more baby cries and carrying here and there. Both will just walked on their own and eat on their own without disturbing me. Ooohhh... how nice and the three of us really enjoyed our day at IKEA.

2009 Resolution - Blogging For Money


New year, new beginning. My resolution for this year is to spend more time to blog for money. I have been blogging for the past 2 years. All this while I treat blogging as part of my hobby. I love writing and I love to post my kids picture in my blog. Not only that, my relatives who stay round the world can read my blog and are aware what is happening to their relatives at the other part of the world. Slowly I discovered that blogging can actually earned you some extra pocket money. I never knew that until I registered myself to PayingPost. I am so happy today because 4 of my blogs I registered got approved. I am too happy and could not wait to share this news with the rest of the bloggers.


PayingPost is a blog advertising network that connects between bloggers and its advertisers. It is always a win win situation between a blogger and an advertiser. Why I said so because, blogger will write a product review or services provided from the advertiser and it will be posted in their blog. In returns, the advertiser will pay the blogger for writing the review in their blog. Hence this is what they called advertiser advertise on blogs to gain maximum exposure of their products or services from the readers.

If you are looking to monetize your blog, hurry get your blog registered with PayingPost. Firstly, you need to submit your blog for approval. You will be notified by email once your blog is approved by PayingPost. Before you can start reserving the opportunities, you need to install the tracking code in your blog. Once, you have installed you can start looking for opportunities from advertisers and start making the extra pocket money. This is just so easy and get blog register today.

Counting Down To Year 2009


Counting down now...

10, 9 , 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

Happy New Year 2009

Come on Let's Celebrate!

Enjoy this song from Kool & Gang. My favourite song every year played on the new year eve party I went with my ci mui.


Happy New to all of you. May year 2009 brings you good wealth and good health. Come on hop over to my other blog for a small giveaway from me to usher Year 2009.

Be Stylish For This Coming Chinese New Year


(image) Chinese New Year is just a month away. Have you prepare your Chinese New Year goodies? I am almost done because I hate to do it last minute. I have bought the kids new clothings for this coming Chinese New Year too and everthing will be in red. The Chinese believed that RED will bring luck to the family. Whether you believe it or not, that is the Chinese tradition.

Me and my hubby are looking to get a new pair of eyeglasses. Every year both of us will get a new pair of eyeglasses. We used to go to our friends optical shop to get the eyeglasses but lately there are not much choice for us to choose. Most of the designs are so common and both or us are looking something that are more stylish for both of us. Hence, we check it out at Zenni Optical and they have their new Holiday frames available now.

I have found a frame I like it so much. A full rim frame with red colour flower printed at the side. It would be an ideal one to wear it during the first day of Chinese New Year. Apart from that Zenni Optical also offers a range of affordable frames starting from $8 which includes a high quality frame, thin and light 1.57 lens, anti scratch coating with full UV protection. Check it out for more offers from Zenni Optical.


Ee-Thern's Big Motorbike



Ee-Thern got this big motorbike from my in laws. Wow, that is real huge and he just need to step on it and it will move. The first try he is a bit scared and refused to step on the accelerator. After a few warm up.... wah ! he can ride as fast as the mat rempit. Wah .... some more can sau corner. LOL.... He is just so cute and looks like a pai kin nah.

Merry Christmas



We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy new year!


My in laws are Catholic and every year we will be at their place for Christmas. The kids are happy to be there too because they love to play with their big Suk Suk and Ku Cheh. This year we didn't put our Christmas tree up because Dearie Suki has been busy for the past few weeks before Christmas and furthermore the Christmas is put too high up in the store room. I couldn't managed to get it by myself. The kids are a bit dissapointed when I told them there will be no Christmas tree at home but then there will be one at their Mah Mah's house.

The kids are happy when they saw the Christmas tree at Mah Mah's house. Both of them has been playing with the Christmas ornaments on the tree and their poor Ku Cheh have to put all up again once we went back home. Hahaha...

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Discounted Eyeglasses For Grab


(image) I went for an eye check up yesterday and wanted to have an eye laser. But too bad the Dr told me for my case I can't do it for certain reasons. Hence, I am sticking back to use eyeglasses for now on. I love having different types of eyeglasses in order for me to match with my office attires. Not only that, I am quite a clumsy person and I tend to break my eyeglasses whenever I misplaced it at night. That is why whenever I discovered any eyeglasses online store offering a great discount, I will purchase a few pairs of it.

I was browsing through the website and discovered Optical4less. I also discovered this website have many types of trendy, fashionable and trendy eyeglasses. Their discounted complete perscription eyeglasses is only selling at USD15 and it is far more cheaper than those I get from the optical shop in the shopping mall. Apart from that, they also offer many types of tinted sunglasses and I am getting two pairs of it too for myself and my hubby. With every purchase of more than one pair of eyeglasses, shipping is free and they ship worldwide too. You can receive your eyeglasses within a week. Check out what their happy customers commented in their testimonial page. I am going to drop by soon to leave my comment.

Fried Asam Laksa


(image) I was having lunch with TCH yesterday afternoon and we went into one of the restaurant in SS14, Subang Jaya. Oh gosh... I forget to take a peek what is that restaurant name but I will definately go there for a second time. I tried something unique in this restaurant. Have you heard of Fried Asam Laksa? The name of the dish itself is so unique and I ordered one plate to try out and I love it. It taste just like Asam Laksa but its fried and dry. Then top up with thinly cut strips of cucumber, big onion, pineapple, bunga kantan, lime and some mint leaves. It is so delish and I am going to tell Dad about it and try to cook it at home one day. Yummy....

Quit Your Smoking Habit Now


Quit Smoking Now! That is what I have been telling Dearie Suki all these years. When I delivered Le-Ann he quit for sometime and then after a year, he started it again. Then when I delivered Ee-Thern he quit again for a short period. Now he told me that he will try to reduce it. I am tired of telling him again because as a murtured adult, I think he would be able to judge what is good or bad for his health. Recently, I found out that both his kids are scolding him once he smoke. That was the conversation I heard from the kids while I was cooking. Le-Ann and Ee-Thern told off their Daddy when he smoked again. Guess what they told him? "Daddy, I angry with you when you smoke!" Hahaha.. what a good sentence.

A Tired Day



It was raining cats and dogs the whole of yesterday. We were in IKEA last evening and both Le-Ann and Ee-Thern is having so much fun pushing the kids trolley. I dragged Dearie Suki to come along because I want to get some idea how to decorate the kids room. Now, he is telling me to do it after Chinese New Year. Haizzz.... he has been telling me that since the past one year and I wonder when he really wants to do it.

Surprisingly this year there is not much Christmas ornaments sold in IKEA. I was thinking to get some of it but ended up I can't find any and bought one kitchen rack for my kitchen instead. The queue in IKEA is terrible. Le-Ann was crying and wanted to have ice-cream but looking at the crowds and queue, I need to forget about it. Brought them for dinner at Old Klang Road for Pan Mee. Check out the Pan Mee in MyKitchen. Both of them shared a big bowl of Braised Pork Pan Mee. Wah, both really a big eater now but still my little boy is so skinny.

This morning, Ee-Thern woke up and refused to go to Daycare. Oh gosh... he kept telling me he don't want to go to school and he wanted to go kai kai *faint*. Worst still when I told him I will bring him out on Thursday and he told me to kept my promise. *Aduiiii*