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Good Food Good Life

Updated: 2018-03-03T00:22:25.885+08:00


Kameya (龟屋) @ BB Park


Bad news. My dearest Mommy and sista going shanghai without mii!! sobz!! 4more days claudia leaving us to Manchester already!! Aww i felt so lonely all of suddenly wake up comfirm no breakfast that's ready got no body to talk to mii at home already!! But enjoy your trip ya i still got my Sibeh good Mr.B!! Weee.. anyone been Kameya at BB park which next to Outback before? i found this place is really cool specially the special menu, most of the selection you can't get from other japanese restaurant =)Green Tea* (Rm5.00)Shirasu* Rm5.00Hand hold rice that japanese favourite outdoor selection. White rice with Anchovy nicely hold out of triangle shape..simple and filling.Miso Shiru* Rm5.00Mr.B a must to have miso, Kameya serve more then 5 special miso soup, served 2-3 person. we just go for the normal one. Its tasty compare to Sushi king or Genki ..Torikawa (Chicken Skin)* Rm2.00We found Gilled Chicken Skin here!! yamm sadly i expect for the extra crispy texture..Potato Becon* Rm6.00Ladies and Gentlement i heart this!!! The crispy thin becon simplr wrap with mash potato with teriyaki sauce!! Slurp.. yeap is mash potato..!! DELICIOUS...Gyoza* Rm10.00My love Gyoza!! Nothing special compare to other japanese house..Soft Shell Crab Maki* Rm20.00My sibeh poser bf!! See what he holding?! beh tahan him!! >''< KAMEYA龟屋Lot. GL-13BB ParkPlaza Low YatNo.7 Jln Bukit Bintang5100 K.LTel: 603-2142 0153[...]

Kampachi @ Pavilion (Farewell to jeromefo again)


I'm Back!! I'm Back!! I pay my deep apologize to everyone who waiting for my update specially Simon Seow, you sound pissing at mii at the previous comment *sob*. Anyone know Jeromefo are my dearest pet bro?! Last year we make him a farewell party at Chili's celebrating he's leaving us to hertfordshire further study, Yahoo?! But why should we have another farewell dinner again? Because he's leaving us to Bristol AGAIN!!! =) Good Luck.. muaxx my dearest bro!! We leaked out 2 buddy, Chester and Claudia didn't join us for dinner sigh.. but yet we got a new member!!! Jeromefo's bro Kent... we still bullshit alot. Thx for the dinner Foo Bluek..Mint Green Tea* Rm12.00 (Per Pot for 4)We felt like steal the pot and cup home *Giggle* i love the mint green tea alot smell so refreshing yet jeromefo kept complain taste like toothpaste!! he's funny right?!Nabeyaki Udon* Rm28.00Jeromefo's udon. Hell big portion!! Udon with Prawn Tempura, Egg, chicken and vegetable. doesn't heard any comment from him i guess is nice, Kent request for a sip but he just saja finish it!! So bad..Bukkake Udon* Rm28.00Cold Udon with Tempura Fritters and Shredded cucumber tossed with sesame sauce!! i love the sesame sauce.. Mr.B said that's taste like a bowl of cold udon salad nothing special. =.='Soba & Chirashi Set* Rm45.00Soba with deep fried prawns and Raw dish on rice. I felt this set worth every penny other then the huge portion!! came with cawan, fruits, miso soup and look kent rice look so colourful right?! =)Saba Shioyaki Set* Rm32.00Grilled Mackerel with salt or teriyaki sauce, i go for salt.. yammy taste more traditional. Still i love set, fuel just gone down for 15cents so set most JIMAT KAN? =)Macha Ice- Cream Special* Rm15.00Kent and mii look at each other and said, want desert?! want want.. aww here's our deserts look so delicious right? IS DELICIOUS!! yamm.. Japanese mochi with the thick favour red bean paste with a scoop of macha ice cream accompany with the red cutie strawberry's!! Thumbz up!!!!!!!Foo. Kent. Mr.B and mii have a great night although you left the last minuts date before you leaving since you back here for 1 whole month!!! damn you said you love this sister most huh?!! Anyway i wish you study hard over there!! Lawyer Foo Gor Gor =) muaxx love u most too...I GAINING WEIGHT!! =( *KAMPACHI* Lot 6.09.00Lvl 6 PavilionK.LTel: +603-2148 9608Fax: +603-2148 2608[...]

OMFG malaysia...


OMFG!! Something happen in past 15mins.. Freak mii & Mr.B out!!!
Mii and Mr.B went alexie jie house for hair cut, we left around 1145pm and the guai lan Mr.B decided heading down to 1u for movie yet he send mii home we end the movie around 230am and i reached home 245am and while we stepped out the car i SAW a cb Indian breaking a Myvi window and the other motor just park right beside Mr.B car i doesn't pay a damn on him cos i tot he staying the same block as mine. The fat Indian who break Myvi window speed up his step like gonna walk closer to us we ran all the way up and start screaming ''MOMMY~ MOMMY~'' my dad get shocked and quickly ask Mr.B to stay for awhile yet they still around there. A while later the motorbike pick the farker up and ride to some where else... YET they waited Mr.B car some where hidden and start throwing rock to Mr.B car window lucky there's nothing happen!! OMFG.. police? Do something we paying tax for u!! Government? Do something!! Sadly dear Farker i curse your family car get break as how you did too, i bless you might not die peaceful!! mother fucker you think think that's funny? YOU NAK MAKAN KITA NAK MAKAN JUGA!! NAK MAKAN PERGI LA KERJA!!! GUNA LA OTAK SIKIT!! oh.. my pet bro kena pick pocket the day before yesterday in monorial!! KESIAN!
drop ur comment and share with mii!! *SAD*
Because of this i couldn't get in sleep now!! sigh.................@#$%^&*



I'm not Happy!!!

*Happy Birthday To Mr.B*


Happie 20th Birthday to MR.B

Ma Maison @ Ampang


Curious Readers here is some sharing about mii and Mr.B. he's skinny and i'm chubby (Fat! Just chubby sound better..), He love Dota i hates GAMES, He take darn lil food i do take ALOT. The thing we love? Movie? (we settle down EVERY Single movie in cinema except for malay and indian movie), Games? (Alright we used or a must to spend around 10~15bucks for hitting down Photo hunt record) Arguments? (Biasa la, Belum try Belum tau satu kali try tiap tiap hari mau..) we're still normal couple!! no couple got no arguments right Christine? city girl? Well Ma Maision is my recent updated favourite french restaurant!!Its was a great surprise to found such a romantic restaurant at the hidden corner.Ma MaisonLovely setting up the dining table. Everything smell so traditional from the moment we first step in here. The Staff is real friendly and sweet which kept smiling everytime you turn your face on them. So comfy..Complimentary*Bucket of bread, its alot. which half of the bucket is garlic bread and other half bucket is plain bread. Yamm...Starter Oysters* Rm8.00 (each)Mr.B's mom ordered oyster for tried, obviously I'm not oyster lover cause used to tasted fishy yucks!! But this is totally wash out my mind Simply Grrp into your mouth and smoothly swollen through your throat. The selling point was definitely the 'FRESH'. Feel cheated and want for more!Appetizer Escargots* (Half dozen)Snails lover!! Yeah Escargot is SNAIL!! don't laugh mii for the poor explanation cos i believe there still somebody out there got no idea apa tu Escargot!! Cutie Chef sweetly remove the snail from the shell and paste them into the cute cup to easy up while we dip the delicious butter garlic sauce with bread. Mouth full Escargot, i curious about what herb or leaf that they mixed in turn up such a nice aroma and for sure thumbz up!Carre D' Agneau A La Provencale* (Rm58.00)Actually is Roasted Lamb Rack With Mustard Crust, I found here's amaze even i'm not the lamb lover still i fell in love with their lamb rack got no mutton smell buddy!! Perfectly roasted, that's definitely how i always wanted my lamb to be!! Slurp!! Ok la.. not my lamb Mr.B one.........Plate of Braise Cheesy Potato to accompany that Plate of delicious Lamb Racks, Sorry to said that i don't into the milky braise potato.. Tasted and smell like some non process milk with potato on top with the mozzarella cheese.Filet De Cabillaud Au Basilic Citronne* (Rm46.00)Cod fillet with Barsil And Lemon Butter, aww huge portion!! Fresh cod fish nicely laying on top of Spanish. Tasted so Creamy..I do enjoyed every bite of my fish fish-licious!Saumon Grilled Et Son Ragout D' Epinard* (Rm42.00)Grill Salmon And Its Spinach Ragout, tried a bite from bubu mom's plate fresh salmon not bad.Gratin De Fraises Au Grand Marnier* (Rm16.00)Strawberry Grantin with Grand - Marnier, Finally dessert!! Crave for dessert all this while actually wanted to order 2 dessert too sad can't be greedy in front of people mom so.. sigh.. look at the pretty surface!! its a liquor dessert with a scope of ice cream, Crispy surface with the warm smooth rich and creamy layer. So yammylicioussss... (Must Try)With the romantic environment, great food, good services with no government tax or services tax so prepare cash while u dine in here!! No Credit card Only cash!!Ma Maison (French Restaurant)32, Persiaran Ampang,55000 Kuala LumpurTel: 03-4256 5410*Closed on Every Tuesday*Cash Only[...]

Happies Birthday To Mii @ Ninja Jones


What a late post. almost forget about this. Been a month back for my birthday, doesn't went for celebration cos I'm tearing alot!! Sad right?! Please don't ask why there's no why i just felt bad luck for each year birthday!! Sigh.. Thx Mr.B for buying my favourite Häagen-Dazs ice cream cake for the small surprise. I'm glad to have you muaxx. Smart boss knew my birthday is near by take a chance to sing a song with ninja while we dinner. ThxQ!! Pay my very first time to Ninja Jones that i wanted to visit here since age ago, not to forget the secret metal doors you need to press or move a stone? to open up the metal door. hahax..Finally I'm here!! . Fresh Sashimi* Rm??.I'm not a raw food lover but get force to try it!! so sad.. But i found is good still I"M NOT RAW FOOD LOVER!! Maguro Chu Toro (Tuna Belly)* Rm75.00, Nama Kaki(Prawns)* Rm12.00, Akagai(ark shell)* Rm42.00, Uni/Half Tray(sea urchin)* Rm80.00, Botanebi*(Jelly Fish) Rm56.00.. When i saw the bill about this i was OMG!! but honest speaking this sashimi is GREAT and is really fresh!! Suriken* Rm16.00The one bite Suriken, is smaller than i expected so mean 1 bite for Rm16! Aisk!! I can still remember the wonderful bite of this!! Crab meat and huge Scallop perfectly cover by the cheesy-licious sauce. No hump just down bite... Grrrup~ Honeydew Moto-yaki* Rm68.00Recommended by my bossssi, honeydew fill with prawns, scallops, squid topping with the creamy cheesy sauce. Absolutely taste good!! . Tamatebeko Bento Box* Rm22.00.Alright i felt cheated by this bento!! i order tiramisu and extra additional by boss for my birthday cake! end up they just gave the bento i order with the candle. The Cake just too small for us and they said serve 2 portion?! God! Anyway its past.. Pumpkim Caramel!! Rox i love this dessert although just 2 spoon of it. Taste sinfully good, Pumpkin just go right with caramel!! uhh~ My tiny Birthday cake!! Look cute?! Green tea Tiramisu with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, Tiramisu its slightly too soggy for mii but not bad its good!! The End bill end up with Rm426.65 for 2 person. So far I'm satisfy with the delicious food and service but still i felt its a lil too pricey. I guess this is why the meaning of we pay for good food!! Fresh Sashimi, Good quality Seafood what you expect? I better keep silent since i won't have to chance to pay the bill =) Giggle* Cheers I'm 20yrs old now!!!Ninja Jones.A-G-5, Ground FloorNorthpointMid Valley CityKuala Lumpur.Tel No: 03 - 2288 1646[...]

Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ @ Ampang Tmn Cahaya


Alright. i lost my Ipoh Trip Picture. So.. Forget about it. Guess everyone sick of my William post so now Jimmy okies?! First time been here was 2years back while celebrated Bubu mommy's birthday here and I'm fell in love with Jimmy!! Hanging out with Bubu's VIP takkan want to eat 'dai chao' sure request for something better!! Jimmy.. Basically o'm hell crave for the grill crab!!Mini yao char guai?! Finger licking good!!Just wondering what turn this good stuff really good,totally difference from we usually get from outside. I love their kaya, is more watery compare to the usual one but its really GOOD!!! Trust mii one or two plate is not enough!Left by left. left by left. Slurp?!Squid!! Grill Squid!!Dip sauce! Lime, garlic, chili, and peanut crunch..Kelabu Mango. Rm9.00simply delicious.Claypot Tomyam. Rm18.00Tomyam is a must to order in Jimmy. Neither too sour or too spicy just right for everyone.Lala. Rm10.00BBQ Crab* Rm24.90Waiting for too long baby!! Slurp. Every table sound a must to have one of them!! Huge Huge crab!! Basically got no taste cos is totally Grill alive without any spices. Dip them with the peanut sauces. FRESH JUICY FAT CRAB!! mmmm~Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,Taman Cahaya, Ampang,Selangor.Tel: 03-4251 1807[...]

Penang*macalister road new world park


Penang. I'm hell missing Penang, the FOOD rock!! Cheap and delicious. We get Ferry from Langkawi to Penang cost around 3hours floating the price will be Rm55.00 per pax, sigh i almost puke man! Bad bad bad. Mr.B and mii Stay at Penang road which near by the old food Paradise Red Garden. FOOD...... ... ... .. .FIRST EVENING*.Indian Street Toast Bread*Simple in love! Toast Bread to kick start my penang journey...Dinner* Red Garden, Penang Road.Famous Hokkian Mee (Prawn Mee)* Rm4.50.This is a must to try!! they really did well for this bowl of hokkian mee, the soup base rock!! tasted sweet and doesn't felt thirsty at all lot of blogger and media spot them too!!.Grill* Rm5.00.Mr.B spot a Grill store, no hump for a try while they have lots of choices vegetable, beef, pork and etc. Gosh that's better then we expected wipe through the secret spice, perfect way to bring up the aroma and taste!! SEDAP!! =).Food Paradise* Gurney.Laksa* Rm2.50Lucky us gor come and pick us up to food Paradise!! Png Laksa?! aww for mii i'm not really into they Laksa age ago found doesn't taste good compare few years back!! And so i found out that they love combine laksa with fish ball.. huh? yeah they do!Fried Oyster* Rm8.00My favourite! Not the oyster buy the egg beside the oyster, Slurp this is really good oyster is fresh and the egg taste heavenly good!! soft and tender, dip with the chili sauce what else to ask for more?! Delicious..Toast Squid* Rm10.00Okay. i got no idea what this call and this is really first time i try it out is a bit difference from the snack squid it smell like salty fish!! yes it is!! Smelly but taste good when you dip with the black nut sauce =) oh ya and its pricey 3 slice of them cost 10buck!!DAY 2*Every morning i get up hell early, i smell food around!! Great!Loh Bak, Png Road* Rm4.50 (1 pax)Drop by the nearest Restaurant for breakfast, discover this loh bak stall which non stop frying.. gave them a tried and i was like Woah this is really good!! Specially the tofu.. out layer is hell crispy while you bite it you will really felt how soft and how juicy is the tofu!! i miss u.. slurp!.Char Kuey Teow* Rm3.50Loh bak is not full enough, go for a plate of char keoy teow as i expected not delicious at all taste soggy and over salty!! Sigh u break the image of png Char Keoy teow aunty.. =( BAD..Toast Bread, Half Boiled Egg* Rm3.60Mr.B All time favourite!! its healthy huh?.Penang Hill*.Tutu Train.. Climb hard =).Nice view?!.Iced Kacang* Rm2.50Actually i wondering why a must to mii to have a bowl of ice kacang every time i visit Png hill, Maybe i used to it since i was still a child!! I miss the day i came here with my parents!!Oh there is few activity on top of Png Hill, since we paid Rm8 for the train for sure we should spend more time on top of it, they offer canopy walk.. too bad smart them asked us to pay for the jet ride Rm5 each!! and canopy walk Rm15 each!! Mr.B decide to conquer the 1.4KM walk.. so.. we WALK!!See.. While walking you'll not miss out the nice view and those old English house..sorry for i leak out some picture at the moment promise will replace it back soon..DINNER*Went Macalister Road, around 20mins walk from Png Road, a street full of food stall!! full of people around, ang mo, Malay, Chinese, traveller..I SPOT THIS!! and i called it Professional PORK PORRIDGE!! look at the stall full of pork intestine, yeap only pork porridge!! i love it!! muaxxxxxxxxMy bowl of Pork Porridge* Rm4.50Simple adorable =) , came worm full of pork intestine. i down in 3mins time so you can imagine how delicious is it! SLURP!!Char Kuih* Rm2.00Rm2.00? yes!! So cheap right? i'm surprise while Mr.B told mii about it, not bad came with satisfy portion the kuih doesn't taste soggy at all.Popiah* Rm2.20Otak-Otak* rm2.50Gosh, get Conn by this hell otak!! look so temptation but it COLD!! and taste so watery and also se[...]



Hey!! I'm back from trip!!! aww get tan!! look like an Indian girl now!! Sigh.. no hump i have lots of fun in my trip!! Tired!! Sorry for the short review, but i wish all of you enjoy my sharing over here and once again i apologize that i doesn't have much picture about my food in Langkawi stop cause most of the night we having Ramly burger or nasi lemak only =) Budget...Day 1. Breakfast bar =)Lucky us, came in the right time Water Festival 08Day 2* Geli can? See!! Like Pavilion Fish Spa?! Just Us* Beras Basah Beach* =) Water Festival activitics Kids having Fun* Fireeee* The most expensive satay!! Rm5 for one hell stick!! yes one STICK!! Lovely 1901? Wrong.. some random stall from the beach, Rm3.00Day 3 My favourite Bakery* Loaf.. Lucky us got one in Pavilion now! English Breakfast* =) Iced Chocolate* Slices Beef Sandwiches* Rm17.00Lovely delicious Sandwich! everything make fresh in front of you..Seed Bun* Rm3.50.If you choose to dine in they will cut it in Pisces served with the gorgeous amount of butter, look at that!! love it!! i love the ambiance, so relaxing.. Chocolate Almond* Rm5.00 To end my wonderful breakfast here with the crunchy choco-licious Almond =)All the way to the crocodile farm.. Rm15 per entry.Bujang Kawi.. got no teeth and don't like to mix around!! aww lonely u.. weird mouth Hungry ke?! Feeding time!! All hungry!! look fierce~ See this red cutie to accompany us for one whole day, shh we lie them that we got motorbike licences hahax!! and Mr.B chase this motorbike around thats the most funny history to langkawi!!Last Night* Water Festival Firework!! Bye Bye... Last day for us too..Although we have limited budget, limited cloth but yet we have lots of fun in langkawi.. we did lots of amazing stuff together i guess that's the best trip i ever have. That's better then you staying in the expensive hotel following ur parents here and there, to us all about walking!! not the distand but just the feeling of spending time to each other get closer to the place =) [...]



Dear All beloved Readers & Flogger, sorry for i got no any update. Cause I'm Backpacker trip now!! Hanging around.. Before this we went Langkawi, and now I'm in one of the lousy saga game store in Penang, tomorrow we heading down to ipoh!! please stay tune for more!! I'm pretty sorry for the late!! =) Have Fun.. And do wish mii luck, cos i only have limited budget and limited outwear!!
Gichi Meow,
Jas =)

Outback SteakHouse @ Bukit Bintang


Always tot that memories will make thing stronger, but yet i realise memories sound nothing while things goes wrong. Try hard to explain, while that will never end, i guess action will prove everything..thanks god for sending a friend who trust mii so so much, even the whole world doesn't pay a trust on mii but you do.. that's more than enough!! Its alright... =) ok stop the recent updated, went Outback for my dinner while lazy to drive home in the jam session.. that's the points i hate KL so so much although I'm not the one who drive!

(image) Outback!!

(image) Aussie Cheese Fried* Rm16.95
I'm going for the Aussie fried!! topped with cheddar cheese and beacon~ slurp!

(image) Aussie Chicken Tender* Rm21.95

Chicken tender hand breaded, slowly deep fried till golden brown, served with Aussie fried slurp! love it! served big portion~

Sorry for i got no time to update!! stay tune for more! Cheers!

Jom Bali @ Tesco, Puchong


*Muahaha* Dah bosan kat Japanese post?! Let's Bali... Kopi O & Lemon tea*.They gave mii brown sugar to replace honey cause they got no honey! eww.. Nasi Lemak Ayam*.sis heart this!! for mii i'm not really into the chicken curry favour.. but i heart the sambal alot!! Nasi LEmak kampung*Actually what's the difference between nasi lemak and nasi lemak kampung while the sambal tastes exactly the same?! the ayam is slow grill till perfection.. juicy chicken come come!! .Toast Bread Special*.Look cute?! A rack of white bread whipped with garlic butter topped with a slice of ham and half boil egg.. aww tasted great!! =) .Poke*[...]

Sushi Station @ Sg.Wang


Tutu... Tu...~ Japanese Food Rock!! see Japanese food again, YES again.. i craving for it now too.. SLurp!! Be honest i'm don't really like sg. wang, the terror traffic jam, the people, the place.. sometime i'm real sick about KL.. Yet got lots of cheap and nice stuff,whatever you can list out they have it too.. LV? COACH? no problem... AAA class summore! hahax.. anyway support original la pls!! Hungry.. let's be back to my post, I guess Sushi Station is one of the Japanese restaurant been open for age ago right? i pay my very first visit here!! weee.. See this is the first Japanese restaurant wif Tutu Train... blek (Silent: i spoil the train by stop them for a snap, Sorry..shhh) Coming!!! Hand Back...!!.High Speed Train... Tuuuuuuuuuuu~ Cute? actually both of this sushi in 2 difference seiz, called mama baby sushi plate =) Cheng Cheng!! look at the adorable cutie!! they're real creative, came in 6 mini sushi.. cute can? Tori Ju Set* Rm8.80.Love the Crispy golden brown chicken pieces.. slurp!! Tomyam Ramen* Rm10.80Mine mine mine!! wee.. 4.5 start out of 5 star for the spicy rating!! PEDAS GILE.. too bad i don't lik their ramen!! is MAggie!!! hell soggy, but i enjoyed the crazee spicy soup! a must to try!!Blue* Rm2.20Yellow* Rm6.60Red* Rm4.00...Sushi Station.The Rooftop 6Th Floor, Sg Wang.Tel: 03-21489898[...]

Sakae Sushi @ Sunway Pyramid


Deeply sorry for the late updated!! Got no time for online recently!! Next month i'll be working in The Garden, for a brand which call Laura Merceir..!! Yea this month i ate lots of japanese food!! ALOT.. Well shame mii, this is the very first time i visit Sakae Sushi.. and i found that i can order Kids meal here!! WohoOooOooo.. GREAT right?! Tutu Train Price*Favourite!!! with Cheeeeeese =) Katsu again.. the triyaki sauce is nice but i found the chiken got kind of weird smell..Cheng Cheng!! My Kids meal!! =) In love!! see.. serve in the adorable aroplane~2 stick of teriyaki chicken! Sushi~ More Sushi~ Vitagen is included as well!! =).Sakae Sushi.Sunway Pyramid, Selangor (603-5622 1445)[...]

Sushi King @ Time Square


Guess Eveyone been Sushi King right? well that's a Crap!! Sushi King is the top Express japanese restaurant before Zanmai Squeeze out!! hahax.. yet.. i seldom drop by Sushi King since age ago.. found nothing special about the menu or ingrediens.. =) *Ah Hem* bunch of us crave for sushi yet we lazy to walk out of T.S so just cincai makan je la~~ hahax! Fried Golden Ball* Rm4.00 Ebiko?! Salmon Skin Roll* Rm3.00 (Buy one Free one)Squid!!! eeee~ Spicy Tuna Roll* Rm3.00Found this quite colourful... but this Spicy tuna roll served real SMALL... yet cute! Sushi Burger!! Special right?! hahax!! something new from the menu!! nothing special but just cute can?! hahax!! Sofy Shell Crab Roll* Slurp!! joe never give a chance for mii to get close of his crab roll! sob!I found that i'm bored with sushi king or Genki sushi!! the menu is bored!! even with their new item still the same thing.. oh i think they should squeeze hard on the creativity!! I'm Bored with U sushi King!! =) [...]

Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid (Revisited)


I'm Back!!! Gosh i guess i had enough being a lazy worm, i should stop rolling around since i just quit my job!! ohlalala!! Deeply sorry for i'm leaked out of updated recently!! muaxx!! I'm Back!! Do you agree that human are weird? while you're working you crave for a long holiday, while you're in holiday you felt bored and wanna get back to work?! =D I'm one of the FREAK! Ok, Mom treated 3 of the gichi meow for dinner why not? mii, sis, Mr.B and mii.. for sure I'm the one who choose what to eat!!! hehex~ Otopus!! Tonight just not our night for Zanmai, we darn disappointed with all the food they served!! uncounted tutu train sushi.. anything from the menu is bad!! Mom: *shake head hard*. Katsu with Udon*.Omg!! is Darn oily!!! every bite of it you'll say eee so oily!! i just ate 3pices..sigh?!. Slurp*Favourite?!.well this is what i found standard and no comment~Soft Shell Crab*.Purposely Ordered this for Mr.B and Mom since last visited we found its tasted good, turn out plate of oily and cold soft shell crab.. taste an offensive smell!! Capital B for Bad.. Calpis Match* Rm8.80Sista order the same drinks as dessert, love the creamy pearly wihte cream.. look so comfy! lol Macha Parfait* Rm 12.00.Favourite!!! hmm i love my cup of Macha Parfait!! lower layer with scope of macha ice cream, with the thick layer of red bean paste, Corn flakes.. omg i finish the whole cup without sharing with anyone of them! hahax!!Sushi ZanmaiLt 0B2-F1,Sunway Pyramid shopping Center46150 PJ. selangor.Tel: 03-74923080 [...]

Bar B.Q. Plaza @ Sunway Pyramid


Godness I'm hell happy for I'm no longer meeting my dearest Mr.Freedom!! *Jumping High* Around March or April i wouldn't update my post often, might be like a busy bee, forgive mii that I'm leaking out of update!! xoxo.. Remember a short shory in secondary called the road not taken, life is full of choices.. where to study, where to work, where to eat.. Make the right decision for no regret!! Cheers* Okey.. Come back Come back.. Where to eat?! Slow down our foot step in front of BBQ plaza plasma tv for the funny advertisement.. hahax.. and so get attracted into here for dinner =) Chili Padi, Lime, Garlic* Mix them with their special sauce* .A must to have it all the time to accompany with you delicious meat~ .Heat it* Pork Fats*Pork fats as cooking oil, argg i just don't like it!! got kind of weird smell!! argg~. Garlic Rice* Rm1.50.Doesn't Tasted good as the previous visit, bowl of tasteless cold garlic rice *disappointed*Supreme Mixed* Rm31.90.Mr.B want beef i wan pork and both want seafood!! so we got for these set, i guess is enough for both of us everything just right to fit into out poor belly~ SLurp! .Look at the tidy slide porkies and beef~ Ready to eat?! so tender can?!Potato Shrimp* Rm8.90.A must for the greedy Mr.B and Mrs.B to order side dish~ aww the potato fully wrapped with the shrimp!! simple but its just delicious! yammm~ Gyoza* Rm6.00.Not Enough still? Go for another side dish then~ All time lover Gyoza!! this turn mii down, waited for 45mins and kept telling us Coming Coming.. hell them but while served its COLD!! Pissing off!!.Bar B. Q. Plaza.Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center.Tel: 03- 7492 3121Fax: 03- 7492.3122Da Wheel of HappinessBought Up To Share[...]

Edo Jo Japanese Restaurant @ Sri Hatamas


Gosh.. a bad news for myself of changing all my plan for next month, pretty upset about that hopefully what i do is worth it and pray hard for my right decision. Scroll through my phone most of my friend been leaving to oversea for further study, i miss all of you dude!! Now is my turn for my dearest friend Yauw!! We knew each other through Gunbound, and we get into the same college.. now.. he leaving to Aussie.. Farewell dinner for him at Edo Jo *sob sob* Edo Jo* Lots of sake*So Japanese rite? Tempura Moriawase* Rm22.00.the menu full of Japanese word, no idea what to order cause only yauw know Japanese so he suggest to order tempura for share.. aww i love the big portion tempura, with squid, pumpkin, prawn, eggplant, sweet potato, cod fish...etc!! so far this the satisfy tempura i had.. the price is reasonable for the serving! =) Saba Shioyaki* Rm26.00.Dearest Yauw go for this, with additional Rm6.00 you can upgrade to set, came wif salad, rice, miso soup & Fruits !! What a worth~ =) they Choosy yauw never complain anything about this.. Grilled perfection salmon!! not fishy at all.. pretty good! Pork Mayonnise Set* Rm22.00.My set my set!! Omg the i heart the tender slide pork so juicy!! i heart my plate of gravy pork mayo!! slurp!.Wafu Oroshi Steak Set* Rm35.00.Mua Mr.B set, eww i tried the beef is real great i guess is medium cooked, insider layer look so pinky!! Slurp!! Mr.b finish up whole set of this!!Green Tea Ice Cream with red bean* Rm10.00 .Without red bean Rm8.00, found this scope of nothing special ice cream is pricey, and wif a small spoon of red bean paste cost Rm2.00.. not worth it. Hope they do something about it! The Dearest babe (look at his eye!! haha), anyone know him?! This Meow Meow dad Own Mont Kiara Soho shopping center and Jogoya.. hell him i should get the Vip card for from him!! i miss you boy!! be back asap!! i knew Aussie Gal 'Air Bag' is better than Malaysia Gal.. But Drive safe with your 'ABS' ya! XD. 3 of us for the last dinner!! ='( muaxx babe boi!!!.Edo Jo Japanese Restaurant9, Jln 22A/70ADesa Sri Hatamas,50480 Kl.Tel: 03-6201 8212Email:[...]

Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid


Feeling mush more better today, i guess everything stand for a price and also a solution no matter what's going on paste the sunny smile on your face telling yourself that nothing better then i have this experience right now so Cheers =) Recently mii and Mr.B dropped into Japanese craving.. we crave for it most of the time. Well just because of the Astro on the month sushi show 'wo mei nong cheng' .. Wanted to dine in Zanmai yet he said he want Zen.. ok la ok la you boss you decide *Boxx Boxx* Maki Spicy Salmon* Rm12.00.I'm going for something light and filling.. not bad tasted good. The simple and delicious combination =) Tenjyu* Rm28.00.Mr.B go for tempura rice, Mr.B doesn't happy with the poor serving with the pricey price, tempura came with 1 prawn, and some vege.. nothing special about that yet cost Rm28.00.. i can see that he not really happy with that. Yet he just eat the prawn and left over a side.. i guess they can do so much better then that right?! *not worth it* Pickle* Free Dessert*.Attention to all the ladies!! Every Wednesday is a ladies day to Zen too, free plate of dessert just for ladies.. =) match ice cream? aww its nice! i love it! Ice Cream Ykimi Daifuku* Rm6.00.Aww i heart this too, the mochi finely wrap with the pearly white vanilla ice cream, i enjoy every bite of them! =)Zen Japanese RestaurantOB2-F-U2, Oasis Boulevard 2,Sunway Pyramid.Tel: 03- 7492 4922 [...]

Riblees @ Sri Hatamas


I'm real upset for what's popping now these day, trying hard to pay my effort for more not for the brilliantly feed back.. but why thing always goes wrong while i think its gonna be smooth?! so much of unexpected. I'm so upset about that, Try to be understanding while there's lots of stress surrounding you.. bewared hurting someone with your awful word. Let's get out of that, this post almost been a month still i got no time to post it up!! so sorry.. lucky mii still make it before end of this poor february =) Happies Belated Aunt Jenny (Bubu mummy). Actually i'm not so much either her mum love ribs or not but i'm the one who craving for ribs so jus ask Mr.B to bring us here for the very first try.. Riblees its a place i notice since last year.. Roast Pork Salad* Rm19.95.Siu yoke?! yes! definitely it is~ love the crispy layer!! yet the roast pork got a kind of weird smell, raw pork smell! i don't like it! and the combination is weird!!! green salad with roast pork and vinegar.. U.S Baby Back Ribs* Rm28.80 (Not available in menu yet).Baby back ribs! aww they do better then i expected =) Grill till perfection, good job for the marinated, served in a wooden plate and lots of curly fried not to forget the fabulous finger licking good barbecue sauces~ Delicious!. Texas Style ribs* Rm36.80.The Ribless's owner introduce Mr.B something yet in menu too.. Texas Style? For mii its more to like Mexican style! ribs fully cover up with the gorgeous portion of sauce topped with lots of bean bean, onion ring & sour cream, it's good.. yet all of us cant finish it! the portion just to big for us! .Cheezy chicken* Rm22.95Mr.B Bro go for Chicken.. i tried! tasted good too!! they really work hard on their sauces!Organo Roast Lamb* Rm36.80.Mum go for Roast Lamb, too bad i heard she complain that part of it is burnt and and the lamb doesn't tasted fresh.. well don't have to ask for sure the mutton smell darn heavy!! *Run*Choc Mud Cake* Rm12.80Nit much Dessert selection, just got for the simple one.. aww so choco-licious! actually i guess they over bake so turn up live Brownies wif vanilla ice cream.. =) its ok still tasted good! we clear for it! Happy Birthday to U!Happy Birthday to U!Happy Birthday to Anut Jenny!!Happy birthday to U!!.Sorry that we didn't sing any birthday song to you, cos Mr.B said they never sing any birthday song to you before!! sorry! hope you have a nice time during this birthday celebration.. simple yet that's show lots of love ya! =) xoxoRIBLESS*.41-1 Jln 23/70A Desa Sri HatamasTel: 03-62010180[...]

William IV @ Taman Mayang


Sorry for the late post!! I'm deeply sorry that i'm busy for the Ipoh reviewed and i forgot about the Freelance Annual Dinner post!! Forgive mii~ As what i promise we went William for annual dinner, Lessly who one of the Freelance team member tot we going to some place nice for dinner, okey he dress up darn nice, Green polo tee, long jeans, sport shoes and red skarf.. we non stop laughing at him!! and he stunt immediately... complain that we fool him around, end up he turn his voice down showing his Thumb up =) Let's go~ Premesen chicken* Rm15.00 (Special noodle).My all time favour!! look at the wonderful mouth watering sauces~ =) Triple-H* Rm8.00.The wanted sandwich came in 3 layer, each layer fill with chicken chunks, ham and cheese. Dressing up with pan fried egg!! And not to forget swipe the thousand island sauce & mayo before you send every bite of the melting cheesy Triple H into your mouth! Mmmmm! Roti Hawaii Soft Shell Crab*Wanted Roti Hawaii Soft Shell crab too, first time trying out this all of us is so crazee about it!! every bite you can tasted the crunchy soft shell crab!! delicious, that's nothing difference from Murni Hawaii but just they additional soft shell crab!! Omg.. i'm in love!! Carbonara*Heard about their Famous Carbonara, came with a huge portion.. That's so CREAMY & so CHEESY!! Too bad my taste bud gone bored while i eating too much of carbonara.. thumbz up! cheesy fans? Order this while u're in William! =) Seafood Risotto* Rm30.00.Nothing to complain about this, i order this most of the time I'm here.. Lessly & Mr.B!! Cute gile.. look at both of the funny-licious face! [...]

D Vine Cafe @ Ipoh


Promise that this is my very last post for ipoh reviewed.. guess you all bored of my food stall post.. The only cafe i visited in Ipoh, i found ipoh is quite bored, other then Jusco, Giant or Parkson there's no where else for mii to shop!! oh lala now i know how much i love KL! =) let's have a look on my post now~ Strawberry smoothies* Rm9.80.Nothing special, yet is a bit too sweet for my taste bud... Fresh Garden Salad*. Grill Australian Dory* Rm15.80.fillet dory fish on bed of Spanish and topped with cold lemon butter sauce and serve with roast potato.. the fish fresh.. yet the lemon butter just right to go with dory fish.. not bad...D Vine Cafe.3, Tingkat Tmn Ipoh 7Tmn Ipoh Selatan31400 Ipoh.Tel: 05- 548 8446.[...]

Phun Zhan @ Bidor


I knew everyone is bored of my ipoh reviewed.. so sorry for that promise one more post to end my ipoh food reviewed!! stay tune!! so much more to bring up on next.. Thx for all the concern comment, I'm getting better now.. this month I'm going to be the very last month busy bee and i will move on to the relaxing pages... =) get back to my post, 6th day of CNY also a day for all of us to get back to KL... Aloha KL~ so early in the morning we got out ass up for breakfast... near by Gopeng.. for the famous Laksa & Curry mee... Unfortunately early bird deserve better, HABIS!!!... left lou shu fun~ no choices..Toast Bread*.The Crispy texture toast bread go with the perfect partner kaya & butter!! Yammm~ Side Dish*Tasted like Indians snack, tasted cold and weird.. not for my liking. Side honest those fish cake is wonderful!! smooth and springy!! heart it alot!. Lou Shu fun with black sauce, not too salty the tasted is just right..We left with the full belly, around half and hour drive the greedy mii asked Mr.B to stop by Bidor for lunch!! i knew all of them is lazy to get down from the car but!! i miss Phun Zhan alot!! remember last time mom used to drop by here for biscuits and snack!! =) here we go~ . Famous Wantan Mee* (chicken & Mushroom). Both of us share a plate of Char Siu Wantan mee, the noodle absolutely chewy and not soggy at all!! and the char siu taste good yet i found the colouring is abit too over =).Extra Wanta.. .For mii to Phun Zhan a must to buy is Siu Pau and Wu Kok!! i'm so in love with the Siu pao!! since i was young *ahhem*.Siu Pao Sold out so disappointed about that! look at those cutie wu kok look so cute, make fresh everyday!! come earlier~. Heat Baby Heat!! I'm not Wu kok Lover... So i can't comment about it! =).Recently i'm real busy for the cinema, Mr.B so crave for movie watch most of the movie yet we're waiting for step up2, red line and so on... and my friend told mii he watched Red Line DVD 2 month back, omg~ why nowadays Pasar Malam DVD so in? HAHA![...]

Food Street @ Ipoh


Thanks for all the concern i feeling better today, yet I'm MC yesterday!! sigh get sounded by my director sad.. i'm sick badly why can't i MC peacefully? Rest real well at home.. i hope can get well soon!! =) Few more post to end my ipoh reviewed.. This post is in 5th day of CNY, we went a food street near sam tet boy school for dinner.. a place my parents used to bought us here too, change alot, got more food stall now! Ice Kacang wif Ice Cream*.The bowl of ice kacang with huge scope of Vanilla ice cream yet is quite lack out of gula melacca.. no doubt just rise up your hand and ask for more =) Kat Zai shun mui* (KAO) Rojak*.Am not really happy with the black sauce, taste weird can easily taste the 'kicap pekat'..Hoo Hee*.Special name right? yeap in Ipoh They call cheng tong as Ho hee..Horrible Laksa*.Totally tasted like hot water with pouring in a bottle of chili sauce.. omg this is the most horrible laksa i ever taste! Sotong Kanggung*.i doesn't give a bite on it cause i still prefer the black sauce sotong kanggung! =) Sweet & Sour Crab* Rm54.00 ( 2 crab).Mr.B and mii Decided to go for crab, they don't served steamed bun but toast bread.. sigh the crab tasted salty turn the fresh crab meat down! pretty disappointed!!This month got only 29days! yahoo!! happies birthday to all the 29Th February baby!! i wish i birth a baby on this date too so i will save lots of cash down!! =)[...]