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The Un-Electable Candidate


John McCain is not eligible to be elected to the Office of the President!He can continue running, so long as he doesn't get elected, and thus, he should be removed from all final ballots, as a vote to put him in office wouldn't be legal. In fact all media outlets that have not done their research (of course) and not spread this fact to the world, should be charged with high treason and subversion

I Voted! Did You?


Well, I voted for Ron Paul! I hope you did!BIOHAZARD!

Power Your Car With Water!


Hydrogen Generation 101Simple techniques of generating hydrogen for use in vehicles, lawn/construction equipment, and anything else that runs on petro-based fuels are becoming more and more common. You can Google hydrogen generator and find just about anything. We at Biohazard - have dedicated an entire page to the production thereof.GO HERE!“There is more stupidity than hydrogen in

Ron Paul in lead on Alexa Traffic Rank


Join the Ron Paul Revolution!

MSNBC and MySpace Caught Not Allowing the RON PAUL Message to be Heard


You really must see this to believe it, before they take it away too...MSNBC was caught manipulating the polls to make sure that Ron Paul doesn't get noticed...HEREAnd worse yet, while most of the mainstream media is silencing talk about Ron Paul, MySpace is blocking posts about Ron Paul meetup groups, etc.HERE"DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THAT WE ARE NOT SMARTER THAN THEY? LOL"-Tha

New Videos


Well my internet hasn;t been shut off yet, so I have spent some time compiling a few videos...It all started because I was handing out DVD's that had ZEITGEIST and LOOSE CHANGE 2E on them. There were a few smaller videos that I wanted to include, and I wanted to make an intro. I started playing around, and well, got a little out of hand :)Here are some of the videos I have posted to YouTube, and

The End of the World IV


THE END OF THE WORLD PART FOURWith tomorrow being the 6th anniversary of when our goverment decided to create an illusion of a terrorist attack in order to further their personal agendas, I will be out protesting and handing out pamphlets and flyers in tribute to 911.See for as much information as possible on the 911 MYTH.Print out your own flyers and other resources here

I Don't Believe in Atheists...


Although I myself am not an atheist, many of their questions, philosophies, and beliefs (or lack thereof) are very real and pertinent to our society as a whole. Do we really want to keep our country winding down the path it is going? In this time of "War on Consciousness" where the media floods us with nothing but terror, and our government allows such atrocities to continue, or worse yet, is

The End of the World III


Ok, Part 3 had a lot more in it, but I lost some of my notes. So here’s what I remember and what I have found since I began this edition...Well to start, on the first post of The End of the World I posted a comment about Loose Change (2E), but didn’t get a link out... Well here is the link! And here is a link to The Lone Lantern Society of America, which contains a great deal of links, articles

Public School: Good or Bad?


Ok, just another quick one for today...My daughter is going to the local public school and will be in 3rd grade next year. My wife and I decided to check out the schools website to see when school started. I will admit, the site is organized well, and we quickly found a PDF format calendar right away...The funny thing is, I stumbled across the curriculum, and said sure, why don't I find out if I

The rest of the reunion...


Well, besides the green meat at the grocery store we had a fairly decent time...We sang karaoke and to keep the anonymity of the internet I will say no names. Let's just say that one of my relavtives did the best and/or funniest versions of "Born to be Wild" that I have ever heard. The video is bad quality, and only the last 30 seconds of the song, so just listen to the audio for a good laugh...

Im back online...


Sorry all I have been out for awhile...I have had family in town, and we just got back from out of town. Lots of new stuff to publish, just a few days to get it all together...I must post this though. Ok, quick storyline. We went to a family reunion, it was alright. Pain in the arse because I had a blowout on the 12 hour drive there, so it ended up as 15 hours, but oh well.We get there, and had

Condition Zero Server Projected Downtime!!!


Due to a location change CZERO.BHZRD.COM, Biohazard's Condition Zero server will be unavailable on June 15th, 2007 for the duration of the day. Although we may experience a few hours of uptime, this will ultimately be brief periods of unexpected on-and-offs. This could possibly lead into the 16th, but our anticipation is only a 1 day turn-around.I would not count on, nor can we promise you that

Renaissance Festival


I went to the local Renaissance festival today, and it was alright. Good vendors, and shows, just really small. This being the second year, I hope that they spread out and get larger as the years go on.Here were some of the vendors/musicians:Elven Keep Creations (Incense, Oils, Sarongs, Dreamcathers, Sculptures)Ptolemy's Emporium (Fine Leather Goods, Armor, Arms, Home Decor)The Magick Cauldron

Biohazard Viral Tags


Another version of the ViraLink, is this the ViralTag, which I personally think is better because you get to see a "tag" of where you are to go...Here it is:++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Instructions:1.) Copy and paste the matrix of “ViralTags” below courtesy of There’s a Blog in My Soup!. (And if you really want help growing your website you might consider subscribing to his Full RSS Feed where he

Biohazard Condition Zero Server Hits 25k+


25,000+ unique visitors to CZERO.BHZRD.COM, Biohazard's Condition Zero server, a tremendous accomplishment for the Biohazard team!!!Less than a year after hitting the awesome 10k, we have breached the 25 thousand (+more) mark. Exact number could not be posted now, but will soon be. Although the server has changed IPs too many times, those of you who are hardcore biohazard fans (God I love

Biohazard Czero Server Issues


The Czero server will be up and down today and possibly tomorrow due to RAID issues on the server. For periods of about 5 minutes at a time for the rest of today reboots will occur, and they could fall into tomorrow depending on what problem is found.Always check the Biohazard home page, at for postings about downtimes.You can also check our Server Monitor Page!Biohazard Gaming and

Biohazard Viralink


For the benefit of Spreading the Word of Biohazard, we have instituted the Biohazard Viralink...COPY ALL OF THE BELOW MESSAGE INTO YOUR BLOG OR SITE, AND THEN CHANGE ONE UNUSED STAR INTO A LINK TO YOUR SITE. WHEN PEOPLE COPY IT FROM YOUR SITE, THEN THEY WILL LINK BACK TO YOU!+++++++++++++++++++++++Below is a matrix of 120 stars, I have already added a link to my blog onto one of the stars, all

Biohazard Art


Just some quick samples of the biohazard art that we are working with for new logos, sprays, etc...FULL STORY AT Biohazard : Gaming and More!!! -- HAVE FUN AND WATCH YOUR A$$ --



Just a quick post to something I found odd on someone elses blog...Czarina apparently doesn't believe in the Sitchin books mentioned earlier in this blog, and yet she has a link to an article much similar to the writings of Sitchin himself...Not quite, but still very similar...I'm sure I will get flamed for even saying it, but I'm just wondering why such a statement?Biohazard Gaming and More!!! -

Second Blog of BIOHAZARD

2007-06-06T21:03:07.556-07:00 is now open and available. Please visit either of these sites, as they should mostly mirror each other once fully setup. Myspace and LiveJournal are soon to come too...BIOHAZARD will spread and infect the earth with a ravenous plague sent from Tha Shizat and Lord D3M4N.BIOHAZARD BIOHAZARD BIOHAZARD BIOHAZARD BIOHAZARD BIOHAZARD BIOHAZARD BIOHAZARD BIOHAZARD

Extraterrestrial Human Origins


For years, scholars and the like have asked the question of "Where do we come from?" Many have suggested that the heavens to the ancients was quite literally the stars and planets we see in our sky. And that our creators were no more than an advanced species of alien.Zecharia Sitchin in his series of books entitled The Earth Cronicles is paving the way for this school of thought. Through rigorous

The End of the World II (or, The World Will End In 2012, Are You Ready?)


Ok credit here must be given to Geoff Stray, some could say he is the worlds foremost authority on theories of the world ending in/around the year 2012 C.E. *His website or 2012: Dire Gnosis is constantly updated with new research of his own, and many more authors, with 216 points to date concerning the 2012 conundrum. The main database is located here: http://

The End of the World


Ok, here is the beginning of some of the non-gaming info that will be posted here at Biohazard. After all, if it harms ones body, it is a biological hazard, right?No matter what you believe about prophecies of the End of the World, these videos can downright scare you...They used to be in a single, large format, but now it is broken into 2 parts:

Old Servers, And New


We used to have a Half-Life server running. It had the Hookmod, as does our Czero server. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can bring it back online. Along with some cleanup of our entire website.We would like to set up some other servers of new games that are out there. Comment on this post to let us know what games you would like us to run. Tell us if you know of mods that are out there also.