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For the love of food, lovers of good food and other knick knacks.... (Disclaimer: All comments on food are solely based on my personal preference)

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Pietro Ristorante Italiano, Damansara Heights


What a year 2011 has been! And in a blink of an eye, we are in 2012 now!Fantastic how time flies without us noticing it....Well, I had a good wrap up year end, spending good time and fine meal with a group of entertaining friends..heheMr Chardonnay arranged for us to meet at Pietro, a restaurant the opened its doors not too long ago, to try out it's italian fare.We read some mixed reviews on this place, but decided to try nonetheless, who knows, we might just like it..Started off our meal with some Warm Asparagus salad (RM30)Though this looks simple but it was delish- the warm, young asparagus and the lightly melted shaved parmesan was a great pairing.The Caprese Salad (RM28) was a more popular dish among my friends..Fresh, sweet tomatoes neatly arranged with thick cuts of bufallo mozarella, a sprinkling of chopped basil and kalamata olives. A good combination that I cant complain.The Salmone Pasta (RM32) did not take that long to reach..Creamy al-dente pasta with generous amount of smoke salmon and a dollop of lumpfish caviar. This was scrumptious, I was glad the sauce was not too thick and enveloped the fettucine perfectly.The D'antara Pasta (RM33) was not so popular..Though the penne was cooked al-dente, the sauce was a mixed of tomatoes yet sligthly sweetish, which some find it a mismatch with the slightly salty smoked duck breast slices.  The Lamb Shank (Rm52)This had a better reception..hahaha..the lambshank was fork tender, served with creamy mash and sides of carrots and cucumbers. It was a decent dish.But the Quattro Formaggio pizza (RM32) got my crown for deliciousness for that night..The cheeses was so aromatic (or some may call it pungent :p) that i was salivating just by smelling it. And yes, it did not disappoint at all. The crust was thin, crisp at the edges and the cheese! oh need i say more...the mildly burnt top, the great melting flavours of 4 cheeses (parmesan, mozzarela and i cant recall the other 2 :p) was simply divine!And the restaurant was sweet to prepare something for my BD..tee hee Yummy, fudgy chocolate brownie. Thanks Pietro..We wanted to have other desserts, hence the classic Tiramisu (RM20)I was glad that it's not too sweet, this dessert was satisfying with the cream cheese and the slight kick from coffee liquer.Chardonnay loves the Panna Cotta (RM16)..Smooth, velvety, melt in mouth.. Overall I had a great time dining there, a wonderful was to end 2011 :)Bangunan ECM Libra, Jalan Damansara Endah, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.[...]

Peter Hoe, Jalan Hang Lekir


I first heard of Peter Hoe when my colleague went there. And all I heard was it's expensive, the food was not worth it...Obviously, I didn't have any urge to go there, until recently, when another colleague convinced me to try it.Peter Hoe mainly is a shop that sells house decors. And tucked at the corner of the shop, was a few tables, which I assume was the 'restaurant'.The menu was simple, some daily specials on the board (sans the price) and some cakes and quiches at the counter.There were some choices of pastas, salads and noodles, but my eyes was set on the quiche.The quiche looks fresh, thick and yummy. There were a few types to choose from..SL has the Tomato and Chinese Mushroom quiche with salad (RM25)While I had the Brocolli and carrot quiche (RM25)So it may seem pricey, but the quiche was  huge, thick, yet fluffy in texture and extremely creamy. Both tasted fantastic, mine was filled with lots of shredded carrots, balancing the eggy cheesy filling perfectly. The crust was mostly soft, with bits of crisp at the edges, which I was fine with.SL's mushroom, tomato quiche was equally delish, velvety egg filling and aromatic cheese makes this such a rich meal. Luckily the salad was light and fresh, wonderful pairing with the quiche.I wanted something hot, so I ordered a bowl of mushroom soup (RM16)It's not the thick, filled with cream types, this was more diluted but had loads of chopped fresh mushroom in it. It was quite tasty I must say, but I found it slightly oily.I didnt have that bad of an experience actually. In fact, I rather enjoyed my meal there.So, yes, I would return :).One word of caution though, do ask for the price of your meal before confirming on the order. Peter Hoe is located at 2, Jalan Hang Lekir, 50000 KL. It's located above Popular Bookstore, use the side entrance.[...]

The Khukri, Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin


Nearby my office, there's an area so foreign that I would have thought I'm in another country instead of Malaysia every time I venture over.It looks, sounds and heck, even smells different.. :pIf you are wondering where I'm talking about- it's Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin.But in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, I cant help but noticed a number of nepalese restaurants, tempting me to check it out.It took some time, yet we finally did..We decided on The Khukri as it seems more established compared to the rest (it's been in business for over a decade)..Stepping in, we were the 'foreigners' as its customers was Nepalese working in KL..Ignoring the stares, we took our seats and the waitress was quick to take our order.We started off with a hot pot of Nepalese tea..It tastes like ceylon with a hint of herbs. I find it ok, but some of my friends found it "smelly"John, who didnt want to have rice, decided to order a plate of 'chow mien'.Basically, it's fried noodles with pork and vegetables. Though it look like any typical fried noodles, The Khukri's version was surprisingly lip smacking. The noodles was full of wok hei and filled with garlicky taste. It was so yummy that I felt bad picking on John's portion :pThere's a number of Nepalese lunch set to choose from, which comes with rice, vegetables and a choice of meat..JA chose the Khukurako Masu Ra Bhat (RM8)The set comes in a big metal plate- we get a large serving of rice, nepalese curry chicken, dhal, stir fried spinach and sides of deep fried bitter gourd and potatoes. The curry was quite nice, not as rich as malaysia version, but still good to go with rice. But what got my vote was the vegetables! The greens was simply delicious, though a tad oily, I just love the taste. Wonder what was the secret flavoring it used- so tasty.I ordered a Sadheko Khasi (RM10)I only knew it's nepalese mutton- as the description in the menu was "taste of home specially in nepal".Didnt help much eh?The mutton was tough and gamey, though smothered with thock tomato based sauce with a squeeze of lime juice, I still find it gamey. Yicky.SG had the same set as JA, but he chose Pork curry instead.Here's a shot of the curries..The pork was absolutely fatty! But SG assured us that the meat was tender and tasty.. Some snacks to go with our lunch..Steamed and deep fried momos..The steamed momos were filled with juicy mince pork while the deep fried counterpart was filled with mince mutton. Both were good and provided different texture and flavour. The dipping sauce was tangy, which complemented the momos..And interesting find, we do plan to return to try other stuff in the menu. A note of caution though, if you are in a rush, please dont try this place. It took them quite a while to serve our food even though we were the only customers who ordered at that time.The Khukri is located at 26, First Floor, Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin, KL. Tel: 03-20720663.[...]

Deli Cafe and Bakery, Kota Damansara


We were at the mechanic shop as Bollywood Queen need to get something for her car..While waiting and whiling away our time, I recalled there is a place for bread and drinks around this area..Just not sure where and what it's called..But no harm asking right? So I tried my best to describe to taukay's wife...Toast bread, kaya? Erm, name of place starts with D?Oh, that's just behind our shop!Man, am I lucky or what? hahaha..should have bought lottery ;pAnd so we went to the back- it's passed lunch time but still packed with customers..We were not keen on any of the nasi goreng/ lemak/ mee goreng etc..Just wanted a drink and bread.Since they bake their own hainanese bread, we ordered a steamed and toasted kaya butter bread.The wait was not long...Steamed bread with kaya and butter..Super piping hot, it was hard to hold and to take a bite. The bread was soft, yet had a lovely chewy, springy texture to it, giving a more solid feel to the bread rather than the usual airy types.  The kaya was creamy and smooth, the amount was just right to go with the bread. Yummeh!The toasted bread was served soon after..Browned toast with a nice thick cut of butter. I likey :). The toast had a light crisp exterior and charred flavour. Bread texture was lighter compared to its steamed counterpart, yet still lovely to sink my teeth into. Though I am usually partial to toasted bread, Deli Cafe's steamed version was simply delish and a notch up the crisp brother (my preference la!).Definitely coming back to try the round kaya butter buns on my next visit :)Deli Cafe and Bakery is located at 57-G, Jalan Sepah Puteri 5/1B, PJU 5, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.[...]

Es Teler 77 Juara Indonesia, Central Market


I noticed Es Teler 77 when I was over at Central Market a couple of months back. Though I kept reminding myself to try in soon, I never had the time, and when I did, none of my friends were keen to try.And finally recently, the stars aligned and I went! :pUnlike the usual Penyet restaurants, Es Teler 77 actually serves non-penyet meals..similar to Bumbu Desa, but in a fast food setting..With surprisingly rather large selection of food- we only managed to order 2 mains, since the portion does seem huge.Some Jus Apukat(RM7.80) to quench my thirst..Different from what I expected- this blended avocado juice was laced with gula melaka, instead of chocolate. I'm fine with that combo if they didnt add in coconut milk/ cream too. The strong coconut flavour totally enveloped avocado's light taste and texture. It felt like I was slurping creamy, blended cendol..Paket Ikan Goreng (RM11.90 or RM12.90..cant recall :p)...The 'paket', if you're wondering, refers to the rice- akin to nasi lemak, with tiny fried anchovies premixed into it. The fish was slightly overfried- the meat was a tad dry. The good thing was, the dish was freshly cooked- we could hear them deep frying the fish..hahaha. The sambal was mild and the kicap was plain. A waste.The Nasi Jelimet..A generous amount of rice served with barbequed chicken, sweetish gulai and an extremely thin omelette. The gulai was too sweet and santan-y, and the chicken was dry at some parts (some section was ok). Overall experience was just average, no wow factor. Am not in a rush to return to try other stuff on the menu...Es Teler 77 Juara Indonesia is located at Kasturi Walk, Pasar Seni, KL.[...]

The Warehouse Cafe Art, Jalan Tun HS Lee


With the rising popularity of online deals, we do get a myriad of choices of deals, one of them, F&B. That's how I got to know about Cafe Art, which was having an online deal recently- my friend bought a few coupons to be redeemed there.Cafe Art is located in The Warehouse, an art gallery. The same establishment houses Ril's at the first floor, a steakhouse which only opens for dining.Located at an old area of town, the gallery is a breath of fresh air to this side of town, not looking odd at all..It's well lighted, splashed with colourful art pieces adorning the walls, emanating a cheery mood.Cafe Art serves very simple meal- a choice of coffee/ smoothies/ juices/ tea, yoghurt (wth fruits and muesli) and sandwiches.For our sandwiches, we had a few types of meat to choose from- chicken, roast beef, tuna, turkey ham etc.Can you tell which is chicken breast, tuna and beef? We could not at first glance too. I actually thought there's some difference in the sandwiches that we ordered, but I guess not.The amount of fresh vegetables was commendable, but the side of salad looks exactly like those on the sandwich... So, how was the sandwich? I had the roasted beef- it was tough and extremely chewy. The meat was bland and to top it off, the bread was hard and dry. I did not like my order.Those who ordered chicken breast was served with chicken sausage and ham instead. Only ok customer was those who ordered tuna.Our meal includes a cup of Illy Americano....Overall, it was not a satisfactory meal, I definitely will Not be returning. I went upstairs to have a peek at Ril's...No wonder it's not opened for lunch- this place was absolutely scorching! It felt like we were in a furnace, we ran down quickly..And while we were preparing to leave, the manager enquired about our meal. I honestly shared with her my experience on the tough roast beef, hoping that they will take note to improve. However, my hopes was quickly doused, instead of acknowledging and to improve in future, she just thought I had a tired old cow. It's not funny at all in such situation.The Warehouse Gallery Cafe is located at 198 Jalan Tun HS Lee, 50000 KL.[...]

Restoran Bak Kut Teh Gabtron, Batu Caves


It has been ages since I've met Vincent, maybe almost a year?And when we finally arranged for breakfast and Vincent was to suggest a place, it was immediately Bak Kut Teh..hahaha how can I forget Vince who's a huge fan of it?Since he's the BKT enthusiast, we got him to suggest..And that's how we ended up at Restoran Bak Kut Teh Gabtron..Yeah, funny name huh? When I asked Vincent the name of the BKT place, he says it's simply called "Restoran Bak Kut Teh". But upon a closer look at the signage, "Gabtron" was squeezed at a tiny end of the signboard..hahahaI was told that this place was opened by the grand daughter of the famed "under the bridge" BKT in Klang, which means expect minimal 'extra' ingredients in the BKT..So we gave our orders and a few minutes later..Piping hot, smells excellent..When we were told it's served with just mainly 'bak' (meat), they were not joking..There's no extra condiments like mushrooms, beancurd, bits of veg..heck, there's only 1 type of innards, ie, intestines. And no, there's no yau zhar kwai (fried crullers) too. We felt a void...But we recovered quickly..hehe..So, what's left? It's for us to savour the meat, meat, meat and soup!The verdict? We were there early (before 9 am) and the soup was already thick and sticky (from the gelatine and fat of the porky pork). It's dark based soup, herbally taste was evident and was satisfying to sip it down. The meat- we had different cuts, mainly was quite tender but still gave a nice bite to it. Overall a tasty experience, and yes, other than Klang, there's still some scrumptious BKT out there....Restoran Bak Kut Teh Gabtron is located at 15 Jalan Sj 1, Taman Selayang Jaya, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.[...]

The Coffee Bar, TTDI


WF told me of Coffee Bar recently, her boss told her of the place, purportedly good for coffee and nasi lemak bungkus. But her boss has iffy taste, we were not too certain if we should try. Then again, she went there based on a recommendation of a customer, so maybe the customer's taste was better.hehehe.Finally popped by on a Sunday morning, very quiet, we were the only customer for the morning. Though it's forte is coffee, none of us seemed to crave for coffee, and settled for teh tarik and milocinno instead..Teh tarik was fine, not too sweet..The Milocinno has very little hint of coffee, it was predominantly milo. Nothing fancy nor surprising.We wanted to try the nasi lemak bungkus, but was told that the first batch was fully sold off, we would need to wait as they were still cooking the second batch.So, we agreed to wait and while waiting, we were recommended to try the Chicken Curry Laksa (RM7.50)Generously filled with shredded chicken, see ham, tau pok and beancurd, it does look inviting. However, taste wise was mediocre, the curry was not fragrant and had the 'powdery' feel to it.Finally, we got the piping hot nasi lemak bungkus (RM1.60)A rather small portion, I was immediately disappointed with the lack of banana leaf with the nasi lemak. I always prefer my nasi lemak bungkus wrapped in banana leaf- the aroma of the leaf permeated into the hot, steamed rice further enhancing the overall nasi lemak experience. The rice itself was ok, the santan's fragrant, slightly wet (i prefer dryer, distinguishable grain type). The sambal was chinese sambal type, with a lot of onions. The accompanying peanuts and fried ikan bilis was undeniably fresh, gives a nice texture to the nasi lemak. The Coffee Bar's Address located at 35, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur. They also offer western fare, cakes and pastries.[...]

Bistro a Table, Petaling Jaya


As stated in my previous post, I would like to share an unfortunate food incident that occurred a few weeks ago.. Left quite an impression, I must say..It was Chardonnay's belated BD dinner, and we decided that Bistro a Table seemed a perfect choice- cozy, tucked at a quite area, great for catching up..This place has been popular in recent months, with many raving reviews, we thought this would serve a good venue for dinner.Serving french cuisine, we started off the meal with some baked escargot in horny goat weed(RM24)..Prepared ala mini pie, the pastry was fragrant and the escargot was of firm texture. The weed (herb) was rather light, I cant really taste it except for the olive oil and salt..Decided to have a side of truffle mash (RM12)This was delicious! The mash was velvety smooth, with aromatic truffle oil lingering after a mouthful. We were told a lot of effort was put in this mash- the potatoes were not boiled (no H2O involved), it was roasted, then hand mashed and slow mixing of cream and truffle oil. BD boy had the Lamb Rack (RM85)Juicy and pink on the inside, we all agreed that the lamb was cooked well. But there was no surprise to the palatte, the sauce tasted familiar per other western fare.MC had the NZ King Salmon (RM58)This was quite an eleborate main compared to ours, the salmon was wrapped in baking paper ala calzone shape, it was cut open before us..then a small sauce pan of champagne sauce was poured over it and topped with a spoonful of herbs. The salmon was fresh and sweet, the sauce not too rich, complemented the fish nicely.WM and I decided to go for the Rabbit Stew (RM58)The rabbit, which was cooked in red wine, came out rather coarse in texture. The sauce, Chardonnay commented, was too sour. I find the sauce ok, akin to the sauce for coq au vin. The potatoes cooked with duck fat was yummy though.Desserts were Gauva Tart Tatin (RM19)The warm tart was served with balsamic ice cream, which paired well in terms of texture and flavours. I liked it though it had mixed feelings from the rest.Chocolate Fondant (RM18)A safe and hard to go wrong choice, the cake was moist and slight crisp on the outside while the chocolate lava was thick and slightly bitter. Enjoyable.Hmm, things sound find, right? So, what was the dreaded incident?At 430am, I woke up with a start and started a series of severe vomiting and purging. It was horrendous and I was also worried that my friends suffered the same. Two were find, while Chardonnay, who ate a portion of my main, suffered light diarrhea. Yes, we pinpointed the source- it was definitely the dreaded rabbit.And my food poisoning developed into a traveller diarrhea, which took me almost 2 weeks to recuperate. So, would I return? I really dont know. It was also unfortunate that we were seated near the kitchen, we could hear the chef screaming at her staff- rather disturbing for us. She came out a few times, looking angsty and sulky, maybe she had a bad day. I'm not sure. Bistro a Table is located at No 6, Jalan 17/54, 46400 Petaling Jaya. Tel 03-79312831. Reservations recommended.[...]

Restoran Kuala Lipis Noodles, Sunwaymas


Aaahhh, finally I can muster some energy to write....hahahaOk, being a drama queen here- guess I was darn lazy after a bout of food poisoning and now still on antibiotics, to start blogging again.I shall share that disastrous makan experience in another post, for today, it shall be a simple, short and sweet post.I once got a comment from a friend, saying that I only write about makan places near where I'm staying. But hey, if the food is nice, even if it's just a stone's throw away from my home, I should share right?So after that statement, I held on to this place- didnt want to share since it's ' close to home ' and potentially very boring.Yet, I do enjoy it's food and I feel my other readers would really appreciate this... :pOpened a couple of months back, Restoran Kuala Lipis Noodles serves very basic stuff- home made noodles, roast pork, char siew and poached chicken. Oh, you can have it with rice too. We were told that their home made noodles was without alkaline and a must try.Comes only in dry version, the noodles looks like a cross between laksa and egg noodles..Topped with a concoction of mince meat paste, give the noodles a good toss and....wait....Forgotten about the 'special' sambal...We were supposed to mix a generous amount into the noodles to make sure it's tasty..I took a bite pre-sambal, the noodles was firm with a slight chewy texture, the mince was fragrant, enveloping the noodles lightly. Adding in the sambal changes the taste of the noodles quite drastically- it's not as spicy as it looks, I could taste some sweetness and flavour of tomato, making this a ' sweet and spicy ' noodles.We ordered a mix platter of char siew and roast pork..The char siew was average, the meat was firm, solid, cut into thin slices. It's not melt in mouth type, this was old school char siew I used to eat in kampung when I was a child. The sauce was too sticky-sweet to my liking. Anyway,char siew was the side kick.The bomb was actually the roasted pork!I was taken by surprise- the roasted pork was served warm, the fat was melting when you take a bite, the skin was crackling goodness that matched fantastically with the juicy layered pork. Every mouthful was bliss, I can finally stop hankering for the famous roasted pork in Pudu. This was on par. (and the people running it are way friendlier!)Am definitely returning for the roasted pork, once the germs in my stomach clears! Cant wait :)Restoran Kuala Lipis Noodles is located 26-1, Block B, Jalan PJU 1/3B, Sunwaymas Commercial Center, 47301 PJ. Oh do note, they are only open for breakfast until tea time if I'm not wrong. Roast pork are served much later, 11am or 12noon.[...]

Happy Meal, Jalan Tun H S Lee


I'm always a savoury person...:-)What I meant was, when it comes to a person's palate preference, I simply divide the group to 2 kinds- a sweet or a savoury person.Though I enjoy sweet delicacies, but if I had to choose say, something to snack on, my first  choice would always be a savoury one.Yet recently, I've been treated to sweets that I do admit, it's hard to resist :)One such gem can be found at Happy Meal.No, not Ronald's sundae, but a small bakery located at Jalan Tun H S Lee...Though they serve many kinds of cakes, tarts etc, only One caught my eye..The durian cream puffs (RM3)..The cream puff that was filled to almost bursting point with velvety, creamy durian delight..Each bite was such sinful pleasure, the cream was not too sweet, the aromatic durian flavour burst in my mouth the moment I popped one. You can still taste bit of durian fibre in the cream. Come to mama my baby! :D aherm..Ah, I see durian cream puffs and me will be fast friends, for many years to come...If you are around Petaling Street area, do remind to look for this Happy Meal!Happy Meal is located at 143 (right at cross junction), Jalan Tun H S Lee, KL.[...]

Restaurant Betel Leaf, Lebuh Ampang


A change in work location allows me to try many new places recently, thanks to my friendly new colleagues and friends who works near this area.One of the first place that most of them mentioned was Betel Leaf, a place that serves Chettinad cuisine. Lo and behold, I got to visit the place twice in a week...hahaLocated right in the heart of busy, boisterous Lebuh Ampang, Betel Leaf is a popular restaurant, fully packed with patrons by 12:30pm..So if you want to ensure a table, do go early.The menu is extensive here, I've yet to try most of the food there, but here's what I had on a recent visit..Mango Lassi to quench our thirst (RM7)Smooth, rich, thick, slightly sour. Yums.Chettinad Mutton Chukka (RM13)Wonderfully aromatic dish, the mutton was tender.The dish was cooked dry, the taste was slightly sweetish and had a faint tomato flavour.  Gobi Manchurian (RM9) is a must order, on all my visits here (request from different group of friends)Betel Leaf does a slightly different version, the Gobi Manchurian is not heavily tinge with red, it's spiced up with bird's eye chilli and sweet from all the diced onions. Addictive stuff, do order this when you are at Betel Leaf.The Brinjal Masala (RM6) on the other hand, was a very savoury dish..Not the usual purple aubergines we see in the market, these were small green ones. Just the right amount of heat to complement the rest of the dishes.The Fish Curry (RM10) came as a surprise.It just tasted slightly different from the usual ones that we are accustomed to. More sour? An extra something? We, just ordinary souls, could not guess the secret ingredient. MC didnt really fancy it. I actually thought it was interesting and tasty.There's a range of carbs to have the dishes with, we opted for Pudhina Paratha and Garlic Naan..(RM5 each)The mint was rather mild in the Paratha though (my first gripe) Restaurant Betel Leaf is located at 77/79A, Lebuh Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-20325932.[...]

Coconut Grove, Bandar Utama


How's your Raya break so far?
Hope it's been good :)
Weather's been sweltering recently, makes one yearn for a cool drink or dessert, don't you think?
I stumbled upon a dessert place whilst out and about- it was just so hot that we needed a "chilled" break.
No surprise on what they serve here- coconut jelly.
You can have it plain or with toppings suggested in their menu.

There's coconut jelly with green tea jelly (RM5.50)..
The ultra smooth coconut jelly went well with well chilled green tea jelly. The green tea gave a nice aroma and a light bitter after taste which we enjoyed..
For double cooling action (and perhaps smoother skin?), we tried the Coconut jelly with Aloe Vera (RM5.50)..
The jelly was drizzled with gula melaka and a generous amount of Aloe Vera. The match was surprising tasty. Very nice indeed.

For a bit more texture, Coconut Jelly with Q-Jelly might be a better choice (RM5.50)
The Q jelly had a nice springy texture, a good contrast with the melt-in-mouth jelly..
Coconut Grove also serves other basic thong sui and kuihs.

Coconut Grove is located at Oasis Business Centre, Bandar Utama, PJU 6.

Grand Palace Restaurant, Pavilion


It was friday, time to unwind and a few of us decided to meet at Pavillion for dinner and drinks.We cracked our heads for a right place for dinner- WM had some teething issues and her gums were swollen.Though we were assured repeatedly by WM that she'll be able to find food no matter where we decide, we felt that Grand Palace should be a good bet with some 'soft' food?The captain, a very considerate staff, immediately started recommending suitable dishes when she found out about our 'requirements'..heheSo, we had some soup with scallops, melon and shark bone (RM18 per single serve bowl)Velvety smooth soup, did great things to warm our bellies on a cold, rainy day. It was a satisfying soup, the essence of the ingredients encapsulated in the silky broth.The perfect dish for WM to go with her rice...Silken smooth taufoo with crab meat and prawns (RM28)..Light, yet still tasty, WM was very happy with this since it's a big leap from her 1 week of soup and mushy bread.For the rest of us, we would still require some solids..hehehe And we ordered the steamed kampung chicken (RM30)Large portion but I find the chicken over steamed- some of the meat were too dry.Some veggies to balance out all the heavy duty protein..But RM16, the portion was measly. Another recommendation from the captain, Mongolian style pork trotters (RM28)..A dish that WM can have bits of, the melting fats from the knuckles dont require chewing..heheI find the dish average, the sauce was sweet and sour which would not be my fave choice for braised pork trotters.Yet, the accompanying pastry bread (RM8) for dipping was simply lip smacking- it was so aromatic with the fried sesame and once soaked with the sauce, it was so divine. Overall, it was a mix of good and average dishes, but we wont mind returning as it's spacious and gave customers ample privacy from other customers. Grand Palace Restaurant is located at Lot 6.39, Level 6, Pavilion, KL.[...]

Craft Brews, Mutiara Damansara


It was a belated BD dinner for Alicia- since it's for her, I asked her to suggest a dinner place instead.She was missing calamari rings served in a certain restaurant in Mutiara Damansara, so we agreed that should be our dinner venue.At the beginning, I didn't know where was dinner. She recalled it's near somewhere-somewhere- yet she could not recall the name of the restaurant. Luck was on our side, we took some turns and Alicia excitedly exclaimed, "This is the place!!".I see, it's Craft Brews.Unabashedly direct, the restaurant main draw is, well you guessed it, brews. There's a large variety of ales, beers to choose from, to satiate most drinkers.The menu was sufficient to please most diners- a good range of snacks and appetizers to pair with the beers and mains for those who are hungry.Since it's only 2 of us, we cant order too much :( Complimentary soup which tasted like minestrone..They've got some cute paper placemat though :)Alicia's favourite at Craft Brews..You should see the glint in her eyes when this was served. But it's calamari rings (RM18), what's so special? Well, it was crunchy, the squid rings was springy, and this was tossed with bird's eye chilli, garlic, salt and pepper. Really addictive and went well with beer. It's salty though if you're just snacking on this without beer. She was craving for the pork burger (RM26) and she got her wish..No too thick pattie sandwiched between 2 pineapple rings, topped with cheese, fried egg, slices tomatoes and lettuce. Nicely buttered sesame buns complete the picture. I must admit, it's quite tasty, the porkiness was not overly heavy, just nice. Thought it was rather steep in the price though. Alicia did complained that the corn was way too dry. The Honey Mustard ribs (RM35)Quite a generous portion, there were 4 pieces of meaty ribs thickly coated with pungent mustard and honey. I rather enjoyed this, for those who never like mustard, please stay away from this! I find it slightly rich meal for 1 person to finish this plate of ribs, better to share. The wedges, though they used the wonderful powdery potato types, had a very salty batter. Again, guess it's to go with beer.Overall ok meal here, as long as your beverage is beer. Else, I do find it a tad salty. Craft Brews is located at G3 Podium Ground Floor, Menara Batu Kawan, 1 Jalan PJU 7/6, Mutiara Damansara, 47810 PJ, Selangor.[...]



Have you satiated your durian cravings recently?We are reaching the tail end of durian season, so if you have not enjoyed the sumptuous king of fruits yet, maybe you should do it soon!Here's some of the durians I've had this season..just to share :p(we went to a stall where the owner advised we eat in accordance to his arrangement, in order to savour different types of durians) X.O (Durian susu)The name of this durian implies that it gives an 'alcohol' after effect to the taste buds. In cantonese, we'd say it's "fu kam"- a rich bitter but fragrant after taste. This was creamy and very bitter, all of us enjoyed it. Why durian susu then? I was told that if it was described as X.O, some muslim friends wont eat it. Hong Har (Red Prawn)The obvious reason for it's name- the red tinge on the durian flesh. The flavour is a mixed of sweet and bitter while the texture is smooth and creamy. Bamboo ( Jook Giok)Was purportedly under the 'bitter' category of durians, however, this one was sweetish. Texture wise, it's slightly wet. Think we didnt get a good version of this. Musang King (Mau San Wong)One of the most popular range, also one of the costlier. Was told there's different grades of Musang, the one we had here was "A" grade.What's the difference? This was almost peanut butter thick in texture, so creamy thick that you feel full after eating just one piece. And the seeds are all tiny, the size of 20 sen coins. As for the taste, I didnt find it as captivating as X.O nor Red Prawn. Worth the "A" grade price I paid? Nope. What's my fave amongst these few? I like the Red Prawn :)[...]

Bumbu Desa, Mid Valley


I first came across Bumbu Desa when it was first opened at KLCC.I wanted to try the food, but the queue and wait was long, I was hungry and so I left...But Bumbu Desa opened it's doors at Mid Valley, and maybe it's still unknown to many, getting a seat was a breeze.So what's the fuzz with Bumbu Desa?First thought- no, it's not the same establishment as Ole Ole/ Bumbu Bali/ Waterlily.Bumbu Desa is purportedly a leading restaurant chain in Indonesia which has finally decided to make it's debut in Malaysia. Bumbu serves "masakan Sunda", a good variety of Indonesian dishes was either ordered (per menu) or we can choose the dishes directly from the counter. We had Gado Gado to start the meal..Fresh crisp vegetables smothered with peanut sauce and generous amount of crunchy emping. Good way to start our meal.Gepuk (fried beef) was next..Very small pieces for the portion we order..It was crunchy, yet luckily, the beef was not chewy nor hard. I kinda liked it, but BL said it was tasteless. hmmm.A fiery looking terung sambal (spicy brinjal)The soft brinjal paired well with the hot sambal paste- wonderful with white rice.Cumi Bakar was a disappointment though..3 tiny squids (maybe 2 inches in length) for RM16. Rubbery and not worth your RM. Try something else.The Ayam Bakar fared better..Tender chicken meat with smokey flavour and nice charred bits. The sauce was a tad sweet for my liking though.Our vote for the best dish of the night was the Gurami Goreng..Served piping hot, the fish was fresh, crunchy and addictive to bite into. Eat it with the spicy sweet soy sauce, this was absolutely scrumptious.We had all the dishes with white rice and nasi liwek..Yes, I ordered wondering what it was. It came in a 'steamed' packet- almost like nasi lemak, with anchovies and the rice had the coconut milk aroma.Total bill was RM72 for 4 pax (we had 20% discount), which I must admit, was pretty reasonable.Bumbu Desa is located at Mid Valley Megamall. Same area as Madam Kwan's, just a floor above it. The first branch is located at KLCC, highest floor.[...]

I'm Spicy, Petaling Jaya


We were on our way to Seksyen 17 to deliver some goods, but it was lunch time, we were darn hungry but not too willing to detour in search of food..So what's on the way and should be ok (traffic and parking wise).I recalled I'm Spicy, a place my boss told me 4 months back, but I've yet to try. Like the name suggested, the restaurant serves spicy Thai street food.Sealed the deal, we were there in a jiffy.Obviously new to the neighbourhood, the restaurant was rather quiet (no we were not the only customers).Menu was not too extensive, yet sufficient to satiate Thai food cravings.We settled for quick set lunches..Quenched our thirst with their pandan lime concoction.Cooling and nice.We decided to try the fried somtum, a variation to the original som tum.Reminds me of a cross between kakiage and onion rings, the fried som tum was pretty decent when eaten fresh. But after a few more bites, it's just oily. Should have opted for the good old fashioned som tum.WF had Seafood Padthai..This I must confess, looks very much like what I've just had in Bangkok. Taste wise, tasted very close to home. Would have tasted even better if it was laden with more crushed peanuts. I figured one flavour was lacking, but for KL standards, this was considered tasty.AT decided to have the Thai Belacan fried rice..Not very Thai? Regardless, I thot this was yummy- great wok hei and enjoyable. The mix of ingredients with the rice was very satisfying (Note: a friend tried this dish a week later and said it was just mediocre. No QC?)I had the Stir Fried Basil Pork with Rice..Was warned that it's spicy, yet alas, it was just averagely spicy. Still, I cant deny that this was delectable, the basil was aromatic, the juicy mince pork went deliciously well with the fluffy white rice. If only it was spicier...Would I return? Yes, coz I've yet to try it's ala carte dishes- the curries and pork stuff are next :pI'm Spicy is located at 1, Jalan 17/45, 46400 Petaling Jaya.[...]

Ben's, Suria KLCC and Pavillion


I reckon I should blog about Ben's before it got too stale- the photos have been sitting in my album for some time now :pThe first time I noticed Ben's was at KLCC- it took over CPK and refurbished to a 'darkish' corner. Somehow, it didn't pique my interest at all, until Diha told me to check it out- she had a good time there.And so I did went to have a look.Went there for dinner (heard lunch's ultra pack), Ben's at KLCC has a relaxed ambiance and jazzy tunes in the background to sooth a hectic day at work. The spacing between diners was at a comfortable distance, compared to Ben's at Pavillion, which had a cosy, cheery concept, diners sitting rather closely to be able to hear next table's gossip..hehe..I digress, lets get back to the food instead, shall we?Some mocktails to start...Muddled Mary and Berry Freeze..Mary's too spicy to my liking, berry was ok..We had the soft shell crab salad (RM20.90)..A lighter version of somtum, they were generous with the soft shell crabs and papaya. Not too sour nor spicy, the salad had a good crunch and eating it with the piping hot crabs does give a nice oomph to this dish.I always have a soft spot for duck and I zoomed in straight for the Duck Confit Spaghetinni (RM22.90)..And yes, in case you're wondering why the dish looks so familiar, Ben's owned by the same people who started Delicious. Alas, similar in look does not translate in taste- this was ultra greasy and salty. The Portobello Mushroom Sandwich (RM22.90) fared much better..The mushroom was juicy, filled with smoky, woody flavour. The accompanying side kicks were commendable too- the grilled capsicums was juicy, the rocket fresh and nutty and oozing melted cheese completes the picture. Yup, this is a vegetarian dish.Ben's at Pavi had something that KLCC didn't...Think it's perfect if you are in the company of introverts and shy people..hahaAnd the desserts- hits and misses..The chocolate banana cakeCompact, dry, fudgy. I feel like I was eating Winnie the Pooh, and not in a nice way. Dont like it at all.Blackforest was way better..Dark chocolate mousse was fantastic with the moist cake, the meringue bits gave a bit of excitement to the else melting cake.Not a cake person? Maybe you should try the Banofee Sundae..Lots of bananas, vanilla ice cream, butterscotch, choc fudge, short cake with chocolate and roasted almond slivers. A delicious combination, what can I say?I feel that Ben's food was not the main attraction (it's pretty decent, dont get me wrong), but it's the ambiance, target market crowd that draws in the like minded.There are a few branches around town- Ben's KLCC, Ben's Pavillion and Ben's Bangsar Village 1. I heard that the menu differs slightly between these three branches.[...]

Nara and Taling Pling, Bangkok


Yes, am back from a short break :)A fantastic shopping break to be exact, which as usual, I find too short to satisfy me!Since my main agenda to Bangkok was to unleash the full fledged shopaholic in me ;p, food was not the main quest *gasp* But there must be some decent eats in malls too right? Some recommendations by friends gave me a brief reprieve from the maddening shopping crowd while I recharged...NaraGary's friend(who's based in BKK) brought him there for a meal, in which he promptly recommended me. The location was perfect- the main branch is at Erawan and another branch at Central World. Not hard for a pit stop at all :)Heard that it's a popular spot for lunch where local businessmen go in throngs, so we decided for dinner instead. We were at the Erawan branch, there's a healthy crowd, but manageable.A good range in the menu...We started with the appetizer- Sakoo Sai Moo (pork tapioca pearl dumpling)These dainty dumplings looked so pretty- Nara serves an uppity class version of this street food snack which I rather enjoyed. The minced pork filling was warm, savoury sweetish and paired well with the springy casing and crisp shallots.The Yum Som-O (Pamelo salad) looks like it has potential..But alas, failed to shine..The sauce was was too gooey sweet with a hint of coconut aroma, which was just not to my liking. I've had much better versions than this.Poa Pia Nara..Well, I guess I dont need to translate this. These cigar thin springrolls was beautifully present and it ends there. Pretty to look at, yet lacks in flavour. It was supposed to be filled with mince meat and vegetables, which we could hardly find any..Phunim Phad Pong Curry came next..Wonderful recommendation from Gary. Thai Crab Curry with a twist. It was served with deep fried soft shell crabs instead, which suprising worked quite well with the thick curry too. Have it piping hot with white rice, the combo was alluring- the soft shell crab was crunchy, the curry sauce creamy and thick and the rice soaks up everything.We tried the Kuay Tiew Rua (Boat noodles)This was supposed to be very popular in Nara and we had a choice of dry noodles/ with clear or dark broth. We asked for recommendations and dark broth was the choice. The soup was definitely acquired taste, it was rich in spices and herbs flavour that I found too overwhelming. The texture of the noodles was fantastic though, it was springy and I could easily slurp it down.Some hits and misses at Nara, our total bill was about RM110.Taling PlingJungle Jerry recommended me to pop by the original branch which I didnt have time for, but found that it has 2 branches in the midst of all the malls ( at Siam Paragon and Central World)It was a rainy day, we were kind of stuck in Central World, so we decided to rest our legs at Taling Pling.Obviously very popular amongst the locals, it was packed to the brim and we were lucky to get the last table.Taling Pling serves plenty of local favourites, here's what we tried..Morning Glory saladA mixed of fried and cooked morning glory tossed in spicy sour dressing. Great to whet the appetite with a nice range of texture.Spicy fish cakeThick slabs of fish cake (compared to those sold at streets) which was lip smacking. The pattie was dense with fish paste (than of flour), have it with fried basil and the accompanying sauce- just wonderful.The ubiquitous pandan chicken..This was well executed. The chicken was well marinated and extremely juicy. Very succulent and I really enjoyed this. And the dipping sauce? It's sweet and plumish in flavour, hence having the c[...]

Maiu, Damansara Perdana


A friend spoke of Maiu, a Japanese buffet that's really reasonable, and serves fresh sashimi.I didnt mind trying and while gathering some friends to try, I realised, there's a handful that still avoids Japanese food because of the recent unfortunate events.And off we went sometime ago, which to my surprise, was already packed with customers. Luckily we made reservations.We were promptly seated, and was provided with the menu. Yes, Maiu serves ala carte buffet.A quick scan and I was rather disappointed with the menu. The choices was rather limited, think there was about 50+ types to choose from, inclusive of appetizers, soups and rice (you can guess how much's left for mains).Since there's only 3 of us, we cant order everything on the menu :p and here's what we did try..As I took lots of photos, I'll write less..else this may be a 3 pager post (if printed out)..heheSince my kawan said the sashimi's fresh, we ordered a few plates..One of the plates..Fresh? Yes. Very. Thick slices, fresh springy meat. Best of the lot was the butter fish. I always enjoy mackerel, hence my Saba Shioyaki..Fatty, sweet and crisp skin. Just a dash of lemon juice and it's delish.So far so good.Grilled Shishamo..Was fine, but must have it while it's still hot. Once cooled, it's soggy and a tad hard to swallow..Ebi Nigiri..This was average. Nothing to shout about.Spider maki..Generous amount of spider crab, suprisingly for buffet. Enjoyable.And yes, we ordered spider crabs too..Served with mayo. Too greasy for my liking.Yakitori chicken..Skewered chicken's that's dry, not well marinated and had the frozen chicken after taste. Save your stomach space for something else.Chicken karaage..We should have just ordered either the karaage or the yakitori to realise, the chicken on the menu's not worth ordering.Bland fried chicken that again, with frozen chicken after taste.Grilled capsicums..Slightly under grilled..Fried tofu...Again it's oily and greasy. Started to feel nauseous by then. Think the oil used was not fresh :(Luckily the mushroom soup gave a brief reprieve from oiliness...Clear, not too salty broth. Piping hot to wash the greasiness away.I cant recall what's this..Luckily this was not greasy, the fish paste was actually tasty.Chawan Mushi..Hot, smooth, comforting to slurp down..Tempura mori..Pretty decent- large prawns, and quite a lot of vegetables per order.Agedashi tofu..You can order this too. The dashi/ soy sauce was not too salty, and went well with the silken smooth tofu.To finish off our meal, we had some green tea ice cream and wasabi ice cream..The verdict? Although the price was reasonable, about RM42 (with tax) for dinner, I wont return. The menu was basic (there was no unagi, salmon, scallops etc) compared to Tao which has a wide range (though average tasting food). And I still felt nauseous after dinner. Maiu is located at G-3A, The Place, Jalan PJU 8/5D, Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya. Tel 03-77290015.[...]

Weissbrau, Pavillion


We chanced upon Weissbrau while deciding on what to eat at Pavillion. Every where seems crowded, Weissbrau pique our interest and we didnt mind trying it.

German restaurant that it is, it was rather unfortunate that I was in the company of 1 friend who's not too keen on pork, and the other- still stuffed from lunch.

To choose a rather balance eating (ie, less meat) in a German restaurant, we opted for a salad, some sausages and a thin crust pizza.

The Classic Ceasar (RM16.80) to start off our meal...(image)

This salad was ultra fresh, the vegetables was crisp and the bacon bits gave a nice crunch. They were generous in the portion, it was a hearty salad. For those who may find this salad plain (it came with no dressing), there's (multi purpose) sauces on each table- i like mine with a dabble of sour cream garlic sauce :)

The Emmentaler sausages was next (RM38)

We chose 2 sides to serve with the pork sausages- we had rosti and vegetables.

(image) The sausages and sauce were a tad salty, but went well with the rosti. In fact, me being the potato lover, enjoyed their rosti tremendously. It was aromatic and light, very nice indeed.

And finally, our pizza was ready..

The Mushroom pizza (RM24) looks extremely pale, sans the tomato based I guess.

We're not quick to judge, it's the taste that matters right? hehe.(image)

Unlike the norm pizza, this version was filled with woody mushroom fragrance, sweetness from the onions and slathered with cream cheese/ sour cream base. The combination does not remind me of a typical pizza, but as a baked 'bread', it's still tasty nonetheless.

Down the meal with a couple of pints and we're all satiated ;)

Quite a pleasant meal, I dont mind coming back here for porky pork OD next time.

Weissbrau German Bistro and Bar is located at Lot 3, 05, 02 & C3, Level 3, Pavillion KL

Restaurant Andes, Aman Suria Damansara


To follow up on my promise of more porky post, I've decided to write on Andes.
Andes is located in a spot which I called "cursed" spot.
Why? The same location have been changing restaurant (owners) for many years and when Andes took over and opened it's doors, I felt it may just share the same fate.
The skeptic in me just refuse to try the food..since it always looked quite empty (in the evening). One day, Alicia told me that when she googled "Best pork burger" in Klang Valley, the most talked about place was Andes.
Really? Well, it still didnt motivate me to try it :p
It took another post in the papers and Ho Chiak on it's burger that I finally decided to pop over.
Ordering was prompt, since our main aim was the Pork Burger (RM13.90).
The menu offers mainly pork dishes, with a handful of fish, beef and chooks mains.
We were extremely hungry, but a mistake in ordering by the waitress costs me a 35 mins waiting time for my burger (and we were the first customer to order- a couple came later). :(

(image) What caught my immediate attention was the thickness of the pattie. Almost 2 inches in height, this must be the thickest pork burger pattie I've seen. The shape of the pattie was rather rotund, there was no way I could take all in with one bite..

Have to use the knife and fork to cut it into dainty pieces....(image)
And wahlah, gooey, melting cheese flowed freely and quickly- I hardly had time to snap a picture. So, was the purported 'best pork burger' really that fantastic? Well, I must say that the pattie was extremely juicy- quite a feat since the pattie was so thick. The pork was minced, not too finely, so we still get bits to chew, which I quite enjoyed. The cheese on the other hand, added more richness and flavour to the burger.
I wont say Andes makes the best pork burger- I find the pattie too thick with so much pork that it took quite an effort to finish it (Alicia cant even finish her portion- she said it was very 'jelak').
Will I order again? I doubt it.
But I'll come back and try other dishes which caught my eye..
We ordered dessert to 'cleanse' our palette..
Cookies and Cream cheese cake (RM7.90)(image)
The base was too hard and the cheesecake had too much gelatine in it. Not that good.

Restaurant Andes is located at K-G-11, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya.

Roadtrip- Perak (Part 3)


Can you write another post soon? Enough of vegetarian as the main page of your blog.A friend asked me recently.Ok, I have to admit, I've been neglecting my blog for sometime now.Yes, the thought of 'retiring' from food blogging has crossed my mind many times recently and am still seriously comtemplating the decision.But, I still have a friend reading my blog, and for that, I shall continue to blog. For now.I'd better wrap up the Perak trip- the final part of it.The third day of our road trip and we woke up to a rainy, dull morning in Taiping.Sigh, I guess it garnered the "wettest" town in Peninsular for a reason..Cold morning means hungry tummies and we promptly made our way in seek of Kaka, my sis-in-law's favourite breakfast place whenever she's back in her hometown.It was full house at Kaka's, obviously a favourite haunt for the locals.The owner, sensing we are 'not from Taiping' was very nice and led us to available seats. He recommended some popular choices to us, which we agreed to have. Nothing beats boiling hot broth warming up the body on a chilly morning. We had a bowl of kuey teow soup noodles each, and shared a bowl of porkballs and fishballs.The soup was light, yet had a sweetness from the pork bones. The flat noodles was smooth, lovely to just slurp it all down. The accompanying homemade chilli was a popular side 'dish'. Well, I'd rather lable it as side dish as most diners take it by the spoonfuls, dunking into their soup or dipping each noodles mouthful generously with chilli.The meatball and fishballs were nice, but the braised chicken feet was a choice most patrons preferred, which I didnt get to try as my traveling partner dont take such 'delicacies' (the portion was too large for me alone :( ..).After our satisfying breakfast at Kaka's, we went for a short walk at Taiping lake, since the rain stopped and this seemed to be our only window of opportunity to pop over :p.Very trainquil, misty morning, Lake Taiping is picture perfect.You must pop over to enjoy such serenity.The walk left us slightly hungry, which led us to Restoran Air Kacang Taiping.We heard that the popiah here was ultra good and we were here to be convinced :pAre you a fan of wet popiah?If Yes, then I concede, this was by far the yummiest wet popiah I've ever tasted. It's extremely good, the sengkuang was well cooked and juicy, the rest of the complimenting ingredients were fresh and delish as well. *thumbs up*The soya milk (i had mine hot and mixed with tau foo fah) was quite nice, but the tau foo fah was not as smooth as Ipoh's.Satiated from makan, we left Taiping..making our way back to KL..The weather turned, it was getting hot as we travelled down south. Alicia suggested a stop over at Kampar- for me to pick up the curry chicken bun and for her to get her ais kacang fix.The ais kacang place was almost deserted- it was way past lunch time, we were the only patrons.Hmm, I definitely have my reservations.Still, we were there and ais kacang we must eat. Alicia happily ordered her own tailor made version of ais kacang- she only wants it with red beans and peanuts.Mine was the original flavour, ie, all ingredients included.FMK's version was very old school- the shaved ice was thick and uneven, the evaporated milk and gula melaka was generously drizzled all over the dessert, the cendol, red beans, cincau, agar agar, corn paste all brought back wonderful memories of childhood :). If you are looking for refined version, ple[...]

Loving Hut Cafe, Kota Damansara


Sick of eating meat, meat and more meat? Well, that was me anyways.And no, dont want to just have plain old salad?What about chinese vegetarian instead?What comes to mind immediately would be chinese vegetarian ala 'chap farn' (mixed rice) or pricey vegetarian restaurants, which with those price, you'd rather eat meat, right? :pFret not, Loving Hut seems to fit in nicely..with it's cafe concept and serving some healthy 'fast food' alternatives.Loving Hut is a simple cafe, which we stumbled upon recently.A quick glance at the menu may not give us a feel of a vegetarian restaurant- there's a selection of asian ala carte dishes (noodles, rice, snacks) and western food (burgers, chops, salads, finger food). But upon closer inspection of the menu (pictures), yes, we realised these are definitely vegetarian.We placed our order..and while waiting for our lunch, we were reminded that many Hollywood honchos are vegetarians and vegans too. Ahh, conscious effort to get us to join the stars?I was starving and went straight for the Basil Delight Rice set(RM10.90).Served with brown rice, vegetables and corn soup (which was delish, by the way)'s the 'basil delight'..Looks suspiciously like stir fried beef slices with basil, I can guarantee you that this is definitely vegetarian. The 'meat' is soy based, wonderfully prepared to have a slight crisp skin and coated with sticky, sweetish basil infused sauce. Went perfectly with the rice.WF on the other hand, opted for Chao Zhou Rice Noodle soup (RM7.80).Prepared Teochew style with preserved vegetables, beancurd, taufoo, seaweed, mock fish slices, this was more mild in taste compared to the Basil Rice set. I ended my meal with a hot cup of Green Tea Latte..While I was satisfied with my meal, WF still felt "empty"- quite a common behaviour amongst my friends who avoids vegetarian. To them, vegetarian meal just cant fill as much as meat. What do you think?Loving Hut Cafe is located at 19 Jalan PJU 5/6, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, PJ, Selangor.[...]