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Preview: Now Visit Egypt online and offline!

Now Visit Egypt online and offline!

Visit Egypt, The Land of Magic and Civilization Now online Live from your Home. see the places that you must visit when you go to Egypt Exclusively On my Pages. there s' a page for Every city with all the places that you should visit with photos and Slide

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Wanna Visit Egypt? THEN YOU ARE IN !


Welcome To My BlogWanna go in tour to Egypt ?Then get ready for it and go through my Pages ! Come on lets take off your country and fly to Egypt , voooo ! FIRST THING : let me give you some quick informations about Egypt 1- The location: as you can see on this map : Egypt enjoys a strategic location in the northeast corner of the African continent. Egypt shares its boundary with Mediterranean Sea in the North, Sudan in the South, Israel and Red Sea in the East and Libya in the West. Egypt has played a major role in transportation between the continents of Africa, Asia and Europe due to its important geographical location. 2- Capital: cairo 3- Area: Egypt has a maximum length from north to south of about 1085 km (about 675 mi) and a maximum width, near the southern border, of about 1255 km (about 780 mi). It has a total area of 997,739 sq km (385,229 sq mi ) 4- Language: The official language is Arabic, , but English is widely spoken in commerce and government. 5-Religion: Islam is the official religion, and about 90 percent of all Egyptians are Muslims, most of them members of the Sunni sect. According to official Egyptian estimates, the Coptic Orthodox church, a Christian denomination, has no more than 3 million adherents and constitutes the largest religious minority; Copts themselves claim some 7 million members. An estimated 1 million people belong to the Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Armenian, and various Protestant churches. The country has a very small Jewish community. 6- Currency: The unit of currency is the Egyptian pound. The Egyptian pound is written E£, and is divided into 100 piastres. 7- Egypt Time difference: GMT + 2 ( GMT + 3 in summer) 8- The Egyptian Character: The Egyptians are very friendly people and also have good sense of humore all the time, they are very helpful and kind too. so if your in Egypt as visitor and you needed something, dont feel that you are stranger, you can ask help from anyone there and they will help you as much as they can and they will be happy for that if you found some little boys kidding with you, dont feel bad, this is not bully, they are just happy to see you and they are welcoming you ! The map of Egypt: The most important cities that you must visit in Egypt :Cairo and Giza - Alexandria - Luxor - Sharm el Sheik - Hurghada - Aswan and Nile River NOW Lets go to Cairo and Giza Places to visit in Cairo and Giza 1-THE GREAT PYRAMIDS IN GIZA : The ancient pyramids of Giza have withstood the ravages of time and are the only three survivors among the Seven Wonders World. For millions of people, the Giza pyramids embody antiquity and mystery. The site is directly accessible from Cairo by the 11 km long Sharia al-Ahram (Pyramids Road). Climbing the pyramids is now forbidden and it is undoubtedly very dangerous. Though going inside is quite safe, anyone suffering from claustrophobia should avoid it.The Great Pyramid of Cheops (Khufu):This is the oldest and largest of the Giza Pyramids, of the IV Dynasty pharaoh Khufu better known as Cheops - who probably reigned between 2589 and 2566 BC. Called the "Glorious Place of Khufu " by the ancient Egyptians, it originally stood 140m (roughly 480ft) high and measured 230m along its base, but the removal of its casing stones has reduced these dimensions by 3 mt. The pyramid is estimated to weigh six million tons and contain over 2.3 million blocks whose average weight is 2.5 tons (though some weigh almost 15 tons). Visitors are allowed inside the structure daily via an opening created by the treasure-hunting Khalif Ma'mun in 820, some distance below the original entrance on the north face (now blocked). The Pyramid of Chephren (Khafre):Sited on higher ground, with an intact summit and steeper sides, the middle or Second pyramid seems taller than Khufu's. Built by his son Khafre (known to posterity as Chephren), its base originally covered 214.8 sq mt. Classical writers such as Pliny believed that the pyramid had no entrance, but when Belzoni located and blasted open the sealed portal on its north fac[...]